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They said that if the debtor had been alive the proceedings action was brought by a sharet older in the defendant company, on behalf e gone on without personal service of the petition or sub of himself and all other the shareholders, except the directors, against e. Now substituted service meant service substituted for a onal service. There could be no substituted service where

the company and the directors, claiming to restrain the defendants from

paying a dividend which the plaintiff alleged they were about to pay out of ice could not by any possibility be effected. In this case, capital. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants had improperly inther personal nor substituted service could be effected. The creased the values at which estates belonging to the company stood in the ould not go on without service, as the court had no power to company's books. The defendants had been required to make an affidavit | it. Therefore they were of opinion, in the case of a of documents, and the secretary of the company had made an affidavit, ition, that the court could not allow the proceedings to the first schedule to which contained 646 items. Many of these items 1 the debtor died before the petition was served. -COUNSEL, were described as bundles of letters and other documents and books (such

as letter books), each of wbich comprised a large number of distinct docu

ments. THE GENERAL MUTUAL INVESTMENT BUILDING volumes of copies of lettere. The plaintiff applied by summons to have

Some of the books were general letter books of the company and SOCIETY-0. A. No. 2, 10th August.

the affidavit taken off the file, on the ground that it was an abuse of the ETY - DISPUTE WITH MEMBER-- ARBITRATION-WITHDRAWING process of the court, because it did not sufficiently distinguish which of the UILDING SOCIETIES Act, 1874 (37 & 38 Vict. c. 42), s 34. items in the schedule, or what parts of the items, related to the matters in appeal from a decision of North, J. (ante, p. 626). The question in the action. North, J., ordered the affidavit to be taken off the ught by a member of a building society, who had given

file. drawal, and whose notice had expired, against the society; the appeal. - Counsel, Everitt, Q c., and Decimus Sturges; Cozens-Hardy,

THE COURT OF APPEAL (COTTON, Bowen, and Fry, L.JJ.) dismissed lleged to be ultrà vires. The resolutions had been passed ( Q.C., and Methold. SOLICITORS, Harries, Wilkinson, 8- Raikes ; Bolton & Co. atiff gave his notice of withdrawal. One of the rules of the d that“ the board shall have power to determine all matters

BOSWELL v. COAKS—North, J., 9th August. ng between the society and any member or person claiming JUDGMENT Debt — INTEREST—INTEREST ON Costs — DATE FROM ny member, and if the party shall be dissatisfied with

INTEREST Runs-ACTION COMMENCED BEFORE THE 24TH OF OCTOBER, r shall refuse to abide thereby, the matter shall be referred 1883 — R. S. C., 1883, XLII., 16 arbitrators of the society.” The plaintiff moved for the

APPENDIX H, Form No. 1,

Note. a receiver, and by consent the matter was treated as if had been made by the defendants to stay the proceedings

The question in this case was whether, in an action commenced before The defendants contended that the dispute ought to be the R. S. C., 1883, came into operation, and in which judgment was also tration as provided by the rule. The plaintiff contended given before that date, interest on the taxed costs payable by the plaintiffs d not apply, because he had, by his notice of withdrawal,

was to run from the date of the judgment or from the date of the taxing aember, and had become a creditor of the society. North, master's certificate. The old rule in equity was that the interest ran e rule applied, and that the dispute ought to be referred

from the date of the certificate ; at law the rule was that interest ran from ind he made an order staying the proceedings.

the date of the judgment. In the note to Form No. 1 (writ of fi. fa.) in F APPEAL (Cotton, Bowen, and Fry, L JJ.) affirmed the Appendix F. to the Ř. S. C., 1875, it is stated that the interest on the SEL, Napier Higgins, Q.C., and A. N. Cumming ; Cozens

costs is to run from “the date of the certificate of taxation." But in the and Micklem. SOLICITORS, Evans f. Batchelor; Flint & note to Form No. 1 (writ of fi. fa.) in Appendix H. to the R. S. C., 1883, it

is stated that the interest on costs is to run from the day of the judg.

ment or order, or day on which money directed to be paid, or day from IL WATER BOTTLE EXCHANGE AND TRADE) which interest is directed by the order to run, as the case may be." In SOCIETY v. BOOTH & CO.-C. A. No. 2, 9th August. the present case Fry, L.J., on the 19th of March, 1883, dismissed the VENANT IN RESTRAINT OF TRADE_VALIDITY.

action, with costs (23 Ch. D. 302). The Court of Appeal reversed the

decision (27 Ch. D. 424), but the House of Lords restored the decision of appeal from a decision of Chitty, J. (ante, p. 626). The a trade protection society, and one of the rules provided fry (11 App. Cas. 232)... The taxing master made his certificate as to

the costs of the defendant Bunyon on the 30th of July, 1887. should employ any traveller, carman, or outdoor employé service of another member, without the consent in writing

North, J., held that the provisions of the Rules of 1883 applied to an loyer, until after the expiration of two years from his

action which was pending at the time when those rules came into operarice. This action was brought by the society and Cox, tion, and that the interest on the costs must run from the date of the ibers, against Booth & Co., who were also members, judgment. -Counsel, Cookson, Q.C., and A. G. Langley; Cozens. Hardy, nction to restrain the defendants from employing a car

Q.C., and Methold. SOLICITORS, Whites, Renard, & Co.; Smyth & Brettell. st quitted the service of Cox. The number of the memty was limited to 500, and the actual number of members Re THE NEW HOLLINGBOURNE PAPER MILLS 00.-North, J., lembers carried on business in various parts of the United

10th August. one of them carried on business in New South Wales. ed to grant an interim injunction, on the ground (inter COMPANY - WINDING-UP — SECOND PETITION PRESENTED WITH Notice e imposed an unreasonable restraint of trade, the agree

OF FIRST-Costs. between an employer and his servant, but between

There were two petitions, by two creditors, for the compulsory winding inst the employed, and the number of the members of the up of this company, which had resolved on a voluntary winding up with a :ld of business being practically unlimited.

view to a reconstruction. The main question was whether a compulsory APPEAL (Cotton, Bowen, and Fry, L.JJ.) afirmed the order should be made, or an order to continue the voluntary winding up EL, Romer, Q.C., and J. Bradford ; Whitehorne, Q.O., and under supervision. The company and some creditors who appeared desired 5, W. Webb; Smythe f Brettell.

a supervision order. The second petition was presented with notice of the TUSSAUD-O. A. No. 2, 12th August.

first, but the solicitors, who were acting both for the first petitioner and

the company, had written a letter to the solicitors of the second petitioner, CATION TO SINGLE JUDGE OF COURT OF APPEAL DURING

stating in effect that the object of the first petition was only to obtain a VACATION -JUDICATURE Act, 1873, s. 52.

supervision order, with the view of carrying out the reconstruction scheme. application was made to the Court of Appeal on the last North, J., thought that, under the circumstances, a compulsory order s for leave to give notice of motion before a single judge ought to be made. In most cases no doubt some expense was saved peal in the vacation for a stay of the proceedings under

In the by making a supervision order; it certainly ought to be so. Chitty, J., on the previous day pending an appeal to present case, his lordship thought the creditors had a right to say that the zal. No notice of appeal had yet been given. Sectiov winding up should not be carried on by the present liquidators. No tre Act, 1873, provides that, in any cause or matter doubt, if a supervision order were made, an application could be made to e Court of Appeal, any direction incidental thereto, not

remove the present liquidators; but, if such an application were made in sion of the appeal, may be given by a single judge of court, it would go some way to bring the expense up to that of a comal; and a single judge of the Court of Appeal may, at pulsory order. Moreover, since the voluntary winding up had been going vacation, make any interim order to prevent prejudice to on, actions had been commenced against the company by creditors, and parties pending an appeal as he may think fit; but every no attempt had been made to check them. With regard to the presentaby a single judge may be discharged or varied by the tion of the second petition, his lordship saw no reason to doubt that the : a divisional court thereof."

petitioner acted in perfect good faith, and a statement was very fairly made TON, Bowen, and Fry, L JJ.) said that a single judge of to him that the object of the first petitioner was to obtain a supervision al could have no jurisdiction under this section until an order. It would have been better if, as was suggested by the late resented. COTTON, L.J., said that an application could Master of the Rolls in Re Norton Ironworks Co. (26 W. R. 92), some inquiry the country during the vacation. But the parties must had been made of the first petitioner whether he intended to go on with in by letter the time when he could hear the applica- his petition ; and, if the same thing should occur in another case, it might aidlow. SOLICITORS, Lickorish g Bellord.

have an influence with regard to costs; but his lordship thought the IE NATAL LAND AND COLONIZATION CO.

secord petitioner had acted with an honest intention of meeting a difficulty C. A. No. 2, 12th August.

which might arise, and he would not deprive him of costs. The usual

compulsory order would be made on the two petitions.-Counsel, Solomon ; VERY-AFFIDAVIT OF DOCUMENTS-ITEMS NOT SUFFI• Cozens. Hardy, Q.C., and Levett; C. E. E. Jenkins ; Swinfen Eady ; CIENTLY L'ISTINGUISHED.

Dunn ; Swabey. SOLICITORS, Shaen, Roscoe, & Co.; Murray, Hutchins, f peal from a decision of North, J. (ante, p. 626). The 'Stirling ; Hicklin, Washington, f Pasmore.

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Aug. 20, 1887.

upon the goods of which the possession had been intrusted to him for sale Re MELLER'S WILL-North, J., 11th August.

on behalf of the company. The company had agreed to pay him a weekly Will-CONSTRUCTION-LAPSE-GIFT TO Class OR INDIVIDUALS-Person2 salary of £2 10s. and also a commission of 71 per cent. on all sales NOMINATÆ.

effected by him. The premises in which the local business was carried on

were taken in the name of the company, and the business was carried on The question in this case was whether a gift of a share of residue had in their name. The manager did not keep any bavking account of his lapsed by reason of the death of one of the residuary legatees in the

own, but he paid moneys received by him for the company to their lifetime of the testator. The testator devised and bequeathed all his bankers, retaining first his salary and expenees and the rent of the estate, real and personal, on trust for sale and conversion, and directed premises, which he paid. He never, in fact, retained his commission, them to divide the clear net residue of the proceeds equally between and

and his claim to a lien was made in the winding up of the company for among nine persons whom he named (describing also two of them as his his commission on sales effected during the whole period of his engagenephew and niece and the other seven as the children of deceased persons ment. He did not keep any books of his own, but entered bis transacwhose names he mentioned) “when and as they shall severally attain the tions for the company in their books. It was contended on his behalf age of twenty-one years or die under that age leaving lawful issue, the that, being intrusted with the possession of the company's goods for sale, share or shares of such one or more who shall die under the age of twenty; he was in the position of a factor, and that he was entitled to a factor's one, whether original or accruing, without leaving lawful issue, to go and lien or the goods in respect of his commission. Reliance was placed on be divided equally among the survivors, and, if there shall be but oue

Robinson v. Rutter (4 E. & B. 954); Stevens v. Biller (25 Ch. D. 31); and Re such child who shall live to attain twenty-one, then upon trust for such Pavy's Patent Felted Fabric Co. (1 Ch. D. 63!). oply child, such child dying under twenty-one as aforesaid to take

North, J., held that the claimant was not a factor, but only a servant the share, whether original or accruing, of his, her, or their deceased parent as tenants in common, and to be paid to them on their severally of the company; that his possession of the goods was that of the com

The receipt of a weekly attaining twenty-one.” H., one of the nine legatees, died in the lifetime pany; and that he was not entitled to any lien. of the testator. She had attained twenty-one, and had married, and she salary was entirely inconsistent with the relation of principal and factor. left one child. The other eight legatees survived the testator, and at

In one sense, no doubt, he was intrusted with the possession of the com. tained twenty-one. The question was whether the gift of the residue had pany's goods, but not in the sense in which a factor was intrusted with lapsed as to one-ninth thereof, or whether the fund was divisible in possession of the goods in the same way as a company or a large trading

the possession of his principal's goods. He was intrusted with the the eight survivors it was contended that the gift, being contained only body like the Civil Service Association instrusted their servants with the in the direction to divide, was really a gift to a class-vi2., to such of the possession of goods for sale. There being no special contract for a lien, nine persons named as should attain twenty-one or die under that age

he was not entitled to any lien by virtue of his position.-Counsel, T. leaving issue, and that, according to the ordinary rule applying to class Ribton ;, Cookson, Q C., and Emden. Solicitors, T. 1. Philpots ; Goldberg gifts, the gift would not fail in any respect by reason of the death of a

f Langdon.
member of the class before the testator, and that the whole fund was
divisible among such of the nine persons as answered the description and Re PARTINGTON, PARTINGTON ». ALLEN—Stirling, J., 27th and
survived the testator-i.e., in eighths. Reliance was placed on Leake v.

28th July and 4th August.
Robinson (2 Mer. 363); Dimond v. Bostock (10 Ch. 358); and Shiers v.
Ashworth (25 Ch. D. 162).

NORTH, J., held that the gift was to individuals, not to a class,

and that it had lapsed as to one-ninth of the fund. To construe the
words of the gift as a gift to such of the nine persons as should attain

W. H. Partington died in the year 1876, having, by his will (among twenty-one or die under that age leaving issue would be to make a great other things), bequeathed £30,000 upon trust for his wife for life, and alteration in the words, and the words which followed were not consistent subject thereto, to fall into residue, which was to be divided among his with that construction. Those words referred to the “share” of a person

children. The executors and trustees were the testator's wife and the who should die under twenty-one without leaving issue, whereas on the

defendant G. P. Allen, who had been the testator's partner in the business construction suggested such a person could not have taken a “share” at

of a solicitor. The trustees were authorized to invest the trust funds upon all, and yet his “share” was to go over. Moreover, it was essential to a mortgage of freeholds or leaseholds having sixty years to run ; and the gift to a class that the class, when ascertained, should take the whole fund defendant was also authorized to charge for work done by him in connecin any event. That would clearly not be so in this case. Suppose H. had

tion with the trusts. The trustees invested £2,500 upon mortgage of a died under twenty-one, leaving a child, and that child had died before

freehold public house, and £2,400 and £1,500 respectively upon mortgage
the testator, what would become of that share? There was no gift over in

of lands and houses. The defendants employed a firm of surveyors to
such a case.
The judgment in Leake v. Robinson, taken as a whole, was

value the public-house prior to advancing the money, and, by letter, he
not opposed to his lordship's conclusion. In D mond v. Bostock the gift was

instructed the surveyors to state, “not only the value of the property, but to all the nephews and nieces of the late husband of the testatrix who

also the maximum amount which might, in your opinion, be safely lent were living at his death, except A. or B. Two of the nephews died before by way of first mortgage thereon by trustees,” and similar instructions were the testatrix, and it was held that the gift was to a class, and that there was

sent with regard to the other proposed mortgages. The surveyors adno lapse, but that the fund was divisible among those of the class who

vised that the public-house was worth £4,174, and was a good security for survived the testatrix. It was clear that there could be no increase of the £3,130, and, with regard to the other properties, that they were reepec, class, and the exception of two persons did not prevent its being a gift to tively worth £3,884 and £2,080, and were ample securities for £2,000 and a class. James, L.J., said that where there is a gift to a class the rule £1,500 respectively. The securities turned out to be insufficient. The of lapse does not apply. In that case the fund is to be di.ided among the above investments were proper, and, if not, whether the defendant was

testator's widow commenced proceedings to have it determined whether words describing the class are used for mere brevity, 'instead of solely liable for the loss, or whether she was liable jointly with him. designating the persons by name.” That shewed that, if it was plain and Whiteley v. Learoyd shewed that a trustee might avail himselfing that it was merely intended to designate individuals, there was no magic in the use of words of class description. James, L.J., added, “if this had

the assistance and advice of a valuer or surveyor or solicitor in making been the first occasion on which the point had arisen, there might have judgment upon it as a prudent man would.

his investments, but must not adopt that advice blindly, but exercise bis good ground for contending that the legatees in such a gift as the present security there was something further to consider, and the rule was that

With regard to mortgage
were persona designate, just as if the testator had mentioned their names.”

was quite different from the present. In Re Smith's
Fetests. Ch: D. 117), the gift was of residue "to be equally divided freehold lands, and not more than one-hall upon freehold houses.
between the five daughters of S. and M.," and Malins, v.c., held that That was not a hard and fast rule ; but if the limit laid down by it

was exceeded it was for the trustee to justify his conduct.
class. Maling, v.o., said " if it had been a gift to the daughters simply bouger depended to some extent on the licence and the business, the valve

present case that rule had not been observed. The value of the public-
than the three surviving daughters, being only members of a class, would
have taken the whole. Suppose the testatrix bad named the five

of which was of a speculative character, and the surveyors ought to have
daughters, could anyone have doubted that they would have been tenants

been asked the value of the property apart from its value as a hotel. Nor in common of the fund, and if one had died could it be possible for the

was either of the other investments, in his lordship’s opinion, proper. The
renaining four to take her share? What difference, then, can therə be defendant was, therefore, liable for the logs. The widow was, in his
when she says, the five daughters ?” It is precisely the same if she had lordship’s opinion, as between herself and the beneficiaries, also liable, for
named the mall, and they take as persona designatæ.Stansfield v. Stansfield she had no right to delegate her duty and responsibility as a trustee.
(15 Ch. D. 84) was another authority to the same effect.

She was, therefore, jointly liable with the defendant, but the decision
H. had, therefore, lapsed, and would go, as to so much of it as arose from

was without prejudice to any question between the trustees.
real estate, to the testator's heir-at-law, and as to so much of it as arose

Aug. 9, 11.-"This was an adjourned summons in the same matter, from personal estate, to his next of kin.-Counsel, C. Walker; G. T. J.

taken out for the purpose of having it determined whether Mrs. Parting: Millar; Underhill; B. Fossett Lock. Solicitors, Smith, Fawdon, f Low;

ton and the defendent Allen were,

as between themselves, jointly Few of Co., Emmet, Son, & Stubbs ; G. R. Hubbard.

responsible for

loss resulting from the improper mortgage

investments, or whether the whole loss ought to fall on the defendant
Re HERMANN LOOG (LIM.)--North, J., 11th August.

Stirling, J., held that the whole loss must fall upon the defendant Allen.
Factor-LIEN-COMMISSION-Agent Intrusted With Goods FOR SALE-

He had been the active trustee, and had also acted as the solicitor for the

trust, and had made professional profit in that capacity. The improper The question in this case was whether a district manager of a trading make her liable to make good to the defendant her share of the 1980: t. company was entitled, in respect of commission due to him, tota lien COUNSEL in both matters, Robinson, Q.C., and Latham, Q.O.; Everitt,

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him for sale im a weekly

on all sales 33 carried on

carried on

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Q.C., and Howell ; Hastings, Q.O., and Lerett; Pearson, Q.C., and Raw- question was for weighing machines; the plaintiffs are the owners of lins ; 'Buckley, Q.C., and Starkey. SOLICITORS, Freshfields of Williams ; Everitt's machine, and alleged that the defendant, Henry Knight, had a Bolton, Robbins, Busk, $ Co.; Woodhouse, Trower, Freeling, & Parkin ; Merri- machine at the Arcade, Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, which was an infringeman, Pike, f Merriman.

ment of their patent.

KEKEWICH, J., said that there was a serious question to be tried, and matters should be left in statu quo. He would not try the question now,

but on the defendant undertaking to keep an account of automatic BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE.

weighing machines sold by him he should make no order except costs Practice-Voluntary WINDING UP-ACTION IN Queen's Bench Division Burn, f Son ; Alexander Colyer.

costs in the action.-Counsel, Ralph Griffin; Sutherst. SOLICITORS, Adam
JUDICATURE Act, 1873 (36 & 37 Vict. c. 66), s. 24, SUB-SECTION 5-RULES
of Court, 1883, ORD. 49, k. 5.

In the case of Re Shingleton Ice Co (Limited), Bett v. Shingleton the 17th of August, a question arose as to the reading of copies of

In the case of Re Inderwick, Ex parte Hanson, before Kekewich, J., on
Ice Co. (Limited), before Kekewich, J.,, on the 17th of August, affidavits on a motion for leave to issue a writ of attachment against
the question arose where a company had been wound up voluntarily,
and the voluntary liquidation had been continued under the super-

a person for disobedience to an order. The office copies were not in vision of the court, as to the mode of transferring an action brought

court. by a judgment creditor against the company in the Queen's Bench liberty of the subject was concerned. Fresh notice must be given to the

KEKEWICH, J., said that he would not allow copies to be read where the Division, or of staying the proceedings. The resolution to wind up was respondent. —COUNSEL, H. T. Eve. SOLICITORS, Blair Girling. confirmed on the 12th of August, 1887, and James H. Green was ap. pointed liquidator. On the same day Thomas Green, trading as the General Ice Co., obtained an order for judgment of the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division, against the company, and the solicitors for Bett intimated their intention to proceed. A receiver and manager on behalf of the debenture-bolders of the company had been appointed, of which appointment the solicitors of the plaintiff had been informed. The

sheriff had entered under the judgment. This was a motion ex parte

on behalf of the liquidator to restrain the plaintiff Bett from proceeding
on his judgment, and asking that the sheriff might be ordered to with-

Sir MAXWELL MELVILL, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., formerly a judge of the High

Sir M. Melvill was draw. Under ord. 49, r. 5, when an order has been made by a judge of Court at Bombay, died at Poonah on the 5th inst. the Chancery Division for the winding up of any company, the judge has educated at Haileybury College. He entered the Bombay Civil Service, power to order the transfer to such judge of any cause or matter pending and he was for many years engaged in the Revenue and Judicial Dein any other court or division brought against such company.

partments. In 1866 he was appointed Judicial Commissioner in Scinde, KEKEWICH, J., said that the rule did not refer to a voluntary winding and from 1871 till 1884 he was a puisne judge of the High Court at Bomup. He was, however, as Vacation Judge, sitting as a judge of the bay. In 1884 he was appointed a member of the Council of the Governor Queen's Bench Division, and, under section 24, sub-section 0, of the

of Bombay, which position he occupied until his death. In 1886 he was Judicature Act, 1873, he had jurisdiction, sitting as a judge of that created a Companion of the Order of the Star of India, and a few months division, to stay proceedings in the action in the Queen's Bench Division. ago he was created a Knight Companion of the Order of the Indian He therefore made the order in the action, that Bett be restrained from Empire. taking any further proceedings on the judgment debt obtained by him Mr Horatio MANSFIELD, barrister, died at Liverpool on the 12th inst. against the company on the 12th of August, 1887, and that all proceed from pleurisy, after a short illness. Mr. Mansfield was the fifth son of ings on such judgment be stayed. The sheriff to withdraw.–Counsel, Mr. John Mansfield, and a younger brother of the first Lord Sandhurst, Stroud; A. Beddall; Tennant. SOLICITORS, W. W. Elliott; Benjamin Burton. and of Mr. John Smith Mansfield, magistrate at Marlborough-street

Police Court. He was born in 1821, and he was educated at Trinity INJUNCTION-OBSTRUCTION OF ANCIENT LIGHTS-AGENT.

College, Cambridge. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in In the case of Pedder v. Eiloart, before Kekewich, J., on the 17th of Trinity Term, 1853, and he had practised on the Northern Circuit and at August, the question arose as to whether an action was properly Be had for some time acted as deputy-stipendiary magistrate for the city

the Liverpool and Kirkdale Sessions and the Liverpool Court of Passage. brought against a person who was directing building operations so as to obstruct the plaintiffs' ancient lights. The plaintiffs were trustees of

of Liverpool. Mr. Mansfield was married in 1871 to the widow of Lieut.St. Luke's parochial schools, and it was contended on their behalf that

Col. Cumming. He was buried at Totton, Hampshire, on the 17th inst. they could sue either the owner or the builder. The defendant denied Mr. ROBERT SANKey, solicitor (of the firm of Sankeys & Flint), of Canhaving any interest, and said that he was an agent.

terbury, died on the 5th inst. in his eighty-eighth year. Mr. Sankey, who KEKEWICH, J., said that the plaintiff had a right to sue the builder, and was almost the oldest solicitor in Kent, was the son of Mr. John Sankey, continued the interim injunction obtained ex parte on the 6th of August.

and was burn in 1799. He was admitted a solicitor in 1823, and he had Counsel, C. T. Mitchell, Gaskell. SOLICITORS, Woodbridge & Son ; Bury. practised for over sixty years at Canterbury. He was at the time of his

death associated with his son, Mr. Herbert Tritton Sankey, Clerk of the TRADE-COVENANT NOT TO CARRY ON WITHIN A Milz-INJUNCTION Peace for Canterbury, and with Mr. Rest William Flint, Town Clerk of INFANT.

Canterbury. Mr. Sankey was a perpetual commissioner for the county of In the cases of Munson v. Odiam, Munson v. Jordan, and Munson v.

Kent and the city of Canterbury. He was for several years one of the

city aldermen, and he was elected mayor of Canterbury in 1858 and Donald, before Kekewich, J., on the 17th of August, the question arose us to the course the court should pursue where a defendant appeared

again in 1861. He was buried at Barham on the 12th inst. in person in an action for breach of covenant, and it was apparent

Sir RICHARD Green Price, Bart., late M.P. for Radnorshire, died on to the judge and the registrar that he was an infant. The three the 11th inst., aged eighty-four. Sir R. Price was the son of Mr. George actions were brought to restrain the defendants from carrying on the Green, of Knighton. Xe was born in 1803, and he assumed the additional business of dairymen within one mile from specified places. The defend

name of Price by Royal licence. He was admitted a solicitor in 1825, and ant Odiam entered into the service of the plaintiff, Henry Munson, at 15s.

he was for several years in practice at Knighton. He was for nearly ten a week, with two months' notice, and signed an agreement whereby he years county treasurer for Radnorshire, and he was one of the original covenanted that he would not, during the continuance of such service, nor

members of the Knighton Local Board, of which body he afterwards after quitting, in any way interfere with the trade or customers served by became chairman. In 1863 he was elected M.P. for the Radnor boroughs

in the Liberal interest. He was re-elected at the General Elections in exercise, or be concerned within one mile of Battersea Park-road, either 1865 and 1868, but in 1869 he retired in favour of the Marquis of directly or indirectly, in the trade of a dairyman as servant or master for Hartington, who was "at that time without a seat in tho House of his own benefit or any other person whatever. The other two agreements Commons. He was created a baronet in 1874, and in 1880 he was returned were similar. All the defendants were infants when they signed the agree,

for Radnorshire. He retired in 1885, but in 1886 he unsuccessfully conwents, but Donald had come of age since. Odiam appeared in person, and tested the county as a Home Rule Liberal. Sir R. Price was married first With obviously an infant. The plaintiff asked for a perpetual injunction, in 1837 to the daughter of Mr. Dansey, of Easton Court, Radnorshire, and

KEKEWICH, J., said that he was dealing with an infant (Odiam), and magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Radnorshire, and he served the office
could not grant an injunction, the defendant was incapable of consent of high-sheriff in 1876. He was buried at Norton, Radnorshire, on the
ing: Though the boy bad nct entered a formal appearance, he and the

14th inst.
registrar had seen him and had the evidence of their own eyes that the
boy was an infant, the registrar could not draw up the order after

becoming aware of the fact. The cases would stand for a fortnight.-
Counsel, A' Beckett Terrell; 1. T. Eve. Solicitors, Cuddon & Co.; Evans

Mr. EDWARD ALEXANDER HEELIS, solicitor, of Appleby, has been ap & Batchelor.

pointed Registrar of the Appleby County Court (Circuit No. 3) in succes

sion to his father, the late Mr. Edward Heelis. Mr. E. A. Heelis was PATENT-INFRINGEMENT ACCOUNT-UNDERTAKING.

admitted a solicitor in 1879. In the case of Automatic Weighing Machine Co. (Limited) v. Knight, Mr. JOHN JAMES WILLIAMSON, solicitor, of Canterbury and Deal, has before Kekewich, J., on the 17th of August, the question arose as tó been appointed Clerk to the Magistrates for the Borough of Deal in sucwhether a defendant’who denied any infringement of the patent of the cession to Mr. George Mercer, resigned. Mr. Williamson was admitted a plaintiff should give an undertaking to keep an account. The patent in solicitor in 1885.

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their debts or claims, to Ernest Cooper, 14, George st, Mansion House. Tuesa Mr. CHARLES George Nantes, solicitor, of Bridport, has been elected an

day, Oct 25, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and Alderman for that Borough. Mr. Nantes was admitted a solicitor in

claims 1873. He is Registrar of the Bridport County Court and Coroner for the ELECTRIC PORTABLE BATTERY AND GAS IGNITING CO, LIMITED.--Stirling, J., h99 Bridport District of Dorsetshire.

by an order, dated June 30, appointed Edwin Collier, 44, Brown st, Manchester,

to be official liquidator. Creditors are require !, on or before Oct 1, to send Mr. GAINSFORD BRUCE, Q.C., has been appointed Temporal Chancellor of their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to the the County Palatine of Durham in succession to the late Mr. James above. Tuesday, Nov 1, at 12, is appointed for heariog and adjudicating upon

the debts and claims Fleming, QC. Mr. Bruce is the eldest son of Dr. John Collingwood

EYRE ARMS HOTEL CO, LIMITED. - Petn for winding up, presented Aug 13, Bruce, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and was born in 1834. He was called

directed to be heard before Kekewich, J., on Aug 24. Russell, Coleman st. to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1859, and he became a solor for petner

HENDRA ESTATE AND BUILDING MATERIALS Co., LIMITED. – Creditors are re. Queen's Counsel in 1883. Mr. Bruce practises on the North. Eastern

quired, on or before Sept 30, to send their names and addresses and particulars Circuit. He has been recorder of Bradford since 1877, and he was Soli

of their debts and claims to Frederic George Painter, 2, Moorgate st bldgs, citor-General of the County Palatine of Durham from 1877 till 1885, Friday, Oct. 28 at 1, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts when he was appointed Attorney-General.

and claims

LONDON OYSTER CULTIVATING CO., LIMITED.-Stirling, J., has by an order. Mr. WILLIAM GERALD SEYMOUR FITZGERALD, C.S.I., has been created a dated July 26, appointed John Peirson, of 2, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st, to Knight of the Order of the Indian Empire. Sir W. Fitzgerald is the

be oficial liquidator

MOUNT MORGAN (WEST) GOLD MINE, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented eldest son of the Right Hon. Sir William Robert Fitzgerald, G.C.S.I.,

Aug 12, directed to be heard before Kekewich, J., on Aug 24. Inglis & Son, and was born in 1841. He was educated at Oriel College, Oxford. He Chancery lane, solors for petner was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1865, and he PLUMBLEY COLLIERY CO. LIMITED.–By an order made by Stirling, J., dated Aug formerly practised on the Home Circuit. He was private secretary to his

6. it was ordered tbat the com; any be wound up. Page & Scorer, New ien,

agents for Page, jun, Lincoln, solor for petner father when Governor of Bombay, and he has been political aide-de-camp SUN PORTLAND CEMENT CO, LIMITED.-By ad order made by Stirling. J., dated to the Secretary of State for India since 1874. He was created a com Aug 11, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Johnston & Co, Raypanion of the Order of the Indian Empire in 1885.

mond bldnos, Gray'e inn, agents for Winder, Bolton, solors for petner

WOOLWICH (OLD BARGE HOUSE) STEAM FERRY. LIMITED.---Stirling, J , has fixed Mr. CHARLES John PEARSON, barrister and advocate, has received the Friday, Sept 2, at 12. at the chambers of the Vacation Judge, for the appointhonour of Knighthood. Sir C. Pearson is the second son of Mr. Charles ment of an official liquidator

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. Pearson, of Edinburgh, and was born in 1843. He was educated at the

ALBION MUTUAL PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.-Chitty, J., has, by Edinburgh Academy, and he was formerly scholar of Corpus Christi an order dated July 21, appointed Mr. Frederick Augustas Jenkins, Exchange College, Oxford, where he graduated first class in Classics in 1865. He bldngs, Bristol, to be official liquidator

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. obtained the Gaisford Prize for Greek Prose in 1862, and the Gaisford

Prize for Greek Verse in 1863. He was called to the bar at the Inner | DU BEDAD ADAMS & Co LIMITED.-The Vice-Chancellor has, by an order dated
Temple in Trinity Term, 1870, and he was admitted a member of the July 27, appointed George Mahon, 26, North John st, Liverpool, to be official
Faculty of Advocates in Scotland in the following July. Sir C. Pearson liquilator

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. is sheriff of chancery, and procurator for the Church of Scotland.

ALEXANDRA LODGE, 483 Society, United Ancient Order of Druids, Old House at Mr. Thomas BAYNES, Solicitor-General for the Leeward Islands, has

Home, Croft st, Bradford, York. Aug 11

SUSPENDED FOR THREE MONTHS. been appointed to act as Attorney-General for that Colony. Mr. Baynes KIDLINGTON BENEFIT SOCIETY, King's Arms. Kidlington, Oxford. Aug 11 is the third son of Mr. Edwin Donald Baynes. He was called to the bar LONG ROW SAMARITAN FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Queen's Arms Inn, Horsforth, Leeds. at the Middle Temple in July, 1878.

Aug 11

PRINCE RUPERT FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY, 57, St Anne st, Liverpool. Aug 11 Mr. CHARLES HALMAN BEARD, barrister, has been appointed to act as RATLEY NEW SICK AND BENEFIT SOCIETY, Crown Inn, Ratley, nr Banbury, Solicitor-General for the Leeward Islands. Mr. Beard is the second son

Warwick. Aug 11 of Mr. William Daniel Beard. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in June, 1882.

Mr. TEMPLE LETHBRIDGE Down, solicitor (of the firm of Newton & Down), of Lewisham, has been appointed Clerk and Solicitor to the Lewisham District Board of Works, in succession to the late Mr. Howard

CREDITORS' NOTICES. Samuel Winnett. Mr. Down was admitted a solicitor in 1881. His

UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. partner, Mr. Alfred Newton, is vestry clerk of Lewisham Parish.


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 5.

BANKS, MARIA LOUISA, Stoneycroft, nr Liverpool. Oct 1. Ellison v Banks,

Kay, J. Wynne, Charcery lane

Borrox, Col Sir FRANCIS JOHN, Knt, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster. Sept 24. EDWARD ROBERT GRIgson and Richard Robinson, solicitors (Grigson & FERREWEST, MARY, Nottingham. Sept 30. Nussey v Featherstonhaugh, Chitty,

Morant & Co. v Bolton, Chitty, J. Treherne, Bedford row Robinson), of Watton, Norfolk. All debts due and owing to or by the J. Taylor, Batley said partnership will be received and paid by Richard Robinson, by whom ROSENTHALL, G'ABRIEL, Jewin st. Sept 30. Rosenthall v Hayman, Chitty, J. alone the business will hereafter be carried on. Jan. 1, 1884.

Godfrey, Chancery lane
[Gazette, Aug. 16.]

SWALBE, DAVID. Bishopsgate st Within, Cigar Merchant. Sept 7. Klingenstein
& Co. v Brighten & another, Stirling, J. Vandamm, Finsbury circus

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 9.
GOODE, THOMAS, Congleton, Chester. sept 1. Goode v Goode, Chitty, J. Reade,

LANGTON, CHARLES, Bournemouth, Clerk. Aug 26. Darwin v Massingherd,

Chitty, J. Farrer & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

SLATER, HENRY, Blackburn, Grocer. Aug 22. Housley v Slater, Registrar,
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 12.

Preston, Entwisle, Blackburn

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.
ROWE & CO. LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Oct 1, to send their
names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to James

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Cooper, Coleman st bldgs, Moorgate st. Friday, Nov 4 at 12, is appointed for

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 9. hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims UNITED KINGDOM LAND AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION. LIMITED.-By an order made

BARTLET, ALEXANDER HENRY, Ipswich, Doctor of Medicine. Nov 5. Jackaman by Chitty, J., dated Aug 3, it was ordered that the association by wound up.

& Co, Ipswich Clark & Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solors for petner

BENSON, WILLIAM, Knaresbrough, York, Joiner and Cabinet Maker. Oct 1. UNITED KINGDOM LAND AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.- Chitty, J., las

Kirby & Son, Knaresbrough fixed Tuesday, Aug 23 at 12, at the chambers of the Vacation Judge, for the

BESWICK, ELIZABETH, Higher Urmston, Lancaster. Sept 9. Killey, Liverpool appointment of an official liquidator

BIELBY, John, Harrogate. York, Gent. Sept 15. Kirby & Son, Knaresbrough
WEST OF ENGLAND PAPER MILLS CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented
Aug 10, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge on Wednesday, Aug

BYERLEY, ALFRED, Portsea, Hants, Gent. Sept 1. Blake, Portsea 24. Bradley, Lombard st, solor for petner

BROOKS, JOSEPII, Hyde, Chester, Hat and Cap Dealer. Aug 17. Cooke, Hyde

CHAPMAN, HENRY, Chelsea, Gent. Scpt 15. James & James, Ely place
Ripponden, York. Aug 4

COLTHURST, GEORGE, Cotham Park, Bristol, Esq. Oct 10. Abbot & Co, Bristol
FORESTERS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Lamb Inn, Newchurch-in-Pendle, Lancaster. CORDREY, MARY ELIZABETII, Clapham. Sept 20. Hepworth, South st, Fins-

Aug 8
NORLEY FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Norley, near Frodsham, Chester. Aug 10


DAVEY, WILLIAM THOMAS, Leyton, Doctor of Medicine. Aug 27. Timbrell,
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 16.

Church ct

DINSDALE, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Brockley, Kent, Gent. Sept 30. Trinders &

Co, Cornhill

ENGLAND, RICHARD, Binham, Norfolk, Esq. Out 3. Watson & Digby, Fakenrequired, on or before Bept 15, to send their names and addresses, and the par

ham ticulars of their debts or claims, to Edward Goldsworthy James, Lonsdale

FEILDEN. HENRY ST CLAIR, Shepperton on Thames, Esq. Sept 15. Rawetorne, cbmbrs, Chancero lane. Tuesday, Oct 25 at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims A BI. WOOD'S SHIPS' "WOODITE” PROTECTION CO, LIMITED.-Petition for wind- FLETCHER, LETITIA, Brighton. Sept 14. Cockburn, Brighton

FINCH, JOHN, Barton, Lancaster, Yeoman. Sept 23. Thompson & Craven, Preston ing up, presented Aug 11, directed to be heard before Kekewich, J., on Aug 24.

Pulbrook, St Helen's place, solors for petners
BRIGHTON Music Hall Co, LIMITED.-- Creditors are required, on or before Oct 1,

GOODALL, HARRIET, Knaresborough, York. Oet 1. Kirby & Son, Knaresborough to Henry Neweon Smith, 87, Walbrook. Wegnesahy, Notinat del is appointed Holborow, WILLIAM, Upton St Leonard's, Gent. Sept 17. Poole, Gloucester

HOLMES, CECIL FREDERICK, Harrow on the Hill, Esq. Sept 9. Cole & Jackson, for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims DERBY AND DERBYSHIRE NEWSPAPER CO, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Sept 12, to send their names and addressed and the particulars Of JEAVONS, ELIZABETH SMITH, Wimbledon. Oct 12. Smith, Nicholas lane

HORSFORD, JAMES, Bedford, Gent. Sept 10. Porter, Bedford

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JONES, FANNY, St John's Wool. Sept 20. Sheldon Hepworch, South st, Fins- | SMITH, WILLIAM, Brighouse, York, Licensed Victualler. Oct 1. Barber, Brig bury

house JONES, JESSE, Brighton, Gent. Sept 30. Frank Richardson & Sadler, Golden SODEMANN, LOUIS CARL, Dalston, Gent, Oct 1. Foster & Co, College st LAWRENCE, ROBERT, Upper Holloway, Locksmith. Sept 12. Maskell, Gt James SPICER, WALTER, Godalming, Surrey, Paper Manufacturer. Sept 20. Shep'st, Wo.

heards, Finsbury circus LIVESEY, MARTIN, Liverpool, Stock and Share Broker. Sept 15. Laces & Co.,

STEWARDSON, SUSANNAH, South Mims, Middlesex. Sept 10. Houghtons

Byfield, Gracechurch st
MAYO, JULIA, Maida Vale. Sept 1. Patey & Warren, London Wall

STILLING FLEET, HENRY JAMES WILLIAM. Hampton Bishop, Hereford, Clerk in
McKEALE, MARY, Crumpsall, Lancaster. Aug 31. Barrow & Smith, Manchester SUMNER, LAURA, Aldrington, Sussex. Sept 1. Nye, Brighton

Holy Orders. Sept 15. Bedaoe, Hereford
MCNAUGHTAN, MARGARET HANNAH, Thornbridge, Warwick. Oct 1. Field & TAYLOR, RICHARD, Kersal, Gent. Oct 1. Cunliffe & Co, Manchester

Sons, Leamington
NICHOLL, DAVID, Northgate, Halifax, Hatter. Sept 1. Jubb & Co, Halifax

THRIDGOULD, JOHN, Sidney st, Commercial rd, Bookseller. Oct 11. Naunton &

Son, Cheapside
PORTER, ESTHER, Nottingham, Sept 13. Thorpe & Thorpe, Nottiogham

WALKER, EDWARD, South Kensington, Oct 1. Radcliffes & Co, Craven st
SAMBELL, MARY JANE, Plymouth. Oct 4. Sole & Gill, Devonport

WALKER, ELEANOR, South Kensington, Oct 1. Radcliffes & Co, Craven st
SANDERS, EDWARD, Devonport. Oct 1. Brickwood-Hutchings, Devonport WALKER, ELIZABETH, Barnet. Oct 3. Richardson, Thirsk
SANDERS, JAMES PENGELLY, East Stonehouse, Devon. Oct 1. Brickwood-Hut WALKER, JESSELINA, South Kensington. Oct 1. Radcliffes & Co, Craven st

chings, Devonport
STROTHER, WILLIAM, Killinghall, York, Solicitor. Oct 1. Kirby & Son, Knares-

WALKER, MARIA, South Kensington. Oct 1. Radcliffes & Co, Craven st brough

WOODWARD, Rev THOMAS BENJAMIN, Kemerton, Gloucester. Sept 16. Wool
TERRELL, THOMAS, North Perrott, Somersetshire, Yeoman. Sept 3. Alford, ward, Worcester

WOOLDRIDGE, GEORGE HENRY, Poplar. Sept 10. Lawrence Heap, Upper
TOMLYN, WILLIAM GEORGE, Twickenham, Publican. Sept 12. Skewes.Cox, Red Tooting
WATSON, THOMAS, Guisborough, York-hire. At once. Buchannan & Richard-
Eon, Guisborough

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 12.
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM DOLLIN, Tunbridge Wells, Esq. Sept 8. Watney & Co,

Lombard et

or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an BALLS, WILLIAM DANIEL CHAMBERLAIN, Tgnemouth, Shipowner. Sept 17. expert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., WestLeitch & Co, Newcastle upon-Tyne

mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-(ADVT.] BENTLEY, JAMES, Pendlebury, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 16. Walker, Manchester

STAMMERERS and STUTTERERS should read a little book by Mr. B. BURGOYNE, JOHN CHARLES, Harley st, Gent. Oct 1. Burgoynes & Co, Oxford st BEASLEY, Baron's Court House, West Kensington, London, price 13 stamps. The DINGLEY, JOSEPH, Knowle, Warwick, Gent. Aug 23. Sale, Solihull, Warwick

Author, after suffering nearly 40 years, cured himself by a method entirely shire

his own.-[ADVT.)
DINGLEY, MARY, Knowle, Warwick, Aug 23. Sale, Solihull, Warwickshire
FARMER, FRANCES JANE, St. Peter the Great, Worcester. Oct 10. Woodward,

FROANE, WILLIAM, Birkdale, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 10. Avison & Co, Liver-

FROPOS, LOUIS, Thayer st, Manchester eg, Boot and Shoe Maker. Lept 23.

Eagleton & Son, Lincoln's inn chmbrs
FROPOS, LOUISE, Chelsea. Sept 23. Eagleton & Son, Lincoln's inn chmors

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Aug. 16, 1887.
HAIGH, THOMAS, Holmfirth, York, Heald Maker. Sept 9. Heeley & Marshall, HUGGINS, HORATIO JAMES, Risinghill st, Pentonville, Manufacturer of Bottle
HARRISON, JOHN HENRY, STEERE, Llanfairfechan, Carnarvon, Esq. Oct 1.

Washing Machines. Aug 10
Edwards & Co, Denbigh

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 12.
HOBDEN, JOHN, Clapton, Grocer, Sept 20. Tiddeman, Finsbury sq

HOWKINS, WILLIAM, Frolesworth, Leicester, Yeoman. Sept 29. J. & B. H. C.
Fox, Lutterworth

ABRAHAM, SOLOMON, Darlington, Draper. Stockton on Tees. Pet July 26. Ord
JORDIN, DANIEL, Highley, Salop, Gent. Sept 5. Nichols Marcy, Bewdley

Aug 9
LITHERLAND, JOHN BOSTOCK, Liverpool, Glass and China Merchant and Quarry

ALLATT, FREDERICK THOMAS, Frizington, Cumberland, Chemist. Whitehaven.

Pet Aug 9. Ord Aug 9
Proprietor. Sept 23. Johnson, Liverpool

ANDREWS, WILLIAM CHARLES, Bournemouth, Corn Merchant. Poole. Pet Aug
LOWE, JOANNA, Ashford Carbonell, salop. sept 9. Lloyd & Son, Leominster

8. Ord Aug 8 MAIN, ROBERT HALL, Birkenhead, Chester, Coachbuilder. Sept 10. Masters &

ARCHER, ALFRED JAMES, Josephine avenue, Brixton, of no occupation. High
Rogers, Liverpool

Court. Pet July 23. Ord Aug 9
OAKLAND, WILLIAM, Sneinton, Nottingham, Miller. Oct 3. Wing, Nottingham

ARMSTRONG, THOMAS, Southsea, Furniture Dealer. Portsmouth, Pet Aug 2.

0.d Aug 2 PARRY, DEBORAH, Worthenbury, Flint. Oct 1. Acton & Co, Wrexham

BARBER, EDWIN, Albion villas, Tottenham, Builder. Edmonton. Pet July 6.
PARSONS, WILLIAM, Mistley, Essex, Plumber and Glazier. Sept 15. Mustard,

Ord Aug 9

BATTS, WILLIAM BESANT, Hambledon, Hampshire, Bricklayer. Southampton.
PARTON, HENRY, Ightbam, Kent, Gent. Sept 5. Beale & Co, Maidstone

Pet Aug 9. Ord Aug 9
PHILLIPS, CHARLES, Newport, Mon, Hotel Keeper. Sept 21. Lyne & Co, New-

BENNETT, ROBERT, Cheapside, Auctioneer. High Court. Pet June 30. Ord

Aug 9 port, Mon

BEVAN, WILLIAM, St George, Gloucester, Butcher. Bristol. Pet Aug 9. Ord
PORTER, WILLIAM JOHN, Tavoy, British Burmah, Superintendent of Police.

Aug 9
Sept 19. Tarner & Low, King st, Cheapside
RUSSELL, THOMAS, Hodoell,' Warwick, Farmer. Sept 27.

BIRD, JOHN, Hammerwich, Stafford, Farmer. Walsall. Pet Aug 8. Ord Aug 8

Fortescue & Sons, BISHOP, EDWIN THOMAS, Landport, Baker. Portsmouth. Pet Aug 2. Banbury, Orford

Ord SANDERSON, JAMES, Whitworth, Spotland, Lancaster, Stone Merchant. Sept 1.

Aug 2

BLOORE, ELIZABETH, Walsall, Grocer. Walsall. Pet July 26. Ord Aug 8
STANTON, ROBERT THOMAS, Dover, Licensed Victualler and Sailmaker, Sept 17. BROMAGE, JOSEPH, and FREDEBIC BROMAGE, Birmingham, Manufacturing

Jewellere. birmingham. Pet July 26. Ord Aug 9
STRINGER, JANE, Anerley. Sept 16. May & Co, Adelaide pl, E.C.

BROWN, EDWIN JAMES, Bath, Printer. Bath. Pet Aug 9. Ord Aug 9
WHINFIBLD, SUSAN, Sbenfield, Essex. Sept 29.

York. Pet Aug 10. Ord Broad st

Postans & Landons, New BULMER, HENRY WOOD, York, out of business.

Aug 10
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 16.

BURNETT, GEORGE THORNE, Stogumber, Somerset, Grocer. Taunton, Pet July

19. Ord Aug 9 BLACKBURN, A LFRED, Forest hill, Solicitor. Sept 20. Sheard, Whitechapel CHISHOLY, RALPH, jun, East Allerdean, Northumberland, Farmer. Newcastle. CHAPPLE, JOHN, St Albans, Architect. Oct 11. Blagg & Edwards, St Albans

Pet Aug 8. Ord Aug 8

CAITTENDEN, EDWARD JAMES BOURNE, Bermondsey wall, Bermondsey, Potter. CHILVER, LEWIS, Romford, Gent. Sept 12. Stanley & Woodhouse, Abchurch High Court. Pet Aug 10. Ord Aug 10


CLIFT, MARIA, Brighton. Bept 50. Stevens & Son, Brighton

Vourt. Pet May 17. Ord Aug 9
CROOK, EPHRIAM, Margate, Gent. Sept 19. Sankey, Margate

COOK, ARTHUR, Oxford, Grocer, Oxford. Pet Aug 9. Ord Aug 9 DEN ESE SE HENRY MANGLES, Maida Vale, an Admiral in the Royal Navy. COOTES, JAMES, West Ham, Eseex, Contractor. High Court. Pet Aug 10. Oid FAIRBANK, JOSHUA, Calverley, York, Wolden Manufacturer. Sept 3. Beaumont

DAWSON, SEWELL, Brampton, Huntingdon, Farmer. Peterborough. Pet Aug 8. & Stephenson, Leeds

Ord Aug 8 GROVER, THOMAS GEORGE, Old Kent rd, Gent. Sept 15. Wyatt & Barraud,

DEAR, WILLIAM, Tankerville ct, Southgate, Upholsterer. Edmonton. Pet July

9. Ord Aug 9 HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM, Moulsham, Essex, Gent. Sept 29. Copland, Chelmsford

DICKINSON, ANNIE A, Pembroke sq, Kensington. High Court. Pet July 20. JORDAN, CHARLES JOSEPH, Kensal green, Monumental Mason. Sept 28. Welman, Evans, A HOMAS SAMUEL, Matilda st, Thornhill sq, Upholsterer. High Court.

Pet Aug 8. Ord Aug 8
KAY, WILLIAM HENRY, Florence, Italy. Oct 12. Withall & Co, Bedford row EXLEY, WILLIAM, Wheelgate, Malton, Yorks, Boot Dealer. Scarborough. Pet
LEADBEATER, JOSHUA, Heckmondwike, York, Agent. Sept 2.

Aug 9. Ord Aug 9
Oates, Heck-

FARR, DAVID, Porth, Glamorgan, Bootmaker. Pontypridd. Pet Aug 8. Ord LEE, JAMES GOODING, Halifax, Painter and Decorator. Sept 12. Rhodes, Halifax

Aug 8 LLOYD, DAVID, Leominster, Gent. Sept 11. Lloyd & Son, Leominster

FAWCETT, SAM, Hightown in Liversedge, Yorks, Currier. Dewsbury. Pet July

29Ord Aug 8 MITTON, MARY, Cardington, Sept 30. Morgan, Shrewsbury

FAWCETT, WILLIAM, Northampton, Coal Dealer. Northampton. Pet Aug 9.

Ord Aug 9 OGDEN, THOMAS, Halifax, Woollen Draper. Sept 19. Atkinson, Bradford FORREST, CALEB, JOSHUA FORREST, and ELI FORREST, Colley Gate, Cradley, WorOWEN, FRANCIS, Sheffield, Silversmith. Sept 12. Binney & Sons, Sheffield

cester, Spade Manufacturers. Dudley. Pet Aug 8. Ord Aug 8


HAYMAN, HENRY JAMES, Bristol, Refreshment House Keeper. Bristol. ROBINSON, EDWIN CHARLES, Leicester, Ironmonger. Sept 20. Miles & Place,

Aug 10. Ord Aug 10

HESELTON, ALFRED, Bridlington, Yorks, Fellmonger. Scarborough. Pet Aug 8. RUSSELL, THOMAS, Hodnell, Warwick, Farmer. Sept 29.

Fortescue & Sons,

Ord Aug 8 RUTTER, ELIZA, Surbiton. Sept 14. Ellis & Co, St Swithin's lane

HOUGH, THOMAS, Wolverhampton, Bicycle Manufacturer. Wolverhampton

Pet Aug 10. Ord Aug 10


Cannon st



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