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9' 2, Noun: J., held that, though the solicitors were not entitled to the the fact that this was but the twent -ninth year of their existence,

scale fee for “ conducting " the sale, they were entitled to be remunerated, under Schedule II. to the order, for such of the items of work properly done by them which were specified in the bill of costs and which were not covered by the fee paid to the auctioneer. They could not add to the bill any item not already specified in it. The matter was referred back to the taxing master.—CouNsEL, Comm-Hardy, Q.C., and 0. L. Clara,Everitt, Q.C., and R. F. Norton. SOLICITORS, Gregory, Rowclhfes, Q 00.;

J. J. if G’. J. Allen.
[N01-s.—This case differs from Ra Faulkner (ante, . 661), because there
the solicitor had not claimed the “conducting " feel)


The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association held their fifty-ninth half-yearly meeting on Wednesday at the Grand Hotel, Ea-stbourne, Mr. SIDNEY Sum: presiding.

lt should he stated that the autumnal general meeting is usually held concurrently with the provincial meeting of the Incorporate Law Society, but that society having this year already held its gathering in London, it became necessary to select a place of meeting for the association, and Eastbourne was accordingly fixed u on.

The report, which was taken as read, statedp that, in accordance with the recent resolution, the audited statement of accounts would in future be presented annually, the financial year being closed on December 31st. Since the last reportin April, 1887, 89 new members had been admitted, making a total of 3,052; of these 1,104 were life and 1,9-18 annual subscribers. Fifty-tbree life members were also contributors of annual subscriptions ranging from one to ten giiineas each. During the six months ending June 30th, 1887, the receipts from all sources had amounted to £3,147 17s. 4d. The special appeal made by Mr. E. J . Bristow at the anniversary festival on the 9th of J une had largely contributed to this result, the association having thereby gained £1,166. A “ Victoria Jubilee Annuity” had out of that sum been crested, and the board desired to '~ record their thanks to Mr. E. J . Bristow for his efforts on behalf of the association, and for his own gift of one hundred guineas. The following is a general summary of the recei ts :—Life subscriptions, £282 9s. ; new annual subscriptions, £66 3s. ; donations, £930 5s. ; an-ears, £25 -is. ; renewals, £916 13s. ; interest on de osit, £1 3s. 5d. ; income tax returned, £40 3s. 8d.; and dividends £885 lillz. 3d. The invested capital now consists of £46,383 14s. 10d. stock, in addition to the sum of £5,048 10s. 5d. Metropolitan Three-and-a-Half per Cent. Stock pertaining to the Rsai-don Bequest. During the half-year 85 grants had been made from the funds, amountingio £1,785. Of this sum 12 members’ families had received £505, while 23 non-members and 50 non-members’ families had received £1,280. The sum of £75 had also been paid to annuitants from the mcome of the late Miss Ellen Resrdon’s bequest, and £14 to the recipient of the “Hollams Annuity.” On the 30th of June, 1887, a balance of £537 9n. 6d. remained to the credit of the association at the Union Bank of London, together with £217 18s. 5d. belonging to the Reardon '.l‘runt Account. The directors regretted to have to record the deoesse of their Colleagues, Mr. Edward Turner Payne, of Bath. Mr. William Shaen, of London, and Mr. John Yeomans, of Sheflleld. These vacancies had been filled by the election of Mr. Henry Holland Burns, of Bath, Mr. Henry Morten Cotton, of London, and hlr. Bernard Wake, of Sheflleld.

The CrrAnmAN moved the adoption of the report, expressing his regret that Mr. Henry Roscoe, the deputy-chairman, who was to have presided, had unexpectedly been called away on important business, and he (the chairman) had been requested by him to take his place. With regard to the absence of a balance-sheet, it had been thought desirable this year to alter the arrangement which had formerly existed, and to have but one balance-sheet at the end of the year, as was the practice with similar societies. He would also like to say that the association was very much lndebted to Mr. Bristow, as mentioned in the report, and he would ask the meeting presently to pass a special vote of thanks in respect thereto. The members of the association had somewhat increased during the year-_— not so much as could have been wished, but, looking to the hard times, it was very satisfactory. The amount expended in relief had been much larger than formerly. In the twelve months ending June 30, 1885, the relief granted was as follows :—six members and nineteen members’ families received £1,000, twenty-two non-members and eighty-seven nonmembers’ families received £1,650, making the total grants £2,650. In the twelve months ending J une 30, 1886, one member and eighteen members‘ families received £855, and thirty-five non-members and 105 non-members’ families received £2,544, makuig the total grants £3,399. In the twelve months ending June 30 last, one member and twenty-six members‘ families received £1,280, and thirty non-members and 101 non-members‘ families received £2,421, making the total grants £3,701. Of course, the association was giving away very much more than was formerly the @882. Formerly, the power to give was limited to the dividends on invested wpltal. Later on, the association gave away the annual subscriptions 515°. And now, by the resolution passed at the last meeting at Liverpool, the board had the power to give away everything that was received. He Could not refrain from recording his own individual opinion, as an old director, that tho association ought to invest their life subscriptions, and 116 could but regret that they had ceased to put by capital by investing their life subscriptions as most similar societies did. The reliable income of the


association was about £3,300 or £3,400 a year, which, having regard to I

was very satisfactory. He would also like to say something with regard to the relief given to members and non-members respectively. It had. been proposed at one meeting to give swa all the receipts and possibly even to touch the capital, but this he wouldvbe very sorry to see take place. He had always advocated that the association was a charity, not s mutual insurance society; but, on the other hand, he could not but look with fear upon the large amounts which were being given away to non-members —which amounts were constantly increasing. Not only were the association thereby expending their resources, but it might be possible that they were doing themselves an injury by giving so liberally to non-members. They might thereby be taking away an inducementto the outside members of the profession to belong to the association. If they took the present average, the association gave to members and their families about £60 s year, and he thought it would be desirable to limit the assistance given to non-members and their families to about one-third of that sum, or £20 a year. At present non-members received £35 or £40 yearly, so that they were almost upon the same footing as members in this respect. The claims of members were at present comparatively few, but in the ordinary course of nature these must increase, and he would like to see the capital increased and possibly a little less given sway to non-members and their families. The board saw what distress there was in the profession, and how many who were once prosperous were brought to comparative poverty, and, though they were very glad to relieve noumembers as well as members, he would certainly like the question of the relative amount of relief to be given to be considered. He hoped that this rneetiu would cause an increase in the number of members at

8 . . Eastbourne, and he would be very pleased if Mr. Pidcock could arrange ' f th 14 000 solicitors on the roll

to have a local committee there. Out o e _, _
only about 3,000 were members of the association, and this ought to be
increased to at least one-third. _

Mr. R. Piooocx (Eastbourne) seconded the motion, and the report was unanimously adopted. _

Mr. W. Lovsu. (Cambridge) moved a vote of thanks to the directors, and that they be re-elected.

Mr. PIDCOCK seconded the motion, which was agreed to. _ Votes of thanks to the auditors and to_Mr. Bristow were also carried, and, in reply to a vote of thanks for presiding,

The CHAIRMAN observed that it had been his great pleasure to serve the association f)!‘ twenty-eight years, and he was the only one left of those who had. assisted in forming the association in the year 1857.

The proceedings then terminated.

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residence, Grimstone, Hori-abridge, on the 19th ID; . bgn in 1824

the eldest son of Mr. Montague Bere, barrister, an was or . He was educated at B_alliol College, Oxford, where he grsdus-tog sfiond

class in Mathematics in 1846 He was called to the bar at t e ner

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solicitor to the City of London and East London Dispensary. Mr. Windybauk was buried at Kensal-green Cemetery on the 26th inst.


Mr. THOMAS Arxmson, solicitor, of Doncaster, has been appointed Town Clerk of that borough, in succession to Mr. William Edwood Shirley, resigned. Mr. Atkinson is also coroner for tho borough. He was admitted a solicitor in 1857.

The Hon. WILLIAM Hsrmr Bnmrsnsr Poarxax has been elected Chairman of the Dorsetshire Quarter Sessions.

Mr. EDWARD Janus Baurrorr, solicitor, of Exeter, Ottery St. Mary, and Sidmouth, has been appointed Clerk to the Aylesbeare United District School Board. Mr. Brutton was admitted a solicitor in 1881. He is clerk to the Ottery St. Mary Local Board and to the Ottery St. Mary Highway Board.

Mr. WILLIAM Gsoncs Mons-r, barrister, M.l"., has been elected Chairman of the Berkshire Quarter Sessions, in succession to the late Mr. Cherry. Mr. Mount is the eldest son of Mr. William Mount, and was born in 182-L. He was educated at Eton and at Balliol College, Oxford, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1849. Mr. Mount has been M.P. for the Southern Division of Berkshire since December, l885, and he is a magistrate for that county and for Hampshire. He has been for several years deputy-chairman of the Berkshire Quarter Sessions, and he was High Sheriff of Berkshire in 1877.

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A writ of cerziorari to bring up the inquisitious taken by the coroner at Mitchelstown in the three cases of Lonergan, Casey, and Shinnick with a view to have them quashed was granted in the Queen's Bench Division of the Irish High Court on the 20th inst. The motion was grounded upon an aflidavit by Mr. St. Leger, solicitor for the police, setting forth certain irregularities in the proceedings, among others, in the summoning oi the jurors, some of whom were engaged in the occurrence which led to the riot, and also that no precautions were taken to keep the jury from omimunicatiug with the outside public.

Chief Justice Waite, in replying to the toast of “The Supreme Court of the United States,” at a breakfast given by the Philadelphia bar to the judges of that court, said that, “ With a population in the United States approaching 60,000,000, and a territory embracing nearly 3,000,000 square miles, the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction in all of the classes of cases it had when the population was less than 4,000,000 and the territory but little more than 800,000 square miles. Under such circumstances it is not to be wondered at that the annual appeal docket of that court has increased from 100 cases, or perhaps a little more, a half a century ago, to nearly 1,400, and that its business is now more than three years and a half behind—that is to say, that cases entered now, when the term oi 1831 is about to begin, are not likely to be reached in their regular order for hearing until late in the term of 1890."

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8 quiry as to damage B"? V Gar- ner app of defts from Judgment of Mr Justice Kekewich dalel 2 Aug, lwarding injunction Sept 9 In re Horatio Prater, dec Desinge v Beare app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Chitty, dated 2l July, on originating sutnns Oct 15

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June I7

Davis v Deacon app of plt from judgt of Baron Hnddleston at trial in Middltsr x withou' a jury June 20

Jones v Greenwood app of dtfr from judgt cf Mr Justice Grantham at trial in Mlddlcsex without a jury dismissing counter claim June 20

Stevens v Bishop, surveyor of taxes (Q B Revenue Side) app of Solicitor of Inland Revenue from judgt of Justices A L Smith and Grantham on case slated by Income Tax Commissioners June 22

Strikes v Latham app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Grove at trial in Middlesex without a jury June 23

Reeve v Bei-ridge app of plt from judgt of Mr J ustice Stephfln Iii trill ill Middlesex without a jury June 25

Preston v Cleveland Extension Mineral Ry Co Cleveland Extension Mineral RY C0 v Preston app of p't J Preston from judgt of Justices Mathew and

l clve on special case J ult 1

Cvrpn of Trinity House, Deptford, Strond v Neptune Steam Navigation Co, ld

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B Crown Side) app of Neptune Co fromju ‘gt of Lard Chief Justice aul

Justice Day, on special case stated by magistrate July 4

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Mathew & Cave on special case July 13 hip Cinderella Denham v O vners ct Cinderella app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Butt dated 5 Juli , I887 July l8 (without assessors)

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out a jury July 19

London Founders’ Aisctn, ld, & anr v Clarke app of pltW H Palmer from

ju’gt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial in Middlesex without a jury July 20

Monday & anr (trading as E Munday & Bartrum) v Finlayson (trading as_Smitb,

Finlayson, & Co) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Cave at trial in Midolesex without a jury July 2l

Giiftrd & ors v Mat or, &c, of Wolverhampton apn of defts from order of Jus

tices Field and But on motion for judgment restraining discharge of sesage into Pendeford Brook July 26

Lanfear v Hanbury app of deft. from order of Justices Field and Willa on mtns

for j udgt directing entry of judgt for plt upon referee's report Lanfear v Haubury app of deft from J ustices Field and Wills refusing mtn to vary referee s

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Oirel'i0tl v Hewitt app of plt from Justices Wills and Grantham on _mtn for

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ithont a jury y In re Petition of Right (rtmoval of telegraph pales) Great W-stern Ry Co v The

Queen app of Ga Wes‘-ern Ry Co from judgt of Justices Wills and Grantham on special case J ulv 28

he Queen v British Gas Light Ci (Q B Crown Side) app of Mayor, &c, of Hanley & ors from Lord Chief Justice and Mr J ustice Denman granting certi0rari for order of Recorder of Hunley to be quained in part July 29

aniell v Rhnoderin Tin Plate Co, and in an issue between DOIIIOII & anr v Lister app of pits from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial in Middlesex without a

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& Co from judgt of Lord Chief Jutti e and Mr Justice Field on case stated by lr-come Tax Commissioners J uly 29

Johnson v North-Eastern Ry Co app of deft from judgmrnt of Mr Justice Day

at trial at Manchestrr without a jury Aug 4 d C

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app of surveyor from judgt of Justices Stephen and Wills on case stat-ad by Income Tax Commissioners Aug 5 _ L

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Baron Hucdleston at trial at Monmouth Aug 16 _

Ship Baron Abrrdare McCunn v London and St Katherine Docks Co app of dolls frlsm judgt of the President, dated 9 Aug, 1887 Aug 18 (with rut assessors

I‘IuWBUD v Barrett (Bradford.D R) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Mattie-w at trial at Leeds with ajury Aug 20

In re Interplcader summs between C Belhell & Co Stakeholders and_H C Cla-he & ors Claimants app of claimant John Young from order of Justices Mat law and Cave on special case Ai_ig_26 _ _ C f

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Stephen at trial without a jury Oct 15


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Bishop & anr v Goulding & anr app of pit from Justices Steoheu 8: Wills affirming refusal of order for further atldavit of documents J ulv 30 _ _

Pain-son v Maakmiek app of plt from Justices Stephen & Wills refusing ti restrain transfer of Met Ry stock in plt’s name Aug 1

United Telephone Co, ld v Lancashire & Cheshire Te ephonic Exchangi Co, ld app of deft from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial subject to assessment of amount due on account taken Aug 3

The Quein v W W Robinson (Q B Crown Side) app of E L Hussey from Justices Stephen 8: Wills, discharging rule nisi for certiorari for coroner's inquisition Auz 9

Lincsi-hire & Yorkshire Ry Cc v Andrew Knowles & Sons, ld app of dfts from Justices Mathew & Cave directing entry of judgt on questions stated in special case Aug 17

R H Ysrmouth v W France, ld app of dfts from order of the Master of the Rolls & Lords J Ill;l5C68 Lindley & Lopes for new trial on hearing appeal from county court Au

K In re Committal of GeOI'g0 Johnson for Contempt (Q B Crown Side) app of George Johnson from order of Mr J uiitice Kekewich (sitting as Vac Judge) for committal for assault committed in the precincts of the court Sept 20

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. °P In re_Jos1ah Caldwell Bx pte W H Hodgkin app of Josiah Caldwell from receiving order dated 5 A 'l " '

pri , granted by Mr Registrar Gifford (S O 25 April by order of. Court of Appeal until 28 J uly—S O again till after vacation)

In re Horatio Clagett San insolvent debtor) Ex pte Henry Charmau and ors (trustees, &c) app o Fearn's trustees from Mr Regitrar Gitfard refusing psymtnt on bill of exchange out of monev in hands of provisional assignee

In re Alfred Holland Ex pte W_Farman 8: anr app of W Farman & anr from (;°Ig::t0f Mr Justice Cave directing payment to trustee of money found due on

In ie Sir R M Mansell’s liquidation Expte Charles Norton app of C Norton from cider of Mr Registrar Hazlitt directing delivery of biil of costs of d bt ’s

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Before Mr. Justice Kay, Causes for Trial (with winesaes and without witnesses).

Weaverv Jones act wits

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Rosing v Trist act wits

Cobb v Newman m fj

Rylands v Chapman act wits

Gilbert & Spurrier, Id v Spuriier act wits

Batchelor v Capper act

Dubbin v Farrow act wits

Smith v Universal Perrnnt Benefit Bl_dg Soc act wits

Davies 8: Sons v Pen & Co act

Hosegood v Notley act, wits

Cunningham v Mid & S W Junction Railway Co act, wits

Ogle v Stuart act, wits

Lord v Dray act, wits

Newman v Johnson act, wiis

Guardians cf Standard Wrought Plate, &c, v James 8: Co act 8r mfj, wits

Hemmings v Parsons act, wits

Centeno v Tennant act, wits

Price v Elder act wits

Barton v North Staffordshire Ry Co act, wits

Barrister v Cliff act, wits

Wethered v Cox m f '

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Longbottom v Shaw act, wits

In re Wordsworth, Taverner v Wordsworth act

Gilbert v Gilbert act, wits

Shepherd v Lavender, act, wits

Hudson v Tugwell act & m f j wits

Brsgge v Vincent act, wits

Redhead v Westhood act

Morton v Cross act, wits

Baring v Baring act

Morgan v Maritime Colliery Co, Id act

Vernon, Ewens, & Co v Arbuthnct act

In re Land Corporation of England, ld, 8: Co's Acts mtn _

Tennent v Welch sp c (remitted from Scotland)

\Voodland v Crocker act. wit

Roberts v R iberts act, wits

Davis v Colls ac’, wits

Ogle v Mutual Life Assurance Society act, wits

Fyson v Marsden act

Flick v Adams act, wits

Hooper v Mellersh act, wits

Peren v King act

Peren v Plullott act, wits

Briggs v Botham act

Iliif v Scott m fj

ln re Cnrsham, Cursham v Gallimore act, wits

Ftorrs v P0130 act

Hine-Haycock v Hamerton act, wits

Ingram v Davis act, wits

Price, Vaughan Pryse v Savill sp c

Blakey v Lstham & Co sot, wits

Before Mr. J usiice CHITTY.
Causes for Trial (with witnesses).

Brown v Bird act

Thorns v Thorns act

In re Hudleston, deo Acklaud v Gatey

B01’. In re Best, deo Best v Best act Horlock v Wiggins Wiggins v Horlock claim and counter claim

Lyon v Hosegood act

Peed v Briggs act

Shorland v Adams act

Burt v Hodges act

N ewbon v Waller act

Streeter v Agnew & Sons act

Kelly v Pike act

Robinson v Pilley act

Shafto v Bolckow, Vaughan, & Co act Witt v Gibbons act

Strange v Howard act

Checkland v Fisher act

In re Austin, deo Bates v Castle act Munn v Taylor act

Patent Triangular Nail Co, ld v Busby


Burbery v West act

Hardmau v Alex-inder act

Routlecge v Ramshay act

Colegrave v Land Corpn of England,

act &: m f j

White v Hewi t act

Littler v Solomon act

Parkyn v Collins act

In re Swain, deo Swain v Whittaker


Aikens v Blindell, Dale, 8: C0 act
Stumer v Hegariy act

Smith v Guest act

In re Galloway, dec Galloway v

Galloway act
Ward v Csrruthers act
In re Phillips, deo Rogers v Bullock
adj sumns with wits by order

Newton v L & N W Ry Co act
Rouse v Gibbs act

Trachseli v Tooth act

Serpell v Bowl~r act

\Viiliams v Met Freehold Land Co, ld

act Allbntt v Harwood act Johnson v Clarke act

Ascongh (trading, &c) v Johnson 8: Co act

Dodds v Pnlton act

Mansel v Lucken act

In re E M Smith, deo Robinson v Smith act

Farrar v Fsrrars, Id act

Burrill v King act

Schultze v Middleton, Thomas v Abadsui act

Lavery v Russell act

Synions v Synions act

Philhps v Jones act

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Vint v Vint act

In re Checklaiid, dec, Lsicestershire Banking Co v Checkland ac t

Casn v Wilson act

Thomas v Turner act

Lewis v Haytsr act

Neath Permanent, &c, Building Socty v Luce act

In re Parsons, decd, Blakey v Davis act

Blore v Blrkwell act

Acland v Napletcn act

Watson v Slater act

In re T Cardns, decd, Armstrong v Paris act

British Mutual Banking Co v Mann act

Palmer v Palmer act

Styring v Didcot, Newbury, &c, Ry Co act

In re Read, decd, Wood v Neal act

Gouraud v Edison Gower Bell Telephone Co of Europe act

Garland v American Exhibition Co, ld issue for trial by order dated 14 Aug

Pilkington v Drake act

Baxter v Curtis act

Rogerson v Lord Revelstoke, L ird Revelstokc v Rogerson claim and counter- claim

Gaze v Wingfield act

Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bkng Co v Bottomley (act transferred from Q B Div

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Relief Act Expte executor adj snins

In re Sarah Howell's Contract & V & P Act Expte vendors adj snrns

In re North West Ry of Monte Video, Id adj sums to dissolve Co

Dsrfield Main Coal Co v Mitchell Main Colliery Co adj suin to review taxation

In re Imperial Continental Water Corpn, ld Epte Oflicial Liquidator ad' sums

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Causes for Trial (without witne see) and Adjourned Suminonses (Classes II. and III.)

In is I-Iornhy Ware v Hornby adj sums

In re Lee Lee v Lee adj sums

In re Brown Barber v Paoey adj sum

In re Severne Severne v Uhichester sdj sum

In re Hitchcock Kirk v Hitchcock adj sums

In re Hitchcock Kirk v Hitchcock adj sums

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Before Mr. Justice Srmnrrw.
Cau-es for Trial (with witnesses).

Mills & Son v Faimar act

Bell v Central Transvaal Gold, &o., Co


Dntton v Carpenter act

Early v Rathbone act

Miller v Tupp act

Nethsraole v Dawes act m f j
Pocklington v Ingamells act
Bndham v Bird act

Forster v Myers act

Wynne v Mason act

Mobbs & Lewis v Wright act
Cannot v Op enheim act

Hop Bitters so v Beck act

Burkitt v Smith act

Solomon v Ehrmnnn Bros act
Whitechuroh v Banon act

Holt v Hill act

Goodspeed v Robinson act
Goodspeed v Robinson act

In re J Alliston Hall v Bros act
Jones v Rsdnor sot

Chester v Chester act

Dcoly v Watson not

J sckson v Cramp act

Gsndy v Hindle act

McDonald v Wordsworth act
Phillips v Dury act

Williams v Adams act

Lafour v Huth & Co act

In re Messrs Betts & Co's Trade Mark


Dufaux v Rosenwold not

In re Cotton, Cotton v Hunter act
Bly th v Smith act

Johnson v Investor's Mart Id act
Wntsm v Robson act

Tallack v Armstrong, Mitchell, & Cold
Leo. v Chambers act

Fish v Lyon act

Crosley v Burrows sot

Nicholson v Doncsrter Union Sanitary

Authority act

Butler & Co v Hall act

Knott v Turnbull act

Hop Bitters Co Id v Lorimer & Co act In re Tratford, Nixon v Fo g act Chili Gold Mining Co Id v Harvey act Gill v Hunt counter claim

Newman v Chnbb act

Sanders v Mania act

In re J enkine, Jenkins v West act &

mtn for judgt

Hondret v Paterson act

Small v Bullock act

Briton Medical &c Assocn v Scott act
Dix v Gt Western Ry Co not

In re Derbon, Derbon v Collie sot
In re Roebuck, Whitley v Whitley sot
Rooke v Pardoe set

Morgan 8: Co Id v Chas Horsley dz

Sons not
Corbet v Moat sot ' _
In re Whitehead Whitehead v wh"\-
bead act
Wicks v Tottenham Local Bd of
Health act

Russell v Bartlett sot

Tnlk v Philp act

Worthy v Richardson sot

Harris v Dray ton act

Harvey v Blount act

Nogus v Wallis act

Briton Medical, Sco, At‘““- V 3l'Bd1°Y

act Morgans v Morgan! not

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In re Walkinehaw, Walkinshsw v

In re Hall to Flsmmiok & V dc P Act,

Fletcher v Reed

In re Bradley, Brown v Cottrell

In re Stokes, Ackmau v Paget

In re Wsinman, Peaks v Wainmau

In re Frost, Frost v Booth

In re Commercial Bk of London k Co's

Before Mr. J ustice_Knitswicu. Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Transferred from Justicos NORTH, Cirr-r-rr, and Srinnrso, lor Trial or Hearing 0nIy—by Order, dated l-ith

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