War Risk Insurance, Hearings ... on H.R. 11659

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Page 15 - ... shall be payable to such person or persons within the permitted class of beneficiaries as would under the laws of the State of the residence of the insured be entitled to his personal property in case of intestacy.
Page 14 - That such insurance must be applied for within one hundred and twenty days after enlistment or after entrance into or employment in the active service and before discharge or resignation, except that those persons who are in the active war service at the time of the publication of the terms and conditions of such contract of insurance may apply at any time within one hundred and twenty days thereafter and while in such service. Any person in the active service on or after the sixth day of April,...
Page 14 - States for such injury or death receives, as a result of a suit brought by him or on his behalf, or as a result of a settlement made by him or on his behalf, any money or other property in satisfaction of the...
Page 15 - If no such person survive the insured, then there shall be paid to the estate of the insured an amount equal to the reserve value, if any, of the insurance at the time of his death, calculated on the basis of the American Experience Table of Mortality and three and one-half per centum interest in full of all obligations under the contract of insurance.
Page 50 - SEC. 300. That for death or disability resulting from personal injury suffered or disease contracted in the line of duty, by any commissioned officer or enlisted man, or by any member of the Army Nurse Corps (female) or of the Navy Nurse Corps (female) when employed in the active service under the War Department or Navy Department, the United States shall pay compensation as hereinafter provided; but no compensation shall be paid if the injury or disease has been caused by his own willful misconduct...
Page 13 - If he has no wife but one child living, $40, with $10 for each additional child up to two. (g) If he has a widowed mother dependent on him for support, then, in addition to the above amounts, $10. To an injured person who is totally disabled and in addition so helpless as to be in constant need of a nurse or attendant, such additional sum shall be paid, but not exceeding $20 per month, as the director may deem reasonable...
Page 14 - ... right to compensation on account of the same injury or death. The cause of action so assigned to the United States may be prosecuted or compromised by the director, and any money realized or collected thereon, less...
Page 13 - If he has a wife but no child living, $45. (c) If he has a wife and one child living, $55. >: (d) If he has a wife and two children living, $65.
Page 14 - ... his father, if and while they survive him : Provided, however, That not more than two hundred and forty of such monthly installments, including those received by such person during his total and permanent disability, shall be so paid. The amount of the monthly installments shall be apportioned between children as may be provided by regulations.
Page 13 - The payment of compensation to or for a child shall continue until such child reaches the age of eighteen years or marries, or if such child be incapable, because of insanity, idiocy, or being otherwise permanently helpless, then during such incapacity.

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