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Cumulative index of labor laws and decisions-Continued.

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Protection of employees on street

72 New York.

64 Ohio..

70 South Carolina.

60 Protection of wages: Massachusetts.

57 United States.

60 Public printing office, employees in: Kansas..

61 Public printing to be done within the State: Arkansas.

65 Public works, injuries of employees on: Philippine Islands..

71 Public works, labor on: New York.......


109 Public works, preference of domestic materials for: Missouri (D)....

60 New Mexico..

61 Public works, preference of resident laborers on: Massachusetts..

57 New Mexico...

61 Public works, retention of wages of employees on: California.

62 Public works, vaccination of employees on: Virginia...

60 Railroad bridges, etc.: Vermont.

60 Railroad companies, liability of, for injuries to employees. (See

Liability of employers.) Railroads, accidents on. (See Ac

cidents.) Railroads, construction of caboose cars on: Montana.

72 Railroads, height of bridges, wires, etc., over: Arkansas.

65 Idaho..

72 Kansas.

61 Vermont.

60 Wyoming

61 Railroads, hours of labor of em

ployees on. (See lours of la

bor.) Railroads, illiterate employees on: Ohio

59 Railroads, intemperate employees

on. (See Intemperate employees

on public carriers.) Railroads, safety appliances on: Illinois...


159 Ohio....

170 Texas.

65 Vermont.

60 Wisconsin.


56 United States (D).....


171 Railroads, shelters for workmen on: Arkansas.

65 Railroads, structures near tracks of: Ohio.

59 Rates of wages of employees of public printing office: Kansas.


Rates of wages of employees on ,
public works:

New York..
Right of action for injuries. (See

Safety appliances. (See Fire es-

capes on factories; Guards on
thrashing machines, etc.; In-
spection of factories; Railroads,

safety appliances on.)
Saloons, employment of children

and women in. (See Children

and women, etc.) Scrip. (See Payment of wages.) Seamen:

Philippine Islands.....

United States.....
Seats for female employees:


Statistics, collection of:

Steam boilers, inspection of. (See I

Steam engineers, examination,

etc., of. (See Examination, etc.) Stone worked within State, use of,

on public works. (See Public
works, preference of domestic

materials for.)
Street railways, hours of labor of

employees on. (See Hours of

labor, etc.) Street railways, protection of em

ployees on. (See Protection of

employees.) Suits for wages: California.

72 Georgia..

68 New York, Sunday labor:

Georgia (D)
Maine (D).
Rhode Island (D).

60 Sweating system: Maryland (D).

58 Massachusetts.

61 New Jersey.


157 New York...

169 Pennsylvania..

65 Telegraph operators, etc., railroad, hours of labor of: United States..

71 Telegraph poles, size, height, etc., of: Wyoming.

61 Tenant factories (See Inspection

of factories.) Time for meals to be allowed employees: Louisiana..

57 Pennsylvania....

65 Time to vote to be allowed employees: Massachusetts.

57 Ohio...



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Cumulative index of labor laws and decisionsConcluded.

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Trade-marks of trade unions:

Connecticut (D)
New Jersey.
New Jersey (D).
New York,

Tennessee. Vaccination of employees on public works:

Wages as preferred claims:

New Mexico.

United States..
Wages, assignment of. (See As-

signment.) Wages, combinations to fix:

Louisiana.. Wages, exemption of. (See Ex

emption, etc.) Wages of employees on public works, retention of:


Wages, payment of. (See Pay

ment, etc.) Wages, rates of. (See Rates of

wages.) Wages, refusing to pay:

Montana. Wages, suits for. (See Suits for

wages.) Weighing coal at mines:

Arkansas Woman and child labor, investigation of:

United States. Women and children. (See Chil

dren and women.) Women, employment of:

Women, hours of labor of:

Oregon (D).
Women, night work by:

New York,
New York (D)

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LEADING ARTICLES IN PAST NUMBERS OF THE BULLETIN. No. 1. Private and public debt in the United States, by George K. Holmes.

Employer and employee under the common law, by V. H. Olmsted and S. D.

No. 2. The poor colonies of Holland, by J. Howard Gore, Ph. D.

The industrial revolution in Japan, by William Eleroy Curtis.
Notes concerning the money of the U. S. and other countries, by W. C. Hunt.

The wealth and receipts and expenses of the U. S., by W. M. Steuart.
No. 3. Industrial communities: Coal Mining Co. of Anzin, by W. F. Willoughby:
No. 4. Industrial communities: Coal Mining Co. of Blanzy, by W.F. Willoughby.(a)

The sweating system, by Henry White.(a) No. 5. Convict labor.

Industrial communities: Krupp Iron and Steel Works, by W.F. Willoughby. No. 6. Industrial communities: Familistère Society of Guise, by W.F. Willoughby.

Cooperative distribution, by Edward W. Bemis, Ph. D.
No. 7. Industrial communities: Various communities, by W. F. Willoughby.

Rates of wages paid under public and private contract, by Ethelbert Stewart. No. 8. Conciliation and arbitration in the boot and shoe industry, by T. A. Carroll.(a)

Railway relief departments, by Emory R. Johnson, Ph. D.(a) No. 9. The padrone system and padrone banks, by John Koren.(a)

The Dutch Society for General Welfare, by J. Howard Gore, Ph. D.(a) No. 10. Condition of the Negro in various cities.(a)

Building and loan associations.(a) No. 11. Workers at gainful occupations at censuses of 1870, 1880, and 1890, by W. C.


Public baths in Europe, by Edward Mussey Hartwell, Ph. D., M. D. No. 12. The inspection of factories and workshops in the U.S., by W. F. Willoughby.(a)

Mutual rights and duties of parents and children, guardianship, etc., under

the law, by F. J. Stimson.(a)

The municipal or cooperative restaurant of Grenoble, France, by C. O. Ward.(a) No. 13. The anthracite mine laborers, by G. O. Virtue, Ph. D.(a) No. 14. The Negroes of Farmville, Va.: A social study, by W. E. B. Du Bois, Ph. D.(a)

Incomes, wages, and rents in Montreal, by Herbert Brown Ames, B. A.(a) No. 15. Boarding homes and clubs for working women, by Mary S. Fergusson.(a)

The trade union label, by John Graham Brooks.(a) No. 16. Alaskan gold fields and opportunities for capital and labor, by S. C. Dunham. No. 17. Brotherhood relief and insurance of railway employees, by E. R. Johnson,

Ph. D.

The nations of Antwerp, by J. Howard Gore, Ph. D. No. 18. Wages in the United States and Europe, 1870 to 1898.(a) No. 19. Alaskan gold fields and opportunities for capital and labor, by S. C. Dun


Mutual relief and benefit associations in the printing trade, by W. S. Waudby.(a) No. 20. Condition of railway labor in Europe, by Walter E. Weyl, Ph. D. No. 21. Pawnbroking in Europe and the United States, by W. Ř. Patterson, Ph. D. No. 22. Benefit features of American trade unions, by Edward W. Bemis, Ph. D.(a)

The Negro in the black belt: Some social sketches, by W. E. B. Du Bois,

Ph. D.(0)

Wages in Lyon, France, 1870 to 1896.(a) No. 23. Attitude of women's clubs, etc., toward social economics, by Ell M. Hen

rotin.(a) The production of paper and pulp in the U. S. from January 1 to June 30,

1898.(a) No. 24. Statistics of cities.(a) No. 25. Foreign labor laws: 'Great Britain and France, by W. F. Willoughby.(a) No. 26. Protection of workmen in their employment, by Stephen D. Fessenden. Foreign labor laws: Belgium and

Switzerland, by W. F. Willoughby.

a Bulletin out of print.

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774 648 907


590, 591 774-776 718-720


712 763, 764 1018, 1019 383, 384


352, 353

1076 574-576 761-763

578 582-584 650-652 912, 913


1075, 1076

689, 690



Hours of labor of employees in
mines, smelters, etc.:

62 Idaho.

72 Missouri.


(63 Montana.

172 Nevada (D).

59 Wyoming (D)..

69 Hours of labor of employees on railroads: Arizona (D)

60 Indiana.

63 Kansas.

61 Missouri

61 Montana.

72 United States..

71 Hours of labor of employees on street railways: Massachusetts.

70 Hours of labor of women. (See

Women, etc.)
Hours of labor on public roads:

63 Philippine Islands

71 Hours of labor on public works: California.

62 Colorado (D).

69 Massachusetts.


163 Montana..

172 Nevada.

63 New York.


169 Porto Rico.

59 United States (D).

70 Immigration, regulation, etc., of: United States...

171 Inclosed platforms. (See Protec

tion of employees on street rail

ways.) Industrial Peace, Foundation for the Promotion of: United States..

71 Injured employees, public: Philippine Islands.

71 Injuries causing death, right of action for: Alabama (D)..

58 Missouri.

61 Nevada. South Carolina (D)

69 Virginia (D).

69 Wisconsin (D).

64 Injuries, personal, right of action for: Nevada..

03 South Carolina.

65 Inspection of bakeries: New Jersey

64 New York

69 Pennsylvania.

65 Tennessee.

65 Inspection of factories: Connecticut.

62 Indiana (D)

65 Kentucky.

70 Louisiana.

70 Maryland (D)

58 Massachusetts.


170 New Jersey.


57 New York.....

69 Pennsylvania.

65 Rhode Island

60 Washington...


Inspection of factories—Conc'd.

158 331 Washington (D).

642 1092, 1093 Wisconsin. 585,586 Inspection of steam boilers:

650 334,335 Massachusetts.. 455-457 Montana

72 New York.

64 694, 695 || Inspection of steam vessels:

577 New Hampshire. 1082, 1083 New Jersey..

70 1089

160 646 United States.

168 401, 402 || Inspectors, factory: Iowa..

60 Louisiana.

70 772 New Jersey

58 Ohio.

59 Rhode Island.

64 Inspectors, mine: 577 Arkansas.

65 395 Illinois.

61 Indiana.

63 329,330 Kentucky.

70 453-455 Michigan.

63 773 Minnesota..

63 585,586 Montana.

72 650 West Virginia.

67 586 Inspectors, railroad: 905 Illinois.

61 470 Insurance, accident: 385 Illinois.

61 714-717 Insurance, cooperative: Maryland (D).

57 720

Intemperate employees on public 397-399 carriers: Vermont..

71 Intemperate employees. (See also

Interference with employment:
Connecticut (D)

70 400, 401 Illinois (D)..

63 Louisiana.

70 394 Wisconsin (D)


1170 Intimidation: 995-998

57 1090, 1091 Connecticut (D)......

67 588 450, 451 Utah.....

65 442-444 Intoxicating liquor. (See Liquor.) 891 Intoxication of employees: Vermont.

71 Wyoming

61 588

Labeling goods unlawfully manu-
360 factured:
New York.

69 904, 905

Labor agents. (See Employment
468, 469 otrices.)
358, 359 Labor, bureau of. (See Bureau of
362 labor.)

Labor Day:

57 342-344 Labor organizations, bribery of 760, 761

representatives of: 764 New York

57 999–1002 Labor organizations, incorpora711

tion, regulation, etc., of: 768 Massachusetts..

57 1013-1019 Montana..

72 712, 713, New Hampshire.

63 715-718 Pennsylvania (D). 458-461, Liability of employers for injuries 467-469 to employees: 357-360 Arizona (D).

60 713, 714 California.

72 909–911 Colorado (D).


732-734 553-558

765 678-680 734-743

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681-84 884-886 732–734


396 1095




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