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a commissioner to administer oaths, and a perpetual commis- | Mr. THOMAS GLAISBY MANN, solicitor, of York, has been sioner for the County Palatine of Durham and the North appointed Under-Sheriff of the City and County of the City Riding of Yorkshire. He had been for several years clerk of York for the ensuing year. Mr. Mann was admitted & to the Teesdale Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, solicitor in 1866, and is in partnership with his father, Mr. Rural Sanitary Authority, and School Attendance Committee, John Waddington Mann. and superintendent registrar for the district of Barnard Castle. Mr. WILLIAM NANSON, solicitor, of Carlisle, has been He was formerly solicitor to the South Durham and Lanca

appointed Deputy Town Clerk of that city. Mr. Nanson is shire Union Railway Company, and clerk to the Trustees of the son of Mr. John Nanson, town clerk of Carlisle, and the Bowes and Sunderland Bridge, and of the Mickleton

he was admitted a solicitor in 1876. and Brough Turopike Rad Trusts. He was also steward

Mr. WILLIAM THACKERAY MARRIOTT, Q.C., has been of several manors in the North Ridiog.

elected a Bencher of Lincoln's-ind.


appointed Attorney-General of Hong Kong. Mr. O'Malley Mr. Frederick Grain, solicitor, died at Cambridge on the

is the son of the late Mr. Peter Frederick O'Malley, Q.C., 22nd ult. Mr. Graia was born in 1827, and was admitted a

recorder of Norwich. He was educated at Trinity College,

Cambridge, wbere he graduated as a senior optime in solicitor in 1848, and had practised for over thirty years at

1864. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Cambridge, having for a portion of his professional career been associated in partnership with Mr. G-orge Winter.

Hilary Term, and was a member of the old Norfolk He had a large practice, and filled several important appoint

Circuit. He was, for a sbort time, a revising barrister, and

compiled (in conjunction with his brother-in-law, Mr. ments. He had been for many years clerk to the county magistrates, and clerk to the Commissioners of Assessed and

Henry Hardcastle) several vo!ames of election petition Income Taxes for the Bottisham Division of Cambridgeshire.

reports. He up8qocessfully contested Bedford in the ConHe was also solicitor to the Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

servative interest in 1868, and has been Attorney-General Association for the Prosecution of Felons, and one of the

of Jamaica since 1876. deputy-coroners for the county.

Mr. ROBERT Josial PEAD, solicitor and parliamentary agent, of 29, Parliament-street, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the County of Middlesex,

and the Cities of London and Westminster. Appointments, Etc.

Mr. WILLIAM NAPIER REEye, F.S.A., solicitor (of the

firm of Freer, Reeve, & Co.), of Leicester, has been appointed Mr. WILLIAM THOMAS FISCHER AGNEW, barrister, of a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Reeve was admitted a Calcutta, has been elected Tagore Professor of Law at the solicitor in 1834, and is clerk of the peace and clerk to the University of Calontra. Mr. Agnew was called to the bar | Lieutenancy for Leicestershire, and under-treasurer of the at Lincoln's-ion in Michaelmas Term, 1867, and formerly county. practised in the Court of Chancery. He is one of the Mr. CLEMENT STRETTON, solicitor, of Leicester, has been official reporters to the High Court of Bengal.

appointed a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Stretton was Mr. HENRY BIRKS, solicitor (of the firma of Stamp, Jack. admitted a solicitor in 1849, and he is in partnership with his son, & Birks), of Hall, has been elected President of the Hull | brother, Mr. Albert Stretton. He was mayor of Leicester Incorporated Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Birks for the years 1877-8 and 1878-9, and is an alderman of the was adınitted a solicitor in 1862.

borough. Mr. Ashton BRADLEY, solicitor, of Wrexham, has been Mr. JAMES THOMAS WOODHOUSE, solicitor (of the firm of unanimou-ly elected Clerk to the Wrexham School Board, Woodlouse & Pea ·h), of Hull, has been elected Honorary in succession to Mr. John James, resigned. Mr. Bradley Secretary and Treasurer to the Hull Incorporated Law was admitted a solicitor in March, 1878.

Society. Mr. Woodhouse was admitted a solicitor in 1873. Mr. FREDERICK CHARLES BROGDEN, solicitor, of Lincoln, has been appointed Under-Sheriff of the City and County of the City of Lincoln for the ensuing year, Mr. Brogden was

DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP. admitted a solicitor in 1877, and is clerk to the St. Switbin's JOHN ATKINSON, Henry Collins, and WILLIAM HENRY Burial Board, and to the trustees of St. Swithin's Cuurch ATKINSON, solicitors, Whitehaven. November 11. (Gazetle, Lande.

December 2.) Mr. FREDERICK BURCHER, solicitor, of Kidderminster, MELANCTUON BURTON SPURR and WILLIAM MANN has been appointed Clerk to the County and Borough Magis. MAYNE, solicitors, 11, Scale-lane, Kingston-upon-Hull trates at ihat place, in succession to his partner, the late (Spurr & Mavne.) November 1. (Gazette, December 2.) Mr. Henry Saunders. Mr. Burcher was admitted a solicitor JOSEPH WOODCOCK and Henry SKIPPER RYLAND, in 1868. He has also been unanimously elected to succeed Mr. solicitors, 14, Lincoln's-inn-fields (Clarke, Woodcock, & Saunders as clerk to the Kidderminster Board of Guardians, | Rylaud.) November 28. (Gazette, Derember 2.) Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, as THOMAS YOUNG and FRANCIS Dalzell THOMPSON, superintendent registrar for the district, and clerk to the solicitors, 6, Great James-street, Bedford-row, and 92, Kidderminster District Highway Board.

North-end, Croydon. November 1. (Gazette, December 2.) Mr. CHARLES GOBLE CHAMPION, solicitor (of the firm of Champion, Robinson, & Poole), of 17, Ironmonger-lane, and Eastbourne, has been appointed a Notary Pablio for Eastbourne and district.

In one of the Western States, says the Central Law Mr. JOSEPH Nash CRESWELL, solicitor, of Bromsgrove,

Journal, a case was lately tried at the termination of wbich has been appointed Solicitor to the Bromsgrove and District

the judge charged the jury, and they retired for consultation. Association for the Prosecution of Felons and Trespassers.

Hour after hour passed and no verdict was brought in. The Mr. Creswell was admitted a solicitor in 1866.

judge's dinner hour arrived and he become hungry and in

patient. Upon inquiry he l'arned that one obstinate juryman Mr. REST WILLIAM FLINT, solicitor (of the firm of Sankey,

was holding out against eleven. That he could not stand, and Son, & Flint), of Canterbury and Margate, has been appointed

he ordered the twelve men to be brought before him. He Under-Sheriff of the City of Canterbury for the ensuing year. told them that, in his charge to them, he had so plainly Mr. Flint was admitted a solicitor in 1861, and is town

stated the case and the law that the verdict ought to be clerk of Canterbury, and clerk to the Urban Sanitary

unanimous, and the man who permitted his individual opinion Authority and to the Burial Board.

to weigh against the judgment of eleven men of wisdom was Mr. Pelly HOOPER, solicitor, of Weymouth, has been unfit and disqualified ever again to act in the capacity of elected Town Clerk of that borough, in succession to his juryman. At the end of this excited harangue a little, partner, the late Mr. Frederick Charles Steggall. Mr. Squeaky voice came from one of the jurymen. He said: Hooper is the son of Mr. Henry Wilcocks Hooper, coroner of "Judge, will your honour allow mo to say a word?" PerExeter; he was admitted a solicitor in 1867, and is deputy. mission being given, he added: “May it please your honoury coroner for the Island of Portland.

I am the only man on your side."

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Law Student's Journal.



V.O. Mains, dated Nov 19, it was ordered that the voluntary winding
ap of the above company be cootioued. Baall, Queen V.ctoria st,

solicitor for the petitioners EQUITABLE MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITRD.-Petition for

winding up, presented Nov. 24. directed to be heard before the M.R. on Dee 6. Rogers and Chave, Queen Viotoria st, solic.tors for the


ing up presented Nov 27, directed to be heard before V.O. Malios,

on D-c 5. Hurchinson, Gresham st, solicitor for the petitioner NORTHERN COUNTIES OR ENGLAND FIRE INSURANCE COMPANI, LIMITED.

Petition for wind og ap presented Nov 2), direc ed to be heard before

the M.R., op Dec 6. Dollman, Cornhill, solicitor for the petitioner WRECK RacOVERY AND SALVAGE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for

vinding up presented Nov 25, directed to be heard before V.O. Malias on Doc 5. Mayhew, Walbrook, solicitor for the petitioners

(Gazette, Nov. 28.]

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. The weekly meeting of this society took place on Taesday evening last, at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, Mr. J. Mills occupying the ohair. Mr. E. E. Barry was, after a contest, elected a member of the committee, in the place of Mr. G. H. Bower, rocently appointed to the office of treasurer. Two motions, proposed by Mr. Kirk, inoreasing the penalties imposed upon members who fail to attend and speak wben their names are placed on the agenda paper, were, after a spirited debate, negatived by large majorities. The subject appointed for the evening's disong. sion was as follows:-"Goods are let on hire by A. to B, B. fraudulently instructs an anctioneer to sell them without removing them to his sale rooms. The auctioneer does80, and pays over the proceeds to B. without notice of the fraud. Can A. recover tbe value of the goods from the auctioneer as for a conversion of them?” Mr. Ellisopened the question in the affirmative, and was followed by Mr. Serjeant, who sapported the negative. Messrs. Kirk and Napier then addressed the society in the affirmative, and Messrs. Seymour and Evans in the negative. The question, on being put to the meeting, was decided in the affirmative.


LIMITED.--Petition for winding up presented Nov 27, direc'ed to be
heard before the M.R., on Dec 13. Tilley and Soomes, Finsbury pl

South, for Essery, Bristol, solicitor for the patiorers

presented N. 29, directed to be heard before V.O. Malins, on Dec 12,
Lay on and Jaques, Ely pl, for Holroyde and Smith, Halifax, soli.

citors for the petitioner XATIONAL TEMPERANCE BEVERAGE COMPANY, LIMITED. By an order

mad. by V.C. Hall, dated Nov 2l, it was o dered that the above com

pany be wound up Lydall, Southampton bldge, Chancery lane RAILWAY AND PUBLIO WORKS, CONTRACT COMPANY, LIMITED.-The MR. Das, by an order dated June 19, app viated Mr. G. Chandler, of

Colennan st, to be official liquidator

required, on or betore Dec 31, to send their names and address:s, and
the particulars of their debt: or claim, to Beojamin Pickering, jun,
Parlar ent at, Kings'on-von-Hull. Jau 15 ac 12 is appointed for

bearing and adjudicating upon the debes and claim VRECK RECOVERY AND SALTAGE COMPAY, LIMITED.-Petition for

winding up, presented Nov 28, directes to be heard before V.O. Malips, on Dec 12. Lowless and Co, Martin's lane, Cannon st, solicitors for the petitioner


order made by V.0. Ha'l, dated Nov 21, i. was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. White and Sons, Bedford row, solicitors for the petitioners

(Gasette, Nor 28.)

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. On Wednesday, the 3rd of December, this society held its usual weekly meeting at St. Clement'a-inn Hall, Strand, Mr. E. H. Pickersgill presiding. The subject for the evening was a motion by Mr. R. D. Aoland, “That this society regrets, as impolitic, the recent arrests in Ireland.” The discussion which followed was of an animated descrip. tion, there being a good attendance and a large number of members speaking. Mr. Acland was supported with great vigoar by Mr. Adolphus Seeton and Mr. Megoue, but his opponents were in a majority, Messrs. Slater, Skipper, and Kaips-Jackson opposing the motion from a Conservative, Messrs. Shirley Shiriey, Harvey, and Parsons from a Liberal point of view, and the motion itself finally being lost by six votes. Messrs. Mildmay and Wynne having been elected members of the society, and certain business questions disposed of, the society adjourned shortly after ten o'olcok. There will be a legal discussion at the Law lostitution on Monday, the 8tb, at 7.30 p.m., when a point of considerable interest in the law relating to railways will be raised by Mr. R. D. Aokland.

LOERICK AND NORTH KELLY JUNCTION RAILWAY COMPANY.-The M.R. hss. by an order dated Aug 8, appointed Edward Luff Hawkins, Coleman st bldgs, to be official l quidator. Creditors are required, on or before Jon 6, to send tbeir names and addresses, and the of their debts or claims, tofthe above. Jan 13 appointed for hearing and adja licating up in the debts and claims

(Gazette, Dec 2.)


Creditors' Claims.
prevented Nov 29, directed to be heard before the V.O., at St George's
Hall, Liverpool, on Dec 10 at 10. Mather, Liverpool, solicitor for
the petitioners



GAUNT, ELLEN, Leek, Stafford. Dec 18. Arthur v. Gaunt, V.C. Hall. INDIA CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED, Great Georgest, West

Bockett and Son, Lincoli's inn fisids minster. Nov 26

KERSHAW, DURAND, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Esq. Mar 15. Gabon

adiere v. Kershaw, V.O. Malins. Taylor, jun, Field ot, Gray's inn (Gazette, Dec 2.]

KIDD. EDWARD, Birmingham, Electro Plater. Dec 20. Kidd v. Pear

son, V.C. Hail. Cottrell, Birmingham REYNOLDS, GEORGE WILLIAM MACARTAUL, Woburn sq, Newspaper

Proprietor. Dec 20. Lamb v. Reynolds, M.R. Gurney, Furnival's

inn, Holborn In a recent case before the Probate Division, the President WINGROVE, WILLIAM GEORGE, Isleworth, Publican. Dec 22. Symons said :-I take again the opportunity of saying that, unfortu.

v. Wingrove, M.R. Armstrong, Gray's ian sq nately, I am deprived of the means of investigating these

*Gazette, Nov. 25.] very numerous undefended cases. Their number naturally

BURSLEM, JAMES SAMUEL, Claygate, Gent. Dec 31. Burslem v.

Borslem, M.R. Hale, St Mildred's ct, Poultry Taises one's donbts and suspicions as to the genuineness of

CRABE, CORNELIUS WILLIAM, Birmingham, Bookseller. Dec 26. them all, and it is impossible for the court to investigate Betts v. Chase, M.R. Birman, Birm ngham them. The Queen's Proctor is now liable to be condemned ERLEBACH, ADOLPHUS, New Barnet. Timber Merchant. Dec 29, Young

v. Erlebach, M.R. Boulton, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st in costs, and that naturally and properly deters him from

FRANKISH, RICHARD KIRBY, Scarbor uxhAuct on er. Dec 31. taking up a case except where the evidence is very clear. Thompson v. Parnell, V.O. Malins. Drawbridge, Scarborough There remains, therefore, no inducement for any one to JAMIESON, WILLIAM, City chambers, Fenchurch st, Ship Owner. Dec bring before the court the real truth of the case. I have

29. Ship Owners' Equitable Mutual Ingu ance Association, Limited v. already indicated a way in which I conceive it would be

Gibb, V.C. Hall. Lawless and Oo, Martin's lane, C:1001 st

PETTY, AISHLEY, Freemantle, Hants, Gent. Dec 30. Moxham y. made the interest of the accused to bring the truth to the I Frond, V.C. Malins. Pearce, Southampton knowledge of the court; but, unfortunately, the present

PILCHER, WILLIAM WOOD, St Margarets-at-cliffe, Kent, Farmer. Jag

1. Temple v. Picher, V.C. Hall. White and Co, Whitehall pl state of the law prevents it. I greatly regret it.

ROLLINSON, CHARLES, Barnsley, Boot Manufacturer. Deo 29. WakeWAY BURN GASP-CHAPPUIS' REFLECTO38 DIFFUSE DAYLIGHT. field and Barnsley Union Bank v. Rolliason, M.R. Marshall, BarosFactory, 69, Fleet-street.-[ADYT.)


[blocks in formation]

LOCKETT, Tuomas, Norton Folgat, Lead and Glass Merchant. Jag 31,

Hilbery, Billiter st MARSHALL, JOSEPH, Stansfield, York, Batche“. Jan 2. Stansfield

and Sagar, Todmorden Moses, MARY, Newport, Monmonth, Jan 1. Linyd. Newport NEwron, MONTAGUE GABRIEL, Earl's-court-square, Kensington, Gent.

Dec 24. Mossop, Cannon st PRATT, SARAH, College-terrace, Cambridg. Dec 31. Francis and

Francis, Carabridge PRIESTLEY, MARGARET MCINTOSH, Upper Hamilton-Terrace, Hyde Park.

Jan 21. Taylor and Oo, Furnival's-inn PRIOR, EDWARD GEORGE, Addison Honse, Balham Hil, Licensed Vic

tualler. Jan 1. Finch, Borongh High åt SAUNDERS, WALTER, Upper North st, Poplar. Dec 22. Brown, Lin

coln's-ion-fields SCHULTHES, WILHELM, Brompton id, Professor of Music. Dec 24.

Jackson and Prince, Cannon-st SMITH, ANN, Winchcomb, Gloucester. Jan 1. Brown, Wal

brook SMITH, WILLIAN, sen., Welton, York, Yeoman. Dec 27. Wilson and

Son, Hull STEWART, DANIEL, High st, Kensiogton, Hotel Proprietor. Dec 31.

Watts, Yeovil THOMPSON, JANE, Harrogate, York. Dec 20. Powell, Harrogate THORBURN, John Cowan, Walsall, Draper. Dec 25. Baker, Wal

Ball TUPPER, FERDINAND FREEBE, Bognor, Susaex. Lieutenant, R.N.

Dec 19. Hallett and Co, St. Martin's pl, Trafalgar sq WADE, WILLIAM, Langley, Backs, Geni.' Dec 31. brawbridge, Gt

James st, Bedford row Walgat, ROBERT, Shirley, Southampton, Gent. Jen 15. Bailey and

White, Winchester Wallis, JAMES, New Park rd, Brixton-hill, Builder. Dec 17. Corsellis,

Wandsworth WARD, JOHN, Ashby Folville, Leicester, Miller. Dec 26. Wright and

Hincks, Leicester WHITE, TROMAS GEORGE GRAHAM, Wethersfield, Esses, E:q. Dec 31.

Wude and Knocker, Great Dunmow W VILKINSON, Mary Ann, Cote d'Or, Branxton, New South Wales.

Jan 19, Leathes and Maynard,, Portland pl WILLIS, Tuomas, Stanbope, Durham, Gent. "Dec 20. Thompson, Blan

hpe WRIGHT, GEORGE ROYLE, Hampsthwaite, York, Gent. Feb 2. Westber. head and Burr, Bingley

[Gazette, Nov 25.]

Court Papers.


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. BAKER, WILLIAM, Brightlingsea, Essex, Farmer. Dec 9. Pops and

Co, Colchester BAYLY, THOMAS Davis, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Esq. Dec 31. Harrison

and Co, Bedford row BLACKBURNE, Rev. THOMAS, Clothall, Hertford, Clerk in Holy Orders.

Dec 25. Veasey, Baldock BOGGERS, Axx, Methwold, Norfolk. Jan 1. Mason, Wereham BULL, FRANCIS JOSEPH, Wroxall, Isle of Wight, Gent. Jan 16. Bull,

Southampton CALDWELL, ALMERIA, Plymouth. Feb 19. Wilson, Plymouth ELLIOTT, GEORGE, Stoke Damerel, Devon, Yeoman. Dec 17. Hutchings,

Devonport FRENCH, ELIZA, Feltham. Doc 18. Walker, Fitzroy st, Fitzroy sq GILL, JOSEPH, Handsworth, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Dec 24. Pointon, Birmingham GOTT, GEORGE, Gedney Fen, Lincola, Farmor. Dec 20. Caparn and

Co, Holbeach HARTWELL ANNE, Tobin st, Notting Dale. Dec 8. Guscotte and Co,

Essex st, Strand HARTWELL, SAMUEL, Warwick pl, Notting Dale, Public-house Keeper.

Dec 8. Guscoite and Co, Essex st, Strand HENRY, ALICIA, Lansdowne-crescent, Bournemouth. Jan 1. Saxton

and Morgan, Somerset st, Portman sq HITCHINT,

AMELIUS, Brussels, Belgium. Dec 22. Walker and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's-inn INGLEDEW, ELIZABETH ANN, South Lambeth rd, Stockwell. Jan 8.

Diggles, Hibernia-chambers JEFFEREYS, JAMES, Tottenham Court rd, Optician, Dec 25. Frame,

Lincoln's-in-fields JOLLIFFE, CHARLES Joan, Eastney, Hants, Yeoman. Jan 1. Besant

and Co, Purises JONKS, MARY, Bichopefield, nr Chester. Dec 19. Bridgman and Co

Obester KIRKMAN, Joun, Brighton, Butler. Jan 15. Valpy and Co, Lin

coln's-inn-fields LAWRENCE, ROBERT, Yatton, Somerset, Geot. Jan 31. Scott,

Berkeley LEFEVRF, Sir John GEORGE SHAW, Seymrur st, Portman sq, K.C.B.

Dec 18. Farrar and Co, Lincoln's-inn-felds MURRELL, MARY ANN, Georgo si, Portman eq. Dec 31. Stileman and

Neare, Sou:hampton st, Bloomsbury sq PATTISON, DOROTAY WYNDLOW, Walsall. Dec 31. Slater and Mar

shall, Butcroft, Darlaston "NICHARDSON, JANE MARIA, Greenwich. Dec 26. Bristow and Shepherd,

Greenwich RICHARDSON, JOSEPH, Greenwich, Undertaker. Dec 26. Bristow and

Sh«pherd, Greenwich RODGETT, JOHN LORD, Liverpool, Fisherman. Dec 13. Cleaver ard

Holden, Liverpool ROYLE, Rev. JAMES PATRICK, Litcham, Norfolk, Clerk in Holy Orders.

Jan í. Mason, Wereham SANDS, SARAH FRANCES, Highbury-crescent, Islington, Merchant.

Dec 17. Johnson and Co, Austin Priars SAUNDERS, SOLOMON, Satwell, Berks, Parmer. Dec 18. Field,

Rearing Evilcock, ALFRED. Old Kent rd, Grocer. Dec 27. Lockyer, Dept.

ford SILVER, Rev. SPENCER THORNTON, Watford, Hertford, Clerk in Holy

Orders. Dec 31. S dgwiek and Turner, Watford SIMMS, JOHN, Warwick-gardens, Kecsington, Gent. Jan 1. Micklem

and Son, Gresham st STEVENS, JAMES FRANCIS, Hop Exchange, Southwark, Contractor. Dec 31. ker

ord row TowNSEND, JANE, Forest Hill, Kent. Dec 31. Pollock and Co, Lin

coln's-in-fields Watt, JULIA FRANCES, St Lukes id, Westbourne Park. Dec 31.

Druce and Co, Billiter sq WxIGHT, EDWARD, Wokington, Berks, Surgeon. Deo 31. Soames,

Lincoln's inn fields WILLIAMSON, MARTAA TAYLOR, Cheltenham. Jan 1. Winter botham ard Co, Chelteutam

[Gazette, Nov. 21.] BARNES, STEPHEN, Bildeston, Suffolk, Yeoman. Dec 31. Robinson

and Ffennell, Hadleigh BATIY, CAROLINE, Grove End rd, St. John's Wood. Jan 15. Witball

and Compion, Gt George st, Westminster BEADON, R-v. FREDERICK, North Stoneham, Southampton, Clerk.

Dec 31. Wooldridge and Son, Winchester BUILER, Thomas, Sheffield, Yeoman. Dec 24. Rodgers and Co,

Sheffield DUMPER, JOIN, Knowle, Southampton, Yeoman. Dc 31, Wooldridge

and Son, Winchester ELLIEON, William, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tinsmith. Jan 10. Hoyle

and Co, Newcistle-upon-lyne HOWKINS, JAMES, Panton Hall, Warwick, Grazier. Jan 12. Watson

and Baxter, Lutterworth HURLOCK, ANN Sopulia, Withycombe Rawleigh, Devon. Jan 1.

Reichel, Spansholt, nr Wantage JARRETT, HERBERT NEWTON, Milotherpe, Winchester, Esq. Dec 31.

Wooldridge and son, Winchester KENDELL, Joun, Runham, Norfolk, Farmer. Dec 19, Cory, Great

Yarmouth KENT, LEWIS, Chippenham, Cambridge, Farmer. Dec 31. York, New

market KINDERSLEY, the Right Hon. Sir RICHARD TORIN, Knight, Clyffe, nr

Dorchester. Jan 8. Farrer and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields
ING, JOHN, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Decorator. Feb 2. Blyth,




ROLLS. Monday, Dec. 8Mr. Clowes Mr. Cobby

Mr. Teesdale Tuesday 9 Koe


Farrer Wednesday. 10 Clowes


Teesdale Thursday 11 Koe


Farrer Friday. 12 Clowes Cobby

Teesdale Saturday.... 13 Koo

Jackson Farrer

Mr. Justice Y.C. Bacon. V. C. HALL.

FRI. Monday, Dec. 8Mr. Leach Mr. Ward Mr. King Tuesday 9 Latbam Pemberton

Merivale Wednesday. 10 Leach


King Thursday 11 La ham Pemberton

Merivale Friday........ 12 Leach


King Saturday...... 13 Latham Pemberton




(Continued from page 95.) CP 153 Johnson (Harper, B and B) v Potter (J M Green) Q B 15+ Thornton, Trustee, &c (Blachford, R K and W) v Hyman and anr (

GM Cooke) Q B 155 Carver (Fry and H) v Grieves (Mozley and S), commission DP 156 Learoyd (Lowless and Co) v Parker and Co (Field, R and

Co), commission SJ Q B 157 Witney (Baker and N) v Barnardo (Visbet, Rand D) És 158 Brickley (H w Christmas) v Fairclough (Stone, M and S) CP 159 Hockley Hall and Whately Collrs and Briekworks, limd

(Wright B and W) v Barton (Satchell and C), stayed CP 160 Same (Same) v Same (Same), stayed CP 161 Purssell (F W Mount) v Tadinan Tadman and B) Ex 102 Keith (Truefitt and Ġ) y National India Rubber Co (H

Montagu), SJ Ex 163 Beeson (Whites R and Co) v Jacobs and anr (EJ Sydney

and Son), commission CP 164 Russell (Russell Son and S) v Smith (Ravenscroft and Co) CP 165 Sage (G Lockyer) v Atwell (Stephens L and Co) CP 166 Sewill and ors (Henderson and B) v Stevens and anr (E

Lee), SJ 167 ewetson Thexton (Shepheard and Sons) v Lamb and

Wife (Gedge and Co; Stibbard, Gibson and Co), SJ Q B 168 Northumberland Steam Shipping Co limd (H C Coote)

Achard (Hollams Son and C), SJ

CP 169 Walker (R Charles) v Broomhead (Pattison, Wigg and Co) C P 244 Spicer and anr (Lowless and Co) v Oates (J T Moss) SJ

Ex 245 Isaacs (C E Goldring) v London and North-Western RailQB 170 Cazal (M Abrahams and R) v Beck and anr (E Lee)

way Co (R F Roberts), 8J Ex 171 Atkins (Duffield and B) v Warner (Sewell and E)

Ex 246 Bruckin (Spyer and Son) v Stokoe (Dawes and Sons) QB 172 Smith and anr (W Morley) v Dunlop (J R Bailey)

CP 247 The Albert Bridge Co (F Stanley) v Cory and Son (FarnEx 173 Barr (A H Miller) v Cutting (Stacpole and Son)

fields) QB 174 Dixon (G Terrell) v Dettmar (Plunkett and L)

CP 248 Heather (Jas Heather, junr) v Beall (J Holder) 0 B 175 London and Yorkshire Bank, limd (Bischoff B and Co) v Ex 249 Darrell, Secretary &o (Dawes and Sons) v Tibbitts (In perBirkett Bros (C Harris)

son), SJ Ex 176 Bennett and anr (A H May) v Ayres (Trnefitt and G) CP 250 Forwood (Waltons B and W) Mutual A 1 Marine Insurance QB 177 Fenton (Chapple W and C) v Davidson (Lewis, Munns and

Co (Pritchard and Sons), without jury

QB 251 Henderson (Cattarns J and H) y Sheehan (J Frost)
QB 178 Cornell and ors (Chorley, Crawford and C) v London Tram O P 252 Larkins and Hadland (Lowless and co) v Mercantile
Co and Clark (HC Godfray; F W and H Hilbery) SJ

Mort. Bank and anr (Smith and Howard), stayed Er 179 Fryer (H W Christmas) v Russell (W Jarvis and T)

Q B 253 Protector Endowment Loan and Annuity Co (T I Devon. CP 130 Soden (E W Taylor) v Williams and Co (C F B Birchall)

shire) v Payne (Gadsden and T) CP 181 Thomas (C Sawbridge) v Buxton (C A Swaine)

Q B 254 Evans (J Evans) v Kennedy (T M Jenkins) CP 182 Rowe (Ğ M Weatherfield) v Beane and anr (Young and QB 255 Walsham (W Beck) v Quin (Bower and C) Son)

Ex 256 Corey (Wyatt and B) v Docwra (Hogan and H) CP 183 Crane (Angove) v Skinner (Starkey and Co)

Ex 257 Dupuy and anr (Lumley and L) v Sulman (Smith and Wood) Ex 184 Burton (G H Cole) v Weller (8 A Tucker)

CP 258 Sa leur (J E Hetley) v Nicholson (Yeo and w) Ex 185 Lacey (J Evans) v White (CA Swaine)

Q B 259 The Protector Endowment Loan and Annuity Co (TH Ex 186 Paget (Rice and B) v Judd (T Johnson)

Devonshire) v Grice (Cronin and R), without jury. Ex 187 Earle (J Joseph) v Farjeon (Taylor H and T)

C P 260 Scowen the younger (Angove) v Hunter (C J Orton) Ex 188 Bader (C Mossov) v Gordon (GE Carpenter), SJ

Ex 261 Sparrow (J B Chidley) v Hatch (Robinson and H) CP 189 Austin (H W Mackreth) v Linder and ors (Shepheard and CP 262 Green and Son (Drake, Son and P) v Smith (HH Poole), Son) SJ

SJ Ex 190 Dudgeon and anr (W R Preston) v Casey (J Neal)

CP 263 Bolckow, Vaughan and Co (Waltons B and W) v Fisher Ex 191 Hawkins (Learoyd L and P) v Rowan and anr (Words

(Chester and Co), SJ worth, B H and Co)

CP 264 The Kursk Charkoff and Azof Railway Co (Same) v Q B 192 Cohen and ors (Travers Smith and B) Burke (Brady and

Harrowing (G and W Webb), SJ
Son) SJ

CP 265 Lewis and Co (Arkcoll, Jones, and C) v Money Wigram and CP 193 Compton and anr (Farnfields) v Harrison and anr and

Sons (Freshfields and W), SÍ West London Extension Ry Co (Keene and M W Heg CP 266 Anglo Foreign Banking Co limd (Same) v The Globe gerty), SJ

Steam Ship Colimd (Waltons B and W), SJ Ex 194 Dupuy (Lumley and L) v Sulman (Smith and Wood) CP 267 Nærnoss Block Ice Shipping (Herbert and Kent) v Royal CP 195 Siegle (J Hayward) v Dower (W A Storry)

Mail Steam Packet Co (Wilson B and C) Es 196 Allnatt (W R Preston) v Reed (Parker and Co)

CP 268 Andersen and anr (Same) v Same (Same) CP 197 Barnett (Beard and Sons) v Metropolitan Railway Co CP 269 Ratcliffe (J Hill) v Crabb (T Beard and Sons) (Burchells), SJ

QB 270 Witty (M Abrahams and R) v Lecaan (Truefitt and G) Ex 198 King (Mozley and S) v Guerrico and De Salles (Murray H QB 271 Giles (Speechly M and Co) v Capital and Counties Bank and S; Foss and Legg) SJ

(Bradby, Robins and Co) Q B 199 Armitstead and Co (Hollams Son and C) v Pinkney (Stocken CP 272 Thomas (Lowless and Co) v Larnder (Farnfields) and J)

CP 273 Phillips (HRG Fowkes) v Phenix Gas Light and Coke Co CP 200 Norwood and ors (Parker and Co) v Commercial Union

(Young, Jones R and H), SJ Assurance Co (Hollams Son and C) SJ

QB 274 Schrier (Fry and H) v Goldsworthy (Turner and Son) CP 201 Bodman (E W Parkes) v Wyatt and org (J Tucker)

Ex 275 Air Gas Light Co, limd (R. Hewlett) v Herapath (R. S. Ex 202 Duck (Schultz and Son) v Clark (J Cotton)

Gregson) SJ Ex 203 Webb (W R Preston) v Coleby (FF Smallpiece)

CP 276 Ruck Bros (J E Turner) v Henderson Bros (Plews I and Co), Q B 204 Few and Thoday (Hollams Son and C) v Î'ruman, Hanbury

commission and Co (Clapham and F) SJ

Ex 277 Duffield and anr (W Tanner) v Tomkins and anr (A E QB 305 Gordon and Co (M Abrahams and R) v Betzold (G and A

Webb), SJ

Ex 278 Jones and Co (Truefitt and G) v Clarke and ors (W Beck) CP 206 Harvey (Bristow and S) v Wilcox (CF B Birchall), com Q B 279 Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society (Prideaux mission

and Son) v Rutherford (J and E Scott) CP 207 Stevens (Harper B and B) v Locke (Duignan and S)

(To be continued.) QB 208 Giover (J W Few) v Morgan (Carr B D and M), SJ QB 209 Abell (G and W Webb) v Abrahams and Cooper (M Abra

hams; Micklethwait and Co)
Q B 210 Butler (J M Barnard) v Sheffield (Boxall and B), SJ
CP 211 Curtis (Crossley and B) v More (Lucas and Coe)

Legal 12 ews.
QB 212 Hart and ors (Ă G Ditton) v Anderson (G H Hall)
CP 213 Barber (Bristow and S) v Wilmot (Stacpole and Son)
CP 214 Fraser (Jacobs and V) v McGavin and Co (J D Peard), SJ

At the Bow-street Police Court on the 27th ult., before Sir Ex 215 Morse and Horne (T R Richardson) v Eno (Garrard J and James Ingham, Mr. Charles Hastings Collette, solicitor to W), SJ

the Society for the Suppression of Vice, of 23, Lincoln'sCP 216 Fuller (Peisse and Son) v Dore (T S Wills) Es 217 Nesbit (S F Langham) v Skipper and East (Vandercom Ling the sum of £2,050 in December, 1877, and subsequent

inn-fields, was brought up, on a warrant, for misappropriaand H), SJ Ex 218 Wilson (J R Bailey) v Wright (Bellamy, Strong and Co)

dates, for which he was a trustee in behalf of Mr. Henry Es 219 Wathews (L Barnett) v Shepherd (Parker and B)

Charles Finch and others. At the request of Mr. Besley, Q B 220 Fogle (W J Myatt) v Wynsburghe (J H Jonas) Ex 221 Doward and Wife (King and Peto) v Russell (Allen and

who appeared for the defence, the hearing of the case was Son)

postponed, bail in two sureties in £1,000 and the defendant's Es 222 Hurley (J T Moss) v McMahon (H J and T Child)

recognizances in £2,000 being allowed for his appearance. Q B 223 Freame and ors (G Lockyer) v Holdsworth (J Laidman) CP 224 Barclay (R Charles) v Guild (Clarke R and C), SJ

On the 1st inst., the Surrey Sessions Bench and Bar Mess CP 225 Sir John Pirie and Co (Parker and Co) v The Middle Dock entertained Lord Justice Thesiger and Baron Pollock at Co (W A Crump and Son), without jury

dinner at the Albion Tavern, Mr. Hardwan, the chairman CP 226 Hall (Same) v Jupe (Waltons B and W), SJ

of the bench, occupying the chair. Lord Justice Toesiger, CP 227 Peterson (J Girdlestone) v Stammers (Stocken and J), SJ Ex 228 Selman (W H Armstrong) v Hunt (Lewis and L)

in responding to the toast of the “Health of Her Majesty's CP 229 Robinson (J Rexworthy) v Browne (W H Hudson)

Judges," said that this toast was always received with good Ex 230 Keeble (WF Morris) v Whitworth and ors (Ashurst M and will in this country, because Her Majesty's judges were Co), commission

selected from the mass of the community and not from a QB 231 White (Chorley, Crawford and Co) v Hobson (Rooks and special class. He had a title to be present at the meetings of

Co), SJ
CP: 232 Buxton (Lowless and Co) v Walsh (Milne R and M)

the Surrey Sessions both by descent and by purchase. It CP 233 Keddie (JC Button and Co) v Mac Gavin and' Co (J D was more than sixty years since his father, the first Lord

Ex 234 Candy
and Co (Rooks and Co) v Willis and Co (Chorley and

Chelmsford, joined the Surrey Sessions.
Co), SJ

On the 1st inst. a deputation, consisting of members of the CP 235 Ocean Marine Insce Co (Waltons B and W) v Curwin (Field Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, the Edinburgh Merchant Rand Co), SJ

Company, the Scottish Trade Protection Society, the Leith QB 236 R and J Craig (Hollams Son and C) v Campbell, Heatley

Chamber of Commerce, the Aberdeen Chamber of Coma and Co (Parker and Co) Ex 237 Harding, trustee, &c (Lyne and H) v Foster, Porter and Co merce, and the Dundee Chamber of Commerce, waited on (Phelps S and Co) SJ

the Lord Advocate in his chambers, Parliament-square, CP 238 Dexter (W R Smith) v Willmott (R Voss) Q B 239 Pawson (E Flux and L) v Gye and anr (Štihbard G and Co), ruptcies. The deputation impressed on his lordship the

Edinburgh, with reference to the subject of fraudulent bankSJ B 240 Waddell, trnstee, &c (A G Ditton) v Lyte (Tylee and Co) .... desirability of having a Penal Act passed which would apply CP 241 Simpson (W Shearman) v Long (Baker and N)

to fraudulent bankrupts. The Lord Advocate said he would CP 242 Stuart and ors, exors, &c (G T Woodroofe) v Hanrott (W H consider the statements that had been made, and ex

Hargreave) QB 243 McAlister and ors (Hollams Son and C) v Fenning (Fresh- pressed himself in favour of a measure having in view the fields and w) Commission, SJ

object aimed at by the deputation.


100 100

TUESDAY, Dec. 2, 1879.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
Dec. 4, 1879.

To Surrender in London.

Ewen, Thomas L'Estrange, Pall Mall. Pet Nov 12. Brougham.

Dec 16 at 11 3 por cont. Consols, 974 xd Annuitias, April, '85, 97

Simpson, Charles, Warbeck terrace, Shepherd's Bush, Agent. Pet Nov Ditto for Aoccunt, 974 xd Do. (Red Sea T.)

Aug. 1908

28. Pepys. Dec 17 at 12 Do. 3 per Cont. Rednced, 97% Ex Bills, £1000, 2) por Ct.7 pm.

To Surrender in the Country.
Now 3 per Copt., 978
Ditto, £500, Do, 7 pm.

Brogdon, William, and Robert Davidson, Byker, Newcastle-uponDo. 84 per cent., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & €100, 7 pm.

Tyne, Builders. Pet Nov 27. Daggett. Newcastle, Dec 12 at 11
Do. 24 por Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stook, 269 Burton, Leonard Beeche - Tester, Brighton, Wine and Spirit Merchant.
Annuities, Jan.'80
Ditte for Account.

Pet Nov 26. Jones. Brighton, Dec 11 at 12
Collings, Thomas, Topsham, Devon, Master Mariner. Pet Nov 27,

Daw. Exeter, Dec 12 at 11

Fell, Joha flugter, Barrow-in-Furness, Cattle Dealer. Pet Nov 26.

Postlethwaite. Ulverston, Dec 12 at 2
Lee, Josiah, Bournemouth, Baker. Pet Nov 29. Dickinson. Poole,

Dec 15 at 11

Pald. Closing Price Ricketts, Austin, Chard, Somerset, Innkeeper. Pet Nov 29. Meyler.

Taunton, Dec 13 at 11 Stock Bristol and Exeter


Smith, George Walkden, Northallerton, York, Draper. Pet Nov 27. Stock Caledonian ............................................


Jefferson. Northullerton, Dec 16 at 11
Stock Glasgow and South-Western ...................


Truman, Charles, and George Apted, Birmingham, Toa Merchants. Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock


Pet Nov 29. Cole. Birmingham, Dec 16 at 2
Stock Great Northern ..........................................

100 1224 Stock Do., A Stock* ..............................


BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland 100


TUESDAY, Dec. 2, 1878.
Stock Great Western-Original


Bligh, Joseph, Eastchurch, Sheerness, Builder. Nov 27
Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire ....................

100 128

Broadbent, T E B Thistle grove, West Brompton. Nov 27 Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast ............ 100 135

Coath, William, Walsall, Cashier. Nov 20 Stock London, Chatham, and Dover ..................

100 274 Stock London and North-Western

100 148

Liquidations by Arrangemont. Stock London and Sonth Western

100 134)

FIRST MEETING3 OF CREDITORS. Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolo

100 82 Stock Metropolitan .........................................


TUEEDAY, Nov. 28, 1879.
Stock Do., District .....................................


817 Abrahams, Isidore, sen , Wilton rd, Pimlico, Hatter. Dec 5, and not t, Btock Midland....................................................

100 134

as erroneously printed in last Gazette, at 10 at offices of Lewis, Stock North British ........................................."

100 82

Chancer; lane. Mcklethwait, Long acre Stock North Eastern...........................................

1474 Adams, James, Derby, Grocer. Dec 15 at 3 at offices of Robotham, St Stock North London ...............................................


Alkmund's ch yd, Derby
Stock North Staffordshire


Allan, George James, and John Biscomb Herbert, Kingston-uponStock South Devon


Huil, Joiners. Dec 1) at 3 at the George Hotel, Whitefriar-gate, Stock South-Eastern .................................******


Kingston-upon-Huil. Singlet n, Kingston -upon-Hull
Allen, Emma, Loughboroug, Leicest-r, Grocer. Dec 12 at 12 at

offices of Deane and Hand, Market pl, Loughborough A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B.

Allison, Joho, Garstang. Lancaster, B1 cksmith. Dec 10 at 3 at the

Horns Inn, Chu cht w, nr Garstang
Ames, John, Y.ce fiog, Flint, Farmer. Dec 12 at 12 at offices of Davies,

Well st, Holywell

Austin, George, Worthing, Sussex, Boot and Shoe Maker. Dec 13 at BIRTES, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

11 at 145, Cheap ide, London. Goodman, Brighton Bailey, Benj min, Yardley st, Clerkenwell, no occupation.

Dec 11 st 2 at offices of Kennedy, Warwick ct, Gray's ian BIRTHS.

Banister, David Willinm, scuth Littleton, Worcester, Farmer. Dec 10 HARGRAVE-Dec. 1, at Stoke Newington, N., the wife of at 11 at the Crown Hotel, Evesham. Eades and Son, Eveshan William Henry Hargrave, Solicitor, of a daughter.

Banks, Frederick Fr»ncis, New North rd, Hoxton, Warehousema.

Dec 11 at 3 at 88, A dersgate st. Houlders, Barbican

Barnes, William Charles, Brentwood, Essex, Licensed Victoaller. BOURNE-Nov. 29, Henry T. Bourne, late of Alford, Lincoln Dec 15 at 12 at offices of Tower, Lower st shire, Solicitor, aged 67.

Barrett, Charles Freeman, Parson Drove, Cambridge, Machinist. BURT-Nov. 21, at Pertb, Western Australia, Sir Archibald De: 5 at 12 at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Wisbech. Caltborg, Paull Burt, Chief Justice, aged 69.

Spalding KINGDON-Dec. 2, at 3, Clarendon-road, Kensington, W.,

Beckingham, Walter Orlando, and Alfred Kinnear Beckingham, South

ampton, Printers, Dec 8 at 2.30 at offices of Edmonde and Co, CheapThomas Kingdon Kingdod, Q.C., Bencher of the Inner

side. Watts, Southampton Temple, Recorder of Bristol, aged 67.

Beechey, Sarah Aon, East Grinste id, Grocer. Dec 9 at 2.30 at offices
MORTLOCK-Dec. 1, at Caxton, Cambs, Henry Mortlock, of Peerless and Beeching, Tunbridge Wells
Solicitor, aged 66.

Berry, Joseph Brook,
Huddersfield, Woollen Merchant.

Dec 15 UNTHANK-Dec. 3, at 59, Westbourne-terrace, Hyde-park,

At 11 at offices of Westerby, Queen st, HuddersfieldBoocock, Jobn Unthank, late Master of the Supreme Court, Queen's Black, William, M 188 Side, Manchester, Plasterer. Dec 15 at 3 at ofices

Bench Division, aged 81.

of Chew and son, swan st, Manchester
Blitz, Wiliam, Holmsdale rd, South Norwood, Dealer in Sewing
Machines. Des 15 at 3 at offices of Lewis and' Lewis, Ely pl, Hol-


Botterill, John, King-ton-upon-Hu'l, Drysalter. Dec 12 at 3 at LONDON GAZETTES.

offices of Martinsun, Exchange blags, Bowlalley lane, Kingston-uponHull

Bould, Thomas, Hanley, Provision Dealer. Dec 9 at 12 at offices of PadBankrupts.

dock and Son, Old Mall st, Hanley FRIDAY, Nov. 28, 1879.

Broadbridge, Jules, Furniture Dealer. Dec 15 at 12 at offices Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

of Edmonds and Co., Cheapside, London. Cockburn, Brighton Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Brown, Ralph, Chester-le-street. Vurhum, Builder. Dec 16 at 12 To Surrender in London.

at offices of Keoriyside, 8. Juhu's Chmbrs, Grainger at West, Ner"Buller, C F South st, Grosvenor sq. Pet Nov 25. Murray.

castle-apon-Tyne Dec 12 at 11

Burrows, Henry, Oxford, Saddler. Dec 16 at 11 at offices of Mallam, Coles, William George, Cross Keys eq, Little Britain, Warehouseman.

High st, Oxford Pet Nov 25. Mur ay. Dec 12 at 12

Butler, Roberi, Stafford, Boot Manufacturer. Dec 12 at 2 at offices of Daglish, James, Curtain rd, Cabinet Maker. Pet Nov 25. Murray.

Holibam, Bank pas-ag, Stafford Dec 12 at 11.30

Bylord, George, Liverpool, Estate Agent. Dec 15 at 2 at offices of Davis, James Watt, Coothall bldgs, Throgmorton st, Stock and Share

Simpson and North, Kamford et, Liverpool Broker. Pet Nov 25. Murray. Dec 12 at 12.30

Campbell, John William Bradford, Saddler. Dec 10 at 4 at offices of Ramsay, John Willi.m, Westbourne grove, Bayswater, Draper. Pet

Atkinson. Tyrrel st, Bradford Nov 13. Hazlitt. Dec 10 at 12

Carey, William, Birmingham, Grocer. Dec 9 at 12 at offices of Smith,

Temple st, Birmingham
To Surrender in the Country.

Caron, Edwin Alfred, De Beanveir crescent, Kingsland, Gelatine Bottomley, William, Mann ng am, Waste Dealer. Pet Nov 25. Rob Maker. Dec 12 at 3 at offices of Jourdain, Ludgate hill inson. Bradford, Dec 9 at 9

Ca par, John, Warner st, Gt Dover st, French Hat Manufacturer. Dec Greenstreet, Martha Ann, Ramsgate, out of business. Pet Nov 26. 10 at 3 at offices of Hicklio and Washington, Trinity square, SouchFurley. Canterbury, Dec 12 at 2

wark Habberfield, Rascombe, Newport, Monmouth, Farmer. Pet Nov 25. Chamberlain, Richard Anthons Gibbs, Em icote, Warwick, ont of busiDavis. Nawpori, Decilit 11.30

ness. Dec 15 at 12 at Bowling Green Hotel, Bowling Green st, WarLeech, Dernis Olley, and Henry George, Winterten, Norfolk, Fisher wick. Hesp, Warwick

Pet Nov 25. Worlle'ge. Gt Yarmouth, Dec 11 at 11 Schneider, Arthur Gordin, Clanfield, Hanis, Gent,

Chaplin, George Henry, Great Bt Helens, Iron Merchant, Dec & at

Pet Nov 24. Guildhall l'avern, Gresham st, in lieu of the place originally Renny. Port-moa h, Dicll at 12

na red Symonds, George Harnabas, Potton, Bedford, Ironmonger. Pet Nov 24. Pearse. Bedford, Dec 12 at 11.30


Thomas, Dalyell rd, Stockwell, of no occupation. Dec 12 at 10 at offices of Norman, Gt Marlborough st, Regent st


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