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there be subsequent conduct on either side making a divorce
possible. For this purpose the statute 22 & 23 Vict. c. 61, s. 5,

is available, which provides for the alteration of settlements,
whether ante-nuptial or post-nuptial, upon the dissolution of the

marriage. It was settled in Worsley v. Worsley (1 P. & D. 648) THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875, ANNOTATED, WITH AN APPENDIX
that this applies to all deeds whereby property is settled upon a

CONTAINING THE VARIOUS INCORPORATED STATUTES, &c. By woman in her character as wife, and to be paid to her while

W. G. LUMLEY, Esq., LL.M., Q.C., Counsel to the Local Government

Board, and EDMUND LUMLEY, B.A., Barrister-at-Law. she continues a wife, and, consequently, to

THIRD separation

EDITION. By W. PATCHETT, Esq., Q.C., and ALEXANDER MACdeeds in which such provision is made. Probably, however, the MORRAN, M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Shaw & Sons. court has power, of its own inherent jurisdiction, to make fresh

The last edition of this work appears to have met with the sucarrangements upon a dissolution of marriage. Thus, in Morrell v. cess which it deserved. Less than three years is a short period for Morrell (6 P. D. 98), where there was subsequent incestuous the exhaustion of an edition of a work of this magnitude, and it is adultery by the husband, it was held that the wife was entitled to stated that the second edition has been out of print for some time. sue for dissolution, and, as incident to the suit, to ask for new In the present edition the principal additions in the way of legislamaintenance. See, too, Benyon v. Benyon (1 P. D. 447). But tion are the Public Health (Members and Officers) Act, 1885; the there is no such power upon a judicial separation merely: Thus, Diseases (Animals) Act, 1886. These Acts are inserted in the text, and in Gandy v. Gandy (7 P. D. 168), where, upon the husband's are fully annotated, with exemplary care to place before the reader adultery, the wife obtained judicial separation and the custody of everything illustrating the operation of the different sections. Thus the children, she was refused any further alimony, since no con- in section 12 of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1885, duct of the husband had so affected her as to entitle her to re- which, in the case of houses let to “persons of the working classes,”. pudiate the deed. This is an authority, too, for the more general alters the rule of law and implies à condition that an unfurnished proposition that the deed is not avoided by subsequent adultery on house is reasonably fit for human habitation, there is a most exeither side, not even when it is followed by a dissolution of the haustive collection of cases shewing the effect of such an implication marriage, unless provided by the court in the manner described in the case of furnished houses. The appendix has had added to it above. Thus in @harlesworth v. Holt (9 Ex. 38) the husband's several statutes, including many of the last session, which are all liability to pay an annuity continued because not expressly limited looked for we have found very satisfactorily stated or noticed, and

The recent decisions we have
by the deed, although its terms contemplated the marriage rela- we are glad to be able to repeat our commendation of the care
tionship continuing, for otherwise it might be terminated through which the editors have bestowed on the book.
the husband's own misconduct. The point was thoroughly argued
in Fearon v. Earl of Aylesford (suprd) on the ground of public
policy, and the preceding decisions were without hesitation con-
firmed. Provision is frequently made for such a case by introduc-

ing into the deed a dum casta clause, but it was decided in Hart v.
Hart (18 Ch. D. 670) that this was not a usual provision, and it

will only be inserted by the court in carrying out an executory

[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] agreement to contain "usual provisions," when adultery has been Sir,—The Copyhold Act, 1887, s. 6, to which you refer in your proved against the wife.

issue of to-day, appears to mean this : (1) That the lord shall not As the deed is made with a view to separation, it has been held hereafter (without the approval of the Land Commissioners) grant that its effect is limited to such separation. Hence it will be any part of the waste lands of the manor, which prior to the Act he

a subsequent reconciliation and return to cohabitation. Only the consent of the homage but also the consent of the CommisBoth these points, however, are essential. Thus the deed is not sioners necessary to any future grant. And (2) that any part of the avoided by a reconciliation if the parties continue to live apart, as waste so granted witń such double consent as aforesaid (i.e., any in Frampton v. Frampton (4 Beav. 287), nor by the living under grant " lawfully made") shall not, as heretofore, be of copyhold the same roof, but in a state of the highest animosity, as in Bate- tenure, but shall eo instantí be or become as of freehold tenure (i.e., held man y. Ross (1 Dow. 235). When, however, trusts are created as in free and common socage). As you are aware, by the Commons which may appear to look beyond a mere separation, it is best to Act, 1876 (39 & 40 Vict. c. 56), s. 31, the lord's right to approve provide for their cessation by an express clause if it is so intended. under the Štatute of Merton was entitled by requiring the concent

of the Commissioners; and so, by section 6 of the Copyhold Act, Thus, in Ruffles v. Alston (19 Eq. 539) and Randle v. Gould (6 1887, the lord's right to grant the waste with the sanction of the W. R. 108)," upon consideration of the whole scope of the deeds in homage is entitled in like manner. After much consideration of either case, they were held not to be avoided by subsequent recon- the section, this is the only interpretation of it I can satisfactorily ciliation.

arrive at.

A. B. It appears, then, that the law of separation deeds is more firmly October 8, 1887. settled than the judical dicta which we placed at the beginning of

[See observations under head of “ Current Topics.” The word the first article would lead us to expect.

entitled,” occurring twice in one of the sentences of the above
public policy there is now no doubt, and, but for the remark of letter, appears to be the word used in the M.S.-Ed. S. J.
Lord Selborne in Cahill v. Cahill above referred to, there would
be just as little doubt as to enforcing them equally against hus-

band and wife. The wife's power to contract to live apart and to
forbear from litigation is the same as that of a feme sole, but all

| To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]
contracts relating to her separate property are subject to the same Sir,- Perhaps you or some of your correspondents could throw
limitations as though they were made with a stranger. The other some light on the following point in connection with the above Act
variation and avoidance appear to be equally clear, and the whole composition deed with each of his creditors, there is any necessity
mbject is an example of judicial law gradually brought into hate for registration. The words "for the benefit of his creditors genset

ally " in section 4 (2) would seem to shew that this is a correct mony with public opinion and established upon a rational basis.

interpretation of the Act. If this is the case the adoption of
separate deeds would be an easy method of evading its provisions.
8, Old Jewry, Oct. 12.


[The words referred to appear to govern the whole of the definition Tuesday's Gazette contains a return shewing the number of receiving of 5 deed of arrangement” in section 4, but has our correspondent orders in the High Court, and in the several County Courts having considered the question of the validity of separate compositions with Bankruptcy jurisdiction in England and Wales, gazetted in the quarters each creditor ?--Ed. S.J.] and nine months ending respectively 30th September, 1885, 1886, and 1887. In the High Court the figures for the three months were--in 1887, 204; in 1886, 197; and in 1885, 192. The corresponding figures in other courts were, 1,029, 969, and 890, the totals being 1,233, 1,166, and 1,082 It is stated that the Court of Common Council last week agreed to the respectively. For the nine months the figures for the three years in the report of the Law and City Courts Committee, recommending that the High Court were 654, 643, and 606 ; in other courts, 2,990, 2,946, and appointment of Mr. F. Roxburgh as permanent Assistant Judge of the 2,709; and the totals were 3,644, 3,589, and 3,315 respectively.

Mayor's Court should not be confirmed.

avoided by

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directing the defendant to deliver to the receiver in the action all promis. CASES BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE.

sory notes, securities, and documents. This order had not been complied

with. This was a motion for leave to issue a writ of attachment against Petition—Trustbes—Removal-Costs—BANKRUPTCY Act, 1883 (46 & 47 the defendant for non-compliance with the order. A preliminary objec. Vict. c. 52), s. 147.

tion was raised on behalf of the defendant that no time was mentioned in

the order within which the defendant was to comply with it. The plainIn the case of Re Firth, Firth v. Clarke, before Charles, J., on the 7th

tiff should get a four-day order. Rule 5 of order 41 provides nst., a question arose under the Bankruptcy Act, 1883, as to the removal

tbat, Every judgment or order made in any cause or matter of trustees against whom a receiving order had been made. The case

act thereby ordered shall state the came on on petition on behalf of beneficiaries under the will of Joseph requiring any person to do an Firth, asking that two trustees might be removed and others appointed. time, or the time after service of the judgment or order, within which the and it was alleged that about £2,200 of the trust funds had been removed. 266). The deed appointing the trustees was dated the 16th of December, 1864, act is to be done.” Refereuce was made to Gilbert v. Endean (9 Ch. D.

In cases which involved the liberty of the subject the utmost An originating summors was then taken out. On the 9th of September, strictness should be observed, and the motion should be refused with costs. 1887, a receiving order was made against the trustees. Section 147 of thé

On behalf of the plaintiff, it was contended that the defendant bad Bankruptcy Act, 1883, provides that where a bankrupt is a trustee within allowed an enormous mass of affidavits to be filed, and then raised a the Trustee Act, 1850, section 32 of that Act shall have effect so as to purely technicel objection. authorize the appointment of a new trustee in substitution for the bank

CHARLES, J., refused the motion, without costs. —Counsel, Kenyon rupt (whether voluntarily resigning or not), if it appears expedient to do Parker; Archibald Brown. Solicitors, Geare, Son, f Peace, for Wake f 80, and all provisions of that Act, aud of any other Act relative thereto, Co., Sheffield ; Pitman & Sons, for Auty, Sheffield. shall have effect accordingly. On babalf of the petitioners reference was

COMPANY - PETITION PRESENTATION Notice - PRIORITY Costs made to Re Adams's Trusts (12_Ch. D. 634) and Re Lawson's Trusts (29

R. S. C., 1883, V., 9. SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, 115), where Kay, J. considered the Bankruptcy Act, 1883. Two beneficiaries were made respondents, and asked for their J., on the 12th inst., the question arose as to whether the petitioner,

In the case of the Middlesex Manufacturing Co. (Limited), before Charles, costs. The trustees did not appear.

CHARLES, J., made the order as prayed by the petition, adding that the where a petition had been previously, but without his knowledge, prenew trustees, when appointed, should raise and pay out of the trust funds sented on the same day, was entitled to his costs. Two petitions were the costs of the petitioner and of the two respondents who appeared, as

presented by creditors on the 16th of September, 1887, asking that the between solicitor and client.-Counsel, Brett and Gazdar. SOLICITORS,

company might be wound up. On behalf of the first petitioner it was Torr, Janeways, Co., for Craven f Ingham, Todmorden ; Stevens, Bawtrie, f said that a compulsory order should be made on his petition, and the Stevens,

second petition should be dismissed, with costs, on the ground that the

second petitioner must be taken to have had notice of the presentation of PARTNERSHIP-ReceivER-DISPUTE-PRACTICE.

the first petition, the same clerk entering both petitions in the sacae In the case of Tucker v. Prior, before Charles, J., on the 7th inst., the office. The company and creditors supported the first petition. On question arose as to appointing a receiver where the existence of a part- behalf of the second petitioner it was submitted that he was a bona fide nership is in dispute. The action was brought by John E. Tucker, and creditor, and the proper course would be to make the order on both asked for a declaration that certain documents and letters created a part. petitions : Buckley on Companies, 4th ed., p. 225. nership between the plaintiff and the defendants, R. C. Prior and his CHARLES, J., made a compulsory order on the first petition, with the wife, William Pyke, and Thomas J. Wickham. This was a motion on usual order as to costs, and dismissed the second petition, without costs.behalf of the plaintiff asking that John Groves Cooper, of Bideford, in the Counsel, Marten, Q.C., and A. Chitty, Seward Brice, Q.O., Eustace Smith, county of Devon, land agent, or some other fit and proper person, on Hilbery, and R. Woodfall; Kenyon Parker. giving security, might be appointed receiver of the Raleigh Estate, near Bideford, in the county of Devon, and the rents and profits trereof, and

COMPANY—PETITION—CREDITOR—VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION-ORDER. all other the assets of the partnership mentioned in the endorsement on

In the case of the Equestrian and Public Buildings Co. (Limited), before the writ in the action. The property was purchased for building pur-Charles, J., on the 12th inst., the question arose whether, where a poses. For the plaintiff it was said that the defendants excluded the creditor had presented a petition, and a voluntary liquidation had subjeplaintiff from the property, and had mortgaged it without his consent ; quently to the presentation of the petition been decided upon, the property was in danger, and he was entitled to a receiver: Lindley on compulsory or a supervision order should be made. This was a petition Partnership, 4th ed., vol. 2, p. 1012: "The court will appoint a receiver if presented by C. A. Wilkes, a creditor for £1,000, and a shareholder the defendant wrongfully excludes his co-partner from the management of holding ten out of thirty-seven shares issued, asking that the company the partnership affairs." That the partnership was in dispute was no bar might be wound up. There was also a motion to appoint an oficial to the appointment of a receiver where there had been misconduct. Sec. liquidator. The object of the company was to give equestrian and tion 25, sub-section 8, of the Judicature Act, 1873, provided that: “A re

dramatic entertainments at the North London Coliseum and Theatre, ceiver may be appointed by an interlocutory order of the court in all cases Dalston. For the petitioner is was said that the petitioner was a creditor in which it shall appear to the court to be just or convenient that such for £1,000, he had made the statutory demand for the money, and the order should be made." The plaintiff here had been excluded from his company had not paid him. Since the petition was presented a resolu. property, and the property had been dealt with and was in jeopardy. tion to wind up the company voluntarily had been passed and confirmed, The defendants denied that there was auy partnership at all.

and a provisional liquidator had been appointed; but that was too late, executory contract, and the condition precedent to the formation of the the petitioner was entitled ex debito justitiæ to a compulsory order. A partnership was the completion of the purchase. This had not been com creditor for £65 5s., and one for £40, supported the petition. For the pleted because the plaintiff had not got the purchase-money ready. The company, it was contended that neither as a shareholder, nor as a creditor, mortgagees were in possession of the property and a receiver was ap was the petitioner entitled to an order. Reference was made to the pointed. Where the fact of the partnership was denied it was not the Companies Act, 1862, s. 91, and to the Rich Gold- Washing Co. (11 Ch. D). practice to appoint a receiver. The question of the existence of a partner. 36). . The company wished for a supervision order, and asked that Wilkes's ship was the question to be tried at the hearing. Reference was made to nominee should not be appointed liquidator. Reference was also made to Fairburn v. Pearson (2 Mac. & G. 144) and Chapman v. Beach (1 Jac. & W. sections 51 and 149 of the Companies Act, 1862, and the Horbury Bridge 594). Here three persons in possession alleged that they were sole

Co. (11 Ch. D. 109), the Great Western Forest of Dean Coal Consumers Co. (21 owners, and the plaintiff came and said that he was a joint owner with Ch. D. 769). A creditor for £100, and another for £64, also asked for a them. There was no ground for the appointment of a receiver ; the supervision order. A mortgagee asked for leave to continue his forejoint ownership was in dispute, and there was no allegation of miscon- closure action; reference was made to Buckley on Companies (4th ed.): duct. Seton on Decrees, 4th ed., vol. 1, p. 434 : “ If the existence of the p. 202, and Campbell v. The Compagnie Generale de Bellegarde (2 Ch. D. 181); partnership is questioned a receiver will not usually be appointed”: the mortgagee's rights should be protected. Walker v. Hirsch (27 Ch. D. 460). In Lindley on Partnership, 4th ed.,

CHARLES, J., said he thought it was a case where he ought to make a p. 1012, it was stated that where a partnership was alleged on the one winding-up order, He was satisfied with the position of Wilkes, as a side and denied on the other it was not the practice to appoint a receiver : 1 creditor, supported as he was by two creditors.

Two creditors opposed, Peacock v. Peacock (16 Ves. 49).

but he had no evidence that the majority of the creditors opposed the CHARLES, J., said that he did not see his way to appoint a receiver.

A petition, or that the majority of the creditors were desirous of having the partnerehip was alleged on the one side and denied on the other; that was voluntary winding up continued under the supervision of the court. Two the very question to be tried at the hearing. There was a substantial creditors were in favour of a supervision order being made, but he did not controversy to be settled, and, in his opinion, no special danger was to be

see any reason why he should make such an order. He made the usual apprehended to the property. He should follow the practice as stated in compulsory order, and the usual order as to costs. He made no order as Lindley on Partnership (supra), where a partnership was alleged on one side and denied on the other, and should refuse to appoint a receiver.

to the mortgagee, except that he might add his costs to his security. He

allowed the costs of another petition presented prior to this one, on which The motion would be refused; no order as to costs. -COUNSEL, T. L.

no costs had been incurred since the presentation of the second peti: Wilkinson ; Marten, Q.C., and Lemon. or Charles Smale, Bideford ; Hepburn, Son, g Cutliffe.

SOLICITORS, Indermaur f 'Brown, tion.—Counsel, Latham, Q.C., and Lemon; Oswald; Job Bradford ;
Millar, Q.O., and Baker; A. Wedderburn and Ryland.



Curtis's Co.; W. R. Helmore; Vanderpump & Son; Thomson, Son, $ Brooks.
TIME Costs—R. S. C. 1883,

XLI., 5. question arose as to whether a defendant, who, on motion for attachment, 10th, when the appeal of Cooper v. Cooper and others will be in the

The judicial business of the House of Lords will be resumed on November for disobedience to an order, raised the technical objection that no time paper for hearing. The present list contains 32 appeals, of which 17 are was specified within which he must comply with the order, was entitled English, two are Irish, and 13 are Scotch appeals. There is only one to the costs of the motion,

On the 8th of July, 1877, an order was made I cause standing for judgment, that of Pritchard v. The Mayor of Bangor.

It was an

Saturday .,19& gen. pa


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Saturday ..10 & gen. pa


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Wednsday.. 9{made on interlo utory mots Friday ...16 bkcy apps and apps from

Interlocutory apps con Friday -...ll... Mots., adj. sums, & gen pa LEGAL NEWS.


.... 25 } tinuod and apps from Coan Saturday .,123 Pots, sat causas, atj sums, APPOINTMENTS.


.26 ! Apps from the Chancery Mon...........14
i General List

Tues. ......15

General paper Mr. FRANCIS OSBORNE Oates CHUBB, solicitor (of the firm of Welsh, Son, Thursday ...27 if necessary apps from the

County Palatine Apps, and Wednesday 16

Thursday ...17 & Chubb), of Wells, has been appointed Clerk to the County Magistrates

Ohan Gen List

Friday, ....18... Motns adj sums, & gen. pa at that place, in succession to Mr. Edwin Welsh, deceased. Mr. Ohubb Friday .28

Pets., sht causes, & 1j sums, was admitted a solicitor in 1883.


..29 Apps from the Chancery Monday ....31 General List

Monday ....21 Mr. FreDERICK HARDYMAN PARKER, barrister, has been appointed to act Tuesday, Nov 1



General paper as Chief Justice of British Honduras. Mr. Parker is the only son of Mr.

App. mota, ex pte-orgl.
mots.--and apps.


Thurs William Alexander Parker, formerly Chief Justice of British Honduras. Wednesday 2 orders mada on interlocu. Friday ....25..Mts, adj sms & gen da. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh, and he was called to the

tory mots. (sep list) & apps

Satrdy ....26

Ş Pets., sit. Caus., adj sums, bar at the Middle Temple in June, 1880. He is Keeper of Records,

from general list if required

& gen. p.. Provost- Marshal, and Registrar of the Supreme Court of British Honduras, Thirsday

County Palatine apps, and Monday

3 if necessary apps fro in the Tuesday ......29 and he has been for some time acting as Attorney-General of the colony.

General paper
Chan gen list

Wednesday 31

Thurs., Dec 1
Mr. ROBERT Henry WALTER WOODWARD, barrister, has been appointed Sat

5 Apps from the Chancery Friday.... 2... Moons. adj sms, & gen. pr. to act as Attorney-General of British Honduras. Mr. Woodward was Monday ...... 7 General List


s Pets, sht. caus, adj. sumos, called to the bar at the Inner Temple in January, 1887.

Tuesday.... 8

App. mo's. ex pte-orgl Monday.... 5 Mr. EDWARD Douglas GODWIN, solicitor, of Winchester, has been ap

motns - apps. from ords



General paper. pointed Clerk to the Magistrates for that city, in succession to Mr.

9 made on interlocutory mots

Wednesday 7

Thursday .. (sep list) and apps from

8 Frederick Barnes, resigned. Mr. Godwin was admitted a solicitor in

general list if required, Friday .... 9... Motns, a l. sumu. & gen da 1865. He is registrar of the Winchester County Court, and district Thursday ..10

Pets., sht. Caus., & 1j. suns. registrar under the Judicature Acts.


...12 Apps from Chan gen list Monday....12)
Monday ....14


General paper.
Tuesday ...15

Wednesday 14
ARTHUR James O'Connor and WALTER STANLEY RESTALL, solicitors (A. J.

App mtns ex pte-Original Thursday ..15

mtas-apps from ords made Fr day ....16... Motns, adj sums, & gen. pa. O'Connor & Restall), Birmingham. Sept. 29. [Gazette, Oct. il.

Weinesday 16 on Interlocutory mins (sep Saturday ...17 Pers., sht. cau.., adj. suns. list), 4 d apps from gea

1 & gea pa GENERAL.

list if required

Monday .....19

General paper

Thursday ...17 The Albany Law Journal, in reviewing a work on “Trade-Mark Cases,"

Friday ......18

Wednesday 31.1. Mots. adj sumos, & gen pa notices the following decisions :-“ Albany Beef” is not a valid trade Saturday ..19 ; Apps from Chan gon list

Any cause intended to be heard as a short mark for canned sturgeon. A label of “old Bachelor Smoking Tobacco,'.

Monday. ..21

cause must be so marked in the cause

Tues. 22 with a picture of an old bachelor," was held an infringemeat of a label

book at least one clear day before the same

(App mtns ex pte-original can be put in the paper to be so heard, and of "old Coon Smoking Tobacco," with a picture of a coon," although

m tioos-apps from orders the former also stated that it was “Not Old Coon.” On the other hand, Wednesday 23 made on interlocutory mos

The necessary papers must be left in court

with the judge's officer the day before the "Rising Moon Stove Polish,” with a picture of the moon, was held no

(sep list), and apps from

cause is to be put into the paper. infringendent of “Rising Sun Stove Polish," with a picture of the sun.

genera! list it required
Thursday ..24
Friday ....25

Chancery Court, III.
Saturday ...26 Apps from Chan gen list


Mon., Oct. 24... Motions

App. motns. ex pto-orgl.

Wednesday 26 Nin wit list

apps. from ords

Thursday ...21
Wednesday 30 made on interlocutory mots

Mtns contiqued & con wit

(sep list), and apps from Friday ......25

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Pets, sht. causes, opposed MICHAEL MAS SITTINGS, 1887.

County Palatine Apps, and

Saturday ...29 pe's, Procedure suuns, & COURT OF APPEAL.

Thurs ,Dco. 1 if necessary &PIS srom
Thurs. ....24... App3 from Q B final list

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Chan gen list

Mon...........31...Fur cons and non wit list
Appeal Court, I.
Friday, ....25 { Beboere hope and apps from

Tusiy, Nov. 1
Final and interlocutory appeals from the

Saturdy...... 3 Apps from the Chancery


2 Non wit list Saturday ..262


5 General List Mon, Queen's Bench Division, the Probate,


Thursday .28 Apps from Q B fin list

Tuesday Divorce, and Admiralty Division (Ad- Tuesdy .... 29


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App mtns ex pte-original miralty), and the Queen's Beaca Division App. motas. ex pte-Orgl.

Pets, sht. cauces, Procedure

mtos-appe sis from orders Sitting in Bankruptcy. morns.- and apps.from ords

Saturday 5 sumns,

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Final Apps

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Saturdy....10 Apps from Chan gen list

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Tuesdy ....13
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Wednesday 14 made on interlocutory mtas
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Tuesday...... 15
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Apps from the Q.B. Final

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Weduerday 16 Causes with wits
Wednesday 7 made on interlocutory mtas

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Tues., Nov. 1
and also apps from tinal

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Thursday ...15
App. motns, ex pie-o'g'.
list if required

Friday ...... 18...Mns and non wite list

Friday motas--and apps. from ords Thursdy.... 8.. Apps from Q B final list

Pets, set causes, Procedure Wednes 2 made on interlocutory mots

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Saturday ...19/sums, opposed pets, and

Mon, .......19
& also apps. from the final

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Saturday ..10

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Thursday ... 3
Apps from the Q.B. Final

Tuesday ......2.2
Monday ...12 Apps from Q B final list

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Weduesday 23 Causes with wits
Tuesdy. 13

Wednes, .,21 made on interlocutory mas
Bkcy apps & apps from Q B
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Thursday ...24
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Friday motns- & apps from orders

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Pets, sht causes, opposed
Apps from the Q.B. Final

Wednesday 14{made on interlocutory mots
and also apps from final

Saturday ...26 pets, Procedure smas, &

N.B.-Ludacy Petitions (if any) are taken

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list if required

in Appeal Court II. on every Monday at
Eleven until further notice.

Monday ......28...Fur cous & non wit list
App. mots. ex pte.-orgl. Thursday ...15... Apps froin Q B Final List
mets. -and apps, from ords

Tuesday ...... 29
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Ohancery Court, I.

Saturday 3sums, opposed puts, and
App. moʻns, es pte-urgl.

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mots, -and apps, from ords
Satarday ..12)

Monday ..... 5.. Fur cons & non wat list
Wednesday 21 {made on interlocutory mots
Mondy, Oct 24.,Motions

Tuesday.... 6
Monday ....14 Apps from Q B Final List

and a 80 apps from Final


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Tuesday ...15)
List if required

Wednesday 7 Non pit list
Wednesday 26 General paper

Thursday... 8)
App. motns. ex N.B.-Admiralty Appeals, with assessors,

Thursday ..27


.... 9.Motions and non wit list mots-and apps. from are taken in Appeal Court I. on specially

Friday ...,28... Mots. a tj. sumns, & gen. pa
Wednesday 16 ordrs made on interlocu- appointed dags.

Pers., sht causes, adj sums.

pets., Procedure sums. & tory motns and also apps.

& gen pa from final list if required

Monday ....31


......12... Fur cons & non wit list Thursday ..17., Apps from Q B fitual list

Appeal Court, II.

Tuesdy., Nov 1
General paper.

Tuesday ...13
Bkoy apps and apps from
Friday ....18


QB final list if necessary
Final and interlocutory appeals from the

Wednesday 14 Non wit list
Thursday ...

Chancery, and Probate, Divorce, and

Friday, 4... Mtns, adj smns, and gen pe Thursday ...15)
Admiralty Divisions (Probate and Di.

Monday .... 21 Apps from Q B final list

Pets, sht causes, adj sums,

....16...Mots. & non wit list 22 vorce), and the County Palatine and

Pets, sht. Causes, procedure Sat, ........ & gen pa

pets, Stannaries Courts,

Saturday ..17smos, opposed
App. mots, ex pte-orgl.

Mon., ......

non wits list
mots-and apps from ordre

App. mtns, ex pte-orgl.

Tuesday ....

General paper

Further considerations : Wednesday 23 made on interlocutory mots

mocne - apps. frou ords.
Monday, Oct 24

Wednesday 9

Non wit list
& also apps. from floal list

made on interlo utors mots

Thursd.y ...10 if required

(sep list)










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Friday Bato, Mon. Tuesday

Friday ....11{Q7 Final List it necessary

Saturday ...10{ pets, sht. cau-., opposed

.... 29

Don wit list

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.... 15



Tues. .....


Tuesday......20... Non wit list

Monday......31... Sitting in chambers ednesday 21...Motioos and non wits list Tues., Nov. 1


2 General papor Any cause intended to be heard as a short

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, October 7. cause must be so marked in the cause

Thursdy.... 3
book at least one clear day before the
Friday, ...... 4... Mtos. adj sums. & gen. pa.

Short caus, pets, adj sums,

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. same can be put in the paper to be so Saturdy....

& gen pe. Heard, and the necessary papers must

“HOME TREASURE" WASHING MACHINE CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, be left in court with the judge's officer

Monday.... 7.. Sitting in chambers

Tuesday. 8) the day before the cause is to be put in

presented Oct 1, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on Oct 29. Chinery & Co,

Brabant ct, Gracechurch st, solors for petners
Wed., .... 9 General paper,
the paper.
Thursday ..10 )

HOWE MACHINE CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Charles, J., dated Sept 28,

it was ordered that the company be wound up. Smart, Old Jewry chbrs, solor Friday ....ll.. Motns, adj sums. & gen. pa

for petner
Chancery Court, II.
Saturday ..12 Sht cans, pets, adj sumos,


Mon ......14.. Sitting chambers

CITY AND COUNTY FINANCE CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 6,
Mon., Oct. 24., Motions

directed to be heard at Chancery Officy, 9, Cook st, Liverpool, on Tuesday, Oct Toes.......... 25


...16 General paper. Wednesday 26 General paper

18, at 11. Whitley & Co, Liverpool, solors for petner


Fridıy, .....18 .Mtns, adj sums & ren pa Friday .... 28... Motions & adj. sumng

ing up, presented Sept 2, directed to be heard at Chancery Office, Liverpool, on Saturday ..29...Sht caus, pets, & adj smns.

Sht. caus., pets., adj. sums,

Tuesday, Oct 18, at ii. Mearns & Boyle, Liverpool, solors for petner

& gen. pa.
Monday ....31
Monday,... 21. .Sitting in chambers

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, October 11.
Tues., Nov. 1
Tues. 22

Wed, ......

General pa (acts with wits(
Wed............23 General paper

Thursday ...
Thursday ..24

STANDARD LEAD MINE, LIMITED.-The Vacation Judge has fixed Thursday, Oct Friday, .... 4.. Mtos and adj sms

Friday ....25. Mots, adj. sums. & gen. pa 20, at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of_official liquidator
Saturday .. 5..Sht caus, pta, & adj sms
Sat .... 26 Shtrencatus, pets, adj eums.


presented Oct 6, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, Oct 29. Tuesdy,... 8

General pa (act with wits)

28.. Sitting in chambers Wednsday.. 9

Foss & Ledsam, Abchurch lane, solors for petner

Thursday ..10)

30 General paper

Friday ....11...Mtns, & adj sumns
Thurs., Dec. Us

BRIDGEWATER LOAN SOCIETY.-The Vice-Chancellor has fixed Oct 21, at 2, at the Sat., .........12...Sht caus, pts, & adj sms

Friday ......

2.. Motns, adj smns & gen pa. Registrar's chambers, 2, Clarence st, Manchester, for appointment of official Mond... .14

Sht. causes, pets, adj sums, liquidator Tuesdy..... 15



& gen. pa. General Pa (act with wits)


Monday...... 5... Sitting in chambers PERMANENT BENEFIT FRIENDLY SOCIATY, Providence Baptist Chapel, Glemsford, Thur, Tuesday

Sudbury, Suffolk. Oct 7
Friday ....18.. Mtns and adj sms

Wednesday 7 General paper,
Saturday ..19..Sht. caus, pets., adj. sumns Thursday
Monday .21

Friday .... 9...Mtns, adj sumns & gen pa
General paper.

Sht. caus, pets, adj. sums.


and gen pa Thursday .. 24

Monday .... 12...Sitting in chamberg
Friday ....25.. Motns, & adj. sumns.

Tuesday ...13
Sat ..... 26..Short caus, pets, aðj sums,

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, October 7.
Wedns.....14 General paper,
Monday ......28
Thursday ...15)

General paper.

Friday ......16.. Mts, adj sms and gen pa

ALLONBY, JOHN, Liverpool, Team Owner. Liverpool. Pet Sept 30. Ord Oct 3 Thurs., Dec. 1!

Sht caus, pts, atj sms, ani
Saturday ...17
gen pa

BAINTON, HENRY, Stanningley, Yorks, Mason. Leeds. Pet Oct 3. Ord Oct 3 Friday 2... Motns. & adj. sums.

Mon., ......19..Sitting in chambers Saturday .. 3..Sht, causes, pets, adj sums,

BRAY, NICHOLAS, St Kew, Cornwall, Carpenter. Truro. Pet Sept 20. Ord Oct 3 Tuesday ....20.. General paper Mon. 5 Wednesday 21..Mots, aj suns, & gen. pa.

CAINE, CHARLES MADRELL, and GEORGE OSCAR CAINE, Liverpool, Pawnbrokers. Tuesday B General

Liverpool. Pet Oct 3. Ord Oct 4
Wednsday.. 7

Any cause intended to be heard as a short

CAINE, JANE, Liverpool, out of business. Liverpool. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 5 Thursd 8

cause must be so marked in the cause Friday

CARBINES. ROBERT RICHARDS, St Ives, Cornwall, Gardener. Truro. Pet Oct 4. ... 9. Mots, & adj. sumns book at least one clear day before the

Ord Oct 4 Sat., ..... 10...Sht, caus., ptns. adj. sumps

same can be put in the paper to be so Mon. 12

heard, and the necessary papers, in

COOK, THOMAS WESLEY, Liverpool, Importer of Provisions. Liverpool. Pet

Oot 4. Ord Oct 4 Tuesd. ...... 13

cluding minutes of the proposed judgWed,

General paper
ment or order, must be left with the

Cox, JAMES RICHARD, Southsea, Baker. Portsmouth. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4 Thorsday ..15)

judge's clerk one clear day before the DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM, Glasgow, Leather Merchant. Leicester. Pet Oct 3. Friday .... 16...Mtos and adj sms cause is to be put into the paper.

Ord Oct 3 Saturdy ....17...Sht. caus., pets., adj. sums

DUNN, JAMES ALFRED, Rowland gdns, South Kensington. High Court. Pet .19) General paper

Oct 3. Ord Oct 3 Tuesday....20

Chancery Court, IV.

EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Perry Barr, Staffordshire, out of business. Birmingham. Wednesday 21.. Mots, adj sums & gen pa


Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4 Any cause intended to be heard as a short

FRANCIS, THOMAS, Bridgend, Draper. Cardiff. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4 ACTIONS FOR TRIAL will be taken on every cause must be so marked in the cause-book day of the Sittings, from 24th October

GEORGE, THOMAS, Ashton under Lyne, Builder. Ashton and Lyne and Stalyat least one clear day before the same can to 21st December, both inclusive.

bridge Pet Oct 5. Ord Oct 5 be put in the paper to be so heard, and Special days will on request be appointed

GLYNN, FREDERICK, Kidderminster, Builder, Kidderminster. Pet Sept 28. Oid the necessary papers must be left in court for Trial of Actions proceeding in

Sept 28 with the judge's officer the day before the Liverpool and

Manchester District GRAY, ALFRED, Shaftesbury, Hawker. Salisbury. Pet Oct 3, Ord Oct 3 cause is to be put in the paper.

Registries, and assigned to his Lord GRIFFIN, GEORGE, and THOMAS CADWALLADER KENWRICK, Kidderminster,

Plumbers. Kidderminster. Pet Sept 29. Ord Sept 29
On all other days Actions transferred to HARDACRE, RICHARD, Keighley, Yorks, Bootmaker. Bradford. Pet Oct 3. Ord
Lord Chancellor's Court,

him for trial only will be taken.

Motions in Liverpool and Manchester HAYTER, TOM BAKER, Mile End, Hampshire, Builder. Portsmouth. Pet Oct 3.
Business will be heard every Saturday,

Oril Oct 3
Mon., Oct. 24., Motions

and other Interlocutory Business from HOPKINS, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS, Station rd, Finchley, Clerk. High Court. Pet Tues........ 25 those District Registries will be taken

Oct 4. Ord Oct 4 Wedarsday 26 General paper.

on alternate Saturdays commencing HUNT, JAMES HENRY, Birmingham, Electro Plate Manufacturer. Birmingham. Thurs lay ..27

with Liverpool Business on Saturday, Pet Oct 5. Ord Oct 5 Friday .... 28... Mtng, adj sums, & gen. pa.

October 29th,

ISAACSON, WILLIAM, jun, Depden, Suffolk, Farmer. Bury St Edmunds. Pet Satur lay ..29 5 Sht. caus., pets, adj sums,

Oct 5. Ord Oct 5 2 & gen. pa.

JESTER, ALFRED ALBERT THOMAS, Walsall, Corn Dealer. Walsall. Pet Oct 5.

Ord Oct 5

JONES, EDMUND MATTHEW, Aberkepfig, nr Bridgend, Grocer. Cardiff. Pet Oct

3. Ord Oct 3 NORTH - EASTERN (Lord Coleridge, C.J.). October 27; Durham, Monday, October 31 ; York, Saturday, November 5.

Newcastle, Thursday, 1 JONES, JOHN, Ruabon, Denbigh, Printer. Wrexham. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4 SOUTH-EASTERN (Field, J.).-Maidstone, Monday, October 24; Chelms

JONES, JOHN LEWIS, Merthyr Tydfil, Tea Dealer. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet Oct 4. ford, Tuesday, November 1; Cambridge, Monday, November 7; Nor- LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM, Torquay, Draper. Exeter. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4 wich, Thursday, November 10.

LANSDALE, ELIZA, Blackfriars rd, Mantle Manufacturer. High Court. Pet Oct MIDLAND (Huddleston, B.).—Bedford, Monday, October 24; Leicester,

3. Ord Oct 3

Great Monday, October 31 ; Nottingham, Saturday, November 5 ; Warwick,

LEVERITT, RICHARD, Clee, Lincolnshire, Master of Fishing Smack.

Grimsby. Pet Oct 3. Ord Oct 3 Monday, November 14. OXFORD (Hawkins, J.).–Oxford, Thursday, October 27; Worcester, Nall MARR, Ouston, Derbyshire, Joiner. Stockport. Pet Oct 5. Ord Oct 6

MANLEY, EDWARD SAMUEL, Church, Lancashire, Draper. Blackburn. Pet Oct Tuesday, November 1; Gloucester, Saturday, November 5 ; Stafford, NETTLETON, JOHN, Stanley, Wakefield, Builder. Wakefield. Pet Oct 4. Ora

North and South Wales (Cave, J.).—Chester, Thursday, October 27 ; PARKERT GIBSON, Hartshead, nr Halifax, Currier. Halifax. Pet Oct 3. Ord Swansea, Thursday, November 3.

NORTHERN (Day and Grantham, JJ.).— Carlisle, Tuesday, October 25; PEARCE, JOHN, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Grocer. Sheffield. Pet Oct 4. Ord Manchester, Saturday, October 29; Liverpool, Wednesday, November 16.

Oct 4 WESTERN (Wills, J.).—Bristol, Monday, October 24; Exeter, Saturday,

ROSSITER, CHARLES THOMAS, Bridgend, Licensed Victualler. Cardiff. Pet Oct

3. Ord Oct 3
October 29; Winchester, Saturday, November 5.
Civil business will be taken only at Manchester and Liverpool.

RUSSELL, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Wrexham, Boot Maker. Wrexham. Pet Oct
SHORT, JOHN, Buxton, Derbyshire, Boot Maker. Stockport. Pet Oct 4. Ord

Ord Oct 4

SMITH. GEORGE, Kettering, Hair Dresser. Northampton. WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES. —Before purchasing SMITH, WILLIAM, Grand Avenue, Leadenhall Market, Provision Dealer. High ex pent from the Sanitary Engineering te ventilation to us. Victorian West SOUTHWobb, RICHARD, Torquay,t Commission Agent. Exeter. Pet Oct 3. Ord mirs er (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-(ADVT.) Oct 3


Pet Sept 29. Ord

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STEWART, THOMAS BELL, Carlisle, Ironmonger. Carlisle. Pet Oct 5. Ord ct 5 INDGE. THOMAS COVENTRY, Chard, Cinck Maker. Taunton. Pet Sept 15. Ord
STYLES, ELIZABETA, Rugby, Licensed Victualler. Coventry. Pet Oct 3. Ord

Oct 1
Oct 3

JESTER, ALFRED ÁLBERT THOMAS, Wals911, Corn Dealer. Walsall. Pet Oct 5.
THOMAS, JOHN, Conwil Elvet, Carmarthenshire, Farmer. Carmarthen,


Ord Oct 5
Oct 5. Ord Oct 5

JONES. JOHN LEWIS, Merthyr Tydfil, Tea Dealer. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet Oct 4.
TURNBULL, JOHN, Willington Quay, Innkeeper. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet Oct

Ord Oct 4 5. Ord Oot 4

KURTZIG, LOUIE, address unknown. High Court. Pet July 18. Ord Oct 4
WALMSLEY, JOHN, Huddersfield, Cotton Spinner. Bolton. Pet Sept 21. Ord LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM, Torquay, Draper. Exeter. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4

Oct 3
WILSON, JOHN HENRY, Sutton Mill, nr Kildwick, Yorks, Tailor. Bradford.

LEVERITT, RICHARD, Clee, Master of Fishing Smack. Gt Grimsby. Pet Oct 3.
Pet Oct 4, Ord Oct 4

Ord Oct 3


Pianoforte Makers. Bristol. Pet Sept 2._Ord Oct 4

MANLEY, EDWARD SAMUEL, Church, Lancs, Draper. Blackburn. Pet Oct 3. ALLERTON, SAMUEL CHAMBERS, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Boat Builder. Oc

15 at

Ord Oct 3 12.30. Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich BANTOFT, PERCY, Kingston upon Hull, Corn Merchant. Oct 17 at 2. Incorpor- NETTLETON, JOHN, Stanley, Wakefield, Builder. Wakefield. Pet Oct 4. Ord

NALL, MARK, Buxton, Derby, Joiner. Stockport. Pet Oct 8. Ord Oct 5 ated Law Society, Lincoln's inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull BARRETT, WILLIAM, Kidderminster, Shopkeeper. Oct 14 at 12.45. Miller Corbet,

Oct 4 solor. Kidderminster

PARGETER, JAMES, Clapham rd, Provision Dealer. High Court. Pet Sept 30. BICKLEY, THOMAS HENRY, Leicester, out of business. Oct 14 at 12.30. 28, Friar

Ord Oct 5 lane. Leicester

PARKER, GIBSON, Hartshead, nr Halifax, Currier. Halifax. Pet Oct 3. Ord BLYTH, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Victoria pk sq, Bethnal green, Surgeon. Oct 14 at 12.

Oct 3 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

PARKER, WILLIAM, Ropsley, nr Grantham, Builder. Nottingham. Pet Aug 29. DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM, Glasgow, Leather Merchant. Oct 18 at 2.30. 28, Friar

Ord Ost 4 lane, Leicester

PEARCE, JOHN, Worksop, Nottingham, Grocer. Sheffield. Pet Oct 8. Ord GLYNN, FREDERICK, Kidderminster, Builder. Oct 14 at 12. Roden & Dawes,

Oct 4 solors, Kidderminster

PERRIS, ALBERT, Birmingham, Clothier, Birmingham. Pet Sept 2. Ord Oct 3
GRAHAM, WILLIAM, Lincoln's inn fields, Solicitor. Oct 14 at 11. 33, Carey st, READINGS, JOHN NATHANIEL, Margate, Licensed Victualler. Canterbury. Pet
Lincoln's inn

Sept 2. Ord Oct 1
GRAY. ALFRED, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Licensed Hawker. Oct 17 at 2.30. Off SANDERS. BENJAMIN, Upton on Severn, out of business. Worcester. Pet Oct 1.
Rec, Salisbury

Ord Oct 3
GRIFFIN, GEORGE, and THOMAS CALWALLADER KENWRICK, Kidderminster, Plum- SHAW, JOSEPH, and EDWIN SHAW, Warley, nr Halifax, Bobbin Makers. Halifax.
bers. Oct 14 at 12.30. Miller Corbet, solor, Kidderminster

Pet Sept 19 Ord Oct 5
HARMSTON, WILLIAM BATTY, Ramsgate, Circus Proprietor. Oct 14 at 3.45. 72, SHELLABEAR, WALTER HENRY, Bristol, Commercial Traveller. Bristol. Pet Oct
High st, Ramsgate

1. Ord Oct 3
JONES, CHARLES, Rhyl, Commission Agent. Oct 18 at 3.30. Star Cocoa house, SHORT, JOHN, Buxton, Derby, Boot Maker. Stockport. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4

KENYON. JOSEPH, Clacton on Sea, Schoolmaster. Oct 14 at 11. Townhall, Col- SKINNER, HARRY BATELY, Burlington St Edmund, Norfolk, Farmer. Norwich.

Pet Sept 29. Ord Oct 5
LANE. EDWARD WILLIAM, Torquay, Draper. Oct 18 at 11. Castle of Exeter,

SOUTHWOOD, RICHARD, Torquay, Commission Agent. Exeter. Pet Oct 3. Ord

Oct 5
MILLATT, FREDERICK THOMAS, Buxton, Norfolk, Grocer. Oct 15 at 12. Off Rec,

STYLES, ELIZABETH, Rugby, Licensed Victualler. Coventry, Pet Oct 3. Ord 8, King st, Norwich

Oct 4)
NAYLOR, GEORGE, Leeds, Clerk. Oct 17 at 11. Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

SUGAR, MAX, Holborn circus, Fancy Goods Dealer. High Court. Pet July 11.

Ord Oct 5
PARKER, GIBSON, Hartshead, nr Halifax, Currier. Oct 17 at 3.30. Off Rec, THOMAS, JOHN, Conwill Elvet, Carmarthen, Farmer. Carmarthen. Pet Oct 5.

Ord Oct 5
PAVY. BENJAMIN, Pewsham, Wilts, Shopkeeper. Oct 20 at 11.15. Angel Hotel, TURNBULL, JOHN, Willington Quay, Northumberland, Ionkeeper. Newcastle

on Tyre. Pet Oct 5. Ord Oct 6
PERRIS, ALBERT, Birmingham, Clothier. Oct 19 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Bir- TURNER, ELIZA, East India rd, Poplar, Tailor. High Court. Pet Aug 26. Ord

Oct 4
PINDER, THOMAS, Kingston upon Hull. Cart Man. Oct 14 at 11. Off Reo, Lin- | WARD. JOHN, Forncett St Peter, Norfolk, Farmer. Norwich. Pet Oct 1. Ord
coln's inn bidngs, Bowlalley lane, Hull

Oct 3
ROSENTHAL, EMANUEL, Birmingham, Tailor. Oct 18 at 11. 25, Colmore row, WILL, GEORGE, Bristol, Restaurant Manager. Bristol. Pet Oct 1. Ord Oct 5

SCARTH, ROBERT WILLIAM. Cridling Stubbs, nr Knottingley, Yorks, Farmer.

WILLICOMBE, ALFRED, John st, Adelphi, Colliery Agent. High Court. Pet Aug

10. Ord Oct 3
Oct 14 at 11. Off Rec. Bond ter, Wakefield
SHELLABEAR, WALTER HENRY, Bristol, Commercial Traveller. Oct 21 at 12.30.

WILSON, JOHN HENRY, Sutton Mill, nr Kildwick, Yorks, Tailor. Bradford. Pet

Oct 4 Ord Oct 5
Off Rec, Bank chbrs, Bristol
SHOULER, JOHN BROWN, Melton Mowbray, Auctioneer. Oct 15 at 12.30. 28,

WOOD, E, St Thomas rd, Finsbury pk, Builder. High Court. Pet Apr 13. Ord

Oct 3
Friar lane, Leicester
SKINNER. HARRY BATELY, Burlingham St Edmund, Norfolk, Farmer. Oct 15 at

YOUNGS, CHARLES, East Dereham, Coal Merchant. Norwich. Pet Sept 12 Ord

Oct 5
10.30. Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich
SOUTHWOOD, RICHARD, Torquay, Commission Agent. Oct 17 at 11. Castle of

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the

London Gazette of September 30.
Exeter, Exeter
STEPHENSON, FREDERICK GEORGE, Nottingham, Grocer. Oct 14 at 3.30.

Off DAVIES, THOMAS, sen, Newport, Mon, Forgeman. Newport, Mon. Pet Sept 27.
Rec, 1, High pavement, Nottingbam

Ord Sept 27

STEWART, THOMAS BELL, Carlisle, Ironmonger. Oct 19 at 12. Off Rec, Fisher st,

DEAN. SAMUEL HARRISON, Chester, Saddler. Chester. Adjud June 24. Annul
STONE, JACOB, Leeds, Boot Dealer. Oct 18 at 11. Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

Sept 15

London Gazette.–TUESDAY, Oct. 11.
TURNBULL, JOHN, Willington Quay, Northumberland, Innkeeper. Oct 19 at 11.

Off Rec, Pink lane, Newcastle on Tyne
WARD, JOHN, Forncett St Peter, Norfolk, Farmer. Oct 15 at 11.30. Off Rec, 8, BILLS, THOMAS, Bushey Hill rd, Camberwell, Draper. High Court. Pet Sept 22.
King st, Norwich

Ord Oct 8
WILL, GEORGE, Bristol, Restaurant Manager. Oct 21 at 1.15. Off Rec, Bank BEVAN, EVANS, & Co, Swansea, Brokers. Swansea. Pet Bept 27. Ord Oct 7

chbrs, Bristol
WILLIAMS. TREVOR LEWIS, Llanllyfni, Carnarvonshire, Quarryman. Nov 3 at

BLACKBURN, CHARLES, Sheffield, Joiner. Sheffield. Pet Sept 28. Ord Oct 6 12. Queen's Head Cafe, Bangor

BOOTH. EUSTACE ROBERT, Bishopsgate st Witbin, Oil Merchant. High Court.
WOODHEAD, TITUS, Leeds, Gardener. Oct 17 at 12. Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds Pet Oct 5. Ord Oct 6
Youngs, CHARLES, East Dereham, Norfolk, Coal Merchaut. Oct 15 at 11. Off

BUTLER, THOMAS, Cranborne, Dorsetshire, Farmer. Poole. Pet Oct 6. Ord

Oct 6
Rec, 8, King st, Norwich

BUTTERWORTH, EDWARD JACKSON, Manchester, Bedding Manufacturer. Man

chester. Pet Oct 8. Ord Oct 8 ADJUDICATIONS.

DAVIS, THOMAS HENRY, and GEORGE LISTER LAIRD, Liverpool, Paint ManufacALLAN, JOHN NIXON, Scarborough, Grocer. Scarborough. Pet Sept 27. Ord

turers. Liverpool. Pet Oct 7. Ord Oct 7
Oct 5

ECCLES, JAMES, York, Offal Dealer. York. Pet (ct 8. Ord Oct 8
BAINTON, HENRY, Stanningley, Yorks, Mason. Leeds. Pet Oct 3. Ord Oct 3

ELVISH, FREDERICK, Kirby Cross, nr Colchester, Engine Driver. Colchester.
CARBINES, ROBERT RICHARDS, St Ives, Cornwall, Gardener. Truro. Pet Oct 4.

Pet Oct 8. Ord Oct 8
Ord Oct 4
Cox, JAMES RICHARD, Southsea, Baker. Portsmouth. Pet Oct 4. Ord Oct 4

ENNEVER, WILLIAM, Woburn mews East, Russell sq, Carman. High Court. Pet
DAY, CHARLES WILLIAM, Market st, Barnsbury, Clerk. High Court. Pet Sept EVANS, JOHN, Penygraig, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet Oct 6. Ord

Oct 6
DA COSTA, ALFRED, Piccadilly, Gent. High Court. Pet July 29. Ord Oct 5 FREEMAN, JOHN, Gloucester, Coal Dealer. Gloucester. Pet Oct 8. Ord Oct 8
Dyson, EDWARD RICHARD, James st, Oxford st, Draper. High Court. Pet Sept GIBBON, BENJAMIN, Llawhaden, Pembrokeshire, Farmer. Pembroke Dock. Pet
EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Perry Barr, Staffordshire, out of business. Birmingham. GLANVILLE, FRANCIS FERBATUS, Clareville grove, South Kensington, Surgeon.
ELCOM, ALFRED HOWARD, Crescent, Croydon, Accountant. High Court. Pet HAWKINS, CHARLES EDWARD, Derby, Plumber. Derby. Pet Oct 7. Ord Oct 7

HOLMES, ROBERT, Forest hall, Northumberland, Builder. Newcastle on Tyne.
ELWELL, THOMAS, Wolverhampton, Merchant. Wolverhampton. Pet Sept 1.

Pet Sept 24. Ord Oct 8
Ord Oct 3
GLOVER, TOM, Warwick, Saddler. Warwick. Pet Sept 8. Ord Oct 1

HORNER, JAMES READ. Salterhebble, nr Halifax, Chemical Manufacturer.

Halifax. Pet Oct 6. Ord Oct 6
GRAHAM, WILLIAM, address unknown, Solicitor. High Court.

Pet Aug 16. HUNT. CORNELIUS, Bournemouth, Provision Dealer, Poole. Pet Oct 8. Ord
Ord Oct 5

Oct 8
Gray, ALFRED, Shaftesbury, Licensed Hawker. Salisbury. Ord Oct 3. Ord HURST, AUGUSTUS HENRY, Roseneath, Culverton rd, Balham, Builder. Wands-
HARDACRE, RICHARD, Keighley, Yorks, Boot Maker. Bradford. Pet Oct 5. Ord JAMES, STANLEY CARLYLE, Derby, Commission Agent. Derby. Pet Oct 7. Ord
HARDY, GEORGE, Craven park, Harlesden, Builder. High Court. Pet July 29. JENKINS! THOMAS, Pontardawe, Glamorganshire, out of business. Neath. Pet

Oct 8. Ord Oct 8
HARRISON, JAMES, Filey, Yorks, Baker, Scarborough. Pet Sept 30. Ord JEWISON, ALFRED WILLIAM, Scarborough, Innkeeper. Scarborough. Pet Oct 6.

Oct 5
HARVEY, GEORGE, William st, Hampstead rd, Carrier. High Court. Pet Aug JONES. THOMAS, Trevor, Carnarvonshire, Settmaker. Bangor. Pet Oct 6. Ord
HAYTER, TOM BAKER, Fratton, Hants, Builder. Portsmouth. Pet Oct 3. Ord JOSEPOSTRE, Godliman st, Mantle Manufacturer. High Court. Pet Oct 6. Ord

Oct 7
HEPWORTH, MARTHA, Kirkgate, Wakefield, Milliner. Wakefield. Pet Sept 19. KENT, ARTHUR, Woburn Sands, Bucks, Wheelwright. Northampton. Pet Oct
Ord Oct 4

7. Ord Oct 7

Oct 3

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