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The following is the inscription on his Grave Stone:

In memory of

who died Octr. 25th, 1793

in the 82d year of his age.

Were I so tall to reach the Poll,

Or grasp the Ocean with my span,
I must be measured by my soul,

The mind's the standard of the man.

And by his 2d wife,

66 VI FEAR,5 b. 10 July 1718, m. Nehemiah Sturtevant of Plymouth 11 Dec. 1734.

67 VII PRISCILLA,5 b. 12 Dec. 1719, m. Israel Holmes, then of Plympton.

68 VIII ISAAC,5 b. 29 Sept. 1721, d. Oct. 1721.

69 IX ABIGAIL,5 b. 31 Dec. 1722, d. 8 Feb. 1784, m. Gideon Sampson of Plympton 31 Dec. 1741. Had no chil. Was a member of the chh. and " was an excellent school mistress."

ICHABOD, [20] of Plympton and Middleboro' had chil. 70 I. JOANNA,5 b. 17 Dec. 1713, m. Ichabod Bosworth, and had Sarah and Itica.

71 II WILLIAM,5 (247) b. 13 Oct. 1715, d. 27 Aug. 1768, m. 1st Susanna Sampson, 25 Dec. 1735, m. 2d Priscilla Cobb in 1751. Had 5 children by 1st wife and 7 by 2d. 72 III SARAH,5 b. 8 Nov. 1717, m. Daniel Vaughan, 12 Aug.

1735, and had Jabcz, Betsey, Lucy and Deborah. [The above were b. in Plympton, and the following were b. in Middleboro']:

73 IV EXPERIENCE,5 b. 12 July 1719, m. Jonathan Smith, 6 Sept. 1737, and had Ichabod, Thomas, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac, Susan, Rhoda, Experience and Sally.

74 V PATIENCE,5 b. 8 Apl. 1721, m. Caleb Sturtevant, 23 July 1739, and had Joanna, Betsey, Susan, Fear, Sarah, Patience and Jabez.

Hon. Ezekiel Whitman, (son of Josiah Whitman of Bridgewater,) who graduated at Brown University in 1795, resided at New Gloucester and then in Portland, Me.; was a distin

guished counsellor at law, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and also Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Maine, was a son of Sarah Sturtevant, and grandson of Patience, the dau. of Ichabod.

Judge Whitman's descent on his mother's side, is as follows:

Robert Cushman, the Puritan,
Elder Thomas Cushman,

Ichabod 66

Patience 66

Sarah Sturtevant, his mother,
Ezekiel Whitman.1

75 VI MARY,5 b. 22 Dec. 1723, m. Jedediah Lyon 24 Nov. 1743, and had Fear, Mary, Rebecca, Phebe, Lucy, Isaac, Lemuel and Vinal.

76 VII ICHABOD,5 (229) b. 12 May 1725, m. 1st Patience Mackfern, 4 Mch. 1751, m. 2d Hope White.

77 VIII REBEKAH,5 b. 11 July 1727, m. Manassah Clapp, 14 Jan. 1744-5.

78 IX ISAAC,5 (237) b. 12 Aug. 1730, d. 1 Aug. 1820, m. Sarah Miller (probably) in 1756. She d. 11 Aug. 1806.

ELKANAH, [22].

79 I ELKANAH,5 (276) b. 10 July 1706, m. Lydia Bradford 31 Mch. 1740. She was b. 23 Dec. 1719, and d. 28 Oct. 1756. He d. (probably) in 1742, and she m. 2d Dr. Lazarus Le Barron, by whom she had three sons and two daughters. She was m. 2d 2 May 1743. Gov. Bradford, the 2d Governor of Plymouth Colony, was her great grandfather, as follows, viz: William Bradford, Governor, - William vid Lydia, as above. In the settlement of his estate he is called "Elkanah Cushman, Mariner." His wf. Lydia, Administratrix-appointed 10 Nov. 1742. She and Lazarus Le Barron at same time appointed Guardian of her son Elkanah. Inventory of his estate £305 1s. 11d.

1 See Mitchell's Hist. Bridgewater.


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The above were all minors when their father d. as appears by Probate Records.

Note. A Hannah Cushman of Plymouth was published for marriage to Elkanah Shaw of P. 28 Aug. 1725. Probably she was the above Hannah.

ALLERTON, [25] of Plympton, had chil. by 1st wf. 80 I ALLERTON,5 (277) b. 16 Dec. 1712, m. 1st Alethea Soule of Duxbury, 30 Jan. 1734-5, and 2d Deborah

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She d. 1 Dec. 1751. His first wife, Alethea, was b. 7 Jan. 1714, and d. 3 Mch. 1747-8. He had 8 chil. by his first wife and 2 by his second wife. He moved to Connecticut and settled in Lebanon after the death of his second wife, in 1753. He and his first wife were members of the chl. at Plymouth. They were received into "full communion" 26 Aug. 1739. 81 II JAMES,5 b. 27 May 1715. He probably d. about 1742, as his inventory was made 2 Apl. 1742. James Hovey was Administrator and Hannah Cushman his widow.

82 III MARY,5 b. 5 June 1718.

83 IV EPHRAIM,5 b. 5 Oct. 1720, d. 17 Nov. 1725.
And by 2d wife had chil.

84 V ALICE,5 b. 19 June 1727, d. 18 July 1727.
85 VI JOSEPH,5 b. 24 Feb. 1729-30, d. 26 July 1731.

JOSIAH, LT. [27] had chil.

86 I SUSANNA,5 b. 16 Sept. 1710, d. young.

87 II MARTHA,5 b. 12 Jan. 1712-13, m. Dea. Robert Waterman of Halifax, 8 Apl. 1734, by Rev. John Parker. She was the mother of the wife of Rev. Ephraim Briggs of Halifax. 88 III SUSANNA,5 b 24 May 1715, m. Benjamin Shurtleff 25 Mch. 1745. He was b. at Plymouth 17 Apl. 1710 and d. at Plympton 23 Nov. 1788, ae. 78. They lived in that part of Plympton now called Carver, and she d. 6 Feb. 1756 ae. 40. She was the great grandmother of Dr. N. B. Shurtleff of Boston, a gentleman to whom the author is indebted for many civilities, as well as for assistance in preparing this genealogi cal memoir. To his great skill and untiring industry, the

future historian and antiquarian will be much indebted; and his arrangement and preservation, in the very best order, of local facts and historic incidents, will prove of immense value to those that shall come after us. See Appendix B.

IV ANNA,5 b. 20 May 1717, m. Robert Avery 23 Feb. 1741-2. Resided in Connecticut.

90 V JOSIAH,5 (287) b. at Plympton 12 Aug. 1719, d. 17 Sept. 1784, m. 1st Sarah Standish dau. Zachariah Standish 10 July 1749. She d. 11 Feb. 1752. He m. 2d Deborah Ring, dau. Andrew Ring, 21 July 1758. She was b. 21 July 1742, and d. 6 Sept. 1823, ae. 81 years 1 mo. 5 days by new style. She became a member of the chh. in Plympton in 1765. Says a contemporary," She was a pious, worthy woman, possessed an amiable disposition, cultivated by the christian graces, and was indeed a 'mother in Israel.'” 1 He was m. the first time by Rev. Jonathan Parker, at Plympton, and as a marriage fee he paid the minister £3, - probably in the paper money of the day, which had somewhat depreciated. from its nominal value. And for the marriage fee at the time of his second marriage (in 1758) he paid a silver dollar. The inscription on his Grave Stone at Plympton, is as follows:





SEPT. Ye 17th 1784



My flesh shall slumber in the ground,
Till the last Trumpet's joyful sound;
Then shall awake in sweet surprise,
And in my Savior's image rise.

91 VI ELKANAH,5 (299) b. 8 Sept. 1721, d. 6 Aug. 1803, m. 1st Hannah Standish dau. Dea. Zachariah Standish of Plympton 7 Apl. 1743. She d. at Plympton 16 Oct. 1756,

1 Dea. Lewis Bradford, late of Plympton.

aged 32 years 9 mo. 19 days. He m. 2d Wid. Patience Perkins, wid. of John Perkins and dau. of Ichabod Paddock. She d. 10 Dec. 1772, m. 16 Mch. 1758. She joined the chh. at Plympton 7 Apl. 1764. He paid one dollar as a wedding fee. 92 VII WILLIAM,5 (309) b. 26 Feb. 1723-4, m. Sarah Holloway 3 Sept. 1747, by Rev. Jonathan Parker to whom he paid £2 as a marriage fee. Removed to Conn. about the year 1784. He m. for his 2d wife Ruth Robinson.

93 VIII ELIZABETH,5 b. 22 Sept. 1728, d. 10 Oct. 1808, unm. 94 IX ISAIAH,5 (319) b. at Plympton, 2 Feb. 1730–1, m. Sarah Ring, dau Andrew Ring and Zeruiah Standish, 1 Nov. 1753. She was a grand-daughter of the famous Capt. Miles Standish. The was b. 2 Sept. 1737 and d. at South Brookfield 22 June 1809. She was received into full communion in the chh. at Plympton in 1767, and "lived a very pious and devoted life."

At the age of about eighteen he was disabled in one of his feet, which incapacitated him from labor, and he therefore became a school teacher. In 1795 he removed from Plympton to Pomfret, Conn., and was a neighbor of the celebrated Gen. Putnam, so renowned as the conqueror of the wolf in his den. From Pomfret he removed to South Brookfield, and thence to Homer, N. Y., with his son Oliver. Soon after the close of the war of 1812, he removed with his son Josiah to Upper Canada, "about four miles from Fort George," and there he died of old age, 2 Nov. 1818, ac. 87 years 8 mo. 17 days. He was a worthy member of the chh. at Plympton, and was at times Selectman and Assessor of that town.

JOHN [31] had chil.

95 I JOHN,5 (328) b

m. Deborah Raymond 3 Feb.

1746. He was baptized and entered into full communion with the Plympton chh. 4 Apl. 1742.

96 II ELEAZUR,5 (31) b. about 1726, m. Abigail Parsons. She d. about 1805. He was baptized at Plympton 17 Oct. 1740. He removed from Springfield to Willington, Ct., where he d. in 1797, ae. near 70.1.

It is not absolutely certain that Eleazur was the son of John (31) but was probably so.

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