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return to the barracks shortly after the offence. Whether I was rightly not think it can be denied that the change suggested would in fact
informed I cannot, of course, say; but the prisoner undoubtedly by greatly multiply perjury, and it is to be feared that, unless juries could be
keeping his defence back to the last moment, and then bringing it unex got to harden their hearts against accused persons and their oaths, wrong
pectedly before the jury, got an advantage which he assuredly ought not acquittals would become even commoner than they are.
to have had. This trick of keeping back a defence is one of the most usually ignorant, good-natured men, quite accustomed to the administra-
dangerous to public justice which could be played by persons accused of tion of justice, and willing to receive any plausible statement consistent
crime. I have known many cases of it, and I think it is well worthy of with a prisoner's innocence as being enough at least to raise a reasonable
consideration whether, before their committal, prisoners ought not to be doubt on the subject. If the change in question should be made, it
examined before the magistrates, and whether a power of adjournment would, I think, be necessary to modify the old doctrine about proving
might not be intrusted to judges when such points are raised, in order beyond all reasonable doubt the guilt of an accused person, for it would be
that they might be properly dealt with. I remember a case in which a a matter of moral certainty that whenever a plausible story consistent
prisoner was tried for embezzlement. He was defended by counsel, and with innocence could be devised, the prisoner would swear to it and find
was convicted. When called upon to say why he should not be sen- others to help him.
tenced, he gave an account of the transaction which his counsel had never
suggested, but which, on questioning the witnesses who had testified against
him, appeared to be, to say the very least, so highly probable, that the
jury desired to withdraw their verdict, and instead to return a verdict of

not guilty, which was done. This was an illustrative case, and one of con-
siderable interest. It shows both the strong and the weak sides of the

proposed change in the law. It shows its strong side, because it gives an At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the hall of the
instance in which a man was enabled, by telling his own story, to escape Incorporated Law Society, Chancery-lane, on Thursday, November 4th-
from what would presumably have been an unjust conviction. It shews, the following being present-viz., Mr. Styan (chairman), and Messrs.
or rather suggests, its weakness, because it shews how great an opportu, Hollams, Sawtell, Sidney Smith, Williamson, and A. B. Carpenter
nity the examination of prisoners might afford for artfully coatrived (secretary) –

- a grant of £15 was made to a non-member, and the frauds and evasions of justice. Each of these observations requires some ordinary general business was transacted. development. To take the strong side first. It must always be borne in mind that the business of prosecuting and defending prisoners, though in some respects the most important branch of legal business, is the least HUDDERSFIELD INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. important of all if it is measured in money, and that it is in many cases in the hands of the lowest class of solicitors and the least Imperial Arcade, Huddersfield, on Monday, the 25th of October.

The fifth annual general meeting of this society was held at their rooms, experienced class of barristers. A great criminal trial, in which the The chair was occupied by the president, Mr. CHARLES Mills, solicitor, prisoner has plenty of money, and in which the prosecution is conducted and there was a good attendance of members. The report of the comby the Treasury, is susceptible of little improvement, but the case with mittee was read by Mr. CHARLES HALL (one of the hon. secretaries), from the common run of criminal business is totally different. If the prisoner which it appears that the number of members is now fifty-seven, and that is not defended at all, he may, and often does, fall into every kind of all the solicitors in practice in Huddersfield are members of the society: mistake. He may hrve a good defence, and not know how to avail him. It also contains special mention as to the law library, conditions of sale self of it. He may be shy and ill-instructed, and not put it forward at of the society, the use of bankruptcy proxies and as to the advisibility of the proper time. He is probably not aware of his rights in respect to the calling of witnesses, and may therefore not be prepared with them at his solicitor. The committee noted that, as a result of a resolution passed at

power being conferred for a general proxy to be given by a client to his trial. If , on the other hand, he

is defended, he is in all probability in the the previous annual meeting, nearly all the members of their society had hands of a solicitor of the lowest class, to whom he and his friends become members of the principal society of the United Kingdom; and probably give some very small sum, say, $2 or 53. The solicitor gets from they recorded that the prize medal founded by Mr. Alfred Sykes had the clerk to the magistrates a copy of the depositions, puts on the back been awarded during the year to Mr. David James Bailey. of them a sheet of paper endorsed “ Brief for the prisoner, Mr. guinea,” pays some junior counsel £1 38. 6d., and tells him that the address of the president of the Incorporated Law Society at the York

The PRESIDENT, in moving the adoption of the report, referred to the nature of the case appears from the depositions. The counsel does as well meeting, and the opinion then expressed as to the assimilation of the law as he can upon his materials, repeating with more or less energy and of real to that of personal property. Seeing that the legal charges and cost ingenuity the commonplaces appropriate to the occasion, and making the for conveyancing of property of the value of £100 was £3, and up to £300

whatever he may have been cross-examination. The result is, that if the client presents

of a pauper ownerships was not the cost of transfer but the want of capital; and he any intricacy or requires any special atten

said this was evidenced by the fact that, though during the past twelve tion, it is very apt to be mismanaged and misunderstood. have no doubt that in the case of embezzlement to which I have referred, had not increased.

years property had decreased in value, the number of small holdings

He was of opinion that the profession had kept something like this bad happened. The prisoner’s counsel was a busy and pace with the growth of public opinion in the matter of legal reform, and able man, he had obviously no instructions which deserved the name, and I that it was very necessary to be extremely careful in making alterations suppose knew nothing about the case beyond what the depositions told him hurriedly. He instanced the various Bills of Sale Acts as having caused : and what the prisoner could tell him in a few burried unintelligible whispers great amount of litigation, owing to upscientific drafting, and stated that viction. From dangers of this sort prisoners would be effectually pro- tention, of protecting needy persons from the extortions of money:lenders, tected by being made competent witnesses. They would be sure, at all had, owing

to its being so stringent and so dificult of construction, pro: events, of telling their own stories and, if the judge was competent and vented borrowers from obtaining money on the security of bills of sale patient, of having them understood. In order to appreciate the im

upon reasonable terms, and had thrown them into the hands of unprincipled portance of this it is necessary to bear in mind the fact that it is often money-lenders who exact interest at exorbitant and ruinous rates owing to exceedingly diffcult to understand prisoners, and to appreciate the real the risk which is now involved in taking

these securities. He thought nature of what they have to say, and also that it is quite

essential to jus- that the law affecting securities of personal chattels ought to be placed tice that they should be understood, and lastly that far the easiest and safest way of doing this is by questioning them.

upon an equitable and intelligent basis, and that all the public is entitled

A prisoner, generally to is to be protected against secret bills of sale. Beyond this the law speaking, is an ignorant, uneducated man, dreadfully frightened, very ought not to go, on the ground that it is impolitic and unjust to limit the and

the jury know as much about his case as ho does himself, and are able personalty, and that it would be better either to permit of valid bills of at once to appreciate whatever he says about it, although what he has to

sale being freely made, subject to due registration, or to abolish them say consists mainly of imperfect allusions which he does not explain. altogether. After referring to the codification of the criminal law and the complaints, by way of an irregular cross-examination, about his wife, partnership, Nr. Mills said that in his opinion there was one reforme more and reproaches were wholly unintelligible, thanks to the combined passing amendment Acts instead of repealing the old law and embodying possible, by giving him hints, which' I must own were questions in legislation being that our legislators heap Act upon Act to the mystificaall but form, to ind out what he really meant, which was that the tion of the law and the advantage of the lawyers. “Confusion becomes charge against him was a false one, got up from base motives, and founded

worse confounded," and it is no uncommon thing to hear our judges upon the misrepresentation of innocent actions. The jury thought the defence important enough to justify his acquittal

. If he could have been which acts of Parliament are framed. The president concluded his

express astonishment at the careless and unscientific manner in called as a witness, the matter

would have been arranged much more address by thanking the members for the cordial manner in which they clearly and satisfactorily. In cases of this kind I have no doubt that

it had co-operated with him in promoting the objects of the society:
would be in the highest degree conducive to justice to make prisoners Mr. LEAROYD seconded the adoption of the report, which was passed
competent witnesses; but it must not be forgotten that prisoners are not
always needy or ignorant. They are in many cases thoroughly well aware

of their position, and are well provided with money and with the profes- ment of accounts, and they were adopted.

Mr. R. P. BERRY, the treasurer, presented the balance-sheet and statethat in such a case a prisoner would be so well advised as to his position, was passed unanimously? That Mr. Samuel Learoyd be appointed

The PRESIDENT proposed, and Mr. Walter ARMITAGE seconded, and it end as to the strong and weak points of his case, that he would be able in president of the society for the ensuing year.” in capital cases, would be dangerous to the interests of justice. I do I members of the society for his election.

Mr. LEAROYD then took the chair as president, and thanked the


to case

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Mr. John Haigh proposed, and Mr. JOSEPH BOTTOMLEY seconded, and it Thomas Bell, and William Alexander Dorsey Bell, Inner Temple; Ram was passed unanimously : “That the best thanks of this society be pre- Bhagat and Emest Brain, Middle Temple; James Hartley Butterworth, sented to the president, governors, secretaries, treasurer, auditor, and Inner Temple ; Charles Robert Connell, Middle Temple; Stanley Victor committee for their services during the past year."

Coote, Lincoln's-inn; Ernest Crossley, Inner Temple; James Curran, This resolution was acknowledged by Mr. Mills, late president, and by Middle Temple; Hayward Radcliffe Darlington, Inner Temple ; George Mr. C. Hall, one of the secretaries.

Clement De Souza, Middle Temple; Charles Brook Dodson, Inner Tempe ; The PRESIDENT (Mr. Learoyd) proposed, and Mr. Henry BARKER Thomas Douglas and Alphonse Pierre Nicholas Du Toit, Middle Temple ; seconded, and it was passed unanimously : “That the following gentlemen Stanley Edwards, Inner Temple; William Henry Eldridge, Gray's-inn; be appointed to the offices named for the ensuing year :- Treasurer, Mr. John William Fowke, Middle Temple ; Ernest Gardner and Charles R. P. Berry; honorary secretaries, Messrs. William Ramsden and A. W. Carrington Hensley, Lincoln's-inn; Alfred Furcy Herchenroder, Middle Preston; committee, Messrs. Walter Armitage, George Lewis Batley, Temple; Moses Roberts Jones, Gray's-inn; Robert Whitehead Kemp, Joseph Bottomley, Edward Foster Brook, Jonas Craven, J. H. Dransfield, William Hessell Linsley, Henry Yarde Buller Lopes, Charles Lorimer, G. G. Fisher, A. H. J. Fletcher, Charles Hall, and H. Moseley ; auditors, Frederic Edward Loyd, and Edmund Herbert Lyon, Inner Temple ; Messrs. Benjamin Crook and C. H. Marshall."

William Charteris Macpherson, Middle Temple; Sheikh Madhi-Hassan, Mr. WILLIAM RAMSDEN proposed, and Mr. C. Hall seconded, and it Lincoln's-inn; James Manuel, 'Inner Temple; John Morrison, Lincoln's was passed unanimously: “That the society recommend to the committee inn; Hara Lal Mukurjea and Gulain Mohamed Bawamia Munshee, the appointment of Mr. Walter Armitage as deputy-chairman of com- Middle Temple; Reginald James Neville Neville and Edward Henry mittees."

Nightingale, Inner Temple; M'Lean Ogle, Middle Temple ; Langer Mr. C. Mills proposed, and Mr. HENRY BARKER seconded, and it was Owen, Lincoln's-inn; Myles Patterson, Inner Temple; Anthony Joseph passed unanimously: “That the annual subscription for the ensuing year Paulie, Middle Temple; Henry Edward Pollock, Philip Heathcote be £2 2s.'

Rawson, Arthur Newton St. Quintin, and Henry Sandbach, Inner Temple;
Michael Alfred Santley and Rajani Kanta Sen, Middle Temple; William
Shakespeare and Joseph_Shaw, Inner Temple; Walter Sidney Shaw,

Middle Temple; Joseph Egerton Shyngle, Inner Temple; Henry Smith,

Lincoln's-inn; William Robert Smith, Middle Temple: John Sullivan,

Dawes Swinhoe, and Henry Symonds, Lincoln's-inn; George John LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY.

Talbot, Inner Temple; Alexander James Thompson and Tamer Edgar At the weekly meeting of the society, held on Tuesday (Mr. J. D. Vaudagne, Middle Temple; Mowbray Frederick Vivian James Arthur Crawford in the chair), the motion for discussion upon the paper was :

Webber, Lincoln's-inn ; Rowland Edward Whitehead, Inner Temple ; That the decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of Blackburn, Low, William Basil Worsford, Middle Temple; and Arthur Young, Lincoln's

inn. & Co. v. Vigors (17 Q. B. D. 553) was wrong.' Mr. Bilbrough, in the absence of Mr. E. E. Davies, opened the debate, being followed on the same side by Messrs. Devonshire, McNab, and Biden, and opposed by Messrs. Foden, Pattinson, Buckmaster, and Bernard Hill. After Mr. Bilbrough had replied, the chairman summed up the arguments of both

LEGAL NEWS. sides and put the motion to the society, when there voted for the motion

nine, and against it eight, whereupon the chairman declared the motion
carried. There were thirty-three members and two visitors present.

Mr. JOHN STARKIE JACKSON, solicitor, of Carl isle, has been appointed
Clerk to the Holme Abbey School Board. Mr. Jackson was admitted a

solicitor in 1883.

Mr. CHARLES OLIVER GREEN, solicitor, of 38, Walbrook, and of LewigThe whole of Monday evening last was occupied in the discuss ion of ham, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the business questions. The consideration of the two most important subjects Supreme Court of Judicature. was also adjourned to the following week.

Mr. GEORGE PEARSE, solicitor, of Hatherleigh, has been appointed
Clerk to the county magistrates at that place, in succession to the late

Mr. Robert Fulford, of Okehampton. Mr. Pearse is also clerk to the

Commissioners of Taxes. He was admitted a solicitor in 1874. The third meeting of this association for the present session was held at Mr. ARTHUR POLAND, solicitor, of 7, Queen-street, Cheapside, has been the Law Library on Monday. The chair was taken by Mr. J. W. Alsop, soli. appointed a Commissioner for taking Affidavits for the Provinces of citor. A debate took place on the following subject :-"That the decision of Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba, and a Commissioner for taking Affidavits the Court of Appeal in the recent case of Pandorff v. Hamilton, Fraser, & and Acknowledgments of Deeds for the Colony of Prince Edward 8 Co. was right, and ought not to be reversed on the appeal to the House Island. of Lords." Mr. P. Dobell, B.A., opened for the affirmative, and Mr. P. A. Williamson, B.A., for the negative, and the following gentlemen took been elected President of the Huddersfield Incorporated Law Society for

Mr. SAMUEL LEAROYD, solicitor, of 1, Poultry, and of Huddersfield, has part in the debate :-Messrs. Marsh, Pierce Todd, Ashworth, Brotherton, the ensuing year. Mr. Learoyd was admitted a solicitor in 1867. Chevalier, Bromfield, Davies, Inglis, Bagshaw, Whitty, McCrossan, Tunnicliffe, Wright, Thornely, and Broadbridge. The question was

Mr. Donald CHARLES WARNES, solicitor, of Eye, has been appointed decided in the affirmative by a majority of six. There were thirty Secretary to the Mellis and Eye Railway Company, in succession to his five members present.

father, the late Mr. John Charles Warnes. Mr. D. C. Warnes was ad

mitted a solicitor in 1882. COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION,

Mr. FREDERICK Kent, solicitor, of 111, Cheapside, has been appointed

Solicitor to the Central London Warehousemen's Society. Mr. Kent was A general examination of students of the Inns of Court was held at admitted a solicitor in 1858. Lincoln's-inn Hall on the 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd of October. The Council of Legal Education have awarded to the following students

Lord ORMATHWAITE has been elected Chairman of the Radnorshire certificates that they have satisfactorily passed a public

examination :

Quarter Sessions.
Aziz Ahmad, Middle Temple; Sethir Biligirirangam Ramasami Aiengar,
George Ranken Askwith, and Francis James Brownlow Bethune, Inner

Temple; Henry Chartres Biron, Lincoln's-inn; Suresh Chundra Biswas,
Middle Temple ; George Augustine Blackwell, Inner Temple; William

George RIDEAL and EDMUND JOHN FREEMAN RIDEAL, solicitors (Rideal Charles Braithwaite, `Lincoln's-inn ; Thomas Boston Bruce, Middle future carry on the said business alone on his own account.

& Son), Barnsley. The said Edmund John Freeman Rideal, will in Temple; Alexander Hall Carrington and Clement David Clarke, Inner

Oct. 27. Temple; John Singleton Clemons, Lincoln's-inn; James Walker Clydes

[Gazette, Nov. 2.] dale, Middle Temple; Anthony Michael Coll, Inner Temple ; Donald William Garden Cowie, Gray's-inn; Pandid Bishan Narayan Dar, Middle Temple; Felix Arthur Davis and Stephen Fairbairn, Inner Temple;

GENERAL. Edward Thomas Foakes, Lincoln's-inn; William Pritchard Gordon,

Mr. Henderson applied on Monday to Mr. Justice Chitty for directions Arthur Grey, Henry, Hyman Haldinstein, and John Eustace Harman, under peculiar circumstances, An original affidavit, filed by his client, Inner Temple; Anthony Hope Hawkins, Middle Temple; William had been bitten by a terrier dog, who mistook it for a daily paper. He Higgins, Inner Temple; Inayatullah, Middle Temple; Pierce de Lacy believed that the dog was under “proper control” at the time, because Henry Johnstone, Gray's-inn; Ebenezer Le Riche, 'Middle Temple; the catastrophe happened indoors, but no doubt the dog had committed a William John Lewin, Inner Temple; John William M'Carthy, Gray's- gross contempt of court. ---Mr. Justice Chitty (to whom the mangled affiinn; Joseph Emile Patrick M.Master, Robert Allan M'Nab,' William davit was passed) remarked that the animal had bitten the document in Ernest Montgomery, and Ernest William Pearson, Inner Temple ; John

such a way as to injure the name of the commissioner. Mr Henderson Samuel Phillips, Lincoln's-inn; William Robert Roberts, Sidney Arthur suggested that a further affidavit should be made. Mr. Justice Chitty Taylor Rowlatt, Arthur Joseph Russell, Thomas Bailey Saunders, Arthur directed a further affidavit verifying the mutilated portions to be made, Barnsley Shaw, Harry Redmund Thomson, and Harry Joseph 'Turrell, and handed the affidavit to the registrar (Mr. Lavie), after receiving an Inner Temple; George Edwin Tyrrell, Lincoln's-inn; William Naylor assurance from him that he did not keep a dog. Vallance, Gray's-inn; and Daniel Warde, Middle Temple. The following students passed a satisfactory examination in Roman the Sixteenth Century"

“The Tenant-Farmers and Agricultural Population of Scotland in law :-Cecil May Arrindell, Middle Temple ; Edmund Ashton, Inner fifth Rhind Lecture, delivered in Edinburgh on Tuesday. As to the

the subject of Professor Mason's Temple ; John George Bagram, Middle Temple ; Lionel Barlow, Joshua durations of land tenure, he said that the highest form of tenancy



Uudir a landlord was what was called tenancy by feu-ferme. This was

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. tenancy, in perpetuity by the payment of a certain stipulated annual


Travellers' Inn, Shambles st, Barnsley, York. Oct 26 rent and other dues, and was the next thing to freehold. Then there was TIPTON CHURCH OF ENGLAND BENEFIT SOCIETY, Parish Church Schoolroom, tenancy by life-rent, in which case the holding was secured to the tenant Tipton, Stafford. Oct 27 for life if he continued to pay the stipulated rent. Far more common,

TRUE BLUE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Wyndham Arms, Clearwell, Gloucester. Oct 23

SUSPENDED FOR THREE MONTHS. however, was tenure by tack or lease for a stated number of years. Nine

SLINGSBY DUNCOMBE LODGE, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows', Bell Hotel, teen years was, he thought, the longest term in such cases ; tacks usually Micklegate, York. Oct 26 were for three, four, five, six, or seven years. This system of short lease TRADESMEN'S AND FARMERS' UNITED SOCIETY, Lecture Hall, Stratton, Cornwall.

Oct 27 was, one might say, the universal one between landlords and the better

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Nov. 2, 1886. classes of tenants all over Scotland ; but there was a large number of

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. small annual tenants or tenants at will, holding on in the same occupan

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. cies year after year, and even transmitting them to their descendants, but ARMY AND NAVY HOTEL, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 11, doing so by no express agreement, and therefore liable to be turned out to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, on a change of landlord or on any change of circumstances on the part of

to Charles James March, 15, King st, Cheapside. Thursday, Nov 18, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and

claims the landlord in possession. Very many of the small tenants, and all the BULL'S POWER CO, LIMITED.-Bacon, V.O., has by an order, dated Aug 7, crofters and cottars, seemed to have been in this predicament.

appointed Charles Fitch Kemp, 8, Walbrook, to be official liquidator. Creditors

are required, on or before Nov 29, to send their names and addresses, and the On Wednesday, at the Manchester Assizes, before Mr. Justice Cave, particulars of their debts or claims, to the above. Monday, December 13, at 12, Frederick Huxley, a solicitor, was charged with obtaining money by KNOX, SOHN, & Co, LIMITED. --Creditors are required, on or before Dec 1, to send means of false pretences at Manchester on the 12th of October

their names and

addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. last. It appeared that two prisoners named Mary Kelly and Frances Robert Alfred Brown, Sunderland. Tuesday, Dec 21, at 12, is appointed for Turner were committed for trial at the Manchester October Sessions. hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims The husbands of the respective women, being desirous that they should

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. be defended by Mr. M'Keand, a barrister practising at Manchester, saw


ADELPHI PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY.-Petn for winding up, presented Nov the prisoner Huxley and told him that they wished Mr. M'Keand to be

1, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at Assize Courts, Manchesretained for the defence, and asked the prisoner what money he would ter, on Monday, Nov 15. Killey, Liverpool, solors for petners require for the defence. The prisoner said he would do it for £6 108., INDEPENDENT LODGE OF UNITED BROTHERS FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Anchor Inn,

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. which was paid to him. Shortly before the sessions Kelly saw the

Gosty Hill, Halesowen, Worcester. Oct 28 prisoner and asked him whether he had given the brief to Mr. M'Keand. The prisoner said he had, and had paid Mr. M'Keand his fee—£4 108. 6d. These statements were untrue. For the defence it was contended that the prisoner was a man who had obtained as a student numerous medals

CREDITORS NOTICES. and prizes, that the whole case turned upon a mere question of

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. words, and that it was highly improbable that a man of reputation would

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. agree to undertake the defence of the prisoners and pay Mr. M'Keand BAINBRIDGE, CUTHBERT, Wolsingham, Durham, Gent. Dec 6. Proud, Bishop A 108. 6d. when the whole amount he received was 56 108. The jury BALDAIN, Joun, Wigan, Lancaster. Tarpaulin Manufacturer. Dec 1. Peace & found a verdict of guilty, and the prisoner was sentenced to three months'

Ellis, Wigan imprisonment.—Times.

CONDAMINE, ROBERT COUTART DE LA, Trinity sq, Merchant. Dec 1. Watney

Co, Lombard ct
COTTERELL, JOSEPH, Birmingham, Boat Builder. Dec 15. Mathews & Co, Bir-


Cox, CHARLOTTE, Harwich, Essex. Dec 21. Mustard, Manningtree Messrs. Rothschild & Sons have issued a prospectus of a Chilian four and a half per cent. loan for the conversion of the 1858, 1867, 1870, 1873, Daws, ELIZABETH MARY ANN, Cranmer rd, Brixton. Nov 27. Sismey & Sismey, and 1875 loans. The amount is £6,200,000, which is to cover the conver- ELLIS, CHARLES, Walsingham rd, Clapton, Solicitor's Clerk. Dec 7. Hunter & sion and redemption, and also to provide £315,000 in cash for the Downes, Coleman st purposes of the Chilian Government. Subscriptions may be made

FISHER, JOHN ISMAY, Harworth, Nottingham, Farmer. Dec 31. Mee & Co, East

Retford either in cash or in bonds of the above loans, and in the latter case allot- FOOTNER, HARRY, Andover, Gent. Nov 30. Footner & Son, Andover ment in full will be given with a cash bonus of 15s. per cent. For sub. Fox, FREDERIC, Norwich, Solicitor. Nov 19. Overbury & Gilbert, Norwich scribers in cash the issue price is 984 per cent., of which 5 per cent. is GARDNER, SARAH, Adderbury, Oxford. Nov 15. Kinch, Deddington payable on application, 15 per cent. on allotment, and the remainder by GILES, EDWARD, West Brighton, Sussex, Captain. Dec 1. Eardley & Co, Charles instalments extending to Feb. 10 next. Interest will commence from Jan.

st, St James' eq 1 next. The redemption of the loan is to be effected by an accumulative GOLDS, GEORGE, Warminghurst, Sussex, Yeoman. Nov 30. Holmes, Worthing sinking fund of per cent. per annum.

GRIFFITH, FLORENCE, Gloucester. Dec 15. Riddiford & Co, Gloucester The London and Westminster Bank (Limited) give notice that the HANDLEY, ROBERT, Falmouth, Cornwall, Coal Merchant. Nov 3. Jenkins, Falconversion of certain outstanding debentures of the Government of the mouth Cape of Good Hope into Cape of Good Hope Consolidated Four per Cent. HARRIS, SAMUEL, Mountfields, Shrewsbury. Nov 30. Urry, Shrewsbury Stock will close on the 15th of November.

HILTON, ROBERT, Wigan, Lancaster, Retired Publican. Dec 8. Peace & Ellis,

LEIGHTON, WILLIAM BROGG, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, Retired Printer.

Nov 30. Davies & Balkwill, Newcastle upon Tyne

MAOVICAR, JOHN YOUNG, East Barkwith, Lincoln, Land Agent. Tweed & Co, COURT PAPERS.


PARTINGTON, JAMES, Kingston upon Hull, Timber Merchant. Dec 1. Chatham, SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.


PATTISSON, JOSEPH WILLES, Aldrington, Portslade by Sea, nr Brighton, Gent.

Nov 30. Minter Flegg, Laurence Pountney hii, Cannon st

Mr. Justice PICKTHALL, JOHN, Cheshire, Retired Master Mariner: Nov 22. Forrest, Liver-
No. 1.
No. 2.


pool Mon., Nov. 8 Mr. Koe

Nov 30. Sturge,
Mr. Lavie Mr. King Mr. Carrington POWELL, JOHN, Fishponds, Gloucester, Retired Butcher.


Wednesdy. 10 Jackson


SCHREIBER, MARY LOUISA, Sandgate, Kent. Nov 27. Parker & Co, St Michael's Thursday .. 11 Carrington


rectory, Cornhill Friday!...... 12 Pugh


SHAW, LOUISA, Andover, Nov 30. Footner & Son, Andover
Saturday .. 13 Lavie



SLACK, JOHN, Chapel en le Frith, Derby, Esq. Nov 20. Bennett & Co, Chapel en
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

le Frith

STIRLING. SNELL, JOSEPHUS, Balham hill, Surrey, Esq. Dec 19. Nickinson & Co, Chancery Monday, November

8 Mr. Beal
Mr. Clowes Mr. Pemberton

STAINSBY, MARK, Knottingley, York, Tar Distiller. Dec 16. Killick & Co, Brad-



THURSBY, JAMES LEGH, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Major. Dec 10. Bowlings & Co,

Essex st, Strand

Saturday ..................... 13

TWISADAY, JAMES, Rusland, Colton, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 4. Harrison & Milne,

WALTON, JOHN, Bradford, Woolsorter. Jan 1. Berry & Co, Bradford

WIEHE, CHARLES GENGE, Merville Lorient, France. Dec 1. Napoleon Argles &

Co, Great St Helens

London -Oct. 26.)
London Gazette. - FRIDAY, Oct. 29, 1886.

BEARPARK, MARY, Kingston upon Hull. Jan 1. Middl miss & Pearce, Hui

BELL, JAMES THOMAS DAVID, Inville-road, Old Kent rd, Leather Dressing Case

Maker. Nov 20. Hulbert, Broad st bdgs, Liverpool st ALBERT EXHIBITION PALACE, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 26,

BODEN, JAMES, Sheffield, Cutlery Manufacturer. Dec 11. Taylor, Sheffield

Sefton directed to be heard before Kay, J., on Nov 6. Harrison & Co, Bedford row, BROWN, REBECCA RAPHAEL, Huntingdon st, Barnsbury. Nov 30.

Simmons, Poultry DANIEL HAYWOOD & Sons, LIMITED.-Kay, J., has fixed Nov 8 at 12, at his BURROUGHS, MARY PEARSON, Princes se, Bayswater. Nov 30. Sweet & Co,


& Co, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 22, CARTER, JOHN, Thurrock, Essex, Beershop Keeper. Dec 6. Hunt & Co, St directed to be heard before North, T., On Nov 6. Beall & Co, Bucklersbury,

Swithin's lane

COCKS, ARTHUR WATSON, Methwold, Norfolk, Gent. Dec 1. Copeman, Downham UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Market MYRTLE SPRING ESTATE.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 23, directed to be COWPER, HUGH, Grosvenor hill, Wimbledon, 14th Regiment. Dec 1. Toulmin & heard before North, J., on Nov 6. Cunliffes & Davenport, Chancery lane, Co, Liverpool agents for Alderson & Co, Eckington, solors for petner

DIXON, HENRY WALTER, Perryn rd, East Acton, Gent. Nov 28. Gray, Cheapeide


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Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ....

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solors for petner

EDLESTON, RICHARD HARRY, Newport, Salop, Gent. Nov 30. Heane, Newport LEACH, WILLIAM, West Monkton, Somerset, Licensed Victualler. Taunton.

Pet Oct 25. Ord Oct 26 EDMONDS, MORRIS, Falfield, Thornbury, Gloucester, Yeoman, Dec 10. Scarlett

LEE, GEORGE, Woodlands rd, Blackheath, Builder. Greenwich. Pet Oct 26. & Co. Thornbury

Ord Oct 26 FAIRALL, JAMES, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Retired Coal Merchant. Dec 24. Wool

MASON, JOHN FRANCIS, Nottingham, Jeweller. Nottingham. Pet Oct 27. Ord dridge, Ryde

Oct 27 FIRBANK, JOSEPH, Newport, Mon, Railway Contractor. Jan 1. Fisher, Essex st,

MONAIR, THOMAS SPENCER, Buxton, Derby, Gilder. Stockport. Pet Oct 26. Strand

Ord Oct 26 GIBSON, JOSEPH, Wellprigg, Westmoreland, Esq. Dec 1. Pearson & Pearson, MEDWIN, LESLIE ALLEN, Ladbroke gr, Notting hill, no occupation. High Kirkby Lonsdale

Court. Pet Oct 27. Ord Oct 27 HARDY, JANE, Didsbury, Lancaster. Dec 1. Cooper & Sons, Manchester


WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, Stockwell crescent, Surrey, Tea Dealer. High

Court. Pet Oct 25. Ord Oct 25 HIGGINS, ROBERT GEORGE, Newport, Salop, Gent. Nov 30. lIeane, Newport

Stone &

MOUNSTEPHEN, WILLIAM JAMES, Torquay, Builder. Exeter. Pet Oct 28. Ord JARRETT, HENRY CHARLES, Tavistock pl, Tavistock sq, Gent. Dec 1.

Oct 26 Co, Bath

MUNDAY, THOMAS, Kingston by Sea, Potato Merchant. Brighton. Pet Oct 26. LAMB. JOHN, Needham Market, Suffolk, Gent. Nov 80. Hayward & Sons, Need

Ord Oct 26 ham Market

Peterborough. LANSDOWN, GEORGE, Elbeyton, Gloucester, Labourer. Nov 19. Scarlett & Co, NICHOLLS, JOHN WILLIAM, Bourn, Lincoln, Warehouseman.

Pet Oct 27. Ord Oct 27 Thornbury


NOWELL, FRED, Dewsbury, Yorks, Grocer. Dewsbury. Pet Oct 25. LATCHFORD, BENJAMIN, Akerman rd, Brixton, Gent. Dec 7. Jameson, Verulam

Oct 25 bldga, Gray's inn LINFORD, WILLIAM THOMAS, Elm Grange, Finchley, Actuary. Dec 10. Wansey PRICE, WILLIAM LEDWARD, Frodsham, Cheshire, Mason. Warrington, Pet Oct

26. Ord Oct 26 & Co, Moorgate st

PULMAN, LEWIS, Halifax, Grocer. Halifax. Pet Oct 27. Ord Oct 27 MILES, MARY ANN, Bristol. Nov 26. Brittan & Co, Bristol MORRISON, ROBERT, Bournemouth, Gent. Jan 16. Moreoroft & Winstanley, RIMINGTON, WILLIAM, Skipton, Yorks, Iron Founder. Bradford. Pet Oct 26.

ROWE, ROGER, Treorkey, Glamorgan, Boot Maker. Pontypridd. Pet Oct 26. NEWPORT, MARTHA, Aberdeen pl, St Marylebone. Dec 15. Cordwell, Old Ser- Ord Oct 26

jeant's inn, Chancery lane OUTHWAITE, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER, Bedale, York, Draper, Nov 30. Dixon, ROWLAND, WILLIAM, Sherborne, Dorset, Engineer. Yeovil. Pet Oct 22. Ord


SCOULLAR, JAMES, and DAVID MARSHALL SCOULLAR, Liverpool, Provision MerPARRY, EDWARD LANE, Onslow sq, Kensington. Nov 30. Tathams & Pym, chants. Liverpool, Pet Oct 18. _Ord Oct 26 Fredericks pl, Old Jewry

SMITH, JOSEPH, ENOCH SMITH, and THOMAS SMITH, Short Heath, Stafford, REES, JOSEPH, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Contractor. Dec 1. Gwilym & Charles Chartermasters. Walsall. Pet Oct 25. Ord Oct 26 RICE, JAMES, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Farmer. Dec 1. John Bailey, jun,

SNELL, ALFRED LEGASICK, Llanelly, Grocer. Carmarthen. Pet Oct 26. Ord

Oct 26 'Newport

TAYLOR, GEORGE, Brinnington, Cheshire, Printer. Stockport. Pet Oct 26. Ord RIDDLE, ELIZABETH, Clifton, Bristol. Dec 20. Brittan & Co, Bristol

Oct 26 SEELEY, ROBERT ENTON, Hilldrop crescent, Camden rd, Gent. Nov 26. Seeley, TURNER, GEORGE, Old Radford, Nottingham, Carter. Nottingham. Pet Oct 27. Essex st, Strand

Ord Oct 27 STEEL, EDWARD, Bower rd, Hackney Wick, Tin Whistle Manufacturer. Dec 1. WAITE, WILLIAM, Boston Spa, Yorks, Grocer. York. Pet Oct 25. Ord Oct 25 Hulbert, Broad st bldgs, Liverpool st

WHEATER, JOHN, and WILLIAM WILKINSON, Leeds, Woollen Spinners. Leeds. SUGG, CALVIN, Tufton st, Westminster, Gent, Nov 30. Digby & Liddle, Circus

Pet Oct 26. Ord Oct 26 pl, Finsbury circus

WHITELEY, JOHN HOPKINSON, Rishworth, nr Halifax, Grocer. Halifax, Pet TAYLOR, PRISCILLA, Darlington, Durham. Dec 20. Mather & Co, Newcastle

Oct 27. Ord Oct 27 upon Tyne THORPE, MARY, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, Smallware Dealer. Nov 30. John

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, St John, Brecon, Farmer. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet Oct 28.

Ord Oct 26
Bligh, Liverpool
TINKLER, NICHOLAS WATSON, Newcastle upon Tyne, Clock and Watch Maker.

WRIGHT, TOM ARTHUR, Hunslet, Leeds, Musical Instrument Dealer. Leeds

Pet Oct 27. Ord Oct 27
Dec 20. Mather & Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

VIVIAN, GRACE ANNA, Devonshire ter, Hyde pk. Dec 1. Robinson & Wilkins,
King's Arms yd

ANTHONY, FRANCIS, Birmingham, Draper. Nov 11 at 12. Off Rec, Bankruptcy WILLIAMS, JAMES, Terehan, Persia. Dec 3. Stibbard & Co, Leadenhall st

bldgs, Lincoln's inn

BANISTER, ALBERT, Newgate st, Butcher. Nov 5 at 2.30. Bankruptcy bldgs WILSON, THOMAS FOURNESS, Hon Major General, United Service Club. Dec 31. Portugal st, Lincoln's inn Dodds & Co, Stocktop on Tees

BEESON, HENRY, Sheffield, Refreshment House Keeper. Nov 8 at 11.80, Off Reo, WITHINGTON, FREDERICK, West Derby, nr Liverpool, Esq. Dec 11. Cunliffes & Figtree lane, Sheffield Davenport, Chancery lane

BILES, WILLIAM, and HARRY SYDNEY, Eleanor rd, North Hackney, Licensed WOODROFFE, MARY, Coventry, Warwick. Dec 1. Stone & Co, Bath

Victuallers. Nov 10 at 11.. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn
(London Gazette-Oct. 29.]

BLACKBURN, JOHN, Stourton, Miner. Nov 8 at 11. Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds
BRIDGE, FREDERICK, Oxford rd, New North rd, Islington, Corn Dealer. Nov 5 at

11.30. 83, Carey st, Lincoln's inn
BROOKS, ROBERT JOSEPH, sen, Usher rd, Bow, Builder. Nov 5 at 12, 33, Carey

st, Lincoln's inn BANKRUPTCY NOTICES.

CLARIDGE, GEORGE, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, Bootmaker, Nov 6 at 4.

County Court, Northampton
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

CONN, JAMES, and JOSEPH CONN, Pershore, Worcestershire, Painters. Nov 9 at

10. Off Rec. Worcester London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Nov. 2, 1886. SWIRES, JOSEPH, Cleckheaton, York, Maltster. Oct 28

DAWKES, CHARLES, Leamington Priors, Sign Writer. Nov 5 at 10.45. Overell &

Son, solors, Warwick st, Leamington
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Oct. 29, 1886.

Fox, MARKS, Huntingdon bldgs, Bethnal green rd, Furrier. Nov 5 at 11.
ALLEN, WILLIAM GEORGE, Bickenhill, nr Birmingham, Farmer. Birmingham.

Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn Pet Oct 27. Ord Oct 27

HAWES, GEORGE, Wescott Barton, Oxfordshire, Farmer. Nov 9 at 11.30. Off

Rec, 1, St Aldates, Oxford
BAKER, WILLIAM, High st, Kingsland, Baker, High Court. Pet Oct 4. Ord
Oct 26

JACKSON, FREDERICK JOHN, Willenhall, Staffs, Grocer's Assistant. Nov 9 at 10. BARTEN, CLARK MAYLAM, Bilsington, Kent, out of business. Canterbury. Pet JOHN, CHARLES, Cardiff, Hat Manufacturer. Nov 5 at 11. Of Rec, 3, Crock

Oct 26. Ord Oct 27 BORMAN, JOHN, Swallow Mount, Lincoln, Farmer's Foreman. Gt Grimsby. Pet JONES, JOHN, Liverpool, Clerk. Nov 8 at 3. Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

herbtown, Cardiff Oct 26. Ord Oct 26 BOWRAH, JOHN, Eastbourne, Coal Merchant. Lewes and Eastbourne. Pet Oct JORDAN, GEORGE, Wing, Buckinghamshire, Shopkeeper, Nov 8 at 12. Elephant 25. Ord Oct 26

and Castle Hotel, Linslade, Bucks BROOK, JOSEPH, Huddersfield, Grocer. Huddersfield. Pet Oct 26. Ord Oct 26 JOY, EDWARD JAMES, Canterbury, Oilman. Nov 12 at 10, 32, St. George's st, BROWN, WILLIAM, North Scarle, Lincoln, Farmer. Nottingham. Pet Oct 26.

Canterbury Ord Oct 26

KNIGHT, HENRY, Rushall, Staffs, Builder. Nov 8 at 11.15. Off Rec, Bridge st, CASEY, John, Warwick, Licensed Victualler.


Warwick. Pet Oct 26. Oct 26

Ord LARGE, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cornwall rd, Notting-hill, Dentist. Nov 5 at 2.30. CLARE, JOHN, Sheffield, Musical Instrument Manufacturer. Sheffield. Pet Oct

33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn 27. Ord Oct 27

LAWSON, JOHN, Bowness on Solway, Cumberland, Farmer. Nov 10 at 12. Off CLEAVER, CHARLES GEORGE, Tanner st, Bermondsey, Leather Merchant. High LEACH, WILLIAM, West Monkton, Somerset, Licensed Victualler. Nov 6 at 11.

Court. Pet Oct 21. Ord Oct 26
CONN, JAMES, and JOSEPH CONN, Pershore, Worcester, Painters. Worcester. Pet

Off Rec, 9, Middle st, Taunton
Oct 25. Ord Oct 25

MORDECAI, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cardiff, Builder. Nov 5 at 12. Off Rec, 3, CrockCONNELL, FREDERIC HENRY, High rd, Kilburn, Watchmaker. High Court. Pet

herbtown, Cardiff Oct 26. Ord Oct 26

MOUNSTEPHEN, WILLIAM JAMES, Torquay, Builder. Nov 9 at 4. Royal Hotel, EBDY, EDMUND JOHN BATTENSBY, West Hartlepool, Steamship Manager.

Torquay Sunderland. Pet Oct 23. Ord'Oct 23

OSBORNE, GEORGE, West Bromwich, Greengrocer. Nov 15 at 10.80. Court house, EVANS, THOMAS, Carmarthen, Ironmonger. Carmarthen. Pet Oct 25. Oct 25

Ord PROWTING, RICHARD, Birmingham, Hairdresser. Nov 11 at 2. Off Rec, BankFARLEY, JOHN THOMAS, Dover, Furniture Dealer. Canterbury. Pet Oct 26. Ord

ruptcy bdgs, Lincoln's inn Oct 27

PULMAN, LEWIS, Halifax, Groeer. Nov 11 at 10.30. Off Rec, Townhall chmbrs, FENTON, WILLIAM CARR, Upper George st, Bryanston sq, Clerk. High Court.

Halifax Pet Sept 3. Ord Oct 27

RIMINGTON, WILLIAM, Skipton, Iron Fonnder. Nov 5 at 12. Ship Hotel. Skipton HANN. WILLIAM JAMES, Bournemouth, Fruiterer. Poole. Pet Oct 26. Ord ROBINSON, MARE, Stratford upon Ayon, Saddler, Nov 6 at 11.45. Oct 26

WB SanderHAYNES, HENRY, Shefield, Beerhouse Keeper. Sheffield. Pet Oct 27. Ord

son, solor, Church st, Warwick Oct 27

ROWLAND, WILLIAM, Sherborne, Esegineer. Nov 8 at 12.30.

Digby Hotel, Sher

borne HERBERT, ALFRED, Bath, Boot Dealer. Bath, Pet Oct 26. Ord Oct 26

SHERRATT, HENRY, Widnes, Lancashire, Tailor. Nov 9 at 2. Of Rec, 36, Victoria JACKSON, FREDERICK JOHN, Willenhall, Stafford, Grocer's Assistant. Wolver- SMITH, ISAAC ESAU, West Bromwich, Builder. Nov 8 at 10.30. Court, Oldbury

hampton. Pet Oct 26, Ord Oct 26 JOHNSON, JAMES, Ashbury, Berks, Cattle Dealer. Swindon. Pet Oct 14. Ord TAYLOR, STEPHEN HENRY, Commercial rd, Pembroke, Butcher, Oot 26

Nov 6 at 11.15. JORDAN, GEORGE, Wing, Buckingham, Shopkeeper. Luton. Pet Oct 25. Ord | WAGHORN, DANIEL THOMAS, Ramsgate, Greengrocer.

Temperance Hall, Pembroke Dock

Nov 5 at 9.80.82, St. JOY, EDWARD JAMES, Canterbury, Oilman. Canterbury. Pet Oct 25.

George's st, Canterbury Oct 25

Ord WAITE, WILLIAM, Boston Spa, Yorks, Grocer. Nov 5 at 12. Off Rec, York KNIGHT, HENRY, Rushall, Stafford, Builder. Walsall. Pet Oct 6. Ord Oct 25

WALKER, JANE, residence not known, Widow. Nov 10 at 11. Bankruptey bdgs, LAWSON, JOHN, Bowness on Solway, Oumberland, Farmer. Carlisle. Pet Oet 16.

Portugal st, Lincoln's ipn Ord Oct 27

WALKER, JOHN, Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, Baker, Noy 6 at 3. County

Court, Northampton


Oct 25

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WATTS, WILLIAM GEORGE, Ormskirk, Lancashire, Music Dealer. Nov 9 at 3. Of GODBOLD, HENRY WILLIAM, Leytonstone, Essex, Draper. High Court. Pet Oet
Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

80. Ord Oct 30
WELWOOD, ALEXANDER HENRY MACONOCHIE, Sinelair rd, Addison pk, Gent. Nov GRAVETT, ESTHER, Burgess hill, Sussex, Wine Merchant. Brighton. Pet Oot
WHITELEY, JOHN HOPKINSON, Rishworth, nr Halifax, Grocer. Nov 11 at 11.30. HALL, GEORGE ALBERT, Dartford, Boot Manufacturer. Rochester. Pet Oet 28.
Off Rec, Townhall chmbrs, Halifax

Ord Oct 29
WOOD, RODERICK W, Cornwall residences, Clarence gate, Regent's park, Gent. HEARSEY, WILLIAM, Margate, Coal Merchant. Canterbury. Pet Oct 30. Ord
Nov 5 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Oct 30

KING, EDWARD, Chaxhill, Gloucester, Farmer. Gloucester. Pet Oct 23. Ord
BAYLIS, HENRY THOMAS, Stratford, Essex, Auctioneer. High Court. Pet Aug Oct 29
9. Ord Oct 27

LANGFORD, CHARLES JOSIAH, Halifax, Tea Dealer. Halifax. Pet Oct 28. Ord
BORMAN, JOHN, Swallow Mount, Lincoln, Farmer's Foreman. Gt Grimsby.

Oct 28
Pet Oct 26. Ord Oct 26

LAYTON, WILLIAM, Corby, Northampton, Farmer, Northampton. Pet Oet 23.
BROWN, WILLIAM, North Scarle, Lincoln, Farmer, Nottingham. Pet Oct 26. Ord Oct 30
Ord Oct 27

MASTERS, SAMUEL WREATLEY, Farquhar rd, Upper Norwood, Solicitor. High
COHEN, HYMAN ABRAHAM, High st, Notting hill, Ironmonger. High Court. Court. Pet Aug 27. Ord Oct 29
Pet Sept 24. Ord Oct 23

MORRIS, WILLIAM, Lincoln, Cattle Dealer. Lincoln. Pet Oct 30. Ord Oct 30
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM CHURCH WARD, Brixham, Devon, Ship’s Smith. East Stone- OWEN, NATHANIEL ARTHUR, Penzance, Tailor. Truro. Pet Oct 29. Ord Oet 30.

house. Pet Oct 11. Ord Oct 25
FERGUSON, WILLIAM KENNEDY, and THOMAS WILKINSON WETHERELL, Leeds, PACK, JAMES, Brixton, Builder. High Court. Pet Oct 28, Ord Oct 28

Chemists. Leeds. Pet Sept 29. Ord Oct 27
GOODCHILD, J A, Bournemouth, Builder. Poole. Pet Sept 11. Ord Oct 26

PEGLER, HENRY EDWARD, Newport, Mon, Wheelwright. Newport, Mon. Pet

Oct 29. Ord Oct 30
HAMMOND, WALTER SCOTT, and JOHN EDWARD HAMMOND, Noel st, Soho, Book- PETERS, ANDREW, Tir Phil, Glamorgan, Carpenter. Merthyr Tydfl. Pet Oct 27.
binders. High Court. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 25

Ord Oct 27
HARTOPP, Sir JOHN WILLIAM CRADOOK, Bart, Bournemouth. High Court. Pet PRICE, JOSHUA CHARLES, Cardiff, Grocer. Cardiff. Pet Oct 26. Ord Oet 28

Aug 7. Ord Oct 26
HARVEY, JAMES, Birmingham, Factor. Birmingham. Pet Sept 29. Ord Oct 27

PURKIS, ALFRED, Landport, Hampshire, Baker. Portsmouth. Pet Oct 27. Ord

Oct 28
HAWES, GEORGE, Westcott Barton, Oxford, Farmer. Oxford. Pet Oct 2. Ord ROBERTS, JOHN WILLIAM, Bethesda, Carnarvon, Stonemason, Bangor. Pet Oct
Oct 26

30. Ord Oet 80
HOGAN, JAMES, Birmingham, Clothier. Birmingham. Pet Sept 2. Ord Oct 27 SEARLE, GEORGE, Rowbarton, Taunton, Builder. Taunton. Pet Dot 29. Ord
JACKSON, SARAH ANN, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. Nottingham. Pet Oct SFARS, GEORGE CHARLES, Datchet, Builder. Windsor. Pet Oet 29. Ord Oet 30

16. Ord Oct 26 JERRAM, WILLIAM, Bulwell, Nottingham, Baker. Nottingham. Pet Oct 20. Ord SHIPLEY, JOHN, Dalton in Furness, Licensed Victualler. Ulverston and Barrow Oct 25

in Furness. Pet Oct 29. Ord Oct 29
JONES, HENRY WILLIAM, Nailsworth, Gloucester, Umbrella Stick Manufacturer. STEPHENSON, WILLIAM, York, Cabinet Maker. York. Pet Oct 29. Ord Oct 29

Gloucester. Pet Oct 12. Ord Oet 26
JONES, JOHN, Liverpool, Clerk. Liverpool. Pet Sept 23. Ord Oct 27

STRASSMANN, JULIUS, Milton bldgs, Watling st, Trimming Manufacturer. High

Court. Pet Oct 23. Ord Oet 28
JOY, EDWARD JAMES, Canterbury, Oilman. Canterbury. Pet Oct 25. Ord SUMMERS, WILLIAM, and EDWARD SUMMERS, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturers.
Oct 27

Nottingham. Pet Oct 13. Ord Oct 28
KEHOE, WILLIAM, Brighton, Lodging house Keeper. Brighton. Pet Sept 30. TURNER, ISAAC, Newcastle upon Tyne, Traveller. Newcastle upon Tyne. Pet
Ord Oct 27

Oct 80. Ord Oct 30
KELLY, JOHN LOVELL, Bruton st, Berkeley sq, Lieut Colonel. High Court. Pet UNSWORTH, WILLIAM, Tydlesley, Lancs, Builder. Bolton. Pet Oct 29. Ord
Sept 11. Ord Oct 27

Oct 29
LAVENDER, WILLIAM, Manor st, Clapham, Builder. High Court. Pet Sept 16. VOGLER, ALFRED THEODOR, Cannon st, Commission Agent. High Court. Pet
Ord Oct 26

Sept 28. Ord Oct 28
MALLABONE, JOHN SMALLEY, Chilvers Coton, Warwick, Innkeeper. Coventry. WARDLE, ROBERT WINLOW, Jarrow on Tyne, Builder. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet
Pet Sept 24. Ord Oet 21

Oct 23. Ord Oct 30
MCNAIR, THOMAS SPENCER, Buxton, Derby, Gilder. Stockport. Pet Oct 26. WHITFIELD, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Thirsk, Yorks, Druggist. Northallerton. Pet
Ord Oct 26

Oct 27. Ord Oct 27
MILLS, JOHN SAMUEL, Oldham, Lancashire, out of business. Oldham. Pet Oet WILLIAMS, ROBERT, Dolbenmaen, Carnarvonshire, Farmer. Bangor. Pet Oct
18. Ord Oct 26

27. Ord Oct 28 MORDECAI, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cardiff, Builder, Cardiff. Pet Sept 17. Ord WING, ALFRED HENRY, Westow st, Upper Norwood, Timber Merchant, CroyOct 22

don. Pet Oct 25. Ord Oct 25
MOORE, THOMAS KNACKSTONE, and FRANK PIGGOTT, Crutched Friars, Tea Mer- WRIGHT, JAMES, Bicker, Lincolnshire, Farmer. Boston. Pet Oct 29. Ord

Oot 29
MORLEY, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, Stockwell crescent, Surrey, Tea Dealet. High DAVIES, JOHN JONES, Aberystwith, Cardiganshire, Silk Mercer. Aberystwith.

OSBORNE, GEORGE, West Bromwich, Stafford, Greengrocer. Oldbury. Pet Oct Receiv Ord June 25. Rescis Oct 28
19. Ord Oct 25

The following Amended Notice is substituted for that published in the OXLEY, WILLIAM JABEZ, Barnsley, Sculptor. Barnsley. Pet Sept 80. Ord

London Gazette of Sept 21.
Oct 27

RANKIN, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Worcester pk, Surrey, Gent. Croydon. Pet Aug 25,
PURVIS, RACHAEL LOUISE, Buckingham Palace rd, Spinster. High Court. Pet Ord Sept 17
Aug 14. Ord Oct 25

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the REYNOLDS, THOMAS HENRY, Willington, Durham, Grocer, Durham. Pet Oct

London Gazette of Oct 26. 23. Ord Oct 26

HALLILEY, ROBERT THOMAS, Manchester, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Manchester. RICHES, JAMES, Mintlyn, nr King's Lynn, Farmer. King's Lynn. Pet Sept 25. Pet Oct 6. Ord Oct 21 Ord Oct 25

FIRST MEETINGS, RIMINGTON, WILLIAM, Skipton, Iron Founder. Bradford. Pet Oct 25. Ord ADCOCK, JONATHAN, Woodhall Spa, Lincoln,

Cottager. Nov 10 at 12. Off Rec, Oct 25

2, St Benedict's sq, Lincoln SMART, JAMES, Woodford, Essex, Boot Maker. High Court. Pet Oct 22. Ord ANSDELL, THOMAS, Hessle, Yorks, Seed Crusher. Nov 13 at 11. Off Rec, LinOct 26

coln's inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull SMITH, WILLIAM, Berkeley, Gloucester, Farmer. Gloucester. Pet Oct 11. Ord BELLERBY, HENRY, Stockton, Innkeeper. Nov 9 at 11. Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Oct 26

Middlesborough WALKER, JAMES, Gosforth, Northumberland, Builder. Newcastle on Tyne. BIRCHALL, JOHN, Stapeley, nr Nantwich, Cheshire, Farmer. Nov 10 at 10.80. Pet Aug 30. Ord Oct 25

152, Hospital st, Nantwich WALKER, JOHN, Wolverton, Buckingham, Baker. Northampton. Pet Oct 22. BOUNDY, THOMAS, Southsea, Pastrycook. Nov 15 at 3. Of Rec, 166, Queen st,

Ord Oct 26
WENGEFIELD, MARGARET, Tabard st, Southwark, Baker. High Court. Pet BRAGG, THOMAS WILLIAM, Stoke upon Trent, Builder. Nov 12 at 3. Of Rec,
WOOD, MARY ANNA MARIA ELIZABETH, and MARY ALICE WOOD, Shrewsbury, BRISTOW, JOHN, Withington, Lancashire, Joiner. Nov 12 at 11.30. Off Rec,
Schoolmistresses. Shrewsbury. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 26

County chbrs, Market pl, Stockport
The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the BRODRICK, ÅRTHUR, Old Kent rd, Timber Merchant. Nov 10 at 12. 33, Carey st,
London Gazette of Oct 19,

Lincoln's inn
Moon, FRANCIS HENRY, Yeovil, Milk Seller. Yeovil. Pet Oct 9. Ord Oct 27 BROOK, JOSEPH, Huddersfield, Grocer. Nov 9 at 11. Haigh & Son, solors, New
FAED, JOHN FRANCIS, Carlton hili, St John's Wood, Artist. High Court. Adjud BROWN, WILLIAM, North Scarle, Lincoln, Farmer. Nov 9 at 12. Of Rec, 1,
May 20. Annul

BURGESS, JAMES, Hunstanton St Edmunds, Norfolk, Baker. Nov 11 at 10.45.
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Nov. 2.

Court house, King's Lynn

BUSH, GEORGE, Dalton in Furness, Contractor. Nov 10 at 12. Off Rec, 2, Paxton ANSDELL, THOMAS, Hessle, Yorks, Seed Crusher. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Oct terr, Barrow in Furness


Cranborne, Dorset, Farmer. Nov 11 at 12.45. Off Reo, Salisbury ARMSTEAD. CHARLES, Isle of Ely, Cambridge, Railway Servant. Peterborough. CASEY, JOHN, Warwick, Licensed Victualler. Nov 9 at 11.

W B Sanderson,
Pet Oct 30. Ord Oct 30
BARROBY, FRANCIS, Melmerby, nr Thirsk, Yorks, Farmer. Northallerton. Pet

Solor, Church st, Warwick
Oct 29. Ord Oct 29

COOPER, JAMES, Pershore, Worcester, Baker. Nov 12 at 11. Off Rec, Worcester BORROW. THOMAS, jun, Redcar, Yorks, no occupation. Stocktoa on Tees and CRANE, WILLIAM, Broadway, Westminster, Licensed Victualler. Nov 11 at 11.

33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn BOUNDY, THOMAS, Southsea, Pastrycook. Portemouth. Pet Oct 29. Ord Oct 29 DAVIES, WILLIAM, Llanwenog, Cardigan, Farmer. Nov 10 at 11. Black Lion BUSH, ISAAC, Cranborne, Dorset, Farmer. Poole. Pet Oct 28. Ord Oct 28

EBDY, EDMUND JOHN BATTENSBY, West Hartlepool, Steamship Manager. Nov 10 BYFORD, JOHN, Mistley, Essex, Pork Butcher. Colchester. Pet Oct 18. Ord at 5. Royal Hotel, West Hartlepool

FOSTER, GEORGE, Cardiff, Builder, Nov 12 at 11. Off Rec, 3, Crockherbtown, COOPER, JAMES, Pershore, Worcester, Baker. Worcester. Pet Oct 18. Ord


FUNK, HENRY, Commercial rd, Grocer. Nov 10 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn DOTTERILL, HENRY, Canterbury rd, Croydon, Builder. Croydon. Pet Oct 2. Ord Oct 29

GAMLIN, WILLIAM, Birkenhead, Gardener. Nov 17 at 2. Off Rec, 48, Hamilton DOUGALL, ROBERT, Ealing Dean, Timber Merchant. Brentford. Pet Oct 25. Ord

sq, Birkenhead Oct 30

HALL, GEORGE ALBERT, Dartford, Bootmaker. Nov 12 at 11.30. Off Rec, High EDEN, ROBERT WILLIAM, Bedford, Furrier. Bedford. Pet Oct 29. Ord Oct 29

st, Rochester

HALLILEY, ROBERT THOMAS, Manchester, Boot Dealer. Nov 10 at 2.80. Off Ree, EDWARDS, EMMA, Colwyn Bay, Denbigh, Lodging House Keeper. Bangor. Pet Ogden's chbrs, Bridge st, Manchester FOWLER, WILLIAM JOHN, Folkestone, Confectioner. Canterbury. Pet Oct 27.


binders. Nov 11 at 2.30. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn GAMLIN, WILLIAM, Birkenhead, Gardener.

HANN, WILLIAM JAMES, Bournemouth, Fruiterer. Nov 9 at 12.45. Of Rec,
Birkenhead. Pet Oct 27. Ord

Oct 27

HASTIE, JAMES, Russell rd, Kensington, Gent. Noy 11 at 11, 38, Carey st, Lin. GARDNER, ARTHUR GILL, Leeds, Traveller, Leeds. Pet Oct 28. Ord Oct 28

coln's inn

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