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She is wearing her wedding dress, the white embro ed garment known as the tobe, and the large white veil to match,—the embroidery being all the work of her own hands. The head-dress of coins and the neck chain,—the marks of a married woman-are formed from a part of the money which her father received for her from the bridegroom. The average price of a bride is from $20 t0 S40. Photo by American Colony Jerusalem.


IN A JERUSALEM MARKET This market, known as the Bab-khan-cl-Zeil, is the chief one in the old Moslem Quarter. The different faiths and races in the Holy City dwell more or less apart and each patronize separate markets. Photo by Imerican Colony, Jerusalem,

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"Towards evening the young men dress the bridegroom in his best and, with the entire village, go out into some open field where they have horse-racing and shooting. Note the palanquins on the camels from which the ladies of the family watch the festivities. Photo by American Colony, Jerusalem.

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“To make use of the roavch, or stable portion of the house, by human beings is not the exception but an crer-day occurence, Many of these dwellings, placed as they are on ancient sites, are built over old caves or caverns which are incorporated with the lower or stable portion.” (See text.) Photo by Imerican Colony, Jerusalem.

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This is one of the scenes of the threshing floor, as primitive to-day as it was in the Biblical period 2000 years ago. It helps us to understand the phrase, "good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over.” Luke vi: 38. Photo by American Colony; Jerusalem.

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