Greater New York: Bulletin of the Merchants' Association of New York, Volume 11

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The Association, 1922 - Boards of trade

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Page 1 - Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta. Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco.
Page 14 - No carrier is bound to transport said property by any particular train or vessel, or in time for any particular market or otherwise than with reasonable dispatch, unless by specific agreement indorsed hereon.
Page 3 - Every such carrier and every other person subject to this Act shall establish, observe, and enforce just and reasonable regulations and practices relating to or connected with the receiving, handling, storing, or delivering of property.
Page 2 - In assessing the shares of stock of banks or banking associations organized under the authority of this state or the United States, the assessment and taxation shall not be at a greater rate than is made or assessed upon other moneyed capital in the hands of individual citizens of this state.
Page 14 - ... within nine months after delivery of the property (or, in case of export traffic, within nine months after delivery at port of export) or, in case of failure to make delivery, then within nine months after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed...
Page 15 - If all or any part of said property is carried by water over any part of said route, such water carriage shall be performed subject to all the terms and provisions of, and all the exemptions from liability contained in, the act of Congress of the United States, approved on February 13, 1893, and entitled "An act relating to the navigation of vessels, etc...
Page 3 - ... the amount actually distributed or made available to any distributee shall be taxable to him in the year in which so distributed or made available to the extent that it exceeds the amounts paid in by him.
Page 1 - It is necessary for the national defense and development of its foreign and domestic commerce that the United States shall have a merchant marine (a) sufficient to carry its domestic waterborne commerce and a substantial portion of the waterborne export and import foreign commerce of the United States...
Page 15 - ... owners of the cargo shall nevertheless pay salvage and any special charges Incurred In respect of the cargo, and shall contribute with the shipowner In general average to the payment of any sacrifices, losses or expenses of a general average nature that may be made or Incurred for the common benefit or to relieve the adventure from any common peril.
Page 11 - Be it Ordained by the Board of Aldermen of The City of New York as follows: Section 1.

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