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Congressional Record

United States
of America



promote the orderly transfer of the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE executive power in connection with the

The legislative clerk read the nominaFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1963 expiration of the term of office of a

tion of Dr. William Neill Hubbard, Jr., of President and the inauguration of a new

Michigan, to be a member of the Board (Legislative day of Tuesday, October 22, President; asked a conference with the

of Regents, National Library of Medicine, 1963) Senate on the disagreeing votes of the

Public Health Service, for the term of two Houses thereon, and that Mr. Daw

4 years expiring August 3, 1967. The Senate met at 12 o'clock meridian, SON, Mr. HOLIFIELD, Mr. FASCELL, Mr.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Withon the expiration of the recess, and was ANDERSON, and Mr. HORTON were ap

out objection, the nomination is concalled to order by the President pro tem- pointed managers on the part of the

firmed. pore.

House at the conference.
The Chaplain, Rev. Frederick Brown
Harris, D.D., offered the following prayer:

Our Father, God, from the valley of

The legislative clerk proceeded to read

BUSINESS need, where we are called to serve, we lift

sundry nominations in the Public Health our eyes to the hills of a waiting strength

On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by Service. not our own.

unanimous consent, it was ordered that Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I Our minds are startled by the swift there be a morning hour, with state- ask unanimous consent that these nomimarch of world-shaking events. Hidden ments limited to 3 minutes.

nations be considered en bloc. fires are flaming forth, consuming the

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Withold habitations of men. Everywhere our

out objection, the nominations will be

EXECUTIVE SESSION ears are assailed by harsh voices that

considered en bloc; and, without objecchallenge all that a former generation

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I tion, they are confirmed. counted fixed, final, and sure. Men in move that the Senate proceed to the Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I fetters, whose lives have been held more consideration of executive business, to ask unanimous consent that the Presicheap than merchandise, are chanting consider the nominations on the Execu- dent be immediately notified of the confierce songs of expected freedom. tive Calendar.

firmation of all these nominations. Now God be praised, who hath matched

The motion was agreed to; and the The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Withus with this hour when, with the shining Senate proceeded to the consideration of out objection, the President will be nosword of emancipation, Thou callest us executive business.

tified forthwith. to lead in the great crusade against all that denjes, degrades, and enslaves Thy EXECUTIVE MESSAGES REFERRED other children under all skies.

LEGISLATIVE SESSION O God, make us wise enough to give The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid be

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I ourselves to the highest. Make us good fore the Senate messages from the Presi

move that the Senate resume the conenough to surrender ourselves to the best. dent of the United States submitting sun

sideration of legislative business. We ask it in the Redeemer's blessed dry nominations, which were referred to

The motion was agreed to; and the name. Amen. the Committee on Armed Services.

Senate resumed the consideration of leg(For nominations this day received,

islative business. see the end of Senate proceedings.) THE JOURNAL On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by


EXECUTIVE REPORT OF A unanimous consent, the reading of the


Journal of the proceedings of Thursday,
October 31, 1963, was dispensed with,

The following favorable report of a

The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid benomination was submitted:

fore the Senate the following letters,

which were referred as indicated:

By Mr. JOHNSTON, from the Committee MESSAGES FROM THE PRESIDENT on the Judiciary.

REPORT ON MEDICAL STOCKPILE OF CIVIL DEBernard T. Moynahan, Jr., of Kentucky, to

FENSE EMERGENCY SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMessages in writing from the President be U.S. district judge for the eastern district

MENT of the United States submitting nomina- of Kentucky.

A letter from the Secretary of Health, Edutions were communicated to the Senate

cation, and Welfare, Washington, D.C., re

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. If by Mr. Miller, one of his secretaries.

porting, pursuant to law on the actual prothere be no further reports of commit- curement receipts for medical stockpile of

tees, the nominations on the Executive civil defense emergency supplies and equipMESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE Calendar will be stated.

ment purposes, for the quarterly period

ended September 30, 1963; to the Committee A message from the House of Repre

on Armed Services. sentatives, by Mr. Hackney, one of its NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION

REPORT ON MILITARY PROCUREMENT ACTIONS reading clerks, announced that the The legislative clerk read the nomina

FOR EXPERIMENTAL, DEVELOPMENTAL, OR REHouse had passed the bill (S. 1703) to tion of Dr. Robert S. Morison, of New

SEARCH WORK amend title V of the Agricultural Act of York, to be a member of the National

A letter from the Assistant Secretary of 1949, as amended, and for other purposes, Science Board, National Science Foun

Defense, Installations and Logistics, transwith an amendment, in which it re- dation, for the remainder of the term

mitting, pursuant to law, a report on military quested the concurrence of the Senate.

procurement actions for experimental, develexpiring May 10, 1966.

opmental, or research work, for the 6-month The message also announced that the The PRESIDENT pro tempore. With- period ended June 30, 1963 (with an accomHouse had disagreed to the amendments out objection, the nomination is con- panying report); to the Committee on Armed of the Senate to the bill (H.R. 4638) to firmed.

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A letter from the Archivist of the United ate—and I ask for immediate consideraA letter from the Secretary of the Treas- States, transmitting, pursuant to law, a list tion of the resolution. The resolution ury, transmitting, pursuant to law, a report of papers and documents on the files of sev- has been cleared by the majority, and covering the progress made in liquidating the eral departments and agencies of the Gov

the distinguished junior Senator from assets of the former Reconstruction Finance ernment which are not needed in the conCorporation, for the quarterly period ended duct of business and have no permanent

Nebraska (Mr. CURTIS], the ranking miSeptember 30, 1963 (with an accompanying value or historical interest, and requesting nority member of the Committee on report); to the Committee on Banking and action looking to their disposition (with ac

Rules and Administration, asks for its Currency.

companying papers); to a Joint Select Com- adoption. REPORT ON PROVISION OF AVIATION WAR RISK

mittee on the Disposition of Papers in the The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The

Executive Departments.

resolution will be read for the informaA letter from the Acting Secretary of Com- The PRESIDENT pro tempore ap

tion of the Senate. merce, transmitting, pursuant to law, a re

The resolution (S. Res. 221) was read pointed Mr. JOHNSTON and Mr. CARLSON port on the provision of aviation war risk members of the committee on the part of

as follows: insurance, as of September 30, 1963 (with an the Senate.

Resolved, That for the purpose of dischargaccompanying report); to the Committee on

ing its responsibilities pursuant to Senate Commerce.

Resolution 212, to inquire into the financial REPORT ON UNNECESSARY COSTS INCURRED BY


or business interests of any officer or emUSE OF AN INADEQUATE INTERIOR PROTEC

ployee or former officer or employee of the


Senate, agreed to October 10, 1963, the Comfore the Senate a resolution adopted by mittee on Rules and Administration is auA letter from the Comptroller General of the United States, transmitting, pursuant to

the Louisiana State Conference of thorized (1) to make such expenditures as law, a report on unnecessary costs incurred Branches, National Association for the it deems advisable; (2) to employ upon a by use of an inadequate interior protective Advancement of Colored People, of New temporary basis, technical, clerical, and oth

er assistants and consultants: Provided, That coating for fuel truck tankers, Department Orleans, La., favoring the enactment of of the Army, dated October 1963 (with an the civil rights bill, which was referred

the minority is authorized to select one peraccompanying report); to the Committee on

son for appointment, and the person so seto the Committee on the Judiciary. Government Operations.

lected shall be appointed and his compen

sation shall be so fixed that his gross rate REPORT ON NEED TO REVISE PROCEDURES IN

shall not be less by more than $1,600 than ADMINISTRATION OF MORTGAGE INSURANCE REPORTS OF COMMITTEES the highest gross rate paid to any other perPROGRAM FOR URBAN RENEWAL HOUSING

The following reports of committees

son employed under the authority of this A letter from the Comptroller General of

resolution; and (3) with the prior consent were submitted: the United States, transmitting; pursuant to

of the heads of the departments or agencies law, a report on the need to revise procedures By Mr. ROBERTSON, from the Committee concerned, to utilize the reimbursable servin administration of the mortgage insurance on Banking and Currency, without amend- ices, information, facilities, and personnel of program for urban renewal housing, Federal ment:

any of the departments or agencies of the Housing Administration, Housing and Home

S. 1241. A bill to require annual reports Government. Finance Agency, dated October 1963 (with instead of quarterly reports under the Re- SEC. 2. Expenses of the committee, under an accompanying report); to the Committee construction Finance Corporation Liquida- this resolution, which shall not exceed $50,on Government Operations. tion Act (Rept. No. 628); and

000 through January 31, 1964, shall be paid REPORT ON CERTAIN UNNECESSARY ANNUAL

S. 2228. A bill to change the requirements from the contingent fund of the Senate upon EXPENDITURES BY THE ARMY AND NAVY

for the annual meeting date for national vouchers approved by the chairman of the banks (Rept. No. 622).

committee. A letter from the Comptroller General of By Mr. DIRKSEN, from the Committee on the United States, transmitting, pursuant to

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. the Judiciary, with an amendment:

IS law, a report on unnecessary annual expend- S. 1686. A bill to amend section 375 of title there objection to proceeding to the conitures by the Departments of the Army and 28 of the United States Code, relating to the sideration of the resolution? Navy for leasing commercial facilities to store

annuities of widows of Supreme Court There being no objection, the Senate Government-owned empty 55-gallon steel Justices (Rept. No. 623).

proceeded to consider the resolution. drums in the Los Angeles, Calif., area, De- By Mr. LONG of Missouri, from the Com

Mr. CURTIS. Mr. President, I thank partment of Defense, dated October 1963

mittee on the Judiciary, without amend(with an accompanying report); to the Com

the chairman of the committee for his ment: mittee on Government Operations.

courtesy to all the members of the com

S. 689. A bill for the relief of Lila Everts REPORT ON USE OF FORMER GOVERNMENT Weber (Rept. No. 624).

mittee, particularly those of the minorSURPLUS PARTS WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION

By Mr. FULBRIGHT, from the Committee ity. I appreciate the fact that the resoA letter from the Comptroller General of

on Foreign Relations, without amendment: lution provides for minority representathe United States, transmitting, pursuant to

H.R. 7405. An act to amend the Bretton tion staffwise. The task before the comlaw, a report on the use of former Govern

Woods Agreements Act to authorize the U.S. mittee is not a pleasant one, but it is one

Governor of the International Bank for Rement surplus parts without authorization

that involves the good standing and inunder contract DA-23-204-TC-1695

construction and Development to vote for an

with Aerodex, Inc., Miami, Fla., Department of

increase in the Bank's authorized capital tegrity of the entire Senate. It must be stock (Rept. No. 625).

followed judiciously but thoroughly. the Army, dated October 1963 (with an ac

By Mr. JORDAN of North Carolina, from

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Withcompanying report); to the Committee on the Committee on Rules and Administration, out objection, the resolution (S. Res. 221) Government Operations. without amendment:


H. Con. Res. 223. Concurrent resolution to BECAUSE OF ADMINISTRATIVE NEGLIGENCE provide for the printing of 3,000 additional AND POOR DESIGN

BILL AND JOINT RESOLUTION copies of civil rights hearings (Rept. No. 627).

INTRODUCED A letter from the Comptroller General of the United States, transmitting, pursuant to

A bill and a joint resolution were inINQUIRY INTO FINANCIAL OR BUSI- troduced, read the first time, and, by law, a report on unnecessary costs incurred because of administrative negligence and

NESS INTERESTS OF ANY OFFI- unanimous consent, the second time, and poor design in the construction of two Cape

CER OR EMPLOYEE OR FORMER referred as follows: hart housing projects, Department of the OFFICER OR EMPLOYEE OF THE

By Mr. HUMPHREY: Air Force, dated October 1963 (with an ac- SENATE-REPORT OF A COMMIT- S. 2278. A bill for the relief of Elmer 0. companying report); to the Committee on

TEE (S. REPT. NO. 626)

Erickson; to the Committee on Post Office Government Operations.

and Civil Service.


By Mr. KUCHEL: President, from the Committee on Rules S.J. Res. 130. Joint resolution to designate MATION PROJECTS ACT OF 1956

and Administration, I report an original the powerhouse on Clear Creek at the head A letter from the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, transmitting, pursuant to law,

resolution authorizing the expenditure of Whiskeytown Reservoir, in the State of of funds by the Committee on Rules and house; to the Committee on Interior and In

California, as Judge Francis Carr poweran application for a loan to the Jackson Val

Administration in discharging its responley Irrigation District, Amador County, Calif.,

sular Affairs, under the Small Reclamation Projects Act sibilities under Senate Resolution 212—

(See the remarks of Mr. KUCHEL when he of 1956 (with accompanying papers); to the inquiry into the financial or business introduced the above joint resolution, which Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. interests of any officer or employee or appear under a separate heading.)

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