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Briggs Dickson, of the firm oi Messrs. Buck, Dickson, & Cockshott, of Preston and South rt.

Charles St. David” Spencer, B.A., who served his clerkship with Messrs. Dalton, Spencer, Corbett, & Evans, of Cardiff ; and Messrs. Crowdcr & Vizard, o London.

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Percy William Suelllng, who served his clerkship with Mr. Walter izotgsy, of Winchester; and Messrs. Prior, Bigg, Church, & Adams, of

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The Council ot the Incorporated Law Society have accordingly given class certificates and awarded the following prizes of books :—

To Mr. Walker—prize of the Honourable Society of Clement's-inn— value l0 guineas; and the Daniel Reardon prize—value about 25 gnineas.

To Mr. Gabb-prize of the Honourable Society of C1itford’s-inn—value 10 guineas.

To Mr. White—prize of the Honourable Society of New-inn—value 5 guineas

To Mr. Michelmore—Pi-ize ot the Incorporated Law Society—-value 5 guineas.

To Mr. Emanuel—Prize of the Incorporated Law Society—value 5 guineas.

The council have given class certificates to the candidates in the second and third classes.

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Loxo Vacariox, 1887.
_ Notice.

During the yacatlon until further notice :-All applications which may require to be immediately or promptly heard are to be made to the judges who, for the time being, shal act as vacation judges.

One of the vacation judges will sit in Chancery Court IV., Royal Courts °f -11153106. Ht 11 8-m. 011 Wednesday in every week, commencing on Wedm5d“Y» 1??-h of August, until further notice, for the purpose of hearing such applications or the above nature as, according to the practice in the Chancery Diyision, are usually heard in court, will be placed in the judge’s paper unless leave has been pte. _vious obtained, or a. certificate of counsel that the case requires to be Ifijilllfitlitlztelly eopspromptly heard, and stating concisely the reasons, is left

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16th August, and on the same day in every succeeding week during the vacation, the registrar in attendance will see solicitors requiring alterations necessary in orders to be acted on by the paymaster ; but the order, and any necessary papers, and a notification ot the amendment as required by the 27th of the Supreme Court Funds Rules, 1884, ought to be left at his sent not later than 12 o'clock on the previous day. 20th July, 1887.


Mr. Janus KI-Illl, advocate, died at Edinburgh on the 13th inst., after n long illness. Mr. Keir was admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland in 1864, and for many years he enjoyed a fair share of business. In 1880 he was appointed junior legal assessor to the Corporation of Edinburgh, which office he held until his death, and in the following year he became receiver of Crown rents. Mr. Keir was unmarried. He was buried on the 18th inst.

Mr. Joii.\' \Vii.i.ri\m lllinnnsrox, solicitor, of Leeds, died very suddenly on the 16th inst. Mr. Middleton was the son of Mr. William Middleton, solicitor, of Leeds, and was born in 1839. He was admitted a solicitor in 1860, having served his articles with his father, with whom he was for several years in partnership, and he was at the time of his death associated in (partnership with his younger brother, Mr. Arthur Middleton. l\lr. Mi dleton was a perpetual commissioner for the West Riding of Yorkshire, end he was for two successive years president of the Leeds Law Society. He was solicitor to the Leeds Permanent Building Society fillli to the Leeds Estate Building and Investmentysociety. Mr. Middleton came to London last week to attend the trial of an action in the Chancery Division on behalf of the last-mentioned society, and died very suddenly within a few hours after his return home. Mr. Middleton was a member of the Leeds Philosophical Society. He leaves a widow and eight children. The Leeds Jlamcry says that Mr. Middleton at all times took a great interest in legal matters. In connection with the Yorkshire Registry Bill he published a pamphlet which had. a large circulation amongst bankers and solicitors. He took the matter up on behalf of the Yorkshire bankers, and in the end an amending Act was passed by which an objectionable clanse—the fllteenth—was repealed. By his professional brethren and by a wide circle of other friends his untimely death is deeply regretted, and much sympathy is expressed for the bereaved family.

M r. HEATH, solicitor, late of 3, New London-street, died shout a fortnight ago. Hr. Heath was admitted a solicitor in 1832, and he had practised for over half a century iii the City of London and at Tottenbam, where he resided. He was formerly associated in partnership with Mr. Robert William Parker and Mr. John George Brett. He was solicitor to the Tottenbam Local Board. He was appointed vestry clerk of the parish of St. Olave, Hart-street, about forty years ago, and he had held that ofiicc until his death, although he retired from practice about two years ago. Mr. Heath was for several years a member of the Court of Assistants to the Cordwainers’ Company, and he had filled the ofllce of warden.

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Mr. \Vri.1.iau RICHARD Sravaxs, solicitor, of 22, Abingdon-street, has been appointed Secretary to the South-Eastern Railway Co. Mr. Stevens has been for several years solicitor to the company. He was admitted s solicitor in 1874.

Mr. Araxaiwnsa Moonr Sruanr. advocate, has been appointed Professor of the Law of Scotland in the University of Glasgow, in succession to Mr. Robert Berry, who has been appointed Sheriff of Lanarkshire.

Mr. ARTHUII FREDERICK J81-‘l-‘RBYS, who has bccn elected M.P. for the Basingstokc Division of Hampshire in the Conservative interest, is the second son of Mr. Arthur Jeflreys, and was born in 1848. He was 8dl_lcated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated second class in Mathematics in 1870. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple ill Hilary Tcrm, 1872, and he formerly practised on the Western Circuit. Mr. J effreys is a magistrate for Hampshire.

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Lord Herschell gave a very successful garden party at Lincoln's-inn on gllffday, at which the Prince and Princess of Wales, the King of the e enes, and other Royal personages were present, including an Indian prince, who was arrayed in startling garments, combining the disadvan£5899 Of llilotlli male and female attire. Among the guests was Sir James acon w k d ll ' ' ' legal film tgttzpleecogézougnd vigorous, and was hailed with delight by the

ThNew Y°Tk Daily Ifcgiister, apparently referring to our recent obser?:l7l0l18] on the Times headnotes o_f cases, quoted in an American legal gflltrfiiaq, suggests that a headnote might be added from the Practice Reports not _s ate Mr. Howard. “ The case was decided in an inferior court, and la in accordance with the _reporter's sense of propriety or opinion of the

W. We do not know which; and the first ead-note he prefixed to it

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B £116 grand jury at the Wells Assizes made a presentment “ that the elllintroduced of late years, by which part of the assize business of thaiilaph other counties has been transferred to places in counties other venient iilse in which that b_usi_nei=s arises, has been found highly inconhave . zl Pmctlcei that it is inconsistent with the right of every man to

mtjus ice done to him in his own neighbourhood, that it has led to a gm increase of expense, that it needlessly destroys old habits and assosene<::f,"and is contrary to the wishes and feelings of the country in

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At the Falmouth Borough Police Court o '

, n the 18th inst., Mr. Samuel $2252“? master of the Boys’ British School in that town, sought to in £50 rom the Falmouth Urban Sanitary Authority a sum not exceedmgnth ‘for closmg the school during an epidemic of measles in the the cm; January last. Mr. H. Lyon based his arguments in support of Jenna 011 the 308th section of the Public Health Act, 1875. Mr. W. not cl B, lolicitor, defended the action on the ground that the school was ‘mder°:;d by the urban sanitary authority, but was bound to be closed defend °Edl1cation Code, No. 98. The bench decided in favour of the mpmo';ng;m0l1 the application of Mr. Lyon a case was granted for the

Oqncspondent of the Times says that the Ministry of Justice flm;e;_1Pl1bl\shod some very interesting statistics of crime in France in the rev 885. Some of the conclusions are satisfactory, others decidedly with flf1'$9- The number of crimes committed in the five years ending lumum°_ £941!‘ 1885 was less than the record shewn by the preceding bad inc; uh 011 the other hand, murders and attempts on human life played ‘faced. _ This is attributed in a great measure to the leniency disPam MY the Juries. There is no doubt that assswsins, particularly in 8 couimelvulate largely on their chances of escape. A telling speech from “ands h Often works wonders. “ The jury has a tender heart, it under“,8, au:'mn_P555l°l1_B, and is indulgent to them,” is aic criticism which

'1 h°"W 1188 Just passed on the institution. In twenty-four out

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°f 9"‘?! hundred cases it acquits, in seventy-four out of every hundred cases it finds extenuating circumstances.

h Titre Court of Appeal, while sitting to hear appeals from county courts, . as ee_n much exercised by the insufficiency of the notes of the judges, and 1'1 Partlcula °f the .l1_1dge of the City of London Court (llir. Commissioner Kerr). On the 19th inst. Lord Esher remarked:—“All I can say is that the way these appeals are brought before the court is disgraceful " ; and Lord ustice Lopes added :7“ I entirely concur.” On the 20th inst. Lord Esher_ is reported to have said :_—" This is a case of general interest, and how, it being a case of general interest, requiring careful consideration by the Court of Appeal, the judge of the City of London Court, being of that opinion, could satisfy himself by that note sent to us is to my mind inconceivable. [His lordship read the note] That is the note which is to enable the Court of Appeal to do what is right. I say no more. It is for the ]u_dge_ himself and his own conscience todo what is right. \Ve have no authority in _the matter that I am aware of. But this is the third or fourth time in which we have had a note sent to us in what seems to be a stereotyped form, and that in spite of the provisions of the statute whic-'1 require the judge to take a note.”

The Albany Law Journal, referring to Judge Grover, says he had “ii gr-eadful habit tof Blfitlllg up pg night an? reading the records for the next ay s argumen , an en ere was re uentl a ‘circus.’ ‘I uess you'd better skip down to the seventh p%iut'lhe called it ‘pint ’g—‘I dontlglgiuk i(bilige'i; kmuch infthat point; you’1l find the teistimony on page ,' an e i e, were re uent ex ressions from his i s, and all the time he was looking aroundq satirically or impatiently, as ilnuch as to fiy, ‘ Good1L<Li-d,hwliatifogls these lawyers be ! ’ We once heard him say acounse w o a cte a lon list of cases on one oint ‘Tho court can't look at all these cases, yog know; you’d better lpointjout three or four that you set the most store by, and we‘1l try to look at ‘em.’ Occasionally counsel would give him as good as he sent. We once heard an instance of this. Counsel, in replying to a point made on the argument and not printed in the brief, said: ‘I say, as his Honour Judge Grover frequently observes, “ I don't think there's much in that pint." ’ Grover was visibly annoyed, and the rest of the judges could hardly conceal their merriment. But the joke was on the facetious counsel when the court beat him on that very ' pint.’ "

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, on the vote to complete the sum for the Bankruptcy Department of the Board of Trade, Mr. Bradlaugh called attention to the excessive cost of realizing assets under the Bankruptcy Act. He said that in one case an unfortunate lady was made a bankrupt for a debt of £350. Her assets realized £855, but not a farthing of the surplus reached the bankrupt. In other cases assets of £677 00:! £338; of £1,728. cost £965, of which £210 were for incidental expenses; of £569, cost £318; of £446, cost £24-1; of £714, cost £308; and of £2,423, cost £949 to realize. He submitted that this was a scandalous waste of the creditors’ money, and that the Board of Trade, who had authority in the matter, ought to interfere to prevent such waste. Baron H. De Worms observed that the cases to which the hon. member had referred had all been carefully examined, and with the permission of the committee he would deal with two of them. In the first case, the incidental expenses amounted to £135, but that sum included a number of perfectly legal charges, such as auctioneers’ charges, rent, carriage of goods, and other items which might well have appeared under other heads. The second case was similar. About 75 per cent. of all the cases in bankruptcy were administered by the official receiver, and for these the Board of Trade was responsible. It was where there was no OmCl‘\l assigneo that the discrepancy arose between the realized assets and the cost of realization. The Board of Trade had no power to force an ofliclal assignee on any bankruptcy. It would, he thought, be better if they had, and then the Board of Trade would be responsible.

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HARRISON, Jaatss, Dudleiy, Worcester, Wino and Spirit Merchant. Aug 1. Watts & J obson, Du ley _

JACKSON. ARTHUR Gnsoonr, Bed Hill, Clerk in Holy Orders. Oct 1. Merrick Head. Reigate

LACEY. WL1.1.1.u1, Crewkcrne, Shoemaker and Grocer. Aug 18. Sparks & Blake, Crcwkerne

Lmvanxsox, Gsonos Romcar, Brighton, Surgeon. Aug 16. Hallctt & Spottiswoode, Craven st. Charing cross

Larrmw. J AMES, Wetherby, York. Sept 1. Hudson, Bradiord

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Orr-1): WILLIAM. Brcntwood, Currier and Leather Seller. Aug 12. Poataus in Lnndons, New Broad st 0WENLiAI.ICE,1 Appleton within Widnes, Lancaster. Oct 1. Bradley & Son, vs oo

rn Owsx, Msnosnrr, Appleton, Widnes. Oct 1. Bradley 8: Son, Liverpool RESTIEAUX, Josnrsz, Heigham, Norwich, Estate Agent. Sept 1. Blyth. Nor

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ABNOLD, GEORGE, Bristol, Gent. Sept it. Perham, Bristol

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Homms, WILLIAM srrawanr Cheethnm, Manchester, Manager and Traveller. Aug 21. Lawson, Manchester

Honaorn, MICHAEL Jolm, Haliiax, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Aug 11. Robson & Snte Haliia

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AsIIro>.'inJoNAs, Belsize rd, Hampstead, Gent. July 27 at 2.80. 33, Carey st, Linco ‘s inn

BAILEY. ARTHUR MARTIN, Southampton, Builder. July 26 at 2. Oil‘ Rec, East st, Southampton

BAs'rOw, THOMAS WILLIAM South Brent, Devon, Carrier. July 27 at 11. 18, Frankfort st. Plymouth

BIDDER, HENRY, Pembroke Dock, Grocer. July 29 at 11. Off Rec, 1|, Quay 8%. Carmarthen

BBIZELL, Jenn, jun, Liverpool, Veterinary Surgeon. July 27 at 2. O11‘ Rec. 35» Victoria st. Liverpoo

BURN, RIcIIAI2D, Liverpool, Shipbroker. July 29 at 2. Oiif Rec, 35, Victoria BE Liverpool

CAsI1llroRE, STEPHEN, West Bromwich, Licensed Victualler. Aug 8 at 10.45County Court, Oldbury

CHANDLER, HExRY EDWARD HYDE, Blandford st, Portman sq. Licensed Victuuller. July 27 at 12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

CLEGG. IIARRIET, and UHARLES THOMAS CLEGG, Dewsbury, Yorks, W°°1 Dealers. July 26 at 8. Git’ Rec, Bank chambers, Batley

CLEGIIOBN, DAvID MENZIES, and WILLIAM ROBSON CLEGIIORN, Liverp001.If°11' founders. July 29 at 1. Oil? Rec. 85, Victoria st. Liverpool

COLI.I.\'s, JAMES CIIUMA, Tamworth. Warwickshire, out of employment. J I11)’ 97 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Birmingham

COx,\VL H. st Martin's le Grand, Clerk. July s: at 11. Bankruptcy bldss. Portugal st. Lincoln’sillll iields

CBIDGE. JOHN RICHARD. Torquay, Hotel Proprietor. July 28 at 11. Castle oi Exeter, Exeter

Cnlsr. Jonx, Stockton on Tees, Commission Agent. Aug 2 at 11. Oil Rec,8, Albert rd, Middlcsborough

-Ennrorr. E B. L0\1811b01‘°l18111lk. July 2s at 11. as, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

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