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JANUARY, 1895—JUNE, 1895







The aurora borealis caused by, 412 n 2

Prof. Berthelot on, 444 n I
Arid West, The future of the great, 661
Armenia, A European government for, 502

Reforms in, 663
Commission, The, 33
Outrages, The, 599

Question, The, 129
Army, U. S., New weapons of the, 134
Art and the artist, 91
American, American genius and, 42

Daniel Chester French and, 138
Decorative, 286
English, of the last generation, 66
See also contemporaneous English painting, 20,

and the educational value of fine arts, 480 Artist's measurements, An, 159 Astronomy popular, Making, 609 Athletics, intercollegiate, Pres. Eliot on, 178

Japanese, 61 Atlanta Exposition, The, and the Southern ex

port trade, 212 And our South American trade, 436 Atlantic Ocean, Temperature of the bottom of

the, 40 ni Atmosphere, A new constituent of the, 63 Australian Federation-a new departure, 373

[blocks in formation]

Abbot, Francis E : The advancement of ethics,

60 Aberdeen, Countess of: The council of women

of the U. S., 168 Academia di Santa Cecilia, A collection of operas

presented to the, 319 n 2 Adams, Prof. Herbert B.: Is history past poli

tics, 505 A defense of far-western statehood, 102 Adler, Prof. Felix.: Dogmatism in the religious

training of children, 445 Administration, The, and the Mosquito Coast, 28 Affection, The balance of, 82 Africa, The partition of, 197 Agnosticism does not satisfy the religious nature,

673 ni Alden, Raymond McDonald : The place of litera

ture in reform, 376
Age of sympathy, The, 378
Allen, T. E.: Telepathy and immortality, 320
Allen, Mary Wood, M.D.: Teaching cruelty to

children, 249
Alliança affair, The, 271, 272
Alloy of copper and antimony, 283 n I
Alsace-Lorraine, The question of, 172

And universal peace, 33

Question, The, 341 Althaus, Julius: The prevalence of nervous dis

eases, 180 Altruistic impulse in man and animals, The, 282 Altruria realized, 175 Aluminum, Making glass with, 283 n I

Tempering, 283 n i

Currency, An, 326
American affairs, London comment on, 598

Art, Daniel Chester French and, 138
Farmer, The fate of the, 109
Financial system, An, 371
Genius and American art, 42
Historical review, The, 415
Ideals, True, 152
Institute of Civics, The, 314 n 2
Iron products in Canada, 358
Literature, An, 114
Literature, The healthful tone for, 350
Political parties, The evolution of, 104
Tract Society, 607 ni
Voice, The, 14
Republics, Bureau of, Obligation of the U. S.

to continue the, 7 n 2 Anarchist, The cry of, 377 Andrews, Pres. E. B.: Science a natural ally

of religion, 181 Anglo-French war cloud, An, 340 Animals, Protection of, at sea, 77

The wanton mutilation of, 384 Ant Hill, An, 394 Anthracite coal, Production of, in 1894, 96 n 3 Anti-lottery law, The new, 242 Anti-nationalism, 407 Antitoxin, diphtheria, An attack on the, 39

The future of the, 86

Treatment of diphtheria, The, 251 A. P. A. in council, The, 533 Apthorp, William F.: Orchestral conducting

and conductors, 319 Apples, Export of, 518 n 2 Arbitration, International, 101

Bills, 34, 126
National, of strikes, 5
architecture, Government, 32 n 1, 169
Argon, 63, 251

Bacteriology, Progress in, 17
Ballot reform in the South, 2
Baltic canal, The, 277. 519 n I
Baltimore and Ohio Belt Line tunnel opened,

156 n I
Bank clearings in 1894, 48 n 3
Bankers and legislation, 532
Banking facilities, Our, 485

Should the Government retire from, 186
Banks for the people, 294

See national banks. Banville, Ch.: New movements in Tcheck liter

ature, 67 Baptists, Statistics of churches and membership,

66 n I English, Statistics of the, 90 n 2 Barbarians at the Chinese legation, 154 Barber, Henry H.: The church and the labor

question, 40 Barnard gold medal, Award of the, 444 n I Batchelor, George: The mimicry of heredity, 38 Beardsley, Aubrey, 480 n 1, 642 Behrends, A. J. F.: Monism, 541 Bemis, Edward W.: Some steps in municipal re

form, 279
Bible, Divine authorship of the, 576 n I

Grounds for acceptance of the, 638
Ignorance of the, 348
Ingersoll on the, 605
No paring and trimming of the, 605
The, in the college curriculum, 671

See Scriptures.
Bibliolatry vs. ego-olatry, 606
Bicycle, Doctors on the, 37
Bigelow, John : The prevalence and wrong of

gambling, 201
Bigotry, Protestant, 607 ni
Bimetallism, Germany and, 173,568

How to save, IOI
International, Prospects for, 633

In Prussia, England, and Spain, 598 Bimetallic coinage, Effects of a return to, 306 Conference, The British government and the

proposed, 219

Book knowledge and efficiency, 578
Book-making at the races, 202
Boots and shoes, Shipment of, from Boston, 48

n 2
Books, The choice of, 43
Bootmakers, Lockout of the, 278 n 2
Bossism in London and New York, 194
Bourinot, J. G.: Elected or appointed officials,

337 Bourne, Prof. Edward G.: The evolution of polit

ical parties, 104 Boy, How to treat the, 523 Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth: Great realists and

empty story-tellers, 139 Professor, and the realists, 231 Brain, Effect of a shot in the, 604 n 2 Brazil's experience with paper money, 665 Bread, Discovery of an Assyrian loaf of, from

560 B. C., 86 n 2 Bringing government into contempt, 466 British investments abroad, 236

Novelists, 674 Broadus, Dr., 318 ni Brooklyn street-car strike, The, 98 Strike, The New York Board of Arbitration

on the, 176

Report, 465 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Member

ship of the, 145 n 2 Brown, Edith: The Welsh language, 21

Glenn: Government architecture, 32 Browne, Junius Henri: A national malady

(nervousness), 474 Mary Basil: Old maidism and maternity, 131 Brownell, W. C.: Elihu Vedder as an imagi

native painter, 158 Bryan, Congressman W. J.: The new section

alism, 194 Bunner, H. C.: Cheating at letters, 255 Bureau of American Republics, Obligation of

the U, S. to continue the, 7 n 2 Burns, John, and the American Utopia, 152 Burton, Richard: The healthful tone for Ameri

can literature, 300 Novels and novel readers, 92 Business, The improvement in, 303, 613

Revival of, 325 n I

The hopeful future of, 260 Business failures, 358 Situation, The, 13, 48, 72, 96, 119, 143, 163,

187, 211, 235, 259, 294, 325, 357, 387, 422, 453, 485, 517, 549, 581, 612, 646, 678

World, The, vs. the politicians, 274 Butter made from whey, 508 Byrnes must go, 307 Retirement of, 591 n 2 Superintendent, before the Lexow committee, 7 ni

Note.-The small letter“.n” following the title in the Index signifies that the article referred to is a note or paragraph without separate title, and figure following desis the column of the page on which it will be found.

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