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An appendix contains :—

1. English Employers’ Liability Act of 1880.
II. Alabama. Employers’ Liability Act of 1885.
III. Massachusetts Employers‘ Liability Act 01 1887.
IV. Colorado Employers’ Liability Act of 1893.
V. Indiana Employers‘ Liability Act of 1893.

The American Acts are founded upon the English Act of 1880; the Massachusetts Act being the same with slight variations in detail, and the Alabama act being a substantial copy of it so far as it goes. The decisions construing the English Act are consequently important, if not controlling, in the construction 0! the American Acts so far as they follow the English Act.

Mr. Reno’s book is opportune and fortunate in the time 0! its appearance. The principle involved is new in the law; the decisions are new, and not so numerous as to prevent an examination of the most important of them in some detail. In fact a lawyer or a layman with a taste for legal principles, even without the stimulus of a case for which he wished to find authorities, would find the book interesting reading for spare hours. The clear, readable pages add something to the reader‘s satisfaction with the book.

Mr. Reno’s arrangement of his subject is natural and logical; his style of writing clear and direct; his book covers the whole subject, leaving nothing further to be known about it at present; and in short his book is excellent throughout. Our readers will recognize in the author a contributor to this Rmvurw, and consequently may know what to expect in a treatise by him.

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