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of the judgment of North, J., was this, that, though he held that the judgment CAVE, J., said that it was necessary he should say one word receiving order did not deprive the court of jurisdiction to issue the with regard to what had occurred in the county court. The application attachment, yet, whenever there was a receiving order in existence, the in the county court was supported by an affidavit of the landlord, in court must decline to issue it. The decision was inconsistent with itself, answer to which there was an affidavit of the bankrupt. That being so, and there had really been no exercise of discretion.

the landlord asked leave to adduce viva voce evidence, but the trustee in THE COURT OF APPEAL (Cotton, Bowen, and Fry, L.JJ.) dismissed the the bankruptcy objected on the ground that there was a decision of his appeal without hearing the respondent's counsel. COTTON, L.J., said lordship's (Ex parte Kearsley & Co., Re Genese) in which he had held that that, if the judge had held that the existence of the receiving order had such an application ought to be made beforehand, and not upon the deprived him of jurisdiction, or that on some other ground there was no hearing of the motion. His lordship wished to say at once that that case for sending the solicitor to prison, the court would have entertained decision was not intended to affect the course of business in the county the appeal. But the judge, assuming that he had jurisdiction, had said courts. The practice was convenient in the High Court, where he was that, taking into consideration all the circumstances of the case and the sitting continuously, and where application could be made to him at any fact that a receiving order had been made, the issue of an attachment time. That was not so in a county court. Of course, if parties were would produce no good result, and that, in the exercise of his discretion, taken by surprise, the county court judge would exercise his discretion he would decline to allow it to be issued. His lordship would give no and act as he thought fit. But the decision given was not intended to opinion as to what he should himself have done, but he thought it would apply to courts other than the High Court, and the county court judge be wrong for the Court of Appeal to interfere. It was like a case in which, was quite right in the present case to allow the viva voce evidence to be upon a motion to commit a person for contempt, the judge, in the exer heard. -COUNSEL, West; Forbes, Q.C., and Longstaffe. SOLICITORS, Berry, cise of his discretion, declined to make an order of committal, but ordered Robinson, & Scott; Coulson, Dickson, f. Coulson. the respondent to pay the costs of the motion. In such a case it would, as a general rule, be wrong for the Court of Appeal to interfere. He would not say that the court would not interfere in a very gross case. But in the present case he thought it would be wrong for the Court of Appeal to interfere by imposing on the solicitor a heavier penalty than

LAW SOCIETIES. the judge had thought fit to inflict. Bowen and Fry, L.JJ., concurred. The Court ordered the costs of the appeal to be set off against

SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, the costs which the solicitor had been ordered to pay in the court below. -COUNSEL, Warrington ; Bunting. SOLICITORS, Collyer-Bristow & Co.;

The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of this association Hickin & Fox.

was held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, London, on Friday, the

17th inst., Mr. Sidney Smith in the chair. The other directors present Re CURTIS & BETTS_O. A. No. 2, 22nd June.

were Messrs. H. Morten Cotton, Edwin Hedger, J. H. Kays, R. Pidcock

(Woolwich), J. Anderson Rose, Frederic T. Woolbert, and J. T. Scott SOLICITOR— Costs—Taxation-Death or SOLICITOR AFTER ORDER TO Tax Secretary). A sum of £255 was distributed in grants of relief. Thirteen

-APPOINTMENT OF PERSON TO REPRESENT ESTATE–R. S. C. 1883, new members were admitted to the association, and other general business XVI., 46.

was transacted. Two solicitors, C. and B., having carried on business in partnership, and O. being dead, an order for the taxation of costs was, on the application of a client of the firm, made on the 22nd of January against B. and the executors of 0. A summons was afterwards taken out by C.'s executors to stay all proceedings under the order until a legal personal

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. representative should be appointed to B. It was alleged that B. was

CALLS TO THE BAR. dead. His death was not strictly proved, but an English newspaper, published at Buenos Ayres, where he was living, was produced, and it

The following gentlemen were on Wednesday called to the bar :contained a statement that B. had died on the 21st of January, the day

LINCOLN'S INN. -Jehangeer Dosabhoy Framjee, Elphinstone College, before the order was made. Kay, J., refused to stay the proceedings, but Bombay; Richard Cotton Walker Hill, University of Ireland; Henry he appointed the executors of c. to represent the estate of B. for the Smith, M.D., London; William Awdry Peck, B.A., Oxford ; Richard purposes of the taxation.

C.'s executors objected to be appointed to Watson, LL.B., London; John Southall, P.A., Cambridge; Arthur represent B.'s estate, and they appealed from the order.

Richmond Atkinson, Corpus Christi College, Oxford; and Robert The Court of APPEAL (COTTON, Bowen, and Fry, L.JJ.) held that an

Abraham Swan, Her Majesty's Stipendiary Magistrate, British Guiana. order staying the proceedings ought to have been made, and they dis

INNER TEMPLE.-Henry Medlicott Rumball, London ; Arther Lionel charged the order of Kay, J., and stayed the proceedings until further Baxter, B.A., Oxford ; Donald Guise Larnach, B.A., Oxford ; John order, with liberty to apply.' Cotton, L.J., said that there had been a Roger Rush Godfrey, M.A., Oxford; Frank Rhodes, B.A., Oxford ; series of blunders. Under the Solicitors Act an order for taxation could George John Talbot, M.A., Oxford; John Randal Orred, B.A., Oxford ; only be made against B., the surviving partner. The representatives of William Laurence Bradbury, LL.B., Cambridge ; Thomas Robinson Grey, the deceased partner were willing to be present on the taxation against B.A., Oxford; Frederick Theodore MacDonnell, M.A., Cambridge ; B., the supposed survivor, but the order was made in a wrong form. The Ernest William Ormond, B.A., Oxford (holder of a scholarship in equity, object was that the representatives of C. should be present, that they awarded July, 1886); Reginald James Neville Neville, B.A., Cambridge ; might see that the taxation was properly conducted. The order ought to Myles Patterson, B.A., Cambridge ; Edward Alfred Goulding, B.a., have directed a taxation only as against B., and liberty should have been Cambridge ; Douglas William Owen ; Henry Colquhoun Hayter, B.A., given to O.'s representatives to attend on the taxation, upon their under. Oxford, Charles Edward Seth Smith ; Herbert George Ward ; Henry St. taking to be bound by it. It was afterwards alleged that B. was dead. John Digby Raikes, B.A., Cambridge ; RalphoSliff Simey, B:A, [f he was dead at the date of the order, the order was a nullity. But, if Cambridge ; Hugh Robert Eardley Childers, B.a., Cambridge ; William he died afterwards, an order ought to have been made to stay the pro

Bartleet Duffield, B.A., Cambridge; Pridham Henry Pridham Wippell, ceedings, he being the only person against whom the taxation could B.A., LL.M. ; Thomas Charles Bruce Mackintosh Walker, B.A., LL.B., proceed. The judge was probably misled by the form of the order which Cambridge, John Arthur Penfold Wyatt, M.A., Cambridge; William directed a taxation against the representatives of C. It was a mistake to

Hartshorne Shorthose, Oxford; John Ritchie, M.A., Edinburgh; Arthur appoint them to represent B.'s estate. It was wrong under rule 46 of Godfrey Roby, B.A., Cambridge : Henry Sandbach, B.A., Oxford ; and order 16 to appoint anyone but the real personal representative to represent William Arthur Callender à Beckett, the estate of the person who alone was legally liable; moreover, it was

Middle TEMPLE.—James Stuart Seaton, M.A., B.O.L., Pembroke Col. wrong to appoint persons to represent the estate who were unwilling to be lege, Oxford, Vinerian Scholar, 1886, Inns of Court Studentship in Roman appointed. Bowen and Fry, L.JJ., concurred. -COUNSEL, Dunham; | Law of 100 guineas, First Class, 100 guineas, Middle Temple Real and Eastwick. SOLICITORS, J. J. Chapman ; Wright & Pilley.

Scholar, First Class, 50 guineas, International Law Scholar; Mark Louis ; SOLICITOR STRUCK OFF THE ROLLS.

Thomas Deason Munns, Emmanuel College, Cambridge ; Henry Finnis 20th June--CHARLES DILLON WATSON,

Blosse Lynch, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, First Class Classical
Tripos; Stephen Thomas Banning, Lieutenant Royal Munster Fusiliers ;
John Harvey Murphy, Trinity Hall, Cambridge; William Frodsham

Lund, B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge ; Frederick Augustus Le

Mesurier, Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Engineers, Colonel in the Army;

Charles Major; Francis Thomas Bradshaw, B.A., Wadham College, Ox: Ex parte WATKINSON, Re WILSON-Q. B. Div., 9th June. ford; Robert James Drake, B.A., LL.B.,' University of Dublin ; John BANKRUPTCY_VIVA VOCE EVIDENCE-PRACTICE IN COUNTY COURT.

Melvin Paterson, First Class, 100 guineas, Middle Temple Equity Scholar, courts was affectedUy the decisionsgiven in the case practice parte e arsyento Merton College, Oxtora; Henry Savage Sharpe Elwin ; Wyndham hontas

In this case a question arose as to how far the practice in the county LL.B., Trinity College, Cambridge ; 4. w. Boscawen Wright, Bates Co., Re Genese (34 W. R. 474, 17 Q. B. D. 1), by which it was held that an

Peel, B.A., Cambridge University; Edward Symons ; William Thomas beforehand, and not at the same time with the motion upon the bearing Charles - Ormond Hazeli, London University; Hubert Sydney: Georgia the Bradford County Court, and turnea cupon lae quiere in care face pe rohether Bosepw Eugene Serrett, university of London ; Sylvain Mayor, Boban a certain agreement was atdemise orme dhe do with teatropowe zact whether London Euniversity, etenD. Hierdie berg ; Robert Garraway Rice Tuleta

I He Cover (Ml. The subiectate, som forme e appeal, holding that Matiental Lawaitidale Temple Seimo laikasso guineas Middle Temple Rice, and

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guineas Middle Temple International and Constitutional Law Scholar, Mr. HENRY Fox BristowE, Q.O., Vice-Chancellor of the County £25 Roman Law Lecture Prize ; John E. Piper, LL.B., London Univer- Palatine of Lancaster, has received the honour of Knighthood.

Vicesity; Michael Stewart Johnstone Macmorran, London University; Henry Chancellor Bristowe is the second son of Mr. Samuel Ellis Bristowe, of Montague Lawrie, Balliol College, Oxford ; Nai Pleng, Nanda Utayan Beeston, Nottinghamshire, and was born in 1824. He was called to the College, Bangkok, Siam ; Lala Roshan Lal; Harold Catmur Brushfield; bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1847. He became a Queen's Moung Kyaw, 100 guineas Middle Temple Common Law Scholar, and of Counsel in 1869, and he was for several years a leader in the court of ViceCaleutta and Oxford Universities ; Sardar Krishna Singh Kapur.

Chancellor Malins. He was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the County GRAY's INN.—John Joseph Hayden, Trinity College, Dublin, Arthur Palatine of Lancaster in 1881. Sir H. Bristowe is a bencher of the Edwin Preston, undergraduate of the University of London.

Middle Temple, of which society he was treasurer in 1885.

Mr. Hugh Owen, barrister, secretary to the Local Government Board, has been created a Civil Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath. Sir H. Owen is the eldest son of Sir Hugh Owen, and he was called to the

bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1862, and he became an LEGAL NEWS

assistant secretary to the Local Government Board in 1876, and secretary

to the board in 1883. OBITUARY.

Mr. SIDNEY GODOLPHIN ALEXANDER SHIPPARD, D.C.L., has been created Mr. GEORGE CHARLES CHERRY, barrister, died at his residence, Denford a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Sir S. House, near Hungerford on the 12th inst. Mr. Cherry was the eldest Shippard is the eldest son of Captain William Shippard, and was born in son of Mr. George Henry Cherry, of Denford House, and was born in 1838. He is a D.C.L. of Hertford College, Oxford, and he was called to 1822. He was educated at Harrow and at Christ Church, Oxford, where the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1867. He was Attorney; he graduated second class in Classics in 1844. He was called to the bar at General of Griqualand West from 1876 till 1882, when he was appointed the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1848, and he formerly practised on the a puisne judge of the Supreme Court of the Cape Colony. Oxford Circuit. Mr. Cherry was a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Berkshire. He was High Sheriff of that county in 1871, and he was received the honour of Knighthood. Sir W. Farrer is the son of Mr.

Mr. WILLIAM JOHN FARRER, solicitor, of 66, Lincoln's-inn-fields, has deputy-chairman of the Berkshire Quarter Sessions from 1864 till 1885, Thomas Farrer, and brother of Sir Thomas Henry Farrer, Bart. He was adwhen he was elected chairman of the court. He was also for many years chairman of the Hungerford Board of Guardians. Mr. Cherry was un

mitted a solicitor in 1849, and he is in partnership with his younger brother, married. He was buried at Denford on the 17th inst.

Mr. Frederick Willis Farrer. Sir W. Farrer is high bailiff of the city of

Westminster, solicitor to the Grenadier Guards, and a director of the
Mr. FINLAY KNIGHT, one of the registrars in bankruptcy, died a few Law Life and Law Fire Insurance Society.
days ago. Mr. Registrar Knight was the third son of Mr. Charles
Knight, of Brighton, and was born in 1823. He was admitted a solicitor

Mr. H. P. JONES, solicitor, of 29, Booth-street, Manchester, has been
about the year 1847, and he practised for several years at Birmingham. appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of
He afterwards entered at the Middle Temple, where he was called to the Judicature.
bar in Hilary Term, 1870. He restricted himself to bankruptcy practice, Mr. GODFREY LUSHINGTON, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the
and he had for over fifteen years a large business. In 1885 Lord Home Department, has been created a Civil Companion of the Order of
Halsbury appointed him a registrar in bankruptcy.

the Bath. Mr. Lushington is the fifth son of the Right Hon. Stephen Lushington, Dean of the Arches and judge of the Court of Admiralty,

and was born in 1832. He was educated at Rugby and at Balliol College, APPOINTMENTS,

Oxford, where he graduated first class in Classics in 1854, and he was Sir HENRY WATSON PARKER, President of the Incorporated Law Society, afterwards elected a Fellow of All Souls College. He was called to the who has received the honour of Knighthood, is a Yorkshireman by birth. bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1858, and he formerly pracHe came to London early in life, and, after being articled to the late Mr. tised in the Court of Chancery. Mr. Lushington was secretary to the Law Robert Few, was admitted a solicitor in Michaelmas Term, 1853. A few Digest Commission, and he became counsel to the Home Office in 1869, years later he joined the then firm of Ellis & Clark, now represented by the Assistant Under-Secretary of State in 1876, and Permanent Underfirm of Parker, Garrett, & Parker. In 1873 he was elected a member of Secretary in 1885. the Council of the Incorporated Law Society. He is a member of the Mr. HENRY LONGLEY, barrister, has been created a Civil Companion of Royal Commission on Loss of Lives at Sea.

the Order of the Bath. Mr. Longley is the eldest son of the late Most Mr. CHARLES REGINALD HOFFMEISTER, Attorney-General of British Reverend Charles Thomas Longley, D.D., Archbishop of Canterbury, and Honduras, has been appointed to officiate as Chief Justice of that colony.

was born in 1834. He was educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford, Mr. Hoffmeister is the third son of Dr. William Carter Hoffmeister, of

where he graduated second class in Classics in 1856. He was called to West Cowes, and was born in 1856. He was educated at Caius College, the bar at Lincoln’s-inn in Easter Term, 1860, and he formerly practised Cambridge. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in May, 1878, and

on the Northern Circuit. Mr. Longley was a Local Government Board he formerly practised on the Western Circuit. He was appointed Inspector from 1871 till 1874, and he became a Commissioner of Charities Attorney-General of British Honduras in 1885.

in 1874, and Chief Commissioner of Charities in 1885. Mr. FREDERICK HARDYMAN PARKER, barrister, has been appointed to

The Hon. SLINGSBY BETHELL, barrister, Reading Clerk in the House of officiate as Attorney-General of the Colony of 'British Honduras. Mr. Lords, has been created a Civil Companion of the Order of the Bath. Mr. Parker is the only son of Mr. William Alexander Parker, formerly Chief Bethell is the second son of the first Lord Westbury, and was born in Justice of British Honduras. He was called to the bar at the Middle 1831. He was educated at University College, Oxford.' He was called to Temple in June, 1880, and he has been registrar of the Supreme Court of the bar at the Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1857, and he formerly the Colony of British Honduras.

practised in the Court of Chancery. He was registrar of the Exeter

Court of Bankruptcy from 1861 till 1865, when he was appointed Reading
Mr. James RUSSELL, Judge of the Supreme Court at Hong Kong, has Clerk and Clerk of Committees in the House of Lords.
been appointed to officiate as Chief Justice of that Colony. Mr. Justice
Russell is the third son of Mr. John Russell, of Broughshane, Antrim.

Mr. CHARLES DALRYMPLE, barrister, M.P., has been created a Baronet. He is an LL.B. of the Queen's University in Ireland, and he was called Sir C. Dalrymple is the second son of Sir Charles Dalrymple Fergusson, to the bar at Lincoln’s-inn in Easter Term, 1874. He was coroner of Bart. He was bom in 1839, and he assumed the name of Dalrymple Hong Kong from 1874 till 1879, when he became colonial secretary and by royal licence. He was educated at Harrow, and at Trinity College, superintendent-registrar. He was appointed a puisne judge in 1884.

Cambridge, where he graduated in the third class of the Classical Tripos

in 1862. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, Mr. William JOHN SADD, solicitor, of Norwich, has been appointed a 1865, and he formerly practised on the Northern Circuit. Sir C. Dal. Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. rymple was M.P. for Buteshire in the Conservative interest from 1868 till

Mr. John Watson STOCKER, solicitor, of 152, Fenchurch-street and of 1885, and he has sat for Ipswich since April, 1886. He was a Lord of the
Lee, has been appointed a 'Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Treasury from July, 1885, till January, 1886.
Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. WILLIAM Rose PARROTT, solicitor, of Stony Stratford, has been Sir George William Des Væux, barrister, K.C.M.G., has been ap- appointed Clerk to the Pottersbury Board of Guardians, Assessment Compointed Governor of the Colony of Hong Kong. Sir G. Des Voux is the mittee, School Attendance Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority. fifth son of Sir Charles Des Voux, Bart., and was born in 1834. He was

Mr. Parrott was admitted a solicitor in 1870. educated at the Charterhouse and at Balliol College, Oxford, and he was Lord BRAMWELL has received the Honorary Degree of LL.D. from the called to the bar in Upper Canada in 1861. He was for several years a University of Dublin. stipendiary magistrate in British Guiana, and he became Governor of the Bahamas in 1880, Governor of Fiji in 1881, and Governor of Newfound, land in 1886. He was created a Companion of the Order of St. Michael

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. and St. George in 1877, and a Knight Commander of the same order in

ARTHUR Newton and FREKE PALMER, solicitors (Arthur Newton & 1883.

Palmer), 24, Great Marlborough-street, Regent-street, London. May

31. Mr. JOSEPH UNDERHILL, Q.C., has been appointed Recorder of the

The said Arthur Newton will carry on the said business at No. Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme, in succession to Mr. Thomas Clement

24, Great Marlborough-street.

[Gazette, June 17.7 Sneyd Kynnereley, resigned. Mr.' Underhill is the son of Mr. George Lees Underhill, of Wolverhampton. He was called to the bar at the

GENERAL Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1862, and he practises on the Oxford Cir

We are glad to learn that Mr. W. Melmoth Walters, of New-square, suit. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1880, and he is a bencher of the Lincoln's-inn, who recently met with an accident while riding, is going

on favourably,

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Set down 12th March Middlesex Lamb v Monster Mr Waddy Justice Grove

586 We understand that Mr. Williamson, the secretary to the Incorporated | London, Edinburgh, &c., Assce. Co. ld v Horne 1885 L 2,863 Feb 25 Law Society, started on a voyage to the Cape on Wednesday last. It is Poole v Pickering 1886 P 2,832 Feb 26

A 886 Feb 26 hoped that he will derive great benefit from the change, which he needed In re Ayres, dec., Wright v Ayres 1886 and certainly well deserves after the labours throwv upon him in connec Siddell v Vickers, Son, & Co 1886 S 3,299 Feb 26

1886 0 357 Feb 28 tion with the Jubilee entertainments.

In re Orsmond, Drury v Orsmond

O'Brien v Mansell 1886 0 274 Feb 28
On the 16th inst. Grand Night of Trinity Term was celebrated at
Gray’s-inn by a dinner in the old hall. The Duke of Connaught, the Coote v Ingram 1886 4,601 Mar 1
treasurer of the inn, presided, and among those present were the Marquis Waring v Scotland 1886 W 3,043 Mar 1

1886 M 430 Mar 1 of Salisbury, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Herschell, the Lord Morewood v Smith

W 3,308 Mar 2 Chief Justice, Lord Macnaghten, Lord Bramwell, Lord Cross, Lord Wickham Greenway 1886

1886 W 3,307 Mar 2 Romilly, the French Ambassador, the United States Minister, Cardinal Wickham v Sandeman

Brodrick v Blackwood & Co 1886 B 5,265 Mar 2 Manning, and Lord Alcester.

Smith v Grenfell 1886 S5,075 Mar 2
"I do not expect you to believe it,” says a correspondent, but it is Harvey v Corpe & anr 1885 H 2,123 Mar 3
nevertheless the fact, that Mr. Justice Kay has signalized this Nicolo v Royal Aquarium, &c. Society 1886 N 1,677 Mar 3
Jubilee veek hy cracking a joke in court, or, at least, has uttered In re Brown, dec, Brown v Brown 1886 B 4,291 Mar 3
something which is considered to have been intended as a joke. In Share v Parkes 1886 S 3,944 Mar 3
an action for the infringement of a patent for a spring mattress a Winn v Aldred 1886 W 2,649 Mar 4
model of a four-post bedstead of the old pattern was produced. The Davies v Davies 1885 D 1,938 Mar 4
learned judge, addressing counsel, said, “That bedstead is not new; Shufflebotham v Bevington 1886 8 469 Mar 4
Adam slept on one like that, or, at least, Noah did.'”

Flick v Haggard 1887 F 1 Mar 4
Greenway v Sharp 1886 G 41 Mar 7
Schadler v Atkins 1886 S 3,973 Mar 7
Stuart v Wright 1886 S 3,052 Mar 8

Stanford v Hassall 1886 S 617 Mar 8

Bancroft v Foster 1886 B 4,103 Mar 9

Bancroft v Baker 1886 B 4,027 Mar 9


Furber v Best 1886 F 1,123 Dec 14

No. 1.
No. 2.


Best v Furber 1886 B 3,519 Mar 10
Mon., June 27 Mr. Ward Mr. King Mr. Jackson Mr. Pemberton


In re Shortridge & re Broughton, Salmon v Wallis 1886 S 77 Mar 10

Wednesday 29 Clowes

749 Mar 11


Andrade v Arbib 1886 A Thursday .. 30 Pemberton Ward


Clowes Hawkins v Barron 1886 A 904 Mar 12
Frid., July 1


Raffalovich & Co v Imperial Bank, ld 1883 R 98 Mar 12
Saturday... 2



In re J Maggs, dec, Maggs v Knee 1886 M 1,987 Mar 12
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Crampton v Swete & Maine 1886 4,085 Mar 12

Cordingley v The Alliance Soc 1886 0 1,185 Mar 14
Monday, June

27 Mr. Beal

Mr. Leach Mr. Carrington



In re J Miller, Miller v Leach 1886 M 3,111 Mar 15


Carrington Morewood & Co, ld v Dunn & ors 1886 M 64 Mar 16



Dovaston v Lloyd 1886 D 2,252 Mar 17
Friday, July .....




Stockton & Middlesborough Water Bd v Tee Bridge Iron Co 1884 S

4,971 Mar 17
In re Lister, Hill v Tate 1886 L 2,165 Mar 17

Hancock v Moore, Moore v Hancock 1884 H 3,848 Mar 18

Weaver v Sanitary Engineering, &c Co 1886 W 3,653 Mar 19 List of actions transferred by order, dated the 14th day of June, 1887, Weaver v Jas Stiff & Sons 1886 W 3,652 Mar 19 to Mr. Justice Kekewich, arranged in the order in which they will be in re Kearsley, dec, Knaresborough & Clare Banking Co v Kearsley 1886 heard.

K 703 Mar 22 1886.

Capel & Co v Sims Ships Compositions Co, ld 1886 C 2,414 Mar 22 A G Kurtz & Co v Peter Spence & Sons 1886 K 1,824 July 27 Peden v Tolputt 1886 P 2,755 Mar 22 Pashley v Chapman 1885 P 3,104 Aug 7

Warburg v Harris 1886 W 3,672 Mar 24
Price v Simmons 1885 L 598 Nov 18

Woolf v Stafford 1885 W 2,029 Mar 24
In re Mortgage, dated 13 Dec, 1883, Malcolm, Trading, &c, v Trsts of Ross Cox v Pardon & Sons 1886 0 5,040 Mar 24
Cresswell, Bankrupt 1886 O 1,120 Nov 22

Lockyer v Lush_1886 L 3,003 Mar 26
Richard Janes, Suppliant, v The Queen by Petition of Right 1885 J In re Crossley, Fenton v Rimmington 1886 C 4,504 Mar 26
1,046 Dec 10

Bodger v Lewis 1886 B 2,896 Mar 28 Brinton v Howlett, Howlett v Brinton 1886 B 1,968 Dec 16

Salaman v Ingle 1887 S 409 Mar 28 1887.

Stedran v Williams 1886 S 3,916 Mar 31 In re Gaulard & Gibbs' Patent (4,362), Petition of S Z de Perranti 4,362 Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co, id v Ansell 1886 B 4,746 Mar 31 Jan 11

Powell, exor v Davies 1886 P 2,889 April 1
Elwyn v Baldock 1886 E 1,300 Jan 24

Hesketh v Holland 1886 H 3,024 April 5
In re Paine, Paine v Paine, Paine v Paine 1886 P 1,122 Jan 26 In re Infield, Infield v Martin 1887 I 18 April 5
Birmingham, Dudley, &c, Banking Co, id, v Ross, jun 1886 B 3,791 Prior v Edwards 1886 P 1,917 (Cambridge D Reg) April 6
Jan 26

Craven Bank, ld v Preston 1886 149 April 13
Albo-Carbon Light Co, id, v J Kidd & Co 1886 A 859 Jan 29 Sharp v Wilmot 1886 S 1,625 April 18
Taylor v Salmon 1886 T 1,393 Jan 31
Eves y Eves 1886 E 3,971 Feb 1
Sanitas Co, ld, v Condy (trading, &c) 1886 S 4,830 Feb 4

Morrice v Lee 1886 M 1,188 Feb 5

QUEEN'S BENCA DIVISION. Cleaver v Bacon 1886 C 4,391 Feb 8

Continued from p. 551.) Foster v Cliffen, Cliffen v Foster 1886 F 1,885 Feb 8

T'RINITY SITTINGS, 1887. Goswell v Bishop. 1886 G 1,265 Feb 8

New Trial Paper. Frapwell v Dennis 1886 F 943 Feb 8

For Argument. Muskett v Poole 1885 M 78 Feb 9

1887. Brooks & Co v Powell, Foley, & Co 1886 B 1,440 Feb 10

Set down 3rd March Liverpool Shepherd v Wright Mr Kennedy Justice Sanguinetti v Gant 1886 $ 4,117 Feb 14

AL Smith Cave v Harris, Harris v Cave 1886 C 2,486 Feb 14

Set down 4th March Leeds Atkinson v Midland Ry Co Mr Lockwood Justice Woodgate v Walker 1884 W 2,939 Feb 15 Brodbeck v Strickland 1886 B 4,670 Feb 15

Set down 7th March Middlesex Rawley v Lond Gen Omnibus Cold Mr Cock

Justice Field
Cory v Roach 1886 O 1,471 Feb 17
Alexander v Smith 1886 A 1,316 Feb 17

Set down 8th March Middlesex Byart v Gooch & apr Mr Finlay Justice

Henderson v Gas Appliances Co, id 1886 H 1,232 Feb 18
Myatt v Evelyn 1886 M 2,498 Feb 19

Set down 8th March Hawes v Met Ry Co Solicitor-General Justice Field

Set down 8th March Middlesex Corpn of Trinity House v Thompson & ora Moore v Tylee 1886 M 1,497 Feb 19 Wier v Lansard 1886 W 3,618 Feb 22

Set down 9th March Birmingham Riordan v Curtis & ors Mr Graham Jus. Union Bank of London v Munster 1886 U 668 Feb 23

tice Grantham Maybury v Williams 1886 M 1,733 Feb 23

Set down 11th March Middlesex Stevens v Davis 1886 S 3,058 Feb 24

Justice Field Strutt v Samworth 1886 S 3,401 Feb 24

Set down 12th March Middlesex Ingham v Lord Lonsdale & anr Mr Marphy Cane v Hind 1886 O 4,561 Feb 23

Justice Field
Crookes v Rae 1882 C 2,569 Feb 25
Glanville v Heather 1887 G 2,106 Feb 25

Mr Marshall for defts A J McIntyre, QC, Conmr

Reynolds y Bailward Mr. Wildey Wright

for stay

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Set down 14th March Birmingham Ashton v Birmingham Central Trams Co & Ballantyne & Co Carter (Wilson & ora clints)
anr Mr Underhill for deft Lane Justice Grantham

In re Arbitration between Jackson & Jackson
Sat dowa 15th March Middlesex Merivale & apr v Carson Mr Cock Justice Lee (trading, &c) v Horsham & Co

Dufresne & ora v Richards & ors
Set down 15th March Reading Burt v Blackburn & ors Mr Jelf Justice Atkinson v Young & air, Young v Atkinson

Lotioga v John Ross & Co
Set down 16th March Middlesex Leslie v Emmott Mr T R Kemp Justice la re a Solicitor, Expte Jennings (urgeat)

Collin v Sani Set down 17th March Carnarvon Griffith v Abercwmeiddaw Slate Quarry Co, Hedley v Grey ld Mr C Higgins for plt A J McIntyre, E-q, QC, Commr

Weldon v De Bathe
Set down 21st March Middlesex Thompson v Robinson Mr Hopkins Baron Crowe v Thywiesen

Capsey v Everett
Sot down 22nd March Middlesex Hawkes v Farmer Mr Cock Justice Grove Binny & Co v Clegg & Co
Set down 24th March Middlesex Wise v Hobora & anr Mr Cooper Wyld for Exchange Telegraph Co, Id v Maitland
dft Hemsworth Justice Hawkins

Le Fleming v Jay Jay v Le Fleming
Set down 24th March Middlesex Jacobs v Evelyn & ors Plt in person Jas In re a Solicitor Expie Incorporated Law Soc
tice Hawkins

English, Scot'ish & Australian Chartered Bank Benjania & Co
Set down 25th March Middlesex Wise v Hoborn & anr Mr Overend for dft
Hoborn Justice Hawkins

Set down 28th March Middlesex Steer v The St James's Residential Cham-

For Judgment. bers Co, ld Mr T R Kemp Justice Field

Sussex Gardner v Mansbridge Magistrate's cage argued April 19, cor. Justices Set down 31st March Middlesex Pattrick v Meredith Mr T Terrell Justice

AL Smith & Wills Denman Sopdown 3let March Middlesex Crespigny v Orriss Mr T R Kemp Baron Yorkshire, Leeds, Mayor, &e, of Leeds v Robshaw County Court argued April

29, cor. Lord Chief Justice and Justice A L Smith

Midálcaex The Queen v General Council of Medical Education ard Registration Set down 2nd April Middlesex Hanbury & ors v Brocou Mr Lookwood Jus

of the United Kingdom Nisi for mandamus (Ex parte Partridge) argued May tice Denman

26, cor. Justices Mathew & AL Smith Set down and April Middlesex Harcourt v Riviera Pit in person Barun

For Argument. Pollock

Hertfordshire The Queen v Cheshunt Local Bd Mandamus Defendant's motion Sot down 4th April Middlesex Simmons ~ Labouchere Mr D Seymour Justice Denman

Lincolnshire Hemstock and ors v Hunt and ors

County Court

Special Set down 5th April Middlesex Dutch v Scargill Mr T R Kemp Baron

defendants' appeal H H Judge Hughes (pt hd-S till Justices Day Pollock

and A. L. Smith sit together), Set down 7th April Middle8ax Counsell v London & Westminster Loan & Salford Walton v Hardman Hundred Court plaintiff's appeal Discount Co, id & anr Mr Jelf Justice Donman

Swansea Hughes v Glover Magistrate's case Set down 27th April Middlesex Hobbs v Graefe Mr Walton Justice Denman Lincolnshire, Louth Mower v Plaskett County Court defendant's appeal Set down 28th April Middlesex Colbourn v Kersley & ore Mr Robson for HH Judge Stephens

dft Towerzey Justice Stephen Sot down 28:6 April Middlesex Smith v Consolidated Credit and Mortgage Lancashire, Ashton-under-Lyne & Stalybridge Dakinfield Local Board v AdamSet douce 29th April Middlesex Clarke v Great Eastera Ry Co Mr Murphy Lancashire, Liverpool, Bobbington v The Midland Ry Co County Court plain

Liverpool Roberts & anr v McDougall Passage Court plaintiffs' appeal TH Stt down 2nd May Middlesex Colbourn v Kersley & ors Mr Lgon for dit

Baylis, Esq, Judge
Kersley Justice Stephen

Lancashire Griffiths v E. Lawrence & ore, Licensing Justices for City of Liver-
Set down 2nd May Middlesex Weldon v Budd & anr Plt in person Justice pool Quarter Sessions appellant's nisi to quash

Lancashire Tranter v R Neilson, Esq, & ore, Justices of Lancashire Quarter Set down 6th May Middlesex Gas Light & Coke Co v Vestry of St George, Sessions appellant's nisi to quash order Hanover eq Mr Littler Justice Grove

England The Queen y Midland Ry Co Nisi for prohibition (expte Great Stt down 6th May Middlesex Eaton v Lake Mr Fillan for plt Justice Western Ry Co) Grantham

Sheffield Co of Proprietors of Sheffield Waterworks v Guardians of Poor of Set down 7th May Middlesex Shaw, Saville, & Albion Co, lu v Bell Coleman Sheffield Union Order of Sessions Appellants' nisi to quash (part beard and

Mechanical Refrigerating Co, ld Attorney Gen for plt L CJ of England adjourned to Trinity 25th May, cor Baron Pollock and Justice Field) Set down llth May Middlesex Stone v Chapman & anr Mr Clay Justice

Middlesex, Marylebone Kelly & apr v Kellond (Thomas, clmnt) County Stephen

Court Clwnts' app HH Judge Stonor Set down 12th May Middlesex Eaton v Lake Mr JL Walton for dft Justice Lancashire, Warrington McHardy (by next Friend) v Siptrott County Court Grantham

Pit's app HH Judge Ffoulkes Set down 16th May Middlesex Walton v Perry Mr J Davis Justice Stephen Met Pol Dist The Queen v T Vaughan, Esq Met Pal Magistrate & ore Nisi Set down 16th May Middlesex Shaw, Savill, & Albion Co, id v Bell Coloman to hear, &c, injunction Expte Boaler

Mechanical Refrigerating Co, id Sir H James for dfts L'CJ of England Salford Howarih v Brearloy Hundred Court Plt's app H West, Esq, Judge Ses down 17th May Middlesex Srook v Self-Acting Sewing Machine Cold & Middlesex The Queen v Poulter_&ors Nisi for certiorari for inquisition for crs Mr Horne Payne for dfc MoKay Justice Grove

compensation Expte London, Tilbury, & Southend Ry Co Set down 17th May Middlesex Samo v Same Mr TR Kemp for dít Park London The Queen v Mayor, &s, of London & anr Nisi to state case Expte house Justice Grove

Asser Set down 18th May Middlesex Dancan & Co v Hutton Mr Bigham Justice Lancashire, Oldham The Queen v J Wild, Esq, and ors Nisi to Justices to Willsmfj to be argued with this motion

rehear summons Expte H Holden Let down 19ih May Middlesex Gurney & Co v Stroud Me Hewitt Justice Dorsetshire, Poole The Queen y Mayor, &c, of Poole Indiotment Nisi for new Cave

trial (tried before Justice Mathew) Set down 19th May Liverpool Cunliffe v L & N W Ry Co Mr MoCall Justice Same The Queen v Same Indictment Nisi for new trial Day

Met Pol Dist Dickinson v Woodward Magistrate's 0180 Set down 20th May Leeds Jowett & anr v Local Board for District of Idle in Northamptonshire, Northampton Capell vo Golds (Cohen 3rd party) County County of York Mr Forbes Justice Magisty

Court Equity 3rd party's appeal HH Judge Cook Set down 24th May Manchester Pingstone v Caminada Nr Addison Jàstice Surrey, Wandsworth Bryant v Bancroft (Bancroft, clmnt) County Court Day

Clmnt's app

H H Judge Holroyd
Set down 27th May Middlesex Mehegan v Proprietors of Hay's Wharf Mr Monmouthshire, Newport Stott v Evans

County Court

Plaintiff's appeal Sot down 28th May Middlekex Willicombe v Chesterton Coal & Iron Cold Mr Southampton The Queen v Inhabitants of Southampton Nisi for new trial Crump Baron Pollock

(tried before Mathew, J.) Set down 1st June Middlesex Rayden v Carter Mr Vonnell Baron Pollock Northamptonshire, Peterborough The Queen v H H Judge Bagshawe & Catley OPPOSED MOTIONS.

Nisi for prohibition Expte Bill
For A:gament.

Glamorganebire, Aberdare. Howells v Morgan County Court Plaintiff's appeal In re F H H Samuel, one, &c, Expte Deeks & Co

HH Judge Williams Corbin v Humphrey & ors

Northamptonshire, Peterborough Catley v Bill County Court Defendant's Weldon v Weldon & anr

appeal" H H Judge Bagshawe Davis v Terry (Copper & anr clmts)

Surrey The Qaeen v Colonel Bevington & anr, Jj., &c., & Slazenger & Sons Newport (Monmouth) Slipway, &o Co. v Godfrey (see No. 83)

Nisi to issue distress warrants (Expte Overseers of St Saviour) Jacobs & Co v Mitchener & anr

Hanley, Staffordshire The Queen v Recorder of Hanley Nisi for certiorari for In re a Solicitor, Expte Incorporated Law Society

order (Expte The Bristol Gas Light Co), Thomas v Bainbridge & ors

Met Pol Dist The Queen v J Paget, Esq, Met Pol Magistrate, & O'Brien Nisi

to hear appla for sums (Expte White Sewing Machine Co) In re Taxation of Costs, In re Kime & anr

Lincolnshire, Sleaford Sharpe & Co v H H Judge Leonard & ors Courty Court Lang v Dotterill

Dft Judge Leonard's appeal H H Judge Stephen
Glamorganshire, Aberdare In re Davies, dec (Howells v Morgan) County Court

appeal of exors of R Williams, deo H H Judge Williams Morse v United Horse Shoe & Nail Co ld

Yorkshire, Leeds Sherlock v Brown Bros County Coart Defendants' appeal Newport (Monmouth) Slipway, &c Co v Godfrey (to be argued with No. 73)

H H Judge Greenhowe

Lancashire, Liverpool Edwards & Co v Tregarthen County Court Defendant's In re Arbitration between Hannah & Eddington

appeal H H Judge Collier Havard v Mason (Johnson, 3rd party)

Yorkshire, Bradford Craven v Bradford Advance &c Bank Id & Hartley County In re Whittaker, dec, Jonás v Leighi

Court Defendants' appeal H H Judge Gates

London Jamrack v West & ors Mayor's Court Defendants' appeal
In 1e Arbitration between Jones & Davies & apr
Meisenbach Co id v Carter (Wilson & ore clmts)

Surrey, Wandsworth Robinson v Robinson County Court Plaintift's appeal

H Ü Judge Holroyd

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Roberts v New

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S hletter v Hughes & ors
Eskholme & ors v Piggott

[ocr errors]

Smith v Freedman

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

Graves & Co v Buchunan

Kent, Tupbridge Gibbs v Parsons (Price, clmt) County Court Plaintiff's, Surrey. The Queen v Vestry of St George the Martyr, Southwark Nisi for appeal E Lloyd, Eeg, Deputy Judge

mandamus to pay pension (expte Smith) Middlesex, Sboreditch Cooke v Stark County Court Defendant's appeal HH Glamorganshire, Aberdaro Baker v Penrhiwceiber Coal Co County Court Ds. Judge Prentice

fendant's appeal H H Judge Surrey, Southwark Winter v Wallis County Court Plaintiff's appeal Η Η London Dwyer v Ash Bros County Court Plaintiff's appeal Judge Judge Holroyd

Middlesex, Westminster Thrussell v Handyside & Co County Court PlainDurham The Queen v Hall, Esg, Jj, &o, & Gillespie Nisi to issue summons tiff's appeal A H Judge Bayley (Expte Jeavens)

Middlesex, Shoreditch Williams v Docwra & Son County Court Plaintiff's Kent, Dartford Thompson v Dean County Court Plaintiff's appeal H H appeal H H Judge Prentice Judge Cox

Surrey Lambeth Jonas v Long & ors County Court (Equity) Defendant Hertfordsbire, St Albans Jacobs v Dawkes & anr (Arnold, the younger, clmt) Harris's appeal H H Judge County Court Execution Creditor's appeal_H H Judge Whighem

Sarrey, Southwark Wright v Wallis County Court Plain -iff's appeal H I Middlesex, Edmonton Blackwell v Great Eastern Land & Building Co, id Judge County Court Defendant's apdeal H H Judge Abdy

Middlesex, Edmonton Philips & anr v Dodt County Court Plaintiff' appeal Wolverhampton, Staffordshira The Queen v Recorder of Wolverhampton Smns

H H Judge for mandamus to hear appeal (Ex parte Parker) Referred from Chamberg Lincolnshire, Gainsborough Chatterton v Cheesman & anr County Court Da Mindlerex, Brompton Crombie v Sage & ors County Court

Plaintiff's appeal

fendants' appeal H H Judge Stephen HH Judge Stonor Lancashire, Ormekirk Cropper » Pilkington County Court Plaintiff's appeal


For Judgment. Durham, Darlington Cox v Darlington Steel & Iron Cold County Court Do Attorney-General v Emerson & ors Heard before Mr Justice Mathew and M: fepdants' appeal HH Judge Turner

Justice Cava Warwickshire, Birmiogham Harper v Davis County Court Defendant's

Cause for Hearing. appeal HH Judge Chalmers

Attorney Gen v Heywood & ors by English Information and Answer
Lancashire Evans & Co (trading, &o) » Overseers of the Poor of Pendleton

For Argument.
Quarter Sessions Respondents' nisi to quash
Lancashira Tunnicliffa & ora v Overseers of the Poor of Birkdale & Assessment

In the Mutter of the Duty on the Estate of the Institution of Civil Engineers Committee of the Ormskirk Union Quarter Sessions. Appellants' nisi to

Showiog cause against a writ of summons quash

Cases as to Income Tax.
Derbyshire, D rby Winson v Palmer County Court Plaintiff's appeal HH St Andrew's Hospital, Northampton, Applts and Shearsmith (Surveyor of Taxes)
Judge Russel

Yorkshire, Sheffield Clegg v Beretta & anr County Court Defendants' appeal Werle & Co, Applts and Colquhoun (Surveyor of Taxes) Respt
H H Judge Ellison

Cook (Surveyor of Taxes) Appt and Knoit, Respt
Stafford hire South Staffordshire Waterworks Co v Stone Magistrata's case

The Mersey Loan & Discount Cold Applts and Wootton (Surveyor of Taxes) Yorksbire, Kingston-upon-Hall Exchange and Discount Bank Id v Maw & apr County Court Plaintiff's appeal A H Judge Bedwell

Colquhoun (Surveyor of Taxes) Applt and Brooks, Respt Norfolk The Queen V E R M Pratt, Eeg, & ors, Jj, &c, & aar Nisi to hear,

&c, appln for bastardy order (expte Begley).
Middlesex, Marylebone H Dickson & Co v Simon (Waram olmt) County Court

Plaintiffs' appeal H H Judge Stonor
Middlesex, Westminster Hanson v Nightingale County Court Defendant's

appeal H H Judge Bailey,
Kent Fuller v Rayna Magistrate's case

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 17. Manchester Gorton Local Board v Prigon Commissioners Magistrate's case

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Met Pol Diet The Queen J Sbiel, Esg, Met Pol Mag and ors Nisi to state

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. case (expte Girling)

AOTIEN GESELLSCHAFT CHEMISCHE FABRIK COLOMBIA, LIMITED.-Petn for windMancbester The Queen v J AP Seresche, Esq, Stipendiary Mag for the ing up, presented June 15, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on June 25 at Divirion of Manchester Nisi for certiorari order (expte Palmer)

10.30. Gasquet & Metcalfe, Idol lane, Gt Tower st, solors for petners Lancashire. Chorley Cochrane v Dakin County Court Defondant's appeal

JOHORE CO, LIMITED. -Petn for winding up, presented June 16, directed to be HH Judge Coventry

heard before Stirling, J., on Saturday, June 25. Sole & Co, Aldermanbury,

solors for petners Sunderland Corpn of Trinity House of Deptford, Stroud v Neptune Steam LEIPSIC HALLE AND DISTRICT ICE CO, LIMITED.-North, J., has fixed Monday, Naviga Cold Magistrate's case

June 27 at i, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator Middlesex The Queen v Assessment Committee of St Mary, Islington Nisi for LONDON MODEL DWELLINGS CO, LIMITED. --Stirling, J., hag, by au order dated

mandamus to make provisional valuation list (expte Agricultural Hall Co). June 1, appointed Paul Alfred Boulton, 99A, King William st, to be official London Brown v Griffen & apr County Court Defendant's appeal Mr Com

liquidator missioner Kerr

LONDON OYSTER CULTIVATING CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirling, J., Bedford-hire, Bedford Smith » Midland Ry Co County Court Defendanta'

dated June 11, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Hudson & Co,

Queen Victoria st, solors for petners appeal H H Judge Bagshawe

MYSORE ESTATES CO, LIMITED.--North, J., has, by an order dated June 3, apStaffordshire, Hadley Baddeley v Granville County Court Defendant's appeal pointed Henry Tolputt, 32, Great St Helens, to be official liquidator. Creditors HH Judge Jordan

are required, on or before Oct 8. to send their names and addresses, and the Lancasbire Local Board for District of Waterloo with Seaforth v Lewis Magis

particulars of their debts or claims, to the above. Tuesday, Oct 25 at 1, is aptrate's case

pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. Yorkebire, Huddersfield Horberry, the younger, v Whitwharn (Dyson clm)

LIMITED IN OHANCERY County Court Claimant's appeal H H Judge Spagge

LIVERPOOL VICTORIA LOAN AND BANKING CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, Durbam, Sunderland Lister v Pinkney & Sons' Steamship Co ld County Court presented June 13, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at the Defendents' appeal H H Judge Meynell

Assize Courts, Manchester, on Monday, June 27. Snowball & Co, Liverpool, Middlesex, Bloomsbury Witt v Badder (Simmons, clmt)

solors for petners

County Court Claimant's appeal H H Judge Bacon

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 21. Lancasbire, Leigh Cowburn v Leigh & Son County Court Plaintiff's appeal


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Middlesex The Queen v Keepers of the Peace & Justices for Midd'esex acting

BIRMINGHAM CAB CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by North, J., dated June 11, for Petty Sessional Division of Edmonton Nisi for prohibition from proceed

it was ordered that the company be wound up. Burton & Co, Lincoln's inn ing on rating appeals (expte Edmonton Union)

BRIGHTON MUSIC HALL CO, LIMITED. --By an order made by Stirling, J., dated Northumberland, Newcastle McGregor v McGregor County Court Defen June 11, it was ordered tbat the company be wound up. Whitfield, Finsbury dant's appeal H H Judge 1

pavement, solor for petner Devonshire, Newton-Abbott & Torquay Macleod v Cornelius County Court

BRITISH PATENT GLAZING CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirling, J., dated Defendant's appeal H H Judge Giffard

June 11, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be conLeicestershire, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Bourne & ors v Netherseal Colliery Co ld

tinued. Furber, Gray's inn sq, solor for petner County Court Plaintiff's appeal H H Judge Hooper


sented June 11, directed to be heard' before North, J., on July 9. Bevir, Leicestershire, Bromley & ore v Same Same

Devereux chinbrs, Temple, solor for petner
Glamorganshire, Swansea Lewis v Evans County Court Defendant's appeal E. L. PARR & CO, LIMITED.--By an order made by Kay, J., dated June 18: i benda

HH Jadge Williams
Lancashire Mattinson v Moorsom Magistrato's care

ford row, agent for Morgan & Scott, Cardiff, solors for petner Surrey, Southwark Ray • Willis County Court Plaintiff's appeal H H Judge

KEXSHAM PAPER MILL CO, LIMITED --By an order made by Kay, J., dated June Holroyd

11, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continuei. Cardiff "Evado v Hemingway Magistrate's case

READING IRON WORKS, LIMITED. - Creditors are required, on or before July 16, Lincoloshire, Grantham Carltoa Bank ld v Kingstone tiff's appeal H H Judge Hooper

County Court Plain to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims Leicestershire, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Garner & or8 v Garner County Court De

Reading. Tuesday, July 26 at 12, is appointed for heuring and adjudicating fendant's appeal H H Judge Hooper

upon the debts and claims. Spokes, Essex st, strand, solor for liquidators Yorkshire, W R Montagu v Goole Local Board, Goole Local Board v Montagu Quarter Sessions Public Health Act, 38 & 39 Vict. o. 55, e. 269

ordered that the company be wound up. Harris & Co;" Coleman st, solors for

petners London Palliser & apr v Gurney County Court Plaintiff's appeal Mr Commissioner Kerr, Judge

ALBION MUTUAL PERMANENT BENEFIN BUILDING SOCIETY.–By an order made Middlesex, Westminster Sbield v King County Court Defendant's appeal

by Chitty, J., dated June 11, it was ordered that the society be wound up. H H Judge Bayley

Cullisson & Co, Bedford row, solore for petner


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Oxfordshire The Queen v Robinson Nisi for certiorari for Coroner's inquisition (ixpte Hussey)

chester, on July 4. Barrell & Co, Liverpool, solors for petner ter deed (expte Munton)


Deponebieg alcaplo Essery o Symone County Court Pleintit's appe 1 DU BEDAD, ADAMS, & Co, Llanteen Freiherranding up, presented

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