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The following Studentships and Certificates have been awarded by the Council of Legal Education :

Michaelmas Term, 1859. The Studentship of Fifty Guineas per annum, to continue for a period of three years, was awarded to Thomas A'Beckett, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.

Certificates of Honour of the First Class were awarded to

Hugh Shield, Esq., of Gray's Inn; and William George Harris, Esq., of the Middle Temple.

Certificates of having satisfactorily passed a public examination, were awarded to

Henry Mainwaring Sladen, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
Francis Small Drake, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
Edward Rudge, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
Henry Wilson, Esq., of the Inner Temple.
Henry Giffard, Esq., of the Inner Temple.
John Clayfield Ireland, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn; and
Butler Charles Rigby, Esq., of the Middle Temple.

Hilary Term, 1860.
The Studentship was awarded to-

Hugh Shield, Esq, of Gray's Inn.

Certificates of Honour of the First Class were awarded to

John Francis Rotton, of Lincoln's Inn; and John Edwards, Esq., of Gray's Inn.

Certificates of having satisfactorily passed a public examination, were awarded to

Francis Joseph Coltman, Esq., of the Inner Temple.
George Parker Bidder, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
Cecil James Mouro, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
John Rigby, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
Arthur J. H. Collins, Esq., of Gray's Inn.
Charles Henry Walton, Esq.. of the Inner Temple.
Andrew Richard Daubeny, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.
William Henry Baillie, Esq., of Lincolo's Inn.
William Latham, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn ; and
Charles Baron Clarke, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn.

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September. 29th. HOLROYD, HENRY, Esq., Barrister, aged 56.

October. 19th. Selwyn, FREDERIC M., Esq., Solicitor, aged 35. 20th. COOKE, John H., Esq., Barrister.

LAMPARD, JAMES, Esq., Solicitor, aged 82. 25th. LEE, EDWARD ALPHONSO, Esq., Solicitor. 26th. MACANDREW, John, Esq., Solicitor, aged 69. 28th. LONG, GILES, Esq., Solicitor, aged 34.

WARWICK, James B., Esq., Solicitor, aged 29. 29th. SMITH, JAMES, Esq., Solicitor, aged 69.

November. 1st. GRIBBLE, WILLIAM, Esq, Solicitor, aged 69. 9th. RowE, SIR, W. CARPENTER, Chief Justice of the island of

Ceylon, aged 58. 18th. LEE, THOMAS MANN, Esq., Solicitor, aged 61. 20th. SHACKLES, GEORGE LAWRANCE, Esq., Solicitor, aged 61. 21st. Purvis, FREDERICK, Esq., Solicitor, aged 44. 22nd. TRITTON, FREDERICK, Esq., Solicitor, aged 52. 26th. BRAITHWAITE, RICHARD TOWERS, Esq., Solicitor, aged 69. 27th. GILMORE, JOHN BOYD, Esq., Q.C., aged 82. 29th. PICKERING, EDWARD ROWLAND, Esq., Solicitor, aged 81. 30th. Pym AP EDNYFED, J. G., Esq., Barrister, aged 37.

December. 1st. NORTH, JOHN, Esq., Solicitor, aged 45. 5th. CROWDER, SIR RICHARD BUDDEN, one of the Justices of the

Court of Common Pleas, aged 64. 9th. MACAULAY, JOHN JERMY, Esq., Barrister. 10th. HASSELL, CHARLES, Esq., Solicitor, aged 45.

RAINE, WILLIAM, Esq., Solicitor. 12th. JESSOPP, JOSEPH, Esq., Solicitor, aged 73.

DOLAN, TERENCE T., Esq., Solicitor, aged 60.
15th. HALDANE, GEORGE, Esq., Barrister, aged 64.
16th. ATKINSON, RICHARD HOLLIER, Esq., Solicitor, aged 47.
20th. TAYLOR, ADAM, Esq., Solicitor, aged 54.
23rd. BAINES, M. T., Esq., M.P., Q.C., aged 61.

HUMPHRYS, GEORGE, Esq., Solicitor, aged 51.
WILKINSON, GEORGE HUTTON, Esq., many years Tecoider it

Newcastle-on-Tyne, aged 69.

Goodwin, CHARLES, Esq., Solicitor, aged 68, 27th. Frost, HORACE, Esq., Solicitor, aged 34.

January 1st. ALLEN, B., Esq., Solicitor.

Pigot, CHARLES, Esq., Solicitor, aged 40. 2nd. OLDHAM, Thomas, Esq., Solicitor, aged 50. 8th. WILMOT, WILLIAM, Esq. Solicitor, aged 51.

List of Rew Publications.

Archbold—The Poor Law; comprising the whole of the Law of Settlement, and all the Authorities on the subject of the Poor Law generally, brought down to Michaelmas Term 1859, with Forms By J. T. Archbold, Esq., Barrister. Tenth Edition. 12mo, 283. cloth.

Arnold-Summary of the Duties of a Justice of the Peace out of Sessions ; Summary Convictions. By T. J. Arnold, Esq., Barrister. 8vo, 26s. cloth.

Consolidated Orders—The Consolidated General Orders of the High Court of Chancery; with Regulations as to certain Fees and Charges. (By authority.) Royal 8vo, 7s. 6d. cloth.

Coote-The New Practice of the High Court of Amiralty of England; with the Rules of 1859, and a Collection of original Forms and Bills of Costs. By H. C. Coote, Proctor, 8vo, 12s. cloth.

Evans—A Treatise on the Railway and Canal Traffic Act. By Gilmore Evans, Esq., Barrister. 12mo, 2s. 6d. cloth.

GlenThe Law relating to the Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages; the Duties of Registration Officers, and the Marriage of Dissenters in England, with Notes and Cases. By W. C. Glen, Esq., Barrister. 12mo, 5s. cloth.

Hallilay-A Digest of the Examination Questions in Common Law, Conveyancing, and Equity, from 1836 to the present time; with Answers and Directions as to the Examination. By R. Hallilay, Solicitor. 8vo, 12s. 6d.

Hunter_The Act to Amend the Law of Property and to Relieve Trustees, 22 and 23 Vict., c. 35, with Introduction and Practical Notes. By S. J. Hunter, Esq., Barrister. 12mo, 3s. 6d. boards.

Markham-The Common Law Procedure Acts of 1852 and 1854, with Decisions upon them to the Present Time; the New Practice and Pleading Rules, Directions as to Taxation of Costs, Fees, &c. By T. H. Markham, Esq., Barrister. 12mo, 8s. cloth.

Rogers-An Essay on some Changes of the Law. By W. Rogers, Esq., Barrister. 8vo, 28. sewed.

Round-Riparian Rights. By O. S. Round, Esq., Barrister. 8vo, 18. sewed.

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Sandars—The Institutes of Justinian ; with English Introduction, Translation, and Notes. By T. C. Sandars, Esq., Barrister, 8vo, 15s. cloth.

Saunders - The Magistrates' Year-Book for 1860. By T, W. Saunders, Esq., Barrister. 12mo, 7s. 6d. cloth.

Scott-Costs in the Superior Courts of Common Law, and Probate and Divorce, and in Conveyancing, together with other Courts; and the Railway, Canal, and Traffic Act. By J. Scott, Esq., Barrister. Royal 12mo, 20s. cloth.

SleighPersonal Wrongs and Legal Remedies. By W. C. Sleigh, Esq., Barrister. Post 8vo, 28. 6d. cloth.

Wharton-The Law Lexicon, or Dictionary of Jurisprudence ; explaining the Technical Words and Phrases employed in the several Departments of English Law; including the various Legal Terms used in Commercial Transactions, with Translations of Latin Maxims in the various Legal Authorities. By J. J. S. Wharton, Esq., M.A.., Barrister. Royal 8vo, 25s. cloth.


Zaw Magazine and Law Review.

Admiralty Court, its Jurisdiction and Practice, 351.
Baron Bramwell, The Press and The Bar, 1.
Blasphemy, 247.
Books, Notices of New, 179, 403.
Brawling, 342.
Broderip, the late W. J., 174.
Brougham Lord, Letter to Lord Radnor, 56.
Church Discipline, Reform in, 27.
Constitutional Relations between Great Britain and her Colonies, 62.
Conveyancing in South Australia, 162.
Corporatiou Magistrates, 374.
Criminal Procedure, French and English, 378.
Criminal Law of France, 300.
Curiosities of Law.—No. 2. An English Borough in the Fourteenth

Century.-Custumal of Romney, 322.
Events of the Quarter, 185, 407.
Judicial Statistics, 153.
Justice and Justices, 280.
Last Session, 142.
Leading Cases :-

Common Law


Solomon v. The Vintners' Company, 384.
Bonomi v. Backhouse, 395.

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