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The lower class Mexican is fastidious about only one thing in the world-his hat. And the Mexican hat store carries a line that gives him plenty of room to exercise his fancy and to deplete his already slim pocketbook.



Photo from Alberto L. Godoy The people of Mexico do not go to any great trouble in building their country roads, and when they fence them they simply put cacti sprouts into the ground, and the fence grows.



Photo from Alberto L. Godoy The Mexican peon fights because has to, but with all that, given good generalship and enough to eat, he makes a good soldier. “Volunteers" are usually brought to camp tied with ropes or handcuffed.


Photo from Alberto L. Godoy THE SPAN OF AN AQUEDUCT Most of the great mining centres of Mexico are located in the highlands where rain seldom falls and where the water supply must be brought for dozens of miles from the mountains.



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AM going to begin tonight by asking report; the sound takes time to travel you a rather startling question: Did through the air. It goes about 1,100 feet you ever put your

head uuder water per second; but in the water it goes five and chuck two stones together to see what times as fast as that-over 5,000 feet per the sound is like? If you have never second. Water is a much better conductor done that, try it, and you'll get a new of sound than air. sensation. I did it once, and it sounde: 1 as if a man were hammering for all he

DO FISIT SIGNUL TO ONE INOTIER BY was worth at my very ear.

SOUNDS? I then took two tiny little pebbles and Reflecting upon these various experitapped them together quite lightly under ments, the thought occurred: If two little water, and it sounded like a man knock

stones tapped together can be heard under ing at the door. It was rather startling

water, why, every tiny lobster that snaps to hear such a loud noise from such a

his claws must make an audible click. I slight cause.

wonder if there are creatures in the water Of course, the question at once arose in the mind : How far off could we hear

that signal to one another by sound.

Well, I had occasion to try it once. the sound? So I sent a boy a hundred feet up the beach with a couple of stones,

Bathing in the Grand River in Ontario a directing him to strike them together great many years ago, I put my head very under water. I then submerged my head, gently under water and listened, and, sure and I could hear the sound about as read enough, “tick, tick," came a sound like a ily as before.

grasshopper's chirrup, and a little while Well, I determined to test the maxi

after that a chirrup on the other side. mum possible distance, and sent the boy

There were creatures under the water across the bay in a boat to the other side, that were calling to one another. to a point at least a mile away from the

I don't know whether all fish make place where I stood, and I followed him

souds or not, but there are some fish that with field glasses to see that he carried certainly do. The drumfish on our coast out my instructions. I saw him land on

druns away in the water so loudly that the other side, take off his coat, roll up

you can hear him while you are walking his sleeves, and go down to a little plank on the shore.. wharf on the shore rising only a few

It is also a significant fact that all fish inches out of water. Ile lay down upon

have ears. Ilhy should they have ears the wharf, face downward, and put his if there is nothing for them to hear? hands into the water, and I then knew he Of this we may be certain—that there was making signals with these stones.

is a whole world of sound beneath the Now, the question was: Could I hear WATCS waiting to be complored, perhaps by him? Quietly and gently I went into the some of you. water at my side of the bay, submerged

I have wanted you to see how one obsermy head, and listened for all I was worth. vation leads to another. Starting with a Well, you know, the signals came per

very small thing—the chucking together fectly clear and distinct, through more of two pebbles under water, and followthan a mile of water, to my ear.

ing this up by other observations-le one of the most astonishing revelations of broaden our field of knowledge and reach what could be done with water.

generalizations of considerable magniYou know if you look away in the tude as the resultant of numerous small distance at a man firing a gun you thoughts brought together in the mind see the flash, and after a time you get the and carefully considered.

* An address to the graduating class of the Friends' School. Washington, D. C., delivered May 22, 1914.

It was


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