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A CORNER OF THE VAL-ROOSION THE FIRST FLOOR OF THE SOCIETY'S NEW BUILDING Here are liled the 300,000 addressograph stencils from which the monthly magazine wrappers are printed. The motor-driven machines in the fore

ground automatically address the wrappers. There is not a dark corner in the entire building

ONT SECTION OF TUR INDEK DEPTRT VENT: FOURTH FLOOR, VEI ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Here the 300,000 membership cards, with duplicate sets, which are in constant use, are filed. The tables were especially designed to facilitate the rapid handling of file cards. The first consideration in the building plans was the utilization of natural liglit, perfect sanitation, and plenty of fresh air in all departments.

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This new building of Judd & Detweiler, Inc., who have printed the Vagazine of the National Geographic Society since 1888, has just been erected by them for the exclusive use of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.

all expeditions is printed in the Maga cautions will be necessary to maintain zine, while the technical results appear his health and what kind of clothing he in separate monographs published by the should take along. llere is a letter from Society.

a man who wonders where gum arabic

comes from ; another wants to know the ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS

height of lt. Mckinley: another seeks The correspondence of the National to ascertain why afforestation promotes Geographic Society indicates the remark rainfall; another asks the Society wliy able range of interest of its members. the twilight period in the tropics is so Here is a letter from a man wanting to short. All of these hundreds of inquiries know who publishes the best bathymetri must be answered, although some of cal chart; here another inquiring as to them require much patient investigation. the measures of the arcs of parallel south of the Equator; a third asks for precise The Magazine receives hundreds of information upon the rate of movement comments and suggestions from the of glaciers. i New York lawyer has a members cach month. Many of these case in which the crucial events take place are helpful and all encouraging. Some in a town with an unpronounceable name of them express so admirably the objects in South America ; his office atlas and the of the GEOGRIPUC VLIGAZINE that serpublic library gazetteer alike fail to dis eral are printed in part below. close its location. In despair he writes to the National Geographic Society, and “An odd thing happened the other day. by return mail is put in possession of the I stopped by the public library to get town's precise location, with details of something to take home to read, and dethe easiest way to reach it. A merchant, cided to take home three of the back called on business to th west coast numbers of your Vagazine. I was inSouth Africa, writes to know what pre tensely interested in them.

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TITE BATTERY OF FIGHIT PRESSES ON WHICHI JUDD & DETWEILER, INC., PRINT THE GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE Upon this modern type of very rapid rotary presses the Magazine is printed. In the erection of their new plant, Mr. George H. Judd, President of Judd & Detweiler, Inc., Jeft nothing undone to provide for their employees the maximum of light, air, and pleasant surroundings, and their establishment is considered il model one'. Lach issue of the NATIONAL GEOGRAI'IITC MAGAZINI; requires twelve carloads of paper.

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