Official Report of the ... Fruit-Growers' Convention of the State of California: Held Under the Auspices of the State Horticultural Commission, Volume 34, Part 1908

Front Cover
Superintendent State Printing, 1908 - Fruit-culture

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Page 118 - Act, including the collection and examination of specimens of foods and drugs manufactured or offered for sale in the District of Columbia, or in any Territory of the United States, or which shall be offered for sale in unbroken packages in any State other than that in which they shall have been respectively manufactured or prcxluced, or which shall be...
Page 124 - If it contain any added poisonous or other added deleterious ingredient which may render such article injurious to health: Provided, That when in the preparation of food products for shipment they are preserved by any external application applied in such manner that the preservative is necessarily removed mechanically, or by maceration in water, or otherwise, and directions for the removal of said preservative shall be printed on the covering or the package, the provisions of this Act shall be construed...
Page 118 - That the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary of Commerce and Labor shall make uniform rules and regulations for carrying out the provisions of this Act...
Page 118 - SEC. 4. That the examinations of specimens of foods and drugs shall be made in the Bureau of Chemistry of the Department of Agriculture, or under the direction and supervision of such Bureau, for the purpose of determining from such examinations whether such articles are adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of this Act...
Page 119 - Rules and Regulations for the enforcement of the Food and Drugs Act was amended as follows: ". . . Acetanilide (antifebrine, phenylacetamide).
Page 118 - States, or which shall be offered for sale in unbroken packages in any State other than that in which they shall have been respectively manufactured or produced, or which shall be received from any foreign country, or intended for shipment to any foreign country, or which may be submitted for examination by the chief health, food, or drug officer of any State...
Page 121 - No objection will be made to foods which contain the ordinary quantities of sulphur dioxid, if the fact that such foods have been so prepared is plainly stated upon the label of each package. An abnormal quantity of sulphur dioxid placed in food for the purpose of marketing an excessive moisture content will be regarded as fraudulent adulteration, under the Food and Drugs Act of June 30, 1906, and will be proceeded against accordingly.
Page 119 - has been determined that no drug, chemical, or harmful or deleterious dye or preservative may be used. Common salt, sugar, wood smoke, potable distilled liquors, vinegar, and condiments may be used. Pending further investigation, the use of saltpeter is allowed. Pending the investigation of the conditions attending processes of manufacture, and the effects upon health, of the combinations mentioned in this paragraph, the Department of Agriculture will institute no prosecution in the case of the application...
Page 177 - ... the stories which one hears in the region of the conditions in the packing sheds and the personal uncleanliness of the men, women, and children who put up the dates are enough to disgust a sensitive person and to prevent his ever eating packed dates again without having them washed. No old inhabitant thinks of eating a date without first thoroughly washing it in a glass of water, unless the cook has prepared it beforehand, and the sale of dates in America might fall off decidedly were it generally...
Page 9 - ... October, usually in clusters of 3; stone generally cylindric with 10-12 indistinct ribs. Distribution. Maine and central Michigan south to the Gulf States and west to Texas. It is well distributed in Indiana. Not frequent in the northern counties, rare in the central part and frequent in the southern half of the State. In the northern part of the State it is found associated with the swamp white and burr oaks. In the southern part of the State it is frequently found in *Reported by Phinney as...

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