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Page 13 - Association is established to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of the law, to increase its usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice, and to cultivate social intercourse among its members.
Page 25 - Association may order. 2. *Whenever any complaint shall be preferred against a member of the Association for misconduct in his relations to the Association, or in his profession...
Page 16 - Any member of the Association may be suspended or expelled for misconduct in his relations to this Association or in his profession...
Page 16 - At special meetings no business shall be transacted except such as shall be specified in the call thereof. Fifteen members of the Association shall constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof.
Page 25 - The witnesses shall vouch for the truth of the statements on their word of honor. The committee may summon witnesses and if such witnesses are members of the Association a neglect or refusal to appear may be reported to the Association for its action.
Page 25 - ... shall cause a copy of the complaint, together with a notice of not less than five days, of the time and...
Page 19 - I PRESIDING OFFICERS At all meetings of the Association, the President, or, in his absence, one of the Vice-Presidents, or, in the absence of all of them, any member selected by the members present shall preside. II ORDER OF BUSINESS 1. At each annual and stated meeting of the Association, the order of business shall be as follows : 1. Report of Executive Committee. 2. Report of Treasurer. 3. Report of Committee on...
Page 25 - Committee will meet for the consideration thereof, to be served upon the member complained of, either personally or by leaving the same at his place of business during office hours, properly addressed to him ; and they shall cause a similar notice to be served on the party presenting the complaint. At the time and place appointed, or at such other time as may be named by the committee, the member complained of may file a written answer or defense, and the Committee shall proceed to the consideration...
Page 14 - On the day of each annual meeting there shall be elected such additional number of directors, if any, as may be necessary to fill vacancies, to hold office during the remainder of the terms, respectively, of the members whose places they fill.
Page 11 - YORK," for the purpose of maintaining the honor and dignity of the profession of the law, of cultivating social relations among its members, and increasing its usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice.

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