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hesitation and a feeling of delicacy in dealing with it, because of his

position as judge, but it would be the greatest diesimulation on his part if
he were to conceal the fact that he took a deep interest in the subject of

the resolution. He could not conceal from himself that somehow or other, HUDDERSFIELD INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

not only upon this question, but on many others, the principle of de The annual meeting of this society was held on Monday evening, Mr. centralization was in the air, and that this question of the extension of S. LEAROYD (president) in the chair.

the common law jurisdiction of the county courts which had been so long After the report and balance-sheet had been adopted, the retiring pre- ripening was perhaps nearly ripe, and some day—perhaps no very distant sident (Mr. Learoyd) delivered an address on commercial education, and day-it might fall to his lot to have to administer an extended common the relation of legal training to it. In the course of it Mr. Learoyd

law jurisdiction. After describing the existing anomolies in county pointed out the interest of the question to solicitors, and the importance court jurisdiction, he referred to the fact that in 1879 Lord Cairns introduced of it to the community, and said that anything that they could do to into the House of Lords a Bill dealing with this very subject, and promote their local industry must benefiť the district and promote the quoted the following extract from the speech the noble lord then made: interests of the legal profession. It was a misfortune that their commer:

*In the whole of this question, without any exception, there was a general cial life was regarded more as a trade or occupation than a science, and recommendation in favour of the extension of the jurisdiction. The exthe question of profit had been the consideration more than the study of tension which I propose is this : To increase the jurisdiction of the county the principles on which commercial prosperity depended. After referring courts from the sum of £50, at which it now stands, to the sum of £200, at some length to the weakness of our commercial training, and to the and I propose further that the plaintiffs shall have the power of com. fact that the strength of our foreign competitors rested upon their mencing actions in the county court for a still higher amount, but in that superior commercial education, the president referred to the various case there would be the absolute right on the part of the defendant if he systems of commercial and technical education abroad, and pointed does not wish to have the case disposed of by the county court to remove out the comprehensive nature of the studies of the pupils. It was,

the case into the higher court.” That Bill, however, fell in the massacre of he said, almost a chronic habit in Huddersfield to send deputations to the innocents in 1879. After 1879 came the General Election of 1880, and other towns to see what they were doing, but why shou not Hud- after that came—what should he call it?-the Parliamentary deluge. He dersfield in this matter take the lead and shew it to be possible to supposed that Lord Caims' Bill would have to be revived if anything was tack on to a system of technical education one of commercial education, to be done. He found that down to 1876 the average number of claims and form classes for teaching it? It was obvious that a knowledge of above £50 entered into the county courts, by consent of the parties, was commercial law was at the very foundation of a commercial education, about 30; from 1876 to 1883 the number jumped up to between 300 and and without it such a course would be useless and impossible. As to who | 409 on the average; and during the last four years it had been nearer 700 was to teach the law in these commercial schools he was prepared to throw than 600, which to his mind indicated that the public were in favour of an out a challenge to our commercial and technical tribunals-namely, That extension of the system. In addition to all these there were 300 or 400 if they could provide the classes, the society he represented would, so

cases under the Employers' Liability Act, and 800 or 900 cases remitted far as the legal part was concerned, find the teachers from among the pro

from the High Court, so that they had already in the county courts an fessional men of Huddersfield who were thoroughly capable of undertaking enormous amount of work of the highest class. The question was, Did the the duty: What had the profession done for the good of the town public want the extension ?-he thought they did ; and the next question Practically nothing, as a society and a profession. Here, as it seemed to was, Could they have it? It was entirely a question for the Legislature, and him, was their opportunity, and if commercial classes were formed in perhaps some day the Legislature might take it up. connection with the Chamber of Uommerce and Technical School, let the After a few words from Mr. Sykes, who thought there ought to be no society be prepared to undertake the legal part the training; and the

limit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the matter of amount, and a let the town set an example to other centres of industry, and shew that short address by the Chairman, the resolution was passed. they were in earnest in removing from their commercial life the stigma

Mr. Alfred Sykes theo, in very appropriate terms, presented to Mr. which existed upon it. After pointing out the lamentable ignorance there T. S. Simpson the gold medal, and Mr. Simpson replied. was among commercial men of commercial law, Mr. Learoyd said that, so On the motion of Mr. Jas. YEOMAN, seconded by Mr. J. H. Sykes, the refar as he knew, England was about the only civilized country in which tiriug officers were thanked for their services, and the vote was acknowthat education was not afforded. Surely it was time for them to realize ledged by Mr. W. RAMSDEN. their deficiencies, and to set to work to remedy them. In conclusion he On the motion of Mr. ARMITAGE, seconded by Mr. J. J. Booth, Mr. moved :—“That the Huddersfield Incorporated Law Society begs to call Learoyd was re-elected president, and he acknowledged the compliment. the attention of the Chamber of Commerce and the Technical School of On the motion of Mr. John Haigh, seconded by Mr. Welsy, the other Huddersfield to the question of commercial education, and begs to offer officers were elected; and on the motion of the PRESIDENT, seconded by that in the event of an attempt being made to impart this education this Mr. Hall, Mr. W. Armitage was elected deputy-chairman of committee. society will be glad to afford the necessary professors and teachers to

Mr. ARMITAGE moved, and Mr. Barker seconded, that the subscription undertake the legal part of the training."

for the next year should be two guineas, and the resolution was passed. Mr. HENRY BARKER, in seconding the resolution, said that all that it

On the motion of Mr. J. H. DRANSFIELD, seconded by Mr. A. H. J; committed them to was that if the authorities of he town would undertake FLETCHER, Mr. Alfred Sykes was cordially thanked for having conducted to supply this general necessity in the matter of a commercial education, the classes for instruction in the elements of woollen and worsted manu. the society would see that the scheme did not come to grief for want of facture, and in reply Mr. Sykes said he should be glad to renew the instruction in the legal element.

classes next year. After a few words from Mr. Sykes, the resolution was passed.

The thanks of the meeting were, on the motion of the PRESIDENT, Mr. O. Mills moved :-That in the opinion of this society a large ex

seconded by Mr. Haigh, accorded to the Mayor and Town Clerk for the tension of the county court system is desirable. He found that some provision made for the meeting. sixteen years ago he seconded at the annual meeting of the Associated Theproceedings shortly afterwards terminated. Chambers of Commerce a resolution in favour of extending the jurisdiction of the county courts. He pointed out that the system had been extended in various directions, and he was perfectly satisfied that with another extension, subject to the limits as to value or as to removal into the superior courts under certain conditions, the commercial community

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. would greatly benefit. Although the subject had been discussed seventeen or eighteen years throughout the country he never heard of a single

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING Society.-Oct 4.-Chairman-Mr. Ernest objection to the extension of the system, and, indeed, the Judicature Todd.—The subject for debate was, “That this society disapproves Commission which sat in 1870 or 1871 recommended it, but the recom

of the proclamation of the National League." Mr. T. H. Richmond mendation had not been adopted.

opened the debate, and was followed by Messrs. Crawford, Fargus, Mr. J. H. DRANSFIELD seconded the resolution.

Napier, Riddell, and Savory. The motion was lost by a majority of six. Judge Swagge, who supported the resolution, said he had listened with Oct. 11.-Chairman-Mr. T. Douglas.—The subject for debate was, great interest to the able, instructive, and suggestive address of Mr.

“That a Court of Appeal in Criminal Cases is desirable." Mr. Wilmot Learoyd, but he confessed he listened with some slight feeling of alarm E. Elmslie opened the debate, and was followed by Messrs. E. Todd; to the suggestion that commercial men should be instructed in the C. F. Ellis, P. T. Rhys, R. D. Muir, J. D. Crawford, J. J. Dodd, and principles of commercial law. It was in accordance with the spirit of W. G. Hawtin. The motion was lost. the age and the modern tendency towards improved methods of illumina

Oct. 18.-Chairman-Mr. J. C. Wheeler.—The subject for debate was, tion, but he trembled to think what would be the consequences for the

"That the Parliamentary Franchise should be extended to Women." judges, and he shuddered when he thought of the intensity that would be

Mr. W. A. Bilney opened the debate, and was followed by Messrs. G. H. given to the fierce light of criticism that beat upon the judicial bench. Bower, P. T. Rhys, w. L. Gane, J.' D. Crawford, James Gray, W., M. At present, when he sat in court, he had before him critics--able and Woodhouse, A. Norman, F. E. Goodheart, and T. Douglar. The motion learned, but friendly--but what could it be when, in addition, he had

was lost. row after row of hard-headed, long-headed commercial men fresh from the lectures of his friend, Mr. Learoyd-half of them disappointed suitors, was held, Mr. Bateman Napier in the chair.

United LAW STUDENTS' Society.—Oct. 17.—The annual general meeting all of them more or less inimici curiæ; all of them fresh from the footnotes business had been disposed of, including the proposing and seconding of

After the usual routine of the last edition of Addison on Contracts, Byles upon Bills, or Benjamin fourteen new members, the reports of the retiring officers were presented on Sales. However, the judges must suffer for the public welfare and he and considerable discussion took place thereon, after which the meeting entirely agreed that the proposal to instruct commercial men engaged in elected the officers for the ensuing year, as follows : -Mr. A. K. Common: large and important commercial transactions, in the principles of commer chairman ; Mr. J. R. Yates, secretary; Mr. O. A. Elgood, treasurer ; which was well worthy of being tried at least as an experiment. "Referring spondence department, Dir. E: W. Pearson, vice-chairman ; Mr. H. W

Mr. C. W. Rawlinson, reporter ; and Mr. Lazarus, secretary of legal correto the resolution immediatelý before the meeting, he said he had some . Parcus, editop; Me, F." Goodali, secretary of societies union; and in

Mr. F. G. Wood, auditor. Upon the motion of Mr. Richardson, seconded by Mr. Moyle, the discussion of the question of continuing the existing

APPOINTMENTS. arrangements with reference to the Magazine was adjourned to the first Mr. WILLIAM John Mann, solicitor, of Trowbridge, has been appointed meeting in November.

Assistant Clerk to the Melksham Board of Guardians. Mr. Mann was admitted a solicitor in 1870.

Mr. David EDWARD JONES, solicitor (of the firm of Tennant & Jones),

of Aberavon, Neath, and Britonferry, has been appointed Clerk to the LEGAL NEWS.

Margam Local Board, in succession to the late Mr. Martin Scale. Mr.

Jones was admitted a solicitor in 1876. He is in partnership with Mr. OBITUARY.

Marmaduke Tennant, town clerk of Aberavon.

Mr. John SATTERFIELD SANDARS, barrister, has been appointed Mr. Duncan STEWART, barrister, died at Harthill Hall, Derbyshire, on Secretary to the Committee appointed by the Home Secretary to inquire the 12th ult. Mr. Stewart was the second son of Mr. Duncan Stewart, into the accommodation provided for prisoners at petty sessions and Solicitor-General of Barbadoes, and was born in 1825. He was called to police courts. Mr. Sandars is the only son of Mr. Charles Sandars, of the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Easter Term, 1862, and he formerly practised Mackworth, Derbyshire, and was born in 1853. He was educated at in the Court of Chancery. He was for several years secretary to the Magdalen College, Oxford, where he graduated 3rd class in JurispruChief Registrar in Bankruptcy, and he was Assistant-Receiver of Insol. dence in 1875, and he subsequently proceeded to the degree of D.O.L. vent Estates from 1870 till 1872, when he was appointed Receiver of He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in January, 1877, and he is a Insolvent Estates. He was appointed Taxing Master in Bankruptcy in member of the Midland Circuit. Mr. Sandars is at present assistant 1877, and on the passing of the Bankruptcy Act, 1883, he became a master private secretary to Mr. Matthews. of the High Court of Justice in Bankruptcy. Mr. Stewart was married in Mr. Henry Reilly, solicitor, of Dublin, has been appointed a Taxing 1863 to the daughter of the Rev. Charles Mackenzie.

Master of the Chancery Division in Ireland, in succession to Mr. Mr. Arthur Pawson, barrister, died suddenly in his chambers, 2, Archibald Robinson, deceased. Mr. Reilly was admitted a solicitor at Pump-court, Temple, on the 5th inst. His laundress, on entering his Dublin in 1864. He has filled the office of President of the Irish bedroom, found him lying dead. Mr. Pawson was the third son of Mr. Incorporated Law Society. John Falshaw Pawson, of Mill-hill, and was born in 1847. He was called

Mr. George WOODYATT HASTINGS, barrister, M.P., has been elected to the bar at the Middle Temple in Easter Term, 1869, and he had Chairman of the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions, on the resignation of practised on the North-Eastern Circuit, and at the West Riding and the Earl of Coventry. Mr. Hastings is the only son of Sir Charles Leeds Sessions.

Hastings, M.D., and was born in 1825. He was educated at Bromsgrove Mr. THOMAS JOHNSON, solicitor, of Midhurst, died on the 29th ult. at the 1st class of the Civil Law Tripos in 1850. He was called to the bar at

School and at Christ's College, Cambridge, where he graduated in the age of seventy-six. Mr. Johnson was born in 1811. He was admitted a solicitor in 1837, and he had for many years conducted an extensive prac. the Oxford Circuit. He has been ń.P. for East Worcestershire in the

the Middle Temple in Easter Term, 1850, and he formerly practised on tice at Midhurst. He had been clerk to the county magistrates at that Liberal interest since 1880, and he has been for several years deputy, place ever since 1839, and he was also registrar of the Midhurst County chairman of Quarter Sessions for that county. He is a deputy-lientenant Court (Circuit No. 56) and a perpetual commissioner for the county of Sussex. He had been for several years associated in partnership with his

for Herefordshire and a magistrate for Herefordshire and Worcestershire. son, Mr. William Thomas Johnson, who was admitted a solicitor in 1875.

Mr. BRABAZON CAMPBELL, solicitor, of Warwick, has been appointed Mr. Johnson was buried at Stedham on the 3rd inst.

Town Clerk of that borough in succession to Mr. George Cattell Greenway, Mr. Isaac Weir, Q C., died very suddenly at Enniskillen on the 10th of the Warwick County Court, and clerk to the county magistrates.

resigned. Mr. Campbell was admitted a solicitor in 1868. He is registrar inst. Mr. Weir was engaged in early life as a newspaper reporter, in which capacity he was for many years connected with the Belfast News

Mr. Foster John Bone, solicitor, of Devonport, has been appointed

Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes for the South Roborough Division of Letter. He adopted the legal profession under the advice of the late Lord Devonshire, in succession to his brother, the late Mr. Allan Belfield Cairns, and he was called to the bar in Ireland in 1864. He was a mem. Bone. Mr. F J. Bone was admitted a solicitor in 1865. He is clerk to ber of the North-East Circuit. He soon obtained a fair practice, and he

the magistrates for the borough of Devonport. was a prosecuting Crown counsel for the county of Armagh. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1885. He was the leading counsel for the defendant in the important libel action of Bolton v O'Brien. Mr. Weir was, at the

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. time of his death, engaged in his duties as revising barrister for the county RICHARD SUTTON CLIFFORD and WILLIAM LIVESEY, solicitors (Clifford & of Fermanagh.

Livesey), Derby. Sept. 30. The said William Livesey will' in future Mr. ANTHONY GILBERT Jones, solicitor, of Gloucester, died at Hatherley carry on the said practice alone,

[Gazette, Oct. 14. Court, Gloucestershire, on the 4th inst., in his seventy eighth year. Mr. FRANCIS ALFRED COBBOLD, LUCAS TEMPLE COBBOLD, and EDWARD Jones was born in 1810. He was admitted a solicitor about the year 1833, BROUGHTON Rouse, solicitors (Cobbold, Sons, & Rouse), Ipswich. Oct. 8. and for many years he carried on an extensive practice at Gloucester. He HENRY Montague TRENCHARD and HARRY CARTWRIGHT Hart, solicitors was for a long time the principal Liberal agent for the city. He had been (Trenchard & Hart), No. 35, Bucklesbury, London. Sept. 29. for many years connected with the corporation of Gloucester. He was an

[Gazette, Oct. 18. alderman at the time of his death, and he had been three times mayor of the city. Mr. Jones retired from practice about three years ago, and he

GENERAL, was soon afterwards appointed a magistrate for Gloucestershire, having

The Prince of Wales has joined the council of the Selden Society. been previously for many years a magistrate for the city of Gloucester.

A special session of the Central Criminal Court will be held at the William Jones, is clerk of the peace for Gloucester, and his son, Mr. John Sessions-house, Old Bailey, on Monday next, when the judges will attend Henry Jones, is under-sheriff of Gloucestershire. inst. Mr. Allen was the son of Mr. Joshua John Allen, solicitor. 9.T. CHARLES JOHN Allen, solicitor, of Bedford-row, died on the 15th year. The ordinary sessions of the court will commence on the same day.

The following is the rota of attendance of the masters of the Queen's He

Bench Division in chambers during the ensuing Michaelmas Sittingswas admitted a solicitor in 1854, having been articled to his father, when viz., A to F, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master Johnson ; he joined the firm of Norris, Allen, & Carter ; but since his father's death Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Gordon. G to N, Mondays, he had been the only surviving partner. Mr. Allen had an extensive Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master Kaye: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and practice. He was a commissioner to administer oaths in the Chancery Saturdays, Master George Pollock. O to Z, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Court of Lancaster. He had a large Welsh agency business, and he was Fridays, Master Walton; Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master acting under-sheriff for the town of Carmarthen. He was also Steward

Manley Smith. of the Manor of Great Hormead, in Hertfordshire. Mr. Allen was the At the meeting of the Court of Aldermen on Tuesday a letter was read cousin of Mr. Henry George Allen, Q.o., and his brother, the late Mr.

from Mr. J. H. Gresham, Chief Clerk at the Justice Room of the Mansion Joshua Bird Allen, was for several years a chief clerk in the Court of House, asking permission to retire from his office, in consequence of his Chancery.

precarious state of health. On the motion of Sir Andrew Lusk it was re. Mr. George Maw, solicitor, of Bishop Auckland, died on the 13th solved that the letter should be referred to the General Purposes Cominst. from the effects of an accident on the previous day. He had been mittee to consider and report, and that they should also inquire into the thrown from his horse through a collision with a wagon. Mr. Maw was nature, duties, and emoluments of the office. born in 1850.

He was educated at Durham Grammar School, and he The Report of the Commissioners of Prisons, just issued, says that if was admitted a solicitor in 1872, having served his articles with Mr. the prison population had increased since 1878 in proportion with the Robert Fisher Thompson, of Kendal. He was clerk to the Spennymoor general population, it would be 8,432 more than it actually is. It is re

markable that the decrease in the female prison population has been much cessful in county court advocacy. Mr. Mar was buried at Southchurch larger in proportion than that of the males. In 1876-77 there were on an on the 15th inst.

average 16,134 males and 4,227 females. In 1886-87 the number of males Mr. William Henry Goodwin, solicitor (of the firm of Young & Good was 12,244, or 24:1 per cent. less, and of the females 2,722, or 35.6 per win), of Hastings, died suddenly on the 5th inst. Mr. Goodwin was a cent. less. The cost of maintaining the prisons has decreased during the native of Shrewsbury, where he was born in 1826. He was admitted a past year from £343,697 to £332,128. solicitor in 1865, and in the following year he settled at Hastings, where be had a large practice, being associated in partnership with Mr. William firm of Messrs. Walton & Lee) submitted to auction the Wesleyside Blackman Young, the registrar of the Hastings County Court.

Mr. Estate, Northumberland. The auctioneer observed that it was one of the Goodwin was buried at Hastings Borough Cemetery on the 10th inst., finest properties ever submitted, and he expressed his belief that it was funeral being attended by many professional and other friends.

the largest Eoglish estate ever offered to public auction at the Mart; cer. Mr. Frederick Goodwin, LL, D., was admitted a solicitor in 1883. tainly it was the largest within the last twenty years. The estate extended


His son,

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25 26 27 28 29


Evans v Benyon app of deft Richard Bengon from judgt of Mr Jastive Kay over 20,000 acres, and was divided into nineteen well-arranged farms, all

dated May 5, 1887 June 1 of which were let to substantial tenants at reduced rents-in some cases


In re Holly Mount Estate and Co's Acts pet of J F Dale and anr to the extent of 50 per cent.-to meet the exigencies of the times.

petders from Mr Justice Kay refusing winding up order dated 21 May, 1887 whole estate produced an annual rental of over £5,000. The first bid was

June 2 £80,000, followed by others for £85,000, £90,000, £95,000, £96,000,

To be continued. £97,000, £98,000, and £100,000. The two next offers were $102,500 and £105,000, followed by others of £106,000, £107,000, and £110,000. The From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Chancery Division. biddings then increased by £1,000 each to £119,000, at which the property

Separate List.

1887. was withdrawn, the auctioneer pointing out that to pay four per cent. it

(Original Motion.) was worth £125,000.

Kelly Kelly app of plt for leave to amend statement of claim in pen ding app

from Mr Justice Chitty Probate Bosvile v Atorney-Gen app of petoer from Lord Chief Justice and

Mr Justice Butt refusing new trial-cause tried by the President with a jury

July 11

Apollinaris Co, Id v Herrfeldt & Campbell app of afrs from order of Mr Justice

Chittv, dated 29 July, restraining use of word Apollinis Aug 11

In re William, Elev, one, &o app of J W Rumming from order of Mr Jastice

North dated 22 July, refusing application for reference to tax bill Aug 3
No. 1.
No. 2.


Boswell v Coaks app of deft from order of Mr Justice North, dated 9 Aug, Mon., Oct 24 Mr. Ward Mr. Olowes Mr. Carrington Mr. Jackson

refusing restraint of execution for interest on t-xed costs

Aug 15 Tuesday 25 King

Pemberton Javie

Koe Wednesday 26 Pemberton

St John Marius v Oliver app of plt from order of Mr Jus'ice Chitty, dated Aug Clowes

Carrington Jackson Thursday .. 27 Clowes

Pemberton Lavie


12, refusing iojuaction for alleged breach of tenanoy agree weat Sept 2 Friday


Carrington Jackson Dowager Baroness Stanley of Alderley v Alexauder app of oft from order of Saturday... 29 Jackson

Pemberton Lavie


Mr Justice North, dated 6 Aug, for attachment Sept 2
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice In re Hermann Long, ld & Co's Ac‘s Expte Anderson app of Jas Anderson

from refusal of Mr Justice North, dated 11 Aug, of liberty as agents to sell Monday, August 24 Mr. Leach

Mr. King
Mr. Beal

Co's effects and pay debts Sept 3



Divorce Mary Ann Wood v Ebenezer Wood app of respondeat from Mr Justice Wednesday..


Kekewick (eitting as Vac Judge) refusing to rescind order of registrar allotting Thursday



alimony pendente lite Sept 9


Preston v Etheridgton app of dft from order of Mc Justice Keke wich (sitting


as Vac Judge) for attachment for non-payment (stayed pending appeal)


M.Wean v Smith app of plt from Mc Justic: Charles (si tiog as Vao Juige) MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1887.

re'using continuance of injunction Sort 12 SPECIAL NOTICE.-Queen's Bench Final Appeals in Court I., and Chancery

Appeals from the County Palatine Court of Lancaster. Appeals (General List) in Court II., will be taken on the usual days during

From Interlocutory Orders. Micbaelmas Sittinge.

1886. Queen's Bench Interlocutory Appeals in Court I., and Chanoery Interlocutory

In re Tbos Etty, Geat, one, &o, and In re Toxteth Brewery Co & Co's Acts Appeals in Court II., will be taken on the firet day of the Sittinge, also in

and Chancery Lancaster Ac:s app of liquidator from refusal of Vic-Coadcellor Court I., on the second day (Tuesday), and afterwards as usual, every

to direct account and payment of assets in hands of solicitor Oct 4 (S O till Wednesday, during the Sittings. Bankruptcy Appeals also, as usual, on Friday,

Bills taxed) in Court I.

1887. Appeals from the Lancaster Palatine Court (if any), which have been passed Harley v Hunt app of plt from order of the Vice-Chancellor dated 26 July, over in the General List, will be taken in Court II. on Thursday, Otober 27,

varying R+gistrar's certificate of taxati in Aug 19 and Tbursday, November 3, and Tbursday, December 1. The Admiralty Appeals (with Assessors) will be takea in Court I. on days to be

From Final Orders and Jadgments. specially appointed by the court.


Clowes v McFarlane app of plt from judgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 28 Fib, (Set down to Saturday, October 16, inclusive.)


The Southport & West Lancasbire Banking Co v Thompson app of plts from AND ADMIRALTY DIVISION (PROBATE AND 'DIVORCE),

jdgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 16 March, 1887 April 16 AND THE COUNTY PALATINE AND STANNARIES COURTS.

In re W Swift, dec McEvoy v Tickle app of dfc M A Phillips from order of

the Vice-Chancellor, dated 24 Feb on petition April 16 For Hearing.

In ro W Carruthers, dec Carruthors v Carruthers app of plt from refacal of the (General List.)

Vice-Chanctllor, dated 5 April, to vary Registrar's certificata April 27 Lord Camoge v Mayor, &o of Burslem appl of pltft from judg of V C Bacon

In re Liverpol Victoria Lian and Banking Co, ld & Co's Ants and Lancaster (part beard Feb 2, 1886, by Master of Rolls, Lords Justices Lindley & Lopes

Ac*s app of the Co from order of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 23 Aug for so for engineer to report-report filed-8 0 till apple made to restore).

winding up Co

Sept 21 Societe Generale de Paris v Dreyfus Bros & Co app of defte Dreyfus Bros & Co,

N B.-The County Palatine Appeals as the dates of setting down are reached in from order of Mr. Justice Pearson, dated 26 March 1885 April 1, 1885 the General and Separate Litts are set aside and taken on the first Thursday (8 O, Nov 1)

in every sitting, and afterwards on the first Taorsday in the following months 1887.

during the Sittioge. Bird v Andrew app of plt from jdgt of Mr Justice Kay, dated 7 Marcb, 1887

N.B.-vuring Michaelmas Sittings Palatine Appeals (if any reached) will be April 7

takeo on the following daye, viz :In re Fitzgerald's Settled Estates Fitzgerald v White app of plt from order of

Thursday, October 27. Mr Justice Nortb, dated 21 March. 1887 April 13

Thureday, November 3. Peek, Bart v Derry app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stirling, dated 24 March,

Thursday, December 1. 1887 April 20

FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH AND PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND In re The Mount Morgan (West) Gold Mine ld & Co's Act, 1862 Expte Stephen

ADMIRALTY (ADMIRALTY) DIVISIONS. H West app of the Co from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 5 April, 1887

For Hearing. directing removal from register April 21

1887. Tendant y The Swansea Harbour Trustees app of dfts from judgt of Mr Jastice Ship Bertha (claim for loss of life) Sellstrom & ors v Bristol Steam Navan Co K-kewich, dated 24 February, 1887 April (Not before Nov 2)

app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Butt, dute i Mar 23, 1886 Feb 18 (with. In re W. Sherwood, dec Metcalt v Sherwood app of dft from judgt of Mr. out assessors–80 pending appl to House of Lords in Ship Bernioa).

Justice Nortb, dated 25 May, 1887 April 28
In re Wm Henderson, dao Nouvion v Freeman app of dfts from judgt of Mr

The Adelphi Bapk, id, v The Halifax Sugar Refining Co, id app oft from Justice North, dated 21 April, 1887 May 2

Justices Day and Wills directing entry of judgt for defts-astion tried by Mr

Justice Cave at Liverpool with a jury March 31 The Metropolitan District Ry Co vlhe Metropolitan District Joint Committee Hamer v James & anr & Metropolitan Ry Co app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated

app of plt from judgt of Lord Justice Lopes at trial in

Middlesex with a jory April 5 3 May, 1887 May 4 The Metropolitan District Ry Co v The Metropolitan Ry Co app of dfts from

Banister v Clift app of celts from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial in Midjudgt of Mr Justice North, da'ed 16 Joly, 1886 May 5

Jones & anr v Williams, Gittine, & anr (garnishees) app of defts from jadg Moseley - Victoria Rubber Co app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Chitty, dated 26 April, 1887 May 9

of Mr McIntyre, QC., sitting as Commissioner after trial at Welsopoul In re E Westall, deo West v Westall app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice The Mayor, &o, of the Company of Merchants of the Staple of England v Bank

Stirling, dated 29 April, 1887, on originating sumns May 17
Hall v Ewin app of oft Joha Ewin from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated 3

of England app of plts from order of Justices Day and Wills on mota after May, 1887 May 19

trial before Baron Pollock reserving leave to move to enter judgt The Masor Tucker y Bennett app of dft William Bennett fron judgt of Mr Jastice

&c of the Staple of England v The Bank of England app of dfts from same Kebewicb, dated 29 Jan, 1887 May 21

order April 7 Io re Bronksea Irland Co, ld, & Co's Acts app of Rt Hon G AF Bentin ck,

Great Northern Ry Co v Kennedy & anr app of dft from judgt of Mr Jastica MP, from order of Mr 'Justice Kay, dated 5 April, disallowing items in bi: City of London Contract Corporation, ia ~ Styles (Q B Rovenae Side) apo

of clajin as creditor May 23

Contract Corporation from judgt of Justices A L Smith and Grantham os ease and Sir H. Drummond Wolff from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 19. AprilHolmes v The Twickenham Local Board of Health (Q B Crown Side), apoio

varying Chief Clerk's certificate of contributories May 23 In re TJ Milre, dec Grant v Heyetam (construction) app of plt and dest from judgt of Mr Justice Stirling dated 29 April, 1887 May 25

setting aside order of Jastices affirming rate Bonella v Sanne Lucal Board (GB CroWo Side) app of The Local Board from like order April 14


pt hd



Duke of Dev inshire & ors () 1 babalf, & ») v Pattins ia & M.yor, & s., of Curlisle | In rə Aardbitch Hardb.ttle v Hard In re W. T. Clark, deo Moto v Clark app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justica A L Smith on fur coa after trial at Carlisle bottlo act wits Same Action app ot plts from pact of same judgt April 16

adj samns with witas by order

Thornhill v Hoy'a ad act wits Callow v Young moto with witas by Harker & anr v Edwards app of oft from judgt of Mr Justice Field at trial in Goodall v Pemberton act and m fj order Middleses April 21


Iagram v Clarke act
Hunnood & Co v Bussey app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice Field at trial in Pumberton v Goodallaot & squas Clarke v lograin act
Middlesex without a jary
April 25

Wilts uira v Jogos aot wits

E Blakey & Sons v Lathan & Co a st Se-ly v Grogan app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice Cavo at trial in Middlesex Peach v Solby-Lowodes act

E Blakey & Sons v L90 act without a jury April 28

Welchmaa y Ltech act wits

E Blakey & Sons v Hall act The Hire Parchane Furnishing Co Id v Richoas & aur app of afts from judgt of Elliott v Merrill &t wits

E Blakey & Sons v Cooke act Mr Justice & atha at trial in Middlesex without a jury April 29

Britain v Hirson, Pritchard, & Co aot Blakey & Sons v Tapholme act Laugley v Davies App of plt froin judg' of Mc Justica Wills at trial with a jary wits

E Blakey & Sons v Hargrave act at Cardiff May 5

Ellington v Clark, Barnett, & Co, ld M 10sford v Bell act Toe Real and Personal Alvance Co Id v D J Claars (Q B Crowa Sidde) asp of act wits

Yates y Watkins act plt from judgt of the Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justica A L Smith on app Baskerville v Iron & Steel Works Sampsoa v Ellis act (transferred from rom County Court affirming no asuit May 6

Assoc, ld
act wits

QB Div)
Wilson v Glossop (Q B Crowd Side) app of deft from order of Justices Math w Backeridge v Patman act wits Bullock v Hocsfori ast. (transferred
And Cave directing entry of judgi for pit May 13 (security ordered June 15) Browa » Alabasteract wits

from Q B Div) Shaw, Savili & Albion Cold v The Bell Coleman Mechanical Rufrigeratiog Có Scovell v Robiason aot wits

Alder v Thompson act App of plts from part of jalgt of the Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice À L Spaldiag v Skoulding a0t & cou ater Clift & ors y Foster act Smith as to damages afrec trial with special jury May 13


la re T Seymour, dec Saymour V Burrell v Mossop app of plt from jadgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial in Middle Rogers v Birry Ducks and Ry Co act Seymour act 8-x without a jury May 16

Suer v Stier mij

Baker v Jetfries act Whitaker & apr v Bano app of plts from judgt of the Lord Chief Justice and Anirsws v Barnes act wits

Stenteford v Godfray act Mr Justice A L Smith setting aside decision of Oficial Referee --actioa refecred Judge v Tisdall act wits

Richards v Walker act ut trial before Baron Pollock in Middlesex May 16

Gudwia v Rachbone act &mfj wits Marks v Anglo-Montana Mining Co Girsburg v Rendall app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Hawkins for Me Hatten v Russell Xot Justice Kay at trial with a jury in Middlesex May 25

Maaro v Met & Mt Diect Ry Co act Gould v Birmingham, Dudley & DisFresh & anr (exors) v Allen app of plts from jadgt of Me Jastice Mathew at wits

trict Banking Co Bot 'rial in Middle-ex' without a jury May 27

Barnard v Hoare a t wits

To be continued.
Wbitby and Wife v C T Brock & Co app of_plts from judgt of Me Justice Wilke v Newman act wits
Gractoam at trial in Middlesex with a jury Jane 1

Ryder v Auders act

Non-witness Causes, Adjourned Sam. (To be continued.)

Hubman v Hughes act w ts


Sampson v Streatham & Genl Estate Io re Toompson's Settlement Bishop

Cold act wits

v Shepherd Ex parte plt adj sums

Clarke v Lane 1887.


la re L Harbord & Patent Desigas &c Penon v Cutfield MA Trower (extrix) v Law Life Aseco Soo app of plt from Justicos Day and

Act moto
Wills refusing new trial-action tried by Mr Justice Grove io Midda (heard slana Smith act wils

la re Hollingbourne Paper Co, 1d (Har

bour's claim) adj sums 28 Jult, 1886) restored by order

la re Furber Rouke v Bla ady act Justi se v Fooks act Fooks v Barton Ongles & Co v Local Board of Chatham app of dft from jdgt of Justicos

Bowden v Bwyer aot & tj

adj su 08 Mathew and Cave on special case as to liabili:y subject to assessmeat of

Edisja & Swan &o Co v Holland act In re Withers, dec Withers v Withers megos July 1

Mlvard v Jackson act & fj

adj sums Pickering v North Eastero Rg Co app of plt from Ju-tices Field and Wills on

Bollinger v Duon & Duncan åst mits In re Jonas, dec Daniel v Daniel adj appln for new trial, setting aside verdict and jdyt-action tried by Nr Justice

Sawkins v Hawkias mij Hawk do at Maoch ster with a jury July 7

lo re W Moss Lloyd's, Baraett's & Levy v The Abercorris Slate and Slab Stepheds v Harris & C app of plt from the Lord Caief Justice and Mr Justice

Bosa aquet's Bk v Moss act

Cold mfj Pay on appln for now trial, setting aside Vordict and jdgt-action triei by Mr

Biisat v Falkner

Ashendea v Jones act Justice Cuve at Darham wi h a jury July 7

Mo rs v Partridge not wits

Tyler v Bank of Eagland at I tomes y Owen app of dft from Justices Mathew and Csve refusing new trial Cutford y Cliff act w.ts

Percin , Perrin mij action tried by MiMcIntyre, QC, as Commissioner at Anglesey with a jure la re London Celluloid Co & Ci's Asts lo re TC Clarke's Estate Bantoft v July 8

Aylward (construction) adj anns Fiulaj v Chirary & anr app of defts from order of Justices Field and Wills for

Quant v Eastwood act wits

In re G Wood's Estate Short v Wood Dew trial-action tried by Mr. Justice Cave at Northumberland July 14 Waite y Peto Bros act wits

(gift or loan) adj amns The Qzren v Poulter & or: (Q B Crown Side) app of the London, Tilbury and Booker v Rollinson act wits

In re Galland, dec Lidiard v Galliad Southend Ry Co from th, Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice Denmaa dis

Honsom v Virtue act wits

(Orier 55) adj sm as charging rule nisi for certiorari for inquisition July 14

Madle v Van act wits

Io re Wm Weg moth's Estate WenIn re an application by the Rev J Bell Cox to the Queen's Bench Division for a

la re Maxwell Mitchell v Maxwell act muth v Wen noth adj sum (ord 55) writ of habeas corpus app of J Hokes from order of the Lord Chief Justice Vickery v Mayor, &c, of Folkestono In re Lord De Tabley's Settlement and Mr Jus ice A L Smith for discharge from custody July 15

act wits

(coostructiun) adj su uns Bait v Gooch & aor app of plt (in forma pauper 8) from order of Justices

Iodia Rabber, &c, Co v Healey's Tele Io re Orieatal Bank Ex pte Official Denman and Matbew for new trial-action tried by Mr Justice Grovo with

grapb, &, Co act wits

Liquidator adj sans special jury July 19

Watson v Smith act wito

In re Oriental Bank Espte Oriental Armour v Mur boll app of deft from Justices Madisty and Wills affirming Talman v Lowe act wits

Back Esta es Co, ld adj sumos refusal 10 stay action as contrary to Building Societies' Act, 1874 July 22 Butcher v Galmoyo act wits

Sutton v Town adj smns (To be continued.)

Dyır v Wilkinson aot wits

Ward v Royal Exchange Shipping Co Armstrong v Hall ac: wits

adj smns

Bora (tradiog, &c) v Parker Bros act ln re Mary Wildo's Estate Wilder HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.


Salt adj smas

Cuctis & Harvey v Chilworth Gun Lawson v Quare act

powder Co, ld act wits

Io ra Plymouth Working Men's Equit. Causes for Trial or He-ring.

To be continued.

able Load Soc adj smas

In re Thurabill's Estate Thornhill v (Set down to Saturday, October 15, inclueive.) Motions, Petitions, and Short Causes will be takon on the usual days, as stated Further Considerations.

Nixon adj sons

Richar1 in bo Trinity Sitiogs Paper.

Brown y Burdett fo

In re Jas Walker's Estate

Walker v Archer aoj smas Ca 18e with aod witbout Witnesses will be taken by Mr. Justice Kay on Humphreys v Ratfety fo

In re Jas Walker's Estats John the usual Cause days ia the order as they stand in the Caase Book.

la re Led Loe v Pope fo

Walker v Archer adj smas Mr. Justice Coitty will take Witness Causes on the following days, viz. : la ro Parker Parker v Baxter fo

la re Jao E Cox's Trusis Expte E Nov 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, and Dec 1.

Cox's Legacy a lj sumos Mr Justice North will take Witness Causes on the following days:-Oct 31, Adjourned Summonses.

Rock v Purssell adj smos Ny 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, und 17.

Ia re Cotton Fenaemora v Nicholls

Wallis to Concarnen & V & P Act Mr. Justice s'irling will take 'Witness Actions on days to be named by his la re Martin's Will re Trollope's Will

adj smes Lurdsbịp; bis Lorderip will sit in Chambers every Monday doriog the Sittings Jarvis v Martia M. Justice Kekowich will take Witne88 Cau338 Avery day, ia the order as they In re Branksea Island Co, id & Co's Kennedy v Ortelli act 1887– K-153

Kennedy v Ortelli act 1886 -K-1011 ad in the Cause Bjok. See Note on Sittiogs Paper as to Liverpool and Man Acts

Mawer v Harston Jenkias y Newbold ch sier District Registry Business.

la re Enpirs M stoh Co, id &

COD acts Adjourned Eummonses will b; taken as follows :-Mr. Justice Kay, on Co's Acts

Read v Gowland adj smns (1) Fridays and Saturdays; Mr. Justice Chitty, with Noa-Witness Actions, except

Read v Gowland adj smas (2) Po cedure Sammonses, which (if any) are taken overy Sa'urday; Mr. Justice

Before Mr. Justice CHITTY. lo re CG J Silva's Estate Shepherd Siiling, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Causes for Trial (with witnesses) v Royal Medical College la re Le N.B. - Mr. Justice North will take Adjourned Sammonses as follows:-Claus


Goyt, infants adj smas 2:, wth Motions, on Fridays ; Classes II. and III., in the Non-Witness Liet; Hopkinson v Peruvian Guano Co

Matthews v O'Dowd adj smas (i) Ca-slV., 09 Fridays and Satarduys. For dosription of exoh Class seo notice (restored, but not till further order

Matthews v O'Duwd adj smos (2) issued by his Lordship's Chief Clerko, date: May 1, 1884.

or consent of partie) Before Mr. Justice KAY. Rawlingon v Mullens at (restured) Baroness Wenlock v Ryder act (trans. Lewis v Ramsdale adj smas

lo re Civil Service & General Store ld Call:es for Trial (with witnesses and

ferred frou Q B Div) Lowther v Curwen act wits


Ex parte Sales, Pollard & Co without witnesses). Kirby v Freeman act wits

Reynoldo y Norris act (rastorel)

Earlich v Iblee & anr
In re Meyrick Hartmann Gillett v la re Stuart Mansion House Chmbre
Lowodes act

lo re Jacob Hodgson's Estate, Abbutt
v Stuart act
Saarp v Gooddy, Cripps & Sons, Id

v Hodgson adj sams Edeo v Weardale Iron Cu, ld act wits Venn v Hendriks act wits


Anderson In re Thomas Hollinshead's Estate, Ecclesiastical Comars v Sir W Eden Elmore v Pirrie act wits

Attorney-Gen v Anderson act wits

Hollinshead v Webster adj sums Atkinson v Same act wits

v Hawkins claim and counter claim


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In re City of Chester Benefit Bldg Soo In re Grant Grant v Beddel adj sams Maitland v Philpot 2nd fur con

Before Mr. Justice KEKEWICH. (as to rights of members) adj sumns Thomas v Thomas act

In re Marquis of Anglesey Skinner v Causes for Trial (with witnesses).
To be continued.

To be continued.
Anglesey fur con

London, Chatham, & Dover Ry Co v
In re Bemrose Brant v Judd fur con South-Eastern Ry Co act (restored)
Further Considerations.

In re Williams Andrews v Williams In re Harvey Harvey v Lambert act Before Mr. Justice North, In re Wilson Alexander v Calder fur

fur con

(aot before 15 Nov) Causes for Trial (with witnesses). COD

Verney v Thomas act (restored) In re Mille Mills v Mills fur con

Adjourned Summonges.

Street v Guardians of Hambledon Union Ncad v Leir act In re Stott Stott v Goodall fur oon

aot Walker v James act (revived)

To re Burgess George v Stothard
In re Benson Ben son v Thompson In_re Golding's Trusts Crossley v Parker v Bingham
In re T W Cobb Harrison v Cobb

fur con

Alexander v London Founders Assocn, act Pearson v Dangerfield fur con

In re Fryer Ellis v Fryer
Cobb v Harrison

ld act
In re Thomas Thomas v Thomas act | In re Sille Sills y Sills

Williams v Neath Canal Navigation Barber v Helliwell act

la re Sills Saul v Sills

Proprietors act and counter clam Ruthven v Ruthven act Pressley v Hodgson act

Adjourned Summonseg.

Robins v Robins
(Class IV.)
In re Cridland & LC Act

Transferred from Justicos Chitty, Morley v Lythall act

Io re Sebright, Bart, and Sottled Land In re Peache Shepherd v Thorpe Brown v Clark Act

NORTH, & STIRLING, for Trial or Aot Short v London & Westminster Bk ld

Salwey v Salwey pt hd (restored) Hearing only — by Order, dated
In re Jackson & Woodburne & V & P In re Coney to Wil@on, & V & P Act 24 March, 1887

In re Wilton & Sons, solrs (taxation) Freke v Houseman act
Russell v Norton ACT
Drage v Sir WC Hart pp act
In re Johnson Weatherall (Taxation) Cowper v Harmer

Eady v Eidy act
Easton v London Joint Stock Bank Co In re Benn's Estate Benn v Benn Stobbs v Kelsey
Creed v Dixon

Thomas v Doughty
Prior v Bagster

In re Moone Moone v Moone act Helliwell v Barker act

In re Peace & Ellis, &o (Taxation) Stevens v MoMillian (restored) Bruvet v Burlet act

Tennant. W v La Claude Hamilton act Syer v Gladetone (paymt of interest) In re Whitehouse Whitehouse Lands Allotment Cold v London &

V Earl of Darnley v LC&D Ry Co act

Tilbury Ry Co act
Syer v Gladstone (appln. of plt)

(not before 2 Nov)
Finnis v Wilks Act
In re Davis Muckalt v Davis
Dew y Parker

Clay v Brachen act
In re Bennett Knapp v Bennett act
la re Newman Newman v Newman Dew v Parker

Earl Sydney v Lowe act
In re Fraser Geates y Fraser
In re Knapp Bennett v Knapp act

In re A W Hall & Co & Co's Acts Lovejoy v Downes act
Horner v Salling act & mij
In re Proom Proom v Proom

In re De la Rue Cumming v Marshall Baxter v Harfield & Co act
Bateman v Poplar Dist Bd of Works
United Telephone Co, id v Nelson & In re Wilkinson Waddington v Wad.

Transferred from Justices North, Song act

dington In re Ellis Jones Jones v Evans act Pilley v Land Investment Co, id In re Corsellis Lawton v Elwes

CHITTY, and STIRLING, for Trial or Rickaby v Rickaby act In re Bowes Earl of Strathmore v Battyo v Cail

Hearing only-by Order dated 14th Vane

June 1887. Wright'v Shrub act

Battye v Cail

A G Kurta & Co v Peter Speace &
Charsley v Coaks act
In re Barley Trousdale v Hayes In re Simpson Blanford v Simpson

Sono act
To be continued. I 1

To be continued.

To be continued.
Before Mr. Justice STIRLING.
Causes for Trial (without witoesses)

Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).
and Adjourned Summonses (Classes
II. and III.)

Grimmer v Chapman

Hewetaon V
Carnochan v Ireland Act
Grimmer Act

In re Hulton Li: ter v Hulton adj Foulkes v Jeffryes act

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, October 14. sumos

Lumley v Haines act
In re Jas Bowley's Estate Bowley v Lound v Grimwade issue for trial

Bowley adj sumns
Lee v Neuoba'el Asphalte Co, ld act

In ro Natt Walker v Gamage adj Sonnenschein v Barnard and aor aot ANSLEY HALL COAL AND IRON Co., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented

Brooking v Mandelay, Sons & Field Oct. 14, directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, Oct. 29. Row. Blundell v De Falba act act

cliffe, Rawle, & Co., Bedford row, agents for Addleshaw & Warburton, Man. In re Vickers Vickers v Vickers adj Stanmore v Mont Dore, of Bourne chester, solor for petners Bumns mouth & petn


J., dated Oct. 5, it was ordered that the Tramways be wound up. Harper & In re Southerton Wright v Everall Croslegh v Dando act

Battock, Rood lane, solors for petners adj sumns Roots v Williamson act

BRITISH AND COLONIAL AGENCY. LIMITED. - The Vacation Judge has fixed ThurgIn re J Baker Jobëson v Baker adj | MacIver v Maclver act

day, Oct. 27, at 11, at the chambers of Chitty, J., for the appointment of an sumos

Insole v Mayor, &c, of Cardiff act official liquidator In re J Baker Siemey v Baker Moore v Tylee act

FARMER, ROBEY, BROWN, & Co, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct In re Bettesworth, Bettes worth V In re S England Burns v Pavey act

12, directed to be heard before Stirling, J., on Saturday, Oct 29. Miles, King Richer adj sums Ia re S England Burns v Pavey

st, Cheapside, agents for Grange & Wintringham, Gt Grimsby, solors for

petners In re Haigh, Stephons v Leoh mere adj question of law (to co ne on together RAILWAY DEBENTURE STOCK AND MORTGAGE CORPORATION, LIMITED.—By an sum by orde.

order of Charles, J., dated Oct 5, it was ordered that the corporation be wound In re Houghton, Mortimer v Caird adj Knaresborough, &c, Building Co v up. Whitfield, Finsbury pavement, solor for petner

Lachmere act

SILVER QUEEN UNITED LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, dated Oct 10, directed to In re F Allen & Sons & TM Acts adj Anglo-American Brush C. v Edison &

be heard before Kay, J., on Oct 29. Whitfield, Finsbury pavement, solor for

petner sum8 Swan & Co act

UNION MATCH CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 11, directed In re Treffry, Treffry v Treffry arj Anglo-American Brush Co v Edison &

to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, Oct 29. Bradley, Mark lane, solor BUMS Swan &c Co act

for petner In re Griffio, Buckell v Smith adj sums | Wheatley v Freeman act

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Oct. 18.
In re J Barratt's Will adj sume
Kerr v Richa deon act


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. In re Holbech, Markbam v Holbech In re Rothwell's Patent, &o Poto

BALFOURS & CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct. 12, directed to adj sums

(wi's list by order) Welis v Holton mij

be heard before Kay, J., on Oct 29. Francis & Johnson, Austin friars, solors Sobnson y Duffeld act

for petner In re La Fargue, Heath v Hinder adj Crosti v Ferreira act

CONDENSED WORT AND BREWING MEAL CO, LIMITED.-The Vacation Judge has Crosti v Ferreira act

fixed Thursday, Oct 27, at 12, at his chambers, for the appointment of official lo re Nelson, Lane v Holland adj sums Tarn y Turner act

liquidator In re M Wyatt Wyatt v Phear adj

MEDICAL DEFENCE UNION, LIMITED.-Peta for winding up, presented Oct 14, To be continued.

directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Oct 29. Yeilding & Co, Vincent sq,

Westminster, solors for petners In re M Wyatt Furnios v Phear adj Causes for Trial (without witnesses). MINING SECURITIES AND INVESTMENT TRUST, LIMITED.-By an order made by

In re Croome Croom. V Croome Charles, J., dated Oct 8, it was ordered that the trust be wound up. Maddi. In re Holt, Riches v Jope adj su r8 (points of law set down by order,

sons, King's Arms yd, solors for the petner In re Nelson, Brett v Nelson adj sumy 19 July, 1887)

MOREWOOD & Co, LIMITED.-By an order made by Charles, J, datel Oct 12, it In re Vicat Robinson v Vicat adj smps Bacon v Camphausen act

was ordered that the company be wound up. Dawes & Sons, Angel ct, ThrogIn re Malet Malet v Malet adj sums

morton st, solors for petner In re Meyvell Jackson v Locke adj sums

Holmes v Meynell | NEW HOLLINGBOURNE PAPER MILLS CO, LIMITED.-The Vacation Judge has issue of fact

fixed Oct 28, at the chambers of North, J., at 12, for the appointment of an In re Shore Chaffey y Shore act Molver y Hill act

official liquidator In re Hay Hay v Neville adj sums Booth v Shaw

In re Wailes Wailes v Wailos special Rossa GRANDE GOLD MINING CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Aug act case (restored)

6, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, Oct 21. A'Beckett & Co, In re Hatton Robson v Panington Rollit v London Aesce act

Laurence Pountney lane, solors for petner adj sums

SCHOONER POND COAL CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented July 30, In re Taylor Hughes v Bewley act In re Spooner Spooner v Spooner adj Ashton v Chenery act

directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, Oct 29. Harper & Batt

cock, Rood lane, solors for petner
Knowles v Knowles special case
In re Budd Cutler v How adj sums

In re Green Entwisle v Green act
In re Budd Cutler v Hov adj sums

Ledbrook y Paesmann act
In re Roberts Morris y Lewis adj Smith v Kempeon act

Arms, Old Kent rd. Oct 14


Jenkins v Jackson
In re Hutchinson Jones v Perkins adj Harding v Harding special C 190


Nelson, Lancaster. Oct 14

FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY, Globe Inn, Wellingborough, Northampton. Oct 14 In re Bdie & Brown & V & P Act, Maucauley Hartley v Maucauley mfj

GLANAU IFOR FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Glan Moelyn, Llanrug, Carnarvon. Oct 14 Halsekopf v Hutchinson mfj

LOYAL EVANUS SOCIETY, Anchor Inn, Neath, Glamorgan, Oct 14 1874 adj sums

LOYAL BOUGHTON LODGE, GRAND UNITED ORDER OF ODD FELLOws, Red Lion Porritt v Walk-r act &mfj lo re Hunt Gowing v Gillham adj

Hotel. Pontardulais, Carmarthen. Oct 14

LOYAL VINE OF LOREK LODGE, Bee Hive Inn, Rochdale, Lancaster. Oct 14, In re Phillips Phillips v Allen adj In re Wood Wood v Wood fur con

Further considerations.

PRINCE OF ORANGE BENEFIT SOCIETY, St James Schoolroom, St James rd, Liver& 2 sumns


Whitchurch, Buckingham. Oct 14

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