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Photograph from U. S. Department of Agriculture POLKTON POULTRY CLUB: ANSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA "If the rural housewife will not come to the school of domestic science, we will take that school to her.” Such is the latest idea in agricultural extension work. Under the new Smith-Lever Law, the U. S. Department of Agriculture will, besides organizing dairying, poultry, textile, and food study clubs, giving lectures, and conducting correspondence courses, send its agents directly into the homes and show the housewives how to make all sorts of labor-saving devices, from a fireless cooker costing twenty-five cents to a roller table to carry the family meal from the kitchen stove to the dinner table (see text, page 101).

other boys under similar terms. In this community are engaged in club work. way he has planned an endless chain of The enthusiasm of youth is thus capitalpigs and an ever-increasing circle of boyized, and the nearly 300,000 boys and club members.

girls who are now engaged in this work It seems certain that the wonderful re in America, will form a future army of sults achieved through the boys' and food producers, who will not only be girls' clubs in the United States will good farmers and farmers' wives, but eventually lead to their adoption by every who will inspire hundreds of thousands progressive government. Probably 10 of others to profit by their examples. other work can be as influential in pro

ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE DINNER TABLE moting the world-wide adoption of modern methods of farming as the work Could we, like the great French writer, among the children.

Maupassant, turn lose our fancy as we That habit of mind of the grown-up dine, we could see a great army of men which makes a man ashamed to be out and women working that we might eat. done by a child, serves to stimulate the The appetites of men now levy tribute adult farmer when the children of his upon all the continents and all the seas,


Photograph from U. S. Department of Agriculture

EARL HOPPING AND HIS GOAT If every American farmer raised as much corn to the acre as this Arkansas boy, with a one-goat team, the United States alone would grow as much corn as the whole world produces, with a billion bushels to spare (see text, page 29).

and where once all roads led to Rome, 110W our boiled rice from China, our string they come directly to our dinner tables. beans from Florida, and our tomatoes

Let us sit down to dinner and go over from Maryland. the menu and try to list those who have Next comes our salad, and it conassisted in the preparation of our meal. tains—if a man may guess at the contents At the top of the list come olives and

of salads and dressings-Vexican pepsalted nuts. The olives mayhap are from Spain, the almonds from California, and

pers, Hawaiian pineapple, Sicilian cher

ries, Pennsylvania lettuce, Iowa eggs. the pecans from Texas. The salt on the nuts was prepared in New York State. Spanish olive oil, Ohio vinegar, CaliforAlso we have celery that came from

nia mustard, and Guiana red pepper. Michigan.

When we get down to the ice-cream, Then comes the soup. Without a cook we eat Virginia cream, Cuban sugar, book at hand, this writer will not pose as

Ecuadorean vanilla, and Mexican chocoan authority on the ingredients of soup, late. The cake that goes with it is made but it may be Chesapeake Bay clam chow of butter from Illinois, flour from Minder, which certainly has some pepper neapolis, made from wheat grown in from Africa in it and other ingredients North Dakota : baking powder from from far and wide.

Pennsylvania, and other ingredients. Our fish is salmon from Alaska, and When it comes to coffee, if we are fasour prime ribs of beef came to tidious we will have issued a draft on table through the Kansas City "packing- both Turkish Arabia and Dutch Java, or town." Our potatoes came from Maine, if we are only folk of every-day taste we


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The total value of the product of boys' and girls' clubs and those for women in Utah for 1915 amounted to $63.8.13, secured at a cost of $3.358 for the extension work. It is the ultimate purpose of the United States Department of Agriculture to spend $5,000,000 a year in teaching the farmers' wives and daughters the art of home economics.



An Alabama philanthropist has applied the endless chain idea to pigs. He bought twenty little sows and sold them to as many boys. Each boy undertook to raise his pig and to give the philanthropist two little ones from the first litter farrowed as payment. These in turn are to be delivered to other boys on the same terms, the philanthropist assuming all risks (see text, page 102).

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The United States devotes 72,000,000 acres of land to hay and other forage crops. Were this used to grow potatoes, even at our present
rate of production, it would yield 6,480,000,000 bushels, which is more than the whole earth produces today. The passing of the horse will release
this area to human food production.

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