A phraseological dictionary of commercial correspondence in the English, German, French & Spanish languages, by C. Scholl, assisted by G. Macaulay [and others].

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Page 530 - MY DEAR SIR : I have the pleasure of acknowledging the receipt of your letter of the...
Page 536 - ... paying duties ; but whether this would be any great advantage to our trade at present, you are better judges than we. We shall be glad of your advice upon this head ; and if you think of any advantages of considerable moment that would arise, we shall be always ready to apply for such an appointment. We are sorry it is not in our power to give you any acceptable information respecting the eighth article of the treaty, which relates to the Barbary corsairs. All we can say is, that we have applied...
Page 775 - Vous pouvez être assuré que je ferai tout ce qui dépendra de moi pour justifier votre confiance.
Page 516 - Three months after date pay this second of exchange (first of the same tenor and date being unpaid) to the order of Mr.
Page 506 - The parcel has been delivered. 3 In reply to your favor of the 20th instant, I beg to inform you that I have delivered the parcel mentioned therein to Mr. N. 4 There are two parcels marked PH 6 I have forwarded samples through the Parcels Post.
Page 517 - M.... 2A trois mois de d'ate veuillez payer par cette seconde de change (la première ne l'étant) à l'ordre de MCM, la somme de deux mille huit cent Francs, valeur reçue, que veuillez porter en compte suivant avis.
Page 767 - C'est dans ce but que je prends la liberté de m'adresser à vous.
Page 612 - We shall feel greatly obliged by any services you may be able to render our young friend.
Page 638 - The best way, in my opinion, would be to endeavour to obtain Man kam zu diesem Entschluss nach sorgfältigst eingezogenen Erkundigungen. 1 Dieser Artikel steht, wie es die Jahreszeit mit sich bringt, sehr niedrig.
Page 652 - The sellers have agreed to bear with me an equal share of the loss, should there be any.

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