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The expression “Summary Jurisdiction Acts" means the Summary Procedure Act, 1864, and any Acts amending the sa.me_

The expression “justice” means sheriff,

The!P,1',ession “court of summary jurisdiction _ means the Sheriff Oourt, and all jurisdiction necessary for the purpose of this Act is hereby conferred on sheriffs.

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4. Penalty. Every person dealing in mar rine, glhether wholesale or retail, whether a I|JB€la'l1fB6"13 1l1}p0rter, or as consignor or consignee, or as °°I_11mission agent or otherwise, who is found gum? Of an offence under this Act, shall be liable Eu summary conviction for the first offence to a ne not exceedmg twenty pounds, and for the Wtipnd offence a flue not exceeding flfty pounds, ED for the third or any subsequent ofience to a De not exceeding one hundred pounds. is 5-h-E1'9"lP!'l0flfr0nl pnzaltg] Where an employer sh ‘£1 "Bed with an offepce against this Act he h_s be entitled, upon information duly laid by lm, to have any other person whom he charges $1: the actual pifender brought before the court at fife time appomtedfor hearing the charge, and if, ll 1' the commission of the offence has been pmvedi the employer proves to the satisfaction of

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the court that he_had used due diligence to enforce the execution of this_ Act, and that the said other person had committed the offence in question without his knowledge, consent, or connivauce, the_ said other person 311511 be summarily convicted of such offence, and the employer shall be exempt from any penalty.

6. Marking of cases-] Every person dealing in margarine in the manner described in the preceding _section shall conform to the following regulations :

Eve_ry_ package, whether open or closed, and

containing margarine, shall be branded or durably marked “Margarine” on the top, bottom, and sides, in printed capital letters, not less than three quarters of an inch square; and if such margarine be exposed for sale, by retail, there shall be attached to each parcel thereof so exposed, and in such manner as to be clearly visible to the purchaser, a label marked in printed capital etters not less than one and a half inches square, “ Margarine ” ; and every person selling margarine by retail, save in a package duly branded or durably marked as aforesaid, shall in every case deliver the same to the purchaser in or with a paper wrapper, on which shall be printed in capital letters, not less than a quarter of an inch square, “Margarine.”

7. Presumpliori against oew.ior.] Every person dealing with, selling, or exposing, or offering for sale, or having in his possession for the purpose of sale, any quantity of margarine contrary to the provisions of this Act, shall be liable to conviction for an offence against this Act, unless he shows to the satisfaction of the court before whom he is charged that he purchased the article in question as butter, and with a written warranty or invoice to that effect, that he had no reason to believe at the time when he sold it that the article was other than butter, and that he sold it in the same state as when he purchased it, and in such case he shall be discharged from the prosecution, but shall be liable to pay the costs incurred by the prosecutor unless he shall have given due notice to him that he will rely upon the above defence.

8. lllargarine imported or manufm:tu-red.] All margarine imported into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and all margarine whet-her imported or manufactured within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, shall, whenever forwarded by any public conveyance, be duly consigned as margarine ; and it shall be lawful for any oflicer of Her Majesty's Customs or Inland Revenue, or any medics oflzlcer of health, inspector of nuisances, or police constable, authorised under section thirteen of the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875 [38 & 39 Vict. c. 63], to procure sam les for analysis if he shall have reason to believe glint the provisions of _this Act are infringed on this behalf, to examme and_ take samples from any package, and ascertain, if necessary by submitting the some to be analysed, whether an offence against this Act has been committed.

9. Registration of ma/iufru'tor1/.91 Every manufactory of margarine within the nited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland shall be _registered by the owner or occupier thereof with the local authority from time to time in such manner as the Local Government Boards of England and Ireland and the Secretary for Scotland respectively may direct, and every such owner or occupier carrymg on such manufacture in a manufactory not dul_y registered shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.

10. Power to inspaclors to lulu samples without pursham] Any ofilcer authorised to take samples under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875, may, without going through the form of purc-hase_ provided by that Act, but _otherwise acting in all respects in accordance with the provisions of the said Act as to dealing with samples, take for the purposes of analysis samples of any butter, or substances purporting to be butter, which are exposed for sale, and are not marked Margarine, as %l:?V1d8d by this Act ; and any such substance not ing so marked shall be presumed to be exposed for sale as butter.

11. Appropriation q/'pmalt1'es.] Any part of any penalty recovered under this Act may, if the Court shall so direct, be paid to the person who proceeds

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12. Proceedings] All proceedings under this Act shall, save as expressly varied by this Act, be the same as prescribed by sections twelve to twenty-eight inclusive of the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875, and all oflicers employed under that Act are hereby empowered and required to carry out the provisions of this Act.

13. Dginitioii of local aulliorifg/.] The expression “ loca1_ authority ” shall mean any local authority authorised to appoint a public analyst under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875.



An Act to amend the Settled Land Act (1882). [23rd August 1887.

Whereas by the twenty-first section of the Settled Land Act, 1882 (in this Act referred to as the Act of 1882), it is provided that capital money arising under that Act may be applied in payment for any improvement by that Act authorised :

Be it therefore enacted, &c. :

1. Amendment of sec. 21 of the Settled Laml Act, 1882.] Where any improvement of a kind authorised by the Act of 1882 has been or may be made either before or after the passing of this Act, and a rentcharge, whether temporary or perpetual, has been or may be created in pursuance of any Act of Parliament, with the object of paying off any moneys advanced for the purpose of defi-ayiug the expenses of such improvement, any capital money expended in redeeming such rentcharge, or otherwise providing for the payment thereof, shall be deemed to be applied in payment for an improvement authorised by the Act of 1882.

2. Scriion 28 of the Settled Land Act, 1882, lo apply to imp;-mwnmts within preceding section] Any improvement in payment for which capital money is applied or deemed to be applied under the provisions of the preceding section shall be deemed to be an improvement within the meaning of section twenty-eight of the Act of 1882, and the provisions of such last-mentioned section shall, so far as applicable, be deemed to apply to such improvement.

3. S/mrl litln] This Act shall be construed as one with the Settled Land Act, 1882, and the Settled Land Act, 1884, and may be cited together with those Acts as the Settled Land Acts, 1882 to 1887, and separately as the Settled Land Acts (Amendment) Act, 1887.


An Act further to amend the Acts relating to the raising of Money by the Metropolitan Board


of Works; and for other purposes. _ [23rd August 188:. Sections. 1. Short title. 2 Construction of Act. 3. Interpretation.

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Amendment of 49 & 50 Vict. c. -_14. s. 8 and s. 10, sub-sections (0): (fl. (57), (1), and (I).

Power to expend moneys for the purposes of the Metropolitan Board of Works (Various Powers) Act, 1887, the Thames Tunnel (Blackwell) Act, 1887, the Artizans, &:c. Actp, and the London Parks and Works Act, 188 .

Composition for stamp duties. _

Power to lend to the Vestry of Samt Pancras.

Power to lend to the Receiver of the Metropolitan Police.

Power to expend moneys for sundry purposes during year 1888.

Special power to expend inoney for purposes of main drainage and main sewers. _

Power to lend to vest_ries, district boards, corporations, commissioners, burial boards, or other public bodies. _

Power to lend to boards of guardians.

Extension of amount of loans to the Managers of Metropolitan Asylum District.

Power to lend to School Board for London.

Protection of Board in case of certain loans.

Power to raise consolidated stock.

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Whereas by the Metropolitan Open Spaces Acts, 1877 540 & 41 Vict. c. 35] and 1881 [44 8:45 Vict. c. 34 (herein called the principal Acts), certain lacilities were provided for making available the open spaces and burial grounds in the Metropolis for the use of the inhabitants thereoi for exercise and recreation, and it is expedient to provide facilities for making available open spaces and burial grounds in all sanitary dishicts in England, \Vales, and Ireland, ior the like use of the inhabitants thereof, and to make other provisions for the purpose aforesaid, and also to amend the Metropoitan Open Spaces Act, 1881, and the Dlaléfiéd. Burial Grounds Act, 1884 [47 & 48 Vict. c. .

Be it therefore enacted, &c. :

1. Interpretotiom] In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, the expression “urban sanitary district” and the expression “urban authority "_ respectively, and the expressions “ rura1_sanitary district” and “ rural authority" respectively shall have the meanings assigned to them respectively by the Public Health Act, 1875 [38 8: 39 Vict. c. 55].

2. Amendment of44d'-15 Vict. 2. 34.] (1.) The Metropolitan Open Spaces Act, 1881, is hereby repealed to the extent mentioned in the Schedule to this Act, and the second section of the said Act is hereby amended, as follows (that is to say), the purchase money paid tor or in respect oi the purchase of any open space as therein mentioned shall be held in trust, either as in the said section mentioned, or as the case may be, for the benefit _of the objects to which any rates previously imposed in respect of such open space had been applied,

('1-l The playing of any games or sports shall not_be allowed in any churchyard, cemetery, or burial ground in or'over which any estate, interest, or control is acquired under section five ot the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act, 1ss1.

Provided that

(w.) In the case of consecrated ground, the vb1Bl1°P, by any license or faculty granted under the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act or this Act, and

(b.) In the case of any churchyard, cemetery, or burial ground which is not consecrated, the Md! from which any such estate, interest, or control as aforesaid is acquired

may expresslyeanction any such use of the ground, “"1MY Specify any conditions as to the extent or manner of such use.

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describing by the name and date appearing
thereon the tombstones and monuments
standing or being in the ground, and such
other particulars as may be necessary ;

Such statements shall be deposited with tlie
clerk of the board or vestry, and shall be
open to inspection by all persons ;

An advertisement of the intention to remove
or change the position of such tombstones
and monuments shall be inserted three
times at least in some newspaper circulating
in the neighbourhood of the burial ground,
and such advertisement shall give notice of
the deposit of such statement as is herein-
before described, and of the hours within
which the same may be inspected ;

A notice in terms similar to the advertise-
ment shall be placed on the door of the
church (if any) to which such churchyard,
cemetery, or burial ground is attached, and
shall be delivered or sent by post to any
person known or believed by the board or
vestry to be a near relative of any person
whore death is recorded on any such tomb-
stone or monument.

In the case oi any consecrated ground no appli-
cation for a faculty shall be made until the
expiration of one month at least after the appear-
ance of the last of such advertisements as

Provided that on any application tor afaculty, nothing shall prevent the bishop from directing or sanctioning the removal of any tombstone or monument it he is oi opinion that reasonable steps have been taken to bring the intention to efiect such removal to the notice of some person having a family interest in such removal.

4. Ameminmil of 47 Q 48 Vict. o. 72.] In the Disusecl Burial Grounds Act, 1884, and this Act, the expression “burial ground" shall have the same meaning as in the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act, 1881, as amended by this Act, and the expression “ disused burial ground ” shall mean any burial ground which is no longer used for interments, whether or not such ground shall have been partially or wholly closed for burials under the provisions of any statute or Order in Council, and the expression “ building " shall include any tem

orary or inoveable building.

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5. Extension of certain provisions of Metropolitan Open Spaces Acts to urban and certain rural sanitary diatri'¢t.s.] All the provisions of the principal Acts as amended by this Act (except sections four, five, six, seven, and eight of the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act, 1877, and so much of section six of the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act, 1881, as begins with the words “ byelaws made under this Act " and ends with the figures "1855," and also except sections ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen of the lastmentioned Act), shall extend and be applicable to and in respect of any and every urban sanitary district, und any and every rural sanitary district in respect of which the sanitary authority shall have been invested by an order of the Local Government Board with the powers of this Act, and to the open spaces and burial grounds in such districts respectively; and for the purpose of such extension and appllication to every such district, every urban ant ority and every such rural authority shall have and may exercise, and there shall be vested in such authority in and for its district, all and every or any such powers, authorities, and capacities in respect of, or in relation to, open spaces or burial grounds within such district as the Metropolitan Board of Works, herein called the Metropolitan Board, by virtue of the principal Acts as amended by this Act have or may exercise or enjoy with regard to open spaces or burial grounds within the Metropolis or any of them; and for the purposes oi this Act and in respect of any and every open space or burial ground within any such sanitary district, and of any and every such authority, the principal Acts shall be read and take effect as ii the word “ Metropolis " when used therein meant the same sanitary district, and as if the words “ Metropolitan Board” and “ Board " when used therein meant the sanitary authority oi the same district, and as it the words “any two or more London daily papers," whenever they occur therein, mea_iit “_an_v two or more local newspapers circulating within the sanitary district."

6. Extension of4O Q 41 Vict. o. 35 to vaatriu and dislriot boar|i|.] All powers and duties conferred upon the Metropolitan Board by the Metropohtan Open Spaces Act, 1877, may, after the passing oi this Act, be exercised and performed by any vestry or district board ct works ior the parishes and districts specified in Schedules A. and B. of the Metropolis Management Act, 1855, as amended by subsequent Acts.

7. Power of corporation to make fru gift of land for open space.] Any corporation other than municipal corporations or body of persons having power, either with or without the consent of any other corporation or body of persons, to sell land belonging to such corporation or body may, but with the like consent (if any), convey, for valuable or nominal consideration or by way of gilt, to any urban or rural authority such land, or any part thereof, for the purpose of the same being preserved as an open space for the enjoyment oi_the public, and may so convey the same with or without conditions, and the urban or rural anthonty may accept such open space, and, it conditons are imposed, subject to such conditions, and such

open space shall be deemed to_be an open space within the meaning of the principal Acts and this Act.

\Vhere a corporation having power under this section to convey land are themselves the urban or rural authority, this section shall enable such authority to appropriate their land for an OP" space, and shall, with the necessary modifications, apply to such appropriation in like manner as it applies to the conveyance.

8. Bxpmm.] (1.) All expenses incurred under this Act by an urban or a rural authority shall be deemed to have been incurred in the execution oi the Public Health Act, 1875, and shall be defrayed accordingly, and the purposes of this Act shall be deemed to be the purposes of the Public Health Act, 1875. _

(2.) Provided that the expenses incurred by B rural authority shall be deemed to be special expenses under that Act incurred in respect of the contributory place or places for which the powers of this Act are exercised, and all the provisions of the Public Health Act, 1875. Wlllch would be applicable in the case of an apportionment oi special expenses, for works for the common beneflt of two or more contributory pl!/565' shall apply to any siich expenses.

9. Saving far Urou.-n lands] This Act shall 119$ extend to an land belonging to Her M"l°5tY 1“ right of Her (grown or of Her Duchy of Lancaster, or to any garden or ornamental ground for the time being under the management oi the_C0lII" missioners for the time being of Her Male“? ' Works and Public Buildings.

1o. 1:,/.z¢w,.] an the provisions with respect" byelaws contained in sections one hundred and eighty-two to one hundred and eighty-s1! (b°ll1 inclusive) of the Public Health A015. 1375, "hm apply to all byelaws from time to time made bl’ "ll urban or rural authority under the powers oi tlllfl Act, and the penalties imposed by any such byelaws may be recovered in a summary meme!

ll. Power over opm spam already vested in sanflflfil authority/.] The Metropolitan Board or the sanlti-\1'! authority may exercise all the powers givento them by the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act» 138hd°r this Act respecting open spaces, church)’ 5' cemeteries, and burial grounds transferred to lil1°P1 in pursuance of the said Act or of this Act in respect ol any open spaces, churchyafdfl, °em°' teries, and burial grounds oi a slnfllflf "awe which are or shall be vested in them 111 P\l"\"m_°° of any other statute, or of which they are otherwise the owners. 1

12. Power o Metropolitan Board with mpnf 0 public walks orf pleasure grounds] The MetroP°m'“;1 (Board may purchase or take on lease, 187 °“ é ‘ plant, improve, and maintain lands ior the p\11‘P‘E9 of being used as public walks or pleasure Emu” if and may support or contribute to tb6_ B\1PP°l't public walks or pleasure grounds provided by “Y person whomsoever. _ _

13. Extension of Acts to Irelanll-] The Prmglggt Acts and this Act shall apply tojlrelandv 51 to the following provisions:

In the said Acts

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References to the Public Health Act, 1875
shall be construed as references to thd
Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878 [41 & 42
Vict. c. 52], and the reference to sections one
hundred and eighty-two to one hundred
and eighty-six of the first-mentioned Act
shall be construed as referring to sections
two hundred and nineteen to two hundred
and twenty-three of the latter Act.

Reference to any private or local Aot of
Parliament shall be construed so as to
include any Act of the Parliament of

References to a “vestry,” “district board,”
"corporation," or “Metropolitan Board,"
shall be construed as references to the
sanitary authority.

References to the London daily papers shall be construed as references to any newspapers, daily or weekly, circulating within the district of the sanitary authority.

References to Her Majesty's Council shall be construed as references to Her Majesty's Privy Council in Ireland.

References to the Local Government Board shall be construed as references to the Local Government Board for Ireland.

References to the Lands Clauses Act, 1845, shall be construed as references to that Act, as amended by the Lands Clauses Consolidaation Acts Amendment Act, I860 [23 8: 24 Vict. c. 106]. the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1851 [14 & 15 Vict. c. 70], the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1860 [23 & 24 Vict. c. 97], the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1864 [27 8: 28 V 10$. c 71], and the Railways Traverse Act [31 & 3'2 Vict. c. 70].

llothing contained in the principal Acts or in this Act shall apply to any land for the time being under the management of the Commissioners of

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All Act to grant money for the purpose of certain _Local Loans ; and for other purposes relating to Local Loans.

[16th September 1887.

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Vict. c. 14], declared that the enactments then in
force relating to trustee savings banks, as to
matters for which no other provision was made by
that Act, should be deemed applicable to that Act,
so far as such enactments were not repugnant to
that Act, and the enactments so applied included
those mentioned in the third column of the First
Schedule to this Act, and the enactments men-
tioned in that schedule, which were in force 1n
1863, were, so far as regards trustee savings banks,
repealed and consolidated by the Trustee Savings
Banks Act, 1863 [26 & 27 Vict._ c. _87], and were
amended by the Provident Nominations and Small
Intestacies Act, 1883 [46 & 47 Vict. c. 47]:

And whereas under section eleven of the Post
Office Savings Banks Act, 1861, ‘and subsequent
Acts relating to post office savings banks, the
Postmaster-General, with the consent of the
Treasury, has power to make _regi_1lati0I1B W1?-11
respect to the making of deposits in post oflice
savings banks, and matters incidental to the carry-
ing of the said Acts into execution, and for the
other purposes in the said Acts mentioned:

And whereas it is expedient to extend the power of the Postmaster-General with respect to the said regulations: Be it therefore enacted as follows :

(l.) The regulations made by the PostmasterGeneral with the consent of the Treasury in pursuance of the Post Oflice Savings Banks Act, 1861, and of other Acts relating to post oiflce savings banks, may provide

post oflice savings bank which belong to persons appearing to be minors or of unsound mind, or form part of the personal estate of any person appearing to be deceased, and

for the transfer of deposits from oneaccount to another account, whether an existing or a new account, and

for determining the evidence to be accepted by the Postmaster-General of any matter for the purpose of the payment or transfer of any sum, and

for determining the receipts which are to be a good discharge to the Postmaster-General in the caise of the payment or transfer of any

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sum an _
for applying to post oflice savings banks all
or any of the enactments of the 'I;rustee
Savings Banks Act, 1863 [2_6 & 27 _¥ Act. 0-
87], either without modification or with such
modification as may seoni_ 118099851‘! °!
proper for the better execution of the Post
Office Savings Banks Act, 1861. and sub-
sequent Acts relating to post oflice savings
banks. _

Provided that such regulations shall pro-
‘ hibit a person from being a depositorkin boil: a
trustee and a post oflice savings ban , qr mm
having two separate accounts in the pos 0 <16
; savings bank. and shall require such declaration
from a deposltor as may be necessary for pre-

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venting his having such two accounts, and shall provide for the forfeiture, under the conditions specified in the regulations, of money due to t-he depositor in the event ot such declaration being false.

2. Regulatiom for trustee savings lmnk.i.] The Treasury shall from time tu time make, revoke, alter, or add to regulations for the purpose of ex‘i-nding to trustee savings banks any regulations made in pursuance oi this Act with respect to post oilice savings banks so far as those regulations provide

(a.) for the payment or transfer of sums which belong to perscns appearing to be minors or of unsound mind, or form part of the personal estate of any person appearing to be deceased; or

(b.) for the transfer of deposits from one account to another account, whether an existing or a new account ; or

(:.) for determining the evidence to be accepted of any matter for the purpose ot the payment or transfer of any sum ; or

(rZ.) for determining the receipts which are to be a good discharge in the case of the payment or transfer of any sum.

3. Regulations as to deposit of deceased deposilon] (1.) The regulations made in pursuance of this Act may also provide

(a.) for the nomination by a depositor not being under sixteen years of age of any person or persons to whom any sum or sums not exceeding in the aggregate one hundred pounds payable to such depositor at his decease (including any portion of any annuity or accrued interest payable to the representatives of such depositor) is or are to be paid at such decease, and for the revocation of such nomination and for the payment of the specified amount to any nominee so nominated, and for the efiect and construction of such nomination in the event of the sums due to the depositor exceeding one hundred pounds, and may provide for it taking effect as respects an amount or amounts not exceeding one hundred ounds in like manner as if it were a will of the deceased duly executed, and that notwithstanding want of due execution, minority, or marriage.

(2.) Where the sum in a savings bank which forms part of the personal estate of a person appearing to be deceased does not exceed one hundred pounds, then, if the regulations under this Act so provide, and subject to such regulations, probate, or other proof of the title of the personal representative of the deceased person may be dispensed with, and such sum may be paid or distri

uted to or among the persons appearing in manner provided by the said regulations to be beneficial y entitled to the personal estate of such deceased person, whether under such nomination of the deceased person as is allowed by the regulations, or by law, or as next of kin, or as creditors, or otherwise, or to or among any one or more oi such persons, exclusivel oi the others, or in case of_any illegitimacy of the deceased person or his children, to or among such person or persons as may be directed by the said regulations, and the person making such payment shall be

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discharged from [all liability in respect of the sum paid in accordance with the said regulations.

4. Laying of regulations before Purliammt.] The draft of all regulations proposed to be made in pursuance of this Act shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament for not less than forty days before they are made, and all such regulations when made shall come into operation at the time therein mentioned, and shall be binding on all persons as if they were enacted in this Act.

5. Amendment of 43 Q 44 Vict. c 36 as to minimum sum of stock to be ini~cstsd.] The minimum amoimt of Government stock in which a deposit may be invested in pursuance of the Savings Banks Act, 1880, shall be such amount as may be from time to time fixed by regulations made in pursuance of that Act. and the amount so fixed for the time being shall be substituted for ten pounds stock or stock of the value of ten pounds, wherever reference is made to that amount of stock in the said Act and Acts amending the same.

6. Eruption of money invested in computing annual ma.e|'mum.] When any sums not deposited for immediate investment are invested by any savings bank authority, on the request of the depositor, in any Government stock, any sums previously deposited in the same savings bank year by such depositor shall not, except so far as they exceed in the aggregate the sums invested in that year, be reckoned in computing the maximum amount which is allowed to be deposited in that year.

7. Amendment of 43 §' 44 Vict. 0. 36 as to investments for Iunalics and minors] Regulations made under the Savings Banks Act, 1880, may provide for the investment in Government stock in accordance with that Act of sums standing to the account of a depositor who is a minor or a lunatic.

8. Constriwtion of part of .Act.] (1.) Expressions in this part of this Act shall have the same meaning as they have in the Savings Banks Act, 1880.

(2.) So much oi any enactment of the Savings Banks Act, 1880, and of the Government Annuities Act, 1882 [45 & 46 Vict. c. 51], and of any other enactment as applies for the purposes of such enactment or Act the enactments relating to savings banks, and the regulations ma/de in pursuance of those enactments, shall be deemed to apply for the same purposes this part of this Act, and save as otherwise provided by regulations under this part of this Act, shall be deemed also to apply for the same purposes those regulations.

PART II. Gorermnmt Annuities.

9. Amendment of 45 Q 46 Vict. 0. 51, s. 8, as tn insurance on life of third person.] Notwithstanding anything in section eight of the Government Annuities Act, 1882, a savings bank annuity depending on the life of any person may, under such circumstances as are permitted by the regulations made under the Government Annuities Act, 1864 [27 & 28 Vict. c. 43], as amended by the above-mentioned Act, be granted to any other person, and when so granted may be transferred, so however, that the amount of annuity or annuities granted on the lite ot any person do not exceed in the whole the amount of any annuity which could have been granted to such person.




PART III. Supplemental.

10. Price of certificate of birtli, death, or marriage.] For the purpose of the Acts relating to Post Ofllce Savings Banks or to trustee savings banks, and of the Government Annuities Acts, 1S29_to 1882, a certificate of the birth or death or marriage of any depositor, or of any person msiired under any of the above-mentioned Acts, shall be given under his hand by a registrar of births and deaths or marriages, or other person having the care oi_ the register in which such birth or _death or marriage is entered for a sum not exceeding one shillmg in place of all fees or payments in respect oi the same, on application being made for the same in such form and under such regulations as _may be from time to time approved of by the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively.

11. Rz'peal.] The Acts mentioned in the First Schedule to this Act shall, to the extent iii the third column of that Schedule_ mentioned, be_ repealed as from the date at which any regulatioiis with respect to post ofiics savings banks made in pursuance of Part One of this Act come into operation ; v _

Provided that the repeal by tlns section shall not afiect anything previously done or sufiered in pursuance of any enactment hereby repealed.

The Acts mentioned in the Second_ Schedule to this Act shall, to the extent in the third column of that schedule mentioned, be repealed as from the date at which any regulations with respect to trustee savings banks made in pursuance of Part One oi this Act come into operation.

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5959011 B1111 Chl1DT-BIN Title. 1 Enactmont referred to and repealed.

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Act. to consolidate and amend the laws relating to Section twenty-five (savings of minors may be invested).

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charitable institution deemed suflicient). _ Section thirty-two (no sum to he subscribed without name and P1'° fession of the depositor). _ n Section thirty-three (persons allowed to subscribe as trustees 0 behalf of others). b_ Section thirty-four (subscribers to one savings bank shall not si} r scribe to any other, and declaration to be made, and penalty 0 false declaration). Section forty (payment on death of depositor). _ _ , E Section forty-one (exemption from stamp duty and distribution 0 effects where under fifty pounds). . Section forty-two (payment to persons appearing to be next-of-kinl

Section forty-three ( a ment under b te . | Section forty-four (gxbmption of gdgvei-s )of attorney from mm?

l sw

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468: 47 Vict. c. 47 - Thle lgrovident Nominations and Small Intestacies Act, 88 .

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Section three so far as "t l t to t tfi ' ' '
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Section fo_ur, so far as it relates to post oflloe savings banks (printing
of_ nominations).
Segue; five, so far as it relates to depositorsin post oflice savings
an s (nominating person to receive deposit not exceeding one
hundred pounds).
Section ten, so far as it relates to post oflice savings banks (provisions
- relating to legacy and probate duty).
Section eleven, so far as it relates to post ofifice savings banks (appli-
cation to Channel Islands and Isle of Man).

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tion to Channel Islands and Isle of Man).

Session and Chapter. Title, - ~ Extent of BQPML

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The term “purser” means the purser for the

time being of a company, or it there is

no purser then the secretary for the time
being, or if there is no secretary, then the
principal agent or manager for the time
being of a com any:

term “cost book " includes all books

and papers relating to the business of a

mine which are for the time being kept by a

parser, or which, according to law or the

custom of the stanuaries, ought to be kept
by him:

term “lessors " means the lessor or grantor

of any lease, or grant of any mine, or licence

to exercise mining rights and powers, and
includes every person entitled under any
such lease, grant, or licence, or any other
instrument whatever, to receive the rents or
dues payable in respect of any mme:

term “ mortgagees " includes all holders ot
mortgage-debentures, mortgages, or Other
charges issued by any company:

The term “ sherifi " includes any oflicer charged
with the execution of a writ or other pro-

The term “ miners" includes all ar_tizan_s,
labourers, and other persons working in
and about a mine, except the purser, secre-
tary, agent, or manager: _

The term "wages" includes all earnings by
miners arising from any description of piece
or other work, or as tributers or otherwise :

The term “ mining eifects ” includes machinery,
materials, goods, and chattels, and all ores
and halvans, and all other personal prop-
erty a pertaining to a mine, or used or m-
tended) to be used for mining purposes.




3. .E.vlmt ofAcl] This Act extends only to,

metalliferous mines and tin streaming works within the stannaries.

4. Wager to have prim-ity.] Miners employed wholly or in part in or about a mine, in respect of their wages hi relation to the mine, not exceeding an amount equal to three months wages to each person, shall have for such wages a first charge upon all mining effects in and about the said mine, belonging to the said mine or to any company by whom the said mine is worked, and upon all money of the company in the count-house or in charge of the piirser, agent, or secretary, or other person on behalf of the company, or at the credit of the company at their bankers, and upon all other assets whatever of the company in respect of the said mine, and such first charge shall, subject to the provisions of the tenth section of this Act, have priority over all claims for rents, royalties, dues, or otherwise by the lessors of the said mine, or by mortgagees, or judgment, execution, or other creditors of the said company, or by any other persons whatever

5. Claims uf miners on leaving or death lo be communicated lo the manag0r.]—(1;-) If 511.7 mm" un leaving a mine shall leave with, or forward to the manager of the said mine, a written memorandum of the wages which he claims to be then owing to him, and also of either his own name and address, or the name and address of some person to act in his behalf the manager shall forthwith enter such name and'address and claim in the books of the company.

(2.) On the notification to the manager of the death of an miner to whom wages are due, the manager shall forthwith enter in the books of the Qumpnny a memorandum stating the fact of the death and the amount of wages due 01' ¢1§1l11@d

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