Thomas Taylor: The Platonist, 1758-1835

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Newberry Library, 1917 - 34 pages

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Page 18 - Select Works of Porphyry. Containing his Four Books on Abstinence from Animal Food ; his Treatise on The Homeric Cave of the Nymphs and his Auxiliaries to the Perception of Intelligible Natures. Translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor. With an Appendix explaining the Allegory of the Wanderings of Ulysses.
Page 12 - Dogmas are unfolded; and it is shown from indubitable Evidence, that his Philosophy has not been accurately known since the Destruction of the Greeks. The insufficiency also of the Philosophy that lias been substituted by the Moderns for that of Aristotle is demonstrated.
Page 9 - Translated from the Greek; with Copious Notes, in Which the Pythagoric and Platonic Dogmas Respecting Numbers and Ideas Are Unfolded from Antient Sources. To Which Is Added, a Dissertation on Nullities and Diverging Series...
Page 7 - I vol., 8vo. 1793Sallust on the Gods and the World ; and the Pythagoric Sentences of Demophilus. Translated from the Greek ; and Five Hymns, by Proclus, in the original Greek, with a poetical version. To which are added Five Hymns by the translator.
Page 10 - Collectanea; or Collections, consisting of miscellanies inserted by Thomas Taylor in the European and Monthly magazines, with an appendix containing some hymns by the same author never before printed.
Page 11 - The Elements of the true Arithmetic of Infinities, in which all the Propositions in the Arithmetic of Infinities invented by Dr. Wallis, relative to the summation of Infinite Series, and also the Principles of the Doctrine of Fluxions, are demonstrated to be false ; and the Nature of Infinitesimals is unfolded.
Page 10 - Sydenham, and the Remainder by Thomas Taylor : with occasional Annotations on the nine Dialogues translated by Sydenham ; and copious Notes, by the latter Translator ; in •which is given the Substance of nearly all the existing Greek MS. Commentaries on the Philosophy of Plato ; and a considerable Portion of such as are already published ; in Jive vols. 4to. l,ond. 1804.
Page 18 - The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus. Translated from the Greek, and demonstrated to be the Invocations which were used in the Eleusinian Mysteries. By Thomas Taylor.
Page 19 - Arguments of Celsus, Porphyry, and the Emperor Julian, Against the Christians; Also Extracts from Diodorus Siculus, Josephus, and Tacitus, Relating to the Jews. Together with an Appendix; Containing the Oration of Libanius in Defence of the Temples of the Heathens, Translated by Dr. Lardner; and Extracts from Bingham's Antiquities of the Christian Church.
Page 5 - The Mystical Initiations ; or, Hymns of Orpheus. Translated from the original Greek ; with a Preliminary Dissertation on the Life and Theology of Orpheus.

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