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Third best collection of cut flowers..
Best collection of cut roses.......
Second best collection of cat roses
Best collection of cut dahlias
Second best collection of cut dahlias
Best collection of cut verbenas....
Second best collection of cut verbenas
Best collection of cut geraniums
Second best collection of out geraniums.
Best display of button-hole bouquets...
Second best display of button-hole bouquets.
Best pair hand bouquets......
Second best pair hand bouquets..

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Amateur List, to be examined Monday, September 16, at 1 o'clock P.M.
Best collection of cut flowers
Second best collection of cut flowers
Third best collection of cut flowers..
Best collection of cut verbenas...
Second best collection of cat verbenas..
Best collection of cut petunias......
Second best collection of cut petunias..
Best collection of cut balsams...
Second best collection of cat balsams
Best pair hand bouquets.....
Second best pair hand bouquets
Best pair table bouquets (15 inches)..
Second best pair table bouquets (15 inches)
Best collection of cut geraniums
Second best collection of cut geraniums

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Commercial List, to be examined on Tuesday, September 17, at 1 o'clock P.M.
Best collection of floral designs
! Second best colleotion of floral designs

Best table design cut flowers....
Second best table design cut flowers...


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Amateur List, to be examined Tuesday, September 17, at 1 o'clock P. M.
Best floral designs, suitable for dinner or drawing-room table.....
S: cond best floral designs, suitable for dinner or drawing-room table....
Third best floral designs, suitable for dinner or drawing-room table...

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2:30 ClassPurse of $180.



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The Secretary was ordered to telegraph the extension of the Fair, to the cities and towns along the lines of railroad, and to secure from the railroad companies an extension of their agreements to carry freights and

passengers at excursion rates. Mr. Jas. W. Fleming was ordered to take charge of the programme advertising, and to issue such matter as in his judgment was necessary to judiciously advertise the extension of the Fair.

On motion, adjourned.

TOLEDO, September 19, 1878. At a special meeting of the members of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, held on the Tri-State Fair Grounds, it was

Resolved, That the thanks of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture be tendered to the officers and members of the Tri-State Fair for their kind invitation, very cordial recoption, and generous entertainment at their second annual fair; and further, they cheerfully congratulate them for the very excellent attendance with which they are favored, and for their very successful exhibition of the leading articles of productive industry of the three States of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. By order of the Board.

JNO. M. Pugu, President,
JNO. H. KLIPPART, Secretary.


COLUMBUS, October 3, 1878. Present—The President, Messrs. Stickney, Wing, Pope, Carlisle, Smith, and Cowden. Absent-Messrs. Murphy, Stone, and Weltz.

The Secretary presented a statement of the financial condition of the Board, from which it appeared the funds were about exhausted, when it


Agreed, That, for the present, no further payment of premiums be made.

Resolved, That the Executive Committee shall-in case there are no funds in the treas. ury-at its next meeting, consider the propriety of issuing certificates of indebtedness to parties applying for premiuns awarded at the late Fair.

On motion, the Board proceeded to examine the accounts on file.

Mr. Pope was appointed a committee of one, to ascertain the amount of hay and straw used during the Fair, and to report the amount to the Secretary.

On motion, adjourned to meet at the call of the President.


Saturday, October 26, 1878. Members present in accordance with the call of President J. M. Pugh, announcing the death of Secretary Jno. H. Klippart.

The President, agreeable to the wish of the family of our deceased Secretary, stated the Board would take charge of the funeral ceremonies, and proceeeded to make the necessary arrangements.

A committee was appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the life, character, and public services of the late Secretary Klippart, said committee being instructed to report on Sunday, November 27, when there would be a number of the ex-members of the Boård present.


SUNDAY, October 27, 1878. Joint meeting of members and ex-members of the Board.

Judge T.C. Jones, as chairman of the committee, appointed at a previous meeting to draft resolutions, after a few very appropriate remarks, presented the following preamble and resolutions, which were adopted :

The sudden and unexpected death of John H. Klippart will be regarded by all who are connected with the agricultural interest of the country, as a most severe and irre. parable loss. To us who have been more intimately associated with Mr. Klippart in the great work of his life—some of us for a period of nearly a quarter of a century-this is a most serious affliction. We know how constantly and unremittingly his energies have

been devoted to this work-how generonsly, and without thought of pecuniary gain, hig life bas been given to the promotion of the welfare of the agricultural population of the country. We look about in vain for a man of the same capacity, and the same general knowledge of the sciences connected with agriculture in their practical application that will devote himself to the work, with the same patient and unselfish assiduity, to fill his place; and as we aro here assembled to participate in these last sad ceremonies, we add to these brief expressions of our appreciatiou of the value of the public services of our deceased friend, our testimony to the many good and amiable traits of his character as developed in social and official life.

In our visits to the Capitol of the State, as we made our accustomed calls at the department of agriculture, we were ever met with bis kindly groetings, with a readinese to serve us in any possible way—and these kindly offices were shared by people of all classes that had business at these rooms—the poor and the humble, as well as men of wealth and position. His enthusiasnı and hope rendered him always confident and persevering under the most discouraging circumstauces, and inspired hope and enthusiasm in others. Whether at the office, i be annual exbibition of the Board, or in his own happy household, we have ever found him the same genial, benevolent and kind-hearted and companionable friend; and,

Resolved, That we offer the family of the deceased, who have lost a kind husband and father, our sincere condolence in this sad honr, and that we commend them to that One who is the widow's stay and the orphau's help.

Resolved, That as a further testimony of our profound respect for the memory of the deceased, the members and ex-members of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture attend bis funeral in a body, and, also, that the rooms of the State Board be draped in mourning for thirty days.

Resolved, That a copy of the above be spread upon our minutes, and a copy also furpished to the family of the deceased and to the press of the State,



The Secretary of a meeting of the State officers, Supreme Court and Commission, reported the adoption of the following:

WHEREAS, It has pleased Almighty God to call from our midst Hon. John H. Klippart, late Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture; and whereas, in this afflictive dispensation of Providence, society has lost one of its most valued citizens, the State a useful and upright officer, his friends a genial and esteomned companion, his family a beloved husband and father; and whereas, in our personal and official relations, we bave ever found him a genial, cultured, and refined associate; therefore,

Resolved, That we tender to his family our warmest sympathies in tbis, their heartfelt affliction.

Resolved, That wo attend his funeral in a body.

Resolved, That these resolutions be printed in the Cincinnati and Columbus papers, and that a copy be forwarded by the secretary of this meeting to the family of the doceased.


Monday Morning, October 28, 1878. On motion of Mr. Carlisle, it was

Agreed, That Jas. W. Fleining be Acting Secretary of the Board until the annual meeting in January.

The Acting Secretary was instructel to complete the work of the department for the year, and to make the necessary preparations for the annual agricultural convention.



COLUMBUS, November 15, 1878. Pursuant to the call of the President, the Executive Committee met to prepare for the closing up of the year's proceedings.

Members of committee all present except Mr. Pope.

The bills on file and not paid were examined, found correct, and approved, but ordered to await the full meeting of the Board for payment.

Ordered, That Treasurer Wing, assisted by the Acting Secretary, examine the accounts of the late Secretary against the Board, and make settlement as they find them rendered.

Agreed, That certificates of indebtedness be issued to parties applying for premiumns at the last Fair, said certificates to be as follows:


187This is to certify that

was awarded premiums amounting to the sum of

dollars at the Ohio State Fair held at Columbus, September, 1878, which amount will be paid as soon as there are funds in the treasury.

Acting Secretary. S A duplicate copy of this certificate is kept on file, and as soon as there are funds in the treasury you will be notified, when you can send this certificate through any bank for collection.

On motion, adjourned.


COLUMBUS, Monday erening, January 6, 1878. Members present—President Pugh, Messrs. Carlisle, Smith, Weltz, Cowden, and Murphy. Absent-Messrs. Stone, Stickney, Wing, and Pope.

The President appointed Messrs. Carlisle, Weltz, and Cowden a committee to examine the accounts of the Treasurer and Acting Secretary. Agreed, That the commended list be taken up for consideration.

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