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they had been built to find them organs or surplices for the singers, it | Sanguinetti v Gaut 1886 S 4 117 Feb 14
was difficult to speak at a charity dinner. But if there ever had been a Cave v Harris, Harris v Cave 1886 02,486 Feb 14
charity like this he knew it not. The profession of the solicitor was a Cory v Roach 1886 C 1,471 Feb 17
most difficult one to pursue, a most difficult one to acquire in anything Cane v Hind 1886 O 4,561 Feb 23
like perfection, and one in which many men went down in the struggle Poole v Pickering 1886 P 2,832 Feb 26
of life. And if men would join the committee of the society and hear In re Ayres, dec., Wright v Avres 1886 A 886 Feb 26
the tales of grief which came before them then they would know what Coote v Ingram 1886 o 4,601 Mar 1
functions it was performing in saving the desperate, the desolate, and Wickham v Greenway 1886 W 3,308 Mar 2
the oppressed from distress, misery, despair, and death. And men who Wickham v Sandeman 1886 W 3,307 Mar 2
had succeeded should be generous to those who had been less fortunate. Harvey v Corpe & anr 1885 H 2,123 Mar 3
They were delighted to see their friends the visitors here to-night Nicolo v Royal Aquarium, &c. Society 1886 N 1,677 Mar 3
supporting one of the best of such associations.

In re Brown, dec, Brown v Brown 1886 B 4,291 Mar 3
Mr. J. S. PURCELL (Registrar of the Joint-Stock Companies and editor Winn v Aldred 1886 W 2,649 Mar 4
of the “ Law List”) having suitably replied, the proceedings terminated. Greenway v Sharp 1886 G 41 Mar 7

During the evening glees and part-songs were very admirably rendered Stuart v Wright 1886 8 3,052 Mar 8 by Master Humm, Mr. J. A. Brown. Mr. W. Coates, Mr. C. Beckett, and Andrade v Arbib 1886 A 749 Mar 11 Mr. Winn, under the direction of Mr. Coates. Mr. Harradine was the Hawkins v Barron 1886 A 904 Mar 12 toastmaster.

Ruffalovich & Co v Imperial Bank, ld 1883 R 98 Mar 12
In re J Maggs, decd, Maggs v Knee 1886 M 1,987 Mar 12
Weaver v Sanitary Engineering, &c, Co 1886 W 3,653 Mar 19

Weaver v Jas Stiff & Sons 1886 W 3,652 Mar 19

In re Kearsley, decd, Knaresborough and Clare Banking Co v Kearsley

1886 K 703 Mar 22 MR. C. FORTESCUB BRICKDALE has addressed the following letter to the Warburg v Harris 1886 W 3,672 Mar 24 Times :- I venture to submit herewith a table of figures illustrating a Powell, exor, v Davies 1886 P 2,889 April 1 point of some importance which has been made the subject of very vague

Prior v Edwards 1836 P 1,967 April 6 Cambridge D Reg and very varied conjectures-namely, the real clear practical difference in Craven Bank, ld v Preston 1886 C149 April 13 expense to the land owner that may be expected to result from the Sharp v Wilmot 1886 S 1,625 April 18 adoption of the new system, after the primary registration of the land has once been effected.

SECOND SCHEDULE. The contents of the columns of the table are made up as follows :

From Mr. Justice North (witness actions). Col. 1. Supposed values of estates being dealt with on the register.

1886. Col. 2. A. - The office fee for registration of a sale (as charged in the Pashley v Chapman 1885 P 3,104 Aug 7 resent registry) and the expenses of the necessary declaration of Price v Simmons 1885 L 598 Nov 18 dentity, including 28. 6d. paid to the Inland Revenue. B.-The Malcolm v Cresswell 1886 C1,120 Nov 22 maximum fee chargeable for insurance under the proposed enactment. Jaynes v The Queen 1885 J 1,046 Dec 10 0.-The total of these two. This total shows the entire expense to both

1887. parties when the business is conducted without professional help. The Re Gaulard and Gibbs Patent (4,362) Petition Jan 11 Australian experience abundantly shews that every transfer and mortgage Albo-Carbon Light Co ld v J Kidd & Co 1886 A 859 Jan 29 of an entire holding can be thus conducted by any person of average busi- Morrice v Lee 1886 M 1,188 Feb 5 ness capacity, and the English experience is similar as far as it has gone. Cleaver v Bacon 1886 C 4,391 Feb 8

Col. 3.-A. The amounts payable for professional help, according to a Foster v Cliffen, Cliffen v Foster 1886 F 1,885 Feb 8 scale of fees for conducting transfers on sales in the present land registry Goswell v Bishop 1886 G 1,265 Feb 8 which has been issued and acted upon by a bigh-class firm of solicitors for Frapwell v Dennis 1886 F 943 Feb 8 a considerable time. B.-The total to which the entire expense would Muskett v Poole 1885 M 78

Feb 9 thus be brought up.

Woodgate v Walker 1884 W 2,939 Feb 15 Col. 4. The fees chargeable (to vendor and purchaser together) for a Brodbeck v Strickland 1886 B 4,670 Feb 15 sale of unregistered land under the present private practice.

Alexander v Smith 1886 A 1,316 Feb 17
Myatt v Evelyn 1886 M 2.498 Feb 19

Wier v Lansard 1886 W 3,618 Feb 22
Value of


Crookes v Rae 1882 C 2,569 Feb 25

Total. sent Glanville v Beather 1887 G 2,106 Feb 25

Costs. Siddell v Vickers, Son & Co 1886 S 3.299 Feb 26
£ s. d.

In re Orsmond, Dury v Orsmond 1886 0 357 Feb 28
£ s. d.
2 2

Waring v Scotiand 1886 W 3,043 Mar 1
Davies v Davies 1885 D 1.938 Mar 4
Shflebotham v Bevington 1886 S 469 Mar 4

Schadler v Adkins 1886 S 3,973 Mar 7
7 1 6

Stanford v Hassall 1886 S 617 March 8 £50,000

1886. ilt is possible that the above fees for very small transactions may be Furber v Best 1886 F 1,123 Dec 14

Best v Furber 1886 B 3,519 Mar 10
In re Shortridge & re Broughton, Salmon v Wallis 1886 S 773 Mar 10
Crampton v Suete & Main 1886 C 4,085 Mar 12

Codringley v The Alliance Soc 1886 C 1,185 March 14

Dovaston v Lloyd 1886 D 2,252 Mar 17

Stockton & Middlesborough Water Bd v Tee Bridge Iron Co 1884 S HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION.

4,971 Mar 17

In re Lister Hill v Tate 1886 L 2,165 Mar 17

Capel & Co v Sims Ships Compositions Cold 1886 O 2,414 Mar 22
Tuesday, the 14th day of June, 1887. Woolf v Stafford 1885 W 2,029 Mar 24
Whereas, from the present state of the business before Mr. Justice Lockyer v Lush 1886 L 3,003 Mar 26
Chitty, Mr. Justice North, Mr. Justice Stirling, and Mr. Justice Kekewich In re Crossley, Fenton v Rummington 1886 C 4,504 Mar 26
respectively, it is expedient that a portion of the causes assigned to Mr. Bodger v Lewis 1886 B 2,896 Mar 28
Justice Chitty, Mr. Justice North, and Mr. Justice Stirling should for the Salaman v Ingle 1887 S 409 Mar 28
purpose only of hearing or of trial be transferred to Mr. Justice Kekewich;
Now I, the Right Honourable Hardinge Stanley, Baron Halsbury, Lord

High Chancellor of Great Britain, do hereby order that the several causes

From Mr. Justice Stirling (Witness Actions). and matters set forth in the schedules hereto be accordingly transferred

1887. from the said Mr. Justice Chitty, Mr. Sustice North, and Me." Justice Elwyn v Baldock 1886 E 1,300 Jan 24 etialing to Mr. Justice Kekewich, for the purpose only of hearing of Of In re Paine, Paine v Paine, Paine v Paine 1886 P 1,122 Jan 26 trial, and be marked in the cause books accordingly. And this order is to Birmingham, Dudley, &c, Banking Co, id, v Ross, jun 1886 BR 3,791 drawn up by the registrar and set up in the several offices of the Chancery

Jan 26 Division of the High Court of Justice.

Taylor v Salmon

1886 T 1,393 Jan 31

Eves v Eves 1886 E 3,971 Feb 1

Sanitas Gold Co, ld, v Condy (trading, &c) 1886 S 4,830 Feb 4
From Mr. Justice Chitty (witness actions).

Brooks & Co v Powell, Foley, & Co 1886 B 1,440 Feb 10
A G Kurtz & Co v Peter Spence & Sons 1886 K 1,824 July 27

Henderson v Gas Appliances Co, ld 1886 H 1,232 Feb 18 Brinton v Howlett, Glading v Brinton 1886 B 1,968 Dec 16

Moore v Tylee 1883 M 1,497 Feb 19

Maybury v Williams 1886 M 1,733 Feb 23
Union Bank of London y Munster 1886 0 668 Feb 3

Stevens v Davis 1886 S 3,058 Feb 24
Strutt v San worth 1886 S 3,401 Feb 24





B Insurance.


A Solici, tor.

£ s.

Under £100.. BiGo to £300 £500 £1,000... £3,000 .. £10,000

8. d. 12 6 12 6 12 6 12 6

16 6 1 10 6 5 10 6

0 10

£ s. d.

4 2
12 6
2 1 8
6 5 0
20 16 8
104 3 4

16 8 1 5 0 1 13 4 2 14 2

3 3 3 3 5 5 8 8 10 10 31 10

2 18 8
4 80
4 16 4
7 19 2
15 96
32 17 2
141 3 10

£ 6 10 15 80 70 140 340

22 7 2 109 13 10

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London, Edinburgh, &c, Assurance Co, id, v Horne 1885 L 2,863 Feb 25 said Charles Edward Beal will continue the business at No. 30, Regent' O'Brien v Mansell 1886 0 274 Feb 28

street aforesaid. Morewood v Smith 1886 M 430 Mar 1

JOHN LOVELL HAMSHAW aud HERBERT WILLIAM STANBURY, solicitors Brodrick v Blackwood & Co 1886 B 5,265 Mar 2

(Hamshaw & Stanbury), Hanley and Stone. June 8. [Gazette, June 14.] Smith v Grenfell 1886 S 5,075 Mar 2 Share v Parkes 1886 S 3,944 Mar 3

Flick v Haggard 1887 F 1 Mar 4
Bancroft v Foster 1886 B 4,103 Mar 9

A meeting of all the judges of the Supreme Court was held on Thursday Bancroft v Baker 1886 B 4,027 Mar 9

in Lord Coleridge's Room at the Royal Courts. In re J Miller, Miller v Leach 1886 M 3,111 Mar 15

Probate has been granted of the will, dated June 19, 1886, of the Right Morewood & Co ld v Dunn & ors 1886 M 64 Mar 16 Hancock v Moore, Moore v Hancock 1884 H 3,848 Mar 18

Hon. Sir John Mellor, whose personal estate has been declared at Peden v Tolputt 1886 P 2,755 Mar 22

£97,071 6s. 5d. Cox v Pardon & Sons 1886 0 5,040 Mar 24

Great preparations are understood to be in progress for the “Masque,” Stedman v Williams 1886 S 3,916 Mar 31

which is to be given at Gray's-inn on the 7th of July next, in commemoraBoston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Cold v Angell 1886 B 4,746 Mar 31

tion of the Jubilee year. Hesketh v Holland 1886 H 3,024 April 5

T. H. H. writes, with regard to the Law Society's ball :-“You speak o Infield v Martin 1887 I 18 April 5

the laments of certain unhappy men who had to go away without their HALSBURY, C.

hats and coats, of which, however, they obtained possession on the following morning. Would that my lamentations had ended thus happily, for up to the present moment I have been unable to obtain possession of my

property-to wit, an opera hat, conspicuously bearing my initials. If the LEGAL NEWS.

* gentleman' who at present retains the above sbould chance to read your

paper, it may serve to remind him to return my good hat to the place OBITUARY.

from whence he took it. It is not my intention to offer him a reward." Mr. HOWARD SAMUEL WINNETT, solicitor, of 37, Lime-street, and At an inquest held at Tunstall, Staffordshire, over which Mr. John Booth, Lewisham, died at his residence, 48, Dartmouth-road, Forest-hill, on the coroner for the county, presided, the jury returned the following verdict: 28th ult. Mr. Winnett was the second son of Mr. William Winnett, -“That George Wright met with his death accidentally, but that a stricter of Gravesend, and was born in 1850. He served his articles with his supervision by the responsible managers was wanting.” The coroner brother-in-law, Mr. William Eley, and he was admitted a solicitor in prepared the inquisition, omitting the latter clause, but the jury 1873. He formerly practised in Fenchurch-street, but he subsequently declined to sign it, and were bound over to appear at the next assizes. removed to Lime-street. In 1881 Mr. Winnett was appointed clerk and It is stated that during the proceedings one juryman threatened to lock solicitor to the Lewisham District Board of Works, and he held that office the coroner in the room and compel him to listen to their arguments, till his death. He was also clerk to the Lewisham Public Baths Com. which he positively declined to do. missioners. Mr. Winnett was married to the daughter of Mr. Hutten, of Gravesend. He was buried at Norwood Cemetery on the 3rd inst.

A banquet in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee was given at the Middle

Temple on Wednesday evening. The Prince of Wales, as treasurer of the Mr. Robert Dawson Mayne, barrister, died suddenly at Port of Spain, inn, presided, and Prince Albert Victor and the Duke of Cambridge were Trinidad, on the 10th inst., from disease of the heart. Mr. Mayne was also present. Among the other guests were the Archbishop of Canterthe second son of Sir Richard Mayne, K.C.B., many years Chief Com- bury, the Lord Chancellor, the Marquis of Hartington, Earl Granville, missioner of the Metropolitan Police. He was born in 1845, and he was K.G.,Lord Esher (Master of the Rolls), Mr. W. H. Smith (First Lord of educated at Balliol College, Oxford. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's. the Treasury), Mr. John Bright, M.P., Sir FitzJames Stephen (Treasurer inn in Hilary Term, 1869, and he practised for a few years on the Home of the Hon. Society of the Inner Temple), the Lord Advocate, the PresiCircuit. He was for some time chief magistrate at the Gambia, and dent of the Royal Academy, and the Attorney-General. The tables were about five years ago he was appointed stipendiary magistrate at Port of lavishly decorated, the hall was lighted with the electric light, and the Spain, Trinidad.

band of the Inns of Court Volunteers was stationed in the gallery.

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Mr. Koe

APPOINTMENTS. Mr. ALFRED KINGDON, Solicitor-General of British Guiana, has been appointed to officiate as Attorney-General of that colony. Mr. Kingdon

COURT PAPERS. is the third son of the late Mr. Thomas Kingdon Kingdon, Q.C., and was born in 1854. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in July, 1878,

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. and he formerly practised on the Western Circuit. He was appointed

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON Solicitor-General of British Guiana about a year ago, having previously


Date. acted as Attorney-General of St. Vincent.

No. 1.
No. 2.



Mr. Godfrey Mr. Clowes Mr. King Mr. Henry KIRKE, barrister, has been appointed to uct as a Puisne Judge Mon., June 20 Mr. Jackson


Pemberton Ward for the colony of British Guiana. Mr. Kirke is the only son of Mr. Wednesday 22 Carrington Godfrey


Henry Kirke, of Chapel-en-Frith, Derbyshire, and was born in 1842. He Thursday .. 28 Lavie


Ward was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, where he graduated second | Friday,




Saturday... 25 Pugh class in Law and Modern History in 1863, and he was called to the bar at


Pemberton Ward the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1868.

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice He was formerly a member of

NORTH. the Midland Oircuit, and he was appointed a stipendiary magistrate in


Monday, June British Guiana in 1872.

20 Mr. Lavie

Mr. Pugh


Jackson Mr. WILLIAM SEALEY FISHER, solicitor, of Wirksworth, has been ap



Carrington Beal

Jackson pointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Friday



Carrington Beal

Jackson Mr. JOHN EDWARDS BIRKETT, solicitor, of Workington, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of

COURT OF APPEAL. Judicature.

TRINITY SITTINGS, 1887. Mr. W. E. GREENWELL, solicitor, has been appointed Clerk to the Land

(Continued from p. 547.)
and Income Tax Commissioners for St. Marylebone in succession to the
late Mr. John Charles Burgoyne.



AND THE COUNTY PALATINE AND STANNARIES COURTS. of 80, Coleman-street, E.C., has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature in England.

Higgins & anr from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 22 Feb, 1887, on sumos Mr. Charles Ernest HARRISON, LL.M. Cantab., solicitor (of the firm of Cobb & Co v Woodward app of Thomas Foat from refusal of Mr Justice Stirling a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

dated 4 Marcb, 1887 March 25

Humpherson y Syer app of dft from jdgt of Mr Justice Kekowich, dated 7

Marcb, 1887 March 26
In re Robert Stewart, dec Clarke, Bart v Sandford app of F Sandford & ant




Mr. F. W. CHANT Horrow, solicitor (of the firm of Rundle & Hobrow), Inate Pyringham's Marriage Settlement Markby v Tyringhardt, 1989 de WES

Harrison & Robinson), of 5, Chancery-lane, London, has been appointed Bitor vary inhibee.clerico Pescicatesa plod dito froma judgt of M: Justice Kekowich,

& Bradley), 6, Great James-street, Bedford-row. June 3.

[Gacetie, June 10. CHARLES EDWARD BEAL and PHILIP DE SOYRES, solicitors (Beal & De Soyres), 30, Regent-street, Waterloo-place, London. March 31. The

FREDERICK GEOROE & BERTRAM A. Taylor, solicitors (Frederick George Informace of hors de tornada de er der maps olaft from jagt of Mr Justics Eu Swakutse and GEORGE HEXBURT BRADLEY, solicitors (Sweeting Game, dated 26. ebruary, 1972 firmarea dent of Mr Justice Kekewieb, dated ?

fusal of Mr Justice North vary Chief Clerko Certificate, dated 3 Feb, 1887

March, 1887 March 29
In re E M Machan, dec Hogarth v Machan

March 30

app of plt M A Dobson from re


Brough & anr (on behalf, &c) v Daudo, trading, & app of TV Gurney from From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Chancery Division. refusal of Mr Justice Chitty to vary Chief Clerk's Certificate, dated 10 March, 1887 March 31

Separate List. Davies Bros & Co v Davies app of dft from jdgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated

1887. 14 March, 1887 April 2 In re RC Leigh, late an Infant, now of age, and Infants' Settlement Act, 18 &

O'Dowd v Griggs app of plt from refusal of Mr Justice North to direct produc19 Vict c 43 Leigh v Leigh app of dft R C Leigh from order of Mr Justice

tion of documents, &c., dated March 14, 1880 April 6 Kay, dated 1 April, 1887, directing Settlement on Marriage. April 4

Parker v Bingbam app of dft T R D Bingham from Mr Jastice North refusing Ager v Blacklock & Co and Robinson & Co app of plt from jdgt of Mr Justice

order for production of doouments, gated Mar 29 Apr 19 Kekewicb, dated 13 Jan, 1887 April 6

Walsh (trading as Walsh Bros) v Darwen Paper Mills Co id app of plts from Franklin Hocking & Cold Franklin Hocking app of dft from jdgt of Mr

order of Mr Justice North, dated April 26, for sequestration for breach of

undertaking May 17 Justice Kekewich, dated 5 April, 1887 April 7

In re Edmund Walter, an infant Walter v Walter app of Mary Grace Walter Bird v Andrew app of plt from jdgt of Mr Justice Kay, dated 7 March, 1887 from refusal of Mr Justice Chitiy, dated May 13, to direct payment of costs, April 7

amend order, and extend time for appealing May 18 In re Fitzgerald's Settled Estates Fitzgerald - White app of plt from order of Cobb & Co v Woodward Cobb & Co v Creery (Trustee, &o) app of Thomas Foat Mr Justice North, dated 21 March, 1887 April 13

from order of Mr Justice Stirling dated May 6, directing to attorn tenant to Wadge v Garrold app of dft T W Garrold from judgt of My Justice Keke wich, receiver May 27

dated 2 March, 1887 April 16 In re Mary Smyth, dec Crotch v Bishop app of dfts Emily de J Bishop & ors FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH AND PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND from judgt of Mr Justice Kay, dated 15 February, 1887 April 16

ADMIRALTY (ADMIRALTY) DIVISIONS. Peek, Bart v Derry app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stirling, dated 24 March, WC D Esdaile & anr v Assessment Committee of the City of London Union 1887 April 20

(Q B Crown Side) app of City of London Union from Justices Mathew and In re The Mount Morgan (West) Gold Mine ld & Co's Act, 1862 Expte Stephen Cave affirming order of General Assessment Sessions March 29

H West app of the Co from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 5 April, 1887 Lea v Facey app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Wills at trial at Monmouth directing removal from register April 21

without a jury March 29 Tennant v The Swansea Harbour Trustees app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice The Adelphi Bank, ld, v The Halifax Sugar Refining Co, ldapp of plt from Kekewich, dated 24 February, 1887 April 22

Justices Day and Wills directing entry of judgt for defts—action tried by Mr In re Joseph Sporle, dec. Sporlev Thurston app of dft Jas Thurston from Justice Cave at Liverpool with a jury March 31 judgt of V C Bacon, dated 19 April, 1837 April 25

Hamer v James & anr app of ple from judgt of Lord Justice Lopes at trial in In re W. Sherwood, dec Metcalt v Sherwood app of dft from judgt of Mr. Middlesex with a jury April 5 Justice North, dated 25 May, 1887 April 28

Banister v Clift app of de'ts from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial in Mid. In re the Missouri Estates Ry & Iron Co Id & Co's Auts, 1862 to 1880 Expte Jones & antv Williams, Gittins, & anr (garnishees) app of defts from judge

TL Robinson app of T L Robinson from order of Mr Justice Stirling, dated 19 Marcb, 1887 April 29

of Mr McIntyre, Q.C., sitting as Commissioner after trial at Wels'npool In re Wm Henderson, dec Nouvion v Freeman app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice North, dated 21 April, 1887 May 2

The Mayor, &c, of the Company of Merchants of the Staple of Eagland v Bank In re W Sainsbury, deo Sainsbury v Collins app of dfts from judgt of Mr

of England app of plts from order of Justioes Day and Wills on motn after Justice North, dated 16 March, 1887 May 4

trial before Baron Pollock reserving leave to move to enter judgt The Mayor The Metropolitan District Ry Co v The Metropolitan District Joint Committee

&c of the Staple of England v The Bank of England app of dfts from same & Metropolitan Ry Co app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated

order April 7 3 May, 1887 May 4

Great Northern Ry Co v Kennedy & anr app of dft from judgt of Mr Justica The Metropolitan District Ry Co » The Metropolitan Ry Co app of dfts from City of London Contract Corporation, id Styles (@

Field at trial in Middlx without a jury April 13

Revenue Side) app of judgt of Mr Justice North, dated 16 July, 1886 May 5 Moseley - Victoria Rubber C app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Chitty,

Contract Corporation from jadgt of Justices A L Smith and Grantham on ease dated 26 April, 1887 May 9

stated by Commissioners of Income Tax April 13 12 re E Westall, deo

Holmes v The Twickenham Local Board of Health (Q B Crown Side) app of West v Westall app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice Stirling, dated 29 April, 1887, on originating sumns May 17

The Loyal Board from judgt of Baron Huddleston and Mr Justice A L Smith Hall v Ewin app of aft John Ewin from judgt of Mr Justice Kekswich, dated 3

setting aside order of Jastices affirming rate Bonella v Same Local Board (Q B May, 1887 May 19

Crown Side) app of The Local Board from like order April 14

Duke of Devonshire & ors (on behalf, &c) v Pattinson & Mayor, &c., of Carlisle Tucker v Bennett app of oft William Bennett from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated 29 Jan, 1887 May 21

app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice AL Smith on fur con after trial at Carlisle

Same Action app of plts from part of same judgt April 16
Io re Branksea Island Co, ld, & Co's Acts app of Rt Hon G AF Bentinck,
MP, from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 5 April, disallowing items in his

Harker & anr v Edwards app of aft from judge of Mr Justice Field at trial in

Middlesex April 21 claim as creditor May 23 In re Branksea Island Cold & Co's Acts app of Rt Hon G A F Bentinck, M.P.

Hammond & Co v Bussey app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice Field at trial in

Middlesex without a jury April 25 and Şir H. Drummond Wolff from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 19' April, Se-ly v Grogan app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice Cave at trial in Middlesex varying Chief Clerk's certificate of contributories May 23

without a jury April 28 In ra TJ Milne, dec Grant v Heysbam (construction) app of plt and deft from judgt dated 29 April, 1889 May 25

The Hire Purchase Furnishing Co ld v Richens & anr app of dfts from judgt of

Mr Justice Grantham at trial in Middlesex without a jury April 29 Evans v Benyon app of deft Richard Benyon from judgt of Mr Justice Kay dated May 5, 1887 June 1

Langley v Davies app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Wills at trial with a jury

at Cardiff May 5 Appeals from the County Palatine Court of Lancaster.

The Real and Personal Advance Co Id v D J Clears (Q B Crown Side) app of From Interlocutory Orders.

plt from judgt of the Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice A L Smith on app

from County Court affirming noneuit May 6 1886. In re Thos Etty, Gent, one, &o, and In re Toxteth Brewery Co & Co's Acts

Wilson v Glossop (Q B Crown Side) asp of deft from order of Justices Mathew

and Cave directing entry of judgt for plt May 13 and Chancery Lancaster Acts app of liquidator from refusal of Vice-Chancellor Shaw, Savill & Albion Cold v The Bell Coleman Mechanical Refrigorating Co to direct account and payment of assets in hands of solicitor Oct 4 (S O till app of plts from part of judgt of the Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice Å L

Smith as to damages after trial with special jury May 13
From Final Orders and Judgments.

Brown v Bantzen app of deft from judgt of Mr. Justice Cave at trial in Middlesex 1887.

without a jury May 13 White v Spencer app of plt from j adgt of the Vice-Cb incello', dated 11 Jan,

Burrell v Mossop app of plt fron judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial in Middle1887 Feb 21

sex without a jury May 16 Knowles y Heathcote app of plt from judgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated

Whitaker & anr v Dand app of plts from judgt of the Lord Chief Justice and 24 Jan, 1887 Feb 23

Mr Justice A L Smith setting aside decision of Official Referee-action referred

at trial before Baron Pollock in Middlesex May 16 Prostor Bennis app of plt from judgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 28 Feb, Ginsburg v Rendall app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Hawkins for Mr Proctor v Bennis & ors cellor, dated 28 Fob, 1887 April 4 app of dft Edward Bənnis from judgt of the Vice-Chan

Justice Kay at trial with a jury in Middlesex May 25

Freeth & anr (exors) v Allen app of plts from judgt of Mr Jastice Mathew at In re Old Swan and West Derby Permanent Bldg Soc & Cy's Acts 1862-7, Wm

trial in Middlesex without a jury Muy 27 IV.32, Land Acts 1850-4 app of W Evatt from order of the Vice-Chancellor,

Mare, Holmwood, & Co v The Anglo-Indian Steamship Co and ors app of deft dated 14 March, dismissing petition April 4

TP Hilcoat from judgt of Mr Justice A L Smith at trial in Middlesex without Close MoFarlane app of plt from judgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 28 Feb, Whitby and Wife v C T Brock & Co app of_plts from judgt of Mr Justice The Southport & West Lancashire Banking Co v Thimpson app of plts from

Grantham ac trial in Middlesex with a jury Jane 1 jdgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 16 March, 1887. April 16 In re W Swift, dec McEvoy's sickle app of dft M A Phillips from order of

FROM PROBATE, DIVORCE, & ADMIRALTY DIVISION. the Vica-Chancellor, dated 24 Feb on petition April 16

(ADMIRALTY). Io vo W Carruthers, dec Carruthers v Carruthers app of plt from refusal of the

For Hearing.

With Nautical Assessors. Vice-Chancellor, dated 5 April, to vary Registrar's certificate April 27

1887. N.B.- The County Palatine Appeals as the dates of getting down are reached in the General and Separate Lists are set aside and taken on the first Thursday

Ship General Pel (damage) Owners of the St Elmo and her cargo v Netherlands in every Sitting, and afterwards on the first Thursday in the following months

India Steam Navigation Cold app of dfts from jdgt of the President, dated

Dec 16, 1886 Jan 12 N.B.--During Trinity Sittings Palatine Appeals (if any reached) will be taken

Ship Sardinian (damage) J T Crampton & ors v Owners of the Sardinian app on the following daye, viz :

of plts from jdgt of the President, dated Dec 9, 1886 Feb 15

Ship Star of Persia (salvage) Pritchard & ors v Owners of the Star of Persia & Thursday, June 9.

ber cargo and freight app of plts from jdgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated Jan 15, Thursday, July 7.

1887 Feb 15 Thursday, Aug. 4.

Ship Banshee (damage) City of Dublin Steam Packet Co v London & N W Ry

during the Sittiogs.

LIVERMORE, OLARISSA ANNE, Little Baddow, Essex. June 24. Smoothey, Brain

Co (owners of Banshee) app of plts from jdgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated Feb

25, 1887 March 3 Ship Mary Lobden (damage) Owners of GMB v Owners of the M-ro

WINDING UP NOTICES. Lobden app of plts from judgt of Mr Justics Butt, dated March 11, 1887

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 10. April 15

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Sbip Vallejo (damage) Owners of the Wetherall & ors v Owners of the Vallejo

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. & freight app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated April 27, 1887 April 30

BRITISH AND COLONIAL AGENCY, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented June Ship Sinbad (damage) Howell & ors v Owners of S S Sinbad & freight app of

7, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Saturday, June 18. Armstrong,

Finsbury pavement, solor for petner plts from judgt of the President, dated May 18, 1887 Ju 1

BRITISH MANUFACTURING CORPORATION. LIMITED.-Ry an order made by North, From the Queen's Bench Division, Sitting in Bankruptcy.

J, dated May 21, it was ordered that the corporation be wound up. Hayne, ID re Horace Kent Expte Jno Chambers app of debtor from receiving order

Finsbury eq, solor for petners

GORSEDD AND SINCLAIR UNITED MINES, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, predated May 20, granted by Mr Registrar Hazlitt

sented June 7, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Saturday, June 18. From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Queen's Bench Division. Gregory, Bishopsgate st Within, solor for petner 1887.

POLYCHROMATIC SIMULTANEOUS PRINTING CO. LIMITED.--Creditors are required, Tbe London & Bristol Stock Exchange Cold v Bloxsome app of dft from Justices on or before July 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of Day and Wills giving liberty to sign jdgt for full amount and refusing leave to

their debts or claims, to Mr. Frederick Truman Wiltshire, 7, Queen st, Cheapdefend April 7 (8 0 for security)

side. Friday, July 15, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the

debts and claims Hulsekopf v The Ærate1 Bread Co, id app of dft from Justices Day & Wills PORT SAID INTERNATIONAL COALING CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirrefusing new tri l-action tried by Mr Jastice Manisty April 24

ling, J., dated May 14, it was ordered that ihe voluntary winding up of the Wardede, &c, of St Saviour's, Southwark v Gery app of plts from Lord Chief company be continued. Pyke & Minchin, Metal Exchange bdgs, Gracechurch Justice and Mr Justice A L Smith grantirg unconditional leave to defend, &

st, colors for petners Betting aside order for judgment & possession May 5

PUBLIC WORKS & CONTRACT CO. LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented June In ra TR Watson Expte R Phillips (administr &c) app of T R Watson from

10, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on Saturday, June 18. Webb & Co,

Queen Victoria st, solors for petners order of Justic: 8 A L'Smith and Wills for review of taxation of bill of costs.

PUBLIC WORKS AND CONTRACT Co, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented May 10

June 7, directed to be heard before Key, J., on June 18. Dowse, New ino, Johnston y Salvage A 8800 & apr app of defendant J McKiver from Lord Chief

solor for petner Justice and Mr Justice AL Smith, setting asido order for service of 3rd party

ROWLEY REGIS NAIL AND RIVET CO, LIMITED.-Petn for continuing voluntary notice May 16

winding up, presented June 6, directed to be heard before Kav, J., on June 18. Hutobinson v Hulsskopf app of dft from the Lord Chief Justice and Mr

Wilkins & Co, Gresham House, Old Broad st, agents for Wright & Co, Old

bury, colors for petners Justice A L Smith directing signed judgment to be set aside on payment into ROYAL EXCHANGE SHIPPING CO, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has, by an order dated court or ecurity May 18

Feb 18. appointed Edward Hart, 14, Moorgate st, to be official liquidator Hartant v Blajno, Macdonald, & Co. app of plt from refusal of Mr Justice Grove TURFA BO PUBLISHING CO, LIMITED. -Petition for winding up, presented June to determine amount due uoder judgt offirmed by House of Lords May 19

6, directed to be heard before Stirling, J., on June 18. Clarke & Co, Linccin's W idon v De Bathr, Bart app of plt io person from the Lori Chief Justice &

inn fields, solore for petners Mr Joetice A L Smith refusing leave ti set down notice of mota dated May 2

YORKSHIRE AERATED WATER CO, LIMITED.- Stirling, J., has fixed Wednesday,

June 22 at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of an official liquidator May 25 Carswell v Hyland app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Day at trial at Mad

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. chester adding parties as plt and directing reference as to dilapidations May 25 School Board for London v South Eastern Ry Co & In re South Eastern Ry Act,

MOULTON COFFEE HOUSE SOCIETY, LIIMITED, Moulton, Northampton. June 6 1887 app of School Board from order of Justices Stephen and A L Smith re

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, June 14. mitting award to umpire May 25

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Barrell v Humphries app of dfts from Justicos Grove and Denm a refusing new

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. trial-action tried by Mr Justice Wills; 2nd trial by the Lord Chief Justice May 28

BOLTON AND PARTNERS, LIMITED. - Chitty. J, has fixed June 23, at 11, at his Christopher & apr v Croll app of plts from orler of Justices Mathew and Cave HEYFORD IRON CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented June 11, directed refusing liberty to proceed with judgt, dated February 22 Same action

to be heard before North, J., on June 25. Pattison & Co, Queen Victoria st, plis from order of same Judges refusing liberty to proreed with action Mav 31

solors for petner Regent's Canal, City & Dock Ry Co v Tbe Vestry of Sc Murv, Islington (Q B

MOUNT MORGAN (WEST) GOLD MINE, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented

Robins & Co,

June 13, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on June 25. Crown side) app of plts from the Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice AL

Giesbam House, Old Broad st, solors for petner Smith & flirming jdgt on app from County Conrt June 1


June 23, at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of official liquidator

REVOLVING BALL FILTER CO, LIMITED. -Creditors are required, on or before July, THE SUMMER ASSIZES.

2, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and

claims, to Frederick Bertram Smart, 22, Queen st. Thursday, July 7 at 12, is WESTERN CIRCUIT (Lord Coleridge, C.J., and Cave, J.)-Salisbury, Rappointed for hersels Co, Ltd. - Chitty, J., has fixed Thursday, June 23 at Thursday, July 7; Dorchester, Tuesday, July 12; Wells, Thursday, July 14; Bodmin, Monday, July 18; Exeter, Friday, July 22; Winchester, WEST LONDON COMMERCIAL BANK, LIMITED. --Chitty, J., has, by an order dated Wednesday, July 27; Bristol, Wednesday, August 3. One judge only March 17, appointed Alfred Augustus James, 66, Coleman st, to be official will go to the first four places.

HOME (Cave, J.)-Maidstone, Friday, July 8; Guildford, Friday,
July 15; Exeter, Friday, July 22; Winchester, Wednesday, July 27;
Bristol, Wednesday, August 3. Two judges will go to the last three

SOUTH-EASTERN (Grove, J.)-Huntingdon, Friday, July 1; Cambridge,
Tuesday, July 5; Bury St. Edmund's, Monday, July 11; Norwich, Tues-

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. day, July 19; Chemsford, Thursday, July 28; Hertford, Thursday,

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. August 4; Lewes, Monday, August 8.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 10. NORTH WALES, CHESTER, AND GLAMORGAN (Denman, J.) —Newtown, BAKER, JAMES, Northover, Somerset, Gent. July 1. Tuson, Ilchester Tuesday, July 5 ; Dolgelly, Friday, July 8 ; Carnarvon, Monday, July 11; | BALL, BARNETT, Crooke Shevington. June ít. Wilson, Wigan Beaumaris, Saturday, July 16; Ruthin, Wednesday, July 20; Mold, BAUGH, ELIZABETH, Wellington. July 7. Davies, Dudley Friday, July 22; Chester, Monday, July 25; Swansea, Tuesday, August 2. Two judges will go to the last two places.

BAUGH, ESTHER ELIZABETH, Wellington. July 7. Davies, Dudley South WALES AND CHESTER (Field, J.)-Haverfordwest, Friday, July 8;

BLACKSTON, W. A., Bishop Wearmouth. July 4. Wilkinson, Sunderland Cardigan, Tuesday, July 12; Carmarthen, Friday, July 15; Brecon,

BROOK, BENJAMIN, East Farleigh, Kent, Farm Bailiff. July 16. Stephens &

Urmston, Maidstone
Tuesday, July 19; Presteigp, Friday, July 22 ; Chester, Monday, July 25;
Swansea, Tuesday, August 2.

BROOKHOUSE, John, Deptford, Gent. July 13. Lockyer, Deptford
Two judges will go to the last two places.
OXFORD (Huddleston, B., and Grantham, J.)—Reading, Tuesday,

CHARLTON, THOMAS BROUGHTON, Chilwell Hall, Nottingham, Esq. July 1.

Freeth & Co. Nottingham June 28; Oxford, Monday, July 4; Worcester, Wednesday, July 6; CHILCOTE, HERBERT NICHOLAS, Babbicombe, Devon, Surgeon. July 8. Francis Gloucester, Tuesday, July 12; Monmouth, Monday, July 18; Hereford,

& Co Newton Abbot Friday, July 22; Shrewsbury, Monday, July 25, Stafford, Thursday, COLE. LYDIA BRIDGET, Bristol. July 8. Rowley & Chatwin, Birmingham

CLOUGH, JOSEPH, Cookridge, York, Farmer. July 14. Harland, Leeds July 28; Birmingham, Tuesday, August 2. One judge only will go to the first seven places.

FITTOCK, MATILDA, Plymouth. July 30. Weekes, Plymouth
MIDLAND (Hawkins and Wills, JJ.)- Northampton, Friday, June 24;
Aylesbury, Thursday, June 30; Bedford, Monday, July 4; Oakham,

FOWLER, WILLIAM, Erdington, Birmingham, Land Agent, July 6. Barlow & Co Friday, July 8; Leicester, Saturday, July 9; Nottingham, Thursday,

GILLINGS, SAMUEL BEECHER, Hale, Surrey, Gent. July 23. Hogan & Hughes, July 14; Lincoln, Wednesday, July 20; Derby, Tuesday, July 28; GOODALI, JANKS, Swansea, Draper, July 1. Collins & Woods, Swansea Warwick, Friday, July 29; Birmingham, Tuesday, August 2. One judge GREENWAY. WILLIAM BENRY, The Firs, Cricklewood, Gent. July 23. Walker & only will go to the first pine places. NORTH-EASTERN (Manisty and Mathew, JJ.)-Durham, Saturday, July 9 ;

HARRISON, CHARLES, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Innkeeper. July 23. Darnton & Newcastle, Saturday, July 16; York, Saturday, July 23 ; Leeds, Saturday, July 30.

VIVIAN, General Sir ROBERT JOHN HUSSEY, G.C.B., Hove. July 9. Meynell & NORTHERN (Day and A. L. Smith, JJ.)- Appleby, Monday, July 4;

Pemberton, Whitehall pl Carlisle, Wednesday, July 6; Lancaster, Wednesday, July 13, Manches

LEAKE, ANNE, Bath. Jnly 8. Barrett & Dean, Slough ter, Monday, July 18 ; Liverpool, Friday, July 29.

LEETE. ELIZABETH, Thrapston, Northampton. July 22. Hilberys, South 69,

Que judge only will Gray's inn go to the first three places.

Pollock, B., and Stephen, J., will remain in town during the whole of the circuits; the other judges until their respective commission days.

MARRIOTT, FREDERICK, Fellows rd, South Hampstead, Esq. July 11. Rhodes &

Son, Skinners' Hall

app of


QUAIL, SARAH CATHERINE, Bristol. June 27. Clifton & Co, Bristol

CARD, NEVILLE, Hadlow, Kent, Grocer. Tunbridge Wells. Pet June 7. Ord

June 7
ROWBOTHAM, THOMAS, Bradmore, Nottingham, Farmer. July 1. Freeth & Co,

CHAMPION, GEORGE JOHN, Bristol, Warehouseman, Bristol. Pet June 7. Ord SCOTSON, JOHN, Pemberton, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. July 4. Price, COOKE, JAMES, Manchester, Bookseller. Manchester. Pet June 6. Ord June 6

STRANGFORD, EMILY ANNE, Viscountess, Cpper Brook st, Grosvenor sq. July 5. CROOK, JOSEPH MOSES WILSON, JOHN BOTTOMLEY, and FRED WORSICK, Halifax
Kingsford & Co, Essex st, Strand

Printers. Halifax. Pet June 8. Ord June 8
WALEY, ARTHUR JOSEPH, Wimpole st. July 7. Waterhouse & Co, New ct,
Lincoln's inn

Dawson, WILLIAM MASSEY, Burslem, Baker. Hanley, Burslem, and Tunstalle

Pet June 6. Ord June 6 WILKINSON, THOMAS, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. June 22. Dix & Warlow, DUTTON, GEORGE WILLIAM, Tibshelf, Derbyshire, Medical Assistant. Derby. Newcastle-upon-Iyne

Pet June 8. Ord June 8
WOOLLETT, GEORGE, Cheriton, Surveyor. Aug 1. Sankeys & Flint, Canterbury EVANS, HENRY RUSSELL, Newport, Mon, Stockbroker. Newport, Mon. Pet

Pet May 10. Ord June 6
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, June 14.

GARLAND, JOIN, Plymouth, Fish Buyer. East Stonehouse. Pet May 25. Orů

June 6 ABBOT, JOHN, Carnarvon. July 20. Lloyd & Co, Carnarvon

GORDON, WILLIAM, and DUNCAN GORDON, Billiter st, Merchants. High Court. ADAMS, WILLIAM, Cardiff, Mining Engineer. July 15. Dalton & Co, Cardiff

Pet May 5. Ord June 8 ALLFREY, CAROLINE, Wokefield Park, Berks. July 23. Bowman & Crawley- HALLIWELL, JOSEPH, Scarborough, Chemist. Scarborough. Pet June 7. Ord Boevey, Bedford row

June 7 BARKER, ROGER WALKER, Ripon, Gent. Sept 5. Hutchinson & Son, Bradford

HARRISON, JOHN, Huggate Farm, nr Pocklington, Yorks, Farmer. York. Pet

May 24. Ord June 6 BEALE, THOMAS SALWEY, Windsor, Esq. July 20. Southern & Montford, Lud HOWELLS, THOMAS, Welshpool, Montgomery, Shoemaker. Newtown.

Pet low

June 7. Ord June 7 BECKWITH, WILLIAM, Forest Gate, Builder. July 18. Warmington, Walbrook HUSSEY, ALBERT MORGAN, Cardiff, Engine Factor. Cardiff. Pet June 4. Ord BELL, ANNA ISABELLA Harworth on Tees. Sept 1. Bell, Carlton

June 4

JONES, EVAN, Aberdovey, Merioneth, Butcher. Aberystwith. Pet June 7. Ord BINGLEY, CHARLES BENTLEY, Savile row, Gent. Aug 1. Wood & Co, Rood June 7 lane

JONES, JOHN ELIAS, Blaenau Festiniog, Merioneth, Tailor. Bangor. Pet June BOYD, MAITLAND WILSON, Pall Mall, Esq. July 15. Upton & Co, Austin Friars 7. Ord June 7 CAKEBREAD, JAMES, Şawbridgeworth, Hertford, Farmer. Aug 2. Richardsons

JONES, WILLIAM, Swansea, Builder. Swansea. Pet May 31. Ord June 7 & Foxwell, Much Hadham

KING, CHARLES, Sevenoaks, Kent, Builder. Tunbridge Wells. Pet June 7. Ord DARBY, JAMES JOSEPH, Waterloo, Lancaster. July 31. Madden & Co, Liverpoo June 7 FINCH, A LICE, Preston. July 16. Thompson & Craven, Preston

LITTLEWOOD, JOSEPH LEONARD, Lincoln, Fruiterer. Lincoln. Pet June 7. Ord

June 7 FRANLKIN, CHARLES, Nottingnam, Grocer. July 1. To wle & Co, Nottingham LOINES, JAMES WILLIAM, Lower Sydenham. Gent. Greenwich. Pet May 20. GREGSON, ANNE, Liverpool. July 31. Bateson & Co, Liverpool

Ord June 7 HARDING, WILLIAM FEILDING, Baraset, Stratford on Avon, Esq. July 22. Bell

MANN. WILLIAM EDWARD, GEORGE STOGDALE, and LISTER HENRY, Melbourne, & Co. Lincoln's inn fields

Victoria, Merchants. High Court. Pet June 8. Ord June 8 HEPPLE, THOMAS, Wbitley, Northumberland, Gent. Aug 10. Mather & Co,

McQUADE, ANDREW, Levenshulme, nr Manchester, Gent. Manchester. Pet Newcastle upon Tyne

May 9, Ord June 8 HOTHAM, FREDERICK HARRY, Church Stretton, Clerk in Holy Orders. July 20.

MICHEL, JAMES ROBERT, Leeds, Oil Manufacturer. Leeds. Pet May 28. Ord

June 8
Meynell & Pemberton, Whitehall pl
HUNT, JOSEPH, Aston, Machinist. June 24. Spurgeon Blackham, Birmingham

MITCHELL, SAMUEL, Horsforth, Yorks, Crane Maker. Leeds. Pet June 7. Ord

June 7 JONES, HANNAH, Winton, Lancaster. July 11. Widdows, Manchester

MURPHY, JOHN, Landport, Hants, Auctioneer. Portsmouth, Pet June 3. Ord JONES, JOSEPH, Gwernfyd, Carmarthen. Aug 31. Morris, Carmarthen

June 3

MUSGRAVE, BENJAMIN, Collingham, Yorks, Contractor. Kingston upon Hull. KELLY, EMMA, Fairfield, Liverpool. July 11. Tyrer & Co, Liverpool

Pet May 24. Ord June 7

PARTINGTON, EMMA, Purshall KING, ELIZABETH, Liversedge. July 15. Scholefield & Taylor, Batley

Hall, nr Droitwich, Worcester, Farmer

Worcester. Pet June 8. Ord June 8 LINDLEY, JOHN, Sheffield, Tool Grinder. July 31. Burdekig & Co, Sheffield PEARCE, WILLIAM, Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, Builder. Northampton LINWOOD, JOHN, Kingston upon Hull, Clerk. July 26. Jackson & Son, Hull

Pet June 4. Ord June 4

POWELL, ANDREW, Tonypandy, Glamorgan, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet June 7 MOORE, EDWARD, Llandudno, Gent. July 1. Chamberlain, Llandudno

Ord June 7
OSBORN, WILLIAM, Mornington rd, Gent. July 23. Bowman & Crawley-Boevey

PRATT, HENRY JAMES, York, Chemist. York. Pet May 25. Ord June 6
Bedford row

RAWSON, FREDERICK, Lincoln, Tailor. Lincoln. Pet June 4. Ord June 4 PALLING, JOHN GEORGE, Castletown, Mon., Gent. June 24. Davies, Newport REED, JOHN LIDDELL, Braidley, dr Haltwhistle, Northumberland, Farmer. PORTER, ELIZABETH JANE, North Kensington. July 11. Reed & Reed, Basinghall

Carlisle. Pet June 8. Ord June 8

SHARP, ELKANAH, Bradford, China Dealer. Bradford. Pet June 7. Ord PROCETER, JOHN, Otley, Gent. July 23. Simpson, Leeds

June 7
RATLIFF, JAMES, Bold, Farmer. July 30.

SHELL, GEORGE, Brighton, Tailor. Brighton. Pet June 8. Ord June 8
Wareing & Cropper, Liverpool

SMITH, HENRY, Sheffield, Bootmaker. Sheffield. Pet June 8. Ord June 8
ROWLAND, JOHN WEBB, Axford, Wilts, Farmer. July 21. Rowland, Ramsbury

SOUTHWELL, JOHN, Bacup, Lancs, Dealer in Toys. Oldham. Pet June 8. Ord SCHMIDT, CHARLES FREDERICK, South Wolverhampton, Gent. Aug 1. Under

June 8 hill & Lawrence, Wolverhampton

SUTTON, JAMES, Sheffield, Optician. Sheffield. Pet June 8. Ord June 8
SHRAPNEL, ESTHER SCROPE, Sb irley, Southampton. Aug 10. Stanton & Bassett,

TAYLOR, DAVID GLASIER, Cardiff, Silk Mercer. Cardiff. Pet March 26. Ord

June 8 SMETHURST, LUKE, Manchester, Porter. June 30. Schou, Manchester

VINTON, WILLIAM HENRY EVANS, Kingston upon Hull, Smackowner. Kingston SMITH, THEOPHILUS, Aldborough, York, Colour Merchant. July 21. Thorney upon Hull. Pet June 7. Ord June 7

Smith, Nottingham
MANSFIELD, WILLIAM THOMPSON, Swaton, Lincoln, Farmer. July 21. Smith &

WHITELL, JOSEPH HENRY, Richmond, Yorks, out of business. Northallerton. Co, Horbling

Pet June 4. Ord June 4 WELLINGS, WILLIAM HENRY, Buxton, Derby, Bath Manager. July 4. Taylor &

WHITFORD, ELIZABETH, Scorrier, Cornwall, Grocer. Truro. Pet June 7. Ord

June 7
Brown, Buxton
WHEATLEY, MARK, Cotmanhay, Derby, Blacksmith.


WHITTAKER, HENRY, jun, Heslington, Yorks, Cattle Dealer. York. Pet June 6. Nottingham

July 11.

Ord June 6 WRIGHT, HANNAH, Mount Henbury, Chester. July 31. Mair & Co, Maccles

WILLIAMS, JOHN, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet June 6. field

Ord June 6
YATES, JOSEPH ST JOHN, Sandbach, Esq. July 25. Ounliffe & Co, Manchester

WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Swansea, Builder. Swansea. Pet June 8. Ord June 5
The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the

London Gazette of May 31.
MAYON, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Furniture Dealer. Birmingham. Pet May 21.

Ord May 26

The following amended notice is si: bstituted for that published in the

London Gazette of June 3. or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an expert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115. Victoria-st., West

SYTNER, HILL, Birmingham, Merchant. Birmingham. Pet May 31. Ord mírster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.—(ADVT.]

May 31

FIRST MEETINGS. SATUANMERERS and STUTTERERS should read a little book by Mr. B. BEASLEY, ALEXANDER, LAZARUS, and LAMUEL ALEXANDER, Buckingham Palace rd, Fruitafter suffering nearly 40 years, cured himself by a method entirely his own.

erers. June 17 at 11. Bankruptcy bldgs, Lincoln's inn
ANGERSTEIN, WILLIAM JOHN NETTLESHIP, Llanbidrog, Carnarvonshire, Esq.

June 23 at 12. Off Rec, Crypt chbrs, Chester
ARNOLD, ALBERT JOHN, Dover, Tailor. June 18 at 12.30. Bankruptcy

bldgs, Lincoln's inn
BEDWORTH, DAVID, West Bromwich, Staffs, Butcher. June 20 at 10.30. County

Court, Oldbury

BISHOP, HENRY, Dommett, nr Chard, Dairyman. June 18 at 12. Off Rec, 13, BANKRUPTCY NOTICES.

Bedford circus, Exeter

BLOWS, JOHN, Peckham Rye, Van Proprietor. June 17 at 12. 33, Carey st,
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 10.

Lincoln's inn

BOOTHBOYD, CHARLES INGLEBY, Derby, Boot Dealer. June 17 at 2.30. Off Rec, ARNOLD, ALBERT JOHN, Dover, Tailor. Canterbury. Pet June 6. Ord June 6

St James's chbrs, Derby ATTWOOD, THOMAS GARDNER, Northampton, out of business. Northampton.

CHERRY, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Copthall bldgs, Stock Broker. June 17 at 2.30. 33,

Carey st, Lincoln's inn BOORMAN, FRANK, Preston, Sussex, Baker. Brighton. Pet June 6. Ord June 6

COOPER, WILLIAM WALDREN, Kegworth, Leicestershire, Grocer. June 17 at BoorinoxDCHARLES INGLEBY, Derby, Boot Dealer. Derby. Pet June S. Ora Cox, CHARLES, Leeds, cioth Finisher. June 20 at 11. Off Rec, 22, Park row, BOWEN, THOMAS, Carmarthen, Draper. Carmarthen. Pet June 6. Ord June 7

DAVIS. TOM, Parkstone, Dorsetshire, Builder. June 17 at 1. Criterion Hotel, BURNEUM EDWARD, Liverpool, Music Seller. Liverpool. Pet June 7, Ora Day, Founamsates, Manchester, Bookseller. June 24 at 11.30. Of Roc, Ogden's BYNG, EDWARD FRANCIS, Warnford ct, Throgmorton st. High Court. Pet Feb

chbrs, Bridge st, Manchester DES VIGNES, GEORGE FRANCIS GABRIEL, Chertsey, Yacht Builder. June 24 at

11. Cannon st Hotel, London


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