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April 30, 1887.


ffield. Pot


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PESKETT, GEORGE RICHARD, Chichester. Tailor. May 3 at 1.15. Bankruptcy WRIGHT, THOMAS HOLLIS. and DAVID JAMES WRIGHT, Narrow $t, Limehouse,
bldge, Lincoln'a ion

Wharfingers. High Court. Pet April 6. Ord April 21
PIDDOCKE, MORRIS, Wooler, Northumberland. Clerk in Holy Orders. May 4 at
11. Off Rec, Pink lane, Newcastle on Tyne

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, April 26.
PORTER, GEORGE, Tanner's hill, Deptford, Auctioneer. May 2 at 3. 109, Vic-

toria st, Westminster
REYNOLDS, DAVID FREELOVE, Swansea, Licensed Victualler. May 2 at 11. Off ABBOTT, EDWARD JOHN, Monk Soham, Suffolk, Carrier. Ipswich. Pet April 21.
Rec, 6, Rutland st, Swansea

Ord April 21
ROBERTS, WILLIAM KYFFIN, Portmadoc, Carnarvon, Quarryman. May 3 at 1.30. BAILEY, PETER EDWARD, Swinton, nr Manchester, no occupation. Macclesfield.
Royal Hotel, Carnarvon

Pet March 31. Ord April 21
Baxox, THOMAS, Audenshaw, Lancs, Grocer. April 29 at 11.30. Ogden's chors, BLAMIRES, EDWARD, Clockheaton, Yoiks, Weaver. Bradford. Pet April 21
Bridge st, Manchester

Ord April 21
SCHOLKS. JOHN THOMAS, Blackburn, Grocer. April 29 at 2.30. County Court, Boon. WILLIAM, Catford, Kent, Railway Agent. High Court. Pet April 23,

Ord April 23
SHAW, JOBEPH, Elland, Yorks, Grocer. May 3 at 11. Off Rec, Halifax

BORASTON, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Grocer. Madeley, Shropshire. Pet March SHILTON, JOHN EDWARD, King's Heath, Worcs, Professional Cricketer. May BULL, THOMAS EDMUND. Newport, I. W., Hotel Proprietor. Newport and Ryde. 2 at 11. Off Rec, Birmingham

Pet April 19. Ord April 19
SMITH. JOHN ELIAS, Stookport, Licensed Victualler. Apr 29 at 12.30. Off Rec, CAIN, GEORGE, sen., Bt. Neots, Hunts, Innkeeper. Bedford. Pet April 22. Ord
County chbrs, Market pl, Stockport

April 22
SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, Fakenham, Norfolk, Carpenter. Apr 30 at 1. Off Rec, CAMWELL, GEORGE, Exhell, nr Coventry, Farmer. Coventry. Pet April 18.
8, King st, Norwich

Ord April 22
SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, Stafford, Draper. May 4 at 11.25. County Court, Stafford CAZES. ISAAC, Bereford rd, Highbury, Merchant. High Court. Pet April 21.

Ord April 21
SPRING, FREDERICK GEORGE, Sandy, Beds, out of business. Apr 29 at 2.30. 33,

CHADDERTON. WILLIAM, Newton Heath, Lancashire, General Dealer. Man-
Carey st, Lincoln's inn
STOKES, JOHN WESTLEY, Harborne, Staffs, Plumber. May 3 at 11. Off Rec, CROFT, JOHN NEWTON, Wye, Kent, Tailor. Canterbury. Pet April 21.

chester. Pet April 23. Ord April 23

THOMPSON, THOMAS. Scarborough, Fisherman. April 29 at 11. Off Rec, 74, New-

April 21

CROSSING, WALTER, East Stonehouse, Devon, Boot Maker. East Stonehouse. WALLACE, JAMES. Sunderland, Builder. April 29 at 12. Off Rec. 21, Fawcett borough st, Scarborough

Pet April 21, Ord April 11 st, Sunderland

WALLINGTON, JOHN, Bartow in Furness, Baker. April 29 at 12. 2, Paxton mongers. Great Yarmouth. Pet April 22. Ord April 22
terrace, Bartow in Furness

BEACON, HENRY, South Shields, Undertaker. Newcastle on Tyne. Pot April
WARD. EDWARD JOHN, Ecclesball, Staffordshire, Grocer. May at 11.45. 23. Ord April 24
County Court, Stafford

DYER, THOMAS, High st, Kingsland, Cheesem unger. High Court. Pet Feb 21.
WELLEB, JOSIAH. Lewes, Sussex, Saddler. May 3 at 12.80. Bankruptcy hldngs, Ord April 20
Lincoln's inn

HOARE. THOMAS, residence unknowa, Licensed Victueller. High Court. Pet
WOOLGAR, JOHN, and JABEZ WOOLGAR, Horsham, Sussex, Builders. May 3 at Feb 29. Oid April 23
11.30. Bankruptcy bldngs, Lincoln's inn

HOUSDON, CHARLES, Chatsworth rd, Clapton, Grocer. High Court. Pet April

92. Ord April 22
The following Amended Notice is substituted for that published in the HUMPHREY, JOHN SWIFT, Neath, Glamorgan, Schoolmaster. High Court. Pet
London Gazette of April 19.

April 22. Ord April 22
EIVELL, WILLIAN Bass, Orocken hill, Kent, Gent. April 28 at 11.30. Off Rec,

JONES, THOMAS, Anfield, nr Liverpool, Builder. Liverpool. Pet April 21. Ord
High st, Rochester

April 21

KAY, JOHN HENRY, Banbury, Oxford, Musical Instrument Dealer. Banbury.

Pet April 22. Ord April 22
BAYNES, Dr GEORGE AYLMER, Burfield House, Highgate. High Court. Pet

LANGLEY, ÅLFRED HUGH, Ashford, Kent, Marine Store Dealer. Canterbury.
Sept 8. Ord Apr 18

Pet April 23. Ord April 23
BAYNES, WILLIAM, and Tom Dawson, Nottingham, Builders. Nottingham. Pet LAYTON, EDWARD, Sheffield, Boot Dealer. Sheffield. Pet April 23. Ord April 23
Apr 13. Ord Apr 20

LEWARTON, ELIAS ROBERT, Fulbeck, Lincs, Grooer. Nottingham. Pet April 19.
BEACHER, GEORGE, Gt Grimsby, Smack Owner. Gt Grimsby. Pet Apr 18. Ord

Ord April 23
Apr 18

MEAR. WILLIAM, Cudworth, or Barnsley, Yorks, Engine Driver Barnsley.
BEDGGOOD. GEORGE, Appleton in Widnes, Lancs, Baker. Liverpool. Pet Apr 2.

Pet April 23. Ord April 23
Ord Apr 19

MILLS, BENJAMIN, Bacup, out of business. Oldham. Pet April 22. Ord April 22
BENT, THOMAS, Westleigh, Lancs, Baker. Bolton. Pet Apr 20. Ord Apr 20 MUNDAY. CHARLES, Winchester, out of business. Winchester. Pet April 21,
BRUNSDEN, HENRY, Chisledon, Wilts, Farmer. Swindon. Pet Apr 13. Ord Apr 19

Ord April 21

NEWNHAM, WILLIAM, Newport, I W, Baker. Newport and Ryde. Pet April 21.
CAREY, HENRY GEORGE, Yeovil, Builder. Yeovil. Pet Mar 26. Ord Apr 18

Ord April 21
CHURCH, JOHN, Coleman st, Builder. High Court. Pet Feb 22. Ord Apr 20

NICHOLSON, JAMES, Southsea, Draper. Portsmouth. Pet Apr 22. Ord Apr 22
DAVIES, DANIEL, Talley, Carmarthenshire, Draper. Carmarthen. Pet Apr 20

O'HARA, MCNEILL SHAW, and HENRY WILCOX, Phæpix Wharf, Yllwall, Paint
Ord Apr 20

Makers. High Court. Pet Apr 22. Ord Apr 23
DOBBS, THOMAS HENRY, Aberdulais, nr Neath, Glam, Gardener. Neath. Pet PALMER, FRANCIS, Warboys, Hunts, Retired Farmer. Peterborough. Pet Apr
Apr 15. Ord Apr 20

23. Ord Apr 23
EATON, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Rothwell, Northamptonshire, Shoemaker. North- REES, JOHN, Merthyr Tydfl, Butcher. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet Apr 23. Ord Apr 23
ampton. Pet Apr 20. Ord Apr 20

REYNOLDS, JOSEPH. Brom-grove, Worcestershire, Licensed Victueller. WorcesELLIS, THOMAS, Chirbury, Salop, Miller. Newtown. Pet Apr 4, Ord Apr 18

ter Pet Apr 21. Ord Apr 21 FORSTER, THOMAS, Guisborough, Yorks. Grocer. Stockton on Tees and Middles

ROBINSON, JAMES WILSON, Macclesfield, Grocer. Macclesfield. Pet Apr 21. borough. Pet Apr 6. Ord Apr 19

Ord Apr 21
FOWLER, JAMES, Newbury, Berke, Baker. Newbury. Pet April 5. Ord April 18

SCATTERGOOD, LUKE, Nottingham, Builder. Nottingham. Pet Apr 23. Ord

Apr 23
FRETWELL, THOMAS HENRY, Rotherham, Yorks, Pork Butcher. Sheffield. Pet SEWARD. THOMAS, Godmarchester, Huntingdon, Cattle Dealer. Peterborough.

April 19. Ord April 20
BARPER LILJAM, Ulenhall, Stafford, Lock Manufacturer. Wolverhampton. SHERSON, BRROLLI , Longridge rd. Earl's Court, Gent. High Court. Pet

HODDINOTT, JAMES CHARLES, Swindon, Coal Merchant. Swindon. Pet April 14.
Ord April 18

STRATFORD, Brandon st, Bermondsey. High Court. Pet April 6. Ord

April 21
HOLMES, JOHN, Leeds, Plumber. Leeds. Pet April 19. Ord April 19

THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Warley, nr Oldbury, Maltster. Oldbury. Pet April 22 .
HUNT, CHARLES, Heanor, Derby, out of business. Derby. Pet April 19. Ord

Ord April 22
April 19

TRITSCHLER, FERDINAND HENRY, Carlisle, Jeweller. Carlisle, Pet April 22.
JENNER, HERBERT, Waldron, Sussex, Gent. Lewes and Eastbourne. Pet
March 18. Ord April 19

Ord April 22

WADE, WILLIAM HENRY, Bradford, Yorks, Grocer. Bradford. Pet April 23. JONES, THOMAS. Gelygaer, Glamorgan, Grocer. Merthyr Tydal. Pet April 16.

Ord April 23

WELLS, CHARLES, Wavertree, nr Liverpool, Gent. Liverpool. Pet April 6. Ord MOORR, JOSEPH, Thornton Heath, Surrey, Doctor. Croydon. Pet Feb 22. Ord

April 22

WELLWOOD, ROBERT, Wigan, Grocer. Wigan, Pet April 21. Ord April 21
PALMER, GEORGE RUSSELL, Southsea, Grocer. Portsmouth. Pet April 14. Ord WHEELDON, JOSEPH, Burton on Trent, Builder. Burton on Trent. Pet April 22.
PILGRIM, GEORGE ROBERT, New Malden, Surrey, Clerk. Kingston, Surrey.

Ord April 22
Pet March 16. Ord April 16

WHITING, CHARLES, Liverpool, Master Mariner. Liverpool. Pet April 21. Ord

April 21
POWELL, THOMAS, Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire, Bootmaker. Aberdare. Pet WILSON, WILLIAM, Blackheath, Stafford, Builder. Dudley. Pet April 22. Ord

April 22
Peron, GEORGE, and ALFRED PRYOR, High et, Tottenham, Builders. High WORMS, CARL EDWARD, Charlton, Kent, Engineer's Draughtsman. Greenwich.
Court. Pet April 14. Ord April 18

Pet April 22. Ord April 22
ROBBINS, JOHN, Durrington, Wilts, Farmer. Salisbury.
April 18
Pet March 29. Ord

ROBERTS, CHARLES, Church rd, Wimbledon, Grocer. Kingston, Surrey. Pet ABBOTT, EDWARD JOHN, Monk Soham, Suffolk, Carrier. May 3 at 12. Off Rec, 2,
SARNEY, SAMUEL EDWARD. Queen's rd, Peckham. High Court. Pet April 19

Westgate st, Ipswich
SHAW, JOSEPH. Elland, Yorks, Grocer. Halifax. Pet April 18. Ord April 18

ADAMS, WILLIAM O'BRIEN, residence unknown. May 8 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lin

coln's inn SHILTON, JOHN EDWARD. King's Beath, Worcestershire, Professional Cricketer.

BAILEY. PETER EDWARD. Swinton, nr Manchester, no oocupation. May 4 at 11.
Birmingham. Pet April 16. Ord April 18

Off Rec, 23, Kiug Edward st, Macclesfield
THOMPSON, THOMAS, Scarborough, Fisherman. Scarborough. Pet April 18.

BAKER, ALFRED BATH, Ealing Green, Ealing, Builder. May 3 at 12. 33, Carey

st, Lincoln's inn TOWLER, JOHN, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, Joiner. Derby. Pet April 20. Ord

BAMLETT, THOMAS. Haverton bil, Durham, Farmer. May 5 at 11, Off Rec,

8, Albert rd. Middlesborough

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Ord April 20

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TRAVEL CON APLIN, Dorchester, Auctioneer. Dorchester. Pet April 6. Ora BARKER, HENRY, Great Grimsby, Grocer. May 4 at 12.30. Of Reo, 3, Haven st.
UNDERWOOD, CHARLES, Drury lane, Grocer. High Court. Pet April 20. Ora BAYNE W Grindl, and Tom Dawson, Nottingham, Bullders. May 5 at 11. Or
VALE ROBERT, Longthorpe, Northamptonshire, Farmer. Peterborough. BELL10, GEORGE, Stockton on Tees, implement Salesman. May 3 at 11. Of
WEBATERIA THOMAS HENEY, and HARVARD ANDREW DAVIES, Liverpool, Photo BENNETT, JANTES, jun, Blackheath, staffordshire, Saddler. May 3 at 9.30. OR

graphic Chemists. Liverpool. Pet March 2. Ord April 19

Rec, Dudley



CHADDERTON, WILLIAM, Newton Heath, Lancashire, General Dealer.
BLAMIRES. EDWARD. Cleckheaton, Yorks, Weaver. May 4 at 11. Off Rec, 31,
Manor row, Bradford

chester. Pet April 28. Ord April 23 BLOXAM, MATTHEW, Dorset sq, Marylebone, Surgeon. May 6 at 11. 33, Carey CHAPPELL, HARRY, and GEORGE CHAPPELL, Nottingham, Butchers. Nottingst, Lincoln's inn

ham. Pet April 14. Ord April 21 BROOK. WALTER FREDERICK, Dudley, Worcestershire, Ironmonger. May 3 at COOK, FREDERICK, Great Yarmouth, Builder. Great Yarmouth. Pet April 1. 10.15. Dudley Arms Hotel, Dudley

Ord April 22 BULL. THOMAS EDMUND, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hotel Proprietor. May 9 at 3. CROFT, JOHN NEWTON, Wye, Kent, Tailor. Canterbury. Pet April 21. Ord Warburton's Hotel, Newport, Isle of Wight

April 21 CLARK. WILLIAM JAMES, Packington st, Shepherdess walk, Islington, Box CROSSING, WALTER, East Stonehouse, Boot Maker. East Stonehouse. Pet April Manufacturer. May 4 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

21, Ord April 23 COLLINS, VICTOR EMILIAN MICHAEL, Glanaguile. Yorks, out of business. May 3 DAVIES, HENRY HARRIS, Llangoed Vicarage, Anglesey, Clerk in Holy Orders. at 12. Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

Bangor. Pet April 19. Ord April 22 COWPER, ALFRED ROBERT, Northampton, Hair Dresser. May 16 at 4. County DAY, JOHN BENJAMIN, and GEORGE JAMES HAWKINS, Great Yarmouth, IronCourt, Northampton

mongers. Great Yarmouth. Pet April 22. Ord April 22 CROSSE, RODOLPHE, Portland fer, Regent's pk, Florist. May 4 at 12. Bank DEACON, HENRY, South Shields, Undertaker. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet April 23. ruptoy bldgs, Lincoln's inn

Ord April 23
CROSSING, WALTER, East Stonehouse, Devon, Bootmaker. May 5 at 12. 18, EAYRS, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Boot Dealer. Nottingham. Pet April 20. Ord
Frankfort st, Plymouth

April 23
DAVIES, DANIEL, Talley, Carmarthenshire, Draper. May 4 at 8. Off Rec, 11, FOUND, ALFRED, Poole, Draper. Poole. Pet April 5. Ord April 21

Quay st, Carmarthen
DEACON, HENRY, South Shields, Undertaker. May 7 at 10.30. Off Rec, Pink

GEART, ALFRED, Bismarck rd, Upper Holloway, Builder. High Court. Pet lane, Newcastle on Tyne

April 12. Ord April 22

HARDING, WALTER, and JOHN LUSCOMBE, Torquay, Builders. Exeter. Pet Mar EDWARDS, GEORGE, Lucy rd, Bermondsey, Licensed Victualler. May 3 at 11.

26. Ord Mar 28 Bankruptcy bldgs, Lincoln's inn

HOCKIN, JAMES, Plymouth, Bootmaker, East Stonehouse. Pet April 19. Ord ELLIOT, WILLIAM, St. Ringers ct, nr Stroud, Woollen Cloth Manufacturer.

April 23
May 5 at 3.30. Imperial Hotel, Stroud
FORSTER, THOMAS, Guisborough, Yorks, Grocer. May 8 at 11.30. Off Rec, 8,

HOLYOÁK, HARRY, Leicester, Tailor. Leicester. Pet Mar 21. Ord April 19 Albert rd, Middlesborough

HOWARD, THOMAS, Liverpool, Painter. Liverpool. Pet March 19. Ord April 21 GEORGE, WALTER, King sg, Clerkenwell, Jeweller. May 3 at 2.30. Bankruptcy | ILLINGWORTH, JOSHUA MAUDE, York, Clerk. York. Pet April 19. Ord April 21

bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields GOSLING. JAMES WILLIAM, Newington green rd. Islington, Corn Merchant. May Isaac, GEORGE TOM. Wilson st, Finsbury, Licensed Victualler. High Court. 5 at 11. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st. Lincoln's inn flelds

Pet April 14. Ord April 21 HAYWARD, GEORGE, Caulfield rd, Peckham, Traveller. May 3 at 12. Bankruptcy

IVINS, THOMAS, Leamington, Baker. Warwick. Pet April 4. Ord April 22 bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

JOBLIN, HENRY, Ryde, I.W., Poulterer. Newport and Ryde. Pet March 25. HITCHCOCK, ARTHUR KENYON, Gt Grimsby, Butcher. May 4 at 12. Off Rec, 3, Ord April 21 Haven st, Gt Grimsby

KAY, JOHN HENRY, Banbury, Oxfordshire, Musical Instrument Dealer. BanHOCKIN, JAMES, Plymouth, Bootmaker. May 5 at 11. 18, Frankfort st, Plymouth bury. Pet April 22. Ord April 22 HOLMES, JOHN, Leeds, Plumber. May 3 at 11. Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds LAKEMAN, HENRY HAMPSHIRE, King's Cross rd, Printer. High Court. Pet

March 16. Ord April 21 HOUGHTON, ROBERT, Bristol, Ironmonger. May 6 at 12.15. Off Rec, Colmore row, Birmingham

LOOSMORE, JAMES, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Hay Merchant. Carmarthen.

Pet April 16. Ord April 21
HUNT, CHARLES, Heanor, Derbyshire, out of business. May 3 at 3. Flying
Horse Hotel, Nottingham

MIDDLEDITCH, EDWARD TAYLOR, Blumsdon St. Leonard, Wilts, Gent. Swindon. HUTCHINSON, JOHN, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, Farmer. May 4 at 12. Off Rec, Pet April 2. Ord April 21 1, High pavement, Nottingham

MILLS, MICHAEL, Ordnance rd, St John's Wood, Carpenter. High Court. Pet KLEIN, THORVALD, Laurence Pountney hill, Agent. May 8 at 11. Bankruptcy March 16. Ord April 22 bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's ipn fields

MOODY, ALFRED, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, Chemist. Poole. Pet April 20. LONGMORE, BENJAMIN, HENRY LONGMORE, and SIMEON LONGMORE, Goscote Ord April 22 Lodge, nr Walsall, Farmers. May 4 at 11.15. Off Rec, Walsall

MORGAN, ROBERT, Ryde, I.W., Butcher. Newport and Ryde. Pet April 7. Ord LOOSMORE, JAMES, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Hay Merchant. May 4 at 11. April 15 Off Rec, 11, Quay st, Carmarthen

MUNDAY, ALBERT HENRY, Pyrton, Oxford, Chair Turner. Aylesbury, Pet MIROY, ERNEST, Beaumont st, Marylebone. Importer of Clocks. May 4 at 11. April 16. Ord April 22 Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

NUTTALL, THOMAS, Todmorden, Lancs, Hawker of Drapery Goods. Burnley. MOODY, ALFRED, Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, Chemist. May 4 at 1.30. Off Pet April 5. Ord April 22 Rec, Salisbury

PALMER, FRANCIS. Warboys, Nottingham, Retired Farmer. Peterborough. Pet MUNDAY, ALBERT HENRY, Pyrton, Oxfordshire, Chair Turner. May 5 at 11.30. April 23. Ord April 23 Off Rec, 1, St Aldates, Oxford

PARKER, ROLAND, jun, Nottingham, Contractor. Nottingham. Pet April 20. NEWNHAM, WILLIAM, Newport, Isle of Wight, Baker. May 7 at 11.30. Off Rec, Ord April 23 Newport, Isle of Wight

PAUL, WILLIAM HARVEY, Penzance, Baker. Truro. Pet April 12. Ord April 23 NUTTALL, THOMAS, Todmorden, Lancashire, Hawker of Drapery Goods. May 4 at 12.30. Queen's Hotel, Todmorden

REES, JOHN, Merthyr Tydal, Butcher. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet April 23. Ord

April 23 PARKER, THOMAS, High st, Deptford, Grocer. May 3 at 3. 109, Victoria st,

RYAN, JAMES, Edmund pl, Aldersgate st, Manufacturers' Agent. High Court. Westminster PASSEY, CHARLES HENRY, Albert st, Victoria sq, Artist. May 4 at 12. 33, Carey SAUNDERS. ARTHUR MORRELL, Sunbury on Thames, Broker. Kingston, Surrey.

Pet March 22. Ord April 21 st, Lincoln's inn PILGRIM. GEORGE ROBERT, New Malden, Clerk. May 3 at 12. 16 Room, 30 and

Pet Feb 21. Ord April 20 31, St Swithin's lene

SCHLESINGER, MAX EDWARD, Finsbury sq, Builder. High Court. Pet Feb 17.

Ord April 22
POUNCEY, GEORGE, Ripon, Tailor. May 5 at 11.30. Off Rec, 8, Albert id, SCHOLES, JOHN THOMAS, Blackburn, Grocer. Blackburn.

Pet April 16. Ord

April 21 PRESCOTT. SAMUEL, Exmouth st, Clerkenwell, Baker. May 5 at 12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, Stafford, Draper. Stafford. Pet April 4. Ord April 22 REYNOLDS. JOSEPH, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Licensed Victualler. May 11 SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, Fakenham, Norfolk, Carpenter. Norwich, Pet April 19. at 11. Off Rec, Worcester

Ord April 23 RICHARDS, DAVID, Croyddin, Cardigan, Lab urer. May 3 at 12.30. Townhall,

SPRING, FREDERICK GEORGE, Sandy, Bedfordsbire, out of business. High Court. Aberystwith

Pet April 5. Ord April 21 ROBINSON, JAMES WILSON, Macclesfield, Grocer. May 4 at 12. Off Rec, 23,

STAPLETON, GEORGE, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, Brewer. Peterborough. King Edward st, Macclesfield

Pet April 4. Ord April 23 SEWARD, THOMAS, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Cattle Dealer. May 5 at 12.30. TAYLOR, RICHARD CARTER, Oxford st, Licensed Victualler. High Court. Pet County Court, Peterborough

April 16. Ord April 22 SMITH, THOMAS TAYLER, Circus pl, Finsbury, Surveyor. May 4 at 2.30. 33, THOMAS, SIDNEY. Godolphin rd, Shepherd's bush, Jeweller. High Court. Pet

Carey st, Lincoln's inn TOWLER, JOHN, Matlock Bath, Derby, Joiner. May 4 at 12. Off Rec, St James's THORPE, EDWARD, Nottingham, Beerhouse Keeper. Nottingham. Pet April 4. chbrs, Derby

Ord April 28
TRATTLES. MATTHEW, Stockton on Tees, Commission Agent. May 3 at 11.15.
Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

TRITSCHLER, FERDINAND HENRY, Carlisle, Jeweller. Carlisle. Pet April 22. Ord

April 22
TRITSCHLER, FERDINAND HENRY, Carlisle, Jeweller. May 5 at 12. Off Rec, 34,
Fisher st, Carlisle

WADE, WILLIAM HENRY, New Leeds, Bradford, Grocer. Bradford. Pet Apr 2".

Ord Apr 23
UNDERHAY, SAMUEL JOHN, and CHARLES MARIUS LOVENDAHL, Rochester pl, WALLIS, THOMAS STEADMAN, Hudder:field, Woollen Merchant. Huddersfield.

Kentish Town, Pianoforte Makers. May 5 at 12. Bankruptcy bldgs,
Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

WARD, EDWARD JOHN, Eccleshall, Staffs, Grocer. Stafford. Pet Apr 5. Ord VAUGHAN, RICHARD, jun, Dudley, Worcestershire, Haulier. May 3 at 9.45. Off

Apr 22 Rec, Dudley

WARREN, BONOMI EGERTON, Cheltenham, Artist.

Cheltenham. Pet Apr 18. WALTON, JOHN, Sheffield, Plasterer. May 4 at 11.30. Off Rec, Figtree lane,

Ord Air 22 heffield WARREN, BONOMI EGERTON, Cheltenham, Artist. May 3 at 4.30. County Court,

WELHAM, JOHN CLEMENT, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Sail Maker. Gt Yarmouth. Pet Cheltenham WELLWOOD, ROBERT, Wigan, Grocer. May 5 at 3. Off Rec, Manchester

WHITE, ISAREL GEORGE, South Shields, Outfitter. Newcastle on Tyne. Put

Apr 5. Ord Apr 23 WHITING, CHARLES, Liverpool, Master Mariner. May 6 at 3. Off Rec, 35, Vic

WOOLGAR. John, and JABEZ WOOLGAR, Horsham, Sussex, Builders. Brighton. toria st, Liverpool WINGROVE, CHARLES, Cambridge rd E, Livery Stable Keeper. May 4 at 12. 33,

WORMS, CARL EDWARD, Charlton, Kent, Engineers' Draughtsman. Greenwich. Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Pet Apr 22. Ord Apr 22 Wonfor. A J. Sydney rd. Hornsey, Clerk, May 5 at 2.30. Bankruptcy bldgs,

Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

May 4.—Messrs. Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates and
May 4,- Messrs. ROBERT TIDEY SON, at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Leasehold Pro-
May 6.-Mr. B. A. REEVES, at the Mart, at 2'p.m., Freehold and Lensehold Pro-
May 10.-- Messrs. DRIVER & Co., at the part, at 2 p.zn., Freehold Estates (see

advertisement, this week, p. 4).


Sotting Apri !

The Subscription to the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL 18––Town, 268. 6d. ;

Country, 288. 6d. ; with the WeekLY REPORTBR, 538. Payment in advance includes Double Numbers and Postage. Subscribers can have their Volumes bound at the office-cloth, 28. 6d., half law calf, 5s. 6d.

Pet Apri Ordas.


LATHAN.–March 15, at Shanghai, the wife of Thomas Latham, barrister-at-law,
of a son.

MOSSOP-Fox.-April 26, at Beckenham. Henry Mossop, solicitor, of Chancery-

lane, to Mary Modeleine, daughter of C. Fox, of Beckenham.
PARSONS-APPLEGATE.- April 19, at Bradford on-Avon, Charles Parsons, M.A.,
barrister-at-law, to Marie, daughter of Hubert Applegate, of Bradford-06-
SMITH-CHESHIRE.- April 23, at Primrose-bill, George Frederick Smith, solici-

tor, of Maitland-park-road, Haverstook-hill, to Eliza Cheshire, of Adelaide.
road, N.W.

HOWELL.-April 24, at Westbourne House, Arundel-sq, N., David Howell, soli-

citor, aged 58.
MELLOR.-April 26, at Sussex-są, the Right Hon. Sir John Mellor, formerly

judge of the Court of Queen's Bench, aged 78.
RICHARDS.-April 18, at Forest hill, Alfred Richards, Esq., barrister-at-law,
aged 65.

th, Ins.





.... 424




April :

429 ..... 4°0


432 .... 432

All letters intended for publication in the Solicitors' Journalmust be

authenticated by the name of the writer.

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Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder,
Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality,


with the excess of fat extracted.
The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, per-
fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or

Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children."

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of
Highly commended by the entire Medical Press.

the Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c.
Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits
all palates, keeps for years in all climates, and is four

1,000 Leaf Book, 5s, 6d.
times the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKENED

with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER than such


500 Leaf Book, 3s. Bd.
Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town Clerks,

English made. to a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

and Clerks of the Peace.

THE BEST LETTER COPYING BOOK OUT. COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY AND CLERGY GOWNS cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prohibited.


In tins at Is. Bd., 3., 58. 6d., &c., by Chemists and 94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.

7, SERLE STREET, AND 1, PORTUGAL STREET, Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietor, DINNEFORD'S MAGNESIA

I. SCHWEITZER & Co., 10, Adam-st., Strand, London, W.C.

The best Remedy for



The original, best, and most liberal.

Founded A.D. 1868.
And safest Aporient for Delicate Constitutions, Ladies Particulars, estimates, Press opinions, testimonials

Cash prices. No extra charge for time given. and other PAPERS.

post-free. Children, and Infants,

F. MOEDER, 248, 249, and 250, Tottenham-courtTHE MOST SUITABLE FOR SOLICITORS

road, and 19, 20, and 21, Vorwell-street, W. Estab

lished 1862.
Can be obtained through all Stationers.






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Contains over 6,000 Safes and Strong Rooms.

An absolutely

secure place. Easy of access


BONDS, LEASES, and all


Guarded Night

and Day.

Reading, Writing, and Telephone Rooms.

Annual Rent of


kinds of

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Burglar-Proof and Fire-Proof.

Strong Rooms 8 TO 90 GUINEAS.

Lighted throughout by Electric Light

Each Renter has a separate Safe or strong Room, and is possessed of the only

key to it in existence, thus ensuring complete Privacy and Security. Prospectus and Cards of Admission to view sent Post-Free on application to the Manager, THE CHANCERY LANE SAFE DEPOSIT, 61 & 62, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.


YEAR 1854.


The only Law Insurance Office in the United Kingdom which transacts both Fire and Life Insurance Business.


The Funds in hand and Capital subscribed amount to upwards of £1,900,000 Sterling.

By express provision in the Company's Deed of Settlement, and by the Conditions of the Policies of the Company, the Capital and Funds of each Department are and always have been kept distinct, and under no circumstances can the Capital or Funds of one Department be applied to the payment of Losses or Expenses inourred in the other Department.

CHAIRMAN : JAMES CUDDON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN : C. PEMBERTON, Esq. (Lee & Pembertons), Solicitor, 44, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Extract from the Report of the Directors for the year ended 30th November, 1886 :In the Fire Department new Insurances were effected for an aggregate amount of £6,994,418, yielding in new Premiums the sum of £10,618 128. 4d.

In the Life Department during the same period 252 Policies were effected, insuring £236,245, the new Premiums received thereon amounting to $8,085 198., of which £1,298 168, was paid away for re-assurance. Seventeen Proposals for insuring £21,150 were declined, and 46 Proposals for insuring £73,180 were uncompleted in the year.

Nine Life Annuities for £679 28. 10d. were granted, the purchase-money for which was 65,742 78. 8d. Sixteen Annuities for $999 10s. 6d, became void during the year by death.

The claims under Life and Endowment Policies amounted to £46,519 3s. 6d., which amonnt, although in excess of the Claims for the year 1885, is below the expectation.

The total amount of losses by fire, paid and outstanding on 30th November, was $21,615 159., being about 45 per cent. of the net Premiums Tec zived in the year.

The average rate of Interest realized on the assets of the Company (whether productive or unproductive) was £4 11s. 2d. per cent.

Liberal Settlement of Losses. Moderate Rates of Premium. Profits divided every five years in the Life Department.
Life Policies, free from all Conditions and Restrictions, are granted at a slightly increased Premium.
Policies of Insurance granted against the contingency of Issue at moderate rates of Premium.
Claims under Life Policies payable immediately on proof of death and title.
Loans are granted on Mortgage of Life Interests, Reversions, Leasehold Houses, &c. Reversionspurchased.
Prospectuses and every information may be obtained from

FRANK MCGEDY, Actuary and Secretary.

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MESSRS BLLIS & SON are directed to

Freehold Building Site, land-tax redeemed, occupy-
ing about 2,280 square feet, situate in Little Trinity- is Hereby (liven, that the ANNUAL GENERAL
Chancery-lane, London, April 11, 1887.-Notice

lane and Sharp's-court, Queen Victoria-street.
MEETING of the Shareholders of the Law Fire

Capital £2,000,000, fully subscribed. Insurance Society will be held at the Society's £200,000 paid up. Reserve Fund, £12,000. SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Token House, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday, the 3rd day of May house-yard, Bank, on FRIDAY, MAY 20th, at TWO

The Company's loans are limited to first-class freenext, to elect Eight Directors in the room of the like

hold mortgages. The Debenture issue is limited to o'clock precisely (unless previously disposed of by number of Directors who go out by rotation; and the uncalled capital. private contract), the valuable FREEHOLD BUILD also to elect Four Auditors in the room of the like ING SITE of NOB 13, 14, and 15, Little Trinity-lane number who retire ; and for general purposes.

HOME DIRECTORS. and Sharp's-court, having a capital frontage of about The Ohair will be taken at one o'clock precisely.

H. J. BRISTOW, Esq. Sir WILLIAX T. POWER, 48ft. 6, close to the Mansion-house Station, Queen

The following Directors, going out by rotation, are

W. K. GRAHAM, Esq.

K.O.B. Victoria-street, now covered by old buildings, let on eligible, and offer themselves for re-election :


RUSSELL, Esq. short tenanciee, but suitable for the erection of one Spencer Croughton Wilde, John Moxon Clabon, Esq.


C.M.G. large or two smaller warehouses,


Frederick Peake, Esq. ARTHUR M. MITCHISON, Sir EDWARD W. STAFParticulars. plads. and conditions of sale may be Arnold William White, Bartle John Laurie Frere,

Esg. had at the Mart; of Messrs. Boulton, Sons, & Sande

Chairman of Colonial Boardman, Solicitors, 214, Northampton-square; or of William Thomas Carlisle, Howard William Brough The Hon. Sin FREDR. WHITAKER, K.C.M.G., M.L.C., Messrs. Ellis & Son, Auctioneers and surveyors, 49, Esq.

ton, Eaq.

late Premier of New Zealand.
George Rooper, Esq.

The Directors are issuing Terminable Debentures
The Auditors retiring are :-

bearing interest at 4 per cent. for three years, and Fine Corner Block of Freehold Property, possessing

Edward Francis Bigg, William Tanner Neve, 43 per cent. for five years and upwards. Interest halfa frontage to the Clapham and two other good roads



yearly by Coupons. Octavius Leefe, Esq. of 500ft.

Edward Hugh White

A. M. MITCHISON, Managing Director. head. Esq. They are eligible, and offer themselves for re-.

Leadenhall-buildings, Leadenhall-st., London, E.C. SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Token- election. house-yard, Bank, on FRIDAY, MAY 20th, at TWO By Order of the Board, precisely (unless previously disposed of by private


ACCIDENTS AT HOME AND ABROAD contract), in One or Three Lots, the above FREEHOLD PROPERTY, situate between the StockwellHE

Railway Accidents, Employer's Liability, twenty houses, tenements, and stabling, Nos. 261 to


INSURED AGAINST BY 278 (odd), Clapham-road; Nos. 1 to 11 (odd), Ling AMOUNT OF CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED, £710,000 ham-street; and Nos. 1 to 15 (odd), Northall-street; let at actual and estimated rents of about £565 per

Offices of the Corporation


Winchester House, Old Broad-street. E.O. annum, but forming a valuable building estate, haviog a superficial area of 33,000 feet, part of which might Rt. Hon. E. PLEYDELL BOUVERIE, Chairman.

64, CORNHILL, LONDON. Sir SYDNEY H. WATERLOW, Bart., Deputy-Chairman. advantageously be treated as a site for any large building requiring prominency of position, such as a Policies are now being issued by this Corporation

Income insuring Mortgages of Freehold and Leasehold public institution, pantechnicon, tram car offices, &c. Printed particulars, plans, and conditions of sale to

Property, holders of Mortgage Debentures and be had of Messrs. Druces & Attlee, Solicitors, 10, Debenture Stock, against loss of principal and in

COMPENSATION PAID FOR 118,000 ACCIDENTS. Billiter-square; at the Mart; and of Messrs. Ellis &

Son, Auctioneers and Surveyors, 49, Fenchurch-street.
These licies will be of especial advantage to

Trustees who may be held responsible for losses
consequent upon their Investments.

Mortgagors insuring with the Corporation will
Established 1836.
also be enabled to obtain Advances at the lowest

Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims. LONDOT: 1, Moorgate-street, E.O. ABJRDBEN: 1,

possible rate of interest.
The Corporation also grants Policies to Lease-

INCOME & FUNDS (1885) :

holders insuring the return of the Amount invested
Sire Premiums ...

at the expiration of their leases or at any fixed

West-End Office :-8, Grand Hotel Buildings, W.C.;
Life Premiums ...



For particulars and conditions of Insurance apply

Head Office :-64, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. to the Secretary. Aconmulated Fundo .. $3,134,000

By order,
JAS. C. PRINSEP, Secretary.



WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary.







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In re...




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mingled, possibly, in some cases with an apprehension that urgent

engagements at Ascot or elsewhere may possibly deprive them of th: In the Solicitors' Journal. Tunnel Mining Co., Re ............ 443

Ward v. Dudley.. .........: 442 privilege of hearing the papers read ?' But to return to the subject Alfred Park (a Solicitor), Re, Ex Whitehead v. Hall

445 of the recent discussion. The case for reform, as we understand it, parte Incorporated Law Society 444 Baroness Wenlock and Another v.

In the Weekly Reporter.

is based on the contention that the system is antiquated and
The River Dee Co.
Brewster v. Prior ..
Concha v. Concha.

anomalous. The fees vary in different counties. According to Mr. Brown v. The Great Western Rail Countess of Dudley and London

MUNTON the warrant costs 2s. 6d. on the Middlesex side of Westway Co,

and North-Western Railway Co., E C. Powder Co. (Lim.), Re .....

minster Bridge ; 58. on the other side of the bridge; and 7s. in G. Harris (deceased), Re, Harris v. Doulon v. Halse...

502 Lancashire. The cost of execution to the debtor, again, is stated Harris

Esdaile v. City of London Union.. 497
Guy v. Churchill ........
Goodfellow v. Prince

to be unreasonably heavy. The writ of execution applies to one Hall v. Bromley

Henderson v. Rothschild. 485 county only, while ordinary process is operative all over England.
Harwood, Re

Hersant v. Halse
Hendry, Re, Watson v. Blakeney.. 443 "Indus," Tbe

490 And, lastly, the bailiffs employed are alleged to be frequently unfit Muffett, Re, Jones v. Mason

Marshfield, In re, Marsbfield v.
Postlethwaite, Re, Postlethwaite


491 persons, and not under any proper supervision. There is no blame v. Rickman

Reg. v, Sandoval

500 imputed to the under-sheriffs as a body; it is the system which is Reid v. The Explosives Co. (Lim.) 441 Saunders-Davies. In re, SaundersThe Queen v. Lord Penzance.

Davies v. Saunders-Davies

at fault, and no one can doubt that it is in many respects illadapted to the present state of society. Mr. Munton proposed to

remove altogether the execution of final civil process from the The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter. office of sheriff and to establish an execution department in the

Supreme Court. It is doubtful whether so radical a remedy could LONDON, MAY 7, 1887.

be carried, or indeed whether it is required, but if the committee appointed at the recent meeting can agree upon practical sugges

tions for so modifying the existing system as to lessen or remove CURRENT TOPICS.

the present abuses and anomalies, the discussion will have been WE PRINT elsewhere an order of the Lord Chancellor authorizing productive of more valuable results than most of the debates at the Paymaster-General to signify his assent to the conversion into the Law Institutions which we have had to chronicle in recent years. India 34 per cent. stock (in accordance with the recent notice of the Secretary of State for India) of all India 4 per cent. stock which on the 1st of June next shall be standing to his account on behalf of the Supreme Court.

WE REPORT elsewhere the results of the first discussion by a law society of the Land Transfer Bill which has reached us. The

Shropshire Law Society direct their observations upon the regisWE UNDERSTAND that the amount proposed to be expended by the tration part of the Bill mainly to the question of compulsory Council of the Incorporated Law Society on the entertainments to registration of title, involving the intervention of a board of be given by them in June next is about £5,000, and that the officials; and the objections they urge against this proposal are number of tickets taken for the theatres is about fourteen hundred. undoubtedly practical, reasonable, and weighty. Their views on

this point are shared by many of the most experienced members of the profession. But it appears to us that the time is past

for such a discussion. There is, or is supposed to be, a general IT SEEMS PROBABLE that the authority which may have first agreement among the lay public in favour of compulsory registrasuggested the Government's offer to consent to a prosecution being tion of title ; the large landowners (or their representatives in the instituted by the Attorney-General against the Times for the House of Lords) appear to be at one with the Free Land League article on Mr. Diilon is the passage in May's Parliamentary on this subject; the leaders of legal opinion on both sides of Practice (7th ed., p. 96) that some occasions the House the Houses of Parliament are committed to some such scheme, has directed prosecutions against persons who have pub- and, this being so, it can hardly be expected that any protests on lished libels reflecting upon members, in the same manner the part of the legal profession against the proposal for compulsory as if the publications had affected the House collectively.” On registration of title will be listened to. It may possibly be that a reference to the Commons Journals it will be found that the combined effort might secure postponement of the operation of the two cases to which a reference is given in the foot-note bear compulsion clauses; for, as we pointed out last week, the Bill does out the statement in the text. The first of them occurred in 1699, not contemplate compulsion as inevitably following on the estabwhen a complaint was made to the House of a printed paper, lishment of a land transfer district ; but, so far as existing one of which was presented to the House, and read at the table, indications go, it would seem that compulsion will come sooner subscribed by EDWARD STEPHENS, containing high reflections upon or later. The practical course seems to be to endeavour, aş the honour of this House in general, and in particular upon Mr. Jous far as possible, to minimize the possible evils of the proposed How, a member thereof. Resolved nem. con. that the said paper system, and to lend the aid of knowledge and experience by way is a false and scandalous libel; ordered that Mr. Attorney-General of suggestions as to the details of a scheme which is certainly do prosecute the said EDWARD STEPHENS for the said false and tentative and cautious in its application of compulsion. With this scandalous libel” (13 Com. J. 230). And a committee was view we have, in our observations on the Bill, declined to discuss appointed to inquire after the printer of the said false and the question whether registration of title is the best syster to scandalous libel, and to report the same to the House." The adopt, and whether compulsion is necessary or expedient; and second case occurred in 1702, when the Attorney-General was have, in the first instance, stated and discussed the Bill as it was directed to prosecute Mr. Llord, the Bishop of WORCESTER's son, introduced, and we propose, when we are able to see the form into several freeholders that he voted for bringing in a French will fill up its details, to devote ourselves to the consideration of

the points upon which amendment appears to be necessary.


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There was a valuable discussion at the meeting of the Incorporated Law Society last week on the present mode of execution miferits, based on a paper by Mr. F. K? MUXTOw, read' at the Hull compulsory registration of all deeds of arrangement between meeting of the society in 1882, which differs from many of the debtors, being traders, and their creditors. The proposal is that all also interesting and amusing, and practically suggestive. Hence, torship, shall be registered in the Bills of Sale Department of the mo doubt, its unparalleled vitality. May we venture to point the Central Office of the Supreme Court within seven days after execuso many country solicitors are looking forward with interest, | On registration, a true copy of the deed and of every schedule or

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