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certainly the registrar should look closely into it, but he was to look at it BANKRUPTCY CASES.

with reference to the interests of the creditors, and if it was clearly the Ex parte KEARSLEY, Re GENESE-C. A. No. 1, 15th November. best thing for their benefit, he ought not to punish them by disallowing

the scheme on account of offences of the debtor; he should exercise & BANKRUPTCY-COMPOSITION OR SCHEME-APPROVAL OF COURT-SPECIAL

judicial discretion on the whole case, and this court would not disapprove RESOLUTION-CONFIRMATION-DISCRETION OF REGISTRAR-CONDUCT OF

of his decision, except on the clearest ground. Looking, however, at the BANKRUPT-BANKRUPTCY Act, 1883, ss. 18, 23, 28.

evidence in the present case, his lordship was not satisfied that the comThis was an appeal by some of the creditors of a bankrupt against an position was a reasonable one, or that the assets would not realize more in order of Mr. Registrar Brougham sanctioning a composition which had a bankruptcy, and he thought that the composition ought not to have been agreed to by the creditors under section 23 of the Bankruptcy Act, been approved. LINDLEY, L.J., agreed as to the confirmatory meeting: 1886. Section 23 provides that:-“Where a debtor is adjudged bank. As to the other point, it was the duty of the registrar to look, not only at rupt, the creditors may, if they think fit, at any time after the adjudica- the interest of the creditors, but at the conduct of the bankrupt. In tion, by special resolution, resolve to entertain a proposal for a composition certain cases mentioned in section 28, however beneficial the scheme might in satisfaction of the debts due to them, or for a scheme of arrangement be to the creditors, it was the duty of the registrar to refuse to sanction of the bankrupt's affairs, and thereupon the same proceedings shall be it. The present case was not one of that kind. But, even in such a case taken and the same consequences ensue as in the case of a composition as the present, the conduct of the debtor was to be taken into consideraor scheme accepted before adjudication." And by section 18:—"(1) The tion, and that ingredient was of the more importance when it was excreditors may at the first meeting, or any adjournment thereof, by special tremely doubtful whether the proposed scheme was the best thing for the resolution, resolve to entertain a proposal for a composition in satisfaction creditors. If it was obviously for the best advantage of the creditors, of the debts due to them from the debtor, or a proposal for a scheme of the conduct of the debtor became less important. The registrar ought arrangement of the debtor's affairs ; (2) the composition or scheme shall take great care that an improper scheme was not forced upon the disnot he binding on the creditors unless it is confirmed by a resolution sentient creditors, and his sordship thought that would be the result of passed (by a majority in number representing three-fourths in value of all the order in the present case. Lopes, L J., concurred.—COUNSEL, Muir the creditors who have proved) at a subsequent meeting and is Mackenzie ; Herbert Reed. SOLICITORS, R. Raphael ; Bagot Harte, g Co. approved by the court; (4) the debtor or the official receiver may, after the composition or scheme is accepted by the creditors, apply to the court to approve it; (6) if the court is of opinion that the terms of the composition or scheme not reasonable, or are not calculated to benefit the general body of creditors, or

CASES AFFECTING SOLICITORS. any case in which the court is required, under this Act, where the debtor is adjudged bankrupt, to refuse his discharge, the court shall,

Re ALLEN-Kay, J., 22nd November. or if any such facts are proved as would under this Act justify the court in refusing, qualifying, or suspending the debtor's discharge,


Gen. ORD., AUGUST, 1882, RR. 2 (B.), 6. the court may, in its discretion, refuse to approve the composition or scheme." The “facts" there referred to are mentioned in sec. This case raised the question of the construction to be put on the tion 28, and include (inter alia) the giving of a fraudulent prefer words, " before undertaking any business,”, in rule 6 of the General ence by the bankrupt within three months preceding the date Order, which provides that in all cases to which the scales in schedule I. of the receiving order, and the having on any previous occasion made a apply, “A solicitor may, before undertaking any business, by writing statutory composition with his creditors. In the present case the bank. under his hand, communicated to the client, elect that his remuneration rupt had committed both these offences. After the adjudication the may be according to the present system as altered by schedule II.” The creditors passed a special resolution to accept a composition of 3s. in application was by lessees to review a taxation of costs incurred on the the pound offered by the bankrupt in satisfaction of their debts, and the renewal of a lease, and which they were liable to pay to the lessor's soli. resolution was confirmed by a three-fourths' majority at a subsequent citors. It appeared that on the 25th of July, 1885, the lessor's solicitors meeting. The official receiver reported to the court that, having regard wrote to the lessees' solicitors that their client, the lessor, had seen them to the bankrupt's estimate of his assets and liabilities contained in his with reference to the renewal of the lease, and that the matter should statement of affairs made at the commencement of the bankruptcy, the have their attention, and they asked for evidence of the lessees' title to proposed composition did not appear to be either reasonable or calculated the renewed lease. Further letters followed between the solicitors, and to benefit the general boly of creditors. The trustee in the bankruptcy, on the 21st of October the draft leases were forwarded by the lessor's however, made an estimate of the present value of the assets and of the solicitors. They had previously, on the 19th of October, given their probable amount required for costs, &c., which shewed that the assets client, the lessor, a notice in writing electing that their remuneration would hardly be sufficient to pay the proposed composition, and the registrar should be under the system existing at the date of the General Order, as approved of it. Some of the dissentient creditors appealed, and they altered by schedule Iỉ. thereto, and on the completion of the leases they alleged that the confirmatory resolution was not, in fact, passed by the delivered to the lessees a bill of costs calculated on this footing. This proper majority ; that the composition was unreasonable; and that, having was objected to by the lessees' solicitors on the ground that the business regard to the conduct of the debtor, no composition or scheme ought to had been undertaken before the date of the notice of the 19th of October, have been approved. On behalf of the bankrupt it was urged that the and that the costs ought consequently to be calculated under schedule I. Court of Appeal would not interfere with the exercise of the registrar's to the General Order. The taxing master held that the notice of the discretion, and that, in the case of a composition or scheme under section 19th of October was an election under rule 6 of the General Order, and 23, a confirmatory resolution is not required at all. On the latter point that the costs ought to be calculated according to schedule II., and he reliance was placed on the use of the word " acceptedin section 23, as disallowed the objections of the lessees, who now applied to review the compared with the use of the same word in sub-section 4 of section 18, the taxation. word there referring to a composition or scheme as to which both a special KAY, J., after taking time to consider the question, now decided in and a confirmatory resolution have been passed. And it was argued that, favour of the lessees' contention. He said that the scale of charges fixed after the special resolution has been passed under section 23, the subse by schedule I, part 2, for preparing, settling, and completing a lease quent proceedings are to be taken up as they would be under sub-section and counterpart clearly included all the negotiations preliminary thereto, 4 of section 18, the confirmatory meeting being entirely omitted. And it as was shewn by the cases of Re Field (33 W. R. 504, 533, 29 Ch. D. was said that the reason for the difference was this, that, in proceedings 608), and Re Emmanuel and Simmonds (34 W. R.613, 33Ch. D. 40). Then arose under section 18, the creditors would not know till they came to the first the question as to what was intended by the words, " before undertaking meeting whether any composition or scheme would be proposed; whereas, any business," in rule 6. It was noticeable that this rule was completely under section 23, the notice of the meeting called to pass the special one-sided; it gave no option to the client, and was wholly in favour of resolution would state the object of the meeting and the terms of the the solicitor. And the words in question were very material ; because if proposed composition or scheme. Therefore a confirmatory meeting a solicitor was to be at liberty to carry would be unnecessary. The court came to the conclusion that the con

on any business until

he could see whether it firmatory resolution had, in fact, been passed by the proper majority, and to

was to his benefit to charge according

the scale in schedule I. therefore it did not become absolutely necessary to decide this point, but existing system, the client would be at a disadvantage, and the

according to the previously the court expressed their opinion upon it. The Court (Lord Esher, M.R., and Lindley and Lopes, L.JJ.), under the previously existing system. This result could not have been

scale charge would be adopted only in cases where it was larger than that reversed the registrar's decision, and held that the composition intended. *The election was to be made before the business was was not a reasonable one under the circumstances. Lord Esher, undertaken. M. R., said that, looking at the words of the two sections and the leases, was shewn by the two decisions he had mentioned ; and the time

What was meant by the term “business," with reference to rules, he had no doubt that a confirmatory meeting was as necessary under section 23 as under section 18. The terms entertain” and “accept"

when it was undertaken must in every case depend on the facts. But, as were used as synonymous In both cases it was at the first meeting that employment, and had done anything therein for which he could make a

a general rule, he was of opinion that after a solicitor had accepted any the creditors "entertained,” and in that sense “accepted," the composi. charge supposing the scale did not apply, it tion or scheme, but in both cases that which was done at the first meeting him to elect to charge according to the system existing before the General

too late for must be confirmed. This being so, it became the duty of the registrar to consider the composition, and to approve of it it he thought it reasonable. opinion the letter of the 25th of July was one for which the solicitors were

Order came into operation. Applying this rule to the present case, in his If he thought it not reasonable, or if he was not satisfied that it was reasonable, it was his duty to reject it. Here the debtor had been guilty had been undertaken by them, and the notice of the 19th of October came

entitled to make a charge against the lessor. From that date the business of various offences; a fraudulent preference was not a light matter, for it was an attempt to cheat creditors.

too late. He differed, therefore, from the opinion of the taxing master, registrar ought not to have sanctioned the scheme, however advantageous I. to the General Order. Counsel, Haldane ; Millar, Q.C., and A. J. Allen.

It was argued that, this being so, the and considered that the costs ought to be calculated according to schedule it was to the creditors. His lordship could not quite agree to that, though SOLICITORS, Parker, Garrett, f Parker ; Allen $ Son.



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BAKEWELL v. CORNISH.-Q. B. Div., Wills, J., 23rd November. 2 Hill, Frank Herbert

Reynolds, James

Hill, John Ernest

Rhodes, Samuel Robert
Hindle, James

Ripley, James Neal
This case was tried before Wills, J., and a common jury last week. It Hoare, Stanley Herbert

Robinson, Arthur Armitage was an action brought to recover damages for alleged falsē imprisonment Hobson, Alfred Edward

Robinson, Frederick Palmerston and malicious prosecution, and resulted in a verdict for the defendant. Hudson, Frederick, B.A.

Robinson, John William
Wills, J., having been informed that the solicitor for the plaintiff in Hudson, Richard

Robinson, Reginald William
the action had failed to pay the ordinary fees, amounting in such cases to Huntley, Frederick Thomas, B.A. Rogers, Ernesh Abethell
only £1 3s. 6d., and including 12s. for the jury and 10.s. 6d. the sheriff's Jenkins, Henry Martyn

Rogers, Henry fee, had sent word to say that he required him to be present this morn- Jewson, Frank

Rogers, Hywel Llewelyn ing; and before the business of the day was taken.

Johnston, Charles Watkinson

Roper, Freeman, B.A.
Wills, J., in addressing him, said that he was bound to have paid the Jones, Cuthbert Lewis

Rosser, David
fees whether he had or had not received them from his client. The Jones, John Roberts

Rowlands, Frederick learned judge added that, unless the solicitor lodged the money at once Jones, Thomas Davies

Rowlands, William Oswald in court, the official solicitor would be instructed to proceed against him Jowett, Charles

Rowsell, Charles Frederick as an officer of the court for the amount, and that the whole matter Keeble, Jasper

Ruston, Alfred Stanley would have to come before a divisional court. His lordship also said that King, Frederick Herbert

Sadd, Herbert Roger he wished it at any rate to be known that he felt bound to take such a Kiss, James Frederick

Sadler, Arthur Lindsay, B.A. view of the matter, as he had been informed that similar cases had arisen Knight, Thomas Joseph

Salthouse, Thomas Brockbank quite recently.—Times.

Knowles, Marmaduke Redmayne Sanders, William Alfred, B.A.
Lach-Szyrma, Horatio IgnatiusSaxby, George

Sewell, Frederick Capel
Laverack, Edwin Arthur

Shackell, Charles Henry

Leak, Frederick Osborne Simeon Shaen, Arthur O'Ferrall, B.A.

Lewis, Harry Reginald, B.A. Sherratt, Walter
Lindell, William Clement

Shoesmith, John William

Llewellin, Thomas Johnes, B.A. Shore, John Willis

Lowthian, George Henry

Short, Pery, B.A.
The following candidates (whose names are in alphabetical order) were

McMaster, George

Simpson, John Alexander successful at the intermediate examination held on the 4th day of Novem- Martin, William Henry

Marriott, Thomas

Smart, Charles Joel ber, 1886:

Smith, Henry Ashworth

Martineau, Philip Hubert, B.A. Smith, Henry Gouger Stapylton Abbott, Edmund Rushworth Cole, Francis Simcoe

Mason, George Arthur

Southby, Charles
Agate, William
Coleman, George

Mathew, Frank James

Standring, Walter
Akerman, William Mason
Cooper, William Butterworth Matthews, Edward Eierbert

Stocks, Percy Fenwick
Anderson, Thomas Alexander Cornwall, Frank Herbert Goode Matthews, John Hobson

Stone, Arthur Carlyon Stanley
Andrews, Richard William
Craigie, Athole

Mawer, Arthur Jefferay

Stredwick, Clement Edward
Arnholz, Henry Preuss
Crisp, Alfred Henry

May, William, B.A.

Strong, Noel Whitley
Atchley, Henry Willmott Wickham Crompton, Cuthbert

Mellor, Harry

Stuckbery, Thomas William Atkins, Percy Colquhoun, B.A. Crooks, Edward Victor

Mills, Charles

Swift, Ernest William
Atter, Francis Ward
Crosbie, George Vertue

Milnes, Herbert William

Sykes, James
Austin, John Soame, B.A.
Cross, John Trevor

Moore, Frederick William

Tatham, Charles Edmund, B.A.
Bailey, Hinton James
Davis, Reginald George

Morris, Astley John Skilbeck

Taylor, John Percival
Baker, Herbert Kendra
Davson, George Ernest

Moss, Wilfred

Terry, John Percival
Baldwin, Edgar
Deakin, Francis Howard

Moulding, Arthur Wallis

Thomas, Rhys Goring
Baldwin, Hartley
Deans, Henry Stapleton

Nash, Walter Lee

Tindle, John Spoor
Barlow, George Edmund Joseph Digby, Seymour Wyatt

Nettleship, Robert Murray

Titley, Charles Edward
Doggett, William Harold

New, Oliver Huxham

Trethewy, Alfred
Barnett, Henry Augustus Grattan Ducker, John Anthony, B.A.

Newton, Frank

Tristram, Percy Preston, B.A
Barton, George Albert
Duke, Gilbert Ashton

Nodes, Sydenham William Stephen-Turnbull, Robert
Bate, Charles John Copeland Dumbleton, Alan Southey

Tweedy, Arthur Clement
Beauclerc Bennett, Edwards, Francis Harold, B A. Nutt, George Arthur, B A.

Tyler, Jacob
Ellis, Clement George Lumley Oddie, Lewis Gilbert

Varco, Walter William
Beckwith, John, B.A.
Ellis, William Twigge

Ogilvie, Charles Edward

Vernon, Thomas Henry, B.A. Bellingham, William Clarence Entwistle, John

Oldfield, Martin Percy

Villiers, William Noel
Bellot, Hugh Hale Leigh, B.A Ethelston, Arthur Assheton, B.A. Olivant, George Daniel Starkey Walker, Herbert Preston
Bennett, Harry Macaulay, B.A. Farmer, James Herbert

Overy, James Robert

Wall, John William
Berry, Thomas Bickersteth
Fearnley, John

Padgett, Alfred

Walmsley, Herman
Blagg, Francis Edward
Fellowes, Evelyn Napier, B.A.

Paull, Frederick Reginald

Ward, William Leonard, B.A. Blake, Arthur Roddam Frederick, Finch, George William

Pearce, Seward

Watson, Frederick Byers
Fletcher, Basil, B.A.

Peele, Henry de Courcy

Watson, Henry
Bolton, Robert Charles
Forrester, Hugh Carl, B.A.

Perrins, William Dyson

Watson, William
Booth, George Henry
Freeman, Charles

Philipps, Benjamin Lewis

Webb, Frederic Bostock
Booth, Herbert Edward
Fuller, Edgar Henry

Philipps, Hugh Grismond

Whitcombe, Herbert
Bourne, William Percy
Gale, Francis Sydney

Phillips, John William

Wilkinson, John Stanser
Bradbury, Charles Edward
Galt, Algernon William Bruce Pink, John Edward

Williams, Thomas John, B.A.,
Brady, Harry Alfred, B.A.
Gamble, Philip Anthony

Prall, Ernest Finley

Wilmshurst, Walter Leslie
Braithwaite, James Elmund Garner, Stanley

Prall, Harry Horace

Wilton, Henry Pley dell
Brandon, Edward Tyrell Horace, Garnett, Robert Singleton

Preston, Herbert Sansome

Wing, George Staunton, B.A.
Genge, Henry Arthur Pope

Priest, Frederick James

Witty, Richard
Breakell, Walter
Gilberthorpe, George Cooke

Pullan, Herbert Thornton

Wood, Edgar
Bros, Thomas Alfred
Glubb, Albert de Castro

Rawlinson, Thomas Arthur

Wooding, Benjamin, B.A.
Bull, Frank Kimber
Goddard, Eugene Hill

Rayner, Charles Joseph Lee B.A
Bull, Thomas Henry

Wordsworth, Thomas Henry
Burton, Alfred Christopher
Godson, Ernest Henry

Read, David Robert
Goodman, George
Bythway, William Henry Vipond

Calvert, John Henry

Goulding, William Haworth
Campbell, Robert
Gray, William Johns, B.A.

The following candidates (whose na nes are in alphebetical order) were
Capper, Harry Woodifield
Greaves, Charles Henry

successful at the final examination held on the 2nd and 3rd of November,
Capron, Thomas Alfred
Green, John Robert

Gregson, Harold
Carter, Langham, B.A.

Strangeways Argles, Frederick John

Boulton, Arthur
Carver, Thomas, B.A.
Atkinson, Charles Evans

Bradbury, John Henry
Cattle, Frederic, B.A.
Hale, Frederick Johnstone O'Brien Ayres, Harry Edward

Bramah, Joseph Francis
Catton, Arthur William
Hale, Matthew Henry

Barfield, Arthur Edward

Brandon, Edgar Morris
Chapman, Thomas Denton
Hallsworth, James Henry

Barker, Henry Charles

Brock, Henry Blake
Charles, Robert William
Hampton, William Roberts

Barnes, Henry Ernest

Brooke, lward
Charles, Thomas
Harper, Charles John Stewart Bathurst, Algernon

Brown, Alfred Charles
Chell, Herbert William
Harris, George Beynon

Batt, Henry John

Brown, Alfred Edward
Harris, Reginald James

Bell, William Henry

Bubb, John
Clarke, Arthur Henderson
Harrison, John Mullens Watson Bere, Charles, B.A.

Burrows, Charles Edward
Clarke, Charles Peard
Hart, William Jackson

Birch, Frederick Chatfield

Cann, George
Clayton, John Betram, B.A.
Hastings, George Andrew

Birchall, George

Capper, Henry Francis Everard Hemingway, Stanley

Blears, Walter Heywood

Carlyon, Edmund Laurence
Hill, Arthur
Bloomer, Howard Kossuth

Carpmael, Alfred



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Chetham, Henry

sincs ame aster, edule

Cobb, John Gerard, B.A.

Carter, Arthur George William Lambert, Walter

Williams, Samuel

Withall, Walter Cartwright, Joseph Frank Postle-Latham, John Algernon

Willis, George Harry

Witty, John Percy thwaite Lees, Alfred Edmund

Wilson, Matthew Richard

Woodward, George Deward Cartwright, Thomas Charles Lewis, Charles Prytherch, M.A. Wilson, Thomas

Wormald, John
Cator, Ralph Bertie Peter, B.A. Lewis, Henry

Winterbotham, Lindsay Dillon Wright, Frank Thurlow
Chapman, Ernest Edward
Lewis, John Hugh

Witchell, Charles Adolphus
Chitty, Joseph Henry Pollock, B.A. Lewis, John William
Christian-Edwards, Thomas Beck-Lister, John Edwin
McNair, George Lewis Frederic

Clarke, Edward Warren
Mann, Arthur Moore

At the sitting on Monday evening last Mr, Yates moved, “The decision
Clarke, Francis Richard, B.A. Marsden, Leonard Levison Montagu of the Court of Appeal in the National Provincial Bank of England y, Jack-
Clifton, William Charles
Martin, Harry Jesse

son is erroneous, and ought to be overruled.” Mr. Lazarus opposed. Mr. Cockerton, Joseph Stewart Mason, Francis Burton

Steere and Mr. Hartley supported the opener, while on the other side were Cockshutt, Nicholas Milne, Clifford Donald

Mr. W. S. Shirley, M.P., Mr. Moyle, Mr. Abrahams, and other. Mr. Coghlan, Wilfrid Austin, B.A., Mogford, Richard

Yates replied, and the chairman then summed up, and, upon the motion LL.B.

Molesworth, Arthur Henry
Collins, James Adolphus
Monckton, Charles Falkland

being put to the house, the decision of the Lords Justices was upheld by a

large majority, Cook, Aloah James

Monckton, Herbert Haden, B A. Cope, William Silverwood, M.A. Morgan, William John Lewis Copland, Charles Albert, B.A, Morrison, Robert Macgregor

Corbould, John Edward

Moseley, Oswald Richard
Corfe, Albert
Murray, John George

At the meeting of this society held at the Law Institution, Chancery.
Cotton, William
Nathan, Myer Samuel

lane, on Tuesday, the 23rd inst., Mr. Wilmot E. Elmslie, in the chair, Crabb, Edward Alfred Newill, Percy Henry

the motion upon the paper for discussion was, " That it is the duty of the Crookenden, Harry Mitton, B.A. Newnham, Charles Edward

Government to immediately suppress the National League in Ireland.” Daun, William Henry Newstead, Edgar Cecil

Mr. John Lithiby opened the debate in the affirmative, and was followed Davidson, Alfred George, B.A. Oberbach, Charles William

on the same side by Messrs. J. D. Crawford, E. E. Davies, J. Cornelius Davies, William Ormond, Edward Brooks

Wheeler, and T. Douglas, and opposed by Messrs. T. Bateman-Napier, De Buriatte, Ernest Isaac Orrell, James Andrew

Gwynne-Griffiths, W. M. 'Woodhouse, Arthur Williams, and Richmond. Dewhirst, William Paddock, Albert Edward

After Mr. Lithiby had replied, the chairman put the motion to the Dickinson, Thomas Frederick Paget, Alfred

society, when it was carried by a majority of eleven votes. There were Dobinson, Percy Jackson Parrott, Francis Hayward

forty-eight gentlemen present at the debate which endedat 10.15 p.m. Dodson, Joe

Parry, Henry Wynn Edmonds, George William

Patterson, Ernest Alfred Edmunds, Henry Edward

Perkins, John Inniss
Elliman, George Drayton

Phillips, Arthur
Ellis, William Henry
Phillips, Thomas

Elmslie, Wilmot Edward
Picton, Robert Owen

Emerson, George

Pinder, John Hothersall, B.A.
Emms, Frederick George
Pinniger, Henry Broome

SIR JAMES MARTIN, Knt., Chief Justice of the Colony of New South
Falkner, William Gardner
Porter, James

Wales, died at Sydney on the 4th inst. after a short illness. Sir J. Farrington, Charles Joseph Potter, John Herbert

Martin was the son of Mr. John Martin, and was born in 1820. He Fisher, Edward Francis Ralph, Audsley

practised at Sydney as a solicitor for about ten years, and he was called to Ford, Eustace Milton Rand, George Robert

the bar in New South Wales in 1856. He had for many years a large Forshaw, George Alfred, B.A. Raven, Alexander James

practice and he was created a Queen's Counsel in 1857. He took an active Francis, John Swinford Rawlings, George

part in political life, and he was for nearly fourteen years a member of Frank, Laurence Ward, B.A. Regge, Robert William

the Legislative Assembly. He was five times Attorney-General of the French, William Morley Reynolds, Alan Swatman

Colony, and three times Prime Minister. He received the honour of Fuller, Charles Henry Richards, John Walter

knighthood in 1869, and in 1873 he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Furbank, Arthur James Robbins, Walter George

Court of New South Wales. Sir J. Martin was married in 1853 to the Gibb, William Alfred Roberts, Harold Flintoft Parker

eldest daughter of Mr. William Long, of Sydney. Gibbons, George Harry Roberts, Joseph Batcheleur

Mr. James Gibbs, barrister, formerly a judge of the High Court at Gibbs, Thomas Roberts, Richard Mostyn

Bombay, died on the 5th inst. Mr. Gibbs was the third son of Alderman Gibson, Arthur Cracroft

Rogers, George Edward Bouldergon Michael Gibbs, and was born in 1826. He was called to the bar at the Griffith, Edward Byrne Ryland, Arthur Latham

Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1864. He had been a member of the Bom. Griffith, John St. Aubrey ManselSaltmarshe, Hugh, B.A.

bay Civil Service since 1846. He was Assistant Commissioner of Scinde under Gwynne Searle, Alfred, B.A.

Sir Bartle Frere, and he was a puisne judge of the High Court at Bom: Hacon, Harold Edward Shackel, Frederick Charles

bay from 1869 till 1874, when he was appointed a member of the council Haddelsey, Charles Robert Sheard, Michael

of the Governor of Bombay. In 1880 he was appointed a member of the Hall, Sam Shoosmith, William Buxton

council of the Governor General of India, and he undertook the sole Hamilton, Harvie Cavendish Sillem, George management of the ecclesiastical department of the government.

He Hammond, John Joseph Simon, George Humphrey

retired from the civil service about two years ago. Mr. Gibbs was Hancock, Richard Smith, Alfred Oxnard

created a Companion of the Order of the Star of India in 1878 and a Hargreaves, Albert Henry Somers, Alexander Charles Crofton Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire in 1880. He was married Hart, Charles Frederick Somerset, Herbert

in 1864 to the daughter of Mr. Alexander Shaw. Hart, Henry Cartwright

Spencer, Herbert Beechy, B.A. Hawkins, Charles Edward Warwick Spowart, Henry William

Mr. James OwNSWORTH, solicitor (of the firm of Marshall & Ownsworth), Hebbert, Arthur Henry Sproat, Thomas

of Barnsley, died on the 7th inst. from disease of the heart. Mr. Owns. Heelis, Edward Hopes Stamer, William Edward

worth was born in 1833. He was admitted a solicitor in 1872, and he had Hellyar, William John Stirling, John, B.A.

since practised at Barnsley in partnership with Mr. Benjamin Marshall. He Hendry, William Thomas Stuart, Thomas

had a large private practice, and he was clerk to the Dodworth Local Board. Herbelet, Marie Albert Camille Talbot, Ellis William

Mr. Ownsworth was for several years a member of the Barnsley Town Herd, Harry Ernest Tate, Ernest Henry

Council as a representative of the North Ward, and he was also a member Hetherington, George Temperley, Henry, B.A.

of the Barnsley Board of Guardians. He was buried at Silkstone on the Higgs, John Limbrey

11th inst.
Tetlow, William Atcherley
Hobbs, Henry James
Thomson, Montague Calbeck

Mr. ROBERT OLIVER JONES, barrister, late stipendiary magistrate for the Holt, Arnold William Whittell Thornton, Charles

borough of Cardiff, died on the 14th inst., in his seventy-sixth year. Mr. Horner, Christopher Thorp, Joseph Herbert

Jones was the eldest son of Major-General Oliver Thomas Jones, and was Howell, Sydney Herbert Troughton, Henry George

born in 1811. He was educated at Sandhurst College, and for several years Hughes, Leonard John Labrey Trow, William Henry

he held a commission in the army. He was called to the bar at the Middle Isaacs, Isadore Turner, James

Temple in Hilary Term, 1850. In 1858 he was appointed stipendiary Jacques, Charles Albert Turner, John Herbert

magistrate for the borough of Cardiff, and he held that office until about Janson, John Henry Tweedie, Maurice Albert

a month ago, when he resigned on account of ill-health. Mr. Jones was Jervis, Richard Morgan Unsworth, Charles Henry

a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Glamorganshire. He was high Jolly, Russell Vizard, Walter Oswald

sheriff of the county in 1838, and he had been for many years chairman Jones, Frederic Isaac Waddy, Samuel Garbutt

of quarter sessions. He was treasurer of the Llandaff Diocesan Church Jones, Henry Jeffrey Wadham, Charles Henry

Extension Society. Mr. Jones was married first in 1843 to the daughter Kay, Tom Wylie Wallis, George Wade

of Mr. Evan Thomas. He became a widower in 1851, and in 1853 he Kelly, Patrick Charles Ward, Eric Richard

married the daughter of Mr. John Bruce Pryce, of Duffryn (sister of Kendrick, Walter Ernest Warren, William James

Lord Aberdare), who died in 1869. King, Albert Edward

Watson, Francis Knight, Percy Alfred

Mr. James JOHN Lonsdale, barrister, many years a judge of county Whitehead, Arthur Algernon, B.A. Lambert, Thomas Wilks, Richard courts, died at Sandgate on the 11th inst.,

after a very short illness, in his seventy-seventh year. Mr. Lonsdale was the second son of Mr. James


He was

Lonsdale, and was born in 1810. He was educated at University Col. Mr. James Price, solicitor, of Haverfordwest, has been appointed a lege, London. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Magistrate for the town and county of the town of Haverfordwest. Mr. Term, 1836, and he formerly practised on the Northern Circuit. He was Price is registrar of the Haverfordwest County Court, and deputy-coroner one of the secretaries (jointly with the late Mr. Charles Greaves, Q.C.) to the for the lower division of Pembrokeshire. He was admitted a solicitor in Criminal Law Commission. In 1855 he was appointed by Lord Cran- 1865. worth to be judge of county courts for Circuit No. 11 (comprising Bradford Mr. FREDERICK NORMAN, solicitor (of the firm of Kisch & Norman), and other towns in the West Riding of Yorkshire), and in 1867 he was of 2, New-inn, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths transferred to Circuit No. 48 (comprising the western portion of Kent. in the Supreme Court of Judicature. He filled that post till 1884, when he retired on a pension. Mr. Lonsdale Mr. WILLIAM THOMAS ECCLES, solicitor (of the firm of Eccles & Smith), was appointed recorder of the Borough of Folkestone in 1847, and he held of Liverpool and Southport, has been appointed a Commissioner to that office till his death, and he was a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. for Kent. He was married, first, in 1853, to tbe widow of Dr. Herbert

Mr. ARTHUR ROLLIT, solicitcr, of 12, Mark-lane, and of Hull, has been Mayo, and only daughter of Mr. Samuel James Arnold, of Walton-on appointed Under-Sheriff of the town and county of the town of Kingston. Thames. He became a widower in 1866, and he married, secondly, in upon-Hull for the ensuing year. Mr. Rollit is joint-registrar of the Hull 1878, the widow of Mr. Thomas James Arnold, metropolitan police magin- County Court, and district registrar under the Judicature Acts. trate, only daughter of Mr. Thomas Jefferson Hogg, of Stockton-on-Tees. admitted a solicitor in 1871, and he is in partnership with his elder Mr. GEORGE Moody, barrister, died at 27, Knowle-road, Brixton, on

brother, Sir Albert Kaye Rollit, LL.D., M.P. the 22nd inst. Mr. Moody was the eldest son of Mr. James Moody, and

Mr. Joseph Wilson, solicitor (of the firm of Huish & Wilson), of Derby was born in 1833. He was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge. and Long Eaton, has been appointed Clerk to the Long Eaton School He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1862, and Board. Mr. Wilson was admitted a solicitor in 1882. he was a member of the Midland Circuit, practising also at the Lincoln

Mr. Evan GRIFFITH ROBElts, solicitor, of Holyhead, has been appointed sbire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire and Middlesex Sessions, and at the a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Central Criminal Court. Mr. Moody had for several years a considerable criminal business, and it may be remembered that he was one of the

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. counsel for the defence in the Wainwright murder case, where his advocacy, though unsuccessful, displayed great ability and ingenuity.

GEORGE Thomas Edwards and ALFRED Gough, solicitors (Edwards, Son, Mr. William Keary, solicitor (of the firm of Keary & Marshall), of & Gough), Birmingham. Mr. Edwards will practice at 128, Colmore-row,

Mr. Gough will practice at No. 11, Bennett's - hill, Stoke-upon-Trent, died suddenly on the 23rd inst. Mr. Keary was Birmingham. _October 30. admitted a solicitor in 1837, and he had for many years carried on a large Henry Fox TOWNSEND, GEORGE SPACKMAN, and EDWARD TUDOR Jones, practice at Stoke-upon-Trent, where he was at the time of his death solicitors (Townsend, Spackman, & Jones), Swindon. associated in partnership with Mr. James Outliffe Marshall. He had been for Townsend and Edward Tudor Jones will carry on the business under

Henry Fox several years registrar of the Stoke-upon-Trent County Court (Circuit the style of Townsend & Jones. November 16. [Gazette, Nov. 19.] No. 26). He was a perpetual commissioner for Staffordshire, and local solicitor to the North Staffordshire Railway Co. He was also for many years local agent to the North Staffordshire Conservative Association, and

LAWYER MAYORS. secretary to the Stoke-upon-Trent Scbool of Art. He was mayor of Stoke

Mr. Arthur BURCH, solicitor, proctor, and notary, of Exeter, has been in 1883, and, at the time of his death, he was deputy-mayor and an elected Mayor of that city for the ensuing year. Mr. Burch was admitted alderman for the borough. Mr. Keary's sudden death has caused universal a solicitor in 1853. He is secretary to the bishops and deputy-registrar sorrow in the town and district.

of the dioceses of Exeter and Truro. Sir John HUMPHREYS, coroner for East Middlesex, died at his residence, Mr. GEORGE WILLIAM ANDREWES, solicitor (of the firm of Andrewes, 20, Devonshire-street, Portland-place, on the 20th inst., from abscess on Canham, & Andrewes), of Sudbury, has been re-elected Mayor of that the lungs, in his sixty-seventh year. Sir J. Humphreys was the son of borough for the ensuing year. Mr. Andrewes is registrar of the Sudbury Mr. John Humphreys, of Upper Clapton, and was born in 1820. He was | County Court. He was admitted a solicitor in 1825. admitted a solicitor in 1842, and he had for many years a large practice Mr. Thomas MARTINEAU, solicitor and notary (of the firm of Ryland, in the City of London. He was formerly clerk to the City Commissioners Martineau, Carslake, & Goodwin), of Birmingham, has been re-elected of Income Tax, and in 1859 he was elected coroner for the Eastern Mayor of that borough for the ensuing year. Mr. Martineau was Division of the county of Middlesex, which office he held until his death. admitted a solicitor ir. 1851. He is clerk to the Guardians of the BirmingHe received the honour of knighthood in 1881. Sir J. Humphreys was ham Assay Office, and he is an alderman for the borough. deputy-chairman of the London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurauce Co. Mr. FREDERICK Vivian Hill, solicitor (of the firm of Guylls & Hill), of He was married in 1842 to the daughter of Mr. George Downes, but he Helston, has been elected Mayor of that borough for the ninth time. became a widower in 1881.

Mr. Hill was admitted a solicitor in 1853. Mr. HENRY LINWOOD STRONG, barrister, late Registrar of the Central

Mr. JOHN GWYNNE JAMES, solicitor (of the firm of James & Bodenham), Probate and Divorce Registry, died at his residence, 38, Seymour-street,

of Hereford, has been elected Mayor of that city for the ensuing year. Portman-square, on the 17th inst., after a long illness. Mr. Strong was

Mr. James is the son of Mr. Philip Turner James, of Hereford, and an the eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Linwood Strong, and was born in

elder brother of Sir Henry James, Q.C., M.P. He was admitted a solici1815. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, and he was called to

tor in 1845, and he is clerk to the county magistrates and the Commisthe bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1844. In 1850 he was

sioners of Taxes, and one of the city aldermen. His partner, Mr. appointed clerk of assize and clerk of the Crown on the North Wales and Frederick Bodenham, is clerk of the peace for Hereford. Chester Circuit, and in 1858, on the passing of the Probate and Divorce

Mr. WELLINGTON DALE, solicitor, of Penzance, has been re-elected

Mr. Dale was admitted a Acts, he was appointed by the late Sir Creswell Creswell

a registrar of Mayor of that borough for the ensuing year. the Central Probate and Divorce Registry.

solicitor in 1876.

He held that office for twenty-eight years, and he retired a few months ago in consequence of

Mr. Lewis Levy, barrister, has been re-elected Mayor of the City of failing health. Mr. Strong was married, in 1847, to the daughter of the Rochester for the ensuing year. Mr. Levy is the second son of Mr. John Hon, and Very Rev. Henry David Erskine, Dean of Ripon. His second Lewis Levy, of Rochester. He was called

to the

bar at the Middle Temple son, Mr. Clement Erskine Linwood Strong, was called to the bar at the in June, 1880, and he is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit. Inner Temple in May, 1879.

Mr. Henry Pearson GATES, solicitor and notary, of Peterborough, has been elected Mayor of that city for the ensuing year.

Mr. Gates was admitted a solicitor in 1840. He is secretary to the Bishop of Peter.

borough, chapter clerk of Peterborough Cathedral, and registrar of the APPOINTMENTS.

diocese of Peterborough and of the archdeaconries of Northampton and Mr. STRINGER OLDMAN Hutton, solicitor, of Canterbury, has been Oakham. Mr. Gates is a magistrate for Huntingdonshire and the liberty appointed Under.Sheriff of that city for the ensuiug year. Mr. Hilton of Peterborough, and he has served the office of sheriff of Cambridgewas admitted a solicitor in 1881.

shire and Huntingdonshire. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has been elected Treasurer Mr. BORLASE CHILDs, solicitor, of Liskeard, has been elected Mayor of of the Middle Temple for the ensuing year.

that borough for the ensuing year. Mr. Childs was admitted a solicitor Mr. John Charles Lewis COWARD, barrister, has been appointed in 1869. Recorder of the borough of Folkestone, in succession to the late Mr.

Mr.MORGAN MORGAN, solicitor (of the firm of Morgan & Scott), of Cardiff, James John Lonsdale. Mr. Coward is the eldest son of the Rev. John has been elected Mayor of that borough for the ensuing year. Mr. Henry Coward, rector of St. Peter Le Poer, Old Broad-street, and was Morgan was admitted a solicitor in 1866. He is a magistrate for the born in 1852. He was educated at St. Pauls' School and at Corpus Christi borough. College, Cambridge. He was called to the bar at Gray's-inn in June, Mr. Henry FIELD WILKINS, solicitor, of Chipping Norton, has been 1877, and he practises on the South-Eastern Circuit.

elected Mayor of that borough for the ensuing year. Mr. Wilkins was Mr. JOHN ATKINSON, solicitor (of the firm of Stanton & Atkinson), of born in 1804. He was admitted a solicitor in 1829. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has been appointed Under-Sheriff of that city for Mr. George CLIFTON SHERRARD, solicitor, of 26, Lincoln's-inn-fields, the ensuing year. Mr. Atkinson was admitted a solicitor in 1879.

and of Kingston, has been elected Mayor of the Borough of Kingston for Mr. Thomas EDWARD DONNison, solicitor, of Liverpool, has been appointed the ensuing year.

Mr. Sherrard was admitted a solicitor in 1869. a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. dent of Cheltenham College. The Right Hon. Sir Henry JAMES, Q.C., M.P., has been elected Presi.

GENERAL, Mr. Henry Mathias, solicitor, of Haverfordwest, has been appointed a

Sir James Bacon is to be made a Privy Councillor. Magistrate for the town and county of the town of Haverfordwest. Mr. Mr. Justice Stirling and Mr. Justice Kekewich were to proceed to Mathias was admitted a solicitor in 1842.

Windsor on Friday to receive the honour of knighthood.

The annual council of the judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature

CREDITORS' NOTICES. was held at the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday afternoon, when the meeting was presided over by the Lord Chancellor, who was attended

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. by his secretary, Mr. Muir Mackenzie, Q.C. The following were the


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Nov. 5, 1886. judges present:-The Master of the Rolls (Lord Esher) Lords Justices


WILLIAM, Chinslade, Oxford, Farmer. Dec 3. Gilbert v Cook, Chitty, J. Cotton, Lindley, Fry, and Lopes, Sir James Hannen, Mr. Baron Pollock,

Wilkins, Chipping Norton

Dec 8. Bumand Justices Grove, Manisty, Hawkins, Stephen, Mathew, Cave, Day,

KENNEDY, Rev BENNET SHERARD CALCRAFT, Tudor rd, Norwood Butt, A. L. Smith, Wills, Kay, Chitty, North, Stirling, and Kekewich.

sted v Kennedy, Bacon, V.C. Cookson & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Nov. 9, 1886.
The proceedings lasted about two hours. The meeting was strictly

CLAYTON, JOSEPH, Preston, Lancaster, Engineer. Dec 4. Freeman v Clayton,
Registrar, Manchester. Ascroft, Preston

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Nov. 12, 1886.
DODWORTH, JAMES, Sheffield, Pallette Knife Manufacturer. Deo 10. Spence v

Dodworth, Chitty, J. Ibbotson, Sheffield

TAYLOR, JOHN FREDERICK, Pentonville rd, Islington. Dec 11. Jones v Taylor,
North, J. Edwards, Old Jewry

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Nov. 16.

LEE, ELIZA MARGARET, Slough, Bucks. Dec 6. Webb v Webb, Kay, J. Robin-

son, Mitre et chmbrs, Temple

MERRIKIN, GEORGE MERRIKIN, Grainthorpe, Lincoln. Deo 4. Merrikia Robin-
No. 1.
No. 2.

ΚΑΥ. .

son v Newman, Chitty, J. Ingoldby, Louth
Mon., Nov. 29 Mr. Godfrey Mr. Pemberton Mr. Jackson Mr. Koe
Tuesday 30


Carrington Clowes
Wed., Dec. 1 Ward

Pemberton Jackson

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT, CAP. 35.
Thursday .. 2 Pemberton Ward
Carrington Clowes

Friday 3 Clowes

Pemberton Jackson

London Gazette.--TUESDAY, Nov. 9, 1886.
Saturday .. 4 Koe

Carrington Clowes ATKINSON, WILLIAM SIMPSON, Barrowby Hall, noar Leeds. Dec 4. Simpson,

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice


BELSHAW, MARTHA, John st, Minories. Dec 9. Bonner & Co, Fenchurch st Monday, November 29 Mr. Beal

Mr. King
Mr. Pugh

BERWICK, GEORGE, Sunderland, Durham, Doctor of Medicine. Dec 13. Trewhitt Tuesday 30 Leach


& Robson, Sunderland Wednesday, December 1 Beal



BLAXTON, MARY, Willington on Tyne, Northumberland. Dec 4. Kidd, North Thursday


3 Beal



BOAM, DANIEL, Manchester, Gent. Dec 16. Heywood & Son, Manchester Saturday



BROADHURST, DANIEL, Cheetham, Manchester, Gent. Dec 31. Farrar & Hall,

BROOKHOUSE, EMMA HANNAH, Leicester. Feb 10. Toller & Sons, Leicester

COLLINS, JOHN, Moseley, Worcester. Nov 20. Jaques & Son, Birmingham


MARY ANX, Bernard st, Russell sq. Dec 5. Cunningham, Carthusian st,

Charterhouse sq
London Gazette, FRIDAY, Nov. 19.

COOK, SAMUEL, Bury, Lancaster, Spring Maker. Dec 15. Doyle & Scholfield,


GAMMON, THOMAS, Swingfield, Kent, Farmer. Nov 20. Knocker, Dover BIRMINGHAM REFRIGERATION Co., LIMITED.-Grantbam, J., has, by an order

GOLDSTEIN, MARTIN. Lisle st, Leicester sq. Manufacturing Silversmith. Dec 11. dated Oct 22, appointed Robert Levitt Impey, Waterloo st, Birmingham, HEARON, THOMAS WILLIAM, Durham, Esq. Dec 6. Munby & Scott, York

Boulton & Co. Northampton sq, Clerkenwell to be official liquidator FLOYD CAB Co, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Dec 7, to send HHATH, ELIZABETH, Eastbourne, Sussex, Boarding-house Keeper. Dec 1. Lang

their names and addresses, and particulars of debts or claims, to Arthur ham & Son, Eastbourne Richard Farlow, 3, Newgate st. Friday, Dec 17, at 12, is appointed for hearing HOLGATE, RICHARD, Batley Carr, York, Butcher. Dec 22. Chadwick & Sons, and adjudicating upon debts and claims

Dewsbury HALIFAX SUGAR REFINING CO, LIMITED.-Kay, J., bas, by an order dated Nov HUTT, FANNY ANNA JANE, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Dec 31. Hargrove & Co,

10, appointed John Sutherland Harmood Banner, 24, North John st, Liver- Victoria st, Westminster pool, to be official liquidator

INGLEBY, CLEMENT MANSFIELD, Great Ilford, Essex, Doctor of Laws. Dec 9. NORTH-WEST PROVINCES AND OUDE ICE CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Gosling & Co, Suffolk place, Pall Mall East

Bacon, V.C., dated Oct. 30, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of LEES, CHARLES MADDOCKS, Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. Dec 23. Thursfield & the company be continued. G. E. K. & G. A. Fisher, solors for petner

Messiter, Wednesbury PLYMOUTH PIER CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J, dated July 17, LEVER, JOHN, Huddersfield, Waste Dealer. Jan 1. Moseley, Huddersfield it was ordered that the company be wound up. Lickorish & Bellord, Queen

Dec 6. Victoria st, solors for petner

LINGHAM, ALFRED FRASER, Camden Hill rd, Gipsy Hill, Norwood. STAR CAB CO, LIMITED. - Grantham, J., has, by an order dated Oct 22, appointed MORGAN, ROGER, Croesyceilog, Monmouth, Gent. Dec 18. Colborne & Co, NewSTEAMSHIP EDENDALE CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Nov 18,

port directed to be heard before Stirling, J., on Saturday, Nov 27. Pattison & Co,

PYRAH, JOHN, jun, Batley, York, Spinner. Dec 22. Chadwick & Sons, DewsQueen Victoria st, agents for Watson & Dendy, 'Newcastle upon Tyne, ROOKB, WILLIAM, Truro rd, Wood Green, Commercial Clerk. Dec 9. Henry, solors for petners STURGES (BRITISH) MOTIVE POWER SYNDICATE, LIMITED.-Petition for winding

Furpival's inn, Holborn up: presented Nov 18, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Nov 27. SCHOLFIELD, ANNA, Hipperholme, Halifax. Jan 1. England & Foster, Halifax Mew, King st, Cheapside, solor for petner

SHELLEY, FREDERIC, Albemarle st, Piccadilly, Wine Merchant. Dec 20. Laundy COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER.

& Co, Cecil st, Strand LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

SMITH. CATHERINE, Birchanger, Essex. Jan 8. Richardsons & Foxwell, Much WILLIAM HARTLEY & SONS, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Nov 16, Hadham directed to be heard before Bristowe, V.C., on Tuesday, Nov 30, at 10.30, at SMITH, ELIZA, Blackpool, Lancaster. Jan 14. Brown & Co, Wakefield Chancery Courts, St George's Hall, Liverpool. Boote & Edgar, Manchester, Bolors for petner

SOUTH, THOMAS, Carlton rd, Kilburn, Gent. Dec 18. Gregory & Co, Bedford FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. INDEPENDENT OPERATIVE TONTINE SOCIETY, 1, Gildart st, Liverpool. Nov 16

STEEL, THOMAS, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Bookmaker. Dec 3!. Smith, BirmingMIDDLE RAINTON BUTCHERS' CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED, Middle Rainton, STEVENSON, ANNE ELIZABETH, Marple, Chester. Dec 11. Keays, Charles st, St

Durham. Nov 11
STOKE FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY, Sefton Arms, Stoke Poges, Bucks. Nov 16

UNION SOCIETY, Temperance Hall, Halifax, York. Nov 16

STEVENSON, MARY, Marple, Chester. Dec 11. Keays, Charles st, St James's JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

TODD, ANTHONY, East Biggins, near Wolsingham, Durham, Farmer. Dec 6.
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Nov. 23.

Devey, Wolsingham
COMMERCIAL UNION BANK, LIMITED.- Chitty, J., has, by an order dated Oct 26,

TURNER, FRANCES, Rome. Jan 14. Clarke & Calkin, Raymond bldgs, Gray's inn appointed James Logie, 68, Cheapside, to be official liquidator

WASLEY, JOHN WILLIAM, Aldershot, Army Contractor. Dec 15. Eve, Aldershot HATCHETT'S HOTEL CO, LIMITED.-Stirling, J., has, by an order dated Nov 15, WHITEMAN, STEPHEN, Alconbury Hill, Huntingdon, Farmer. Dec 24. Wal'ingappointed Edward Moore, 3, Crosby sq, to be official liquidator

ford & Co, St Ives HENDRA ESTATE AND BUILDING MATERIAL CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Nov 22, directed to be heard before North, J, on Dec 4. White, Wood, BRYAN, Saltburn by the Sea, York, Gent. Dec 20. Thompson, Middles

WIGNEY, ELIZABETH, Kilpinhill, Batley, York. Nov 30. Deane & Son, Batley New inn, Strand, solor for petner HULL WAGON WORKS CO, LIMITED.-North, J., bas fixed Saturday, Dec 4 at 12,

brough at his chambers, for appointment of an official liquidator.

WRIGHT, EDWARD, Wrightington, Farmer. Nov 30. Wilson, Wigan LONDON AND LEEDS BANK, LIMITED.-Oreditors are required, on or before Dec

11, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims,
to Frederic George Painter, 2, Moorgate st bdgs. Monday, Dec 20, at 12,
is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon debts and claims

MYRTLE SPRING ESTATE.-North, J., has fixed Monday, Dec 6 at 12, at his

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. chambers, for appointment of an official liquidator.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Nov. 19, 1886.


AKERMAN, THOMAS ARMILL, Birmingham, Baker. Birmingham. Pet Nov 17. INDEPENDENT ORDER OF DRUIDS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY, White Swan Inn, Picker

Ord Nov 17 ing, York. Nov 19

APPLEYARD, EDMUND JOHN, Little Pulteney st, Wardour st, Draper. High SICK AND BURIAL SOCIETY FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Brimrod lane End, Sudden, BICKELL, JOHN, South Molton, Devon, Silversmith. Barnstaple. Pet Nov 15. Rochdale, Lancaster. Nov 19

Ord Nov 15
CAREY, CAROLINE, St Leonards on Sea, Spinster. Hastings. Pet Nov 16. Ord

Nov 16
FEE, TWO GUINEAS, for a sanitary inspection and report on a London dwelling-

COCKS, JAMES A BRAM, Margaret st, Regent st, Clerk. High Court. Pet Nov 17. house. Country surveys by arrangement. The Sanitary Engineering and Venti.

Ord Nov 17 lation Company, 116, Victoria-street, Westmirster. Prospectus free.-[ADVT.

DANDRIDGE, F., Newgate st. High Court. Pet Nov 11. Ord Nov 16 FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit; 1, 2, or 3 years credit;

DAVIES, JOHN, and DANIEL DAVIES, Brynmawr, Brecon, Grocers. Tredegar. 60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. Branches at 121, Pali

Pet Nov 9. Ord Nov 15 Mall, S.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.- ADVT.

DODGSON, JAMES, Northallerton, Yorks, Mason. Northallerton. Pet Nov 16.

Ord Nov 16

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