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after moving to California from upstate Carr Powerhouse and direct the Secretary INQUIRY INTO FINANCIAL OR BUSI- New York. This powerhouse, at the

of the Interior to place a suitable plaque

at the site to make known the wishes of NESS INTERESTS OF ANY OFFI- head of Whiskeytown Lake, is already

the Congress has been made known to the CER OR EMPLOYEE OR FORMER producing power which helps to defray

Board of Supervisors of the County of ShasOFFICER OR EMPLOYEE OF THE project costs and to provide a return on

ta, State of California; and the Federal Government's investment. Whereas the Board of Supervisors of the SENATE

It is fitting, I think, that the Clear County of Shasta are in accordance with Mr. JORDAN of North Carolina, from Creek Powerhouse, largest of the Trinity the sentiments expressed in said resolution: the Committee on Rules and Adminis- River division, with its constant energy

Now, therefore, be it tration, reported an original resolution output, be named for and dedicated to

Resolved, That the Board of Superviors (S. Res. 221) authorizing the expendi- Shasta County's native son, the late

of the County of Shasta, State of California, ture of funds by the Committee on Rules Judge Francis Carr, who served with

do hereby place their endorsement upon

said resolution. and Administration in discharging its tireless energy to achieve an exceptional Attest: responsibilities under Senate Resolution record of public service, including the

FLOYD H. MORGAN, 212, inquiry into the financial or busi- development of California's water and

Chairman. ness interests of any officer or employee power.

RICHARD C. BRENNAN, or former officer or employee of the Sen- Mr. President, I introduce, for appro

County Clerk. ate, which was considered and agreed to. priate reference, a joint resolution by (See the above resolution printed in which the Congress would designate a

RESOLUTION OF THE GREATER REDDING CHAMfull when reported by Mr. JORDAN of 130,000-kilowatt-capacity powerhouse on

BER OF COMMERCE North Carolina, which appears under the Clear Creek at the head of Whiskeytown

Whereas the dams and powerhouses of the heading "Reports of Committees”.) Reservoir in Shasta County, Calif., as

Trinity River division of the Central Valley

project in California are nearing completion, the Judge Francis Carr Powerhouse, and

and the 130,000-kilowatt capacity Clear Creek TRIBUTE TO THE LATE by which the Secretary of the Interior

powerhouse near Redding, Calif., at the head FRANCIS CARR

would be directed to place a suitable of Whiskeytown Lake, is already producing plaque at the site of the reservoir.

power which helps defray project costs and Mr. KUCHEL. Mr. President, America

Mr. President, I ask unanimous con- provide a return on the Federal Government's owes her greatness to men and women who have unselfishly devoted their time, be printed at this point in the RECORD, Redding, Calif., a water lawyer for more sent that the text of the joint resolution investment; and

Whereas the late Judge Francis Carr, of talent, and energy in the public interest together with resolutions by the Shasta to their fellow man. Today I call upon County Board of Supervisors and the

than 40 years, was the principal advocate for the Congress to honor a Californian who, Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce,

several years of the Trinity River project,

serving as chairman of a two-county comin his lifetime, worked assiduously for each urging approval of such a reso

mittee to bring about its construction and his State. lution.

also in the early 1940's, prior to his death The late Judge Francis Carr, of Red

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The

in 1944, advocated building Whiskeytown ding, Calif., was a water lawyer for more joint resolution will be received and ap

Reservoir as a part of developing the tributhan 40 years. His was a distinguished propriately referred; and, without ob

taries of the upper Sacramento River for record of public service in varied fields

flood control and water conservation; and for the good of his fellow Californians. tions will be printed in the RECORD. jection, the joint resolution and resolu

Whereas the late Judge Francis Carr was In 1932, he was appointed to the State

appointed in 1932 by Gov. James Rolph, water resources commission.

Jr., to the State water resources commisThe joint resolution (S.J. Res. 130) to

He also served as chairman of the State relief designate the powerhouse on Clear Creek sion, which commission helped develop a commission during the discouraging days at the head of Whiskeytown Reservoir, plan and obtained legislative support for

California's great Central Valley project on of the depression in the 1930's. He served in the State of California, as Judge

which construction began in 1935 to meet his local community as judge. In all Francis Carr powerhouse, introduced by serious water shortages in California’s San these and other ways, he served his na

Mr. KUCHEL, was received, read twice by Joaquin Valley and serve other multiple purtive Shasta County, his State, and thus, its title, referred to the Committee on

poses; and his Nation.

Interior and Insular Affairs, and ordered Whereas in addition to his distinguished Judge Carr helped to develop a plan to be printed in the RECORD, as follows: record of public service in varied fields for

both Republican and Democratic State adand obtain legislative support for the

Resolved by the Senate and House of

ministrations, including service as chairman great Central Valley project on which Representatives of the United States of

of the State relief commission during the construction began in 1935 to meet seri

America in Congress assembled, That the

one hundred and thirty thousand kilowatt ous water problems in vast areas of Cali

discouraging days of the depression in the

1930's, Judge Francis Carr, as he was affeccapacity powerhouse on Clear Creek at the fornia. Following through, he was, for

tionately known for his onetime service as head of Whiskeytown Reservoir shall hereseveral years, the principal advocate for after be known as Judge Francis Carr power

justice court judge, was one of California's

outstanding attorneys in the water and power the Trinity River division of the Central house in honor of Judge Francis Carr of

field and successfully litigated several preceValley project. He served as chairman Redding, California, a lawyer, judge, public

dent-setting cases in California water law; of a two-county committee to bring about servant and advocate of reclamation devel

and the construction of that particular divi

opment including the great Central Valley
project developed to meet the serious water

Whereas Clear Creek Powerhouse of the sion. shortages in the San Joaquin Valley and

Central Valley project is located a short disThough Judge Carr died in 1944, I can

tance from Sacramento Valley of California. The Sec

Shasta, Calif., the historic testify, as a sponsor of legislation au

settlement where, nearly a century ago, Judge retary of the Interior is hereby directed to thorizing the Trinity River project in place a suitable plaque at the site. Any law,

Francis Carr's father, a pioneer lawyer and

teacher, first established his home after mov1955, that the efforts of Judge Carr on regulation, document, record of the

United States in which such powerhouse

ing to California from upstate New York; behalf of this project were indeed of cru

and cial importance in bringing this project is designated or referred to shall be held to refer to such powerhouse under and by the

Whereas it is most fitting and proper that for the people into being. name of Judge Francis Carr Powerhouse.

the Clear Creek Powerhouse, largest of the Judge Carr advocated building Whis

Trinity River division, with its constant keytown Reservoir in Shasta County as

The resolutions presented by Mr. energy output, be named for and dedicated a part of developing the tributaries of the KUCHEL are as follows:

to Shasta County's native son, the late Judge upper Sacramento River for flood con

Francis Carr, who loved his native country,

RESOLUTION 63-95 trol and water conservation as a part of

serving her and her people with tireless Resolution of endorsement by the Board

energy to achieve an exceptional record of the project. That reservoir is now of Supervisors of the County of Shasta,

public service, including the development of emerging as a fine recreational asset.

State of California

California's water and power resources: Now A part of this project is the 130,000- Whereas the contents of the attached re- therefore, be it kilowatt capacity Clear Creek Power

solution of the Greater Redding Chamber Resolved by the Greater Redding Chamber house near Redding and a short distance

of Commerce requesting the Senate and of Commerce, That it is hereby recommended from Shasta, Calif., the historic settle

House of Representatives of the United to the Senate and House of Representatives

States of America in Congress assembled ment where nearly a century ago Judge to designate the 130,000-kilowatt capacity

of the United States of America in Congress

assembled that they do hereby designate the Francis Carr's father, a pioneer lawyer powerhouse on Clear Creek at the head of 130,000-kilowatt-capacity powerhouse on and teacher, first established his home Whiskeytown Reservoir as the Judge Francis Clear Creek at the head of Whiskeytown Reservoir as the Judge Francis Carr Power TOWER, Mr. COTTON, and Mr. THUR- ADDRESSES, EDITORIALS, ARTICLES, house and direct the Secretary of the In- MOND) submitted an amendment, interior to place a suitable plaque at the site tended to be proposed by them, jointly,

ETC., PRINTED IN THE RECORD to make known the wishes of the Congress. ROBERT C. ANDERSON, to the bill (H.R. 8986) to adjust the rates sent, addresses, editorials, articles, etc.,

On request, and by unanimous conPresident of the Greater Redding Cham

of basic compensation of certain officers were ordered to be printed in the RECORD, ber of Commerce. and employees in the Federal Govern

as follows:
ment, which was referred to the Com-
mittee on Post Office and Civil Service,

FOREIGN ASSISTANCE ACT OF and ordered to be printed.

Editorial, "B. & O. Deserves Our Applause," 1963 – AMENDMENTS (AMEND

in the Thursday, October 31, 1963, issue of

the Morgantown (W. Va.) Dominion-News; MENT NOS. 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, ADDITIONAL COSPONSOR OF S. 2249

correspondence between Senator RANDOLPH AND 289)

and Mr. Jervis Langdon, Jr., president of the


Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

NATIONAL LAKESHORE ments, intended to be proposed by him, to the bill (H.R. 7885) to amend further Mr. DOUGLAS. Mr. President, I ask

UPRISING IN VIETNAM the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as unanimous consent that the name of the

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, the amended, and for other purposes, which senior Senator from West Virginia (Mr.

news of the uprising in Vietnam came as were ordered to lie on the table and to RANDOLPH] be listed as a cosponsor of

a complete surprise to me and, I am be printed.

S. 2249, the bill to establish the Indiana quite certain, a surprise to the adminMr. HOLLAND proposed an amend- Dunes National Lakeshore, and that his istration. There have been rumors, of ment (No. 290), to the amendment sub- name be added to the bill at the next

course, for weeks that a coup d'etat was mitted by Mr. MANSFIELD (for himself printing.

in the making; but up to this time, there and other Senators) (No. 280) to House The PRESIDENT pro tempore. With

was nothing tangible to reinforce such bill 7885, supra, which was ordered to lie out objection, it is so ordered.

an assumption. on the table and to be printed.

This appears to me to be a purely VietMr. THURMOND. Mr. President, I NATIONAL ECONOMIC CONVERSION namese affair which the Vietnamese submit, and ask to have printed, an

ACT-ADDITIONAL COSPONSOR should settle among themselves. So far amendment (No. 291).


as this Government is concerned, it is I submit, and ask to have printed, an

my opinion that the events of the past amendment to H.R. 7885. The purpos

Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I several hours call more than ever for a of this amendment is to delete from ask unanimous consent that, at the next reassessment and reappraisal of our polthe bill in its entirety section 402 which printing of the bill (S. 2274) to estab- icy in South Vietnam and, for that matauthorizes the President to grant most- lish a National Economic Conversion ter, in all of southeast Asia. favored-nation treatment to countries Commission, and for other purposes, my

One would hope that out of these within the Communist bloc. name be added as a cosponsor.

tragic developments the people of South I do not believe there is any justifica- The PRESIDENT pro tempore. With- Vietnam will obtain the kind of govtion for this provision, and I intend to out objection, it is so ordered.

ernment which will be responsive to their have more to say concerning it when

needs and responsible to them. It reI call this amendment up for considera- ADDITIONAL COSPONSORS OF BILL mains to be seen whether such a governtion.


ment shall emerge; and in any reapThe PRESIDENT pro tempore. The

praisal of our policies, this would be a amendment will be received, printed, and

Under authority of the orders of the factor of the utmost importance. lie on the table. Senate of October 24, 1963, the following

I have always had the highest respect Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, I names have been added as additional for the integrity, the patriotism, and submit an amendment to House bill cosponsors for the following bill and the dedication of President Ngo Dinh 7885. The amendment is designed to concurrent resolution:

Diem; and I regret very much, of course, assure that the Appropriations Commit- S. 2259. A bill to further amend section the situation which now has come to tees will have the right to review the por- 24 of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended such a pass. tion of the Development Loan Fund (12 U.S.C. 371), to liberalize the conditions which consists of receipts which come

of loans by national banks on forest tracts: back from loans which have previously Mr. AIKEN and Mr. MCCARTHY.


S. Con. Res. 65. Concurrent resolution

Mr. DIRKSEN. Mr. President, progThe PRESIDENT pro tempore. The

favoring agreements with other nations for
the joint exploration and use of space and

ress has been defined by someone as the amendment (No. 292) will be received, to place a man on the moon: Mr. BARTLETT, fruit or the product of human hands, printed, and lie on the table. Mr. McGEE, and Mr. RANDOLPH.

multiplied by tools. Mr. YOUNG of Ohio. Mr. President,

As I think of Harold Perkins, our chief I submit an amendment to House bill NOTICE OF HEARING ON NOMINA

telephone page in the Republican cloak7885, and ask that it be printed and lie

room, who is leaving us, I think a little


of that equation, because as the work of

BE U.S. DISTRICT JUDGE, SOUTHIn support of my amendment, I quote

the Federal Government piles up-and,

ERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK from John Gunther, who in his great

of course, that includes the work of the book, "Inside Europe Today," wrote: Mr. JOHNSTON. Mr. President, on Senate and the work of the House of

It is dangerous for a democracy, like the behalf of the Committee on the Judici- Representatives—a Senator, with only United States, to become too closely involved ary, I desire to give notice that a public 24 hours in a day obviously must find with a dictator or a semidictator, no matter hearing has been scheduled for Friday that his efforts have to be multiplied by how convenient this may seem to be. It is November 8, 1963, at 10:30 a.m., in room devoted people who serve the public the people who count in the long run, and 2228, New Senate Office Building, on the cause. no regime is worth supporting if it keeps nomination of Charles H. Tenney, of Such a person is Harold Perkins-very citizens down--if only for the simple reason New York, to be U.S. district judge, industrious, very diligent, very amthat they will kick it out in time.

southern district of New York, vice Alex- bitious. He could carry on his duties The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ander Bicks, deceased.

here, and at the same time go to law amendment (No. 293) will be received, At the indicated time and place, per- school in the Nation's Capital and be adprinted, and lie on the table.

sons interested in the hearing may make mitted to the bar. He is now to leave, such representations as may be per- to join his father in a law practice in tinent.

Concord, N.H. He has been a faithful FEDERAL EMPLOYEES' SALARY ACT

The subcommittee consists of the Sen- public servant, as courteous and as dilOF 1963—AMENDMENT (AMEND

ator from Mississippi [Mr. EASTLAND], igent as he could be. MENT NO. 283)

chairman, the Senator from South Caro- So I wish him well as he goes back to Mr. WILLIAMS of Delaware (for him-. lina [Mr. JOHNSTON], and the Senator the land of the birch, to the land of the self, Mr. LAUSCHE, Mr. DOMINICK, Mr. from New York [Mr. KEATING).

purple finch, to the land of the purple lilac, in the great sovereign State of has been an improvement in labeling prac- Army division from the United States to New Hampshire. He deserves well, and tices in a good many areas.

Western Europe. This intricate and unI wish him well in his chosen profession.

"Also, the consumer has been given a little precedented military undertaking proved Godspeed.

encouragement to talk to store managers and
point out complaints."

without a doubt the ability of the United One executive, Vice President Ellen-Ann

States to reinforce her NATO allies with Dunham, of General Foods Corp., testified sizable military forces in a matter of TRIBUTE TO SENATOR HART that the inquiry had served the public hours. I am convinced, however, that

interest. Mr. McNAMARA. Mr. President, the

the full impact of this magnificent un

"Quite candidly,” she said, “it prompted dertaking is yet to be realized not only Associated Press recently prepared and us to take another look at all our packages by our allies and our opponents but perdistributed a definitive profile of my col- and labels, and, we suspect, other companies haps by ourselves. league, Senator PHILIP A. HART, of Michi- are taking another look at theirs."

The Hart family, incidentally, is by no gan, with special emphasis on his im

The magnitude of this undertaking is portant new assignment as chairman of means a typical consumer group.

such as to stagger one's imagination and the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly Sub

For one thing, there are eight children, yet it is but a first step on the road to committee.

and the family consumes an awful lot of full development of the potential of the food.

air movement of military forces to areas The article has been published in the

For another, money is not the problem of danger. Detroit Free Press, and I now ask unani

of danger. Some 15,000 highly trained that it is with many families. HART, 50, is mous consent that it be printed in the the son of a Pennsylvania banker and was a

combat-ready troops of the 2d Armored successful lawyer and a Michigan State govRECORD.

Division were moved from various bases There being no objection, the article ernment leader before his election to the

in the United States to Western Gerwas ordered to be printed in the RECORD,

Senate in 1958. Mrs. Hart is a member of a many where they joined with their prewealthy Michigan family.

stocked combat equipment and moved as follows:

HART is like many husbands, however, in into a tactical exercise within a matter OUR SENATOR HART: New TRUST BUSTER?- that once he is turned loose in a supermar- of hours. To move these men and their HE'S CONGRESSIONAL WATCHDOG FOR MIL- ket he is a sucker for fancy groceries.

150 tons of cargo, the Military Air LIONS OF HOUSEWIVES

"I buy the stuff that sits in the icebox

Transport Service under General Kelly (By J. W. Davis)

until it goes bad,” he confesses.

HART's office lobby is decorated with newsWASHINGTON.-A genial politician who has

utilized 217 aircraft including the very made a reputation speaking out for the

paper cartoons dealing with his “truth in latest in jet transports, the C-135. I American consumer has a new job: No. 1

packaging" investigations and with color wish to pause at this time and commend trustbuster of the U.S. Senate.

pictures of Michigan beauty spots, plus a big the Military Air Transport Service for

photograph in color of President and Mrs. He is Senator PHILIP A. HART, Michigan

their outstanding scheduling, planning, Democrat, who endeared himself to a lot of Kennedy.

and execution of all phases of the airhousewives—and annoyed some high-pow

In person, HART is slight in build, with a

lift. Especially noteworthy was their ered packagers of consumer goods—with his

ready smile and a pleasant manner. "truth in packaging" investigation in

There is a slight atrophy of the right hand, precise timing, their flexibility in meet1962–63. a result of a wound HART suffered as a young

ing changing conditions when heavy fog HART is the new chairman of the Antitrust

infantry officer in the Battle of the Bulge. unexpectedly blanketed their terminal

He came out of World War II a lieutenant airport, and their efficient maintenance and Monopoly Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He succeeds the late

colonel after winning the Bronze Star, the which permitted a short turnaround Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat, of Ten

Purple Heart, and the French Croix de time of aircraft between flights. Also

Guerre. What's his political philosophy? nessee, who gained national fame in the job.

it is commendable to note that not a

"I'm a Democrat. Government can either There have been some predictions that HART won't be as aggressive as Kefauverbe helpful or oppressive and if I'm going to

single casualty was incurred during this be labeled, I hope the judgment would be one Michigan correspondent reported HART

mass movement. I compliment General would not be a noisy investigator, that "the

that my label should be propublic. Every Kelly, his staff, and all crews for an outday of strident calls for trustbusting are

action the Government takes affects the standing performance. over." whole Nation.”

It was my good fortune to accompany "I feel strongly there is a continuing need

HART's Senate seat is one of a half dozen

a portion of the Army troops from Bergfor a committee which will do its best to listed by Senator WARREN MAGNUSON, Demo

strom Airbase, Tex., to Rhein Main Airfollow the developments in production and

crat, of Washington, Democratic senatorial marketing practices," HART says. “I am as

campaign chairman, as being in peril in 1964. port, Frankfurt, Germany in a C-135 allergic as anybody else to price fixing and

While looking ahead to the campaign year,

jet transport. My flight companions HART is taking a cautious approach to his unfair methods of competition."

during the 10-hour nonstop trip were HART said he intends to make a study of

new duties as chairman of the Antitrust and members of the Headquarters and Headwhat the subcommittee now has under reMonopoly Subcommittee.

quarters Battery, 2d Armored Artillery, view before starting down new avenues. The

"I feel it is as important as any assign- part of the 2d Armored Division, Fort subcommittee's staff is digging into profesment in Congress," he said when he took it

Hood, Tex. Accommodations en route sional sports problems, reviewing the effect

over. "I anticipate initially there will be
no great change in the direction the sub-

were understandably austere, but fully of last year's price act, and keeping busy otherwise. committee moves.

adequate. The men arrived on time at HART makes it plain that while there may

“The subcommittee's function is to serve their destination in Germany, debarked be no evil inherent in bigness itself, he

as a watchdog for the free enterprise system. and proceeded directly to their combat still feels that the consumer needs protection

It has always been—and should remain- equipment which was in topnotch conin Congress.

alert to see that competition is not threat- dition waiting for them near KaiserslauHis mild approach, and his concern for the ened by monopolies, price rigging agree

tern, Germany. Throughout my short consumer, were illustrated when he underments, and criminal conspiracy."

association with the members of the 2d took the packaging investigation last year.

One persistent question is what to do At the time he said, “This is no gangbusters about professional sports. HART, a former

Armored Division, I was highly imsort of investigation. We're just going to

official for the Detroit Tigers and in the De- pressed by their serious attitude, profesgive the situation a real look.” troit Lions organization, says:

sional competence, high esprit de corps The look turned up considerable evidence

It goes back to the fact that as a result of and physical condition. It was obvious that some packagers of consumer goods were

a Supreme Court decision, professional base- from the beginning that the men of this flim-flamming their customers and cheating ball is exempt, not subject to the antitrust

division were cognizant of the seriouson their competitors.

laws. But these laws are applicable to proThe subcommittee which HART then headed fessional football. This seems an inconsist

ness and the significance of their misset up what it called a chamber of horrors.

sion. I compliment General Burba and ency. Sports are entitled to clarification; This was a display containing samples of

the players have an interest in this and so his entire command. products that were boxed, bagged or bottled do the fans.

Following our landing in Frankfurt, I in a confusing if not defrauding manner.

"It's clear we are talking about a mixed visited the area in which the equipment HART summed it up: “Millions of American animal-pro sport is big business but also a

was pre-positioned and observed the shoppers day by day are paying more and sport."

members of the 2d Armored Division more for less and less in bigger and bigger

move in, check their equipment, and precontainers bearing smaller and smaller type.”


pare for movement to the maneuver area. So far, there has been no new legislation growing out of the packaging inquiry.

Mr. INOUYE. Mr. President, the U.S. The caretaking detachment of General "What results can we claim?” HART de- Department of Defense recently under- Harris' 7th Army, especially the techniclared. “As a result of the hearings there took the strategic air movement of an cal personnel, performed an outstanding

job in having this equipment operation- Mr. President, I ask unanimous con- courages these personal improprieties. It is ally ready. Many times the work of these sent that the Reston editorial be printed the system of trading favors and using inmen is obscured by the more glamorous in the RECORD.

fluence and yachts for the purpose that is

the cause of the trouble. Baker and Korth, role of the combat troops, but their crit- There being no objection, the edi

whose indiscretions were quite different, are ical importance to the success of these torial was ordered to be printed in the merely the result. same combat troops was never more evi- RECORD, as follows:

The yacht Sequoia is merely a flashy symdent than during this phase of Big Lift. WASHINGTON-WHO WILL DARE INVESTIGATE bol of this system. It costs the Government While the 2d Armored Division was


far more than Baker or Korth is ever likely completing its pickup of equipment, I

(By James Reston)

to make in a lifetime. It plies up and down visited U.S. Army Headquarters at Hei

the Potomac with a crew of two officers and

WASHINGTON, October 31.-There is a mess delberg and then went into the field to in Washington again, and very little evi

eight men and is primarily a floating restau

rant and bar for the entertainment of Senaobserve the 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry, dence that either the White House or the

tors and Congressmen. in field training exercises. This bat. Congress is going to do very much to clean

Baker allegedly peddled influence to lobbytalion is part of the 8th Division and was it up.

ists and managed to buy houses and motels preparing for their part of the larger

The improprieties of Secretary of the Navy

where he could give and get more favors. exercise to be held in conjunction with Korth in carrying on his private business on

But the Sequoia is the Pentagon's own offNavy stationery and on his official yacht are the 2d Armored Division. Maj. Gen.

cial instrument for influence peddling-for widely condemned in the Capital, but he will Stanley "Swede” Larsen, commanding

encouraging generous defense appropriabe given an honorable farewell by the top

tions—and under such a system it is scarcely general of the division, and a native Haadmirals of the Navy when he leaves tomor

surprising that Korth used the old tub occawaiian, was my host during my time with row. And he leaves with the assurances and

sionally for his own purposes. the 8th Division. In addition to General even praises of the President himself. This is the man who wrote to his former

SCRAP THE "SEQUOIA" Larsen, it was my high honor to meet

The mess, in short, is not going to be and talk with some 60 native Hawaiians and future associate, G. E. Homstrom, at the

Continental National Bank of Fort Worth cleaned up by concentrating on Korth and serving their country in Germany. Dur

about his plans to "have a little party aboard Baker, but by overhauling the system. Baker ing my visit with General Larsen, I also the Sequoia (the Navy Secretary's official couldn't peddle much influence on his own; observed a tactical problem involving a yacht) primarily for my Texas friends. * his influence came from his close associarifle company in the attack. It was im- "I am just wondering,” Secretary Korth's tion with Senators and with officials who mediately obvious that, like the 2d letter of August 13, 1962, continued, "whether knew he was close to Vice President JOHNSON

and others. Armored Division, the members of the you and some of my other friends at the

Korth wasn't crooked; he was morally in87th Infantry were professional soldiers Continental may be coming through; like

wise if you have some extra good customers sensitive and stupid, but the President inat their best, and I salute General Larthat it would be nice to have.”

sists Korth wasn't fired, which raises the sen and his outstanding division.


question: Why not? The short few days I spent with our

How is the system to be changed if the

This and much more evidence of misuse Army units in Europe have been truly

President praises a man with judgment like valuable. It was extremely reassuring to of the Secretary of the Navy's Office came to

Korth's, and the Senate won't conduct an see the competence exhibited by these thereafter Korth resigned, but the Presithe attention of the Congress, and shortly objective investigation of its own shortcom

ings? The official reaction here to Baker and fine combat troops. However, in my dent took the line today that the Secretary Korth is more of a problem than they are, opinion the success of this gigantic ma- had not acted improperly and, while vaguely

for they are gone and the system that proneuver in no way lessens the requirement regretting his letterwriting, praised his Navy duced them remains. for the United States to maintain our Secretary's contributions to the Nation's troops alongside our NATO allies in security.

The Bobby Baker case illustrates the same Western Europe. It merely demon

THE AMERICAN IMAGE casual attitude toward charges of improper strates once again our ability to reinforce conduct. Ever since Baker, former secretary

Mr. SIMPSON. Mr. President, I should quickly our NATO allies and to respond

to the Democratic majority in the Senate, re- like to have published in the RECORD with appropriate means to any degree of signed after charges that he was using his three editorials which point up the sentiCommunist pressure almost anywhere. position to amass a private fortune on the ments at divergent ends of the Western I understand there will be future ex- side, this city has been full of ugly rumors

Hemisphere regarding the image of ercises of the nature of Big Lift, perhaps about illicit relations between Baker's girl

America under the Kennedy administrato other parts of the world. Big Lift has friends and prominent Senators and officials in the administration.

tion. been truly reassuring and I urge my col

Every vigilant newspaper office in Washing

On the Latin American scene, syndileagues to take every opportunity to ob

ton has a list of names of those implicated cated columnist Hal Hendrix, writing in serve and, if possible, participate in any with Baker and his lobbying friends and his the October 16 New York World-Telefuture exercises of this nature so that girls. And the gossip feeds on itself to such gram and Sun, notes with alarm the they may see at first-hand, as did I, the an extent that it has already poisoned the administration's refusal to normalize combat readiness and competence of our atmosphere of the whole Government.

diplomatic relations with the Dominican military forces.

The only way to deal with this kind of material, much of it deeply disturbing and a

Republic after the overthrow of leftist lot more of it probably malicious trash, is

President Juan Bosch. Hendrix backs A MESS IN WASHINGTON

to investigate it thoroughly, objectively, and up reports carried in the Washington in private.

press that the New Frontier interjected Mr. SIMPSON. Mr. President, I

This may yet be done. It is in the hands itself into the Dominican stew with an should like to draw my colleagues' atten- of the Senate Committee on Rules and Ad- ill-advised suggestion that the civilian tion to a column in this morning's New ministration, but that committee is operat- triumvirate step aside in favor of a memYork Times. ing under a Senate resolution which in

ber of the former Bosch government. Eminent Journalist James Reston, structs it to look into the conduct only of

Hendrix says the administration has commenting on the resignation of Navy Senators), and it is refusing to provide out- deliberately overlooked the fact that the Secretary Korth and the rather shocking side legal counsel for both the Democratic constitution pushed on the Dominican disclosures in the Bobby Baker case, ob- majority and the Republican minority of people by the Bosch government last serves ruefully, “There is a mess in Wash- the committee.

spring was dissolved by Bosch's overington again.”


throw and that the country is now operIn this regard, I should like to place

The result is that there is absolutely no ating under a constitution established in emphasis upon Writer Reston's closing

confidence here that the Rules Committee September of 1962. The Dominicans paragraphs in which he observes, in com- will really investigate their own Senate col- are, therefore, not living beyond the menting on Korth's resignation:

leagues or that the permanent Senate em- reach of all constitutional authority as Korth wasn't crooked; he was morally inployees will really be in a position to investi

some critics of the military coup have sensitive and stupid, but the President in- gate their bosses.

stated. sists Korth wasn't fired, which raises the The main problem in both the Korth and question: Why not? Baker cases is not illegal or criminal action.

Two editorials from the October 19 An excellent question, as yet unan

In fact, all the talk about Korth and Baker Financial Post of Ottawa, Canada, illus

tends to obscure the main thing, which is trate the wide dissemination of the views swered.

the loose system in Washington that en- and philosophies of the New Frontier.


Even in Canada the administration's pro- They point out the constitution pushed Kennedy needs the labor union vote in his clivity for advising cannot be ignored. on the Dominican people by the Bosch gov- presidential contest next year. That means Summing up the Kennedy clan, the

ernment during the heated Haitian crisis he needs the unqualified support of George editorial points out that U.S. business

last spring was dissolved with Bosch's Meany, the powerful head of the AFL-CIO. overthrow.

Meany is shaky in his lucrative job. Quite is being intimidated and that "with their

But they add that the United States re- a few big union leaders are gunning for him, bullying strategy perfected at home, the

mains blind to the fact that when the mili- notably Walter Reuther of the Auto Workers. Kennedys and their cohorts are using it

tary turned governinent reins over to the To protect his hide, Meany needs all the to get what they want abroad."

civilian triumvirate 36 hours after the coup, friends he can keep and so he will do anyI would like to call these three articles the provincial regime began functioning un- thing to please Paul Hall, the very powerful to my colleagues' attention, and I ask

der a constitution adopted in September international boss of the Seafarers Union.

1962. unanimous consent that they printed in

Paul Hall, in turn, very much needs the

Thus, the Dominicans reason, the United support of Hal Banks—and the money Banks the RECORD.

States is in error when it follows the policy gets out of his Canadian union members. There being no objection, the articles

declaration of Secretary of State Dean Rusk So when the U.S. Secretary of Labor solwere ordered to be printed in the RECORD, stating there is now no basis for normaliza- emnly makes an official pilgrimage to Ottawa as follows:

tion of diplomatic relations with the Do- (nobody can recall that happening before) [From the New York World - Telegram and minican Republic.

and when he makes public declarations tellSun, Oct. 16, 1963]

Despite all the noise raised in Washington ing the Canadian Government what to do,

by "liberals" against the present anti-Com- he is merely doing a chore for Kennedy who Two LEFT FEET: U.S. DOMINICAN POLICY Is

munist regime here, members of the trium- wants to do a favor for George Meany, who CRAZY

virate still hope the Kennedy administration needs Hall, who needs the notorious Hal (By Hal Hendrix) will lend them a helping hand.

Banks. SANTO DOMINGO.—The Kennedy adminis- "Obviously, we would like to have the From Mr. Kennedy's point of view, Canada tration is playing its Caribbean policies the recognition of all the democratic countries is quite unimportant. It would, in most way the New York Mets and Washington of the world,” said Manuel Tavarez Espaillat, respects, be a lot simpler for the White Senators play baseball. a member of the junta.

House and the U.S. Government if we didn't Taking a page from the Mets' and Sen- "I am certain our actions in the first few exist at all as a separate country. ators' scorebooks, the New Frontier in Wash- weeks of government will provide sufficient It is tragic that a man of such great enington is consistent in its losing ways. If proof of our democratic purposes and will dowments as Kennedy should, with increasthe New Frontiersmen continue another year

swing public and government opinion toward ing frequency, be revealed as having a serious on the same path they, too, may set a record recognition."

defect of character. His intellect and conin the loss column.

science too often fail him in assessment of In the explosive triangle of Communist [From the Financial Post, Oct. 19, 1963] the appropriate and seemly exercise of power. Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, KENNEDY TO MEANY TO HALL TO BANKS

The proverb, “The end justifies the means" the policymakers in the White House, State

President Kennedy wants to be reelected

with the Kennedy clan too often becomes Department, and the hip-pocket branch of next year but Canadians don't like being a

“The end justifies any means.” State over at the Justice Department have so

Hal Banks and John F. Kennedy will unpunching bag in his political warmup. far scored an impressive three losses, no wins.

derstand each other completely. As success

The American Government is busily enThe administration, publicly hostile to

ful men, they have good reason to admire gaged in trying to run the affairs of dozens Fidel Castro and Dictator-President Francois

each other. of countries around the world. It wears the Duvalier, has bobbled the ball repeatedly in robes and halo of sanctity. It is on the side

Both Banks and Kennedy are good at policies designed to change these regimes.

kicking people around. Canadians who of "progress" or "democracy" or "freedom" Overthrow of Leftist Dominican President

have not taken the oath of allegiance to the or something that sounds good. Juan Bosch, with a majority of the popula

White House and to the U.S. Congress have tion supporting the change, found official

Certainly no responsible member of the

very good cause for extreme distaste. Western alliance will envy the most powerWashington reacting as if it had two left

ful Nation on earth its responsibilities or feet.

deny its generosity or seriously criticize The latest demonstration of New Frontier what the Americans stand for in the cold

QUALITY STABILIZATION Caribbean diplomacy here with the rankwar.

LEGISLATION ing U.S. Embassy oficer suggesting that the But more and more the habit of pushing ruling civilian triumvirate step aside in favor other people around is growing on the Ken

Mr. LONG of Missouri. Mr. President, of a former member of the Bosch governnedys and their clansmen in Washington.

during recent weeks, the three largest ment-has left responsible and normally

This is frequently and amply demon- daily newspapers in Missouri have pubpro-American Dominicans angry and bewil- strated within the United States. Indeed, Iished editorials opposing quality stabilidered.

terrifying American citizens into behavior zation legislation. Prior to the publicaMost Dominicans and Americans in the

pleasing to the Kennedys is currently the capital are viewing the maneuver carried out

tion of these editorials, I wrote a letter political sport of the President's brother, the in a phone call to a member of the trium

to the chairman of the Senate Antitrust Attorney General. virate, as "stupid and unbelievable for a

Quite a few people and corporations who

Subcommittee, the junior Senator from country like the United States.”

do not please the Kennedys are now finding Michigan, and suggested the subcommit“This is like a Dominican representative

that their current and past income tax re- tee consider conducting a thorough study to the United States calling a member of its turns are being reviewed.

of this proposed legislation because of Government and saying it should replace And who is there who won't be intimidated its direct effect on antitrust and monopthe Governor of Puerto Rico with somebody

by that, even if their income reports are like Albizu Campos and the Nationalist

oly law in the United States. It is my Party,” a Dominican newsman in Santiago all clean as a whistle? This Attorney Gen

belief an exhaustive study of this legiseral “discipline” is so intimidating, in fact, lation as it relates to antitrust and mocommented today.

that U.S. news media don't write about it. Unofficially and officially, Dominicans note that the United States continues to talk

Now, with their bullying strategy perfected noply is necessary. Therefore, I hope the

at home, the Kennedys and their cohorts are subcommittee at an early date will conpiously about nonintervention in the affairs

using it to get what they want abroad. sider undertaking such a study. of a sovereign nation.

Take the latest example of outrageous in- Mr. President, I ask unanimous conThe informal action carried out here by

terference—the American pressure against sent that the three editorials be printed Spencer King, American deputy chief of

the Canadian Government over the labor mission, was described by the triumvirate as

at this point in the RECORD. "intervention without precedent." union war on the Great Lakes.

There being no objection, the editorials Full information about the King "sugges

Belatedly, the Canadian Government steption” and quick rebuke by the triumvirate ped into this mess and the trustee scheme is

were ordered to be printed in the RECORD, about to be implemented.

as follows: was published in all the country's newspa

But the spectacle of the White House and pers. The worldwise Dominicans at least

[From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oct. 4, recognized immediately that King would not the U.S. Secretary of Labor and the whole

1963] have acted without specific and detailed weighty machinery of the U.S. Government

THE PRICE-FIXING THREAT cabled instructions from the State

being gassed up to tell the Canadian Gov-
ernment what it can and cannot do about a

The Department of Defense has joined Department.

the parade of Government agencies opposing Palace officials, stunned by the ill-advised Canadian problem is, to say the least,

a perennial bill in Congress to give manuunpleasant. Washington action on top of its adamant

facturers legal authority to fix prices for refusal to normalize diplomatic relations and

branded and trademarked merchandise and aid, note bitterly that U.S. officials continue


to punish retailers who sell it for less. It to refer to "a need to return to constitutional Here is the cast of characters and here is says, as quoted by the Air Force Times, that government in the Dominican Republic.” the play.

the measure would have such an inflationary

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