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Gray's Inn.-Edward Darby Vesey, B.A., Cambridge; Emmanuel

Fraser.” It would not be fair for Mr. Fraser and others to sit as judges facilities for registration of title under the existing Acts, and world bring into and the under-sheriffs to appear only as witnesses. He (Mr. Longmore) publicity defects and flaws of title which would otherwise never appear. was sure the under-sheriffs were not those obstructionists and performers This would lead to many unfounded claims and consequent litigation. of everything that was wrong which seemed to be the opinion in some Moreover, the disclosure of all transactions and incumbrances would operate quarters, but they would be prepared to give that assistance which they injuriously, and would certainly be distasteful and unpopular with the hoped would lead to some improvement.

present proprietors. Mr. FRERE seconded, reminding the meeting that this inquiry and It was considered that the work of getting all titles upon the Register in report would not be anything final, the object being to place upon the the first instance would be a gigantic undertaking requiring an army of committee persons who were capable of giving the society the best in- skilled officials, and, even assuming the initial difficulty to have been surformation. Surely that would be best arrived at by adopting the amend mounted, there would occur periodically, as at quarter days, times of great ment. Eleven seemed to him to be a more handy and useful complement pressure involving probably much delay and inconvenience. This would than twelve, there being, of course, the possibility of having a majority. lead to additional expense and end in general dissatisfaction. To transfer

Mr. Blyth said he had no complaint to make with reference to the the multitudinous transactions daily taking place in land from the existing under-sheriffs, but he simply wished that the question might be investi, conveyancing practitioners to an official board would be a serious undertaking, gated with the object of effecting an improvement in the law. He asked and tħe experience of the way in which business is transacted by such boards them not to add to the committee a sufficient representation of the vested does not in the least lead to the belief that the work will be effected either interests to imperil the value of its report. The committee should be, as better, more cheaply, or more expeditiously than at present.

On the far as possible, quite impartial, and if the sheriffs wished to have one or contrary, the red-tapeism of a public office and the official fees necessarily two nominees upon it they should have them, and should be at payable—would probably increase the cost, as well as cause great delay, liberty to call evidence to put their case before the committee.

especially in the numerous small and intricate transactions daily requiring Mr. KIMBER supported the amendment. [t was only fair and just that the attention of the conveyancer. the under-sheriffs should be represented.

It was also considered that the president of the Incorporated Law Society The PRESIDENT put the amendment as follows:-"That the committee should be associated with the Lord Chancellor in forming the Land Transfer consist of five members of the council, to be nominated by the president Board, which should consist, not of mere Government officials, but of persons of the society, three members of the society, to be nominated by the having a practical knowledge of conveyanciog, and that one of the convey; under.sheriffs, and three to be nominated by Mr. Fraser."

ancing counsel of the Court of Chancery, the president of the Incorporated The amendment was carried ; sixty-four voting in its favour, and nine Law Society, and the president of one of the large provincial law societies against. It was then adopted as a substantive motion.

should also he associated with the Lord Chancellor in framing the rules Mr. FRASER then nominated Mr. Blyth, Mr. Munton, and himself to under the Act. serve on the committee.

It was also considered that to vest real estate on the death of the owner in Mr. LONGMORE nominated Mr. C. Gepp (Chelmsford), Mr. F. Scudamore his personal representatives was an unnecessary interference with the right (Maidstone), and himself to represent the under-sheriffs.

of a testator to appoint his own trustee ; that the abolition of estates tail CHANCERY DIVISION.

was practically of little importance; and that while in principle there was no

objection to dividing an intestate's real estate amongst his next of kin as if it The following notice of motion by Mr. Munton was postponed until the were personalty, the society saw no adequate reason for the projected change. next meeting: -" That, in the opinion of this meeting, the appointment Indeed, the sub-division of small portions of real estate among a

large of a sixth judge in the Chancery Division is not only imperatively needed, number of persons would, in many instances, render it of little value to any but that the hearing of all chancery causes (with special exceptions) one, and necessarily increase largely the cost of dealing with it. In this should cease to be associated with any particular judge, and be taken in respect the change would press with some hardship upon small proprietors, their order (as set down) by two or more courts constantly sitting for trials to which class persons dying without a will generally belong. only."

Resolutions in accordance with these views were passed unanimously, and PROVINCIAL MEETINGS.

ordered to be transmitted to the Incorporated Law Society: The following notice of motion by Mr. MelviLL GREEN was also post The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the chairman. poned until the next meeting :-“That a committee be appointed to consider and report on the arrangements of the October meetings, and particularly as to choice of subjects; selection of readers and speakers, limiting length of speeches, and giving right of reply; time of distributing prints of the papers; previous publication of the programme of the meeting ; admission to the debates of solicitors not yet members ;

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. and all other points likely to increase the interest and beneficial influence

of these meetings."
The proceedings then terminated.

The undermentioned gentlemen were on Wednesday called to the bar :-
INNER TEMPLE.-John Arthur Williams, M.A. Cambridge; Frederic

Edward Weatherly, M.A. Oxford ; Helperius Benedictus Sauer, LL.B.

London ; Henry Erle Richards, B.A. Oxford ; Harry Redmond Thomson, At a meeting of the directors, held at the hall of the Incorpor. Edmund Lyon Keates, B.A. Oxford; George Benson Clough, London;

B.A. Oxford (holder of a scolarship in equity, awarded February, 1887) ; ated Law Society, Chancery.lane, on Thursday, the 5th inst. —the Felix Reginald Dias, B.A., LL.B., Cambridge ; Andrew Brocket Wilson. Collison, Desborough, jun., Hine-Haycock, Sawtell, Sidney Smith, and holme, B.A. Oxford; Lowji Merwanji Wadia, B.A. Cambridge ; Thomas Arthur Carpenter (secretary)—the ordinary general business was transacted.

Needham Wilson, 'B.A. Oxford; Charles Lushington Hickley, B.A.
Oxford ; Thomas Bancroft Oughton, LL.B. London; Khushwakt Rai;

Francis John Brownlow Bethune, B.A. Cambridge; John Hugh Arm.

strong Elliot, B.A. Oxford; Henry Goodwin Rooth, B.A. Cambridge ; THE LAND TRANSFER BILL.

Edwin Archibald Ley ; James Aiken Pixley, LL.B. Cambridge; William A special meeting of this society was held at the society's room, Shrews- 1886) ; Thomas Miller Maguire, M.A., LL.D., Queen's University, Tre

John Lewin (holder of a scholarship in real property law, awarded July, bury, on the 29th ult. There were present Mr. T. M. How (president), in land, and Robert Allen M'Nab. the chair; Messrs. E. Hodges (Fisher & Hodges, Newport, vice-president), Middle TEMPLE.-Shripad Babaji Thaknr, B.A. University of Bombay; G. G. Warren (Market Drayton), w. c. Tyrrell" (Anderson & Co., Ludlow), M'Lean, M.X. Edinburgh University'; Albert Charles Hayes, University E. B. Potts (Broseley), R. Marston (Ludlow), 'J. Bidlake (Wellington), Ralph Sillery Benson, M.A. LL.B., Dublin University; John James Benson, R. T. Hughes, 'W. M. How, C. Payne (Shrewsbury), w. H. Bott Williamson, B.A., Balliol College, Oxford ; Richard John Hodgson, M. A.,

Letters of apology for non-attendance were received from Messrs. H. Lee Hail, Oxford University Clarence Adolphus Hamlyn, st Mary Hall, (Brookes & Lee, Whitchurch), W. P. Gordon (Gordon & Nicholls, Bridge Oxford ; John Wilkins, B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge: Edmund Prior north), and E. Williams (Longueville & Co., Oswestry): Messrs. P. H. Minstall and M. B. Lawford (Oswestry), Cecil Potts (Shrews- Parfitt, B.A., University of London Herbert Granville Grant;

Leresche ; James Walker Clydesdale, Glasgow University; James John bury), and R. Newill (Wellington), were elected members.

Adkins Rundell, B.A., London University. A donation of £10 10s. was voted to the Solicitors' Benevolent Association LINCOLN's Inn.-Richard Horatio Couch Kent; Edward Herbert Wid. as a Jubilee offering.

nell, B.A., Oxford; Henry John Newbolt, B.A., 'Oxford ; Edward Grain. The hon, secretary reported the purchase by the Library Sub-Committee ville Waddilove, Oriel College, Oxford ;' Bartle Henry Temple Freet, of the late Mr. Charles Chandler's series of law reports.

Trinity College, Cambridge ; Francis Edward Prescott Decie, New Col: was introduced by the president, Tanál considered and discussed at great het bestandefordrahamthuLincolnsorinn scholarship in Equity, rile; length. In the absence of information as to the rules to be made for carry and a real and ha personal property Law, 1886). B.A., Cambridge ing the scheme into effect, the society did not feel like a position to offer vany Hayward Radcliffe Darlington, B.A., Cambridge ; Charles Edmund Bohin wishful to co-operate int any improvement interher cases which briocid rendere Sarbah, Univeraing untuisondata and Dwarka Nath Banerji, Lower Bengal, conveyancing simpler and cheaper, they felt that there were serious objec- India.

who had shown no disposition to avail themselves of the present denice, Roiman Lawo, porivate international Law, constitutional Law, and



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Legal History Prizeman, 1884 and 1885); John Henry Anderson, success Mr. HENRY FRANK GALPIN, solicitor, of Oxford, has been appointed
ful candidate at Indian and Home Civil (Class I.) Examinations; and Clerk to the Oxford Board of Guardians and Assessment Committee and
William Naylor Vallance.

Superintendent Registrar for the Oxford District, in succession to Mr.
Walter Thompson, deaceased. Mr. Galpin was admitted a solicitor in 1881.

Mr. George ROBERTSON GILLESPIB, advocate, has been appointed Sec. retary to the Endowed Schools Commissioners for Scotland.

Mr. SEPTIMUS Burt has been appointed a Queen's Cour for the

Colony of Western Australia.

Mr. THOMER COPE, solicitor, of Birmingham, has been appointed a

Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.
Mr. WALTER THOMPSON, solicitor, of Oxford, died on the 1st ult. Mr.
Thompson was the son of Mr. William Thompson, of Oxford, and was
born in 1841. He was educated at King's College School. He served his

articles with Mr. Thomas Mallam, of Oxfurd, and he was admitted a FREDERICK CARRITT and FREDERICK BLASSON CARRITT, solicitors (Carritt
solicitor in 1863. In 1870 he was appointed clerk to the Oxford Board of & Son), 23, Rood-lane, London. The business will be carried on hence-
Guardians and Assessment Committee, and about five years later he became forth by the said Frederick Blasson Carritt alone, under the same style or
superintendent registrar for the Oxford district. He was a proctor in the firm of Carritt & Son. April 22.

[Gazette, May 3.]
University Court and a perpetual commissioner for Oxfordshire and
Berkshire. Mr. Thomps n was buried at Holywell Cemetery, Oxford, on

the 5th ult.
Mr. Josiah William Smith, Q.C., many years a judge of county House of Commons on the 29th ult.

The Bankruptcy Offices (Sites) Bill was read a third time and passed in the
courts, died at Olitton on the 10th ult. Mr. Smith was the only
son of the Rev. John Smith, rector of Baldock, Hertfordshire, and Mr. Justice Stephen, the Treasurer, and the Masters of the Bench of the
was born in 1816. He was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Inner Temple entertained at dinner on Wednesday the Prince of Wales,
where he graduated in the first class of the Civil Law Tripos in 1838. ie Treasurer of the Middle Temple.
was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Easter Term, 1841, and be It has been found necessary to give up the ball intended to be given by
practised for many years in the Chancery Division. He was the author of the Inner Temple on May 26th, the number of members of the Inn who
* A Manual of Equity,” “A Manual of Common Law," “A Manual of wished to be present being so large that the Masters of the Bench did not
Bankruptcy," "A Compendium of Real and Personal Property," and feel justified in incurring on account of the Inn the expense which would
other legal works. Mr. Smith was one of the counsel employed in draft- have been necessary.
ing the Chancery Consolidated Rules, and in 1861 he received a silk

It is stated that at an inquest held by Mr. A. F. Vulliamy, coroner for gown from Lord Campbell. In 1865 he was appointed by Lord Cran. Ipswich, last week, the Coroner requested the representatives of the Press worth to be judge of county courts for circuit No. 27 (which includes

who were in attendance to withdraw. They refused to do so, and the jury Hereford and a large portion of Shropshire). In 1879 he retired on a

also stated that they should decline to serve unless the Court were an open pension. Mr. Smith was a bencher of Lincoln's-ion, and a magistrate for

The Coroner threatened to fine the jurymen, and the chief constable, Herefordshire. He was married in 1844 to the second daughter of Dr.

at his request, proceeded to remove the reporters by force. The jury perGeorge Henry Hicks, of Baldock. He was buried at Baldock on the 15th sisting in refusing to receive evidence unless the reporters were admitted, the ult.

Coroner adjourned the inquiry for a week.

Mr. G. B. Gregory writes to the Times to enquire whether under the Bill APPOINTMENTS.

of the Lord Chancellor, which provides for an absolute title to land being

acquired after five years' registration and on certain notices being given, Mr. John William Pye Smith, solicitor (of the firm of Burdekin, Pye this title is to be free from the claims to succession duty, which can be carried Smith, & Benson), of Sheffield, has been elected Town Clerk of that back to the date of the Act of 1853. He adds that “If that is the construcborough, in succession to Mr. John Yeomans, deceased. Mr. Smith was

tion of the Bill, it would no doubt confer a great boon upon the purchasers admitted a solicitor in 1863.

of landed property, and those who act for them, but I do not think that this Mr. WALTER JAMES WEstcott BEARD, solicitor, of 10, Basinghall-street, would be the effect of the Bill as it now stands, or that such effect is con. has been elected Vestry Clerk of the parish of St. Michael, Bassishaw, on templated. I venture to state that without some provision to meet the point the resignation of Mr. James Henry Davidson. Mr. Beard is the son of I have raised, many persons would find that the proposed legislation had only Mr. Thomas Beard, solicitor-deputy for the ward of Bassishaw. He was been a delusion in respect of it.” admitted a solicitor in 1873.

In the House of Commons on the 28th ult., in answer to Mr. Howell, Mr. George LEY BODILLY, solicitor (of the firm of Trythall & Bodilly),

Mr. W. H. Smith said that the question of a cheap edition of the Statutes has been appointed Deputy-Coroner for the Penzance Division of the had been under the consideration of the Statute Law Revision Committee, County of Cornwall. Mr. Bodilly is coroner for the borough of and they had submitted to the Treasury the following proposals :—That á Penzance. He was admitted a solicitor in 1880.

revised edition of the statutes be undertaken, of convenient size, to be Mr. Leonard Field, barrister, has been appointed Examiner in Equity ecmmenced at once, in which case the first volume can probably be brought

published volume by volume as revision is completed; that the work be and Real Property Law at the University of London.

Mr. Field is the second son of the Rev. William Field, of Warwick, and was born in 1824.

out this year. The committee believed that such an edition could be supplied He was educated at University College, London, and he graduated B.A.

at a price not exceeding eight guineas for the complete set. The Treasury at the University of London in 1844. He was called to the bar at the

were about to give their sanction to the proposals of the committee. Juner Temple in Hilary Term, 1852, and he practises in the Chancery alluded to the proposed scheme for altering the existing assize arrangements

At the Swansea assizes, Mr. Justice Mathew, in charging the grand jury mar: Lumley Smith, Q.C., has been appointed Examiner in Common Law in England and Wales, by which it was suggested that three gaol deliveries and the Law of Evidence at the University of London. Mr. Smith is the the present system of grouping counties for this purpose should be abolished.

should be held in every county for the purpose of trying prisoners, and that Smith, Q.c. He was born in 1834, and he was formerly fellow of Trinity danger should be tried in his own county among the people who knew him,

He was and with that sentiment the present administration appeared to be clearly in called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1860, and he is a sympathy, at any rate as regarded its application to England. The case of member of the South-Eastern Circuit. Mr. Smith became a Queen’s Wales, happily, differed somewhat from that of England, where there were Counsel in 1880. He is recorder of Sandwich, and a bencher of the

few counties in which there were no prisoners to be tried, whereas it fre

quently happened in the agricultural districts of North and South Wales Mr. JOSEPH Suity, solicitor, of Birmingham and Wednesbury, has been there were no prisoners for trial at the assizes. As the holding of assizes in elected Chairman of the Birmingham Central Tramways Company. Mr. Smith was admitted a solicitor in 1870.

every county entailed great inconvenience upon the grand and petty jurors, Local Board and to the Wednesbury Burial Board.

He is Clerk to the Wednesbury the officers of the Court, and others whose duty it was to attend, it cortainly in the Constitutional History of England at the Unipersity of London. It would be desirable to make the simple and obvious rule that Judges should

the Thomas Edward SCRUTTON, barrister, has been appointed Examiner present where there was nothing to do, and he ventured to recommend that BeScrutton is the eldest son of Mr. Thomas Scratton, erabuckhurst.dim; not attend where there were no prisoners for trial.

He was formerly scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated at the head of the first class of the Law Tripos in 1880. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple iu June, 1882, and he is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit.

The London and Westminster Bank, Limited, are instructed by the
Counsel for the county of Monaghan. Mr. Gerrard was called to the bar advertisement, into Cape of Good Hope 4 per cent. Consolidated Stock,

our. JOHN GERRARD, Q.O., has been appointed Prosecuting Crown of outstanding debentures of conversion, on the terms specified in their
member of the North-East Circuit.
He became a Queen's Counsel in 1885, and he is a having fifty years to run, but redeemable after thirty years at the option of

the Cape Government, on giving twelve months' notice to the stockholders.
Mr. SAMUEL Holmes Monroe, solicitor, of Dublin and Armagh, has been
Monroe was admitted a solicitor in Ireland in 1877.
se pointed Sessional Crown Solicitor for the county oranghaghas been. annual drawings at par, increasing from Fear to year on the accumulativa


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Callow v Young moto with witns by | In re Elizth Clark's Estate Burton v order

Tod Phipps v Tod (construction) COURT PAPERS.

Harris v Rothwell sot

adj eum Weaver v Stiff eot

In re Jas Ley, deo Hugman v Ley SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

Warburg v Harris act


Ingram v Clarke act

In re Jones, dec Daniel v Daniel adj APPEAL COURT APPEAL COURT Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Powell, exr v Davies ACE Date. No. 1. No. 2.


CHITTY. Prior v Edwards act & m fj Cam Wasverv 8 tnitary Engin ering & Mon., May 9 Mr. Godfrey Mr. Leach Mr. Pemberton Mr. Ward

bridge, D. R.

Ventilator Co act
Tuesday 10 Leach


Cruv-n Bank, Id v Preston act lo re Cbarles Kearsler, dec KoererWednesday 11 King


horough & Clare Banking C, liv Thursday .. 12 Ward


Kearsley aot
Friday ...... 18 Clowes

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Levy v The Abercorris Slate and Slab monses and Special Cases.

In re Cilfoten Benefit Building Soc Cô là m fj
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

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A henden v Jones ant

Official Liquida'or.
Monday, May

Tyler v Bank of Eogland aut
9 Mr. Carrington Mr. Beal

Mr. Jackson

Archer Burton's Settlement


Perrin v Perrin mij
Wednesday ..................
11 Carrington Beal

8 Smith & Co v Hawley mfj (short)

Trusts Pemberton v Arober-Barton



adja suuns to confirm compromise In re TC Clarke's Estate Bantoft v Friday 13 Carrington


Jackson lo re Tempro's Estate Lovegrove v Aylward (construction) adj emns Saturday

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Waroer adj suns as to applo uoder In re G Wood's Estate Short v Wood
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(gift or loan) adj emns In re W M Pybus, a solicitor adj sms In re Lister's Rotate Davies v Lister to tax bill

(taxation) adj emne HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.

In re Star Cab Co, ld (bill of sale) | In ra Galland, deo Lidiard v Galland CHANCERY DIVISION,

adj swds

(Order 55) adj smos

In re Riobar Ison's Estate Shuldban

Bayliss, on behalf, & v The Birchillo

RN Lifeboat Institution adj sms Hall Iron Cold' act
Before Mr. Justice KAY.
Brown v Alabaster act wits

In re B Winthrop's Estate Winthrop IQ re Oriental Bank Ex pte Oficial Causes fur Trial (with witnerses and Roovell v Robinson act wite

v Winthrop adj BUMAS

Liquidator adj son without witnesses).

Spalding v Skoulding act & couater In re C Williams's Estate Smith v Sutton v Town adj smos Cave v Niblett act wits olaim

Hill adj smas

Ward v Royal Exchange Shipping Co
Webster, Bart v Southey act wits Rogers v Barry Dooks and Ry Co act Inre G W Hayne, dec Haybe v adj suns
Pugh v Salmon act wits
Stier v Stier m fj

Rogan mtn for judgt
Sba'p v Brown act
Andrewe v Barnes act wits

Union Bank of London, Id v Kent act Before Mr. Justice NORTH.
Shurp v McHenry act
Judge v Tisdall act wits
(lviuity Sittings)

Causes for Trial (with witnesser). Jelly v Cooper m fj wits

Gaulard v Sir Coutts Lindsay & Co, Id In re F Adlard, deo Barker Ay8- Prica v Simmons interpleader issue Rowoliffo Lingford Wire Iron & Co Act wits

cough act

J-nkias v Tbom 28 Hot act wita

Godwin v Rathbone act & rfj wits In re R Preece, deo freece v Haq Malcolm v Trustees of Rose Crask well, Sbarp v Allen act wits Hatten v Russell ant

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Albo Carbon Light Co, ld v J Kidd & mfj Wilke v Newman act wits

In re Pidcock's Settlement Winterton Co 1886 A 859 act
Badart v Smith act wits
Ryder v Auders act

v Pidcook. Henzell adj BuWDS Sama v J. Kidd & Co 1886 A 1,729 Wetmore v Rcket's aot

Hobman v Hughes act wote

Io re Llangelaech Coal Co ld (ex parte Act
Humpbroge v Rsffoty act wits Sampson v Streatham & Genl Estate Official Liquidator) aoj sumos Morrice v Lee act
Parsons y Cotterul act wits

Cold act wite

Iore Gambling-Paelp's Settlement Cleaver v Bacon act &mfj MoDonald v Towerz-y act wits

In re L Harbord & Patent Designs &c Trusts Phelpa v Lumley adj -mos Forster v Cliffen Cliffany Forster act Horrison v Spitzlay art wits

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In re L Powell's Trusts Powell v Goswell v Bishop act British Equitable, &o, co v Musgruve Slann v Smith aot wis

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Frapwell v Dennis act lo re Furber Rooke v Blendy aot In re Hughes-Garbett & Falkner's Muskett v Poole et Williams v Kayler_adj AnmDS wite Bowden v Bowyer aot &mfi

Contract & V & P Aor, 1874 adj | Woorgate v Walker act In re Aardbottl. Harabuttle v H-rd Edison & Swan &o Co v Holland act BOMOS

Brodbeck v Scrickland sot bottle act wita ToppingWorkington & District Oakley & Son v Dalton act

Alexunder y Smith act Petty v Daniel act wits

Liberal Club ld act wits

Baxendale v Viscountess de Valmer act Myntt v Evelyn act
In re Paddison Morris v Paddison Milward v Jackson ant & mij la re Trusts of Will of S A logs orj wier v Laugard act
aot wits
Ballinger v Dunn & Duncan act rits sumns

Crookes v Rae act & m&j lo re Horwood Horwood v Paddison Eteen v Goddard m fj (abort)

In re Earl of Mornington's Esta e Glanville v Heather Art act

Hawkins y Hawkins mfj (wbort) Eliis v Earl Cowley adj su a Eleman v Scholas act and mfj

Siadell • Vickers, Son & Co act In re W M088 Lloya's, Barnett's & In re Midland Land & Investment

Waring v Scotla d act lu re St John St Joho v St Job act Boranquet's Bk v Moss act

Corpo, ld (2) adj som

Io re Orsmond Diury v Oromond act and som wits Pemberton v Goodall Sot

In re John MoDonald, dec Hicksoa v Davieg v Davies ect Huncook v Wya't act

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Sbufflebotbem v Bipington act Huwkes v Curtice

Befo e Mr. Justioe CHITTY. la re Jobo Ďurie, dec Wetherall v Stanford v Hassallaot In re Shutt'eworth Briggs v Shuttle Causes for Trial (with witresses).

Ormerod act

Best v Farber Furber v B 486 sot worth mij (abort)

Hammersley v Hammersler ant In re D: 1. Hunt & Penniogroo's In re Shortridge
Joy v Renner act wits

A kinson on behalf &o v De Jeanson Contract & V & P Act, 1874 adj act &mfi
Owen v Roberts act
Hugelma i on bebalf &o v Atkiason sun

In re Ellis Jones Joneg v Evans act Thwaite v Hill act

claim and counter claim with pumns lo re Muwddach Gold Mining Co, Id & Crampton v Swete & Main act In re Coell Hicks • Payne act wits Jn re Honduras Inter-Oceanio Ry Cu's Acts adj sum

Cordingly v Alliance Soc sot Bullougb v Luncaster ACT

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la re Bridewell Hospital & Met Bd of Dovaston v Lloyd act Hards v Bragg W Union Finance Co, id o Williams

Works (purchase) adj sum (tax- Stockton & Middlesborough Water Bd Sot Smith v Taverner sct


v Tee Bridge Iron Co, id act wits Brinton v Howlett Glading Brinton Clarke'v Tboraton adj sum

In re Lister Hill v Tate act Thornbill v Hoyland act wits

claim & counter claim

Warwick v Warwick not Gowor v H M Postmaster Gea special

Capel & Co v Sims' Ship Compositions Uninn Bank of London, Id v Munster Sr. Barbe v Bucra d act

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Nesbiit v Manaing mfj
St Saviour's District Bd of Works v

Woolf v S afford act
Pankuinetti v Gant Aot
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lo to w Eaeton, Solor (taxativn) Do Ferry, on behalf, &c v Turner act act wics

Cave v Harris Harris v Cave act adj sum lo ro Kippax Ackroyd v Kippax act

In re Crossley Fenton v Rimmington Cory v Roach act

la re Murrell Brown's Estate Claxton act wite

Cave v Hind act Goodall v Pemberton act and mij

v Cunniagbam adj sum

Salaman v lagle act
Poole v Piokering act

Andrew v Hudleston (construction) Wright v Sarubb act
Coote v Iogram ac.

adj sum

Lane v Tarbatt got Wilts ire v Joyca act wits

lo re Ayres, &c Wright v Ayres act lo_re H Prater's Estate Desinge v Clarke v Butler Act

Dyann v Soott act
Wickham v Greenway

Beare adj sun
Fox v Clarke Act and mij wits

Smith v Brentnall act
Wickham v Sandeman act
Pearh v Selby-Lowndes act

In re Londoo & County lavestment Winfield v Crompton act
Harvey v Corpe & Dando act

Curpn (Dr W srburton's claim) adj
Sce e Life Assoc v Harrison act wits

Baxter v Lewis
Nichols v Royal Aquarium, &o, Soc,
Up ng'on v Hül act

Bucban v Artlett act
Id Act
Welch an v L-ech

In re Tous Hoyland's Trusts Hoy-

Iu re Brown, dec Brown v Brown act
Elliott v Merrill act wics

land v Hoyland SL Act adj sum

Causes for Trial (without witnesses)
Wind v Aldred act
Brirain v Hirscb, Pritohard, & Co act

In re T W Whelpton's Will Whelp-
Greenway v Snarpaot

and Aljourned Sammonses (Clabbe 3 wits

ton v Whelpton (construction) adj II. and III.) In re W. T. Clark, deo Mote v Clark sum Ellington v Clark, Burnett, & Co, ld

In re Kerrison Palmer v Pye adj Ailj somns with witns by order Gee v Liddell adj sum act wits

Baskerville v Iron & Steel Works
Stuart v Wrigbt act

In re Giona Sulpaur Co, ld (Liquida-
Andrade v Arbib act

In re J E Williams
A8800, ld

tor's Remor) adj suin
act wits
Haukios v Barrow act

liams adj sumos Backeridge v Patman act wits

In re Newbegin's Estate Eggleton v
Raffolovich & Co, v Imperial Bank, ld
In re Bethell

Newbegia adj sum
Haydon v Lightfoot act & mfj

Institution adj sumns act wits

In re D Ď Pellatt's Estate Pellatt v
In re I, Maggs,dec Maggs v Knee act Bradley adj sum

Ia ro Hayward Hayward v Hayward

adj sumiga

Salmon y Wallis



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Jones v Wil.

In re Bell Strickland v Nat Benevolent



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In re Bethune Wood v Frazer adj In re Coulson Cvok v Coulson Godfrey v Winsford act

American Braided Wire Co v Thomson
In_re Goldiag'. Trusts Crussley v Bowman v Hopper

& Co act a
In re Lightfoot Baides » Brooker adj Borrows

Freke v Hongoman act

Foster v Holland at
In re Vallance Vallance v Blagden Hough v Saul act

Puochard v Imperial Water Corpo, ld
In re W Sharp Sharp v Sharp act la re tryer Ellis v Fryer

Costes & Co - Moyle & Son aot

sot In re Worsley Worsley v Woolley act In re Sillo Sills v Sills

Bray v Gardner aot

Marshall v Cox aot
Neave v Pyefiach *ct &mfj
la re Sills Saul v Sills
Hill v Sheffield sot

Radder » Booth
In re Gotobed Winslu w o Bawcombe Ayres v Ry & Electrio Appliances &o Riobardo v Deane sot

Birmiagham, &c, Daw Co, Id v L &
adj sumns

Bradcbi v Bennett ant & counter claim NW Ry Co act lo re T Hulme Hulme v Hulme adj Robins v Robing

Morgan & Cold EJ Wiadover & Co Ford, Rathbone & Co v Aspdin la re Cridland & LC Aot

Id aot

Tegnant, W, v Ld Claude Hamilton
Creed v Dixon & Co act
In re Smith Bailey v Smith
Eady v Eady act

84vile v Couper adj sumns
In ro Pesobe Sbepherd v Thorpe
Gardener v Vioat & ors act

Woolfe v Monacott act
In re Jas Bowley's Estate Bowley v In re Walton & Sons, Solicitors' (taxx - Chatteris v Isaacson act

Earl of Daraley v LC & D Ry Co act
Bowley aoj sumns
Hawkins v Hawking act

The Sohool Bd for London v Blum act
Io ro Natt
Walker v Gamage adj Cowper v Harmer

Stobbs v Kelsey act

Bashby v Steel act
la re Benn's Estate Bonn y Bena In re W Farrow Moore v Farrow act la re Childe Harold Head Beady Head
Bland+ll v Blundell act
Prior v Bagster
Booting v Malkern act

In re Vickors Vickers v Vickers adj Io re Waitehouse, Whitehouse v Ed Barnett » Fietober act

Elborough v Jestor aot
Fisher v Holland Act

Young r Berriman not
In re Southerton Wright v Everall Dow y Parker

Wood v Aylward aot

Patents Investa Cold v Crompton act
adj sumns
Dew v Parker

Topham v Booth

Apollinaris Cold v Apollo Water Co
Gilliog Cooper m for j
lo re A W Hall & Co & Co's Acts Louge v Puole act

ld sot In re J Baker Johnson Baker adj In re De la Rue, Cumming v Marshall

Ede v Watson

Pile v Simons act
eum as
la re Wilkinson, Waddington v Wa 1. Russell v Geere act

Foster v Waoeler act
In ro Bettesworth, Bottesworth dington

Puget v Ethcuit Paget v Ellis aot In re C Moreton or wise Coppen Moro-
Richer adj sums
la re Corsellis, Lawton v Elwes
Elliott v Steel Act

ton v Coppen act
In re Blest, Norris » Blest mj Battye v Cail

Cooke, Sous, & Co v New River Co Clay v Brachen act
In re Haigle, Stephens v Leoh more adj lo re Coney to Wilson and V & P Act Todd Herring act

Earl Sydayy v Lowe act
Io re Simpson, Blaaford v Simpson
la re Rust Ball v Rast

Fox Bros & Co v Paget act & counter
In re Houghton, Mortimer v Caird adj la ro Hall, Bos worth v Hall

Prior v Moore sot

Norkes v Room act

Lovejny v Downes act
In re Fallen & Sons & T M Aots adj Before Mr. Justice KEKBWICH. Sabler v Fuchs act

Robertson v Saukey act
Transferred from Justices North, Tristram v Eid act

Baroners Wenlook v River Deo Cold
In re Treffry, Treffry v Treffry adj CHITTY, and STIRLING, for trial or Ferris, Townsend, & Co v Weston act sot
beariog only-by Order, dated 22ad Randall v Evans act smij

Duck v Honghaot
la re Griffia, Backel v Sunith adj su me January, 1887.

In re Truauaa, Bradley v Turnbull - Sua Permanent &c Soc v Luke act In re J Barrati's Will adj sumo Evans v Mancbester, Sheffield, &o, Ry


Phillips v Paillips 8 st
Rickaby v Rick by act


In re Trueman, Bradley v Turnbull - Hawkins v King act
Sobadier v atkine act wits
Hall v Ewin aot

1886-T-522 act

Pickford Piokford act
In 10 Holbooh, Msrkban v Holbech Humphrey v Sumner act

Caswell • Hunton act

Mudd v Latter act
antj sums
Welis v Holton mfj
Edison & Swan United Electric Light Mears o Bull act

Taylor v Faulkoer act
Co v Davidson, Jackson, & Duncan lo re Moone, Moone v Monne act Gas Light &o Co v South Mot Gas Co
lo ro La Fargue, Heach v Hinder adj act

Condy & Mitchell, id v Taylor & Co, not
In re Allen Allen v Capps (aot before

Id act

In re MoQuinn Hill v Buckley act
Ia re Nelson, Lane v Holland adj sums Trinity)

Smith v School Bd for Prescott Act Higgias v Macer aot & counter claim
In re Holt, Riches v Jones adj sums
Gurney v Winchester House Co, id Rowe v School Bd for London act

Franke v Vort act
Lockyer v Lush act

act (aot before Trinity).
Merton v Kelduy act

Baxter v Harfield & Co act
Bodger v Lewis act
Leslie v Cave act (aot before April

In re Taylor

Turpin v Pain Act Edwardo v Jones aut la re Nelson, Brett v Nelson adj sums 26)

Ellis v Workman act

Parsons v Saffory act
Robinson r Furtwangler mij
Io re Whitehead M. A. Reed White Nicholls v Kimpton act

Haynes v Loach Loach v Haynes act
Charsley v Coako act
head v Tracy
Bailey v Bailey act

lo re Vioat Robinson v Vicat adj smns Walker v West Riding Union Bkg Co
Segar v Segar aot for trial

act & counter-olaim
Harrop v Harrop mfj (short)
Wood & Co v Robinson & soos mfj

Parker v Biagban (aot before Trinity)
Turner v Tymm act

Gt Western Forest of Dean, &c, Co v
Before Mr. Justice STIRUING.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 29.
Trafalgar Colliery Co, id dot
Couses for Trial (with witnesses).

Daniel v MoMillan act

Sanitas Co v Condy (trading, &o)

Frank v Cottrell act
losole v Mayor, &c, of Cardiff act

B. HYAM & SON,, LIMITED.--Chitty, J., has fixed Monday, May 9 at 11, at bis
Clips V Castle aot (not before chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator
Brooks & Co v Powell, Foley & Cu act
Hastingu v Lintott act

Trinity Sittings)

INDESTRUCTIBLE ENAMEL CO. LJMITED.-Chitty, J., has, by an order dated Feb Ware v Freethaot pt hd

28. appointed Allen Edwards, 82a, New st, Birmingham, to be official liquidaNewman v Campbell, Reeves & Hooper

tor Hobbs v Wayet

dot (oot before

LEIPSIC HALLE AND DISTRICT ICE CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented
Henderson v Gas Appliances Co, id aot
Trinity Sittings)

April 27, directe, to be beard before North, J., on Saturday, May 7. Omman-
Rait & Gardiner v Dry Dooks Corpo ney, Great Winchester st, solor for petner
of London, id act

R. N. CUNNINGHAM & Co, LIMITED.-North, J., bas, by an order dated March 30,
Maybury • William, aot
Steven, v Davies act
Duvies v Hodgson act

appointed Mr Henry Newson Smith, 37, Walbrook, to be official liquidator in Winter v Baker act & mij

the place of Mr William Lott Grim wade
Strutt v Starorth act

VILLA DO CONDE IRON Co, LIMITED.-Kay, J., has fixed May 16 at 12, at his
London, Edinburgh, &o, Aesce Co, Id
Cuwan v Mid & Ý West, &o, Ry Co

chambers, for the appointment of a liquidator

O'Brien v Mansell act

Morewood v smith sot

In re Ro-er, Roser » Feat nerst no act Petn fur winding up, presented April 27, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on
Brodrick v Blackwood & Co act
London & West Bk, Id, v Tarquand &

May 7. Chapple & Co, Carter lane, solors for petner
ore aot


ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS, Thistle Iun, West Orchard, Coventry, Warwick. act

April 22
Hargreaves v Trustees of G Massey &

COURT ROSE OF SHARON, Ancient Order of Foresters, Royal Hotel, Market place, act

Dewsbury, Yorks. April 27
Hall v Palmer act

MECHANICAL BENEFIT SOCIETY, Chequers Inn, High st, Oxford. April 25
In re 8 England Burns v Pavey act
Williams v Neath Canal Navigation UNITED FRIENDS' BENEFIT SOCIETY, Beckton arms, Beckton rd, Canning Town

Essex, April 25
Proprietors Act & counter claim

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, May 3.
question of law
Barns v Pavey Wearing v Purkiss act

H.bcook v Moore Moore v Hancook Asbloy v Drow
Boyd v Patriok act


ADAM EYTON, LIMITED.-By an order made by Worth, J., dated April 23, it was Litob field v Simmons et

ordered that Adam Eyton, Limited, be wound up. Hulbert, Broad st bdgs, act The Weaham Co, Id v May & Co act

solor for petner London Tavern Co, Id v Worley Act

BENJAMIN EVANS & Co, LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirling, J., dated April

28, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Gibbs & White, GraceTbe Duke of Northumberland V

church st, agents for Gibbs, Newport, solor for petners Bourdan, widow act

DAKOTA STOCK AND GRAZING Co, LIMITED.-Petn for voluntary winding up,

presented April 29, directed to be heard before Stirling, J., on Saturday, May Boston Deep Sea Fishing Co v Hensell Transferred from Justice CHITTY,

14. Brandon, Essex st, Strand, solors for petners North, and STIRLING, for Trial or

ITALIAN RAILWAYS SYNDICATE, LIMITED.-By an order made by North, J., dated

April 23, it was ordered that the syndicate be wound up. Gush & Co, Finsbury Heacing only-by Orier, dated 24

circus, solors for petner Anglo-American Brush Co v Edison & Ia re Naslor Naylor v Daws act

MYSORE ESTATES CO., LIMITED.-By an order made by North, J., dated April 23,

it was ordered that the company be wound up. Godden & Co, Ola Jewry, Cavanagh v Riddell

solors for petner
In to Rothwell's Patent, &c Petition Taylor v Grabam act
MoClean v Cloute sot


or before July 16. to send their names, addresses, and particulars of their debts

or claims, to John Francis Clarke, 41, Coleman st. Tuesday, July 26, at 12, is Fox v Denton act

appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon debts and claims Croft v Rickmansworth Highway Bd READING IRON WORKS, LIMITED.-By an order made by North, J, dated April 23, sot

it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the works be continued. Rawlins v Webbaot

Spokes, Essex st, Strand, solor for petner

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Moore v Tylee act

THorne act

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HAMMONDS, FREDERICK, Shrewsbury, Retired Fishmonger. June 10. OD & SHEFFIELD MORTGAGE AND ESTATES CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by North,

RA Craig, Shrewsbury J, dated April 23, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company INGRAM, WILLIAM, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Baker. June 24. Holt, Bromsgrove bo continued. Church, Rendell, & Co, Bedford row, or Fernell, York, solor

KENNARD. STEPHEN PONDER. Kensington Palace gdns, Kensington, Esq. May for petner

28. Parker & Co, Cornbill UNIVERSAL CONTRACT CORPORATION. LIMITED.-By an order made by North, J,

Oated April 23, it was ordered that the corporation be wound up. Aird & KING, MARIAN, Liverpool. May 31. Bateson & Co, Liverpool
Hood, Brabant ct, Philpot lane, solors for petners

KING, THOMAS MATTHEW, Liverpool, Esq. May 31. Bateson & Co, Liverpool

LEYBOURN, ELIZA, Irlan, Lancaster. June 10. Diggles & Ogden, Manchester CROYDON AND NORWOOD TRAMWAYS Co.-By an order made by North, J., dated

April 23, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Webb & Co,'Queen LOCKERBY, THOMAS, Addiscombe, Surrey. May 31. Murray & Co, Birchin lane
Victoria st, solors for petner

MANSFIELD, EDWARD MIALL, Ely, Tobacconist. April 30. Hall, Ely

MASON, WILLIAM, Sacriston, Durham. May 22. Hargreaves & Joblin, Durham


PEYTON, RICHARD, Gloucester pl, Ealing, Newspaper Proprietor. June 20. for winding up, presented April 30, directed to be heard at St George's Hall,

Ryland & Co, Birmingham Liverpool, on Monday, May 16. Goffey & Co, Liverpool, solors for petners

POWNALL, Venerable Archdeacon, ASSHETON, Leicester. May 31. Roopers & COLLYCROFT SCHOOL FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Collycroft School, Bedworth, PRESLEY, RALPH, Highwood, Derby, Farmer. June 1. Hodding & Beevor, Warwick, April 30

Worksop FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Kean Castle Hotel, Saundersfoot, Pembroke. April 27

PRITCHARD, JOHN, Southend, Retired Licensed Victualler. May 21. W& F

Gregson, Southend
RAFTERY, MICHAEL, Whitefield, Lancaster, Labourer. June 1. Cooper & Sons,


ROBERTS, ROBERT, Trawsfynydd, Merioneth. May 25. Jones, Llanrwst
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

ROBERTS, THOMAS LLOYD. May 30. Clark & Co, Ludlow

SMITHERS, HENRY, Southwark Park rd, Fish Salesman, May 25. Roy & Cart"
London Gazette.- TUESDAY, April 19.

wright, Lothbury
BAGLEY, ELIZABETH, Bridgnorth, Salop, Innkeeper. Ma 11. Gordon & SWALLOW, JOHN, Leeds, Printer. June 2. Wigin, Leeds

Nicholls, Bridgnorth
BARNARD, WILLIAM, Sawbridgeworth, Hertford, Maltster. May 30. Clapham &

TEECE, JAMES, Whitmore Reans, Stafford, Tailor. June 1. Gatis, Wolverhamp

ton Fitch, Bishopsgate Without BISHOP, THOMAS, Nether Whitacre, Warwick, Leather Seller. June 1. Pointon, TRACY, Hon. WILLIAM HANBURY, Ryde, Esq. May 21. Hanbury & Co, New

Broad st
BURCH, WILLIAM, Maidstone, Gent. May 18. Stephens & Urmston, Maid-

TURNER, JOHN THORNE, Littabourne, Devon, Esq. June 1. Stallard & Turner,

Bedford row
CARTWRIGHT, HENRY JOSEPH, Wolverhampton, Veterinary Surgeon. May 14.

Shelton & Co, Wolverhampton
CHAMBERS, GEORGE, Maidstone, Builder. May 18. Stevens & Urmston, Maid-


or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an OLIVE, JOSEPH_CHARLES, Solihull, Warwick, Coffin Furniture Manufacturer.

expert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115. Victoria-st., West May 31. Hawkes & Co, Birmingham

mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.—[ADVT.] CROWTHER, RICHARD, Maidstone, Market Gardener. May 18. Stephens & Urmston, Maidstone

FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit; 1. 2, or 3 years credit; FOREMAN, STEPREN, Ingatestone, Essex, Farmer. May 31. Maskell & Arthy, Mall, S.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.-[ADVT.

60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. Branches at 121, Pali Ohelmsford Foxon, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. May 16. Glaisyer & Porter,

GOODALL, RICHARD, Manchester, Commercial Traveller. May 20. Sumner,

HALL. ELIJAH, Ollerset, Derby, Coal Proprietor. May 2. Johnson & Johnsons,

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 29. Stockport

HALL, LEVI, Ollerset, Derby, Coal Proprietor. May 2. Johnson & Johnsons, ALEXANDER, LAZARUS. and LAMUEL ALEXANDER, Gracechurch st, Fruiterers.

HARVRY, WILLIAM SOUTHWALK, Heigham, Norfolk, Painter. May 21. Garerd

High Court. Pet April 27. Ord April 27
Hill, Norwich

ALLINGTON, WALTER, Weelsby, nr Gt Grimsby, Boot Dealer. Gt Grimsby. Pet HOLLAND, JOB, Acton, Middlesex, Gent. May 26. Brown, Lincoln's inn fields

April 26. Ord April 26

AULT, MARY, Fenton, Staffordshire, Grocer. Stoke upon Trent. Pet April 26. HORLEY, JAMES. Lambeth walk, Baker. June 24. Houghtons & Byfield,

Ord April 26 Gracechurch st

BALL, WILLIAM, Worcester, Milliner. Worcester. Pet April 25. Ord April 26 JACKSON, WILLIAM, Sheffield, Veterinary Surgeon. June 21. Broomhead & Co, BARNES, SAMUEL JOHN, Moseley, Worcestershire, Artist. Birmingham. Pet Sheffield

April 27. Ord April 27
JOHNES, CAROLINE LAVINA, Aberystwith. May 25. Makepeace, Birmingham BATTEN, ISAAC, Penzance, Watchmaker. Truro. Pet April 26. Ord April 25
KERBEY, ELIZABETH, Shirley, Southampton, May 24. Robins & Son, BAUM, JOHN, Carlton, Leicestershire, Farmer. Leicester. Pet April 25. Ora

April 25
LARKING. JOHN, Maidstone, Coal Merchant. May 31. Stephens & Urmston, BEASLEY, HENRY, Bishopstoke, Builder.

Winchester. Pet April 28. Ord
LONG, ALLEN DICKEN, Old Kent rd, Licensed Victualler. May 26. Nash & Co, BUSHELL, HENRY, Adisham, Kent, Farmer. Canterbury. Pet April 25. Ord

April 26 MARSHALL, MARY, Fairfield, Lancaster. May 15. Logan & Co, Liverpool COOPER. GEORGE BINION, Drury lane, Ironfounder. High Court. Pet April 27. NÁLL. WILLIAM HERBERT, Blackburn, Lancaster, Cotton Waste Merchant.

Ord April 27 May 24. Eccles & Dempster Smith, Liverpool

CRANFIELD, EDWARD, Henley upon Thames, Tailor. Reading. Pet April 11. PRITCHARD. JOHN, Liverpool, Earthenware Dealer. June 1. Lewis & avies,

Ord April 25 Liverpool

DAVIES, DAVID WALTER, Blaenau Festiniog, Merionethshire, Grocer. Bangor. RICHARDSON, HENRY, Spondon, Derby, Farmer. June 16. Robotham & Co,

Pet April 16. Ord April 27

DODSON, EDWIN, London st, Tailor. High Court. Pet April 25. Ord April 25 ROBERTS, JOHN, Banbury, Oxford, Gent. July 14. Munton & Co, Banbury DONNITHORNE, THOMAS, St Swithin's lane, Solicitor. High Court. Pet April 1.

Ord April 27 SCOTT, THOMAS, Warwick ct, Holborn., June 1. Lee & Co, St Paul urchyard ESKRIGGE. ROBERT CROFT, and RICHARD JACKSON ESKRIGGE, Seaforth, Builders. SHEPHERD, ROBERT, Sherborne, Dorset, Plasterer. May 18.


Liverpool. Pet April 26 Ord April 26

GARRETT, JOSEPH, Gloucester, Refreshment House Keeper. Gloucester. Pet SHUTTLEWORTH, EPHRAIM WILSON, Ulverston, Lancaster, Bricher. May 20.

April 26. Ord April 26
Butler, Broughton in Furness

GEER and LILLINGTON, Park lane, Clapham, Builders. High Court. Pet March SMITH, GEORGE THOMAS, Gilston td, South Kensington, Es May 23.

25. Ord April 27 Shrubridge & May, Lincoln's inn fields

GREENHOUGH, JOSEPH, Liversedge, Yorks, Insurance Agent. Dewsbury. Pet STEPHENS, CHARLOTTE FRANCES, Plymouth. May 26. Woollcombe & Pridham,

April 27. Ord April 27

HARRISON, THOMAS, Belper, Derbyshire, Ironfounder. Derby. Pet April 26.
STOREY. ELIZA, Southport, Lancaster. May 24. Eccles & Dempster Smith,

HENSHAW, JOHN, and THOMAS JOHN COLES. Fenton, Staffordshire, Coliery TAYLOR, ELISHA, Warboys, Huntingdon, Straw Dealer. May 16. Ives

Oranfield, St

HICKMAN, OHARLES ALFRED, Sedgeley, Staffordshire,"Grocer. Dudley. Pet THACKWRAY, JANE ELIZA, Brighouse, York. June 1. Barber, Halifax

April 25. Ord April 25


HILL, JOHN, Alvescott, Oxfordshire, Farmer.
TIFFEN, MARIA ANN, Hadleigh Hamlet, Suffolk, Farmer. June 1, Grimwade,

WALTON, JOHN THOMAS, George št, Minories, Wine Cooper. June 24. French,

HUGHES, WILLIAM R., Bangor, General Dealer. Bangor. Pet April 13. Ord
Crutched Friars

April 27 WRICHT, RICHARD, Longridge, Lancaster, Gent.

Isaacs. GEORGE SOLOMON, Frome, Somersetshire, Hatter. Frome. Pet April Wigan

May 14. Mayhew & Co, 27. Ord April 27 WYATT, PENÉLOPE, Bournemouth. May 16. Tylee & Mortimer, Romsey

JACKSON, GEORGE, New Clee, Lincolnshire, Fisherman. Great Grimsby. Pet London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 22.

April 26. Ord April 26 ADAMS, ROBERT, Over Stowey, Somerset, Yeoman. June 24. Trevor & Son,

JESSUP, JANE, Burham, Kent, Grocer. Rochester. Pet April 26. Ord April 26 Nether Stowey

JONESCADWALLADER, Llangynog, Montgomeryshire, Innkeeper. Newtown. BRUCE, ALEXANDER, Canonbury ter, Islington. May 23. Godwin & Son, Wool Exchange. Coleman st

JONES, WILLIAM ELLIS. fun, Haverfordwest, Printer. Pembroke Dock. Pet BUTTERFIELD, JOHN, Castleford, York, Innkeeper. May 31. Bradley, Castleford CARTWRIGHT, EDWIN, Cradley Heath, Stafford, Victualler. May 23. Wright,

JONES, WILLIAM, Bethesda, Carnarvonshire, Plumber. Bangor. Pet April 27. Cradley Heath, nr Brierley hill CARTWRIGHT, SOPHIA AMELIA, Oradley Heath, Stafford, Victualler. May 23.

LEECH, WILLIAM PRITCHARD, Latimer rd, Notting hill, Builder. High Court. Wright, Cradley Heath CONNINGHAM, JOHN, Bagshot, Wine Merchant. May 16. Robins & Co, Lincoln's

LINES, BENJAMIN AUGUSTUS, Tingewick, Buckingham, Thrashing Machine Proinn fields

prietor. Banbury. Pet April 27. Ord April 27 DAY, ANN, Oldbury-upon-Severn, Gloucester. May 30. Scarlett & Co, Thorn

LLOYD, NATHAN, Manchester, Merchant.

Manchester. Pet March 29. bury RSO DOYLE, WILLIAM PERCY, Half Moon st, Piccadilly, Esq, C.B. June 1. Farrer &

LOTERY, HYMAN, 8t Mary st, Whitechapel, Clothier. High Court. Pet April 2: Co, Lincoln's inn fields FOWLER, CHARLES, Axbridge, Somerset, Gent. May 31. Webster & Smith, Ax

MACHIN, ARTHUR, Dronfield, Derby, Draper. Chesterfield. Pet April 28. Ord bridge FULTON, JANE, Lee, Kent. May 31. Hill & Co, Liverpool

MANN, SAMUEL THOMAS PEGLER, 'Morley, Yorks, Butcher. Dewsbuiy. Pet

April 26. Ord April 26

Pet April 7. Ord


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