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FALCKE v. SCOTTISH IMPERIAL INSURANCE CO.–Kay, J., 3rd missed the appeal. They held that, upon the facts, the bankrupt was in

THE COURT (Lord ESHER, M.R., LINDLEY and LOPES, L.JJ.) disand 8th August.

contempt, as he was wilfully staying away to defeat and delay his crediPRACTICE-BILL OF Review-JURISDICTION-DECISION OF Court of APPEAL. tors. The bankrupt had been guilty of insolent behaviour towards the This was a summons for leave to bring an action in the nature of a

court, and was therefore in contempt. The court did not believe that he bill of review to vary an order made by the Court of Appeal upon a former

had any intention of shewing that he was not guilty of contempt, or even summons in the action.

of purging his contempt, but he intended still to stay away out of the Kay, J., held that the Court still had power to give leave to bring an

control of the court, while at the same time he might be represented by action in the nature of a bill of review, although it could now be

counsel and solicitor. The application must be refused.--COUNSEL, done on summons instead of by petition, and that the grounds of relief Winslow, Q C., and Yate Lee. Solicitors, G. S. & H. Brandon. were precisely the same as before the Judicature Act; and, further, that the application was rightly made to the High Court and not to the Court of Appeal.- Counsel, Solomon ; Bonsey. SOLICITORS, Harper f Battcock ; Longbourne f Stevens.




This was an interpleader summons referred to the court by Pollock, B., This action was brought by the representatives of a deceased country at the request of the parties. The plaintiff, having obtained judgment in solicitor against his former London agent for an account of moneys due an action for goods sold against the defendants, who were a limited com from the defendant in respect of the agency, and the defendant had been pany incorporated under the Companies Acts, proceeded to issue execu. ordered to pay to the plaintiffs a balance which had been found due from tion. The sheriff having seized certain goods of the defendants, the same him. The defendant had failed to obey the order, and the plaintiffs were claimed by the claimant, who was the holder of twenty debentures moved to commit him for bis default. It was contended that he was for £100 each issued by the defendant company, being the whole of their liable to arrest, as coming within the exceptions from the abolition of first issue. Each of the debentures bore a reference to a mortgage deed, imprisonment for making default in payment of a sum of money which which contained a declaration of trust in favour of the debentureholders. are contained in sub-sections 3 and 4 of section 4 of the Debtors Act, Neither the debentures nor the mortgage deed were registered under the 1869. Sub-section 3 excepts "default by a trustee or person acting, in a Bills of Sale Act, 1882. It was argued on behalf of the execution cre. fiduciary capacity and ordered to pay by a court of equity any sum in his ditor that the debentures were merely bonds for the payment of money, possession or under his control," and sub-section 4 excepts " default by a and did not pass any property whatever in the goods unless registered solicitor in payment of a sum of money when ordered to pay the under the Bills of Sale Act: Brocklehurst v. Railway Printing and Publish same in his character of an officer of the court making the order." ing Co. (W. N., 1884, p. 70). The present case was distinguishable from NORTH, J., though under the circumstances of the case he did not make Ross v. Army and Navy Hotel Co. (35 W. R. 40, 34 Ch. D. 43), which only an order of committal, was of opinion that the defendant came clearly applied as between grantor and grantee. On the part of the claimant it within sub-section 3. But he expressed a doubt whether the defendant was contended that section 17 of the Bills of Sale Act expressly excluded came within sub-section 4.-COUNSEL, Cookson, Q.O., and Woodfall; T. L. debentures from the provisions of the Act, so that there was no necessity

Wilkinson. for registering them. Moreover, section 43 of the Companies Act, 1862, provided that every mortgage granted by a company should be registered PRETTY AND OTHERS v. FOWKE.-Q. B. Div. (Stephen, J.), in the company's register book; and practically anybody had a right to

9th August.
go and see the register; so that creditors of the company were sufficiently NEGLIGENCE-SOLICITOR EMPLOYED TO PROCURE INVESTMENT FOR TRUST
protected. At any rate, the debentures created an equitable charge in

favoar of the claimant: Ross V. Army and Navy Hotel Co., in which case, as
in this, there were debentures and an covering mortgage deed.

The The plaintiffs were trustees (the cestuis que trustent being also joined) for debentures entitled the holder to defeat the claim of the execution cre

whom the defendant, a solicitor in Birmingham, had acted in an invest. ditor: Judicature Act, 1873, s. 24, sub-section 4: Engelbach v. Nixon, 10 ment of certain of the trust moneys upon leasehold security. The defendC. P. 645.

ant was employed in 1880 to find a good security for £500, and himself The Court (Grove, J., and HUDDLESTON, B.) dealt with the case under employed a dr. Edwards to value the property now in question, consisting ord, 57, r. 8, as the summons had been referred to the court at the request of manufacturing premises. The valuer reported that the property was å of the parties, and barred the claim of the claimant. These debenture sufficient security for £500, which sum the trustees advanced upon it. The bonds did not confer on the holder any such right of property as to make it t-rest at once fell into arrear, the mortgagor became bankrupt, the prohim a successful claimant in an interpleader issue. The claimant said perty became unlet, and the trustees, being unable to realize, brought That if he could not succeed on the mortgage, because it was not regis.

this action against their solicitor. The negligence imputed was that the fered, he could succeed on the debentures, and he relied on section 17 of defendant had neglected to inform Edwards, the valuer, of the terms of a the Bills of Sale Act. But that section 'did not apply to all debentures tenancy under which one Smith held the premises of the mortgagor Ward. generally, and it was doubtful whether it applied to the debentures of this

Edwards was instructed by the defendant that Smith held at a rent of company. The case of Ross v. Army and Navy Hotel Co. was different from £80, and that there was no written agreement between him and Ward,


was decided that the debentures were a valid charge whereas in fact there was a written agreement for a lease, under which the against the company. That was not a decision affecting third parties. landlord was liable to pay the rates and taxes, amounting to over £20. In The claimant was not entitled to succeed against the execution creditor. - his evidence Edwards said that had he known the terms of COUNSEL, Wedderburn and D' Eyncourt; Ť. Willes Chitty, SOLICITORS, this tenancy he should not have reported the property as a good

£500. Nicol, Son, & Jones, for Isaac Lowthian, Keswick"; Pritchard, Englefield, $ Co! security for

The defendant, on the other hand, had, at the commencement of the negotiations, inquired of the mortgagor the nature of the tenancy, and had been informed by him that Smith held

as a yearly tenant at a rent of £80. At the completion of the mortgage, BANKRUPTCY CASES.

the mortgagor, being asked whether there was any written agreement in

existence with reference to the tenancy, replied that there was none. He R. LANGWORTHY, Ex parte LANGWORTHY-C. A. No. 1, 6th also purported to convey " free from incumbrances." The question, August.

therefore, was whether the defendant had sufficiently instructed Edwards BANKRUPTCY-APPLICATION BY A BANKRUPT IN CONTEMPT-Refusal or

ia telling him what he had heard from the mortgagor, or whether, as COURT TO HEAR HIM.

the plaintiffs contended, he ought to have ascertained from Smith himself This was an ex parte appeal by the bankrupt, E. M. Langworthy, from June, the jury found that the defendant had not made reasonable in. Mr. Registrar Hazlitt, refusing to appoint a day for the purpose of hearing quiries as to the terms of Smith's tenancy. They found, further, that if an application by the bankrupt to be allowed to be represented on an such inquiry had been made the valuer's report would have been in quiry before the Chief Official Receiver as to damages for breach of affected, supposing the agreement created a fourteen years' lease, to the bankrupt in the Argentine Republic, where he was resident. The receiving that their actual' value in 1880 was £300, and at present £200. The order was not served on him, and the bankrupt did not appear upon ang

case was now argued on further consideration when it was subof the proceedings. The official receiver was holding an inquiry as to mitted on behalf of the plaintiffs that, on the findings of the jury, they damages for breach of promise of marriage in a case of Long v. Lang were entitled to judgment for £500, or at the least for £350. The recent worthy, the plaintiff being Mrs. Mildred Langworthy, whose marriage bas case of Learoyd v. Whiteley in the House of Lords was cited, as well as been declared null and void. The official receiver having reported that Craig v. Watson (8 Beav.), Chapman v. Chapman (9 Eq. 276), and other attending the proceedings in the bankruptcy, refused to allow the bank- / Ward and Smith contained a clause empowering the landlord to mortgage mot to be represented on the inquiry. The registrar, holding that the in his own name as owner, Ward was entitled to mortgage free of incum. bankrupt had been wilfully-and-systematicallye in contempt, refused to brance, and the tenancy was in reality void as against mortgagees. Apart bankrupt that he had never received notice of these proceedings, or even defendant was not bound to make further inquiries than he had done. tonity of going before the registrare and of the wing that he was not in the jury that proper inquiries had not been made by Mr. Fowke ; having

regard also to the expression of the jury's opinion as to the value of the

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security itself; and, lastly, having regard to the fact that Mr. Fowke murder him while walking in Kildare-street, Dublin. Mr. Justice Law-
knew that his clients were trustees; taking all these considerations to son was a Commissioner of Irish Church Temporalities and a bencher of
gether, he was of opinion that he must give judgment for the plaintiffs for the King's-iun, and in 1874 he acted as a commissioner of the Great Seal.
£400- £350 as the difference between the value of the security actually He was married in 1842 to the eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Derrick, of
obtained and the sum which was to be advanced on it, and the remain. Cork.
ing £50 as a round sum in consideration of arrears of interest and other
matters. His lordship arrived at this conclusion with some degree of

doubt, and not without considerable regret, because it was certain
that Mr. Fowke had acted quite bona fide. It had not been suggested

Mr. REGINALD John Cust, barrister, has been appointed Chief that he had acted otherwise." Judgment was given accordingly, but his Commissioner of West India Incumbered Estates, in succession to the late lordship granted a stay of execution on notice of appeal being given by Mr. James Fleming, Q C. Mr. Just is the third son of the Hon. and Rev.

He was educated at
Friday next.— COUNSEL, Lumley Smith, Q.C., and Sankey ; Dugdale, Q.o., Henry Cockayne Cust, and was born in 1828.
and Macmorran.-Times.

Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated as a wrangler and also in
the second class of the Classical Tripos in 1852. He was called to the bar
at Lincoln's-inn in Easter Term, 1856, and he practises in the Chancery
Division and as a conveyancer.

He has been for several years assistant

commissioner of West India Incumbered Estates. THE CORPORATION RECORDS.

Mr. EDWARD WINGFIELD, barrister, has been appointed Assistant

Commissioner of West India Incumbered Estates, in succession to Mr. Sir John B. Monckton, the Town Clerk, has submitted to the Library Committee of the Corporation of London his eleventh annual report as to the Reginald John Cust, who has been appointed Chief Commissioner. Mr. condition of the records of the Corporation in his custody, and the progress Wingfield is the fourth son of Mr. John Muxloe Wingfield, of Tickencote,

He was educated at Winchester, made in arranging, calendaring, and indexing them. The calendar of the Rutlandshire, and was born in 1834. second series of Hustings Rolls, known as "Pleas of Land," had been

and he was formerly fellow of New College, Oxford, where he graduated

frst class in Classics and second class in Mathematics in 1856. He was continued and carried down from the first year of the reign of King called to the bar at Lincoln's-ion in Trivity Term, 1859. Mr. Wingfield Edward IV. to the sixteenth year of Elizabeth, and it formed a useful corollary to the Calendar of Deeds, recently completed to the first series of formerly practised in the Court of Chancery, and he was for several years

on the staff of the Law Reports. He has been an assistant underrolls for the corresponding period. Mr. Þaude had continued to devote himself to making an exhaustive index to all the names set out in the secretary of State for the Colonies since 1878. Calendar of Deeds. More than 45,000 slips had been written and alpha

Mr. Arthur SoTheron EstCOURT, solicitor, of Newport, Isle of Wight betically arranged, and the name of any party to a conveyance inrolled in has been appointed Town Clerk of the borough of Newport, in succession the Court of Hustings from A.D. 1272 to 1373 could now readily be found. to Mr. Richard Roach Pittis, resigned. Mr. Estcourt was educated at Dr. Sharpe was preparing a calendar to the wills inrolled in the Court of Marlborough College, and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he graduated Hustings, and had completed a calendar of more than 2,000 wills in the second class of the Law and History Tripos in 1874. He was adinrolled between A.D. 1258 and 1348. The series continued down to mitted a solicitor in 1879. A.D. 1688, after which year, for some reason that was not appa Mr. WILLIAM MUSGROVE HOPLEY, barrister, has been appointed rent, the inrolment of wills ceased in the Hustings, while that of Assistant Law Adviser to the Government of the Cape Colony. Mr. deeds was continued down to the present day. The total number of wills Hopley is the eldest son of Mr. Frederick Hurling Hopley, and was born inrolled amounted to a little over 4,000. It was not too much to say that in 1854. He was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he the existence of so large a number of early wills had been hitherto com graduated in the first class of the Law Tripos in 1878, and he was called paratively little known, notwithstanding their title to be considered a

to the at the Inner Temple in January, 1878. unique collection, unapproached by any other in the kingdom, either in point of number or interest. The benefit to be conferred on history and

Mr. RICHARD Ringwood has been appointed a Revising Barrister for the literature by rendering their contents more widely known could hardly be

West Riding of Yorkshiro. Mr. Ringwood is the fourth son of Mr. over-estimated. To take but a single illustration.

It was matter of Richard Ringwood, of Farrenmurry, Kilkenny. He was educated at history that in 1348 and 1349 the City was visited by an exceptionally Trinity College, Dublin, and he was called to the bar at the Middle severe epidemic, known as “the Black Death,” which is recorded to have Temple in Trinity Term, 1873. He practises on the North-Eastern carried off fifty thousand of its inbabitants. Nothing could be more sig.

Circuit. nificant, or afford a better criterion of the effect of the scourge on the Mr. MORGAN MORGAN, solicitor (of the firm of Morgan & Scott), of citizens of London, than the extraordinary number of wills proved and Cardiff, has received the honour of Knighthood. Sir M. Morgan was inrolled in the Hustings at the court held on January 25, 1348, and sub- admitted a solicitor in 1866. He is mayor of Cardiff for the present sequent courts throughout that year. It was far in excess of those year. inrolled for any similar period. In comparison with that, it was curious to note that in 1665, when the City was visited by “the Great Plague," only one will was inrolled, and that a will nuncupative. That was to be

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. accounted for by the custom of proving and inrollivg wills in the

Walter Storey and John Robert Roberts, solicitors (Storey & Roberts), Hustings having by that time almost died out. In the calendar now Halifax. July 30. under preparation everything which possessed any conceivable interest Thomas Wall and JAMES Hinds, solicitors, Stourbridge. July 29. or importance was, within reasonable limits, included. These limits must

[Gazette, Aug. 5.] necessarily expand as the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries were approached, as the wills of that period became of much greater length, while the value of their contents, if possible, increased. The Corporation

GENERAL, have decided to print the Calendar of Wills with an exhaustive index It is stated that the Doncaster Town Council on Wednesday suspended and a suitable introduction bearing upon the early history of testamentary Mr. W. E. Shirley, the town clerk. disposition of real and personal property, and more especially the various customs of the City relating thereto; and the first part of the calendar is (Regulation of Powers) Act, Public Libraries Acts Amendment Act, Incum:

The Royal Assent was given on Monday to the Water Companies now in hand with that view.

bents Resignation Act, Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act, First Offenders
Act, Allotments and Cottage Gardens Compensation for Crops Act;
Markets and Fairs (Weighing of Cattle) Act, and a number of private and

Provisional Orders Confirmation Acts.

To meet expenses incurred by the Local Government Board a Bill has

been introduced by Mr. Ritchie to authorize the Board to make, with the OBITUARY.

consent of the Treasury, regulations prescribing the fees to be paid by The Right Hon. JAMES ANTHONY LAWSON, LL D., one of the judges of for provisional orders, and also in respect of local inquiries held by the

local authorities in respect of applications for the sanction of loans and the Queen's Bench Division in Ireland, died at Shankill, near Dublin, on the 10th inst., at the age of seventy. Mr. Justice Lawson was the son of be laid before Parliament.

Board's inspectors. When a regulation is thus made by the Board it is to Mr. James Lawson, of Waterford, and was born in 1817. He was edu: paid by a local authority are not to be disallowed by a district auditor if

Another provision of the Bill is that expenses LL.D.

He was called to the bar at Dublin in 1840, and in 1857 he became they have been sanctioned by the Local Government Poard. a Queen's Counsel. He held for a short time the office of Whateley Professor of Political Economy in the University of Dublin. In 1857 he sale by public auction at Spalding on Wednesday. The estate consisted of

The Lincolnshire estates of the late Lord Saye and Sele were offered for unsuccessfully contested the representation of that university in the 2,781 acres of arable and grass land and farmhouses, all being tithe free; the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and in 1859" he became asslicitor in a hundred lots, which include 23 farms of from 40 to 200 acres in General for Ireland in the second administration of Lord Palmerston: extent. The attendance was large, but very poor prices were offered, and a member of the Irish Privy Council, and while in office he successfully acres 1 rood 25 poles were sold for £30,273, or an average of less than £40 conducted many Fepian prosecutions. In December, 1868, he suc

an acre with buildings. Pleas. In 1882 he was transferred to the Queen': Bench Division, and it Government have been sitting for the purpose of inquiring into the

For some weeks past a departmental committee nominated by the at several important political trials, and that an attempt was made to committee consists of sir Henry James, chairman, Lord Justice Bowen,

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The ques.

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Mr. H. H. Fowler, Mr. John Hollams, and Mr. F. Mowatt, with Mr.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. H. W. Loehnis as secretary. The inquiries of the committee have been LONDON STEAMBOAT CO. LIMITED, PROVIDENT SOCIETY, 2, Adelaide buildings, directed to secure a more efficacious and more economical conduct of legal ST. CRISPIN LODGE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Christian's Refuge Sunday School, Hazel business in connection with the Treasury, which for such purpose includes Grove, Chester. Aug 2 virtually all the Government departments. At the conclusion of Sir TOTAL ABSTINENCE SICK AND BURIAL FRIENDLY SOCIETY, New Schoolrooms, Augustus Stephenson's examination, which lasted for several days, the

A spatria, Cumberland, Aug 4 committee adjourned for the vacation, to meet again at the end of October.

The Corporation of London and the recorder (Sir T. Chambers,
Q.C.), are at present in controversy as to the filling up of the office
of aseistart judge of the Mayor's Court, which became vacant some

months ago on the death of Mr. Woodthorpe Brandon.
tion forms the subject of a report of the Law and City Courts

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.
Committee, who state that as come doubt was felt by them as to

the power of the recorder to appoint a permanent assistant judge of

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 5.
the Mayor's Court, and as to whether the appointment of an assistant AYDREW, ELIZABETH, Southport. Oct 1. Earle & Co, Manchestar
judge would not terminate on the appointing judge ceasing to hold

BAILEY, JAMES, Woolstun, near Southampton, Gent. Sept 29. Moberly & office, they took the opinion of the Attorney-General and Mr. R. S.

Wharton, Southampton

BIRCH, EUGENIUS, Victoria st, Westminster, Engineer. Sept 30. Coode & Co,
Wright, with the recorder's, upon it. Tle Attorney-General and Mr. Bedford row
Wright's opinion was as follows:-“We are unable to advise that any BOOTH. JOHN, Fingest, Buckingham. Sept 14. Parker & Wilkins, High
assurance of permanency can be given to a person acceptiog the position

of deputy or assistant judge under the (Borough and Local Courts of

BOYERS, JAM ss, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Aug 19. Snowball & Lewes,

Liverpool Record) Act of 1872 and the Order in Council. The language of the Act CARRINGTON, SAMUEL, Piccadilly, Licensed Victualler. Sept 17. Peckham & Co, appears to us rather to indicate that the person appointed is to be the

Knight Rider st, Doctors' commons personal deputy or assistant of the judge who appoints him, and that each

CHARLESON, WILLIAM, Bedford, Chemist. Sept 7. Marsh & Co, Leigh, Lan

cashire judge is to be free to appoint a person selected by himself. The pro CROFTS, WILLIAM CARRICK, Church Gresley, Derby, Surgeon. Sept 17. Smith & vision of the Order in Council requiring that the period of time for which Mammatt, Ashby de la Zouch the appointment is made shall be specified seems also to be more con

CURRIE, Rev MAYNARD WODEHOUSE, Hingham, Norfolk. Oct 1. Bircham & Co,

Parliament st, Westminster sistent with a temporary rather than with a permanent appointment. DAVIES, WALTER, Bowdon, Chester, Gent. Oct 1. Earle & Co, Manchester The point is not free from doubt, but upon the whole we think tbat in

ELLIOTT, EVBRITT, Standon, Hertford, Publican. Sept 20. Hunt, Ware, Herts whatever form the appointment is made it will terminate on the retirement or death of the appointing judge.” The recorder declined to sign

HAWORTH, JESSE, Walshaw, near Bury, Cotton Spinner. Sept 1. Grundy & Co,

Mauchester that opinion, but said the form of appointment which he had drawn left HAYNES, THOMAS, Stapenhill, Derby, Gent. Sept 1. Drewry, Burton ou Trent the question open for consideration when the office of recorder

HIORNS, THOMAS, Farnborough, Warwick, Farmer. Sept 29. Moulin-Browce, became vacant. The appointment made by the recorder, and Leamington approved by the Lord Chancellor, sought to constitute Mr. Francis HOWIE, THOMAS, Lansdowne rd, Esq. Sept 10. Miller & Son, Savile row, BurRoxburgh a permanent assistant judge of the Mayor's Court.

lington gdns

HYMERS, Rev John, Brandesburton, York. Aug 31. Mills, Hull
The committee submitted the appointment made by the recorder to the

Sept 15. Phillips,
Attorney:General and Mr. Wright, for them to advise as to its suficiency LINTOF. WILLIAM, Sheriff Hutton, York, Land Agent.
and validity, and, if necessary, to settle such a form of appointment as LLOYD, MARIANNE, Church Stretton, Salop. Sept 3. Salter & Giles, Ellesmere,
would meet the requiren, ents of the Act. The Attorney-General and Mr.

Wright expressed their opinion that the corporation could not properly be

MARSHALL, GEORGE HIBBERT, Patrington, York, Esq. Sept 5. Rɔbioson & Son,

Beverley advised to concur in the appointment in its present form, but that the Mason, WILLIAN, Leigh, Gent. Aug 24. Marsh & Co, Leigh, Lancashire appointment should follow the language of the Act, and should conform

MATHEW, WILLIAM, Krettishall, Suffolk, Farmer. Sept 15. Fowell, Harling, to the Order in Council by specifying the duty which the assistant judge Suffolk was to perform and the cause for his appointment and the period for PAGE, ALFRED, Church rd, Acton, Tare Carter. Aug 31. Blake & Co, College

hil), Cannon st
which the appointment is made. Looking to these opinions, the com-

SMITH, JOHN FERGUSSON, St Paul's rd, Camden sq. Sept 14. Clarke & Co, Lin-
mittee report that no other course is open to them but to recommend the colu's inn fields
Common Council not to confirm the appointment made by the recorder. SMITH, GEORGE, Smethwick, Stafford, Blacksmith. Aug 29. Lane & Clutter-
The latter has intimated that if the corporation refuse to approve the

buck, Birmingham

STEAD. AUGUSTUS WILLIAM, Guildford st, Russell sq, Accountant. Sept 15. appcintment in its present form he must ask the Lord Chancellor to Beyfus & Beyfus, Lincoln's inn fields approve a form which names a term of years. So the matter stands until WALLINGTON, RICHARD JOHN, Bedworth, Warwick, Gent. Sept 15. Woodcock after the vacation, and meanwhile Mr. Roxburgh is acting temporarily as

& Co, Coventry assistant judge in the court.

WOOD, LUCY, Ross, Hereford, Sept 30. Leigh, Manchester

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for petner


or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 5.

expert, from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 116, Victoria-st., West

mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-(ADVT.] JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

STAMMERERS and STUTTERERS should read a little book by Mr. B. NIEMAN CORNISH & CO, LIMITED. – Petn for winding up, presented Aug 3,

BEASLEY, Baron's Court House, West Kensington, London, price 13 stamps. The directed to be heard before Kekewich, J., sitting as Vacation Judge, on

Author, after suffering nearly 40 years, cured himself by a method entirely Wednesday, Aug 17. Wolferstan & Avery, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside, solors

his own.-[ADVT.)
SHINGLETON ICE CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented July 30, directed
to be heard before Kekewich, J., sitting as Vacation Judge, on Wednesday,

Aug 17. Burton, Blackfriars rd, solor for petners
Stirling, J., dated July 23, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Blend,

Queen st, bolor for petner
YORKSHIRE AERATED WATER CO, LIMITED.-Creditors are required. on or before

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, August 5.
Oct 10, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to Isaac Senior, East parade, Leeds. Wednesday, Oct 26, at 12, is ap-
pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims


Latimer rd, Notting hill, Glass Manufacturers. High Court. Pet July 14.

Ord July 30

ALDERSON, JOHN, Shipley, Yorks, Carter. Bradford. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE HEBREW PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY, Synagogue Cham- BARNES, WILLIAM CHARLES, New Clee, Smack Owner. Gt Grimsby. Pet Aug

3. Ord Aug 3 ROSE OF TBE VALLEY LODGE, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester BARTON, JOHN, Folkestone, Corn Dealer. Canterbury. Pet July 30. Ord July 30 Uvity, Royal Oak Inn, Dacre Bank, Leeds. Aug 3

BASHFORD, GEORGE ARTHUR, Southend, Licensed Victualler. High Court. Pet
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 9.

July 7. urd Aug 2

BASTERI, ANTHONY WILLIAM, Chalk Farm rd, Cheesemonger. Pet July 21. Ord

Aug 2


BERRIDGE, WILLIAM, Longley st, Bermondsey, Corn Dealer. High Court. ADAM EYTON, LIMITED.-North, J., has by an order, dated June 20, appointed Aug 2. Ord Aug 2 Anthony Wigham Chalmers, 6, Fenwick st, Liverpool, to be official liquidator. BINNS, JABEZ, Nelson, Lancs, out of business. Burnley. Pet July 29. Ord Creditors are required, on or before Sept 17, to send their names and addresses, July 29 and the particulars of their debts or claims, to the above. Friday, Oct 28, at

Ord Aug 3

BOULBY, JOSEPH IHOMAS, Sheffield, Builder. Sheffield. Pet Aug 3. 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims DEVON AND CORNWALL DAIRY FARM CO, LIMITED. - North, J., has by an order,

BRIDGER, REUBEN, High rd, Kilburn, Draper. High Court. Pet July 29. Ord dated July 1, appointed Frederick Haddon Linnett, 21, Charterhouse st, to be

July 29 official liquidator

BURGESS, BARAH ANN, Far Forest Rock, nr Bewdley, out of business. KidderGRADUATED COUNTY SCHOOLS' ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Kay, J., has fixed Friday, BUSWELL, JAMES, Kenilworth, Saddier. Warwick. Pet July 30. Ord July 30 ROWE & CO, LIMITED.- North, J., has wp an order, dated July 29, appointed CAYLEY, ARTHUR, Norfolk st, Strand, Solicitor. High Court. Pet July 9. Ord ST; JAMES'S HALL RESTAURANT, LIMITED.-By an order made by Kay, J., dated CORNA!, John, Pleasley hill, or Mansfield, Tailor. Nottingham. Pet July 29. July 30, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be Ord July 29 continued. Whitfield, Finsbury pavement, solor for petner

Cosway, THOMAS, Exeter, Baker. Exeter. Pet July 29. Ord July 29

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CROOK. HENRY, Oakford rd, Highgate rd, Maker of Woollen Goods. High DAVIS, WILLIAM, Walsall, Police Constable. Aug 15 at 11.30. Off Rec, Walsall
Court. Pet July 9. Ord Aug 2

DEWAURST, ANDREW, Great Harwood, Weaver. Aug 12 at 2 30. County court
CROWTHER, JOSEPH, West Vale, nr Halifax, General Dealer. Halifax. Pet July

house, Blackburn 29. Ord Aug 3 DAVIES, HENRY, Llandysul, Cardiganshire, Saddler. Carmarthen. Pet July DUCKITT, JANE, and DANIEL FERGUSON BERRY, Liverpool, Shipwrights. Aug 30. Ord July 30

ELLIS ROBERT, Bari ow in Burness in Furness, Accountant. Aug 17 at 10. 2, DEWHURST, ANDREW, Gt Harwood, Lancs, Weaver. Blackburn. Pet July 29.

Paxton ter, Barrow in Furness Ord July 29

FEATHERSTONE, MORRIS, Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorks, Farmer. Aug 12 at ELIOTT, SAMUEL, Alphington, l)evon, Nurseryman. Exeter. Pet July 30. Ord

12. Off Rec, Lincoln's inn bldge, Bowlalley lane, Hull July 30

FREEMAN, WILLIAM CHARLES, Leadenhall st, Merchant. Aug 12 at 12. 33, ELLIS. ROBERT, Barrow in Furness, Chartered Accountant. Ulverston and

Carey st. Lincoln's inn fields Barrow in Furness. Pet July 18. Ord July 18

GOULSTONE, HENRY ALBERT. Yate, Gloucestershire, Innkeeper. Aug 16 at 12.30 FISHER, JOHN, Nottingham, Tailor. Nottingham. Pet Aug 2. Ord Aug 2

Off Rec, Bank chors, Bristol GERRARD, THOMAS, Hindley, Grocer. Wigan. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

GREEN, JOHN, Rotherham, Yorks, Grocer. Aug 16 at 11.30. Off Rec, Figtice

lane, Sheffield
GORE, SAMUEL. Tenby, Worces, Livery Stable Keeper. Kidderminster. Pet GWYNN, WILLIAM, Crispin st, Spitalfields, Coal Dealer. Aug 12 at 2.30. 33,
July 21. Ord July 21

Carey st, Lincoln's inn
HAMMICK, HORATIO HONNIWILL, Pall Mall, Wine Merchant. High Court. Pet HALL, WILLIAM, Chorley, Lancs, Draper. Aug 12 at 2.30. Off Rec, Bridge st,
July 30. Ord July 30

HAZLEWOOD. CHARLES, Deptford, Oilman. Greenwich. Pet July 29. Ord

HEMINGWAY, CAROLINE, Mirfield, Yorks, Draper. Aug 12 at 3. Off Rec, Bank July 29

chbrs. Batley
HIGGINS, S, Leather lane, Provision Dealer. High Court. Pet July 21. Ord HILLS, JOHN, Rochester, Mariner. Aug 13 at 11.30. Off Rec, High st, Rochester

Aug 3
HILLS, JOHN, Rochester, Mariner. Rochester, Pet July 30. Ord July 30

HOLM, FRITZ ALBRECHT (sep estate), Grossor Burstah, Hamburg, Merchant
HIRST, SAMUEL, Leeds, Bill Discounter. Leeds. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

Aug 30 at 11. Queen's Hotel, Birmingham

HONE, JAMES HENRY HIATT, Preston on Stour, nr Stratford on Avon, Baker. HOLIDAY, JAMES, Skillington, or Grantham, Farmer. Nottingham. Pet July 19.

Aug 12 at 11.30. Slatter & Co, solors, Stratford on Avon
Ord July 30

HOWLETT, WILLIAM THOMAS, Birmingham, Hatter. Aug 15 at 3. 25, Colmore
HUDSON, WILLIAM JOHN CHARLES, Margate, Baker. Canterbury. Pet Aug 2. row, Birmingham
Ord Aug 2

HUCK, JOSEPH, Meatbop, Westmorland, Builder. Aug 12 at 12. King's arms
HUGHES, WILLIAM, and THOMAS OWEN, Bangor, Ironmongers. Bangor. Pet Inn. Kendal
Aug 2. Ord Aug 2

HUCK, WILLIAM, and HENRY HUCK, Endmoor, pr Kendal, Builders. Aug 12 at
INGHAM, WILLIAM RUSHTON, Rawtenstall, Lancs, Ironfounder. Blackburn. Pet

11. King's Arms Inn, Kendal July 19. Ord Aug 3

HUDSON. GEORGE, Kingston upon Hull, Tobacconist. Aug 12 at 3. Off Rec
JARVIS, THOMAS, Derby, Out of business. Leicester. Pet July 30. Ord July 30

Lincoln's inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull
JONES. WILLIAM, Plaugh lane, New Wandsworth, Grocer. Wandsworth. Pet JARVIS, 'I HOMAS, Derby, out of business. Aug 13 at 12. 28, Friar lane, Leices er

July 30. Ord July 30
LEON, MARCUS, Grosvenor rd, Pimlico. High Court. Pet July 4. Ord July 22

JENKINS, EVAN, Aberdare, Grocer. Aug 15 at 12. Off Rec, Merthyr Tydfil
LEWIS, HENRY, Caldicot, Mon, Grocer. Newport, Mon. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 8 JOHNSON, GEORGB, Godalmiog, Chemist. Aug 16 at 11. Cannon st Hotel
LEWIS, JAMES THOMAS, Pembroke Dock, Grocer. Pembroke Dock. Pet Aug 2. LISSAMAN, WILLIAM, Leamington, Builder. Aug 16 at 2.45. Wright & Hassall,
Ord Aug 2

Bolors, Leamington
LIDDIATT, RICHARD KILMISTER, Chalford, nr Stroud, Builder. Gloucester. Pet MAGUB, ROBERT WILLIAM, Cannon st rd. St George in the East, Licensed
July 30. Ord July 30

Vic ualler. Aug 12 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn fields
LITTLER, ALFRED ROBERT, Worksop, Painter. Sheffield. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

MATTHEW, JOSEPH, Great Malvern, Boarding House keeper. Aug 12 at 11. Off

Kec, Worcester
MILLS, JOSEPH, Hanley, Staffs, Brickmaker. Hanley, Burslem, and Tunstall. MORRISI, RICHARD WOOD, Leamington, Boot Dealer. Aug 16 at 11.30. Edward
Pet Aug 2 Ord Aug 2

Thomas Peirson, Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry
MITCHELMORE, JAMES HENKY, Newton Abbot, Devon, Tailor. Exeter. Pet

PAILTHORPE. WILLIAM, Belgrave, Leicestershire, Builder. Aug 16 at 12.30. 28, Aug 2. Ord Aug 2

Friar lane, Leicester OVENS, JOSEPH, Henbury, Gloucestershire, Wheelwright. Bristol. Pet Aug 2.

Pass, BENJAMIN, and HARRY ALBERT, Newcastle on Tyne, Goods Dealers. Auz Ord Aug 2

12 at 11.80. Off Rec, Pink lane, Newcastle on Tyne PAILTHORPE, WILLIAM, Belgrave, Leicestershire, Builder. Leicester. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

PRITCHARD, THOMAS, New lane, Enfield, Baker. Aug 12 at 11. 16 Room, 80 and

31, St Swithin's lane Pass, BENJAMIN, and HARRY ALBERT, Newcastle on Tyne, Fancy Goods Dealers. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet July 23. Ord July 29

REECE, GEORGE HENRY, Birmingham, Tobacconist. Aug 18 at 11. 25, Colmore

row, Birmingham PETRIE, G. D., address unknown. High Court. Pet June 30. Ord Aug 1

RICHARDS. JOHN, Festiniog, Merionethshire, Grocer. Aug 12 at 1. Queen's
PINN, THOMAS, Wardour st, Soho, Baker. High Court. Pet July 9. Ord July 29 Hotel, Blaenau Festiniog

ROLLISSON, BENJAMIN, York, Innkeeper. Aug 12 at 12. Off Rec, 17, Blake st,

Victoria st, Mantle Manufacturers. High Court. Pet Aug 3. Ord SARGENT, BENJAMIN, St Leonards on Sea, Jeweller. Aug 15 at 12. Bankruptcy
Aug 3

bldgs, Portugal st, Lincolo's inn, London RATH, FERDINAND, Ribblesdale rd, Hornsey, General Merchant. High Court.

SCOTT, THOMAS, Kingston upon Hull, Baker. Aug 12 at 11. Off Rec, Lincolu's Pet July 7. Ord July 29

inn bldgs, Bowla ley lane Hull RICHARDS, ALFRED LL., Southampton row, Bloomsbury, Solicitor. High Court. Pet July 11. Ord July 29

SHARP REUBEN, Tolleshunt Major, Essex, Farmer. Aug 13 at 11. County Court,

RITSON. THOMAS, Wellingborough, Coal Merchant. Northampton. Pet July 19.
Ord Aug 2

SMITH, THOMAS, Bromsgrove, Baker. Aug 12 at 10.30. Off Rec, Worcester
ROLLISSON, BENJAMIN, York, Innkeeper. York. Pet July 30. Ord July 30 SUMMERS, EDWARD HORATIO (sep estate), Harborne, Staffordshire, Glass Beveller .
EQUIRE, JOHN, and ALBERT SQUIRE, Acle, Norfolk, Farmers. Norwich. Pet

Aug 17 at 11, 25, Colmore row, Birmingham July 20. Ord Aug 3

SUMMERS, FREDERICK GEORGE (sep estate), Birmingham, Coal Merchant. Aug STENNBR, ROBERT, Upper st, Islington, Licensed Victualler. High Court. Pet SUMMERS, FREDERICK GEORGE, and EDWARD HORATIO SUMMERS, Birmingham,

25. Colmore row, Birmingham Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

Glass Bevellers. SYKES, BENJAMIN, Liverpool, Gent. Liverpool. Pet July 13. Ord July 29

Aug 17 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Birmingham

SYKES. BENJAMIN, I iverpool, Gent. Aug 16 at 2. Off Rec, 35, Victori 3 st, LiverTAYLOR, GEORGE SOUTHCOATE, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet July 28.

pool Ord July 28

TAYLOR, GEORGE SOUTHCOATB, Leeds, out of business. Aug 15 at 11. Off Rec,
TEED, ALFRED HALL, Saint Marychurch, Devon, Grocer. Exeter. Pet Aug 3. 22, Park row, Leeds
Ord Aug 3

WHICKER, FREDERICK JAMES, Tunbridge Wells, Grocer. Aug 12 at 12. Bank-
TRINNICK, JOHN SMALE, Fortess rd, Kentish Town, Blacksmith. High Court. Pet ruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields
July 29. Ord July 29

WILLIAMS, FRANCES, Kingston upon Hull, Fruit Dealer, Aug 16 at 3. Off Rec,
WAGBORN, GEORGE, Tunbridge Wells, Lodging house Keeper. Tunbridge Wells. Lincoln's inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull
Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

WILDE, W.C. K,, address unknown, Gent. Aug 12 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincolas
WOLSTENHOLME, JOSEPH, Sowerby Bridge, Yorks, Tailor. Halifax. Pet July

inn fields 27. Ord Aug 3

WOLSTENHOLME, JOSEPH, Sowerby Bridge, Yorks, Tailor. Aug 16 at 3.30. Off WRIGHT, ALBERT GEORGE, Broadwater, Builder. Brighton, Pet Aug 2. Ord

Rec. Halifax Aug 2

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the WRIGHT, JOHN, Masbrough, nr Rotherham, Yeast Dealer. Sheffield. Pet July

London Gazette of July 26. 29. Ord July 29

BLISS, ROBERT ENOCH, Birmingbam. Fruiterer. Aug 9 at 11. 25, Colmore row,
The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the

London Gazette of July 15.

BEACH, JOHN. and FRITZ ALBRECHT HOLM, Birmingham, Merchants. Birming-
ham. Pet June 30. Ord July 12

ABBOTT, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Pilton, Devon, Paper Manufacturer. Barnstaple.

Pet July 15. Ord July 30

ALDERSON, JOHN, Shipley, Yorks, Carter. Bradford. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3
ALLEN, AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS, Gt Yarmouth, Grocer. Aug 13 at 12. Off Rec, 8, AUBERT, WILLIAM, Maiden lane, Strand, Printer. High Court. Pet july !5.
Barton, John, Folkestone, Corn Dealer. Aug 18 at 10.30. 73, Sandgate rd, BAILEY, GEORGE, Thurloe pl, South Kensington, Veterinary Surgeon. Higla
BAYTHORP, THOMAS, Barrow in Furness, Licensed Victualler. Aug 17 at 10.30.

Court. Pet April 29. Ord July 30 2, Paxton ter, Barrow in Furness

BARNES, WILLIAM CHARLES, New Clee, Lincolnshire, Smack Owner. Great BEACH, JOHN (sep estate), Handsworth, Merchant. Aug 30 at 11. Queen's

Grimsby. Pet Aug 2. "Ord Aug 3 Hotel, Birmingham

BASTERI, ANTHONY WILLIAM, Chalk Farm rd, Cheesemonger. High Court, Pet BEACH, JOHN, and FRITZ ALBRECHT HOLM, Birmingham, Merchants. Aug 80

July 21, Ord Aug 3


BOULBY, JOSEPH THOMAS, Sheffield, Builder. at 11. Queen's Hotel, Birmingham

Pet Aug 3.
BECK, THOMAS, Birmingham, Boot Maker. Aug 16 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Bir- BURGÊSS SARAH ANN, Far Forest Rock, nr Bewdley, out of business. Kidder-
BUSWELL, EDWIN, Brecon, Jeweller. Aug 12 at 11.30. Castle Hotel, Brecon

minster. Pet July 22. Ord July 22 BUSWELL, JAMES, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Saddler. Aug 16 at 12.15.

BUSWELL, JAMES, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Saddler. Warwick. Pet July 3).

Ord Aug 3
Rec, 17. Hertford st, Covertry
CLAY, CHARLES ROBERT, Up-Hatherley, Gloucestershire, Cattle Dealer. Aug 16

CLAY, CHARLES ROBERT, Up-Hatherley, Gloucestershire, Cattle Dealer.
at 3.15. Off Rec, talisbury
COLLIER, JASPER, Kingston upon Hull, Smack Owner.

COSEDGE, HIRAM, Old Serjeants' inn, Chancery lane, Solicitor. High Court.
Aug 16 at 11.

Pet March 16. Ord July 29

Cosway, "THOMAS, Exeter, Baker. Aug 12 at din ott leda le, Bedford circus, CRIDGE, JOHN RICHARD, Torquay, Hotel Proprietor. Exeter. Pet July 6. Or

CoSWAY, THOMAS, Exeter, Baker. Exeter. Pet July 29. Ord July 30
CROW FHER," JOSEPH, West Vale, nr Halifax, Rate Collector. Aug 16 at 2.30. ox CuLLIE, LEONARD, Bii mingham, Fruiterer. Birmingham. Pet July 15. Ord
DAVIES, HENRY, Llandyssul, Cardiganshire, Saddler. Aug 12 at 11. Off Rec,

July 30

DAVIES, HENRY, Llandyssul, Cardiganshire, Saddler. Carmarthen. Pet J y 30

Ord Aug 3

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DEWHURST, ANDREW, Gt Harwood, Lancs, Weaver. Blackburn. Pet July 29. GROVES, THOMAS EDWARD, Aylestone pk, Leicestershire, Carriage Builder. Ord July 29

Leicaster. Pet Aug 5. Ord Aug 5 DODSON, JOHN, jun, Rugby, Fishmonger. Coventry. Pet July 21. Ord Aug 3 HARLEY, WILLIAM GEORGE, Southwark, Hop Merchant. High Court. Pet Aug FEATHERSTONE. MORRIS, Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorks, Farmer. Kingston

4. Ord Aug 4 upon Hu'l. Pet July 1. Ord Aug 3

HARRIS, HARRIETTE, Norfolk sq, Lodging House Keeper. High Court. Pet FLETCHER, JOHN, Yardley, Worces. Jeweller. Birmingham. Pet June 25. Ord Aug 5. Ord Aug 5 Aug 2

HARRIS, SIMON, Hatton gdn. High Court. Pet June 28. Ord Aug 4 FOULGER, THOMAS, Crecy, Anerley rd, Insurance Agent. High Court. Pet July | HIBBEN, JOHN MAXTEN, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, Ship Smith. Gt Yarmouth. 8. Ord Aug 1

Pet Aug 5. Ord Aug 5 FRANCIS. ARTHUR GIBBS. Wandsworth rd, Provision Merchant. High Court. ITIRD. HARTLEY, and HOLLINS SMITH, Bradford, Worsted Stuff Makers. Pet July 25. Ord July 29

Bradford. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4 GORDON, WIL M, ai DUNCAN GORDON, Billiter st, Merchants. High Court. HODGKINSON, JOSEPA, Derby, Butcher. Derby. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4

Pet May 5. Ord Aug 1 GODE. SAMUEL, Tenbury, Worces, Livery Stable Keeper. Kidderminster. Pet HUNT, CHARLES, Stroud, Cabinetmaker. Gloucester. Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 6 July 21. Ord July 21

JONES, EVAN, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Farmer. Wrexham. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4 GREEN, JOHN, Rotherham, Yorks, Grocer. Sheffield. Pet July 1. Ord Aug 3

MELBOURNE, JAMES, York, Painter. York. Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 6
HALL, WILLIAM, Chorley, Lancashire, Draper. Bolton. Pet June 25. Ord
July 30

NOYES, ROBERT JOHN, Swansea, Bootmaker. Swansea. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4 HAYWARD. WILLIAM, Christchurch, Hampshire, Watchmaker. Poole. Pet July ORME, JOHN, West Bromwich, Staffs, Butcher. Oldbury. Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 6

16. Ord July 30 HAZLEWOOD, CHARLES, Tapner's hill, Deptford, Oilman. Greenwich. Pet July

PALMER, EDWARD, Bitton, Glouces, Draper. Bristol. Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 6 29. Ord July 29

PAYNE, JAMES, Bath, Bootmaker. Bath. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4 HENDERSON, THOMAS, Gosforth, Northumberland, Grocer. Newcastle on Tyne. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM, Hereford, Coal Agent. Hereford. Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 6

Pet July 18. Ord Aug 2 HILLS, JOHN, Rochester, Mariner. Rochester. Pet July 30. Ord July 30 PHILPOT, C. DAWSON, Tokenhouse yard, Gent. High Court. Pet July 22. Ord HIRST, SAMUEL, Leeds, Bill Discounter. Leeds. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

Arig 5

PINCKNEY, JOHN ASHWORTH, Toxteth park, Lancashire, Accountant. Liverpoo!. HITCH, EVAN CAMERON, Billiter st, Engineer. High Court. Pet June 27. Ord Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 6 Aug 3

POTTER, THOMAS, Gosforth, Northumberland, no occupation. Newcastle on JOHNSTON, THOMAS, the elder, Blackwell Farm, nr Carlisle, Farmer. Carlisle. Tyne. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4 Pet July 27. Ord July 30

REDGATE, HERBERT, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. Nottingham. Pet Aug KEPPER, SAMUEL M, Stepney Green, Shoe Manufacturer. High Court. Pet 4. Ord Aug 4 June 13. Ord July 30

SAUNDERS, ELIZA, Folkestone, Boot Dealer. Canterbury. Pet Aug 5. Ord LAPTHORNE, JOHN JOSEPH, Barnstaple, Licensed Victualler. Barnstaple. Pet Aug 5 July 26. Ord July 30

SEAGE, WILLIAM, Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Farmer. Barnstaple. Pet Aug 3. LITTLER, ALFRED ROBERT, Worksop, Nottinghamsbire, Painter. Sheffield. Pet Ord Aug 3 Aug 2. Ord Aug 3

SILVER, RICHARD, the younger, Tittle row, nr Maidenhead, Machinist. Windsor. MAFFETT. JOHN, Boston Spa, Yorks, Photographer, York. Pet July 26. Ord Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 3 July 30

SPRUCE, FRANK, Knutsford, Cheshire, Coal Merchant. Manchester. Pet Aug 5. MARKHAM, WALTER JAMES, Rugby, Tailor. Coventry. Pet July 20. Ord

Ord Aug 5 Aug 3

TATE, JOSEPH, Wentbridge, nr Pontefract, Farmer. Wakefield. Pet Aug 6. Ord MARKS, A., Old st, South Hackney, Furniture Dealer. High Court. Pet June Aug 6 June 16. Ord Aug 3

THOMSON, PETER, Hedworth, Durham, Farmer. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet Aug MITCHELMORE, JAMES HENRY, Newton Abbot, Tailor. Exeter. Pet Aug 2. Ord 4. Ord Aug 4 Aug 2

TILLOTSON, STEPHEN AINSWORTH, Burnley, Lancashire, Picker Maker. Burnley. PEAKE, JOAN NASH, Congleton. Cheshire, Colliery Proprietor. Hanley, Burslem, Pet Aug 2. Ord Aug 4 and Tunstall. Pet July 18._Ord Aug 2

TURNER, GEORGE, Strafford rd, Acton, Florist. Brentford. Pet Aug 3. Ord PICKERSGILL, RICHARD, Leeds, Woollen Merchant. Leeds. Pet June 22, Ord

Aug 8 July 28

TURNER, WALTER ERNEST, Bath, Eating-house Keeper. Bath. Pet Aug 4. Ord PINN, THOMAS, Wardour st, Soho, Baker. High Court. Pet July 9 Ord Aug 1 Aug 4 PRITCHARD, THOMAS, New lane, Enfield, Baker. Edmonton. Pet July 20. Ord

WILLARD, WILLIAM, Robsart st. Brixton, out of business. High Court. Pet July 30

Aug 6. Ord Aug 6

ROBINSON, GEORGE, Rochdale, Boot Dealer. Oldham. Pet July 20. Ord
July 29

ALDERSON, JOHN, Shipley, Yorks, Carter. Aug 17 at 11. 31, Manor rd, Bradford ROLLISSON, BENJAMIN, York, Innkeeper. York. Pet July 29. Ord July 30

ALLERSON, EDWIN, Newcastle on Tyne, Tobacconist. Aug 18 at 2. Off Rec, SALSBURY, WILLIAM GEORGE, Great Grimsby, Smack Owner. Great Grimsby. Pink lane, Newcastle on Tyne Pet July 25. Ord July 29

BAILEY, WILLIAM, Rosherville, Kent, Gardener. Aug 18 at 11.30. Off Rec, High SMITH, WILLIAM, Great Haywood, Staffordshire, Labourer, Stafford. Pet July st, Rochester 23. Ord Aug 2

BINNS, JABEZ, Nelson, Lancashire, out of business. Aug 17 at 3. Midland Hotel, STENNER, ROBERT, Upper st, Islington, Licensed Victualler. High Court. Pet Skipton Aug 3. Ord Aug 3

BOND, WILLIAM. Hunslet, Leeds, out of business. Aug 17 at 12. Off Rec, 22, TAYLOR, GEORGE SOUTHCOATE, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet July 28. Ord Park row, Leeds July 28

BROOM, GEORGE, Hoxton st, Hoxton, Timber Merchant. Aug 17 at 11. 33, Carey TEED, ALFRED HALL, Saint Marychurch, Devon, Grocer. Exeter. Pet Aug 3. street, Lincoln's inn Ord Aug 3

CALWELL, ROBERT, Hayton, Cumberland, Farmer. Aug 18 at 12. Off Rec, 34, TOMPKIN, GEORGE, Chestertonl. Staffordshire, Baker. Hanley, Burslem, and Fisher st, Carlisle Tunstall. Pet July 29. Ord Aug 2

CORNAH, JOHN. Pleasley hill, near Mansfield, Tailor. Aug 16 at 12. Off Rec, 1, TURNER, SOLOMON, Newcastle on Tyne, Money Lender. Newcastle on Tyne. High payment. Nottingham Pet July 8. Ord July 29

CURTIS, CHARLES, Kingston upon Hull, Saw Mill Foreman. Aug 18 at 11. Off VISCARDINI. GIOVANNI, John st, Bedford row, Cabinet Maker. High Court. Rec, Lincoln's inn buildings, Bowlalley lane, Hull Pet July 7. Ord Aug 1

CURTIS, CHARLES, Nottingham, Corn Factor. Aug 16 at 11. Off Rec, 1, High WINTERBURN, THOMAS, Bradford, Dyer. Bradford. Pet July 13. Ord July 29

pavement, Nottingham WORTHY, MARY, Elton, Cheshire, Licensed Victualler. Macclesfield. Pet July DAVIES, GEORGE HENEY, Swansea, Builder. Aug 17 at 8. Of Rec, 6, Rutland st, WRIGHT, JOHN, Masbrough, nr Rotherham, Yeast Dealer. Sheffield. Pet July DAWSON, WILLIAM WELLBURY, Gt Grimsby, Oil Manufacturer. Aug 17 at 12. 3,

GALLARD, GEORGE, Aldrington, nr Brighton, Gent. Aug 17 at 1. Bankruptcy ADJUDICATION ANNULLED. SEARLE, HENRY, Moretonhampstead, Devon, Bootmaker. Exeter. Adjud Feb

bldgs, Portugal st 24. Annul July 7

GERBARD, THOMAS, Hindley, Lancs, Grocer. Aug 17 at 11. 16, Wood street,

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Aug. 9.

GORMAN, EDWARD, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Mealman. Aug 27 at 11. Off Rec, New

port. Isle of Wight RECEIVING ORDERS. ADAMS, HENRY CADWALLADER, Twickenham, Esq. Brentford. Pet Aug 5. Ord

GROVES, THOMAS EDWARD. Aylestone park, Leicestershire, Carriage Builder. Aug 5

Aug 19 at 12. 28, Friar lane. Leicester ALLERSON, EDWIN, Newcastle on Tyne, Tobacconist. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet

HALL, RICHARD BENJAMIN, Sandwich, Boot Maker. Aug 17 at 11.45. Bankruptcy Aug 4

bldgs, Lincoln's inn Ord Aug 4 ANDREW, RICHARD, Gainsborough, Miller. Lincoln. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4

HASLER, WILLIAM WYNDHAM, Chichester, Esq. Aug 17 at 12. Bankruptcy bldgs,

Portugal st BAILEY, WILLIAM, Rosherville, Kent, Gardener. Rochester. Pet Aug 4. Ord HODGKINSON, JOSEPH, Derby, Butcher, Aug 17 at 12. Off Rec, St James's chbre, Aug 4

Derby BERESFORD, HUGH W., Knockholt, Kent, Gent. Tunbridge Wells. Pet June 20. HOLIDAY, JAMES, Skillington, nr Grantham, Farmer. Aug 17 at 12. Off Rec, 1, Ord Aug 4

High pavement, Nottingham BERRYWILLIAM, Darlington, Tailors' Assistant. Stockton

Bankon Tees and Hoy, WALTER, Romford road. Forest gate, Nurseryman. Aug 17 at 11. Middlesborough. Pet Aug 6. Ord Aug 4

ruptcy blogs, Portugflst, Lincoln sinn fields Brown, MARY ANN, Leamington, Pork Butcher. Warwick. Pet July 30. Ord HUDSON, WILLIAM JONN CHARLES, Margate, Baker. Aug 17 at 12.30. Bankruptcy

Aug 6 CALWELL, ROBERT, Hayton, Cumberland, Farmer. Carlisle. Pet Aug 6. Ord JAMES. WILLIAM HENNIS, Queen Victoria st, Café Proprietor. Aug 17 at 12. 81,

Carey st, Lincolo's inn COWDREY, ALFRED, New Clee, Lincolnshire, Fisherman. Great Grimsby. Pet LEWIS, HENRY, Caidicot, Mon, Grocer. Aug 17 at 12. Off Rec, 12 Tredegar pl,

Aug 5. Ord Aug 5 Crowe, EDWARD FREDERICK, jun., The Broadway, Hammersmith, Draper. High LEWIS, JAMES' THOMAS, Pembroke Dock, Grocer. Aug 16 at 3. Of Rec, Car

marthen DAVIES, GEORGE HENRY, Swansea, Builder. Swansea. Pet Aug 4. Ord Aug 4 MANNERING, THOMAS DAVID, Rye, Sussex, Coach Builder. Aug 16 at 2. County DAVIS, SAMUEL, Kingston on Hull, Fish Merchant. Kingston on Hull. Pet July MELBOURNE, JAMES, York, Painter. Aug 19 at 12. Off Rec, York DAWSON, GRORGE Mason, Broadstairs, Builder. Canterbury. Pet Aug 4. Ord MILLS, JOSEPH, Hanley, Brickmaker. Aug 25 at 4. Off Rec, Newcastle under

Lyme FABR, GWENLLIAN, Porth, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet Aug 4. MITCHELMORE, JAMES HENRY, Newton Abbott, Deroeshire, Tailor. Aug 16 at

3. Castle of Exeter, Exeter FIRTH, FREDERICK, and WILLIAM HOWROYD FIRTH, Dewsbury, Yorks, Iron MORRIS, WILLIAM, Hunslet, Leeds, Commission Agent. Aug 17 at 11. Off Ruc. Firmu, FREDERICK, JOSEPH Fiera, and Erwan FPIRTI, Dewsbury, Yorks, ou NOYES, ROBERT WOHN, Swansea, Bootmaker. Aug 17 at 11. Off Rec, 6, Rutları GORMAN, EDWARD, Ryde, 1.6., Healman. Newporiana Ryde. Pet July 5. Ord OVENS, JOSEP, Henbury, Gloucestershire, Wheelwright. Aug 17 at 12. of GROGAN HUGA, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester, Builder. Preston. Pet PARSONS, Bankah, Buckingham st, Ironmonger. Aug 18 at 12. Bankruptcy July 19, Ord Aug 5

bidngs, Lincoln's inn fields

Ord Aug 4

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