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or any other office or place appertaining to the oflioe of sheriff‘, nor contract for, promise, or grant for any valuable consideration whatever any such office or place, nor give, promise, or receive any valuable consideration whatever for any such ofiice_ or place._

(2.) Any person who acts in contravention of this section, not bein an under-sheriff, deputy-sheriff, bailiff or officer of a sherifi', shall be liable to the same punishment as if he were an under-sheriff, deputy-sheriff, bailifi‘, or oflicer.

(3.) Provided that this section shall not prevent the sheriff or under-sherifl‘ from demanding and taking the lawful fees and perquisites of the office of sheriff or of any place or employment belonging thereto, nor from taking security for duly answering for the same, and shall not prevent any oflicer of a sheriff from accounting to t e sheriff for the fees and perquisites received by him in respect of his oflice, nor from giving security so to account, and shall not prevent s. sherifi from giving nor an otlicer from receiving a salary or remuneration for the execution of his oflice.

Outgoing Sheri].

28. Outgoing alien] to tum ouer prisoners and proccn to incoming chcrifii] (Li) Every sheriff‘ shall at the expiration of his term o otlice make out and deliver to the incoming sherifl‘ a correct and account under his hand of all prisoners in his custody and of all rolls and writs in his hands not wholly executed by him, with all such particulars as may be necessary to explain to the incomin sherifl‘ the several matters intended to be transgirred to him, and. shall thereupon turn over and transfer to the custody of the incoming sheriff all such prisoners rolls and writs, and all records, books, and matters appertaining to the oflice_of sheriff. _

'(2.) The incoming sheriff shall thereupon sign and give to the outgoing sheriff a duplicate of such li_st and account,which shall be a good and sufficient discharge to him of and from all the prisoners therein mentioned and the execution of the writs and other matters therein contained; and thereupon the incoming sheritf shall stand charged with the said prisoners and with the execution and care of the said rolls, writs and other matters contained in the said list and account.

(3) A sheriff shall not be called upon to malre a return of any writ after the expiration of six months from the date at which he ceases to hold his office.

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vying or collecting debts due to the
('l"°“'” bl’ P10Cess of any court, or being an oflicer
to whom the return or execution of writs belongs,
does any_ of the following things, that is to say-
(a.) withholds e prisoner bailuble after he has
offered sufficient security; or
((2.) takes or demands any money or reward under
any pretext whatever other than the fee; or
sums allowed by or in pursuance of this 0;-
imy othtr Act ; or
(0.) grants a wari-ant for the execution of any
writ before he has actually received that
writ; or
(d.) is guilty of any offence against or breach of
the provisions of this Act, or of any wrongful
act or neglect or default in the execution of
his offico or of any contempt of any superim-

urt ; he and any person procuring the commission of any

such offence shall, without prejudice to any other M


i punishment under the provisions of this Act, but

subject as herein-after mentioned, be liable-T

(i.) to be punished by the court as herem-after

mentioned; and

(ii.) to forfeit two hundred pounds, and to pay all

damages suffered by any peison_ aggrieved, and such forfeiture and damages may be recovered by such pgrson as a debt by an action in Her Majesty's i h Court of Justice.

(3.) Any 0? the following courts, that is to say, Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, any court of assize, oyer and terminer or gaol delivery, or any judge of any of the said courts, also where the alleged offence has been committed in relation to any writ issued out of any other court of record than those above-mentioned, the court out of which such writ issued, may, on complaint made of any such offence as aforesaid having been committed and on proof on oath given by the examination of witnesses or by sflidavit or on interrogatories of the commission of the alleged offence, and after hearing anything which the alleged offender may urge in his efenoe (which evidence and hearing may be taken and had in a summary manner) punish the offender or cause proceedings to be taken for his punishment in lil_re manner as a person guilty of contempt of the said court may be punished.

(4.) The Court may order the costs of or occasioned by any such complaint to be paid by either party to the other and an order by the High Court of J ustice in any such summary proceeding to pay any costs, damages, or penalty shall be of the same effect as a judgment of the High Court, and may be enforced accordingly.

(5.) Any of the said courts being s. superior court of record may also proceed for and deal with such offence in like manner as for any contempt of such court.

(6.) If any person not being an under-sherifl‘, bailiff, or officer of a sheriff, assumes or pretends to act as such, or demands and takes any fee or reward under colour or pretext of such oflica, he shall be guilty of contempt of Her l\lajcety‘s High Court of

ustice, and be liable to be punished in manner provided by this section as if he were an under-sheriff guilty of a contem t of such court.

(7.) Any proceeding in pursuance of this section against a sheriff, under-sheriff, or any other person to whom this section applies shall be taken within two years after the alleged offence was committed and not subsequently, and if the proceeding is in a summary manner shall be taken before the cud of the sittings of the court held next after the offence was committed and not subsequently.

(8.) Nothing in this section shall render a person liable to be punished twice in respect of the same ofl'ence, but if any proceeding is taken against a person under this section for any offence the court or judge may postpone or stay such proceeding and direct any other available proceeding to be taken for punishing such offence.

30. Filing rind exemption from duly of declaration of uflFce.] (1.) Every declaration of ofiice made under this Act by a sheriff of a county or his under-sheriff shall be exempt from stump duty and be transmitted to the clerk o the peace for the county, and be by him filed among the records of his ofiice.

(2.) For filing such declaration _the clerk of the peace shall be entitled to demand and receive from such sheriff‘ or umder-sheriff such fee as may be from time to time fixed in pursuance of the enactments relating to fees of clerks of the peace, and until any fee is so fixed a fee of five shillings.

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33. Saving for privileges of city of London sari approval of election of alwrhjii of Jlliddlun: and Londom] (1.) Nothing in this Act shall afi"ect the privilege of the mayor, commonalty, and citizens of the city of London to elect the sheriff of Middlesex and sheriffs of London.

(2.) Unless otherwise directed by order of Her Majesty in Council, warrants signifying the approval by Her Majesty of the election of the sheriff of Middlesex and sherifili of London shall be prepared under the seal of the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the central office of the Supreme Court of J udiceture, which warrants may be delivered to the said sheriffs or their duly authorised agents without fee on the thirtieth day of September or between that day and the twelfth day of November in everyyaar, and an entry of the grant of such warrants s all be made on the roll of the court, and unless such warrant be stayed by order of Her Majesty in Council on or before the said thirtieth day of Epptember, the election of such sheriff or sheriffs s l be deemed to be approved by Her Majesty. _

(3.) All warrants and documents relating to the said sheriff or sheriffs which heretofore have been filed and recorded in the central otfice of the Supreme Court of Judicature shall continue to be so filed and recorded.

(4.) Save as aforesaid and save as regards U10 maintenance of men servants and the duration of oflice, this Act shall a ply tothe sherifi' of llliddlesex and sheriffs of Lonilon in like manner astos-uy other sheriff.

34. Application of Acts to francliiaea] Where 8 lord of a franchise or any other person or bodf corporate has in any franchise, that is to say, 8-Ii)’ liberty, hundred, franchise, or other _part of s county, the return or execution of writs, 0}‘ any other of the privileges or duties of a sherilfi the following provisions shall apply to such lord» P9505» or body corporate (in this Act referred to as the bailiff of a franchise) that is to ssy—— _

(-1.) The bailiff of a franchise shall either hold the office himself, or shall put in bailiffs llt1Vl!1g land in the bailiwick sufficient to answer W6

Queen and her people, and shall auflwqlf°T
such bailiffs; and every such last-inaul-i0l19d
bailiff shall make the like declaration as an
under-sheriff ; _ _
The sheriff of the county within which aucb
franchise is situate shall within one mouth
after a request made in that behalf by such
lord appoint some sufficient deputy 3 B\l1
cost to be paid by the said lord, and to resida
at such convenient place in or near the fran-
chise, as may be appointed from time to time
by the Lord High ancellor of Great Britain
and the Lord Chief Justice of England or one
Of l.lIl6m ; _
Every deputy so appointed shall reside at ‘thfi
said place, and, in the sheriff's name, s an
receive and open, when tendered to h_im,li;1o
writs, the execution or returnof which n-
longs to the bailifl" of the imsiiise. sad =11: 1
without delay, issue to th_e said bailiff un B;
the seal of the sheriff, and m such manneratij!
form as the sheriff himself ought to ill), _ 6
warrant required by law for the due execul-l0l1
of the said writs; .
The bailifl' of the franchise and not the shcrig
shall be liable for the non-execution, “.118
execution, or insuflicient return of R11)’ W0%
or for any misconduct in the performance
the said otfice or for any breach of the P1'°'
visions of this Act; and any film _1mPԤ?fY1 3;
the bailiff of the _fi-anchise or his bu It be
oflicer shall notwithstanding any Km
paid to the Crown ; and h in_
All the provisions of this Act (except as cret in
alter mentioned) and every such onactjnefl 018
any other Act as relates to the_return 0 it
or juries, or to the due execution of any “OI;
or to the taking of_ f9fl!,_ OT l/° “Y elmlie ,0
by sheriffs or their othcers, or otherwfigccrs
the office and duties of sheriffs n_r_?-lieu‘ ° MP
shall, together with all the liabilities, Puutcn (1
ments, and for-feitures thereby impwefli 13*,“ tr’
to such bailifi‘ of the franchise and 1115 dujhey
and officers in like manner as if he Film em.
were a sheriff or sheriff's bailiffs and 0 ch:
provided that the enactment as to tllfi fl_}aP°shBu
ment and duration of omce of a sheri chm
not apply, and such baillfi 0f the ha

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provided by the Municipal Corporations Act, 1882 no


t have any larger powers, nor shall any larger iill

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be taken thereat than heretotore, and any in- wh

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dealt with in like manner as heretofore. th

council of the said city or town shall orthwith ap- (2_) where any enactment repealed by this Act , 50

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remuneration out of the borough fund or other ac- ego

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customcd fund as have heretofore been accustomed : repealed
' as

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(4-) Save as aforesaid this Act shall apply to _a


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37. Saving for Duchy of 0ornwall.] Nothing in To

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[Sections 7 (1), 23 (3)]
I, A B., of , in the county of

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(5-) llpy right acquired, or obligation or
liability incurred under any enactment B
hereby repealed ; or m

(41) the right of any city or borough under t
any charter; or

(fl-) unysuch p0wer,ri ht, privilege, obliga- t
tion, liability, or guty of any sheriff or
oflicer of a sherifl‘ as exists by common t
law at the passing of this Act ; or

i‘-) 1111)‘ pinalty or punishment incurred in
respect of any oifence committed t
against any enactment hereby repealed; i
or t

if-) any legal proceeding or remedy in
respect of any such right, obligation,
liability, power, right, privile 0, duty,
penalty or punishment as agoresaid;

ruly preserve the Queen's rights "[a.nd the rights of his Royal Highness] and all that bslon eth to he Crown '[0r Duchy of Cornwall]; I will not assent to decrease, lessen, or conceal the rights of he Queen oi of her irsnclilses ‘[or the rights of His Royal Highness, or of his franchises]; and whenever I shall have knowledge that the rights of be Crown *[or Duchy] are concealed or withdrawn n any matter or thing I will do my utmost to make hem be restored to the Crown *[or Duchy] again ; and if I may not do it myself I will inform the Queen "‘[or his Royal Highness] or some o_f Her

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and any such legal proceeding and _»
remedy may be carried on and had as “
If this Act had not been passed; and


The words within brackets to be added in case of
the Duchy of Cornwall.

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(2.) This Act, and the Friendly The words within brackets to bl oi the Duchy of Cornwall.

-l- In the case of under-sherifl's, o between brackets.

Iln the case of under-sheriffs, oi between brackets, and say : [“I has purchased or taken to farm or conti have I promised or given any con will I buy purchase or take to_fari promise or give any consideri ever by myself or any other person for use directly or indirectly to any persoi for the otfice of under-sherlfl' of the cc which I am now to enter up nor for the profits of the same nor for thereof or any other (place or oifioe bel unto; I have not sol nor contracted farm, nor have I granted or promised benefit by myself or any other person my use directly or indirectly any bsll or any other place or ofice belonging 1

charge the same according iii


1875, may be cited together as the Friendly Societies Acts. _

(3.) The Friendly Societies Act, 1875, is hereinafter referred to as the principal Act.

2. Amendment of 38 ti! 39 Vict. c. 60, s. 4._]_In section four of the principal Act, after the definition of “branch,” there shall be inserted as a separate paragraph :— _

" ‘Society ’ extends to a registered branch in subsections (5) and (6) of section 13, sub-sections (2), (3), and (4) of section 14, sub-sections (1) to (7) both included, (9) and (10) of section 15, sub-sections (1), (6), (7), (9), and (10), of section 16, sections 17, 19, and 20, sub-sections (2) and (4) of section 21, sections 22, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, and 33 of this Act."

At the end of the same section there shall be added as a new paragraph :

“The term ‘Treasury regulations’ means any regulations made and approved by the Treasury and for the time being in force under and by virtue of this Act."

3. Amendment of 38 it 39 Vict. c. 60, s. 11, as to name of society/.] In sub-section three of section eleven of the principal Act the words "nsture or its ” shall be inserted before the word “identity.”

4. Arnendmcnt of 35 ii‘ 39 Viol. c. 60, .9 14.] (1.) In sub-section one (f.) of section fourteen of the rincipal Act the words "every five years” shall be substituted for the words beginning with “the five years " and ending with “ under this Act."

(2 ) At.the end of sub-section one (h.) of the same section there shall be added: “Provided that it shall be deemed a suificient compliance with this requirement if the society supplies gratuitously every member or person interested with a balancesheet or other document, duly audited, containing the same particulars as to the receipts and expenditure, funds, and effects of the society as are contained in the annual return."

(3.) To sub-section one of the same section shall be added the following paragraph, namely :—

This sub-section shall apply to a registered branch of a society as if it were s. registered society, except that every notice, copy of a re-olution, and annual return required by this sub-section to be sent to the registrar, shall be sent through an ofioer appointed in that behalf by the society of which the branch forms psrt.

(4.) To sub-section two of the same section the following words shall be added :—“ This sub section shall not apply to deaths at sea."

(5.) In sub-section three oi the same section the words “or any oflicer or member thereof" shall he

inserted after the words “ any registered society ” and the words “ oflicer or person," after the words ll’ I

the society.’

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6. Amendment of38 4- 39 Vict. c. 60 s. 16] (l )

£:::fll;i1!:(£l;)r!‘li:w?‘:I section sixiéeen if the principal eve

oflide" shall be omitted. Mn Y W an it h" '”

(2) In sub-section three of the same section for the words " in the trustees of such branch or in the trustees of the society if the rules of the iociety so provide, for the use and benefit either of the members of such branch ” shall be substituted the followin words “ wholly or partly in the tfugtgeg of such branch or of any other branch of which ‘he same_ forms part (or, if the rules of the society so provide, in the trustees of the society), for the use and benefit either of the members of any such branch."

(3) In s b- tion nine of th the words 3 oselsy the central cgicblwshdiftbgnggzl atltuted the following words, "or in the case of ; branch, on the comp alnt of the central body of the society of which the branch forms part, or of any


member of the society or branch authorised by the central body, or in any case on the complaint oi any member of the society or branch authorised by the central office."

7. Interpretation of 38 4- 39 Vict. c. 60, s. 22.] Section twenty-two of the principal Act ln_cludes and applies to every dispute between any registered branch under the Friendly Societies Acts, or an officer thereof, of any registered society or registered branch and the registered society or branch of which the other party to the dispute is s registered branch, or any oificer thereof, or between any two or more registered branches of any registered society or branch, or any officers thereof respectively. and there shall be inserted after the word "thereof " in the third line of the said section the words "or between any registered branch under the Friendly Societies Acts, or an ofiicer thereof, of any registered society or registered branch and the registered society or branch of which the other party to the dispute is a registered branch, or an officer thereof or between any two or more registered branches of any registered society or branch, nr any officers thereof respectively."

8. Amendment of 38 (E 39 Vict. c. 60, 8. 23.] (1.) In proviso (c. ) to secticntwenty-three of the principal Act the word “ either " shall be omitted, and after the word “ society " there shall be inserted the following words :—

“ or by the members or oflicers, or former members

or ofiioers, of the society in such proportions."

(2 ) In proviso (ii.) to the same section after the word " shall " the following words shall be inserted :-—

“ apply to every society to which section thirty

of this Act applies, other than an industrial assurance company, but save as aforesaid shall."

9. Amendments of38 it 39 Vict c. 60, s. 25.] (l.) In sub-section one (c.) of section twenty-five uf the principal Act the word “society” shall be omitted after the word " branch."

(2.) Amendment of38 4* 39 Vict. c. 60, s 25, as to D’lUli{\/l.1II.¢’!ll cf certain nfl3mces.] In sub-section seven (c.) of the same section there shall be added after the words “ be liable " the words “ either to such penalty as is by section thirty-two (sub-section two) of this Act imposed for an offence under this Act or.

(3.) In sub-section eight (d.) of the same seclinn the words " or the last preceding“ shall be omitted.

(4.) In sub-section nine of the same section after the word “ shall " the following words shall be added :—

"apply to every society to which section thirty of this Act applies, other than an industrial assurance company, but save as aforesaid shall."

(5.) Notice cf proceedings or order to act aside dissolution] At the and of the same section there shall be added as a fresh sub-section :—

“ Notice shall be sent to the central office of any proceeding to set aside the dissolution of a society or branch, not less than seven days before it is commenccd, by the person taking such proceeding, and of _any order setting a dissolution aside, by the society or branch, within seven days after such order is made."

10. Aniendmeni of38 <6 39 Vict. c. 60, s. 29, as to registration of branclwa] To section twenty -nine of the principal Act shall be added the following subsection :

(7.) A registered branch shall not be registered as _a society except on production so 1;]-is registrar of a certificate under the hand of the chief secretary or other principal oflicer of the society that the branch has wholly acceded, or has been expelled from the society.

Provided that the like appeal shall lie from the refusal of the chief secretary or other principal nfiicer of the society, or his omission after one month from the receipt of a request in writing made on behalf of a branch to grant such a certificate, as from th f ‘

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0 ll. Azlditwncl provisions or to registered societies, Imp] Alhtelrl section twenty-nine of the principal Act ‘hay libel be aéided the following sectionl, which 290 z num ered respectively 29a, 293, and


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29A. Conversion ofrcgistcred societies into bmnchua] With respect to the conversion of registered societies lnto branches, the following provisions shall have effect :

(L) A society registered before the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six may, by a resolution passed by three-fourths of the members or delegates present and entitled to vote at any general meeting, of which notice specifying the intention to propose such resolution has been duly given according to the rules, determine to become s. branch under the Friendly Societies Acts of any other registered society, and also, if thought fit, of any registered branch thereof; and if the rules of such society do not comply with all the provisions of this Act and of the Treasury regulations in respect of the registry of branches, the meeting at which such resolution is passed may amend such rules so as to bring the same in compliance with this Act and with the Treasury regulations.

A copy of the rules of such first-mentioned
society marked to show the amendments, if
any, made at such meeting, and two copies
of such resolution as aforesaid, and of such
amendment of rules, if any. each signed by
the chairman of the meeting, and by the
secretary of the society so determining to
become s branch of any other society, and
oountersigned by the secretary of such other
society, shall be sent to the registrar, ond if
the registrar finds that such rules, with 01'
without such amendment as aforesaid, com-
ply with the provisions of this Act and of the
Treasury regulations, he shall cancel the
registry of such first-mentioned society and
register the same as a branch of such other
society, and also, if so specified in the reso-
lution before mentioned, of any branch Oi
such other society, without further request
or notice, and shall register such amendment
of rules without further application or c_vi-
dence, and until such registry such l‘@l0l\1il°"
as aforesaid shall not take eiiect. _
No advertisement of any cancelling of registry
under this Act shall be requisite.

The rules of s society which becomes I
branch under this section shall, so far as the
same are not contrary to any express provi-
sion of this Act or of the Treasury reglllr
tious, and subject to any amendmentltherwi
as hereinbsfors provided, continue in force
as the rules of such branch until amBI!d¢l1-

291;. Registered societies may contribute iflf ""138 Of other societies] Nothing in this Act contained shill prevent any registered society or branch from celltributing to the funds or taking part by delegate! or otherwise in the government oi any otlwf‘ "8"" tcred society or registered branch of a _s0<>1tiY. I5 may be provided in the rules of such hrst-name loolety or branch, without becoming a branch uu_dBl‘ the Friendly Societies Acts of such other social)’ or branch. _

290. F.rnn.s of arlsnowledgment of "9"1'.'/f°" b‘!‘(17LE’L88.] The acknowledgment of the registry °l ' branch, and of any itmendmsnt of the rules Oi}: branch, shall be in the forms provided in the Fiit Schedule to this Act. _

12. Amendment of as .i- 39 Vict. 9. 60. -5- 3‘;-1 The following paragraph shall be substituted for i ii first paragraph of section thirty of the prlllcll" Act :— d,

"This section applies only to such frien 5 societies, whether registered or unregistered, _an industrial assurance companies as receive contributions by means of collectors at s greater d1_'"i"°‘; than ten miles from the registered oifics or p,f,lII° P‘ place of business of the society or compll\Y

13. Arlditional provision as to few-] Am“ '.°°' tion thirty-six of the principal A_ct the followlllllfl shallbebe added as a separate section, and shall B num red 36A :— _

36a. Ammdrrient infeco payable on certg/icates otf birrlw or deaths] Whenever application is midis one time to any registrar or other person having i care of any register of births or deaths folW2‘ certificates than one of the same birth or desllrll :7 the purposes of and in the manner prescribe ti: section fifteen, sub-section nine, or sectirn NW" Yd eight, sub-section three, of this Act, the sum chsl‘5°

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The Friendly Societies Ame

i The Friendly Societies Act, I875 - - ~ - - So much of section fourteen and of Schedule II. as relates to sending to

j the registrar every five years a return, to be called a quinquennial return, of the sickness and mortality experienced by the society, or

- An Act to declare the true meaning of section thirty of The whole Act.
the Friendly Societies Act, 1875 '

- The Friendly Societies (Quinguennial Returns) Act, 1882 - The whole Act.

- The Friendly Societies Amen ment Act, 1885 - - - The whole Act.

ndment Act, 1876 - - - /The whole Act.

I _ as relates to such return.


car. LVII. ,

An Act to provide for the Registration of Deeds
of Arrangement. [l6th Scpternber 1887. ‘
Ba it enacted, &c. :

1. Short litle.] This Act may be cited fof ,1] l purposes as the Deeds of Arrangement Act, 1887.

2. Extent of Act.] This Act shall not extend to Scotland. ‘

3. Oommnccment of Acl.] This Act shall, except as in this Act specially provided, come into operation on the first day of J snusry one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight, which date is in Ki‘: Act referred to as the commencement of this

4. Application of Am] (1,) This Am; 511,11 lpply to every Deed of Arrangement, as defined in mp section, made after the commencement of this

(2;) A Deed of Arrangement to which this Act applies shall include any of the following instrurnents, whether under seal or not, made by, for, or I in respect of the affairs of a debtor for the benefit of his creditors generally (otherwise than in pursuance l if the law for the time being in force relating to ‘

snlrruptoy). that is to say :— l

(11-) An assignment of property; i

(b.)_ A deed of or agreement for a composition ; i And in cases where creditors of a debtor obtain any ‘ Wntrol over his property or business :—

(0) A deed of inspectorship entered into for the i purpose of carrying on or winding up a l business;

(ii-) A letter of licence authorising the debtor or my other person to manage, curry on, realise, l or dispose of rr business, with is view to the j payment of debts; nnd

l‘-l Any agreement or instrument entered into ‘ for the purpose of carrying on or winding up the debtor’s business, or authorising the debtor or any other person to manage, carry °l1i Ifillise, or dispose of the debtor's busi- ‘

uess, with s view to the payment of his debts.

5- 1l'vm'dance of unregistered deeds of arrarige- l "'5"!-l From and alter the commencement of this Act I Deed of Arrangement to which this Act ?)PPlies shall be void unless the same shall have

@811 registered under this Act within seven clear l ‘hi’! after the first execution thereof by the debtor °P filly creditor, or if it is executed in any place out | °f England or Ireland respectively, then within ,


seven clear days after the time at which it would, in the ordinary course of post, arrive in England or Ireland respectively, if posted within one week after the execution thereof, and unless the same shall bear such ordinary and ad valorem stamp as is under this Act provided.

6. Mode of rcgi'stration.] The registration of a Deed of Arrangement under this Act shall be effected in the following manner :

(l.) A true copy_ of the deed, and of every schedule or inventory thereto annexed, or therein referred to, shall be presented to and filed with the registrar within seven clear days aiter the execution of the said deed (ln like manner as a bill of sale given by way of security for the payment of money is now required to be file d), together with an sflidavit verifying the time of execution, and containing a description of the residence and occupation of the debtor, and of the place or places where his business is carried on, and an aflidavit by the debtor stating thetotal estimated amount of property and liabilities included under the deed, the total amount of the composition (ii mg) payable thereunder, and the names and a dresses of his cred tors;

(2.) No deed shall be registered under this Act unless the original of such deed, duly stamped with the proper inland revenuc duty, and in addition to such duty a stamp denoting is duty computed at the rate of one shilling for every hundred pounds or fraction of I hundred pounds of the sworn value of the property passing, or (where no property passes under the deed) the amount of composition payable under the deed, is produced to the registrar at the time of such registration.

7. Form of 1'dfli8lt‘T.] The registrar shall keep s register wherein shall be enicred, ss soon as conveniently may be after the presentation of as deed for registration, an abstract of the contents of every Deed of Arrangement registered under this Act, containing the following and any other proscribed particulars :—

(a ) The date of the deed :

(11.) The name, address, and description of the
debtor, and the place or places where his
business is carried on, and the title of the
firm or firms under which the debtor carries
on business, and the name and address of the
trustee (if any) under the deed :

(0.) A short statement of the nature and effect of

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9. Rectification of regiatcn] The Court on sJndge upon being satisfied that the omission to register a Deed of Arrangement within the time required by this Act or that the omission or mis-statement of the name, residence, or description of any person was accidental or due to inadvertence, or to some cause beyond the control of the debtor and not imputable to any negligence on his part, may on the application of any party interested, and on such terms and conditions as are just and expedient, extend the time for such registration, or order such omission or mis-statement to be supplied or rectified by the insertion in the register of the true name, residence, or description.

10. Time for regi'st1'at£mi.] When the time for registering a Deed of Arrangement expires on u Sunday, or other day on which the registration oflioe is closed, the registration shall be valid if made on the next following day on which the oflice is open.

ll. Oflice co}/ice] Subject to the provisions of this Act, and to any rules made thereunder, any person shall be entitled to have an oflice copy of, or extract from, any deed registeredunder this Act upon paying for the same at the like rat? as for office copies of judgments of the High bourt if Justice, and any copy or extract purporting to 3 an oflice copy or extract shall, in all cougtstand before all arbitrators or other persons. be Hf ml Rd as primal. facie evidence thereof, and of U16 Wt "-1 date of registration as shown thereon

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such other fee as may be prescribed, and subject $0

such regulations as may be prescribed, and shall be . entitled, at all reasonable times, to irispect, examine, and make extracts from any registered Deed of r Arrangement. without being required to_ make a written application or to specify any parlicu_lars in reference thereto, upon payment of one shilling, or such other fee as may be prescribed, for each Deed of Arrangement inspected.

(2.) Provided that the said extracts shall be limited to the dates of execution and of registration, the names, addresses, and descriptions of the debtor and of the parties to the deed, ii short statement oi the nature and effect of the deed, and any other prescribed particulars.

13. loc1rl1'c_qis!ration of copy of dm1's._| (1.) When the place of business or residence of the debtor who is one oi the parties to a deed oi arrangement, or who is referred to therein, is situate in some place outside the London Bankruptcy District, as defined by the Bankruptcy Act, 1883, the registrar shall, within three clear days alter registration, and in accordance with the prescribed directions, transmit a copy of such deed to the registrar of the county court in the district of which such place of business or residence is situate.

(2.) Every copy so transmitted shall be filed kept, and indexed by the registrar of the county court in the prescribed manner, and] any person may search, inspect, make extracts from, and obtain copies oi, the registered copy, in the like manner and upon the like terms, as to payment or otherwise, as near as may be, as in the case of deeds registered under this Act.

(3.) This section shall not apply to Ireland.

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16. Anwnrlnrent of 46 gt 47 Vict. c. 52, s. 28.] (l.) The third subsection, paragraph (g.) of the twentyeighth section of the Bankruptcy Act, 1883, which r enacts amongst other things that one of the facts on proo_f of which the court shall either refuse an order 1 of discharge to a bankrupt, or suspend the operation i of the order for a specified time, or grant the bankrupt an order of discharge subject to the conditions mentionrd in the section, is that the bankrupt has on any previous occasion made a statutory composition or arrangement with his creditors, shall be read and construed with the word “ statutory ” omitted therefrom.

(2.) This section shall not apply to Ireland. r

17- Saving as lo 1]a,,.,_“p,(v Arm] Nothing con. tained in this Act shall be construed to repeal or shall affect any provision of the law for the time . being in force in relation to bankruptcy, or shall i give_vslidity to any deed or instrument which by law is an act oi bankruptcy, or void or vcidable.

IS. Rirke.] (1.) Rules for carrying this Act into , effect may be made, revoked, and altered from time r to time by the like persons and in the like manner l in which rules may be made under and for the pi1r- i poses of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act. I 1873 to 1884, as regards England, and the Supreme I I‘ourt of Judicature Act (Ireland), 1877 [40 dt -ll Vict. o. 57], as regards Ireland. ,

(2.) Such rules as may be required for the pufposes oi this Act may be made at any time after the pissing oi this Act. ;


19. Irrterprcialion of tei'i2is.] In this Act, unless

the context otherwise requires,

“Ccurt or a judge " means the High Court oi Justice and any judge thereof ;

" Creditors generally " includes all creditors who may assent or take the benefit of a Deed of A t '

"Pei-ri.s.rilngill1iidluiies a body of persons corporate or unincorporate ; _

"Pl'!80l'il)8d(l" Ir:-reaps prescribed by rules to be “Blr::1:rtu xlhisliheiidsme meaning as the same expressiim has in the Bankruptcy Act, 1883 ;

"Rules" includes forms.

CAP. Lx. Au Act to amend the Prison (Oiiicers’ Superannuation) Act, 1878, as to Scotland. [16th September 1887.


An Act for appointing Commissioners to inquire and report as to the Boundaries of certain Areas of Local Government in England.

[l6th September 1887. Be it enacted, dc. :

1. Short tit'¢.] This Act may be cited as the local Government (Boundaries) Act, 1887.

2. Constitution of Boundary Uommi'ssian.] (1.) The following persons, that is to say,

The Right Honourable Earl Brownlcw, the Honourable Edmond George Petty-Fitzmaurice, commonly called Lord Edmond Fitzmaurlce, the Bight Honourable Baron Basing. the Right Honourable Sir Henry John Selwin-Ibbetson, Baronet, M.P., and the Right Honourable John Tomlinson Hibbert, of whom not less than three shall be a quorum, shall be appointed Boundary Commissioners ior England and Wales, and they shall immediately after the passing of this Act proceed, by themselves or by Assistant Commissioners appointed by them, to inquire, with respect to each county in England and Wales :

(#1.) As to the best mode of so adjusting the boundaries of the county and of other areas of local government as to arrange that no union, borough, sanitary district, or parish shall be situate in more than one county, and As to the best mode of dealing with parts of the county which are wholly or nearly detached from the county, and As to the best mode oi dealing with the cases where a borough is not an urban sanitary district and is wholly or partly comprised in an urban sanitary district, and As to any alteration of boundaries, combination oi areas, or administrative arrangrments incidental to or consequential on any alteration wlilch they may recommend in the boundaries oi any county, union, borough, sanitary district, or parish.

(2.) In making their recommendations the Boundary Commissioners shall have due regard to financial and administrative considerations.

(3.) The Boundary Commissioners shall with all practicable despstch report to the Local Government Board upon the several matters in this section referred to them, and their report shall be laid before Parliament.

(4.) If a vacancy occurs in the oilice of any of the Boundary Commissioners by reason of death, resignation. incapacity, or otherwise, it shall be lawful for Her Majesty the Queen, under Her Royal Sign Manual, to appoint some other person to fill the vacancy, and so from time to time as often as occasion requires.

3. Drrlirs cuzrl powers of Corn/1ri.isian¢rs.] (1.) The Boundary Commissioners, by themselves or by their Assistant Commissioners, shall, by local inquiry and such other means as the Commissioners think necessary, possess themselves of such information as will enable them to report under this Act.

(2.) Thc Boundary Commissioners may, with the consent oi the Local Government Board, associate any inspector of the Local Government Board with an Assistant Boundary Commissioner.

(3.) On holding any inquiry in pursuance of this A?i5._ lily Boundary Comrnissicner, assistant comm""°W1‘. or inspector of tho Local Government

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4. Stafl and 1'er1zz¢2zer'a1iwr] (1.) The Boundary Commissioners may from time to time, with the assent of the Treasury as to number, _appoint a secretary and such persons as they think fit to be Assistant Commissioners, and appoint or employ such number of other officers and persons as they may think necessary for the purpose oi the execution of their duties under this Act, and may remove any person so appointed or employed.

(2.) There shall be paid to the secretary, and to any assistant commissioner, oilicer, or person appointed or employed under this Act such salaries or other remuneration as the Treasury may assign» and that remuneration arid all expenses of the Boundary Commissioners incurred with the sanction of the Treasury in the execution of this Act shall be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament.

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2. Foes on cmmiruuioris of ongiiwcrs to be pa1ri_ W rllcrmntilc Mm“ Fm:/1.] Whereas by "°"‘"; seven of the Merchant Shipping :§m°"d'1_‘(‘,id Act, 1862 [25 do 26 Vict. c. 63, s. 1]. it is provi _s that the fees payable by applicants frir exumlnapign for certificates of competency as engineer's shal _ 9 carried to the account of the Mepcantile MIIAIJ1; Fund, and at the time of the passing of that _ 0 the salaries of the surveyors by whcin the exsmin_Ttions are conducted we re paid out of the Mercanil 6 Marine Fund :

And whereas by section thirty-iilue of the Merchant Bhipping Act, lS76 [39 dz 40 Vict. c. 30. fa 39], it was provided that the salaries of the isgld surveyors should be paid out of moneys pwvh eg by Parliament, and by section four of the Merc&lL Shipping (Fees and Expenses) Act, 1539 [43 .d Vict. c. 22, s. 4], it was provided_tha_t the fees by the said applicants for examination forbccr rid pates ‘pi goniripotency as engineers should 9 P‘

ntot e xc equer:

And whereas under section three of the Merchaliii Shipping (Expenses) Act, i882 [45 & 46 Vicizhc. 0-A s. Ii]. the salaries of the said surveyors are c darged on and paid out of the Mercantile Marine F_l1l1 r IE it ls expedient that the fees paid by the said llllzhe csnts for examination should be carried hi, it account of the Mercantile Marine Fund; ° therefore enacted as follows : of

The fees payable in pursuance of section sevgpct

the Merchant Shipping Act Amendment Ext 1802, shall cease to be payable into theb an ohequer, and all such of those fees as have 8 d levied since the first day of April one thculsanfi eight hundred and eighty-three, or are lilo, after levied, shall be carried to the accoilll the Mercantile Marine Fund.

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