House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 2, Part 3

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Page 88 - The board met pursuant to adjournment. Present: All the members and the recorder. The foregoing proceedings were then read and approved. The board then adjourned.
Page 440 - The Board met pursuant to adjournment. Present, all the members. The Board inspected Wappich's carriage, the " service " carriage with two air-cylinders attached, the " service" carriage increased in height and air-cylinders attached, and the 13" mortar and bed mounted on a chassis.
Page 97 - Defective Cartridges. Each gun to be fired once with each of the following defective cartridges: 1. Cross-filed on head to nearly the thickness of the metal. 2. Cut at intervals around the rim. 3. With a longitudinal cut the whole length of the cartridge from the rim up. A fresh piece of white paper marked with the number of the gun being laid over the breech to observe the escape of gas, if any occurs.
Page x - Frontier of the United States. Communicated by the Secretary of the Treasury in answer to a resolution of the Senate of the United States, March 12, 1863.
Page 4 - That the system, when so adopted, shall be the only one to be used by the Ordnance Department in the manufacture of muskets and carbines for the military service...
Page 318 - ... extractor finally brings the prolongation of the ejector spindle below the axis of motion ; as soon as the centre is passed the sudden release of the ejector spring causes the extractor to rapidly rotate about its axis and to carry the empty cartridge shell against the bevelled surface of the ejector stud, by which it is deflected upward and thrown clear of the gun. " This specific device was perfected by Benjamin F. Adams, an employe in the Springfield Armory. He invented it in the autumn of...
Page 21 - Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin..
Page xiii - I herewith communicate a report from the Secretary of the Interior, in answer to a resolution of the House of Representatives...
Page 6 - War is hereby authorized, upon a proper showing by such States of the faithful disposition of said arms and ordnance stores, in the service of the United States in the suppression of the war of the rebellion, to credit the several States and Territories with the sum charged to them respectively for arms and other ordnance stores which were issued to them between the aforementioned dates, and charged against their quotas under the law for arming and equipping the militia : Provided, That...
Page 12 - Springfield rifled musket, knowing that it was not competent for it to decide the question, and believing that the proper course for patentees to take was to establish satisfactorily the validity of their claims, and then apply to Congress for compensation for the use of the patents.

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