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William Hayes,

40, Dataller.

Henry Greenwood,

23, Drawer.

William Bate,

Platt Brothers & Co., Wm. Newton, Junr.


John Crook,





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Richard Riley,

Manoah Stafford.

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August 24,
11 A M.

September 10,
10.30 A M.

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Clifton & Kersley
Coal Co., Ltd.



In main level, whilst driving horse drawing 26 full tubs, ran into four full tubs, the horse attached to which had stopped,
would not draw; two men were flogging the horse instead of taking out a scotch. The horse deceased was driving, in its
frantic effort to escape, knocked out props which let down several bars and a large quanty of roof resting thereon; the
driver and horse were killed. (Average roof.)
In working place, from between a fault and a pronounced slip, both of which had been seen, roof fell displacing two bars and a
The broken bar had been lined on the outbye side, leaving the roof to thrust out the broken one. Had the
broken one.
lining bar been placed on the inbye side it would have had hold of the broken roof and secured the covering timber on the
broken bar. (Bad roof.)
Whilst preparing to put up a bar, repairing a roadway in a tunnel, a large stone fell from between two clearly defined slips,
there was a prop under one corner of this stone, it is surmised that this prop was disturbed in making room for the bar.
Died 14th. (Good roof.)
Whilst filling coal into tub the roof suddenly began to weighten, a large stone came over a prop from a break. Only a bar
would have prevented the fall. The fireman is the father of deceased, together with the under-manager, examined the
place at 10 a.m. and thought the place well propped. (Average roof.)

In roadway to working place, whilst collecting his tools preparatory to leaving, stone fell from the unsecured lip of the
ripping, it was undoubtediy loosened by a shot previously fired, there were the usual discolorations from shot fumes on the
upper surface. The stone was 8 feet long by 4 feet wide and inches thick. It is not wise to leave the ripping lip
unsecured as in this case. (Good roof.)

In roadway of pillaring place, whilst striking a prop with short hammer, large fall of roof came away from a well defined "rig,"
a small fall just before the fatal fall showed the "rig." A gablock and chain ought to have been used. (Good roof.)
At the working face, from between three slips, all of which should have been seen, coal had been pulled from the face slip, only
one prop under the fall, this was canted out, only bars could have prevented. Fall 10 feet by 4 feet. Died 3rd September.
(Good roof but bad in this place.)
James Helliwell, | In a jig brow, had brought his full tub to his level end, stepped into the brow and called to drawer at the level above" Is it my
turn to take an empty," got the reply "No, you follow me"; when there was a loud crash, running down to the place
witness found deceased under a big fall of roof which had brought down two bars. Examination proved the presence of a
pronounced slip along the side of the brow, on the other side of the brow there had been a space above the bars 6 feet high,
3 feet wide, either this should have been secured by timber stretchers, or it should have been packed. The side on which
was the slip was free, a "bump" came and the timber collapsed. (Bad roof.)

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A. Knowles & Sons,

John Thornley, 22, Collier.


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In a roadway, stood near to a bar under which a prop was being drawn by his assistant with a Sylvester prop drawing
appliance, when the prop was loosened a large flagstone came down, there was proof that the bar carried the weight of the
stone, the prop required the Sylvester to draw it. It was a great risk deceased took in standing almost under the bar.
(Good roof.)
In a roadway, whilst taking out a prop with short hammer, ought to have used the gablock and chain. Pronounced slip and
also a break visible. (Average roof.)

In a roadway, disused, whilst sat eating dinner, large stone fell on to the three men; a prop under one end was pushed out.
The fall was 11 feet 9 inches long, 8 feet 7 inches wide, 18 inches thick on one side and 9 inches on the other. In all
probability the prop which gave way had been gradually loosened by the floor lifting. The point was that the three men
were 7 yards in advance of the restored, secured portion of the level; it would have been wiser to retire back along the
re-timbered portion to have their meal. (Good roof.)

Whilst getting coal at the face of working place a stone fell on to him, from between 2 slips 2 feet apart, a previous fall
revealed these two slips and left the stone end free; at the other end it was also free by a slip at right angles; deceased was
getting coal from this, it showed in the coal from roof to floor. The fall was 2 feet 9 long, 2 feet square, and met at
apex 2 feet in thickness. It was a small fall, and happened to catch him on the head, broke his neck. (Good roof.)

Co., Ltd.

Colliery Richard Rimming- Crushed by cage in sump of shaft when trying to get out of cage. Engineman lowered the cage containing the under-manager and seven others beyond the usual getting-out place, into the sump. Owing to a breakdown, the engineman had been on duty 34 hours. No bell to indicator to warn the engineman.

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F 2.

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Bradford Colliery Co., Ltd.

Herbert Norris Paul, 22, Waggoner.

Cause of Accident and Remarks.

Along with another waggoner pushed a full tub into the sump of the shaft, both had their heads down below the top of the tub, assumed that the cage was in position to receive the tub without looking; the cage was 4 feet above the proper place. Fortunately one of the two fell on to a bearer and was saved. New shaft, preparatory work in stone for permanent winding.


15 Accidents; 16 Deaths.

- Haulage.

8 Deaths.

Ropes or chains breaking.



1 Death.

Astley & Tyldesley James Moulsdale, Collieries, Ltd.

Run over or crushed by trams or tubs.

30, Collier,

Whilst lowering a full tub down a brow by means of a crab-winch, the rope slipped off the drum on to the shaft and broke, causing the crab handle to jerk from his hands, the handle struck him on the head, fracturing his skull. No projection or flange to keep rope on drum, no pawl to prevent handles reversing. The break consisted of a rope.

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31, Collier.

Wm. Mayor, 28, Ginney tender.

When taking out full tub on roadway he bumped his head against a low bar, he fell back to the ground; whilst there another tub, brought by a trammer, ran on to him, fracturing his spine. Died 29th May.

Crushed by tubs near Ginney wheel when trying to put a tub on rails with chain running; ought to have stopped the chain.

Thos. Fletcher & John Meadowcroft, Crushed by runaway tub in jig brow, from the stop block not being properly placed by the jigger. Died 9th May, 1906. Sons, Ltd.

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James Walbrook, Crushed by tub left unsecured on inclined road. Another drawer bumped it away with his tub. 67,

Dataller. 26, Drawer.

Alfred Jameson,

Whilst taking an empty tub along drawing road was run into by a tub which had got away from another drawer by reason of a wood scotch breaking. Ordered not to use wood scotches, iron ones provided. Drawer was convicted of breach of rules and fined 408.

April 12,
2.45 P.M.

April 16,

4 PM. 10th.

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Crushed by tub when trying to run before moving tub in haulage road. False alarm raised of tubs running away. Deceased had only been employed a few days in the mines. He followed a "gallows" drawer who just escaped.


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Crushed by haulage rope and pulley wheel; either his coat sleeve caught by rope and drew him into the wheel, or he took hold of rope inadvertently and was drawn in.

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Riding on a sled to go to working place, going down inclined drift without lock in wheels, he lost control; was thrown off; skull fractured. Inclination 1 in 5. Died 25th.

Robert Dunbabin, Lifting piece of fireclay to put on pack, it broke; piece scarred slightly right leg. Died on July 22nd from blood poisoning. 49, Collier.

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Upheaval of floor of working place from sudden weight, displaced props, allowing layer of roof to settle a foot. Gas was given off from thin coal under the Rams seam. Depth from surface about 3,300 feet.

Whilst assisting joiner to erect haulage wheel frame be stumbled, grazed skin of elbow; neglected for a week. Blood poisoning caused death on 31st August.

Whilst pushing an empty waggon, punched the skin off his left big toe. From this slight wound blood poisoning caused death on September 19th.

Knocked his knee slightly against a tub; merest scratch to outer skin only. Died from blood poisoning on December 12th.

Struck left knee with pick point. slight puncture. Worked shift out and the following day, then called in doctor. On 20th December swallowed three-fourth of a medicine bottle of poisonous liniment. Died on 22nd December. At inquest two medical men, after post-mortem, said the poison had not caused death. This was due to blood poisoning of the punctured wound.


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Crushed by shafting driving screens, leaning over after cleaning and oiling to feel if bearing was heating, his shirt caught around the revolving shaft, he was within a rail fence, but such shafts should be boxed over.

Crushed by waggon which had been left unsecured and crept away.

* All mines are coal mines unless otherwise specified.

4 Accidents; 4 Deaths.

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Chamber Co., Ltd.

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Crushed between waggon and brick wall, in lowering the waggon either walked backwards and so did not see that he was
approaching the wall; or he was riding on the break backwards. My view is the latter. 8 inches space between wall and
now room to pass clear of the wall.
the break handle, 15 inches space between wall and side of waggon. The manager has increased the space so that there is

Crushed by waggon used for carrying tubs, being lowered by rope on incline. Deceased and others were riding (not permitted)
when the rope broke, in getting off he fell on the line and was run over. Died 10th.



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Jarrow No. 7, Co. Kilkenny.

forde. 17, R. H. Prior Wandes- Charles Callaghan, Blacksmith's assistant.

Whilst descending in the cage along with the horse shoer, the cage rested on a bunton which had been displaced in the shaft in removing a pump set. The cage tilted and threw out deceased, fortunately the man held tight and remained in the cage. The shaft ought to have been examined after drawing out the pump set before allowing any one to descend. The men having worked at removing the pump set had gone to dinner. Died 14th.

* All mines are coal mines except where otherwise specified.

Date and Hour

and Hour of


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Cause of Accident and Remarks.

Fall of sulphur ore from foot wall of vein, in working place, probably preparing to put in a timber set to secure the roof and sides. The fall was 12 feet long, 6 feet high, and 3 to 4 feet wide. Had two stretchers been placed across fron footwall to hanging wall the place would have been secured.

Patrick Casey,

Dan Joe Donovan,

Old timber forming scaffold in shaft broke, causing collapse of portion upon which four men were working, two of these including one of the owners were rescued. There were seven men on the scaffold, 90 feet from the top of shaft. Deceased fell into water and were drowned.


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Cause of Accident and Remarks.

George Wheeler,

30, Quarrier. Wm. Rainer,


Shale undermined 18 inches for 10 yards in length had been standing a month unsupported, deceased was either passing with a small waggon, or he was filling the waggon, when a quantity of shale fell onto him. The fall was about 8 feet high.

Whilst getting shale from a face. 17 feet high, a large quantity of shale suddenly fell on to him; there was no apparent undermining, the fall came away from natural bedding joints, it was top heavy.


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