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NOTE.—The immigration act of February 5, 1917, repeals the act of February
20, 1907, the act of March 3, 1903, and all prior acts or parts of acts inconsistent
with the new law. In the back of this pamphlet are published such portions of
the prior acts as are not repealed by or reenacted in the act of February 5, 1917;
also the act of March 2, 1907, regarding expatriation; an extract from the
sundry civil appropriation act of March 4, 1909, the act relative to outward alien
manifests of March 4, 1909; the “ White-slave traffic act” of June 25, 1910; the
act of August 24, 1912, providing that all charges for maintenance and return
of Chinese shall be borne by steamship companies; the act of March 4, 1913,
creating the Department of Labor; and the act of March 4, 1915, “ to promote
the welfare of American seamen," etc. If necessary to refer to the old acts,
they may be found in the United States Statutes at Large, as follows:

Act approved March 3, 1875: 18 Stat. L., part 3, page 477.
Act approved August 3, 1882: 22 Stat. L., page 214.
Act approved June 26, 1884 (sec. 22 only): 23 Stat. L., page 58.
Act approved February 26, 1885: 23 Stat. L., page 332.
Act approved February 23, 1887: 24 Stat. L., page 414.
Act approved October 19, 1888: 25 Stat. L., page 565.
Act approved March 3, 1891 : 26 Stat. L., page 1084.
Act approved February 15, 1893 (sec. 7): 27 Stat. L., page 449.
Act approved March 3, 1893: 27 Stat. L., page 569.
Act approved August 18, 1894: 28 Stat. L., page 390.
Act approved March 2, 1895: 28 Stat. L., page 780.
Act approved June 6, 1900 : 31 Stat. L., page 611.
Act approved April 29, 1902: 32 Stat. L., part 1, page 176.
Act approved March 3, 1903 : 32 Stat. L., part 1, page 1213.
Act approved March 22, 1904: 33 Stat. L., part 1, page 144.
Act approved April 28, 1904: 33 Stat. L., part 1, page 591.
Act approved February 3, 1905: 33 Stat. L., part 1, page 684.
Act approved February 20, 1907: 34 Stat. L., page 898.
Act approved March 26, 1910: 36 Stat. L., page 263.



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[Act of February 5, 1917.)

SECTION 1. That the word “ alien" wherever used in this act shall include any person not a native-born or naturalized citizen of the United States; but this definition shall not be held to include Indians of the United States not taxed or citizens of the islands under the jurisdiction of the United States. That the term “United States" as used in the title as well as in the various sections of this act shall be construed to mean the United States, and any waters, territory, or other place subject to the jurisdiction thereof, except the Isthmian Canal Zone; but if any alien shall leave the Canal Zone or any insular possession of the United States and attempt to enter any other place under the jurisdiction of the United States, nothing contained in this act shall be construed as permitting him to enter under any other conditions than those applicable to all aliens. That the term

seaman” as used in this act shall include every person signed on the ship’s articles and employed in any capacity on board any vessel arriving in the United States from any foreign port or place.

That this act shall be enforced in the Philippine Islands by officers of the general government thereof, unless and until it is superseded by an act passed by the Philippine Legislature and approved by the President of the United States to regulate immigration in the Philippine Islands as authorized in the act entitled “ An act to declare the purpose of the people of the United States as to the future political status of the people of the Philippine Islands, and to provide a more autonomous government for those islands," approved August twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and sixteen.

SEC. 2. That there shall be levied, collected, and paid a tax of $8 for every alien, including alien seamen regularly admitted as provided in this act, entering the United States: Provided, That children under sixteen years of age who accompany their father or their mother shall not be subject to said tax. The said tax shall be paid to the collector of customs of the port or customs district to which said alien shall come, or, if there be no collector at such port or district, then to the collector nearest thereto, by the master, agent, owner, or consignee of the vessel, transportation line, or other conveyance or vehicle bringing such alien to the United States, or by the alien himself if he does not come by a vessel, transportation line, or other con

1 For complete list of exceptions, see Rule 1.


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