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Page 93 - Boas and others who worked with the Bureau of American Ethnology and the American Museum of Natural History.
Page 60 - Shephard surely clergymen enough when the Indian population is now so reduced but this is not all there are also five more Gent, as follows 2 in quest of Flowers 2 killing all the Birds in the Columbia & i in quest of rocks and stones all these bucks came with letters from the President of the U.
Page 88 - States, the title to it defined and settled in the inventories. This was thought necessary in order to give, in accordance with your instructions, to each man of property who desired to dispose of it, a certificate of title. The town of New Archangel...
Page 14 - Sermon at the funeral of Mrs. Walker, Forest Grove, Dec. 7, 1877. References to the Whitman station and massacre. Eells, Myron. Marcus Whitman, MD ; proofs of his work in saving Oregon to the US and in promoting the immigration of 1843.
Page 74 - He told us that he had furnished the boats free of charge to certain parties to bring immigrants down the river, limiting their charges to keep them from taking advantage of necessity. He spoke of our being so late, and feared there would be considerable suffering before they could all be taken down the river, but should do all in his power until they reached their destination. "We then made known to him our wants ; we were all out of provisions. There was a small table in one corner of the room.
Page 83 - Pursuant to the stipulations of the treaty, that transfer will include all forts and military posts, and public buildings, such as the governor's house and those used for government purposes; dockyards, barracks, hospitals and schools; all public lands, and (83) all ungranted lots of ground at Sitka and Kodiak. Private dwellings and warehouses, blacksmiths...
Page 87 - Alaska ;" and in as few words I acknowledged the acceptance of the transfer, and the ceremony was at an end. Three cheers were then spontaneously given for the United States flag by the American citizens present, although this was no part of the, programme, and on gome accounts I regretted that it occurred.
Page 11 - PROTESTANTISM IN OREGON. Account of the Murder of Dr. Whitman, and the Ungrateful Calumnies of HH Spalding, Protestant Missionary.
Page 87 - Acting under this charter, the company, from the first caused dwellings to be erected for the use of its employes on lots of ground set apart for that purpose. The title in fee to such premises was often vested in the employe in possession, when he had faithfully served out his term...
Page 91 - Hoping that the president and yourself will be satisfied with my efforts to discharge the duty assigned me, in accordance with instructions given for my guidance, and that the new territory may prove as valuable an acquisition to our country as you would desire it, I have the honor to be, your obedient servant, LOVELL H.

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