Lower Peninsula, 1873-1876: Accompanied by a Geological Map

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Julius Bien, 1876 - Geology - 386 pages

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Page 202 - That the executive power and authority in and over said Territory of Dakota, shall be vested in a governor, who shall hold his office for four years, and until his successor shall be appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the President of the United States.
Page 202 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars or imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year or by both such fine and imprisonment, and the juvenile court shall have jurisdiction of all such misdemeanors...
Page 207 - ... nor more than one thousand dollars, or be imprisoned in the State prison for a term not less than one nor more than six years, or both, in the discretion of the court.
Page 207 - SEC. 26. It shall be the duty of every manufacturer to brand or mark with durable paint every cask or barrel of salt manufactured by him, with the surname at full length of the proprietor or owner of the manufactory at which the same shall have been made, and the initial letters of his Christian name, and if the same shall have been manufactured for a company or association of individuals, he shall mark or brand, in like manner, upon every such cask or barrel, the name by which the company is usually...
Page 204 - It shall be the duty of the deputy, in each district, to visit, once in each day, Sundays excepted, each salt manufactory in his district, when in operation, and to ascertain if there be therein any salt of bad quality, and such as ought not to pass inspection.
Page 202 - Immediately after the expiration of the present inspector's term of office, and every two years thereafter, there shall be appointed by the governor of this State, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, an inspector of salt, who shall be a...
Page 207 - No manufacturer or other person shall pack, or cause to be packed, in barrels, casks, boxes, or sacks/any salt, until an inspector shall have determined, upon actual examination, that the same is sufficiently drained of pickle, and otherwise fit to pack.
Page 204 - SEC. 7. Each of the deputies appointed by the inspector shall take the oath of office prescribed by the constitution, and shall give bond to the inspector in such sum, and with such sureties as he may approve, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties as such deputy ; and in case said inspector shall be obliged to pay any sum for the neglect or default or misfeasance of any deputy, he may recover of such deputy and his sureties on such bond the amount he was obliged to pay, with accruing...
Page 204 - State, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office, which bond shall have at least two sureties, and shall be subject to the approval of the State Treasurer, and when approved shall be by such Treasurer filed and deposited in his office ; and the inspector shall renew his bond every year.
Page 210 - The inspector shall establish a grade of " fine" salt, the •grain of which shall be at least as fine as the average grain of salt made in kettles. He shall cause the word " fine" to be marked on the packages containing such salt, in large letters, and the word " fine," with or without qualification, shall not, under any circumstances, be placed on salt of coarse grain ; but all other grades shall be designated on the packages by some truly descriptive mark or brand, and the inspector may mark salt...

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