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every manufactory of margarine must be registered by the owner or Extensive powers are proposed to be given to personal representaoccupier with the local authorities authorized to appoint analysts tives. Under clause 41 land might, with the assent of the legatee, under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875. Prosecutions for be appropriated in satisfaction of a legacy. If this appropriation offences against the Act are encouraged and supported by the took place, and the land decreased in value, the legatee would not directions-(1) that samples for analysis may be taken under that obtain the benefit intended for him by the testator. On the other Act without any form of purchase being gone through ; (2) that any hand, if, by the lifting of the cloud of existing depression, the land dealer is to be liable to conviction “unless he shews, to the satisfac- rose in value, those interested in the residuary estate would suffer. tion of the court before whom he is charged, that he purchased” the And under clause 42, sub-clause 4, the personal representatives for margarine“

as butter, and with a written warranty or invoice to the purpose of administration might value the real estate “in such that effect, that he had no reason to believe at the time when he sold manner as they think fit and the valuation shall be conclusive save as it that the article was other than butter, and that he sold it in otherwise directed by the court.” This valuation, however, is to be the same state as when he purchased it” (these words are copied from , in accordance with "the prescribed provisions”; but in the absence section 25 of the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875); and (3) that of the rules, which are so necessary for giving form and substance to any part of the penalty recovered may be paid to the prosecutor by the Bill, it cannot be known what restriction would be placed on the order of the court. The penalties are for the first offence not more arbitrary discretion which the representatives would possess. Then than £20; for the second not more than £50; and for the third or take the case of an intestacy, with young children entitled to real any subsequent offence not more than £100. The Act does not come estate. The administrator might consider that his wisest course was into operation until January, 1888, prior to which date the Local to sell at once, He sold, and land having recovered something like Government Board may be expected to prepare general regulations its former value (which let us hope is a possibility), the children, as to registration of manufactories, though there is no express when they came of age, would find that their property had been authority to that effect in the Act.

sacrificed. But, large as these proposed powers seem to be, personal representatives would soon find that they would have to act with the utmost caution, and ever keep in view the dread severity of the Chancery judges. The present position of trustees is uncomfortable

enough, and they know to their cost that “powers” prove too often to CORRESPONDENCE.

be mere pitfalls; but were the Bill to pass into law their perplexi

ties, anxieties, and responsibilities would be largely increased. The THE LIABILITY OF TRUSTEES.

assimilation of land with personalty is in no way called for, and it [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

would be unlikely to serve any useful purpose. It seems to be

devised to assist the symmetry of the registration scheme, by Sir,--A clause, of which I send a copy below, of the nature of that enabling personal representatives to appear as

on the suggested by you at p. 732, has to some extent been introduced into register. trust instruments during the last few years. In using such a clause it

The Bill provides that in case of intestacy of the husband the wife seems to me that an alteration should be made in the investment clause ; shall take a life interest in the whole of his real estate. This instead of specifying the securities in which trustees may invest, give would be a very mischievous alteration, since it wouid place children them an absolute discretion to select any securities they think ofit, completely at the mercy of the mother. A man might leave little exclusive of any which the creator of the trust may name.

Can, but real estate, his widow might marry again, and his children however, such a wide indemnity clause as that now given and the one might be reduced to actual beggary. suggested by you be made effective as regards the trustees, and at the

The Bill would do away with primogeniture. Such a change is a same time a power to consent to investments be given to the life matter for the consideration of the politician rather than the lawyer. tenant?


It may, however, be observed that the importance of the principle of The following is the clause referred to :-.

primogeniture is greatly exaggerated. Cases { intestacy, where there " And it is hereby lastly agreed and declared (and the trustees or

is real estate, are infrequent; and a quite unnecessary noise is made trustee acting under this settlement for the time being are to be taken about the hardship of one son succeeding to an estate, to the exas accepting office upon this express condition independently of, and clusion of other sons and daughters. Where any such hardship that no trustee under this settlement shall be in any way obliged to in addition to any other protection or indemnity provided by law) occurs, the fault lies with the owner who negligently omitted to make

a suitable testamentary disposition of his property. enforce or see after the performance of, or be in any way responsible

It is further proposed to abolish estates tail. The advantage to be taithe non-performance of, the aforesaid covenant on the part of the gained by this abolition is far from obvious ; and the alteration £

and interest, nor shall any trustee under this settlement, or his estates. No practical general result would be obtained, for the representatives, be in any way liable or accountable for anything in alteration would not prevent an estate, or the proceeds of its sale, connection with this settlement, or the trusts, powers, or provisions being tied up during a life in being, and for twenty one years afterFelating thereto respectively, short of his or her individual actual beyond such a period. Existing entails, where there is a protector of

the settlement, are not to be affected by the Bill; but no estate tail [See observations under the head of “Current Topics." We may which is not without importance. It is possible that some of the

is to be created in future. Such a prohibition would involve a result hereafter refer to the suggestions of our correspondent not noticed noble lords who voted for the Bill this session may, without their this week.-Ed. S.J.]

knowing it, owe a good deal to the existing law of entail ; for it may have saved their estates from the money lenders. These

accommodating people do not lend on a base fee, and the interTHE TRANSFER OF LAND BILL, 1887.

position of a protector has saved many an estate from their clutches.

This class would rejoice should the alteration be effected, as it would [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] schame. The Bill then proceeds with Amendments of law of real may be, but still it is a question whether, if the existence of an

home. In previous letter I commented upon the registration duty of a Government to protect improvident remaindermen. That property.”

Real estate is to vest in the personal representatives aristocracy be beneficial, it is wise unnecessarily to remove one of the This is to be dealt with, subject to certain exceptions, as personaity. props which maintains it. No evil effect from the entail system can

creditors, be shewn. The Settled Land Act got rid of the only objection that since real estate is now liable to payment of debts of all kinds.

In could be alleged-namely, that it tied up land unduly. If the system ehta te has the advantage over personalty. But barely the present is not Even should entails be abolished, the Love of change would not be few years has fallen at least 40 per cento in value; it is still falling, next move would be to do away with every kind of settlement ; for and unfortunately is rapidly becoming actualizarisateable. a fare already there are those who urge that life estates should be prohibited, of the other hand the public funds, railway shares, and other kinds before long a settlement of land on marriage would be impossible. assimilation should take place, a devistee of a farm valued at den that sonalty, for this would not be more unreasonable than the abolition of £5,000, and a legatee of £5,000 Consols would be liable to contribute land settlements.

Referring once more to the registration scheme, and in concluding

our legislators gave phort time it might prove that the devises had been comBanted to my remarks, let me say that it would be well porno very much more, in proportion to respective salues, Phan the due attention to the following weighty passage in the report of the

strongly constituted committee which was appointed by the House of


Commons in 1878, to inquire into the causes of the failure of the Act the company on the 24th he should think it right to reconsider the of 1875:—“Upon the whole, therefore, the position of the question petition, appears to your committee to be as follows:-- On the one hand, they On behalf of the petitioner, a holder of 800 shares of £5 each, counsel are informed on the authority of Mr. Follett and Mr. Holt (the consented that the petition, after the statement of counsel for the com. registrar and assistant-registrar under Lord Westbury's and Lord pany; must be reconsidered. On the merits, however, it was contended Cairns' Acts) that no system of registration of titles can be devised had not yet commenced business ; the assets were being wasted. The mills

that the company had been incorporated more than twelve months, and which will be voluntarily adopted; and, on the other hand, they are

were situated near Bristol, but no persons of consideration in Bristol were told by the Lord Chancellor (Lord Cairns) that he has not yet seen concerned in the company, and it was unlikely to be successful. It was any way in which the registration of titles could be made compulsory; just and equitable that the company should be wound up. On behalf of Without expressing any final opinion on the latter question, and the company it was said that shareholders holding 1,800 shares of £5 without discussing the practicability of the schemes which have been each out of 3,300 issued opposed the petition. Though the company had propounded for the compulsory or quasi-compulsory registration of not commenced business, capital was forthcoming to complete the works ; titles, your committee think it sufficient to observe that it would be and but for the petition the company was likely to succeed. The case very difficult to force on every purchaser or mortgagee in this country was not within section 79 of the Companies Act, 1862: see the Middlesborough a mode of dealing with his property which not one purchaser or Assembly Rooms Co. (14 Ch. D. 104), Buckley on Companies (4th ed.), p. 189. mortgagee in 20,000 at present adopts of his own accord. Your The company was not a bubble company, and it would not be for the committee feel that in arriving at the above conclusion they are only benefit of the shareholders that it should be wound up. acting upon the axiom wbich is laid down by the Royal Commissioners KEKEWICH, J., said that he thought it a proper case to reconsider, but of 1868 in their report, and which they believe to be perfectly sound, upon hearing the evidence on behalf of the company he still thought it that for an institution to flourish in a free country it must offer to

was a proper case for a winding-up order, which he made that day. It people they thing that they want."

J. B.

was the practice to take no notice of adjournments; the petition would, 9th September

therefore, not be taken as part heard, but the order would be drawn up as
if made that day. There would be the usual order as to costs.-COUNSEL,
Edward Ford; Marten, Q.C., and Pochin. SOLICITORS, Rogers f Chave;

A. M. Bradley.


PEARANCE-INJUNCTION. Sir,—The plaintiff's claim is for five guineas. The defendant

In the case of Jay v. Ladler, before Kekewich, J., on the 9th inst., the gives to the plaintiff a cheque for half the above amount, with the question arose whether the plaintiff was entitled to an injunction restrain. words In settlement of account to date” indorsed. This cheque in the affidavits in support of the motion at what time the plaintiff dis.

ing the defendant from infringing his trade mark, where it was not stated the plaintiff indorsed and paid into his bank. The cheque is returned covered the infringement. This was a motion on behalf of Mr. Jay, the dishonoured.

registered owner of No. 31,350 Trade-Mark, in Class 38, for sealskin Can the plaintiff, in the face of his having indorse1 the cheque for mantles, being a picture of a lady and a bear, for an injunction against half the sum given “in settlement,” successfully sue the defendant the defendant for publishing a similar trade mark of a lady and a bear. for the full amount claimed ?

The plaintiff alleged that the trade-mark was infringed in a newspaper Is there any case bearing on the point ?

SUBSCRIBER. called the Queen of the 1st of October, 1885, when the defendant agreed [How can a dishonoured cheque be an accord and satisfaction ? to withdraw his block of the lady and the bear, and not to publish it any See Simon v. Lloyd (2 Cr. M. & R. 187).-ED. S. J.]

the plaintiff only discovered that the defendant was still publishing his picture on the 28th of August, 1887. The plaintiff asked for an injunction, and, as the defendant could not be found, that service on his wife should be deemed good service. The time of the plaintiff's discovery of the infringement was not stated in the affidavits.

KEKEWICH, J., said that if the defendant had been there he should have CASES BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE.

taken the objection that it was not stated in the affidavits in support of

the motion at what time the plaintiff discovered the infringement, but as PRACTICE-ORDER TO Execute Conveyance-RefusAL-ABSENCE OF CHIEF the defendant did not appear he should assume everything against him.

CLERK-JUDICATURE ACT, 1884 (47 & 48 Vict. c. 61), s. 14. He granted an injunction until trial or further order.—Counsel, Fischer, the question arose as to who, in the absence of the chief clerk on his LIGHT AND AIR-Vacation Business—SHORT TENANCY—Want of INTEREST.

In the case of Hoare v. Gray, before Kekewich, J., on the 9th inst., Q.C., and Edward Ford. Solicitors, Taylor, Hoare, Taylor, f Box. holiday, should be nominated to execute a conveyance in pursuance of section 14 of the Judicature Act, 1884. That section provides that where In the case of Plake v. Hall, before Kekewich, J., on the 9th inst., the any person neglects or refuses to comply with a judgment or order question arose whether a cane blind manufacturer paying £20 a year rent, directing him to execute any conveyance, the court may order that such whose tenancy expired at Christmas vext, was entitled to an injunction conveyance shall be executed by such person as the court may nominate restraining persons from erecting a booth or tent so as to darken, bis · for that purpose ; and in such case the conveyance so executed shall ancient lights. This was a motion on behalf of Plake, a cane blind operate and be for all purposes available as if it had been executed manufacturer, carrying on his business at 54, Whitfield-street, Tottenby the person originally directed to execute it On the 17th of August ham-court road, to restrain the defendants, Hall & Beach, from erecting last Kekewich, J., made a foreclosure order in the action, and ordered or permitting to remain a booth or tent on a disused burial-ground at the the defendant, within seven days, to execute a conveyance to the plaintiff. back of 54, Whitfield-street, so as to darken the plaintiff's ancient lights. The seven days had expired, the conveyance had been prepared and en.

For the defendants it was said that it was not a case for the Vacation grossed, but the defendant refused to execute it. It was said, on behalf Court, that the plaintiff's tenancy expired at Christmas, and he only paid of tue plaintiff, that it was the practice of the court to nominate the chief an annual rent of £20. There had also been delay in bringing the action. clerk, but he was out of town. It was suggested that the registrar should | The case was too trivial for the court to interfere. be nominated to execute the conveyance.

maker, who probably was not so well off as the defendants, the court KEKEWICH, J., said that he had consulted the registrar in court, and he should refuse the motion. had consented to execute the conveyance; he, therefore, nominated him for that purpose.-Counsel, George Henderson. SOLICITORS, Hunters & Co.

KEKEWICH, J., said that, in mercy to the blindmaker, he should make

an order to enable him to carry on his business as he had carried it on COMPANY—PETITION— WINDING-UP ORDER-RE - HEARING - JURISDICTION

before. It was an impudent attempt to interfere with a man beca use he

The plaintiff was poor, and lived in a small house, and paid a small rent. COMPANIES Act, 1862 (25 & 26 Vict. c. 89), s. 79. In the case of the West of England Paper Mills Co. (Lim.), before house, and paid a large rent.

was as much entitled to protection as a rich man who lived in a large Kekewich, J., on the 9th inst., the question arose as to whether a petition, ants from permitting to remain a booth or tent or other erection so as to

He made an order restraining the defendon which 'an order had been made on the 31st of August laet to wind up darken the plaintiff's ancient lights after Monday, September 12. ---COUNSERE the company, should be re-heard, or proceedings stayed, pending an Eustace Smith ; C. H. Turner. SOLICITORS, 8. B. Abrahams ; W. W. King. ceedings, was made on the ground that the company was not represented Admiralty-Vacation—Receiver and Manager—MAJORITY OF Owners – when the petition was mentioned on the 24th of August, and that the judge, on the 31st of August, under the belief that the company were re

MORTGAGEES. presented on the 24th, refused to allow the company to adduce evidence

In the case of Re Ship Edderside, Bell and Others v. Edderside Shipowning

Co. (Lim.), before Kekewich, J., on the 9th inst., the question arose order was not drawn up, and, as it was made under a mistake as to the fourt shares in a ship from interfering with a receiver and manas er

whether an order, restraining a mortgagee of thirty-four out of sixty: facts, it was competent for the court to reconsider the matter : Re St. appointed on the 12th of August" by Bütt, J., should be dischargecant, he had been peremptory in hearing the petition at the 21st be humeurten talte had diright of management. The was said on behalf of the plaintifs.

Kekewich, J., said that from what counsel stated to him he thought that according to the practice in the Admiralty Division a majoriteten He must have the matter cleared up; if someone unauthorized appeared to the applicant, otwenta ituro changust, had written to the person appointed

In mercy to the blind.

receiver and manager, saying that he had heard of his appointment, and

Costs_STAY OF PROCEEDINGS PENDING APPEAL. giving him notice that he was a mortgagee and intended to take possession.

In the case of Bray v. Gardner, before Kekewich, J., on the 14th inst.,

the question arose, where a defendant moved to stay an injunction KEKEWICH, J., said that the appointment appeared to have worked well pending an appeal, as to the order as to costs. It was said on behalf of for four weeks of the Vacation, and he did not see why it should not work the plaintiff that, as it was a matter of indulgence to stay an injunction, equally well for six weeks more; he therefore adjourned the motion to the the defendant should pay the costs. first sittings of the Admiralty Division.-Counsel, Marten, Q.O., and F. Sims Williams ; Hemming, Q.C., and Edward Ford. SOLICITORS, R.

KEKEWICH, J., made an order staying the proceedings, the defendant to Greening ; itchard & Sons.

pay the costs.-COUNSEL, Carpmael ; A' Beckett Terrell. SOLICITORS,

Wilson, Bristow, f Carpmasl; H. R. Gill. PRACTICE.-COMMITTAL-ATTACHMENT. In the case of Cone v. Rimell, before Kekewich, J., on the 14th inst., the question arose as to whether the judge should make an order for committal or give leave to issue a writ of attachment. This was a motion on behalf of the plaintiff to commit the defendant Charles James Rimell for

LEGAL NEWS. breach of an interim injunction restraining him from removing sand from,

OBITUARY. or shooting rubbish upon, the plaintiff's land; in the alternative the motion asked for leave to issue a writ of attachment.

Mr. EDWIN WITCHELL, F.G.S., solicitor, of Stroud, died suddenly on

The motion stood the 20th ult. from congestion of the lungs. Mr. Witchell was the son of over from Friday, September 9, to enable the defendant to file an affidavit. Mr. Edwin Witchell, of Nymhsfield, and was born in 1823. He was admitted On behalf of the plaintiff it was said that the defendant continued to disobey the order, and an order should be made to commit him-com.

a solicitor in 1847, and he had for nearly forty years conducted an extensive mittal was less expensive than attachment. The defendant in person with his sons, Mr. Edward Northam Witchell and Mr. Percy Witchell.

practice at Stroud. He was at the time of his death associated in partnership asked for further time; he had not made an affidavit, he had no money. He was a perpetual commissioner for Gloucestershire and clerk to the

KexEWICH, J., said that he had no doubt that the defendant was de local boards at Stroud and Bisley. He was also solicitor to the Stroud fying the order of the court, and that could not be allowed. He should Association for the Prosecution of Felons. Mr. Witchell devoted all his not commit the defendant, though that might be less expensive. He con leisure to geological and other scientific studies. He was a fellow of the sidered it a better practice to give leave to issue a writ of attachment. Geological Society, and treasurer of the Cotswold Field Club, and he had COUNSEL, Boome ; Defendant in Person. SOLICITORS, G. & W. Webb. published several works on the geology of the district. He was buried on


Mr. Thomas FISHER, solicitor (of the firm of Unett, Page, & Fisher), of

He was found in his In the case of Timson r. Wilson, before Kekewich, J., on the 14th inst., Birmingham, committed suicide on the 26th ult. the question arose as to the granting of an interlocutory injunction in the

office in a dying condition, with a revolver beside him. At an inquest case of fouling a stream with sewage. This was a motion on behalf of

held on the following day it was shewn that he had for some time been in Captain Henry Timeon to restrain the defendant Mr. Courtenay F.

a state of depression, caused by ill-health, and a verdict of temporary inWilson, a neighbour, from permitting sewage or noxious matter in a dead sanity was returned. Mr. Fisher served his articles with Messrs. Ryland well or cesspool to overflow into a watercourse running from the de

& Martineau, of Birmingham. He was admitted a solicitor in 1874, and fendant's land through the plaintiff's land, and into a pond on the plain. time of his death in partnership with Mr. George Page., Mr. Fisher was

he shortly afterwards joined the firm of Unett & Page. He was at the tiff's land, and from otherwise causing a nuisance. On behalf of the plaintiff it was said that he had recently cleaned out his pond and found

married to the daughter of Mr. Alfred Hickman, of Birmingham. He it full of matter from the defendant's cesspool. £20 would remedy the

leaves two children. mischief. On behalf of the defendant it was said that the overflow from Mr. EDWARD HENRY JOHN CRAUFURD, barrister, many years M.P. for the cesspool had gone on for years ; it was not a case for an interlocutory Ayr, died suddenly on the 30th ult., in his seventy-first year. Mr. injunction.

Craufurd was the eldest son of Mr. John Craufurd, of Auchenames,

He was formerly scholar of Trinity KEKEWICH, J., said that, on the balance of convenience and on the Ayrshire, and was born in 1816.

He plaintiff giving an undertaking in damages, the plaintiff was entitled to College, Cambridge, where he graduated as a senior optime in 1841. an injunction until the trial or further order. The motion went too far. There would be an order restraining the defendant, his servants, agents, and he formerly practised on the Home Circuit, and at the Middlesex

Sessions and the Central Criminal Court. He was for many years in the dead well or cesspool at, or adjacent to the defendant's residence prosecuting counsel to the Mint for Middlesex and the City of London. to ove: flow or flow or escape into the watercourse or ditch running from

He was M.P. for the Ayr Boroughs from 1852 till 1874, and he was a the land of the defendant through the land of the plaintiff, and into a

steady supporter of the Liberal party. Mr. Craufurd was a magistrate pond on the plaintiff's land to the injury of the plaintif. --Counsel, and deputy-lieutenant for Ayrshire and Buteshire. Marten, QC, and W. H. Horsley ; Laiham, Q.O., and B. J. Leverson. Mr. John HawKESFORD, solicitor, of Wolverhampton, died on the 3rd SOLICITORS, Barlow $ James, for Coxwell f 'Pope, Southampton; Upton, inst., in his eighty.first year. Mr. llawkesford was born in 1807. He Atkey, $ Upton.

was admitted a solicitor in 1840, and he practised at Wolverhampton for

about forty-five years. He was formerly in partnership with Mr. William Action-Parties—PLAINTIFF out of JURISDICTION-CO-PLAINTIFF-CON- Manley, and more recently with Mr. Herbert Charles Owen. He was for TRACT – MOTION TO STRIKE GUT NAME OF PLAINTIFF,

many years connected with the Wolverhampton Town Council. He be

came an alderman in 1861, and he was elected mayor of the borough in In the case of Field f Co. v. The American Exhibition (Lim.), before

1863. Mr. Hawkesford leaves a widow and three sons. He was buried on Kekewich, J., on the 14tń inst., the question arose as to whether, in an the 7th inst. action on a contract brought by persons residing out of the jurisdiction, the name of a co-plaintiff, residing in the jurisdiction, but not a party

Sir Charles LAWRENCE Young, Bart., died at Hatfield Priory, Essex, to the contract, should be struck out. This was an action brought by

on the 11th inst. His death was sudden, although he had long been out C. W. Field & Co. and C. R. Beswetherick to restrain the defendants of health. Sir 0. Young was the third son of Sir William Lawrence from interfering with the exclusive privilege granted by the defendants Young. He was born in 1839, and he succeeded to the baronetcy on his to the plaintiffs Field & Co. to sell certain machines at the Exhibition. brother's death in 1854. He was educated at Winchester and at New The case came on on motion on behalf of the defendants to strike out the College, Oxford. He was called to the bar at the Inner l'emple in Trinity mama of the plaintiff O. R. Beswetherick, and asking that the plaintiffs Term, 1865, and he formerly practised on the Home Circuit, and at the Field & Co. might be ordered to give security for costs. There was a Essex, Hertford, and St. Albans Sessions. Sir C. Young was a member of motion on behalf of the plaintiffs for an injunction, but the motion of

the Copyright Commission. He was well known as an accomplished the defendants was heard first.

For the defendants it was said that the amateur actor, and he was the auther of the well-known drama, “ Jim plaintiffs Field & Co. were resident out of the jurisdiction of the court, the Penman," and of other plays. He was married first in 1863 to the and, therefore, another gentleman, Mr. Beswetherick, their agent in this second daughter of Mr. Henry Heyman Toulmin, of Childwickbury, country, was joined with them as co-plaintiff to carry on the action. Hertfordshire, who died in 1870, and secondly in 1871 to the thirá

Lim.), and Field & Co.'; there was no contract with Beswetherick. Hertfordshire. He is succeeded in the baronetcy by his eldest son, Mr. His name should be struck out ; he was not a partner; he had no right William Lawrence Young, who was born in 1864. Sir C. Young was to sue any more than one of the attendants at a stall. 6. R. Beswetherick, buried on the 15th inst.

person, said that he was entitled to fifty per cent. on the sales made under the contract between Field & Co. and the Exbibition.

APPOINTMENTS, KekewICH, J., said that he might be doing a great injustice in striking

Mr. JAMES WINTER BOTTOM HAMILTON, barrister, has been appointed out Beswetherick's name. The application could be made at any stage of

Mr. Hamilton was called to the bar the action.

When the pleadings were delivered the defendants could Recorder of the Borough of Oldham. sebatter the state of affairs, and could renew their application. It at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1875. He is a member of the

The plaintiffs

Northern Circuit, practising locally at Manchester. Field & Co., however, must give security for costs-£100-and pro Mr. Thomas Crossley RAYNER, barrister, has been appointed a District Seedings would be stayed, including the motion for injunction, until Commissioner for the Gold Coast Colony. Mr. Rayner was called to the September 21.-CounsBL, Butcher, Marten, Q.C., and Lawrence F. bar at the Middle Temple in May, 1882. He is a member of the Northern Jenkins. SOLICITORS, Ulithorne & Currey ; Brasseur ff Oakley.

Circuit, practising locally at Manchester.

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order da

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Mr. HORACE EDMUND Avory, barrister, has been appointed Prosecuting Counsel to the Mint for the County of Middlesex and City of London, in

WINDING UP NOTICES. succession to the late Mr. Edward Henry John Craufurd. Mr. Avory is

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, September 9. the son of the late Mr. Henry Avory, clerk of arraigns at the Central

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES Criminal Court. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Term, 1875, and he practices on the South-Eastern Circuit and at the

A. M. WOOD'S SHIPS" WOODITE" PROTECTION CO. LIMITED.-By an order made Surrey Sessions and the Central Criminal Court.

by Kekewich, J., dated Aug 31, it was ordered that the company be wound up.

Pulbrook, St Helen's place, color for petners
Mr. SEPTIMUS BURT has been appointed a Queen's Counsel for the GRADUATED COUNTY SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-- Kekewich, J., has, by an
Colony of Western Australia.

Aug 24, appointed Richard Booth, Stone bldgs, Lincoln's inn,

to be official liquidator Mr. Percy WITCHELL, solicitor, of Stroud, has been appointed Clerk GREENSIDE GLAZED AND FIRE BRICK CO, LIMITED. -- Petn for winding up, pre

sented Sept 7, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge on Sept 21. to the Bisley Local Board and Secretary and Solicitor to the Stroud Society

Speechly & Co, New inn, agents for Mumford & Johnson, Bradford, solors for for the Prosecution of Felons. Both appointments were held by his

petners father, the late Mr. Edwin Witchell.


J., dated Aug 31. it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company
Mr. WILLIAM LLEWELLYN Lewis, barrister, has been appointed a be continued. Druces & Attlee, Billiter eq, solors for petner
Stipendiary Magistrate for the Island of Trinidad, in succession to the

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. late Mr. Robert Dawson Mayne. Mr. Lewis was called to the bar at the

LIMITED IN CHANCERY Middle Temple in January, 1876.


up, presented Sept 6, directed to be heard at the Chancery Office, Winckley st,
Preston, on Sept 20. 'Jones & Co, Liverpool, solors for petners

INDUSTRY COTTON SPINNING CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Sept

7, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor on Thursday, Oct 27. Sale GEORGE CATTELL GREENWAY and BRABAZON CAMPBELL, Warwick,

& Co, Manchester, agents for Wrigley & Claydon, Oldham, solors for petners

LIVERPOOL EXCHANGE BANKING CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by the Chadsolicitors (Greenway & Campbell). Sept. 7. Mr. Brabazon Campbell cellor, dated Aug 16, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Wilson & will carry on the business.

[Gazette, Sept. 9.] Co, Liverpool, agents for Mawdsley & Hodson, Southport, solors for petner



Rochdale. Sept 2

Mr. Arthur Charles, Q.C., was sworn in as one of her Majesty's judges Dudley. Sept 7
of the High Court of Justice on the 8th inst. He will be in attendance at LOYAL GENERAL SCARLETT LODGE, Brierfield. Lancaster. Sept 6
Queen's Bench Judges' Chambers on Tuesday next, and will take his seat

MILLGATE WORKMEN'S CLUB. Heys bldg, Millgate, near Rochdale. Sept 3
in open court for the first time on the following day, Wednesday, the STAFFORD WORKING MEN'S CLUB, 114, Wyndham rd, Camberwell, S.E. Sent 3

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, September 13.

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Mr. Robert J. Block (Lord Justice Bowen's clerk) has recently pub

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. lished an exceedingly useful “ Table of the Judges of England during the BRITISE, DINNER CO, LIMITED; -- Petn for winding up, presented Sept 12, directed

to be heard before Kekewich J., on Sept 21. Langlois & Biden, Leadenhall st, Fifty Years of the Reign of Queen Victoria” (w. Clowes & Sons, solors for petner Limited). The table is so arranged as to shew the succession of the BRITISH AND COLONIAL AGENCY, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Sept judges and those who were contemporaneous in any given year; and an

6, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, Sept 21. Goodchild, Gren

ham house, London, solor for petners alphabetical list is added containing the dates of the appointments, GENERAL ICE FACTORY CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 8. resignations, and deaths of the judges. A further table gives a list of the directed to be heard before Stirling, J., Sept 21. Gadsden & Treherne, Bedford law officers during the fifty years.

row, solors for petners A curious dispute is stated to have arisen at Dorchester between the Corporation and the Western Counties Telephone Co. It appears that the latter erected wires without obtaining permission from the municipal authorities, and was at once requested to remove them. This the com.

CREDITORS' NOTICES. pany has refused to do, claiming a right to erect the wires with the

UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. permission of the owners of property, and demanding to know the

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. right of the corporation to enforce the removal. In reply, a letter was

London Gazette.- TUESDAY, Sept. 6. received insisting on the “obstruction” being removed, the corporation, SOUTHWELL, LYDIA, King's rd, Teddington. Oct 20. Nicholl v Mulberry, Kay, under an old charter, claiming the freehold of the entire borough. The J. Fairfoot & Co, Clement's inn company has announced its intention of contesting at law this novel claim.

UNDER 23 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. It appears from the address of the President of the American Bar Asso


London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept 6. ciation, printed in the Albany Law Journal, that the Legislature of BEDDOE, WILLIAM, Bourton. Oct 10. Morris & Sons, Shrewsbury Kangas has passed an Act of an unusual description :-" It is made unlawful to introduce into the State any substance which in the opinion of the

BEECHER, JAMES WILLIAM, Richmond, Retired Butcher. Nov 1. Faithfull &

Owen, Westminster chbrs Board of Health may produce a liability to contagion or infection of any BOLTON, FELIX PALMER, Hastings. Nov 19. Stilweli, Dover disease among the people, whether the same shall be in the form of Boon, HENRY, Marlesford, Suffolk, Farmer. Oct 15. Welton, Woodbridge bacteria germs, microbes, virus (vaccine virus excepted), or any other GALLIERS, ANNE, Hedley, Salop. Oct 10. Morris & Sons, Shrewsbury substances, claimed to contain the elements of any infectious or contagious disease, whether introduced for the purpose of inoculation or

GAWLER, ROBERT, Harrogate, Tailor. Nov 1. J. B. & J. A. Brooke, Leeds otherwise, without permission of the Board of Health. By this Act the

GREGORY, ELLEN, Westhoughton, Lancaster. Sept 30. Hughes, Bolton Legislature intended to prevent an irruption from the tropics of a number HOLLOWAY, MARY ANN, Uley, Gloucester. Sept 19. Francillon, Dursley of persons, some of them no doubt charlatans, who proposed to inoculate HOWARTH, WILLIAM. Hindley, Lancaster, Colliery Manager. Oct 4. Woodcock the people with yellow fever or cholera germs.

& Walmesley, Wigan introduce into the City of New Orleans yellow fever microbes, suficient | HUTCHINSON, Dixon, Sunderland, Cabinet Maker. Sept 17. Bentham, Sunderto inoculate ten thousand persons; it was apprehende, he might in this JARVIS, WILLIAM, Bournemouth, Bookseller. Oot 15. Roberts & Roberts, way produce a yellow fever epidemic."


JONES, WILLIAM OWEN OSWALD, Blomfield rd, Paddington. Nov 24. Griffith, The Institut de Droit International has been holding its eleventh

Holyhead session at Heidelberg. The meetings commenced on the Šth inst. The KEATING, CATHERINE, Bruce grove, Tottenham. Nov 1. Hyde & Co, Ely place first subject discussed was the conflict of laws with regard to marriage. KING, SAMUEL SLATTER, Brompton sq, Gent. Oct 12. Proudfoot, John st With reference to formalities, it was, of course, resolved that compliance MORRIN, DAVID, Great Wakering, Essex, Esq. Oct 1. Stoneham & Son, Philpot with the forms of the lex loci is sufficient, and it was held to be also

lane necessary, with reservations in favour of diplomatic and consular mar

POULTER, MARY, Wolverhampton. Nov 8. Riley & Kettle, Wolverhampton riages. After a long debate, it was resolved that such marriages are

PROBERT, ELIZABETH CHARIOTTE, 8t Donatt's rd, New Cross. Sept 30. Lockyer admissible only when both parties belong to the nation represented by the

& Dinn, Gresham bldngs consul. It was resolved that capacity in point of age depends upon the

PROBERT, WILLIAM FRANCIS, 8t Donatt's rd, New Cross, Gent. Sept 30. Lock

yer & Dinn, Gresham bidngs personal law of the husband, and not upon the local law. With respect PROSSER, ROGER, Stoke Prior, Worcester. Oct 31. Sanders, Bromsgrove io the prohibited degrees, it was held that compliance with both laws is ROGERS, WILLIAM HINDS, Yealmpton, Devon, Surgeon. Nov 1. Rooker & Co, necessary, and so also as to the necessary consents and the previous pub- SAUNDERS, ELIZABETH, Rhymney Iron Works, Bedwellty, Monmouth. Sept 9. law of the nation to which they belong, not the law of their domicile.] SAUNDERS, JOHN, Rhymney Iron Works, Bedwellty, Monmouth. Sept 9. More Other subjects discussed were railways in time of war; "pacific Sauv san, Cardi RICHARD, Wincott st, Kennington rd, Waiter. Sept 13, blockade"; the draft of code of existing law of Prize Courts.

SHEWELL, Rev FRANK, Loddiswell Vicarage, Devon. Nov 1. Hyde & Co, Ely pl

SIMMONITE, HANNAH, Sheffield. Oct 6. Watson & Co, Sheffield WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES. -Before purchasing

STEDMAN, FRANCES, Donington, Newbury. Oct 12. Few & Co, Surrey st or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an expert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., West

TRIGG, HENRY, High st, Wandsworth, Butcher, Oct 6. Wilkins & Fanshawe, mírster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-ADVT.]

TRILL, MATHEW HENRY, Maidenhead, Draper. Sept 14. Algernon S Poyser, At

James st

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Í'WISDEN, THOMAS EDWARD, Russell eq, Solicitor. Oct 19. Twisden & Co,

Russell sq
WHITER, EDWARD, Newbury, Berks, Carpenter. Oot 1. Campbell Bazett, New-

WHITWORTH, Sir JOSEPH, Stancliffe Hall, Derby. Oct 18. Darbishire & Tatham,

London Gaxette.-FRIDAY, September 9.

WICKERATH, CARL MATHIAS, Russell rd, Seven Sisters rd, Waiter. Oct 4.
Lickorish & Bellord, Queen Victoria st

BANCROFT, FREDERICK, Haworth, Yorks, Farmer. Bradford. Pet Sept 7. WILLS, GEORGE WILLIAM BURROW, Addison crescent, Kensington, Clerk in

Holy Orders. Oct 1. Sparks & Co, Orewkerne

BARGER, THOMAS JOHN, Rhyl, Flint, Hotel Keeper. Bangor. Pet Sept 6. Ord WILLS, SOPHIA TOWNSHEND, Addison crescent, Kensington. Oct 1. Sparks &

Sept 6
Co, Crewkerne

BIRD, HENRY, Coventry, Watch Manufacturer. Coventry. Pet Aug 22. Ord

Sept 7
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept 9.

BIRD, JOHN, Lorton, nr Cockermouth, Farmer. Cockermouth and Workington. AVERY, RICHARD, Tenterden, Kent, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Sept 30. Mace

Pet Aug 22. Ord Sept 7 & Sons, Tenterden

BOUGHEY, JAMES BALL, Hanley, Stafford, out of business. Hadley, Burslem, BLAIR, ELIZABETH CATHERINE, Portman sq. Oct 30. Few & Co, Surrey st

and Tunstall. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6

BOWLES, WILLIAM, address unknown, Gent. High Court. Pet July 29. Ord BLYTH, ANTHONY, Holme next the Sea, Norfolk, Solicitor. Oct 1. Blyth, Serle st Sept 5 CARTER, JOHN, Rattington, Cumberland, Farmer. Oct 7. Webster, Whitehaven BROMLEY, ROBERT BELL, Goole, Yorks, Gent. Wakefield. Pet Aug 23. Ord

Sept 5
Cox, MARY ANN, Balsall Heath, Worcester. Oct 3. Cartland, Birmingham BUTT, BENJAMIN, Frome, Oil Dealer. Frome. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5
DICKINSON, CECIL, Marquise DEL MORAL, Bucharest, Roumania. Nov 9. Merri CHARLTON, ALEXANDER, Greasbrough, nr Rotherham, Licensed Victualler.
man & White, King's Bench walk

Sheffield. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6
DEVALL, MARY, Claybrook rd, Fulham. Oct 31. Keen & Co, Knight Rider st CLARKE, CHARLES, Ipswich, Baker. "Ipswich. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7
DURSTON, JANE, Pawlett, Somerset. Sept 20. Chapman, Bridgwater

CLARKE, JAMES ARTHUR, New Quay, Cornwall, Harbour Master. Truro. Pet FIELD. SARAH JANE, York rd, Wandsworth. Oct 31.

Sept 5._Ord Sept 5

Corsellis & Mossop, COCKERILL, ELEANOR, Lawfürd, Warwick, Plumber. Coventry. Pet Aug 25. FIELD, LEONARD, York rd, Wandsworth, Gent. Oct 31. Corsellis & Mossop,

Ord Sept 7

DA COSTA, ALFRED, Piccadilly, Gent. High Court. Pet July 29. Ord Sept 5 FRANKLIN, JOHN, Burroughs, Hendon, Parish Beadle. Oct 22. Tilley, Kilburn DAWE, ROBERT, Portloe, Cornwall, Fisherman. Truro. Pet Sept 5.

Ord GRIFFITH, EMNA MARIA HERBERT, Eleyope, Radnor. Oot 10. Cookson & Co, DORWARD, DAVID, Chepstow, Mon, Coal Dealer. Newport, Mon. Pet Sept 5.

Lincoln's inn fields GRIFFITH, Rev WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Heyope, Radnor, Clerk. Oct 10. Cookson DOUGLAS, CHARLES, Salford, Lancs, Draper. Salford. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5

& Co, Lincoln's inn fields HEWLETT, FREDERICK CHARLES, Bread st hill, Vellum Binder. Sept 30. Oliver, DRY, MARY GRIFFITHS, and JANE DRY, Brentwood, Essex, School Proprietors. Coleman st

Chelmsford. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5 JACOMB, WILLIAM, Wimbledon, Esq. Oct 24. Cookson & Co, Lincoln's inn EVANS, WILLIAM RODERICK, Aberdare, Draper. Aberdare. Pet Sept 7. Ord fields

Sept 7 KENNEDY, DANIEL, Gosforth, Cumberland, Grocer. Oct 5. Mason & Thompson, GRIFFITHS & Co, Blaenau Festiniog, Merioneth, Grocers. Bangor. Pet Aug 19. Whitehaven

Ord Sept 6 LORRIMAR, FRANCIS, Birmingham, Advertisement Contractor. Sept 30. Smith, HOBBS, EDWARD JAMES, Hartham rd, Tottenham, Traveller. High Court. Pet Birmingham

Sept 7. Ord Sept 7 PARRY, ANN, Blaenavod, Mon. Nov 20. Watkins, Pontypool

KEMP, SAMUEL, Winterwell, nr Wath upon Dearne, Yorks, Shoemaker. Sheffield. PUFLETT, WALTER JOHN, Sabine rd, Battereea, Licensed Victualler. Oct 31.

Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6 Corsellis & Mossop, Wandsworth

KING, THOMAS CHARLES. Lamberhurst, Sussex, Grocer. Tunbridge Wells. Pet ROOKE, JESSY, Scarborough. Nov 9. Turnbull & Co, Scarborough

Sept 5. Ord Sept 5

LORD, RICHARD, Coventry, Builder. Coventry. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5 SAYER, CAROLINE, Norwich. Oct 9. Goodchild, Norwich

LOWE, WALTER, Irlam, nr Warrington, Chemist. Manchester. Pet Sept 7. SCOTT, CHARLES APPLEBY, Birmingham, Metal Agent. Nov 1. Scott, Blac

Ord Sept 7 Bromsgrove

MCMILLAN, JAMES, Manchester, Draper. Manchester. Pet Aug 6. Ord Sept 7 SHAW, JAMES, Ardwick, Manchester, Surgeon. Oct 12. Wright & Co, Liverpool MILES, SIMON LEWIS, Pentre, Glamorgan, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet Sept 5. Ord SLADEN, JOSEPA, Bareilly, Rohilkund, India, Bengal Civil Service. Oct 12.

Sept 5 Freshfields & Williams, Bank bdgs

MILNER, PETER BERRIMAN, Scarborough, Butcher. Scarborough. Pet Sept 6. SMITH, HENRY, Herne Bay, Gent. Oct 31. Loyd, Queen st

Ord Sept 6 SMITH, WILLIAM, Castle Bar Hill, Ealing, Builder. Dec 1. Collisson & Co,

MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Eccleshill, Bradford, Tin Plate Worker. Bradford. Pet Bedford row

Sept 5. Ord Sept 5 SNOWDEN, JAMES, Devonshire rd, Holloway, Gent. Nov 9. Nevill, Furnival's inn

MOORE, JOHN, Mileham, Norfolk, Baker. Norwich. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5. STEPHEN, Ann, Pemberton, Lancaster.

MORRELL, GEORGE, Leeds, Pork Butcher. Leeds. Pet Aug 10. Ord Sept 6 Wigan Oct 10. Mayhew & Co, Wallgate,

MUDDITT, MARIA. Southtown, Suffolk, Smackowner. Gt Yarmouth. Pet Sept VAUGHAN, WILHELMINA CHRISTIANA, Surbiton Hill, Surrey. Oct 21. Jackson

5. Ord Sept 5 & Wright, Lincoln's inn fields

PEARSON, BENJAMIN, Brettell lane, nr Brierley hill, Engine Fitter. Stourbridge. VICKRIDGE, JAMES ALEXANDER, Faringdon, Berks, Upholsterer. Nov 7. Loyd, Pet Aug 13. Ord Aug 26 Queen st

PENGELLY, HENRY, Ottery St Mary, Devon, Farmer. Exeter. Pet Sept 5. Ord WALLS, WILLIAM, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, Draper, Oct 25. Ritson,

Sept 5 Sunderland

ROBERTS, JAMES, Haverfordwest, Butcher. Pembroke Dock. Pet Sept 5. Ord WARREN, ELIZABETH, Bridge rd, Battersea. Oct 20. Wood & Wootton, Fish

Sept 5 Et bill

ROGERS, EDWIN, Highworth, Wilts, General Dealer. Swindon. Pet Sept 7. WILKINSON, WILLIAM, Leighton rd, Kentish Town, Esq. Oct 12. Gush & Co,

Ord Sept 7 Finsbury circus

RUSSELL, THOMAS, Scarborough, Carriage Proprietor. Scarborough. Pet Sept London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept 13.

5. Ord Sept 5 ANDERSON, ROBERT, Cainsborough, Lincoln, Coachbuilder. Nov 8. Burton &

SARSONS, JABEZ, Birmingham, Baker. Birmingham. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6 Dyson, Gainsborough

SHARPE, FREDERIC, Baldry gdns, Streatham Common, Clerk. High Court. BENNETT, JESSE, Oatley hill, Hooknorton, Oxford, Farmer. Nov 1. Kilby &

Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5 Mace, Chipping Norton

SHEPHERD, WILLIAM, Seven Sisters' rd, Holloway, Carcass Butcher High BURGESS, GEORGE, Trengove, Illogan, Cornwall, Yeoman. Oct 17. Daniell &

Court. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5 Thomas, Camborne

SHEPHERD, THOMAS, Bootle, nr Liverpool, Ship Broker. Liverpool. Pet Sept CLAYTON, GEORGE, Longsight, Manchester, Carrier's Canvasser. Sept 29. Bee,

5. Ord Sept 5 West Gorton, Manchester

SMITH, ARTHUR WILLIAM, St James rd, Sutton, Clerk. Croydon. Pet Aug 31. Dixon, DAVID N., Walesby, Lincoln, Wheelwright. Sept 30. Page & Padley,

Ord Aug 31 Market Rasen

SMITH, THOMAS, Chalford, Gloucestershire, Builder, Gloucester. Pet Sept 6. DRAKE, HUGH JAMES, Portsea, Gent. Oct 1. Besant & Wills, Portsea

Ord Sept 6 FIELD, JAMES, Castle Green, Sandgate, Esq. Nov 1. Bennett & Co, New sq

STEEL, EBENEZER, Gt Bealings, Suffolk, Wheelwright. Ipswich, Pet Sept 5. FLETCHER, ANN, Charringworth, Ebrington, Gloucester. Nov 1. Kilby & Mace, TAYLOR, THOMAS HARGREAVES, Manchester, Stationer. Manchester. Pet Sept

5. Ord Sept 5 GILMAN, PUEBE, Bingham, Nottingham. Oct 22. Hunt & Williams, Nottingham WALE, ALFRED, Nottingham, Yarn Agent. Nottingham. Pet Aug 25. Ord GINEST, SAMUEL, Rotherbithe, Stone Merchant. Oct 14. G. & W. Webb, Sept 5 Austinfriars

WARDLE, ROBERT, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7 HARLING, CHRISTOPHER, Oakenshaw, Clayton-le-Moors, Grocer. Oct 14. Sharples, WHEATER, WILLIAM, Headingley, nr Leeds, Land Agent. Leeds. Pet Sept 6. HOMEWOOD, ISAAC, Headcorn, Kent, Farmer. Oct 8. Mace & Sons, Tenterden WILKINSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Liverpool, Furniture Broker. Liverpool. HUDSON, ROBERT JAMES, Liverpool, Watch Manufacturer. Oct 16. Grace &

Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7 Smith, Liverpool

WILLIAMS, DAVID, Aberdare, Tin Plate Manufacturer. Aberdare. Pet Aug 29. KEERL, AUGUST, Augsburg, Bavaria. Nov 25. Bradley & Son, Liverpool

Ord Sept 7

DIELLIER, CHARLES LOUIS, Marlborough hill, St John's Wood, Art Decorator.
Oct 19. Rundle & Hobrow, Coleman st

ABBEY, RICHARD, Scarborough, Gardener. Sept 16 at 12.30. Station Hotel, York NAYLOR, WILLIAM, Leeds, Maltster. Dec 1. Middleton & Sons, Leeds

ATKINS, GEORGE WILLIAM, Stoke Newington rd, Iron Merchant. Sept 16 at 12. READ, ARABELLA, Woodlands, Isleworth. Oct 15. Brougham, Islęworth

30 and 31, St Swithia's lane ROTHWELL, EMMA Fox, Castle pk, Lancaster. Oct 10. Maxted & Gibson, Lan

BARNES, WALTER, Pullar's rd, West Barnet, Grocer. Sept 16 at 11. 30 and 31,

St Swithin's lane SALE, RICHARD, St Lawrence, Kent, Gent. Oct 24. O. & A. Daniel, Ramsgate

BRAIM, JAMES, Darlington, Boot Maker. Sept 20 at 11.15. Off Rec, S, Albert rd,

Middlesborough SHERLOCK, THOMAS BARNETT, Birkenhead. Oct 13. Sandys, Liverpool

BROMAGE, FREDERIC (sep estate), Birmingham, Jeweller. Sept 20 at 3. 25, ColSHEWELL, EDWARD LEWIS LUCY, Gosport, Esq., M.A. Oct 21. Winterbothams more row, Birmingham

BROMAGE, JOSEPH (sep estate), Birmingham, Jeweller, Sept 20 at 3. 25, Colmore STOCK, THOMAS, Sibford Gower, Oxford, Yeoman. Nov 1. Kilby & Mace,

row, Birmingham

BROMAGE. JOSEPH, and FREDERIC BROMAGE, Birmingham, Jewellers. Sept 20 at TAYLOR, HANNAH, Batley Carr, Dewsbury. Sept 23. Mitcheson, Heckmondwike 3. Off Rec, 25, Colmore row, Birmingham WELLENSTEIN, VICTOR AUGUST, Koningsplein, Batavia, Java, Merchant. Oct 24. CATT, JAMES ROBERT, High st, Sutton, Grocer. Sept 16 at 3. 109, Victoria st,

Westminster WILLIAMS, GEORGE BARNES, Frederick’s pl, Old Jewry, Architect. Oet 15. Ped CHITTENDEN, EDWARD JAMES BOURNE, Bermondsey wall, Bermondsey, Potter. ley & Bartlett, Bush lane

Sept 16 at 1. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn


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