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and in the course of his remarks said that the fourth rule in Edwards v. partiality and independence. His judgments were never questioned on Edwards was overruled by O'Mahoney v. Burdett, and that, as there was no the ground of prejādice or bias, their legal soundness stood the test of express direction to distribute in the present case, he must decide in appellate supervision. He discharged efficiently the duties of a judge in favour of the Preston Society, that the fund, including the accrued share, two counties where parties are sharply divided, and he enjoyed the con; would pass to C. and D.

fidence of all who had business in his court. His loss will be regretted April 1-Chairman, Mr. W. P. Park, J.P.-After the minutes of the

in the counties in which he administered justice.”
last meeting had been read and passed, a discussion took place on the
following motion : "That the Parliamentary franchise should be extended
to women." Mr. W. Breakell opened the debate on behalf of the affir-

mative, contending that, on the principle of natural justice and fairness, Mr. RICHARD Saul FERGUSON, barrister, has been appointed Chancellor
the rate-paying portion of the women ought to be allowed to vote at of the Diocese of Carlisle. Mr. Ferguson is the eldest son of Mr. Joseph
Parliamentary elections. Mr. G. Cartwright opposed. An animated dis- Ferguson, of Carlisle, and was born in 1837. He was educated at St.
cussion then followed on the subject, the following members also taking John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated as a wrangler in 1860,
part: Messrs. A. Bush, J. Barrowclough, and A. W. Ladyman for the and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1862. He
affirmative, and Messrs. J. Bell, T. B. Ladyman, J. Cookson, and A. J. is a magistrate and chairman of quarter sessions for the county of
Livesey supported the negative. The leaders having summed up and Cumberland.
replied respectively, the chairman summed up the arguments adduced on
each side, and then put the question to the meeting, when it was found penter), of Devereux-chambers, Devereux-court, has been appointed

Mr. ARTHUR CARPENTER, solicitor (of the firm of Makinson & Carthat there were eight for the negative and five for the affirmative. Secretary to the Law Association, in succession to his father, the late Mr.

LIVERPOOL LAW STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION.- April 4-Chairman, Mr. R. N. Alfred Benjamin Carpenter. Mr. a. Carpenter was admitted a solicitor
Arkle.—Mr. F. J. Leslie, solicitor, read an interesting and instructive in 1880.
paper, entitled "Copyholds: what they are and what they have been." Mr. EDWARD MINSON WAVELL, solicitor (of the firm of Wavell, Son, &
There were twenty-six members present.

Marshall), of Halifax, has been elected President of the Halifax Incor.
April 18-Chairman, Mr. J. Cameron.-The subject for discussion was, porated Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Wavell was admitted a
"That the case of Scott v. Sebright was wrongly decided, and ought not solicitor in 1830. Še is a magistrate for the borough of Halifax.
to be followed." The affirmative was opened by Mr. F. J. Priest, and Mr. WILLIAM BENNETT STABLEFORTH, solicitor, of Holbeach, has been
the negative by Mr. A. G. Inglis. The following gentlemen took part in appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of
the discussion – viz., Messrs. Thornely, H. M. Davies, Cunningham, Judicature.
Moore, Lamb, Taylor, Brotherton, Ashworth, and Lloyd The chairman
shortly summed up, and on the question being put to the meeting, it was

Mr. Louis RoUILLARD, barrister, has been appointed Procureur and decided in the negative by a majority of nine. There were twenty-eight second son of Mr. John Rouillard, of Mauritius, and was born in 1837.

Advocate-General for the Colony of Mauritius. Mr. Rouillard is the members present.

He was educated at King's College, London, and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1858.

Mr. RICHARD MALE, solicitor (of the firm of Morgan & Male), of Town

Hall-chambers, Pontypridd, has been appointed a Commissioner to LEGAL NEWS.

administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Mr. Male was

admitted a solicitor in 1880. OBITUARY.

Mr. J. HERBERT Tes, solicitor (of the firm of Ashley, Tee, & Sons), of 7, Mr. John YEOMANS, solicitor, town clerk of Sheffield, died at St. Frederick’s-place, Old Jewry, E.C., and Loughton, Essex, has been apLeonards on the 8th inst. from congestion of the lungs, after a short pointed Clerk and Solicitor to the newly-formed Loughton School Board. illness. Mr. Yeomans was the eldest son of Mr. John Yeomans, of Shef. | Mr. Tee was admitted a solicitor in 1880. field, and was born in 1821. He served his articles with Mr. John Dixon, of Sheffield. He was admitted a solicitor in 1844, and he had practised for

Mr. WAPLES CANWARDEN, solicitor, of 54, Jewia-street, Aldersgateother forty years at Sheffield. He was formerly in partnership with Mr. street, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Francis Hoole, but for several years he had practised alone. In 1859 he Supreme Court of Judicature. was elected town clerk of the borough of Sheffield, and he held that Mr. SEPTIMUS Scott, solicitor, of Tynemouth, has been appointed Clerk office until his death. Mr. Yeomans had come to London for the purpose to the Tynemouth Board of Guardians and Superintendent Registrar for of attending the passing through Parliament of the Sheffield Water the Tynemouth District. Bill. He caught cold, and went to the seaside for change of air, but he became rapidly worse, and died on Good Friday. Mr. Yeomans had been mouth, and North Shields, has been appointed Assistant Clerk to the

Mr. AUGUSTUS WHITEHORN, solicitor, of Newcastle-upon Tyne, Tyne. for several years a widower, and he leaves two sons and two daughters.

Tynemouth Board of Guardians and Clerk to the Tynemouth Assessment Mr. HENRY Downe BARTON, solicitor, of Exeter, died on the 15th inst., Committee, School Attendance Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority. in his eighty-sixth year.

Mr. Barton, who was one of the oldest solicitors in Devonshire, was born in 1802. He was admitted a solicitor in 1823, Atkinson), of 33, Gracechurch-street, has been appointed a Commis

Mr. PERCY HERBERT ATKINSON, solicitor (of the firm of Terrell & having served his articles in the office of Messrs. Terrell, Barton, & Smale, sioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. of Exeter, to whom the present Mr. Justice Field was afterwards articled. Mr. Barton afterwards became a member of the firm, but for the last few The Right Hon. ROBERT BOURKE, barrister, Governor of Madras, who years he had practised alone. He was a perpetual commissioner for Devon has been created Baron Connemara, is the third son of the fifth Earl of 1835, on the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act, he was appointed Dublin. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas flerk to the magistrates for the city of Exeter, and he held that office till Term, 1852, and he formerly practised on the South Wales and Chester

Circuit and at the Parliamentary Bar. He was elected M.P. for Lynn in Mr. HENRY SMITH LAWFORD, solicitor (of the firm of Lawford, Water,

the Conservative interest in 1868, and he was Under-Secretary of State house, & Lawford), of 28, Austin Friars, died at Brighton on the 22nd

for Foreign Affairs from February, 1874, till April, 1880, and from July, ult, in his seventy-second year. Edward Lawford, of Beckenham, and was born in 1815. He was educated Mr. Lawford was the eldest son of Mr. 1885, till January, 1886. He became a Privy Wouncillor in 1880, and he

was appointed Governor of Madras about six months ago. Lord Conneat Eton and at Christ's College, Oxford. He was admitted a solicitor in

mara is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Haddingtonshire.

Mr. ALFRED SYRETT, solicitor (of the firm of Johnston, Farquhar, & about ten years ago he retired on account of ill-health. He was for many Leech), of Moorgate station buildings, 45, Finsbury-pavement, London, we have associated in partnership with Mr. James William Waterhouse, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme who is steward of the manor of Stepney, and with Mr. Godfrey. He had Court of Judicature. a considerable Privy Council business, having been for several years solicitor to the Secretary of State for India, and he was also solicitor to

Mr. Joseph PEARCE, solicitor, of 39, Essex-street, Strand, London, has the Drapers' Company. Mr. Lawford was married to the daughter of Court of Judicature.

been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Ir. Launcelot Holland, of Beckenham, and he leaves four sons and

Mr. Richard Wilson GAMBLE, Q.C., died suddenly at Dublin on the
19th inst. Mr. Gamble was born in 1827. He was an M.A., of Trinity

THOMAS Down PettiveR, FREDERICK ARTHUR FOSTER, and WILLIAM camerges, Dublin. He was called to the bar at Dublin in 1891.; and Trinit? HENRY Pertiver, solicitors' (Pettiver, Foster, & Pettiver), of 26, Collegeof qualueen’s Counsel in 1868. "He had been for several years thairman street, London, and 51, Haymarket.' So far as regards the said William Armauarter sessions and judge of countge courts for the areounties of Henry Pettiver. April 7.

[Gazette, April 15.] Armagh and Louth. Mr. Gamble was a magistrate for King's County solicitors (Learoyd, Piercy, & Simpson), Huddersfield


So far as and the counties of Dublin and Louth. He was a member of the Irish John William Piercy is concerned. April 15. Church Synod, and on the 19th inst., while addressing a meeting of that body, he fell down in a fainting fit, and died in a few minutes from

WILLIAM MORGAN and ARTHUR CLIFFORD PODMORB, solicitors (Morgan & disease of the heart. The Daily Express says, with reference to the

Co.), Stafford. March 31, 1886.

[Gazette, April 19.]
deceased :-"In his judicial capacity his conduct afforded unqualified
satisfaction. Although he was understood to have strong political views,

questions, his administration of his office was marked by scrupulous Times deeds of arrangement, assignment, and composition with creditors.

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two daughters.

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The report of the Land Commission for England for 1886 states that the (part heard Feb 2, 1886, by Master of Rolls. Lords Justicas Lindley & L)pes number of cases disposed of in various departments of the commission was so for engineer to report-report filed—8 o till appla made to restore). 1,444 and of fresh applications 1,383, while no fewer than 34,000 letters Societe Generale de Paris v Dreyfus Bros & Co app of defte Dreyfas Bros & Co, and documents were received.

from order of Mr. Justice Pearson, dated 26 Maroh 1885 April 1 (30, June 13)

1886. According to the 34th report of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, just issued, the board made 377 orders last year for the In re W Coulton, dec Hamling v Elliott app of J B Green & aar from order of appointment or removal of trustees, for the establishment of schemes for Mr Justice Pearson, dated 12 April, 1886 (restored by order) the regulation of charities, or for vesting their real estate.

Jones v Powell (construction) sop of H J Jones from part of order of Me

Justice Chitly, dated 10 Aug, 1886 Aug 27 Joseph Edward Curteis, solicitor and ex-clerk to the East Stonehouse

In re Herbert H Sugg, dec Sugg v Sugg app of dfts from jdgt of Mr Justice Local Board, who absconded from Plymouth in September last, leaving

Stirling, dated 1 July, 1886 Dec 7 behind him defalcations in the local board accounts of nearly £15,000, and Lever & Co v Goodwin Bros app of dfts from jdgt of Mr Justice Chitty, dated who was arrested at Calcutta on New Year's Day, was committed for trial Dec 2, 1886 Dec 14 on Wednesday on eleven charges of forgery, two of embezzlement, and Frail Tull & anr app of dft H G Chandless from jdgt of Mr Justice Kekowich, one of larceny.

dated 17 Nov, 1886 Dec 14

Waddell v Fane app of A J Russell & ors from refusal of mota by Mr Justice At the Clerkenwell Police-court, on Wednesday, Frederick Holland, of

North, dated 26 Nov, not to draw up order on far oon Dec 16 Beech-street, Barbican, was summoned at the instance of the Incorporated Bircoe Jackson app of Attorney-Gen from order of Me Justice Kay, dated Aug Law Society for that he did on November 5 and 13 wilfully and falsely

9, 1886, refusing to vary Chief Clerk's Certifionte Sept 2 pretend to be a solicitor, contrary to the statute. Mr. Humphreys pro: Biscoe v Jackson app of afts Rachel Atkinson, widow, and ora from order of secuted, and Mr. Swaine defended. It appeared from Mr Humphreys? Mr Justice Kay, dated Nov 9, 1886 Dec 17 opening statement and the evidence for the prosecution that in June last In re the Eberhardt Cold and Co's Acts app of E H Tamplia and ors exor 8 of the defendant called upon James Betteridge, a greengrocer, of Liverpool. R Towne, from refusal of Mr Jastioe Kay, dated Nov 30, 1886 Doc 17 road, Islington, who wished to eject a tenant named Smith from a house In re Chas Muffett, dec Jones v Maron app of plts from rofusal of Mr Justice he owned. He said that he had been told Betteridge wanted legal assist

Chitty, dated Nov 29, to vary Chief Clerk's Certificate Dec 21

Hall v Bromley app of plts from jdgt of Mr Justice Kekovich, dated Dec 18, ance, and he was prepared to carry out the ejectment proceedings. From

1886 Dec 21 what he said, Betteridge was led to suppose that the defendant was a

Harris v Brooke app of dfts from jdgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated Deo

Various legal solicitor, and he at once paid him a guinea on account.

1886 Dec 30 proceedings followed, and Betteridge paid to the defendant in all £18. The Francis y Willson app of plt from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated D20 11, disparticular offences charged against the defendant were that he received

charging order for foreclosure Dec 31 £1 10s. from Betteridge on November 5 and £2 on November 13, which lo re Elizabeth Douglas, dec Obert v Barrow app of dft from order of Mr Justice Betteridge now said he paid in the belief that the defendant was a solici. Kay on far ood, dated 4 Aug, 1886 Jan 7 tor. It was further said that the proceedings proved abortive-in fact, Mr. Jones y Baldock app of dft William Rathbone from jagt of Mr Justice Chitty, Humphreys said, the action was premature, and in settlement of the pro dated 22 July, 1886 Jan 8 ceedings Betteridge had to pay some $23. Mr. Swaine, in defence, said In re W Nation, dec Nation v Hamilton app of plt from jdgt of V C Buco),

dated 20 Jan, 1886 Jan 20 the defendant had acted throughout as a solicitor's clerk, he being in the employment of a solicitor, who really had carried out the proceedings. Mathers Lake app of aft w Lake from order of Me Justice Kay, datel 25

Nov, 1886, on summons to vary Chief Clerk's Certificate Jan 20 Mr. Hosack remarked that he had never said so to Betteridge. Had he

Thomas v Doughty app of dft from jdgt of Mr Justice Pearson, dated 16 Marcb, done so he would have acted legally. Mr. Henry Hand then went into

1886 Feb 2 (Security ordered 2 March) the witness-box for the defence. He said he was a solicitor, but was not Price v Brisco app of plt frum order of Mr Justice Kay on fur con, dated 9 Dec, now in practice. He produced his certificate for 1886. During last year 1886 Feb 5 the defendant was in his employment. In June the defendant introduced Murzlers (exors) v Chappell app of exors of Chappell from order of Mr Justice the case of Betteridge v. Smith, and although he left the witness's service in Chitty, dated 19 Nov, 1886, diwallowing items in acco ant Fab 5 the following September he carried out the proceedings to the end. The Readdy v Pendergast app of plc from jdgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated 1 De ', defendant was now in the employment of another solicitor. Mr. Hosack

1886 Feb 10 imposed a fine of £5 in each case. — Times.

In re The Northumberland Avenue Hotel Co_1d (Fox, Braithwaite and Sally':

Claim) app of plts from refusal of Mr Justice Chitty, dated 25 Jan, 1887

Feb 14 la re Hodson & Howes Contract (Freebold House at Hornsey) V & P Act, 1874,

& Cony Act, 1881 app of W Hodson from order of Mr Justics North, dated 9

Feb, 1887 Feb 17

In ro Prince Batthyany-Strattman, dec Batthyany-Strattman v Walford & ors

app of dft Anna Smith from jdgt of V C Bacon, dated 12 Aug, 1886 Feb 19

Keily v Stevens & ore app of oft L B Stevens from order of Mr Justice Chitty ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

on fur con, dated 13 Deo, 1886 Feb 21 Date.

APPEAL COURT APPEAL COURT Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Allcard v Skinner app of plt from judgt of Mc Justice Kekewich, dated 31 Jan
No. 1.
No. 2.


1887 Feb 22 Mon., April 25 Mr. Beal Mr. Carrington Mr. Godfrey Mr. Pugh Nathan Newman & Co v Pinto & Sons app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Tuesday


Wednesday 27

Carrington Godfrey

Kekewich, dated 17 Feb, 1887 Feb 23

Thursday ..


In re Avery's Patent, No. 6938, A D. 1885, and Trade Marks Act, 1883 Friday

Carrington Godfrey


plts from refusal of Mr Justice Stirling, dated 23 Feb, 1887, to revoke reept Saturday... 30 Ward


Lindsay's Patent Feb 23
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Pauper Norton v Norton app of plt from judgt of V C Bacon, dsted 15 Feb, 1886

Feb 25
Monday, April

20 Mr. Pemberton Mr. Jackson Mr. Ward Tuesday


Pemberton Jackson



Pemberton Jackson

For Judgment.


Henderson Bros y Mersey Dock Harbour Board app of dfts from jdzt of M!

Justice Mathew at trial in Middlesex (0 a v Jan 22--present Master of Rolls &

Lords Justices Bowen and Fry)

For Hearing,

Baroness Wenlock & aar v River Dee Co appl of defis from jadgt of Baroa SPECIAL NOTICE.-Queen's Bench Final Appeals in Court I., and Chancery

Huddleston at trial (pt hd 9 May, 1883, by Master of Rolls and Lords Justices Appeals (General List) in Court II., will be taken on the usual days during Cotton and Bowen - $ 0 till appla to restore on report of special referee Easter Sittinge.

Brocklebank & anr v Lancashire & Yorkshire Ry Co app of plts from judgt of Queen's Bench Interlocutory Appeals in Court I., and Chancery Interlocutory Appeals in Court II., will be taken on the firet day of the Sittin 38, possibly in

Me Justice Lopes at trial at Liverpool (heard July 26, 1886, by Master of Rolls Court I., on the second day (Wednesday), and afterwards as usual, overy

and Lorde Justices Bowen & Frg-reference to Master to tax costs on contract

-restored by order) Wednesday, during the Sittings. Bankruptcy Appeals also, as usual, on Fridays

1886. in Court I.

Appeals from the Lancaster Palatine Court (if any), which have been passed Attorney Gen v The Welsh Granite Co, id & ors (Q B Revenue Side) apote over in the General List, will be taken in Court il. on Thursday, April 21st, and Thursday, May 5th.

of information June 8 (8 O till appln to restore). The Admiralty Appeals (with Assessors) will be taken in Court I. on days to be

Oppert Beaumont & anr app of pit from judgt of Lord Justice Pry at trial in specially appointed by the court.

The United Kingdom Matual steamship Insce Assoc, la v Novill app of ples APPEALS FOR HEARING. (Sot down to Wednesday, April 13th, inclusive.)

Messenger v Messenger app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice A L Smith at trial


Hunt, The Paddington Vestry app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Denman at DIVISION (PROBATE AND DIVORCE), AND THE COUNTY PALATINE AND STANNARIES COURTS. Pickering v Carter app of deft from judgt of Mr' Justice Wills at triel in For Hearing.

Middlesex Nov 20 (General List.)

Roid y The Explosives Co id app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Manlety at 1885 Long Camoys y Mayor, &o of Burslem appl of plta from judg of V C Bacon

Barnett, Hɔares, & Co v Soutá London Tramwaya Co App of pits from judgt

of Mr Justice Field at trial in Middlesex Nur 20

... 26



...... 29



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and Saly

Gapp v Bond app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial in Middlesex

Before Mr. Justice Kay.

Sons mfj (treated as action for
Dec 2

Causes for Triel (with witnesses and trial, by order)
The Cape of Good Hope Bank, 14. Bull, Bevan & Co app of dfts from judgt of

without witnesses).

Johnstone v Newfoundland Guano Co Mr Justice Mathew at trial in Middlesex Deo 4

ld act

In re Meyrick Hartmann Gilletí v
Runcieman v Ellis app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Hawkins at trial at

Lowndes act

Gardner v Titley act
Newcastle on Tyne Deo 3

Selwyn v Garfit act wits

Hope-Johnstone v Jervis act Seton, Laing, & Co v Lafone app_of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Depman at

Eden v Weardale Iron Co, ld act wits

Morol Brog v Je vis act trial in Middlesex with a jury Deo 9

Ecolesiastical Commrs v Sir W Eden

Morel Bros v Jervis act
Kaye & ors v Chubb & Sons Safe and Look Co id app of dfts from jadgt of art wits

In re Hughes, deo Vibart v Vibart
Mr Justice Mathew at trial in Middlesex Dec 18

Wiater v Iod Coope & Co act wits

adj sam with wits_by order Sobulze & Co v The Great Eastern Ry Co app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice In re Fox Fear v Morgan act

In re J Walker's Estate Walker v Day at trial in Middlesex Dec 21

Cresswell v Davidson act wits

Archer adj sum with wits by order Carmichael & Co v Liverpool Sailing Ship Owners Mutual Indemnity A9800. app Russell v Davies act

Ia re Oriental Bank a ljourne1 sum of of defts from judgt of Justices A L Smith & Wills on special case Dec 21 Lowther v Curwen act wits

Wm Simpson, a creditor, with wits 1887. Kirby v Freeman act wits

by order Hunt v Grost Eastern. Ry Co app of plt from judgt of the Lord Chief Justice

Tompsett v Heal act wits

In ro C Dash, dec Darley v King act at trial with a jury in Middlesex Jan 10

Mason v Westoby act

and sums in King v Darley under Turner v Wimp & anr app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial in

la re Stuart Mansion House Chmbre ord 55 by order
Middlesex without a jury Jan 11

v Stuart act
Casebourne & Co & Dorman, Long, & Co v Avery & ors, Owners of s.s. Chad Native Guano Co ld v Sewage Mariae

Non-witness Causes, Adjourned Sumwick & anr app of defts R P Houston & Co from julgt of Mr Justice Cave at Cold act wits

monses and Special Cases. trial at Leeds without a jury Jan 13

Veon v Hendriks act wits

Penon v Cutfield mfj (SO Map 9) The Mayor, &o, of London i Blake (Surveyor of Taxos), Blake (Surveyor of Russell Lamb act animfj wits In re Hollingbourne Paper Cold (HarTexes) v The Mayor, &c, of London (Q B'Revenue Side) app of Blake from Blair v Deakin ast wits

bour's claim) adj smns (Triaity order of Justices Denman and Hawkins on case stated by Income Tax Commro Eden v Deakin act wits

Jan 14

Telfer v Tulferact wits

In re Neath Harbour Smelting and Pommery & anr v Apthorpe (Sarveyor of Taxes Q B Revenue Side) app of MoMenus v Cooke act wits

Rolling Works, Id & Co's Ac!8 Ex Pommery & anr from order of Justices Danman and Hawkins op case sta to Eardley v Knight at

parte Official Liquidator - again't by Income Tax Commrs Jan 17

Magnus v Queensland National Bank directors under sect 163
Taylor v Haigh app of plt from judgt of M: Justice Grantham at tria at Leads

act, wits

Sharpy v Torkington Torkington v without a jury Jan 27

Elmore v Pirrie act wits

Sharpe mfj (Trinity Sitting) Harding The Mayor, &o, of King's Lynn app of defts from judgt of Baron Atkinson y Same act wits

In re Atty's Estate Welby v Welby Pollook at trial without a jury in Middlesex Feb 8

In re Earl of Aylesford's Estate Aots (construction of will) adj smng Waller v The Northern Accident Insurance Co, id app of defts from judgt of Machell v Earl Poulett act

(under ord 55) Mr Justice Cave at trial at Newcastle-00-Tyne without a jury Feb 10

Deaman v Leach act, wits

Coates v Legard Ex pte Shafto Trust Darrant v Holdsworth & apr app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at

Ward v Chapman act wits

adj smns trial without a jury in MiddxFeb 10

In re Mary Kenyon, deo Mann v
Canning Turner & anr app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Day at trial at Further Considerations.

Knapp adj smos
Newcastle-00-Tyne with a jury Feb 10

la re L90 L90 v Le fur coa restored Westerman v Bury & Tottington Dis-
Calvert v Lloyd app of plt from judgt of Mr Jussice A L Smith at trial at la re J Johnson Manchester & Liver triot Ry Co act
Liverpool without a jary Feb 1i

pool &c Banking Co v Beales for In re A É Tutill's Estate Thornhill v Gribble y Brunton, Bourke & Co app of plc from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew

Bale adj sumns at trial in Middx without a jury Feb 12

lo re R Johos)0 Johoson v Hooley la re E A Tutill's Estate Thornhill v Wight v Shaw app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Dono in at trial at Croydon far con

Bale adj sumns with a jury Feb 15

la re F & J Willia ns Williams y In re Capital Fire Insco Assoc, ld aoj
Elliott v Dabell app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial without a jury in Stratton Stratton y Williams fur sum (Ex parte Peoria)
Middz Feb 15

In re Robert Chapman a Sulr adju
Fison & Co v Brabyn app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Grantham at trial at Marsland v Hole fur con & adj soni sum08 (tax bill)
I powich without a jury Feb 17

Charles v Jones far con & smns In re Spence's Metal Cold Expte
Ship Bertha (claim for loss of life) Sellstrom & ors v Bristol Steam Navgn Co Eaton Cayley & Co v Whingey fur con Official Liquidator adjd sumns (inx
app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated Mar 23, 1886 Feb 18 (with. In re Jane Roberts Evans v Thomas bill)
ont assessor 3–8 0 pending appl to House of Lord io Ship Bernina)

far con

In re Robert Morton dec Morton v Mac Iver and ors v Mac Iver app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice A L Smith,

Morton adjd sumos at trial at Liverpool without a jury Feb 22

Adjourned Summonees.

Justice y Fooks act Fooks v Burton Ship Sara (claim by master) Baker v The Owners of Sara app of afts (inter- Nicholls v Nicholls (amended) restored adjd sumn SO June 7 veners) from judgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated Feb 14, 1887 Feb 23 (without by order

Kinder v Walker act assessors)

In re Branksea Island Co & Co's Acts In re Chas Daniel's Estate Daniel v Jones v John app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen, at trial at Cardiff

Gilson adjd sumns under order 55 without a jury Feb 23

Io re Howatson Patent Faraase Co, ld In re G Rutherford's Settled Estate Lishman v Christio app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Cave, at trial at New & Co's Acts

Sattled Land Act powers of to lant castle-on-Tyne with a special jury Feb 28

In re Chas Britten's Policy Moneys, &c for life adjd sums
The Chillington Galvanizing Co v J Batt & Co app of plts from judgt of Mc In re Langlois Webb v Baker
Justice A L Smith, at trial at Liverpool without a jury Mar 1

Walk-r y Clarke

Further Considerations. Attwells v Blows & anr app of dft Blows from jadgt of Mr Jastice Day, at trial In re Batting Richards v Partridg In ro Evan Griffiths, deo Thomas v in Middx without a jury Mar 8

Magnus v Lumley

Griffiths fur con (short)
A Jones & Co, id v Whitaker app of att from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen, at
trial in Middx without a jury Mar 10

In re The Guinea Coast Gold Mining In re Roberts, dec Roberts v Robers
Co, ld & Co's Acts

far con
Thornton Baker app of plt from judgt of Mr Jastice Field, at trial at Not. In re Aall & Newbold & V & P Act
tingham without a jary Mar 10

In re M A Sandere, dec Sanders v
In re Roberts Evans y Thomas

Savaga fur con
The Masonio and General Life Assurance Co, id v Pike app of plt Co from judgt In re Turner Boynton v Tidy

Cottrell v Holland fur con
of Mr Justice Day, at trial without a jary Mar 11

In re T Pattisson, dec Pemberton v Pearman v Bardett. Coatts app of plt from part of judgt of Mr Justice Grove,

Before Mr. Justice CHITIY.

Pattisson far con (short) at trial as to costs Mar 15

Causes for Trial (with witnesses) In re W S Davidson, dec Davidson v Smith. Hobbs app of dft from order of Justices Cave and Wills on special case and judgt thereon Mar 17

Albery v Broadbent mij pt hd with

Farquhar far con (short), wits by order

In re J Skitt, dec Skitt v Skitt fur coa Randall v New Cross Publio Hall Co,

In re J E Cox, deo Cox v Norton fur

Ind, New Cross Pablic Hall Co, Ind,

v Randall, Morton v Randall claim

In re Charles Brittain, deo Brittain v

Brittain fur con

and connter-claim
Causes for Trial or Hearing.

Baroness Wenlock v Ryder act (trans. In re Jas Aequith, deo Asquith v (Set down to Wednesday, April 13th, inclusive.) Motions, Petitions, and Short Causes will be taken on the usual days, as statel

ferred from Q B Div) Trinity Sittings In re Michael Walker, deo Curdeux v

Asquith (Dewsbury) fur con (abort)
Askew v Browne sot

Walker fur con
Causos with and without Witnesses will be taken by Mr. Justice Kay on

Brough v Dando act
Collison v Hingston act

In re R W Etzensberger, dec Ellis v the usual Cause days in the order as they stand in the Canse Book.

Bedford v

Etzensberger fur con
Mr. Justice Chitty will take Witness Canses on the following days, viz. :-

In re Witherden, deo

Threlfall v Cottrill fur con

Witherden act
May 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12

Grummant v Robbins act & mfj
Mr. Justice North will take Witness Causes on days to be namel by

Before Mr. Justice Noktu.
Coast v Coast act

Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Mr. Justice Stirling will take Witness Causes on the ordinary Canse days uatil

Belfrage v Lindsay act further order; his Lordobip will sit in Chambers on every Monday during the

Kelly v Kelly act

In re Millichamp Goodale y Ballock Wood v Harris act

Ehrlich v Ihlee & ar got

Blake v Tyerman act
Mr. Justice Kekewich will take Witness Causes every day, ia the order as they

Whitaker y Jeakes act

Barber v Helliwell act
Adjourned Summonses will be taken as follows:-Mr. Justice Kay, on

Mellor v Thomson ant (in camera)

Walker v James act

In re G Morrison, deo Morrison V Rich ardeon v Castrey act
Fridays and Saturdays; Mr. Justice Chitty, with Non-Witness Actions, except

Morrison act not before 16 May Linnell v Ruwson act
prosedure Sammondes, which (it any) are taken every Saturday; Mr. Jastice

Sharp v Gooddy, Cripps & Sons, la fouthall » Walker Act & mij

Walker v Southall act
N.B. Mr. Justice North will take Adjourned Sammonses as follows:--Clais


Attorney-Gen v Anderson di with Motions, on Fridays; Classes 11. und 111., in the Non-Witness List;

Ruthven v Ruthven act

v Hawkins claim and counter olsim Miller y Jones sot
issued by his Lordship's Chief Clerks, dated May 1, 1884.
on Fridays and Satardays. For description of each Class see notice

(Trinity Sittings)

Murgatrogd v Nicholson act A G Kurtz & Co v Peter Sponce & | Pressley v Hodgson act

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pt hd

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in the Easter Sittings Paper.

His Lordship



staad in the Cause Book,


24, 1886

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Before Mr. Justice KBKEWICH. Morlay v Lythall act

In re Same (appla of Deft E. Crofton) In re Rhodes Rbod 48 v Wroefur con Brown v Clark Act In re T. Aons Aung v Clarke Guant Andrews v City Permnt Bldg Soo fur Causes for Trial (with witnesses).

Dodd y Brown act & sons Short v London & Westminster Bk ld lett v Clark

Webb v St John's Gas Co got act

Io re R. N. Cunningham & Co id &
Russell v Norton Act
Co's Acts

Adjourned Summonse8.

Io re Evan Jones Jones v Willia 8

act Drage v Sir WO Harto pp act

Io re Gregson Christisou v Bolam Bailey v Bailey
Helliwell » Barker aot

Milebam v Tibbets act
In re Godsell & Bıyett & V & P Act, In re Brisley Fleming v Brisley
Bruvet v Burlet act


In re Brisley, Fleming v Brisley Lands Allotment Cold v London & In re Gent Davis v Harris

In re Stewart, Colville v Hammond Transferred from Justices Chitty, Tilbury Ry Co aot In re J Collingo's Settlement & SL Salwey v Salwey

NORTH, & STIRLING, for Trial ir Finnis v Wilky act

Re Sparks and Wigan, &o

Heariog only-by Order, dated Niv Horper v Sulling act & mij

In re Imperial Land Cn of Marseilles la re W H Cooper, Cooper v Cooper Holmes v Steep Grade Trams Co la & Co's Acts, 1862 & 1867

In re Wintoo, Dean ~ Winton

la re Maudsley Mzudsley Hug ei act

aot In re W Eley, one, &o.

In re E Atkinson, Hindson v Bird la re Bennett Koapp v Bennett act In re J J Faulkner, one, &c (taxn),

Garnbam v Skipper

Attorney-Gen v Met Ry Cold act lo re Knapp.

Bednott v Koapp act

Real Property Trust ld v
In re Association of Land Financiers In re J B Phelps, Pester v Phelps
Pasbley v Chapman issue for trial ld & Co's Aot


In re Joon Reeder, Rawlins ~ Page Baten an v Poplar Diet Bd of Works In re W Eley, one, &c

Nandy v Morgan

Nash v Hayward act act In re E P Montaga Montagu v Hob- la re Kemp & Wyatt & V & P Act, Smetburst v Sir C. Lindsay & Co ld

act 1874 son Causts for Trial (without witnesses) In re Commercial Bank of South A us. In re G Taylor, Taylor v Taylor Met Dist Ry Co v Met Dist Joint Com

&ct and Adjourned Summonses (Classes tralia & Co's Aots

& Met Ry Co

In re Thompson, Stevens v Thompson
II. and III.)
Jo re Wyatt Wyatt v Phear

lo re Sidney Collard, Withall v Neame Duke of Marlborough v Equity Lw
Carnochan v Ireland act
In re Taylor Jones y Taylor
Da llison v Howitt

Life & Soo act
In ro Crawford Myers v Crawford adj In re Association of Land Financier 8 In re Ludolf Dobren v Ludolph Young v Greenfield act

ld & Co's Acts
Io re Piper Bowland v Parr

Midland Ry Co v Micklethwsic aj:
Kidy v Chamberlaype act
In re Bowes Strathmore v Vane Bidder v Bridges

Carter v Walle act In re Cobb Frost v Cobb adj smds

In re Fiske

Io re M Watson

Baker v Holden lo re Dooksey Docksey v Webb

Watson y Doc 10 Ip re Elives Frolkes v Elives adj smns Io re Sebright, Bart and Settle i Lani In re Murssy's Estate


Dickson V
Lucas v Martin act

Murray expte Jas Young

James v Pearless & Son act Goold v Crawshay act

Io re Murray's Estate Dickson V In re Barwick Corner v Stahl act

Before Mr. Justice STIRLING. Murray expte Heavysides & aor Transferred from Justises North, In re Hulton Lister v Hulton adj Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).

In ro Murray's Estate expte Jane Chitty, and STI BLING, for trial or BUMD8 Bacon v Camphansay act


hearing only-by Order, dared 2!ud Birmingham &c Building Soc v Coope Leeds Estates Building & Co v Shep- In re Pagh Bantiog v Pugh

January, 1887. mfj

herd act
In re Tanner Gardiner v Frost

Wells v Himmer act
Urquhart v Butterfield act

In re Cresswell Daniel v Cress well Fraser v Province of Brescia Steain Sheppard v Gilmore act In re Jones Russell v Jones adj sm ne In re Greenhill Greenhill v Lovibond

Trams Co, ld act lo re Hoare Hoare v King adj sm de act

(The whole of the above lists are to be continued.) Imbert Terry v Carver act

Reynolds v Seeley Seeley v Reynolds
In re Wilson Chapman v Chick adj set

Grimmer v Chapman Hewetson V HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION, In ro Mackay Booth v Wright adj Grimmer act

The following arrangements have, by order of the Masters of the Queen's emps

Biggs v Hard Sot
In re Kurtz Layton v Kurtz adj Foulkes v Jeffryes act

Bench Division, been made for the hearing of summonses before them during
Lumley v Haines act

the Easter sittings-viz., in the division A to Fall applications by summons la re Bennett Chesman v Marsh In ro Gray, MoMillan v Gray act

or otherwise in actions assigned to Sir Frederick Pollock (late senior adj emne

Lound v Grimwade issue for trial Master) are to be made returnable before the Master in Chambers in the Chalk, Webb, & Co • Tendant act Miles v Fox act

division in which they are properly returnable. All applications by summons In re Craven Craven v Taylor adj Jones v Gehrke act

or otherwise in actions assigned to Master the Hon. R. Butler under these &UMDA

Lee v Neuobatel Asphalte Co, id act letters are to be made returnable before him in the O to Z division. All la re J Maas Maas v Ma98 adj sumns Wallen v Dick Neon act

applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to the late 1. re Vernon Vernon v Vernon adj Cole v Stead act

Master Romilly are to be made returnable before the Masters in Cham. Po lard v Catt act lo re Ellis Jones Jones v Evans adj Sonnenschein v Barnard and apr

bers in the division in which they are properly returnable. In the division sot

G to N all applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to sumns

Brouking v Mandelay, Sons & Field
Further considerations.

Master Kaye are to be made returnable before him in his own rooin, No.

act I re J Emmons, Eamon8 v Emmons f o Croslogh v Dando act

181, at 11.30, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All applications la re Robinson, Robinson y Robinson Roots v Williamson act

in actions assigned to Master Walton are to be made returnable before fciestored

In re Stothard Whitehead v Lofthouse him in his room, No. 174, at 11.30, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and lo se venciy. Watson v Blackney i c act

Fridays. All applications in actions assigned to Master the Hon. R. Butler Ashworth Munn 3rd fo and petn Maclver v MacIver act

under these letters are to be made returnable before him in chambers 0 to Z Tortured as pt bd Elwyn v Baldock act

division. O to Z division.-All applications by summons or otherwise in David v Abrabam fo In re Paine Paine v Paine act

actions assigned to Master Manley-Smith are to be made returnable before lo je Oxenbam, Ford v Oxenbam fc Birmingham, &c, Binking Co v koss In re J & R Williams, Williams v

him in his room, No. 114, at 11.30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur; 8ct Williams fc

South Wales Mineral Ry Co v Davis days. The parties concerned are to meet in the ante-room of Masters' In re Toorpe Vipont v Radcliffe für


Chambers and the summonses will be inserted in the printed list for the 000 Taylor v Salmon act

day after the summonses to be heard before the Master sitting in ChamIn re J Wardle, deo Wardle v Wardle Eves v E es act

bers, and will be called over by the attendants on the respective rooms Causes for Trial (without witnesses).

for a first and second time at 11.30, and will be dealt with by the Master love Hives Coney v Hives fur con In re Meynell Holmes v Meynell as if returnable at Chambers. lo re Daly. Daly v Daly far con issue of fact In je Ricbards Shenstone v Brook Io re Trufort Trafford v Blanc act fur oon & 3 adjd sums

Cha uberlin v Taylor act Saunders v Saunders fur con

Locke v Dunlop act
Ashworth v Lord fur con

Pearce v Clemisbaw act
Winby v Cardiff District & Penarth Culver v Ridgway mij

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 15.
Harbour Tram Co fur con & mtn Meldola v Carpallio act

by order dated June 6, 1883
Webster v Mayor, &c, of Tenby act

Leigh v Steele fur con
Molver v Holiact

ADAM EYTON, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented March 31, directe; to lo io Lodge Stevenson v Lodge fur In re Wailes Wailes v Wailes epel

be heard before North, J., on April 23. Miller & Miller, Sherborne lane, solors

for petpers C480 In re Oldrey Oldrey v Coles for con Mapa v Trevenen act

BRIGHTON MUSIC HALL CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented April 13, Doucet v Geoghegan fur oop & sum Knaresborough, &c, Building Co

directed to be heard before Stirling, J., on April 23. Whitfield, Finsbury pave

ment, sol yr for petner In re Bannister Phillips y Bax fur Lechme e


DIRECT MEAT SUPPLY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before May, 16. to oon (short)

Io re Earl of Darham Earl Grey v send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, In re Gibson Gibson y Nutt fur con Earl of Durham

to Frederic George Painter, 2, Morgate st bidgs. Wednesday, May 25, at 12, Hampson v Bentley fur con In re Iofield Infiel i v Martin act

Wheatley v Freeman act
Adjourned Summonse8. Harwood v MoLeish mfj

or before April 29, to send their names and address, and the particulars of (Class IV.)

their debts or claims, to James Durie Pattulo, 31, 8t & within's lane. Tuesday Boswell v Coaks (ixpte plt) Sheldon v Bayley mfj

May 10, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and Boswell v Coats (exptē J G Benyon)

Further considerations.

RIO CARIS JET MINES CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented April 6, Boswell v Coaks (io vary T M otrtifi In re Wood Wood v Wood fur con &

directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on April 23. Aira & Hood, Brabant ct. cate)

two smns In re Alfred Boy fus & Philip Beyfus

UNIVERSAL CONTRACT CORPORATION, LIMITED.- Petn for winding up, presented In re Berbell Bothell v Hildyard fur Jo re Portiebead Dock Undertaking,

Apı il 13, directed to be heard before North, J., on April 23. Aird & Hood, con & sms

Brabant ct, Philpot lane, solors for petners & hd Bayley v Edgaon far con

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. In re Joseph Davis's Charity, &o. In re Barker Burker v Barker fur oun

HAND-IN-HAND SOCIETY, Neville Arms. Neville st. Lambeth. April 13 Tbe Credit Foncier (f England ld v In re Blundell Blundell v Blundell fur


wood Scrubs Prison. April 13

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, April 19.

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er under the division 1

to the li ers in Chen In the diren as assigned t Tn 1201,

applications mable before

pesdays, ai Ton. R. Bote amber Ok.

others i amable here 8 and Site


BRITISH BURMAH LEAD CO, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Aug

1, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims,
to John Francis Clarke, 41, Coleman st. Monday, Aug 8, at 12, is appointed for

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 15.
hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

BAYNES, WILLIAM, and Tom DAWSON, Nottingbam, Builders. Nottingham.

Pet April 13. Ord April 13

BRIDGE, MARTHA ANN, Bury, Dressmaker. Bolton. Pet April 13. Ord April 13 CREDITORS' NOTICES.

BRUNSDEN, HENRY, Chiseldon, Wilts, Farmer. Swindon. Pet April 13. Ord
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

April 13

BUSSEY, PETER, Clayton, nr Bradford, Oream Cheese Dealer. Bradford. Pet
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, April 12.

April 12. Ord April 13
BARKER, DAVID, South Orosland, York, Farmer. June 12. Laycock & Co,

CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD, Wapping, Wharfinger. High Court. Pet April 2. Ord

April 7
BEOR, RICHARD WHITE, Swansea. May 18. Beor & Plant, Swansea

CLARKE, JAMES CARVER, Plaistow, Essex, Engineer. High Court. Pet April 18.

Ord April 13
DOVE, JOHN, Bernard st, Russell sq, Lodging house Keeper. May 10. Bond, COLMAN. ARTHUR, Thorndon, Suffolk, no occupation. Ipswich. Pet Feb 23.
College hill

Ord April 7
ELLIS, ELIZABETH, Bodelwyddan, Flintshire. May 14. Llew Roe-Browne, Rhyl CRAWLEY, THOMAS ETCHES, Ely, Saddler. Cambridge. Pet April 13. Ord
FARR, WILLIAM, Portsdown rd, Maida Vale, Doctor of Medicine. May 31.

April 18
Janson & Co, Finsbury circus

Dyson, JAMES EDWIN, Duke st, Manchester eq, Licensed Victualler. High
FLETCHER, Hon HARRIET, Špincer House, Putney: May 5. Woodhouse & Co, EVANS, JOSEPH. Ashby de la Zouch, Cabinet Maker. Burton on Trent. Pet

Court. Pet April 7. Ord April 7
FROST, CHARLES, Canterbury cottages, Leyton, Gent. May 12. Edwards, St

April 7. Ord April 7
Helen's pl

FISHER, WILLIAM. Burton on Trent, Nurseryman. Burton on Trent. Pet April

6. Ord April 6
HATTON, JAMES, Little Portland st, Cavendish sq, Corn Dealer. May 14. Justice,
Bernard st. Russell sq

FLEET, CHARLES, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, Hotel Keeper. Shrewsbury. Pet
PARSONS, ELIZABETH, Thurnby, Leicester. July 9. Berridge & Miles, Leicester

April 7. Ord April 7

GALLON, JOHN, Newcastle on Tyne, Smith, Newcastle on Tyne. Pet April 13.
RUSSELL, JAMES. Oxford, Musical Instrument Seller. May 18. Allen & Son, Ord April 13
Carlisle st, Sobo sa

GEORGE, FRANK, Lambeth wa'k, Cbeesemonger. High Court. Pet Feb 9. Ord
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM, Vauxhall Bridge rd, Surgeon-General. May 14. Ronald April 13
Bon, Edinburuh

GILES, CHARLES. Willesborough, Kent, out of business. Canterbury. Pet April
SKELTON, WILLIAM, South Stockton, Yorks, Ship Carpenter. May 13. Kindler, 7. Ord April 7
Ntockton on Tees

HITCHCOCK, ARTHUR KENYON, Gt Grimsby, Butcher. Gt Grimsby. Pet April 6 .
KYNNERSLEY. HERBERT WILLIAM SNEYD, Ascot, Clerk in Holy Orders. June 1. Ord April 6
Challinor & Co, Leek

JENKINSON, JOHN WILLIAM, Epworth, Lincolnshire, Draper. Sheffield. Pet
TOPPING, WILLIAM,' Wallgate, Wigan, Licensed Victualler. May 2. Wilson,

April 13. Ord April 13

JUDD, ARY, Cambridge, Draper. Cambridge. Pet April 13. Ord April 18
Watson, HERBET CHARLES, Nicholson rd, Heeley, Gent. April 30. Taylor, MARSTON, HENRY WALLIS. Kington on Hull, Broker. Kingston on Hull. Pet

Norfolk row
WILTSHIRE, ALFRED, Torridon, Reigate, Doctor of Medicine. May 10. Sharp, NORTON, MARIAN, Liavelly, Carmarthen, Florist. Cardiff. Pet March 18. Ord

Apru 13. Ord April 13
Walbro k

April 7
WOOD, JAMES CREIGHTON, Powis sq, Notting Hill, Major General. June 6.
Bridgman & Co, Chester

PAUL, WILLIAM HARVEY, Peczance, Baker. Truro. Pet April 12. Ord April 12
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 15.

SAXON, THOMAS, Audenshaw, Lancashire, Grocer. Manchester. Pet April 13.
BAKEWELL, HARRIET, Church Stretton, Salop. June 24. Marston & Sons, Ord April 13

SHAND, JOHN AUCHMEDDAN BAIRD, Pump ct, Temple, Barrister. High Court.
BRIDGES, BETHIAB, Winchcombe, Gloucester. May 31. Smith Wood, Winch-

Pet March 18. Ord April 7
combe, Cheltenban

SMITH, ROBERT, Wallsend. Northumberland, Joiner. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet
BROOKE, WILLIAM, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Farmer. June 14. Holyoake, april 13. Ord April 13

STODDART, ROBERT SIBSON, Caldewgate, Carlisle, Saddler. Carlisle. Pet April 13.
CHEVIGNEY, JULIA BRESSAND DE, Tonbridge, Kent. May 20. Nisbet & Daw, Ord April 13
Lincoln's inn fields

TOPHAM, CHRISTOPHER BRITTON, Gt Grimsby, Joiner. Gt Grimsby. Pet April
COWARD, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Lunham rd, Norwood, Gent. May 6. Burton & 13. Ord aprit 13
Co, Lincoln's inn fields

WALLACE, JAMES, Sunderland, Builder. Sunderland. Pet April 13. Ord April 13
CROWTHER, JOSHUA, Southport, Gent. June 4. Sale & Co, Manchester

WARD, EDWARD JOHN, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, Grocer. Stafford. Pet April 5.
DEACON, HENRY THOMAS, Plaistow, Essex, Barge Owner. June 1. J A & HE Ord April 13
Farnfield, Lower Thames st

WELLING. HENRY WILLIAM, High st, Poplar, Leatherseller. High Court. Pet
ELGAR, JAMES, Hemsworth, York, Commission Agent. May 14. Watts &

April 13. Ord April 13
Kitching, Scarborough

WOODWARD, ARTHUR, Twyford st, Caledonian rd, out of employment. High
ELLIOTT, ROBERT, Denmark bill, Camberwell, Doctor of Medicine. June 14. Court. Pet April 13. Ord April 13

Tamplin & Co, Fenchurch st
HLARRIET, FRANCES, 'Cadogau st, Chelsea. June 15. Wrentmore, Bedford row

FELLOWES, JOHN, Aston, Warwick, Coal Dealer. May 7. Spurgeon Blackham,

Wharfingers. High Court. Pet April 6. Ord April 7
FRESHWATER, FRANCIS, Welwyn, Hertford, Draper. May 3.

Price & Son, The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the

London Gazette of March 22.
HALL, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Merchant's Manager. May 5. Wood & Son,

BLACK, ALEXANDER, Oxford, Agent. Oxford. Pet March 5. Ord March 19
HAWKES, HERBERT, Wolverhampton, Licensed Victualler. May 81. Birch &
Birch, Lichfield

HIGGINS, WILLIAM, Faversham, Gent. May 17. Tassell & Son, Faversham

BARRETT, HENRY, West Hanney, nr Wantage, Baker. April 26 at 11.30. Off Rec,
HORSLEY, ANN, Hoylake, Chester. May 30. Tweddle, Liverpool

1. St Aidates, Oxford HOBTON, SAMUEL, Little Leigh, nr Northwich, Chester, Farmer. June 1. A &

BIRD, JAMES THOMAS, Clacton on Sea, Plumber. April 22 at 10. Townhall
JE Fletcher, Northwich

JONES, THOMAS EDWARD, Wilmslow, Chester, Stockbroker. May 31. Cunliffe &

BRIDGE, MARTHA ANN, Bury, Lancashire, Dress Maker, April 27 at 3. 16,
Co, Manchester

Wood st, Buitou
KILBEY. HENRY, Mardale st, Shepherd's Bush, Gent.

DALGLIESH, WALTER JAMES, Crescent rd, Alexandra Park, Wood Green.

May 12. Keeping &
Giuag, Strand

Commoiseion Agent. April 22 at 11. 16 Room, 30 and 31, St Swithin's
KILMISTER, EDWARD MATHEWS, Culkerton, Gloucester, Farmer.


May 14.
Mulings & Co, Cirencester

EVANS, JOSEPH, Ashby de la Zouch, Cabinet Maker. April 22 at 2.30. Off Rec,
LEWINS, JOHN, Dunlace rd. Clapton pk, Gent. May 31. Whittington & Co,

st James's chbrs, Derby

FISHER, WILLIAM, Hornioglow Cross, Staffordshire, Nurseryman. April 22 at MIDDLEMORE, WILLIAM, Edgbaston, Warwick. June 24. Horton & Co, Bir 3.30. Off Rec, St James's chbrs, Derby

NORMINGTON, THOMAS, Bradford, Labourer. June 1. Moore, Hustlergate, FLEET, CHARLES, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, Hotel Keeper. April 27 at 11.45. Law

Society, Talbot chbrs, Shrewsbury
PHILLIPS, ARTHUR, Leatherhead, Grocer. May 14. Phillips, Leatherhead FRANKS, JOHN, Leicester, Corn Factor. April 26 at 12. 28, Friar lane, Leicester
ROBSON, WILLIAM, Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland, Builder. June 4. GALLON, JOHN, Newcastle on Tyve, Smith. April 27 at 11.30. Off Rec, Pink

lane, Newcastle on Tyne
SPILLER, MARY CREFT, stoke, Devon. May 31.

Trefusis Smith & Benett, GILBERT, CHARLES THOMAS. Creffield rd, Ealing, Gent. April 22 at 11. 16 Koom,

30 and 31, St Swithio's lane SPRENT, MARY ANN, Fareham. May 31. Stening, Portsea

GILES, CHARLES, Willesborough, Kent, out of business. April 26 at 3, Off Rec THOMAS, JOHN, Cardiff, Glamorgan. May 25. Morris & Son, Cardiff

11, bank st, Ashford Parliament, st

bldngs, Brighton WOOD, JAMES, Faversham, Brewer's Storekeeper. June 1. Johnson, Faversham

HAINSWORTH, ARTAUR, Bradford, Boot Maker. April 22 at 11. Off Rec, 31,

Manor row, Bradford
WRIGHT, STEPHEN PELTRO HENRY, Glenorchy, Tasmania. May 22. Hicks &
Son, Gray s-inn-square

HARGREAVES, John, Bradford, Wool Dealer. April 22 at 10.39. Off Rec, 31,

Manor row, Bradford
HAWKING, SAMUEL, Bradford, Wool Merchant. Apr 25 at 11. Off Rec, 31, Manor

row, Bragfuri

HILL, JOHN, Smethwick, Staffs, Grocer. Apr 25 at 10 45. County Court, Oldbury lishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, w.o. "The Gazette is published every

HILLCOAT, CHARLES HENRY, Liverpool, Mariner. Apr 29 at 3. Off Rec, 35, Vic

toria st, Liverpool

LAWRENCE, WILLIAM South Sbields, Licensed Victualler. Apr 23 at 10.30. Off WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.–Before purchasing

Rec, Pink lune. Newcastle ou Tyne es renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an

MORRIS, THOMAS, Welshpool, Mont, Auctioneer. Apr 26 at 1. Off Rec, Llanid'oes expert trom The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., Westminster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of offices, &c.— (ADVT.)

ROBINS, THOMAS, Hemyock, Devon, Blacksmith. Apr 23 at 11.15. Equirrel Hotel,

Willington, Somerset
FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit ; 1,2, or 3 years credit;
Mall, s.W., & 9. Liverpool-st.. E..Goods delivered free.-[ADVT.
O wholesale firms. Ofices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. "Branches at 121, Palí

Ross, THOMAS WILLIAM, Piddletrenthide, Dorset, Carpenter. Apr 28 at 12.30.

Antelope Hotel, Dorchester
ROSSER, JENKIN, Neath, Glam, Blacksmith. Apr 25 at 11.46. Castle Hotel, Neath

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WATTE ERWARD, MARSHALL, Park cres, Brighton, Gento: Cany127. Rogers, GoriNG, CHARLES, West Brighton, Grocer. April 22 at 12. Of Rec, 4, Pavilion

[ocr errors]

Tuesday and Friday.-[ADVT.)

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