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In re Bucknall's Gold Estate, ld, & | Niobolo v Royal Aquarium, &c, soc,

Co's Acts motn set down by order id act Cartwright v Clark Infj

In re Brown, deo Brown v Brown act Mandy V ParkOne mfj (short) Winn v Aldred act

Greenway v Snarp act
Further Considerations.

In re W. T. Clark, deo Mote v Clark Marsland v Hole for con

anj sumns with witns by order Holmes v Fleming fur con

Stuart v Wrigbt act Fleming v Fleming fur con

Andrade v Arbib act In re Jopling Coppin v Maughan Hawkios v Barrow act fur con

Raffolovich & Co v Imperial Bank, ld In re Baskerville Baskerville v Twies act &mfj fur con

In re I. Magps, dec Maggs v Knee act In re E Knight, Knight v Gardner fo Callow v Young motn with witas by & sums

order Harvey v Abbott fo

Weaver v Sanitary Engineering and In re Cannan, Cannan v Cannan fo Ventilator Co ACC Cooper v Perkins fc (short)

Weaver v Jas Stiff & Sons act Martano v Mann 3rd io

Ja re Chan Kearsley, dec Kaares

borough & Claro Bkg Co v Kearsley Adjourned Summonses.

act In re The Guinea Coast Gold Mining Warburg v Harris act In re Turner, Brogaton v Tidy

Iogram v Clarke act Smyth v North Brazilian Sugar, &c, Powell, exor v Davies act Co, ld, Campion v Şame Co

Prior v Edwards act & mij CamIn ro Good's Trust, Selmes v Good bridgo D. R. In re Edwards, Jones v Edwards Craven Bank, Id v Preston act In re Bradley, Oldershaw v Gover- Sharp v Wilmot act

nesses' Benevolent Institution pt hd Douglas v Jones act In re Crown, Parfitt v Olney

E Blakey & Sons v Latham & Co act ID re Geo Castls, Gant, &c, to vary E Blakey & Sons v Lee act Taxing Master's certificate

E Blakey & Sons v Hall act In re Jade Fogg, Earle v Earle E Blakey & Sons v Cooke act Briant y Faulkner

E Blakey & Sons v Tupholme act
Ballinger v Dunn & Duncan

E Blakey & Sons v Hargrave act
In re Whistler and V & P Act, 1874 Mapsford v Bell act
In re Gibson, Lloyd v Gibson

Yates v Watkins act
Marr v Smyth

Sampson v Ellis not In re West, West v Greenhill

Bullock v Horsfort act (transferred In re Bridge, Franks v Worth

from Q B Dio) In re Viant, Viaat v Viant

Alder v Thompson act

Clift & ors v Foster act
Before Mr. Justice CHITTY.

In re T Seymour, deo Seymour v Causes for Trial (with witnesses)

Seymour act

Baker v Jeffries act Baroness Wenlock v Ryder act (trans- Stenteford v Godfray act ferred from Q B Div)

Richards v Walker act Askew v Browne act

Pickford v Brodrick act Brough v Dando act

Marks v Anglo-Montana Mining Co Collison v Hingston act In re Witborden, deo

Bedford y Goold v Birmingham, Dudley & DisWitherden act

*trict Banking Co act Grummant v Robbins act &mfj Cullerne v Deane act Belfrage v Lindsay act

Brown v Bird act Kelly Kelly act

Thorne v Thorne act Woody Harris act

ln re Hudleston, dec Ackland v Ebrlich v Ihlee & an aot

Gatey act
Whitaker v Jeakes act

In re Best, dec Best v Best act
Mellor y Thomson ant (in camera) Pead v Briggs act
In ro G Morrison, dec Morrison v
Morrison iesue

Non-witness Causes, Adjourned SumSharp v Gooddy, Cripps & Sons, ld

monses and Special Cases. act

Penon v Cutfield mfj Attorney-Gen v Anderson Anderson In re Hollingbourne Paper Cold (Har

v Hawkins claim and counter claim bour's claim) adj emns A G Kurtz & Co v Peter & Spence Sharpe v Torkington Torkington v Sons mfj (treated as action for

Sharpe mfj (S O June 20) trial, by order)

Westerman v Bury & Tottington DisJohnstone v Newfoundland Guano Co triot Ry Co act ld act

Justice y Fooks act Fooks y Burton Gardner v Titley act

adjd sumns (8 0 July 7). In re Hughes, deo Vibart v Vibart In Archer-Burton's Settlement adj sum with wits by order

Trust Feinberton v Archer-Burton In re Oriental Bank adjourned sum of adj smns to confirm compromise Wm Simpson, a editor, with wits

part heard by order

Union Bank of London, id v Kent act In re C Dash, dec Darley v King act In re F Adlard, dec Barker v Ays

and sums in King v Darley under cough act ord 55 by order

In re Gambling-Phelp's Settlement Hammersley v Hammersley act Trusts Phelps v Lumley adj emos Atkinson on behalf &o v Do Jeanson In re Hughes-Garbett & Falkner's

Hugelman on behalf &c v Atkinson Contract & V & P Act, 1874 adj
claim and counter claim with sumns
In re Honduras Inter-Oceanic Ry In re Midland Land & Investment
Co (peto) by order

Corpp, ld (1) adj smns of Baker, Hards v Bragg act

present liquidator (2) adj smns of Smith v Taverner uct

Bolton & anr, retired I quicators (3) Brinton v Howlett Glading v Brinton edj smns of Bolton claim & counter claim

In re John McDonald, dec Hickson v Oakley & Son v Dalton act

Bushell adj sum Union Bank of London, ld v Munster In re John urie, dec Wetherall v act

Ormerod act Sanguinetti v Gant act

In re De la Hunt & Pennington's Cave v Harris act

Contract & V & P Act, 1874 adj Cory v Roach act Cane v Hind act

lo re Mawddach Gold Mining Co, id & Poole v Pickering act

Co's Acts adj sum
Coote v Ingram act
In re Ayres, &c Wright v Ayres act

In re Bridewell Hospital & Met Bd of Wickham v Greenway act

Works (purchase) adj smns (taxaWickbam v Sandeman act


Clarké v Thornton adj sum Harvey v Corpe & Dando act

Warwick v Warwick act

St Barbe v Burrard act

In re Harding's Settlement & 8 L Act Nesbitt v Manning mfj

adj sums In re W Easton, « Solor (taxation) adj sum

Further Considerations. In re Murrell Brown's Estate Claxton In re J Skitt, dec, Skitt v Skitt fc v Cunniogbam adj sum

Howell • Watkins fo (short) Andrew v Hudleston (construction) Inker sole v Inkersole fo adj sum

In re S Birdsey, deo, Lacey v Birdsey lo ro H Prater's Estate Desinge v fc adj from chmbrs Beare adj sun

Ormerod v Rostron i c (restored) In re London & County Investment In re J Wick, deod, Wicks v Wicks,

Corpa (Dr Warburton's claim) adj Wicks v Shepherd fo (restored) sum

Io re Lister, dec, Davies v Lister fc In re Thos Hoyland's Trusts Hoy- restored after reference of certificate

land v Hoyland S L Act adj sum Edmonds v Blain : Furnaces Co In re T W Whelpton's Will Whelp- Bresley v Blaina Furnaces Co fo

ton v Whelpton (construction) adj 800

Before Mr. Justice NORTH. Gee v Liddell adj sum

Causes for Trial (with witnesses). In re C Turner's Estate Tatan v In re T W Cobb Harrison v Cobb Kenny (construction) adj smps

act In re Giona Sulphur Co, ld (Liquida- Cobb v Harrison ast tor's Remo) adj rum

Barber v Helliwell act In re Newbegin's Estate Eggleton v Rathyen v Ruthven act Newbegia adj sum

Pressley v Hodgson act In re D P Pellatt's Estate Pellatt v Morley v Lythall act Bradley adj sum

Brown v Clark ACO In re Elizth Clark's Estate Burton v Short v London & Westminster Bk id

Tod Phipps v Tod (construction) act adj sum

Russell v Norton Act In re Jas Ley, deo Hugman v Ley Drage v Sir WC Hart pp act adj sum

Helliwell v Barker act In re Jones, dec Daniel v Daniel adj Bruvet v Barlet act sum

Lande Allotment Co 11 v London & Levy v The Abercorris Slate and Slab Tilbury Ry Co act Cold mfj

Finnis v Wiike Act Ashenden v Jones ant

la re Bennett Knapp v Bennett act Tyler v Bank of Eogland act

In re Knapp Bennett v Knapp act Perrin v Perrin mij

Horner v Sullins act &mfj
In re T C Clarke's Estate Bantoft v Pashley v Chapman issu- för trial

Aylward (construction) adj emns Bateman v Poplar Dist Bd of Works In re G Wood's Estate Short v Wood act (gift or loan) adj smns

Price v Simmons interpleader issue In re Lister's Estate Davies v Lister Jenking v Thomas Act (taxation) adj emos

Malcolm v Trustees of Rose Cresswell, In re Galland, dec Lidiard v Galland bankrupt act (Order 55) adj smos

R. James v The Queen act In re Lord De Tabley's Settlement la re Gaulard & Gibbs' Patent peta (construction) -dj smns

Albo Carbon Light Co, id v J Kidd & In re Joseph Wilson's Estate Wilson Co 1886 A 859 v Wilson adj emos

Same v J. Kidd & Co 1886 A 1,729 In re Oriental Bank Ex pte Official act Liquidator adj smns

Morrice v Lee act Sutton v Town adj smns

Cleaver v Bacon act &mfj Ward v Royal Exchange Shipping Co Forster v Cliffen Cliffon v Forster act adj smns

Goswell v Bishop act In re Mary Wilde's Estate Wilde v Frapwell v Dennis act Salt adj emne

Muskett v Poole act Lawson v Quare act

Wood gate v Walker act In re Plymouth Working Men's Equit- Brodbeck v Strickland act able Loan Soc adj emns

Alexander v Smith act
In re Thornhill's Estats Thornhill v Myatt v Evelyn act
Nixon adj smans

Wier v Lausard act
In re Jas Walker's Estate Richard Crookes v Rae act &mfj
Walker v Archer adj emne

Glanville v Heather act
In re Jas Walker's Estata John Siddell v Vickers, Son & Co act
Walker v Archer adj emos

Waring v Scotlaud act
Rock v Purssell adj BmDs

In re Oremond Drury v Orsmond act Wallis to Concannen & V & P Act Davies v Davies Act adj smes

Shufflebotham v B-vington act
Parkinson v Downing act

Schadler v Atkins act
Kennedy v Ortelli act 1887–K-163 Stanford v Hassall act
Kennedy v Ortelli act 1886-K--1011 Farber v Best act
Mawer v Harston Jenkins v Newbold Best v Furber act
con acts

In re Shortridge
Read v Gowland adj smns (1)

act &mfj Read v Gowland adj smos (2)

In re Ellis Jones Jones v Evans act In re CG J Silva's Estate Shepherd

Crampton v Swete & Main act v Royal Medical College In re Le

Cordingly v Alliance Soc act Geyt, infants adj emne

Dovaston v Lloyd act Matthews v O'Dowd adj smas (i)

Stockton & Middlesborough Water Bd Matthews v U'Dowd adj smps (2)

v Tee Bridge Iron Co, id act Lewis v Ramsdale adj smns

In re Lister Hill v Tate act In re Civil Service & General Store ld

Capel & Co v Sims' Ship Compositions Ex parte Sales, Pollard & Co adj

Co, ld act

Wcolf v Stafford act
In re McMinn, dec, Hill v Buckley adj | Lockyer v Lush act
In re Jacob Hodgson's Estate, Abbott act
v Hodgson adj sums

Bodger v Lewis act
In re Thomas Hollinshead's Estate,

Salaman v Ingle act Bollinshead v Webster adj sume

Wright v Shrubb act Newbould v Dodworth mfj (shor:).

Charsley v. Craks act
In re C V Turner's Estate, Crusshuil v

Lane v Tarbatt ct
Fitzhugh adj sums
In re Brown's Hospital and Charitable

Smith v Brentnall act
Trusts Acts adj sums

Winfield v Crompton act Horlock v Wiggins act

Baxter v Lewis act Broad v Rogers adj sums & sums to

Buchan y Artlett act vary Lyons v Hosegood act

Germains y Macleod got Cadogan v Bland (2) adj sums


Salmon v Wallis


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In re Crossley Fenton v Rimmington


Dyson v Soott act

Johnson y Johnson act & mij

E Blakey & Sons v Shaw act



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June 11, 1887.

549 Adams v Sweeting aot

In re Holbech, Markham v Holbech In re Godsell & Bryett & V & P Act, Wheatley v Freeman act
Newton v Hillman act
adj soms


Kerr v Richardson act
Beddoes v Pieroey act
Wells v Bolton mfi
la re Gent Davis v Harris

In re Rothwell's Patent, &c Peto
Stevenson v Hew.act

In re La Fargue, Heath v Hinder adj In re J Collings's Settle neat & SL (wits list by order)
In re Holmes Holmes v Holines act


Jonnson v Duffield act
Galling_v Cooper act

Ia re Nelson, Lade v Holland adj sums In re Imperial Land Co of Marseilles Crosti v Ferreira sot
Hall v Poebles ect
In re Holt, Riches v Jones adj sums & Co's Acts, 1862 & 1867

Crosti v Ferreira Sot
Ball v Pleter et
la re Nelson, Brett v Nelson adj sum: In re W Eley, one, &o (taxo)

Tarn v Turner act
West London Ry Co v Ungar


In re Vicat Robinson v Vicat adj gmns lo re J J Faglkoor, one, &c (taxn) Mills & Son v Farmer ant
RO:8 V Emerson act

In re Malet Malet v Malet adj sums In re E P Montage Montagu v Hob. Bell v Central Transvaal Gold, &c., Co
Haberdasbers' Co v Low act &mfj Jackson v Locke adj sums

Haberdashers' Co v Westerlymfj In re Shore Chaffey y Shore act In re Commercial Bank of South A us. Dutton v Carpeater act
In re Clarke's Trade Mark moto cross In re Hay Hay v Neville adj sums tralis & Co's Acts

Early v Rathbone act
examined by order
Booth v Shaw act
In re Wyatt Wyatt v Pbear

Miller v Tupp act
Fielding + Birnard act

In re Hatton
Robson « Panington In re Taylor Jones v Taylor

Nethersole v Dawes actmfj
Miyor, &c, of Florence v Biker act adj aums

In re Association of Land Financiers Walker, Bart v Hull, &o., Ry & Dook
Williamson v Clark act &mfj In re Spooner Spooner v Spooner adj ld & Co's Acts

Co act
Pearce v Curtice act


In re Bowes Strathmore v Vane Pocklington v Ingamells act
Moffatt v Peace act
In ra Mills Heron v Heron question la re Dooksey

Docksey v Webb Badham v Bird act
Buine v Riley act

of law

la re Sebright, Bart, and Settled Land Rollitt v London Assurance act
Wager v Belgrave act
Io re Budd Cutler v How adj soms Act

Forster v Myers ant
Ward v Rudeforth act

In re Budd Cutler v Hor adj sums In re Hermann Long, ld, & Co's Acls Wyone v Mason act

In re Roberts Morris v Lewis adj la re Jackson & Woodburne & V & P Móbbs & Lewis v Wright act
Causes for Trial (without witoesses)



Cannot v Oppenheim act and Adjourned Summonges (Classes In re Hutchinson Jones v Perkins adj Sydney, &o, Co Bird

Burkitt v Smith

dot II. and III.)

In re Johnson Weatherall (taxn)

Solomon v Ehrmann Bros act
Carnochan v Ireland Act

In re Edie & Browa & V & P Act, Easton v London Joiat Stook Bé Co Whiteohuroh v Bacon ast
la re Crawford Myers v Crawford adj 1874 adj sums

Holt v Hill got
In re Hunt Gowing v Gillham adj

Before Mr. Justice STIRLING.

Goodspeed v Robinson act
King v Chamberlayde act

Causes for Trial (with Witness:8).

Goodspeed v Robinson act
JO TA Marshall Phillips v Marshall
In re Phillips Phillips v Allen adj

la re J Alliston Hall v Bros act adj sumns

Bacon v Camphangay act

Jones v Radoor sot la re Cobb Frost v Cabb adj soos In re Grant Grant v Beddel adj soms

Leeds Estates Building &o Co v Shep- Chester v Chester act la re Elives Fiolkes v Elives adj emas Thomas v Thom 48 act

herd ect

Dooly v Watson dot
Lucas v Martin act
In re Hornby Ware v Hornby adj | Sheppard v Gilmore act

Jackson v Cramp aot
Gold v Crawshay act

Reynolds v Seeley Seeley v Reynolds
lo re Barwick Corner v Stahl act la re Lee Lee v Lee adj sums


Causes for Trial (without witnesses). In re Hulton Lister v Hulton adj la re Brown Barber v Pacy adj sums

Grimmer v Chapman Hewetson V

In re Meynell Holmes v Meynell Io re Severne Severne v Chiohester

Grimmer act

issue of fact
la re Jones Russell v Jones adj anns

adj sums
Bigge v Hard act

Molver v Hill act
Ia re Hotre Hoare v King adj smas In re Hitchcock Kirk v Hitchcock Foulkes v Jeffryes act

Sheldon v Bayley mfj and mtn
Imbert Terry v Carver act

adj sums
Lumley v Haines act

In re Taylor Hagbes v Bewley act la re Wilson Chapman v Chick adj IQ re Hitcbcock Kirk v Hitchcock lo ro Gray, MoMillan v Gray act

Ashton v Chenery act
adj suns
Lound v Grimwade issue for trial

Hop Bitters Co v Beck act
lo re Mackay Booth v Wright adj Oborne v Maon act

Mills y Fox act

Knowles v Kaowles spc
London Steam Dyeing Co v
Jones v Gehrke act

Thomson v Lond A SACS act and mij la re Kartz Layton v Kurtz adj mfj

Lee v Neuchatel Asphalte Co, Id act (short)
In re W Farr Wingrove v
Wallen v Dickinson act

In re Hembrow Watson v Watson la re Bennett Chieman Marsh

adj sums
Cole v Stead act

mfj (short)
adj smos

In re Davies
Chalk, Webb, & Co v Tennant act
Davies v Davies adj Poilard v Catt det

Freeman v Hull, Barosloy, &o Ry &
Sonnenschein v Barnard and aor act

D Co aot
In re Craven Craven v Taylor adj In re T W Orwig Orwin v Orwin Brojking v Mandelay, Sons & Field Lloyd y Girling mfj (short)

la re J Maas Maas v Maas adj sumns
adj sums

lo re Vernon

Farther considerations.
Vernon v Vernon aoj

In re Tail, dec President, &c., of St Croslegh v Dando act
George's Hospital v Batiersby adj
Roots v Williamson act

In re Wood Wood v Wood fur con &
Maclver v Maclver act

two emns In re Ellis Jones Jones v Evans adj In re Lord Gerard Oliphant v Gerard

Elwyn v Baldock act

Ia re Grove Vaucher v Stephenson
adj sums

IQ re Paine Paige v Paine act
In re Kerrison Palmer v Pye adj

far con
Birmingham, &o, Banking Co v Ross

Solomon v Solomon 2аd fur con
Further considerations.

In re Denton Buoting v Denton fur
In re J E Williams Jones v Wil.

Taylor v Salmon act
liams adj sumos
In re Thorpe Vipont v Radoliffe fo

Even v Eves act
In re Bell Strickland v Nat Benevolent
In re J Wardle, deo Wardlo v Wardle

In re Partington L'artington v Allen
Sanitas Co v Condy (trading,


sur con
Institution adj sumns

Insole v Mayor, &c, of Cardiff act
la re Hayward Hayward v Hayward
In re Hives_Coney v Hives fo

Brooks & Co v Powell, Foley & Co act
adj sumns
In re Daly. Daly v Daly fo

Adjourned Summodges.

In re Bethune Wood v Fraser adj
IQ re Richards

Henderson v Gas Appliances Co, id act Bailey v Bailey
fc& 3 adj sums
Moore v Tylee act

In re Stewart, Colville v Hammond
In re Lightfoot Baiges v Brooker au Winby v Cardiff District & Penarth Maybury v Williams act
Ashworth v Lord fo

In re Thompson, Stevens v Thompson
Stevens v Davies at

In re Sidney Collard, Withall v Neame la re W Sharp Sharp v Sharp act

Harbour Tram Co. fc & mio by Strutt v Sanworth act
In re Worsley Worsley v Woolley act

ord dated June 5, 1883

London, Edinburgh, &c, A98ce Co, la Io re Piner Bowland v Parr
Ntave v Pyefiach act &mfj
In re Lodge Stevenson v Lodge fc

v Horne

In re Murray's Estate Ex parte Jane
In re Gotobed Winslow y Bawcombe
In re Olarey Oldrey v Coles fo
O'Brien v Mansell act

adj sumns

Doucet v Geoghegan

fc & sms
Morewood v Snith

In re Pagh Banting v Pugh
la re T Hulme Hulme v Hulme

In re Watson Carlton y Carlton fo adj

Brodrick v Blackwood & Co act

In re Tanner Gardiner v Frost
In re Gardner Gardner y Gardner fc
Smih v Grenfell Act

In re Cresswell Daniel v Cresswell
Creed v Dizon & Co act

Share v Parkes act

In re Coulson Cook v Coulson
Sivile v Couper adj sumns
In re Ralfe Ralfe v Scotney fo
Flick v Haggard act

In re Golding's Trusts Crossley v
In re Jas Bowley's Estate Bowley v
In re Hobbs Hobbs y Wade fo
Bancroft y Foster at

Bowley adj numns
In re Williams Perin v Williams fo
Bancroft v Baker act

In re Vallance Vallance v Blagden
la re Natt 'Walker v Gamage adj ia re Wilcock Lyach v Sarginsya fc
In re Lawes Coles v Colas fe

Morewood & Co, ld v Dunn act la re Fryer Ellis v Fryer

In re S England Burns v Pavey act In re Siils Sills v Sill
Blundell v De Falbe act
la re Tadman Simpson v Mould fc
In re S England Barns v Pavey

In re Sills Saul v Sills
lo re Vickers Vickers v Vickers adj
In re Oxenham Ford v Oxenbam fc

question of law

Ayras v Ry & Eleotric Appliances, &c,
pt hd

Hancock y Moore Moore v Hancock Co
In re Southerton Wright v Everall
In re Jordan Kins v Picard (3rd)


Robins v Robios
fo & sms
Peden v Tolputt act

In re Cridland & LC Act
InteJ Baker Johnsɔn v Baker adj Strick v Swansea Tio Plate Co fo In re J Miller Miller v Leach act & la re Peaohe Shepherd v Thorpe
In re Weeks, Withers v Weeks 2nd fc


In re Wilton & Sons, Solicitors (taxD)
In re Bettes worth, Bottesworth v
Lemmon v Grylls f o (short)

Cox v Pardon & Sons act & mij Cowper v Harmer

Knaresborough, &c, Building Co v In re Benn's Estate Benn v Benn
In re Haigh, Stephens v Lech mero adj

Adjourned Summonses.
Lochmere act

Prior v Bagster
(Class IV.)
Stedman v Williams act

In re Whitehouse Whitehouse V lo re Houghton, Mortimer v Caird adj In re A & P Beyfas, Solicitors, &c

Boston Deep Sea Fishing Co v Hansell Edwards

Dew y Parker
lu re F Allen & Sons & TM Acts adj In re Stevens Stevens v Keily,
In re Joseph Davis's Charity, &c

Anglo-American Brash Co v Edison & Dow v Parker
Swan &c Co act

In re A W Hall & Co & Co's Acts
la re Treffry, Troffry v Treffry adj In re T. Aans Aans v Clarke Gaant- Anglo-American Brush Co v Edison & In re De la Rue Cumming v Marshall

Swan &c Co act

In re Wilkinson Waddington v Wad. To re Griffia, Buckell v Smith adj sums lett v Clark

dington Io ro R. N. Canningham & Co ld & Hesk:th v Holland act Rickaby v Rickabyact

Co's Acts

In re Infield Infield v Martin Act & In re Corsellis Luwton v Elwes lo re Gregson Christison v Bolam third party notice

Battyo v Cail

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Mr Bonsey

Act, 1814



Battye - Cail

Alexander v London Founders' A8800, Set down 23rd December Middlesex Balding & anr v Tuppen & anr Mr In re Coney to Wilson & V & P Act id Act

Crompton Justica Mathew
In re Simpson Blanford v Simpson Williams v Neath Canal Navigation Set down 24th December Middlesex Ditton v Stuart & apr
In re Hail Bosworth y Hall

Proprietors act & counter claim Justice Grove
Rawlinson v Rawlinson
Wearing v Purkiss act

Set down 28th December Middlesex Berridge v Laws & ors Mr Lane for
In re M Smith v EJ Smith Smith v The Wenham Co, id v May & Co act deft Hough Justice Mathew
London Tavern Co, Id v Worley act

1887. In re Farrer & Needham &o & V&P

Set down 3rd January Middlesex Couper, McCarnie & Co & anr v Richards Transferred from Justicos CHITTY,

& Co Mr RT Reed Justice Mathew In re Picken Welman v Ryder

NORTH, and STIRLING, for Trial or Bidder v Brydges

Set down 4th January Middlesex Gurlitt v Grissell Mr Woolf Jastice Field Hearing only-by Order, dated 24

Set down 8th January Middlesex Wilson & anr v Smith & ors Mr Willis for In re Walker & Hacking, ld & Co's March, 1887.

dft Raynor Justice Grove Freke v Houseman act Aote


Set down 11th January Middlesex Clay v Midland Counties Insoe Co ID Whitehead Holdsworth v Bray v Gardner act

Willis Justice Grove Whitehead

Morgan & Cold v EJ Windover & Co In re Haley Evans v Haloy

Set down 14th January Middlesex Leyron v Morgan Mr Winch Justice Day

ld act In re North Staffs Working Man's & Eady v Eady act

Set down 24th January Middlesex Rowney y Eagles Mr Moyses Justice

AL Smith Building 800

Gardener v Vicat & ors act In re Wilkins Emsley v Wilkins Chatteris v Isaacson act

Set down 24th January Middlesex Farley y Louis Mr Crispe Justice A L

Io re Wilkins Emsley v Wilkins Stobbs v Kelsey act
Hop Bitters Co, id v Lorrimer

Set down 26th January Newcastle-upon-Tyne Finlay v Chirney & anr Mr
Fisher v Holland act

JL Walton Justice Cave
In re Metcalfe Metcalfe v Blencowe Ede v Watson act
Io re United Security Soc, ld, & Co's | Russell v Geere

Set down 29th January Middlesex Havard v Williams Mr B F William: Baron act


Elliott v Steel act
Craven v Ingham
Cooke, Sons, & Co v New River Co

Set down 2nd February Worcester Thompson v Heming, Thompson & anr v
Craven v Ingham
In re Rust Bull v Rust

Heming Mr Darling Justice Manisty In re Whitfield to Evads & V &P Act, Sabler v Fuchs act

Set down 2nd February Middlesex Lover v Bayley Mr Pope Justioo Grove

Set down 4th February Middlesex Silverton v Finch & anr Mr Dickens Jas1874 Ferris, Townsend, & Co v Weston act

tice Grove In re Hastie Hastie v Murray In re Trueman, Bradley v Turnbull

Middlesex Lever y Walker Mr Cook Justice Grove

Set down 4th February
In re Nichols, Thorm, Luok, & adr & 1886-1-521

Set down 7th February
V & P Act, 1874
In re Truoman, Bradley v Turnbull-

Manchester Pickering v N Rastern Ry Co Mr Gully

Justice Hawkins
In re Taunton Simmonds v Simmonds 1886-T-522 act
In re Rriton Medical, &c, Aseoc, ld & Caswell v Hunton sot

Set down 10th February Manchester Brown & Co v Bamber Mr Gully Justice Co's Aots (June 8)

In re Moone, Moone v Moone act
In re Pattinson Knott y Pattinson
Rowe v School Bd for London act

Set down 10th February Official Referee's Report Patterson & Co v West & In re Pattinson Hal stead v Pattinson

Co Mr Firth E Ridley, Esq
June 5
In re Borner Eagleton v Horner Ellis v Workman act

Set down 10th February Durban Stephens v Harris & Co Mr Forbes Justic In re Partington Partington v Allen Nicholls v Kimpton act

Cave Motion for judgment to be argued with this motion (3 sumns) American Braided Wire Co v Thomson

Set down 14th February Exeter Hollett v Hall & apr Hon B Coleridge Jas. Jn re Lord H Paulet

tice Denman
Margais of & Co act
Winchester v Godden
Foster v Holland Bot

Set down 16th February Middlesex Field Walker & anr Mr Cock for pltif In re Corsellis Lawton v Elweg

Justice Grove
Birmingham, &c, Daw Co, id vL &
NW Ry Co act

Set down 18th February Manchester Kastenberg Bro8 v Pitman &ors Mr Before Mr. Justice KEKEWICH.

Ambrose Justice Hawking
Tonnant, w, v Ld Claude Hamilton
Causes for Trial (with witnesses).

Set down 18th February Manchester Same v Empire Fire Insco Assoc, ld Mr

sot Williams & ore v Colonial Bank act Woolfe v Monacott act

Ambrose Justice Hawking Williams v Lon Chartered Bank of Earl of Darpley v LC & D Ry Co act

Set down 18th February Middlesex Anley v N Metropolitan Trams Co Mr A
Australia act
The School Bd for London v Blum act

Cross Baron Pollock
Webb v St John's Gas Co act
Bushby v Steel act

Set down 2let February Cardiff Central Graving Dock & Engineeriog Co, id v In re Evan Jones Jones v Williams lo re Childe Harold Head Head v Head

Walker Mr McIntyre Justice Stephen aot


Set down 22nd February Manchester Fairclough v Lancashire & Yorkshire Lewis v Baskerville act (Mioh Sit- Elborough v Jester act

Ry Co Mr Bigham Justice A L Smith tings) Young r Berriman act

Set down 23rd February Middlesex Crew, Widgery & Co v G W Steamship Co Patents Invests Cold v Crompton act

ld Mr Finlay_Justice A L Smith Transferred from Justices CHITTY, Apollinaris Co Id v Apollo Water Co

Set down 24th February Beaumarris Thomas v Owen Mr Higgins Justice NORTH, & STIRLING, for Trial or ld sot

Stephen Hearing only-by Order, dated Nov Foster v Wheeler act

Set down 24th February Middlesex Field Walker & anr Mr C L Smith (for 24, 1886 In re C Moreton orwise Coppen More

deft) Justice Grove Attorney-Gon v Met Ry Co act

ton v Coppen act

Set down 25th February Cardiff Evans v Rhymney Local Board Mr McIntyre Nash v Hayward not

Justice Stephen
Clay v Brachen act
Midland Ry Co v Micklethwait act Earl Sydney v Lowe act

Set down 26th February Liverpool Marquis Briscoe & Co v Embrey Me
James v Pearless & Son act
Lovejoy v Downes act

Kennedy Justice A L Smith
Robertson v Sankey_act

Stt down 2nd March Middlesex Atkioson v Com Bk of Scotland, Id & aor Mr Transferred from Justices NORTH, Baroness Wenlook v River Dee Cold

Candy Justice Wills CHITTY, and STIRLING, for trial or sot

SPECIAL PAPER. hearing only-by Order, dated 22nd Duck v Hengh act

For Argument. January, 1887.

Sun Permanent &c Soc v Lake act Wells v Hammer act

1886. Phillips v Phillips act Evans v Manchester, Sheffield, &c, Ry Hawkins v King act

Set down 19th June Dae 29th Jane W Beck Bethell & Co v T & C Clark & Co Co Pickford v Piok ford sot

& ore Special case before two judges Gurney v Winchester House Co, id Mudd v Latter act

Set down 11th August Dae 291h October R R Nelson In re Petition of Right Taylor v Faulkoer act

G W Ry Co v The Queen Special case before two judges In re Whitehead In re Reed White

Set down 25th October Due 5th November Williamson, H & Co Holliday & Gas Light &c Co v South Met Gas Co head v Tracy act

ors v Mayor &o of Waktfield Special case before two judges (8 O for a day Walker v West Riding Union Bkg Co In re McQuinn Hill v Buckley act

to be fixed by court on application of Attorney General) act & counter-claim

Higgins v Maber act & Counter claim Set down 3rd November Dae 9th November Barn & G Hornby v Silvester & Parker v Biogban Franke v Vert act

ors Special case before two judges Gt Western Forest of Dean, &c, Co v Baxter v Har field & Co act

Set down 6th November Duo 12ih November Chester & Co Brunner v Burg Trafalgar Colliery Co, id act Parsons v Saffory act

Special case Daniel v McMillan act

Set down 16th December Due 21st January, 1887 Carter & Bell Stoneham v Haynes v Leach Loach v Haynes act Collins v Castle aot (June 7) & mij

Ocean Ry & Gen Acoident Assce Cold Points of law Hobbs v Wayet act

Set down 23rd December Due 21st January, 1887 Kingsford & Co Darenth

Valley Main Sewerage »

Set down 28th December Dae 21st January, 1887 E Clarke Foat v Mayor &o of

Margate Special case

New Trial Paper.
For Argun.ent.

Set down 4th January Duo 21st January Clarke & Co Lanos & Yorks Ry

Co v Andrew Knowles & Sons, id, & ors' Special case before two judges 1886. Set down 19th March Middlesex Bryce v Rusden Sir J Gorst Baron Huddle

Set down 31st January Due 8th February Gregory & Co British Medical, Set down 18th June Middlesex Caruncho v Berndes Mr French

Set down 3rd February Dae lich Februarga Maples & C. Hawdon v Nixey &


aar Special case before two judges Set down 23rd November Manchester Almoud & Co v Kelly & ors Mr H

Set down 15th February Due 22nd February Ridedale & Son Alison v Hall Collins Justice Day

case judges Set down 14th December Middlesex Potter v Letts Mr Wallace Justice Day

Set down 21st February Dus ist March Wedlake, 1 & W Ongley & potem Set down 17th December Middlesex Callagban v Frith Mr Backnill Justice

Locai Buard of Health for the District of Chatham Special case before two Set down 20th December Middlesex Gloucestershire Bkg Co, id , Edwards,

set down 9th March Dne 18th March Bell & Co Colling v Highway Board of Mr Bosanquet LCJ of England

Langbourgh East

District & others Special case before two judges Set down 22nd December Middlesex Cambefort & Co v Chapman Mr Willis

Set down llth March Due 18th March Sutton & O. Preston v Cleveland Ex. Justice Mathew




tension Mineral Ry Co Cleveland Extension Mineral Ry Co v Preston Special case before two judges

exor, &c

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Set down 15th March Due 22nd March Nicholson & G. Municipal Elections
Act, 1882 Bridport Election Petition Hounsell & ors, Petners v Suttill & ors,

Respts Special case before two judges

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 3.
Set down 19th March Dae 29th March Dabois, R & W Johnson v Midland

Constitutional Newspaper Cold Points of law

et down 6th April Due 26th April Waltons & Co Bristol Steam Navigation

CONTRACTORS' AGENCY, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented May 26, Co ld v Indemnity Mutual Marine Insce Co Points of law

directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, June 11. Maddisons, Set down 3rd May Due 10th May Marsden & Son Vestry of St Giles, Cam

Ring's Arms yard, solors for petner berwell v Board of Works for the Greenwich District Special case before two DAKOTA STOCK AND GRAZING CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., judges

dated May 23, it was ordered that voluntary winding up of company be conSet down 27th May. Due 14th June E. Andrew Mayor, &c., of Bury v Lan- tinued. Brandon, Essex st, Strand, solors for petner cashire & Yorkshire Ry Co Special case before two judges


CROYDON AND NORWOOD TRAMWAYS Co.-North, J., has, by an order dated May

11, appointed Edwin Waterhouse, 44, Gresham st, to be official liquidator For Judgment.

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. English Bank of the River Plate, Id , The Merchant's Bkg Co of London, ld

LIMITED IN CHANCERY (Geard before the LO J of England & Mr Justice Grove)

JOHN KERSHAW & Co, LIMITED. - Petn for winding up, presented May 23, directed For Argument.

to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor. at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, on Stephens v Harris & Co motion for judgt to be argued with motion for new trial

Monday, June 13 at 11. Bullock & Worthington, Manchester, solors for No 27

company Duncan & Co v Hutton motion for judgt to be argued with motion for new trial

No 85

NORTH LEICESTER INDUSTRIAL AND PROVIDENT FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY, Lawiance v Bertie (commonly called Lord Norreys) & anr part heard before the LIMITED, 18, West Bond st, Leicester. May 20

WESLEYAN METHODIST SICK AND BURIAL SOCIETY, Wesleyan Methodist SchoolLord Chief Justice of England and Mr Justice Day, Jan 17, 1887

room, Haslingden, Lancaster. May 31 Sewe v Same

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, June 7. Wertheimer v Millbank

American Braided Wire Co v Thomson & Co part heard March 11, 1887, before

Justices Day & Wills
Jackson v General Stook Exchange Co, ld


J., dated May 21, it was ordered that the corporation be wound up. Haynes, Shaw v Taylor 8 0 June 10

Finsbury sq, solor for petners Taylor v Egan

NORTHFLEET AND SWANSCOMBE BRICKFIELDS CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Moo-brugger v Droitwich Salt Co, ld

Kay, J., dated April 23, it was ordered that the company be wound up. WhitBlum v MoKellen so till No 19 is reached

field. Finsbury pavement, solor for petner Crew & anr v Camming & aar (see No 46)

TARBUTT'S LIQUID FUEL CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented June 4, Hartmont v Dorsey

directed to be heard before Stirling, J., on Saturday, June 18. Kerly & Co,

Great Winchester st, solors for petners Baird v Levy

WEST LONDON COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Lewis Merthyr Navigation Colliery Co, ld, v Jones

July 9, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or Bishop v Goulding & anr

claims, to Alfred Augustus James, 66, Coleman st. Monday, July 18, at 11, is Lanfear v Hanbury (see No 43)

appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon debts and claims Wallis & anr v Lyon

WHOLESALE GROCERY CO, LIMITED.-North, J., has, by an order dated May 13 Blam v McKellen (see No 11)

appointed William Henry Pannell, 14, Basinghall st, to be official liquidator Stokes v Stokes


SAINT DAVID'S LODGE, Bridge-end Inn, Howey, Llandrindod, Radnor. June 3


bury, Salop. June 3 Macoolla y Jones

SOUTH MOLTON BENEVOLENT SICK AND BURIAL SOCIETY, 93, East st, South Molton, In re E T Smith, Gent, &c, Expte Girvan

Devon. May 31 Donoughmore & ors v Wood

SUSPENDED FOR THREE MONTHS. Walters & ors v Lewis & ors

FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Geeler Arms Inn, Rhydlydan, nr Pentre Voelas, Denbigh. Foreman v Garrett

June 3
Vadala & Co v Lawes
Marshall v Goodall & anr
Greenbeok v Dalla Volta
Ioman v Wardman

W Coulson & Sons v J Coulson & Co

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.
In re a Solicitor Expte Incorporated Law Soc
Weldon v De Bathe

Apperley v North

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, May 31.
East v Robison & anr

ANDERTON, THOMAS, Sheffield, Tailor. July 31. Burdekin & Co, Sheffield
Wenman v Erwin
Jones v Sheard

ANDREW, EDWYN, Shrewsbury, Doctor. June 24. Morgan, Shrewsbury
Powell & anr v Marine & General Land, Building & Investment Co, id

BEMAN, MARY, Cheltenham. July 9. Ticehurst & Sons, Cheltenham Jones y Daniel Owen & Co, ld, & anr

BUTCHER, ROBERT, West Ham, Essex, Coach Painter. July 1. Birchall & Co' Hastie & anr v Lord Wallscourt

Mark lane Cooper v Blacko ore & ors

CLOUGH, JOSEPH, Bolton, Lancaster, Beerseller. June 27. Fielding, Bolton Luntear v Hanbury to be argued with No 17

COLLINGE, FREDERICK, Cheetham, nr Manchester, Gent. July 31. Walley, Pedley & anr v Robinson and ors

Manchester Hedger & anr v Robinson

CORNEWALL, FANNY HARRIET, Dover. July 1. Nicholson & Herbert, Parlia

ment st Crew & anr v Cumming & apr

to be argued with No 12 Englisle & anr v Klencke

DALY, THOMAS JERVOISE, Erith, Kent, Retired Tradesman. July 1. Birchall & Gresham Advance & Discount Co v Crosse (Army & Navy House Furnishing Co FIELD, FREDERICK, Friern pk, Friern Barnet, Coffee Roaster. July 1. Lydall

John st, Bedford row Carter & Co v Burton, Imbery, & Co

FLETCHER, JOHN, Rochdale, Woollen Weaver. June 15. Brierley & Hudson, Eden v Hamlyn & Co

Rochdale Star & anr v Banwell

FORSTER, JANE AMELIA, Old Shirley, Southampton. Dixon, Southampton Smith v Dixon

GARLAND, CHARLES, Hinton, nr Evesham, Retired Wine Merchant. July 24. Cooper v Bebro

Carter & Barber, Austin friars In re a Solicitor Ex parte Roberts

GIBBES, Rev HENEAGE, Plymouth. June 11. White & Co, Launceston Rogers & Son v Whiteley

HARRISON, ANN, Stow, nr Gainsborough. Aug 2. Tweed & Co, Lincoln Phillips v Bellairs & apr

HODGE, ANNA, Torquay, June 24. Lindop, Torquay Heathcote v Livesley (Livesley, olmt)

HODGSON, WILLIAM, Rotherham, Yorks, Gent. July 9. Marsh & Son, RotherPratt v Erckmann

ham Brown & apr v Roust & apr

HOGBEN, STEPHEN, Dover, Cornfactor. July 16. Carder, Dover In re a Solicitor Ex parte Potter & anr

HOWARD, SAMPSON, Tattershall, Lincoln, Farmer. Aug 2. Tweed & Co, Lincoln Terry v Nix Weldon v Weldon & anr

LINSELL, GEORGE DARBY, Finchingfield, Essex, Grocer. June 7. Cox, Saffron

Duplessy Bebro
Feilden v Nicholson (J L Feilden, clmt)

MARSHALL, THOMAS, Peabody sq, Blackfriars rd, Retired Accountant's Clerk.

June 30. Gibson, Hexham Scovell & anr v Bevan

MORRIS, THOMAS CHARLES, Brynmyrddin, Carmarthen, Esq. June 24. Barker Gardyne v Corbin & ors

& Co, Carmarthen

NICHOL, ROBERT, Leighton rd, Kentish town, Merchant. June 27. Munns & MacDellan & Co v Frawjee & Co

Longden, Old Jewry

OGDEN, WILLIAM, Rochdale, Grocer. June 19. Brierley & Hudson, Rochdale (To be continued.)

PRICE, THOMAS, Wednesbury, Staffordshire, Ironmonger. June 24. Brookes,

READ, SAMUEL, Bromley, Kent. June 30. Letts Bros, Bartlett's bldngs, Hol-

born circus

RICE, MARY ANN, Leicester. June 11. Arnall, Leicester YAPINING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.–Before purchasing RUSTON, WILLIAM, Catherine et, Tower hill, Wine Merchant. June 30. Simpexpert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 116, Victoria-st. West

son & Co, Three Crown sq, Southwark micster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Ofices, &c.—(ADVT.)

SANDERS, WILLIAM, Tettenhali, Stafford, Gent. July 7. Thorne & Co, WolverBaron's Court House, West Kensington, London, price 13 stamps. The Author, Baron EBERS and STUTTERERS should read a little book by Mr. B. BRASLEY, STRANGE PART, Freemantle, Southampton. June 30. Robins & Son, South

ampton after suffering nearly 40 years, cured himself by a method entirely his own.-- TOSLAND, SAMUEL, Clydesdale rd, Glenthorne, New Southgate, Gent. June

26. Houghtons & Byfield, Gracechurch st

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WILSON, MATILDA ANN, Sheffield. June 30. Swift & Ashington, Sheffield
WINSDALE. ELIZABETH, Lordship lane, Tottenham. Aug 1. Champion & Sons,

Ironmonger lane, E.C.

WATSON, JAMES ROBISON, Leeds, Architect. June 25. Bowling & Hirst, Leeds
WHITE, MIBIAM, Grove st, Leamington. July 1. Morris & Sons, Shrewsbury
PARKINSON, WILLIAM, Gt Eccleston, Lancaster, Yeoman. June 25. Buck & Co,

WYATT, ANN ELIZABETH, Raglan, Mon. June 30. Hill, Monmouth


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 3.
ANSTICE, GEORGE, South Petherton, Somerset, Coal Merchant. June 21. Millard,

South Petherton, Somerset
BROADRICK, LUCY, Birmingham. July 1. Rowley & Chatwin, Birmingham

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 3.
CARR, JAMES, Worthenbury, Flint, Farmer. July 1. Etches, Whitchurch, Salop

DOBSON, JOHN, Bowness, Westmoreland, Coach Builder. July 16. Dobson,

APLIN, HENRY, Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, Farmer. Taunton. Pet May 27
GRIME. THOMAS, Tupstead mill, nr Stacksteads, Lancaster, Labourer. July 1. Ord May 28
Knowles & Thompson, Manchester

BAKER, HENRY WILLIAM, Hamilton rd, Grove rd, Bow, Tobacco Pipe Maker. HARRISON, HENRY. Haydock, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Aug 2. Oppen- Higb Court. Pet May 31. Ord June 1 heim & Malkin, St Helens

BAKER, RICHARD, Old Cleeve, Somerset, Hotel Proprietor. Taunton. Pet May HAYTON, THOMAS, Loughrigg, Westmoreland, Farmer. July 16. Dobson,

28. Ord May 31 Kendal

BAMFORD, SAMUEL, Kettering, Builder. Northampton. Pet May 28. Ord HEYWOOD, ANNA MARIA, West Derby, Lancaster. July 1. Logan & Co, Liver- May 28

BARNETT, CHARLES, Pembroke Dock, Grocer. Pembroke Dock. Pet May 31. KINSMAN, MARY ANN STEER, Stoke Damerel, Devon. July 21. Gard, Devonport BAYLO, ARTWUR OCTAVIUS, Bucklersbury, Solicitor. High Court. Pet March KNIGHT, REBECCA, York pl, Baker st, Dreesmaker. July 18. Liggins, Berners

24. Ord May 31 st, Oxford st

BONIFACE, WILLIAM JOHN, and HENRY GEORGE BONIFACE, Southampton, Cabinet LAWRENCE, JOHN, Over Staveley, Westmoreland, Yeoman. July 16. Dobson,

Makers. Southampton. Pet May 28. Ord May 28 Kendal

CARTER, JAMES, Alresford, Essex, Blacksmith. Colchester. Pet June 1. Ord LEE, CHARLES. Bramley Grange, nr Grewelthorpe, York, Land Agent. June 18.

June 1 Calvert, Masham, Yorks

CRAWSHAW. ROBERT HENRY. Carleton, nr Pontefract, Butcher. Wakefield. LIDDLE, EMMA, Newport, Salop. July 11. Liddle, Newort

Pet May 27. Ord May 27 LIDDLE, WILLIAM, Newport, Salop, Solicitor. July 11. Liddle, Newport

DAVEY, GEORGE, Neath, Switchman. Neath. Pet June 1. Ord June 1 LOCKLEY, MARTHA, Newport, Salop. July 11. Liddle, Newport

DAWES, FREDERICK, Walsall, Rope Maker. Walsall. Pet June 1. Ord June 1 LOCKLEY, WILLIAM BENTLEY, Newport, Salop, Gent. July 11. Liddle, New- DAY, GEORGE, Harpenden, Hertford, Hay Dealer. St Albans. Pet May 27.

27 LORD, CAROLINE ELIZA, Gaisford st, Kentish Town. July 1. Hales, Clifford's

DORR, GEORGE MICHAEL. Tunstall, Stafford, Grocer. Hanley, Burslem, and

Tunstall. Pet May 28. Ord May 28 MORRIS, WILLIAM, Church Ashton, nr Newport, Salop, Tailor. July 11. Liddle,

FAUTLY, WILLIAM, Aldershot. Grocer. Guildford and Godalming. Pet May 28. Newport

Ord May 28 NICHOLLS, HENRY JOHN, Grove lane, Camberwell, Gent, July 1. Richardson &

GIRVAN, ALEXANDER, Colchester, Draper, Colchester. Pet June 1. Ord June 1 Sadler, Golden sq

GREEN, JOHN, Bolton, Grocer. Bolton. Pet May 19. Ord May 28
RATCLIFFE, HENRY WALTER, Florence rd, New Cross, Advertising Contractor.
June 22. Waite & Co, Boston

GREENWOOD, SAMMY, Halifax, Licensed Victualler. Halifax. Pet May 27. Ord

May 27 RINGER, JOSEPH, George st, Manchester sq, Coachman. July 11. Taylor, Nor

HALL, GEORGE, Sheffield, Draper. Sheffield. Pet May 27. Ord May 27 folk st. Strand ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Liverpool, Carter. July 1. Norris & Sons, Liverpool

HESLOP, ROBERT CLAYTON, Wakefield, Clerk in Holy Or ers. Wakefield. Pet

May 11. Ord May 28 ROBINSON, WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. July 12. Walker & Harland, HILL, WILLIAM, Walmer rd, Notting bill, Ironmonger. High Court. Pet June Hull

1. Ord June 1 RODGERS, THOMAS, Ipswich, Drill Sergeant. July 18. Cobbold & Co, Ipswich HOWE. ROBERT WHITWORTH, Bedford, Innkeeper. Bedford. Pet June 1. Ord SKINNER. PRUDENCE, Station rd, Aldershot, Hotel Keeper. July 8. Eve, Alder

June 1 shot

KINDRED, GEORGE, Consett, Durham, Draper. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet May 21. SNAPE, HELEN, Liverpool. July 1. Large, South sq, Gray's inn

Ord June 1

LEE, CHARLES, and LUDWIG SIMON, Cromwell avenue, Hornsey, Fine Art PubTAYLOR, MARY, Norwich. June 24. Simpson, Tombland, Norwich

lishers. High Court. Pet May 14. Ord May 27 WATERSON, JOHN, Birmingham, Surgeon. June 30. Rowlands & Co, Birming


Tailor. Southampton. Pet ham

May 18._Ord May_28 WOOD, SARAH, Sheffield. July 13. Webster & Styring, Sheffield


Ystradyfodwg, Grocers. Pontypridd. Ptt May 26. Ord May 26
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, June 7.

MARKS, HENRY, Gt Eastern st, Shoreditch, Clothier. High Court. Pet June 1.

Ord June 1 ALLSOP, ELIZA SARAH, Park walk, Chelsea. July 31. Paine & Brettell, Chert- PERKINS, THOMAS WALTER, Chepstow, Mon, Grocer. Newport, Men. Pet June sey

1. Ord June 1 BEAVEN, JULIA, Pewsey, Wilts. July 1. Dixon, Pewsey

POWELL, THOMAS, Hodnet, nr Market Drayton, Farmer. Nantwich and Crewe. CARTER, EDWARD HAROLD, Birmingham, Accountant. July 4. Barlow & Co, PREECE, Way.AM THOMAS, Seven Sisters' rd, Job Master. High Court. Pet Birmingbam

June 1. Ord June 1 COMINS, GEORGE, Ely, Cambridge, Auctioneer. July 30. Fosters & Lawrence,

PRESCOTT, JOHN RICHARD, Preston, Lancs, Grocer. Preston. Pet May 26. Ord CONNOLLY, PAGRICK, New Brighton, Cotton Dealer. June 22. Lynch & Teebay, PROUDLOVE: WILLIAM, Newcastle under Lyme, Builder. Hanley, Burslem, and

Liverpool CORRY, CECILIA, Belvedere rd, Upper Norwood. July 15. Leefe & Leefe, RANDLE, ARTHUR, Fillongley, Warwick, Baker. Coventry. Pet May 31. Ord Quality ct, Chancery lane

May 31 CROSSE, LATYMER GEORGE, Groombridge, Sussex, Gent. July 4. Crosse, Bed- SHEFFIELD, THOMAS NEEDHAM, Wandle rd, Upper Tooting, Solicitor. High

ford row DANIELS, MATILDA, Warwick, Innkeeper. July 26. Handley & Brown, War- SLANEY, WILLIAM, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham, Baker. Nottingham. Pet wick

June 1. Ord June 1
GAGE. Dame HENRIETTA. MARY ROKEWODE, Hengrave hall, Suffolk. Aug 6. SWINFORD, JOHN, Cheltenham, Whitesmith.

Cheltenham. Pet May 28. Ord
Carlisle & Co, New sq
HARPER, BENJAMIN, Low Harrogate, York. Sept 9. Powell, Harrogate

May 28

TYTNER, HILL, Birmingham, Merchant. Birmingham. Pet May 31. HARPER, MARY, Low Harrc gate. Sept 9. Powell, Harrogate

May 31 HEATLEY, THOMAS. Stockton on Tees, Contractor. July 5.

WETHERELL, ROBINSON, Moorsley, Durham, Auctioneer. Durham. Pet May 28.
Watson & Co,

Ord May 28
Stockton on Tees
HIRST, JAMES, Blackpool. Washing Machine Manufacturer. July 5. Long-

YEOMAN, HENRY SHEPPARD, Frome, Somerset, Draper. Frome. Pet May 26.

Ord May 27
bottom & Sons, Halifax

Co, Coleman st

DAVIDSON, WOLFF, Downs pk rd, Merchant. High Court. Ord May 7. Resc JONES, HENRY, Burslem, Brewer's Manager. July 4. Jesse Norris, Burslem

May 28

FIRST MEETINGS. KINGDON, ELIZA TEMPLER, Rhyl, Flint. July 9. Williams, Rhyl

APLIN, HENRY, Combe St. Nicholas, Somersetshire, Farmer. June 10 at 12.30. LIBERTY, DANIEL, Berwick st, Pimlico, Carpenter. July 30. Ayerst, Gt College st

BAKER, RICHARD, Old Cleeve, Somersetshire, Hotel Proprietor. June 13 at 12.30. LOGAN, JAMES PENDER, Liverpool, Gent. Aug 2. Peacock & Co, Liverpool

Egremont Hotel, Williton MARSHALL, GEORGE, Kensington crescent, Gent. Aug 4. Rawlins, Walbrook,

BECKWITH, WALTER, Leeds, Marble Merchant.

Park row, Leeds
OSMOND, JOHN, Bucklebury, Berks, Gent. Aug 12. Mecey & Son, Thatcham, nr

Newbury, Berks

Timber Merchants. June 10 at 12. Bankruptcy bldgs, Lincoln's inn PICKFORD, WILLIAM HENRY, Portman st, Portman sq, Surgeon Major in

BILHAM, GAZE, Stalham, Norfolk, Harness Maker. June 11 at 12. Off Reo, 8, Grenadier Guards. July 11. Heggerty, Gt George st, Westminster

King st, Norwich SANDERS, MARY, Wolverhampton. July 4. Lane & Co, Arundel st, Strand

BONNETT, WALTER GRAY, Cambridge, General Dealer. June 17 at 12. BankSCARF, THOMAS, Halifax, Dyer. July 21. Crossley, Halifax

CRANFIELD, EDWARD, Henley upon Thames, Tailor. June 30 at 3. Queen's SIMMONS, FRANCES, Harrogate. July 1. Peach, Harrogate SUMMERS, ELIZABETH BARKLAMB, Waldrons, Croydon. Sept 29.

CRAWSHAW, ROBERT HENRY, Carleton, nr Pontefract, Butcher. June 10 at 11. Clement's inn, Strand

Benson, THOMAS, ELIZABETH, Mothvey, Carmarthen. Julyo. Bishop, Llandovery


, Grocer. June 10 at 11.30. Royal Hotel, THOMPSON, GEORGE, Cliburn, Westmoreland, Yeoman. June 30. Bell, jun

EDWARDS, FREDERICK CLINCH, Ryde, I W, Tobacconist. June 14 at 12.30. ChamTHOMPSON, HENRY, South Kyme, Lincoln, Miller. July 1. Rodgers & Jessopp,

ber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside Sleaford, Lincoln

EVANS, WILLIAM, Cardiff, Brick Merchant. June 17 at 3. Off Rec, 3, CrockherbWARMAN, JOHN, Beenham, Berks, Carpenter. July 1. Beale & Martin, Reading

town, Cardiff

FORRESTER, JAMES, and THOMAS HOBSON, Longton, Staffs, Majolica Makers. WEST, ELIZABETH, Cassland rd, Hackney. Aug 2. Thompson, Mile End rd

Hotel, upon WILSON, GEORGE, Sheffield, Gent. June 30. Swift & Ashington, Sheffield

10 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincolu's inn


June 13 at 11. Off Rec, 92,

GEER, LEONARD, and GEORGE Ln. Ik tror, Parkland, Clapham, Builders. June

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