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338 PADGHAM, ROBERT APPLETON, Beastfair, Pontefract, Tailor. March 18 at 11. IRVING, WILLIAM, Penrith, Cumberland, Millwright. Carlisle. Pet March 1.

Ord March 11
Off Rec, Southgate chbrs, Southgate, Wakefield

Cheltenham. Pet March 12
JACK, ARTHUR, Cheltenham, Jeweller.

Ord PETERS, PHEBE, Portslade, Sussex, Baker. March 18 at 3. Off Rec, 4, Pavilion

March 12 blds, Brighton Powis, HENRY JOHN, and JOHN POWIS, Redland, Bristol, Blind Makers. March JOHNSTON, WILLIAM, Appleby, Westmoreland, Surveyor. Kendal. Pet March

11. Ord March 11 22 at 12.30. Off Rec, Bank chbrs. Bristol PURDUE, JOSEPH, Hyson green, Nottingham, Elastic Web Maker. Mar 18 at 11. JONES, RICHARD, Wrexham, Pork Butcher. Wrexham. Pet March 10. Ord

March 10 Off Rec, 1, High pavement. Nottingham RAWLINGS, JOHN, Sedgley, Staffs, Builder. Mar 29 at 10.15. Off Rec, Dudley KLEIN, THORVALD, Laurence Pountney Hill, Agent. High Court. Pet Jan 14.

Ord March 5 RAWLINGS, THOMAS ALFRED, Sedgley, Staffs, Builder. Mar 29 at 10.15, Off Rec,

LEAR, JAMES, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. Birmingham. Pet March 10. Dudley

Ord March 10 SEVERS, HENRY, Middlesborough, Builder. Mar 22 at 11. Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, LODER, REBECCA, and WILLIAM THOMAS LILLYMAN, Northampton, Brush ManuMiddlesborough

facturers. Northampton. Pet March 11. Ord March 1i STREET, CAPTAIN, Bradford, Revolving shutter Maker. Mar 18 at 3, Off Rec,

MACEY, JOHN S., Hastings, Licensed Victualler. Hastings. Pet Feb 23. Ord 31, Manor row, Bradford

March 11 STUBBS, CHRISTOPHER, Maindee, Mon, Tobacconist. Mar 21 at 12. Off Rec, 12,

MATTISON, GEORGE, St Paul's rd, Bow, Mattress Maker. High Court. Pet Feb Tredegar pl, Newport, Mon

8. Ord March 11 WHERRY, JAMES. Clee, Lincolnshire, Farm Foreman. Mar 23 at 12. Off Rec, 3,

MILES, JAMES, Leamington, Watchmaker. Warwick. Pet March 10. Ord Haven st, Gt Grimsby

March 10 WRIGHT, JOSEPH, Darlaston, Staffs, Grocer. Mar 21 at 11. Off Rec, St Peter's

MILLER, THOMAS MCORIE, Horsleydown, Surrey, Licensed Victualler. High close, Wolverhampton

Court. Pet Feb 12. Ord March 11 The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the

MUDDEMAN, TOM SMITH, Northampton, Auctioneer. Northampton. Pet March London Gazette of March 4.

8. Ord March 8 YOUNG, FRANK, Hyson green, Nottingham, Draper. Mar 19 at 12. Off Rec, 1,

PRINCE, HENRY, Birmingham, Tin Plate Decorator. Birmingham. Pet March High pavement, Nottingham

10. Ord March 10 ADJUDICATIONS.

RAYNER, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Huddersfield, Commercial Traveller. Hudders

field. Pet March 10, Ord March 10 BARNARD, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cheltenham, Grocer. Cheltenham. Pet Feb 21.

REDHEAD, THOMAS, Messingham, Lincs, Coal Dealer. Great Grimsby. Pet Ord March 8

March 10. Ord March 10 BERRY, WILLIAM, Gt St Helens, Merchant Shipper. High Court. Pet Dec 8.

REES, OWEN JOHN, Penzance, Clothier. Truro. Pet March 11. Ord March 11 Pet March 8 1}ONTOFT, JOSHUA SEYMOUR, Boston, Lincoln, Auctioneer. Boston. Pet March ROGERS, GEORGE, Theobald's rd, Bootmaker. High Court. Pet March 9. Ord 8. Ord March 9

March 9 BRINDLEY, THOMAS Tait, Southampton bldgs, Holborn, Mining Agent. High SMITH, GEORGE EDWARD, Manor pk, Essex, Civil Service Pensioner. High Court. Pet Jan 15. Ord March 8

Court. Pet Feb 21. Ord March 10 BRISSENDEN, THOMAS, Maidstone, Baker. Maidstone. Pet March 7. Ord SMITH, GEORGE WARD, Lincoln, Draper. Lincoln. Pet March 12. Ord March 12 March S

SMITH, THOMAS TAYLER, Bush Hill park, Enfield, Surveyor. High Court. Pet BURT, HENRY CHARLES, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, Grocer. Poole. Pet Feb March 10. Ord March 10 16. Ord March 8

SOUTHWORTH, DAVID, Chorley, Lancashire, Grocer. Bolton. Pet March 11. BUTLER. CHARLES, Cambridge rd, Mile End, Club Proprietor. High Court. Pet Ord March 11 Oct 20. Ord March 7

START, SAMUEL, Colchester, Builder, Colchester. Pet March 12. Ord March 12 COOPER, CHARLES THOMAS, Mayall rd, Brixton, Tobacconist. High Court. Pet March 7. Ord March 9

STOKES, JOHN WESTLEY, Harborne, Stafford, Plumber. Birmingham. Pet March EBERSBERG, Count HENRY VON LEESNER, Cannon st, Chemist. High Court. 10. Ord March 10 Pet Dec 21. Ord Feb 21

SUTCLIFFE, ELIAS, Leeds, Baby Linen Dealer. Leeds. Pet March 10, Ord FINEBERG, JOSEPH HYMAN, and LOUIS FREEDMAN, Great Eastern st, Shoreditch,

March 10 Furniture Dealers. High Court. Pet Jan 28. Ord March 7

TAYLOR, ALBERT, Woodford, Essex, Builder. High Court. Pet Jan 20. Ord FORSTER, JOHN WATSON, Wigan, Provision Merchant. Wigan. Pet March 7.

March 10 Ord March 8

TRANTER, BENJAMIN, Coven heath, Stafford, Coalmaster. Wolverhampton. Pet HAINSWORTH, ALBERT SWAINE, Bradford, Worsted Spinner. Bradford. Pet

March 12. Ord March 12 Feb 22. Ord March 9

WARDLE, WILLIAM, Burton on Trent, Boot Dealer. Derby. Pet March 10. Ord HAKKER, FRANCIS COLQUHOUN, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Carlisle. Pet March 9.

March 11 Ord March 9

WITT & CO, WILLIAM, Argyll st, Oxford st, Musical Instrument Importers. HOLLINGSWORTH, ATKINSON, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, Builder. Great Grimsby. WRIGHT, THOMAS, Ashby Parva, Leicester, Farmer. Leicester. Pet March 11.

Pet March 3. Ord March 7
HOLME, JAMES, Bolton, Lancashire, Cow keeper. Bolton. Pet March 9. Ord

Ord March 11
March 9

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the JAMES. SARAH ANN, Treharris, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet

London Gazette of March 11. March 3. Ord March 5

MINTON, HAMPDEN ALFRED, and WILLIAM AUGUSTUS CHARLES MINTON, ManJOEL, JUDAH, Brighton, Fine Art Dealer. Brighton. Pet Feb 23. Ord March 7 chester, Silk Merchants. Manchester, Pet Feb 22. Ord March 9

RECEIVING ORDER RESCINDED. LAMB, JOHN, Great Yarmouth, Boat Owner. Great Yarmouth. Pet March 9. STONE, JOHN SMART, Newport, Mon, Wagon Builder. Newport, Mon. Ord March 9

March 12. March 19 LEWIS, JOHN, Mitcham, Surrey, Gardener. Croydon. Pet Feb 15. Ord March 7

FIRST MEETINGS. MADDOX, WILLIAM, Walsall, Cowkeeper. Walsall. Pet March 7. Ord March 8 ALLEN, WILLIAM, Totnes, Devon, Licensed Victualler. Mar 22 at 11. Off Rec, O'NEILL, JOHN, Aldershot, Draper, Guildford and Godalming. Pet March 8.

18, Frankfort st, Plymouth Ord March 8

BERRY, WILLIAM, Bristo,, Hatter. Mar 25 at 12.30. Off Rec, Bank chbrs, Bristol PARTRIDGE, WALTER ROBINSON, Walton on the Naze, Licensed Victualler. Col- BIBBY, HENRY, Lazonby, Cumberland, Provision Merchant. Mar 28 at 3. Off chester. Pet Feb 22. Ord March 9

Rec, 34, Fisher st, Carlisle PEGLER, FREDERICK URIAH, Swansea, Ironmonger. Swansea. Pet March 2. BOWDEN, HEDLEY CHARLES, Cornwall rd, Brixton hill, Grocer's Assistant. Mar Ord March s

22 at 2.80. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn PLAYER, OCTAVIUS R., Bath, Hay Dealer. Bath. Pet Feb 23. Ord March 8 BOWER, GEORGE, St Neots, Hunts, Engineer. Mar 29 at 1.30. Lion Hotel, High POGGI, WILLIAM ERNEST, Great Crosby, nr Liverpool, Wine Merchant. Liver

st, Bedford pool. Pet Feb 19. Ord March 9

CLARKE, FRANCIS CLISBY, Mark lane, Colour Maker. Mar 22 at 12. 33, Carey st, RAWLINGS, JOHN, Sedgley, Stafford, Builder. Dudley. Pet Feb 25. Ord

Lincoln's inn March 7

COMPLIN, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Saddler. Mar 30 at 11. Off Rec, Birmingham RAWLINGS, THOMAS ALFRED, Sedgley, Stafford, Builder. Dudley, Pet Feb 25. Ord March 7

COPPEN, WILLIAM, sen, Maidstone, Bootmaker. Mar 24 at 3. Off Rec, Week st,

Maidstone REES, DANIE, New Swindon, Tea Dealer. Swindon. Pet March 2. Ord March 7 CROFTS, JAMES, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, Timber Dealer. Mar 22 at 11. RIDLEY, CHARLES HENRY, Maidstone, Chemist. Maidstone. Pet Feb 19. Ord

Off Rec, 1, High pavement, Nottingham March 8

DAVIES, CHARLES ROWLAND, sep estate, Barton on the Heath, Warwickshire, ROWLANDS, HENRY, Cwmbran, Mon, Milkseller. Newport, Mon. Pet March 4.

Farmer. Mar 23 at 12.30. Langston Arms, Chipping Norton Junction, Ord March 9

Oxford SHARMAN, THOMAS, Eynesbury, Huntingdon, Butcher. Bedford. Pet Feb 4.

DENNIS, LUKE, Sutton on the Forest, Yorkshire, Farmer. Mar 26 at 12. Off Ord March 7

Rec, York START, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Machinist. Nottingham. Pet Feb 18. Ord

FENNER, GEORGE LANSDELL, and FREDERICK HILTON, Brighton, Accountants. March 5

March 23 at 11. Off kec, 4, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton STEWART, JOHN, Newark upon Trent, Grocer. Nottingham. Pet March 2. Ord

GARDNER, WILLIAM (sep estate), Chadlington, Oxford, Farmer. March 23 at March 9

12.30. Langston Arms, Chipping Norton Junction, Oxford TURNER, CHARLES. Neville rd, Upton, Provision Dealer. High Court. Pet Jan

GARDNER, WILLIAM, and CHARLES ROWLAND DAVIES, Chadlington, Oxford, 27. Ord March 7

Farmers. March 23 at 12.30. Langston Arms Hotel, Chipping Norton WIGHTMAN, ALEXANDER, Cattistock, Dorset, Carpenter, Dorchester. Pet Jan

Junction, Oxford 29. Ord March 8

GILL, JOSHUA WILLIAM, Sandown, I.W., Grocer. March 22 at 3. Off Rec, NewWOOD, JOHN, Southampton, Butcher.

Southampton. Pet March 8.

port, I.w.
March 8

HARKER, FRANCIS COLQUHOUN, Carlisle, Innkeeper. March 23 at 12. Off Rec, 34 YOUNG, FRANK, Hyson green, Nottingham, Draper. Nottingham. Pet Feb 22.

Fisher st, Carlisle
Ord March 9

Mar 23 at 12.30.
HOLLINGSWORTH, ATKINSON, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Builder.
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 15,

Off Rec, 3, Haven st, Gt Grimsby

HOMES, THOMAS, Felix st,' Hackney rd, Licensed Victualler. March 24 at 11. 33, RECEIVING ORDERS.

Carey st, Lincoln's inn BERRY, WILLIAM, Bristol, Hatter. Bristol. Pet March 10. Ord March 10

HUEY. SAMUEL, Hassocks, Sussex, Builder, March 22 at 12. Off Rec, 4, Pavilion BIBBY, HENRY, Lazonby, Cumberland, Provision Merchant. March 12. Ord March 12

Carlisle. Pet IRVING, WILLIAM, Penrith, Cumberland, Millwright. March 28 at 2. Off Rec, CLEMENTS, GEORGE HENRY, Hove, Sussex, Auctioneer. Brighton. Pet March

34, Fisher st, Carlisle 11. Ord March 11

JARVIS, ELIRA, Bury St Edmunds, Stationer. March 24 at 12.46. Guildhall, COPPEN, WILLIAM, sen, Maidstone, Bootmaker. Maidstone. Pet Feb 26. Ord March 10

JOEL, JUDAH, Brighton, Fine Art Dealer. March 24 at 3. Off Rer, 4, Pavilion DENNIS, LUKE, Sutton on the Forest, Yorka, Farmer. York. Pet March 12. Ord March 12

JOSEPH, ABRAHAM, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Clothier. March 29 at 11. Off Rec, GEARD, ALFRED, Bismarck rd, Upper Holloway, Builder. High Court. Pet March 12. Ord March 12

JOYNES, ALFRED EMANUEL, Nottingham, Estate Agent. March 23 at 12. Off HAWKINS, ALEXANDER COLVIN, Gt Grimsby, Fish Merchant. Gt Grimsby. Pet March 12. Ord March 12

KASPARY; JOACHIM, Noblest, Frimming Manufacturer. March 24 at 12. 33, HAYWOOD, TOM, Barnsley, Yorks, out of business. Barnsley. Pet March 10. Ord March 10

LAMB, JOHN, Great Yarmouth, Boat Owner. March 22 at 12. Off Rec, 8, King INGAMELLS, JOSEPH, and HARRY BARNES INGAMELLS, Sheffield, Tailors. Sheffield. Pet Feb 16. Ord March 10

LANGLEY, MALVINA ELIZABETH, Coleshill, Warwickshire, Builder. March 22 at

11. Off Rec, Birmingham



LINEKER, WILLIAM, Stanton on the Wolds, Nottinghamshire, Farmer. March PARSONS, WILLIAM NICHOLAS FREEMAN, Isle of Thanet, Kent, Gent. High 22 at 12. Off Rec, 1, High pavement, Nottingham

Court. Pet Jan 13. Ord March 12 LLOYD, RICHARD, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Saddler. March 22 at 12. PIPER, RICHARD WILLIAM, Turnpike rd, Hornsey, Builder. High Court. Pet Elephant Hotel, Newtown

Jan 19. Ord Feb 18
MADDOX, WILLIAM, Walsall, Cowkeeper. March 23 at 11.15. Off Rec, Walsall POTTS, ROBERT, Felling, Durham, Tailor. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet Jan 28. Ord

Mar 11
MARCHANT, HENRY THOMAS, Semley, Wilts, Innkeeper. March 22 at 3. Off Rec,

POWIS, HENRY JOHN, and JOHN POWIS, Redland, Bristol, Blindmakers. Bristol. MOANDREW, WILLIAM EDWARD, Copthall ct, Underwriter. March 23 at 2.30.

Pet Mar 8. Ord Mar 10
Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

RATHBONE, WILLIAM, Walthamstow, Mine Owner. High Court. Pet Dec 28. NEWLAND, STEPHEN. High st, Stepney, Tailor. March 22 at 12. Bankruptcy RAYNER, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Huddersfield, Traveller.

Ord Mar 12 bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's ion fields

Huddersfield. Pet REGAN, ELIZABETH, Church Enstone, Oxfordshire, Publican. March 24 at 11.30. REDHEAD, THOMAS, Messingham, Lincolnshire, Coal Dealer. Gt Grimsby. Pet

Mar 10. Ord Mar 10
Off Rec, 1, St. Aldates, Oxford
SEMPLE, CHARLES EDWARD ARMAND, Goldhawk rd, Shepherd's Bush, Doctor of

Mar 9. Ord Mar 10
Medicine. March 23 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

REES, OWEN JOHN, Penzance, Clothier. Truro. Pet Mar 11. Ord Mar 11 SHELDON, JOHN, Stockport, Jeweller. March 23 at 11.30. Off Rec, County chbrs, ROGERS, GEORGE; Theobald's rd, Bootmaker. High Court. Pet Mar 9. Ord Mar 9

Market pl, Stockport
SOUTHALL, HORATIO WILLIAM, Water Orton, Warwickshire, Wine Merchant. SALISBURY, R B, Rotherhithe. High Court. Pet Dec 7. Ord Mar 11
March 24 at 11. Off Rec, Birmingham

SMITH, GEORGE WARD, High st, Lincoln, Draper. Lincoln. Pet Mar 12. Ord
SOUTHWORTH, DAVID, Chorley, Lancs, Grocer. March 25 at 12. 16, Wood st, Mar 12

SMITH, JAMES, Stoke on Trent, Estate Agent. Stoke on Trent. Pet Feb 2. TEERISE, RICHARD, Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, Farmer. March 25 at 11. Ord Mar 12 Off Rec, Birmingham

SPILSBURY, GEORGE, Leek, Staffs, Licensed Victualler. Macclesfield. Pet Feb VANDERHAEGE, CONSTANT, Cyrus st, Clerkenwell, Provision Merchant. March 22. Ord Mar 8 23 at 11. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

SQUIRE, CHARLES, Middlesborough, Grocer. Stockton on Tees and MiddlesWEDGE, GEORGE, Chirton, Wilts, Blacksmith. March 24 at 1. Norris and borough. Pet Mar 3. Ord Mar 9 Hancock, Devizes

STANSFIELD, THOMAS, and ABRAHAM STANSFIELD, Todmorden, Yorks, Farmer. WOOD, JOHN, Southampton, Butcher. March 30 at 2. Off Rec, 4, East st, Oldham. Pet Jan 22. Ord March 4 Southampton

STOPS, WILLIAM, Hartington rd, Ealing, Builder, Brentford. Pet Feb 3. Ord WRAIGHT, GEORGE FOORD, Leatherhead, Surrey, Draper. March 25 at 3. 109, March 9 Victoria st, Westminster

STUBBS, CHRISTOPHER, Newport, Mon, Tobacconist. Newport, Mon. Pet March ADJUDICATIONS.

7. Ord March 10 ALLEN, WILLIAM, Totnes, Devon, Licensed Victualler. East Stonehouse. Pet

SUTCLIFFE, ELIAS, Leeds, Baby Linen Dealer. Leeds. Pet March 10. Ord

March 10
March 8. Ord March 11
ASHMAN, HENRY JOHN, Glastonbury, Somerset, Auctioneer. Wells.

TOWNE, ROBERT, North Shields, Builder. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet Feb 23. Ord

March 10
March 5. Ord March 11
BERRY, WILLIAM, Bristol, Hatter. Bristol. Pet March 10. Ord March 10

TRANTER, BENJAMIN, Coven' Heath, Staffordshire, Coal Master. Wolverhamp

ton. Pet March 12. Ord March 12 BIBBY, HENRY, Lazonby, Cumberland, Provision Merchant. Carlisle. Pet WARDLE, WILLIAM, Burton on Trent, Boot Dealer. Derby. Pet March 10. Ord March 12. Ord March 12

March 11 BONTOFT, WALTER SEYMOUR, Spalding, Lincs, Veterinary Surgeon. Peter- WOLFF, H. DRUMMOND, residence unknown, Gent. High Court. Pet Dec 17. borough, Pet Feb 23, Ord March 9

Ord March 10 BOWDEN, HEDLEY CHARLES, Cornwall rd. Brixton hill, Grocer's Assistant.

High Court. Pet March 7. Ord March 11 BROOKES, John, Whittington, Worcester, Innkeeper. Worcester. Pet Feb 19. Ord March 12

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK, BUTCHER, WILLIAM, Basingstoke, Grocer. Winchester. Pet March 1. Ord March 23.-Messrs. DANIEL SMITH, SON, & OAKLEY, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., FreeMarch 9

hold Building Site (see advertisement, March 12, p. 325). CLARKE, FRANCIS OLISBY, Mark lane, Colour Manufacturer. High Court. Pet March 25.-Messrs. BAKER & Sons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m , Copyhold Residence Sept 21. Ord March 10

and Shops (see advertisement, March 12, p. 325, and this week, p. 310). CLEMENTS, JOSEPH GEORGE, Camberwell rd, Zinc Worker. High Court. Pet

Dec 22. Ord March 10
CLOUTING, JOHN REVETT, Thetford, Norfolk, Surgeon. Norwich. Pet Feb 19.

Ord March 12
Davis, JOHN STEVENS, Cotham, Bristul, Baker. Bristol. Pet March 7. Ord

March 12

ELLIOTT, THOMAS, Corporation st, Barnsley, Miner. Barnsley. Pet Feb 9. Ord BROWNE.-The 26th ult., at 27, Young-street, W., the wife of F. Gore Browne

March 10
FLINT, ERNEST WILLIAMS, and CLAUDE FLINT, Kenilworth, Warwick, Timber

barrister-at-law, of a daughter. Merchants. Warwick. Pet Feb 18. Ord March 12

JUTA.-The 28th ult., at Alma, Rose Bank, near Cape Town, the wife of Henry FLOCKTON, ALICE JANE, Dewsbury, Confectioner. Dewsbury. Pet March 2.

Juta, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. Ord March 9

PARKER.-March 13, at Thurloe-square, the wife of G. M, Parker, barrister-atFROUD, JOHN, Owslebury, nr Winchester, Builder. Winchester. Pet March 4.

law, of a son. Ord March 9

WOODS.-Thə 22nd ult, at Latchford, near Warrington, the wife of Herbert GODLONTON, WILLIAM HENRY, Kingsland rd, Blind Manufacturer. High Court.

Woods, solicitor, of a son. Pet March 8. Ord March 11

MARRIAGE. GRAY, EDWARD, Gt George st, Stock Dealer. High Court. Pet Dec 7. Ord

JACKSON-HUNTER.- March 15, at Belper, Charles J. Jackson, solicitor, Ilkeston, March 12

to Agnes Mary, daughter of John Hunter, of Belper.

HARLING, THOMAS THICKETT, Dewsbury, Yorks, Temperance Hotel Keeper.
Dewsbury, Pet March 8. Ord March 9

CLARKE.- March 11, Henry Booth Clarke, of Wood Vale, Forest Hill, solicitor, HARRISON, JOHN, Springhead, Yorks, Builder. Oldham. Pet Feb 28.

aged 78 years. Ord

DIGWEED.-On the 5th inst., at 60, Pembridge-villas, W., John Stephen Digweed, HAWKINS, ALEXANDER COLVIN, Gt Grimsby, Fish Merchant. Gt Grimsby. Pet

barrister-at-law, aged 75 years. March 12. Ord March 12

HULTON.-On the 3rd inst., at Preston, William Adam Hulton, late Judge of her HOLMES, LIONEL GEORGE PEYTON, Shirehampton, Gloucester, Medical Prac

Majesty's County Courts, in his 85th year. titioner. Bristol. Pet March 2. Ord March 12

LOCKYER.–March 13, at Grazebrook-road, Stoke Newington, George Lockyer, INGAMELLS, JOSEPH, and HARRY

solicitor, 3, Brunswick-place, City-road, aged 64 years. Sheffield. Pet Feb 16. Ord March 10

BARNES INGAMELLS, Sheffield, Tailors, SHAEN.-On the 2nd inst., at 15, Upper Phillimore-gardens, William Shaen, of 8, KING, HENRY, Earlsfield, Wandsworth, Builder.

Bedford-row, aged 66 years. Ord March 10

Wandsworth. Pet Oct 12.

TURNER.- The 28th ult, at 30, Primrose Hill-road, Francis Turner, Esq., barrisLINNELL, THOMAS COOKE, Brixton hill, Ironmonger. High Court. Pet March 9.

ter-at-law, aged 55 years, Ord March 12 LODER, REBECCA, and WILLIAM THOMAS LILLYMAN, Northampton, Brush Manu

CONTENTS. MARCHANT, HENRY THOMAS, Semley, Wilts, Innkeeper. Sielisbury. Pet March 8. Ord March 10


325 LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL MILLS, HENRY, Walsall, Iron Manufacturer. Walsall. Pet Jan 6. Ord March 1, ASSIGNMENT OF AFTER-ACQUIRED


MORGAN, JOHN, Swansea, Agent. Swansea. Pet Feb 16. Ord March 10


MUDDEMAN, TOM SMITH, Northampton, Auctioneer. Northampton. Pet March



328 OREDITORS' NOTICES. OPITZ, G, St Mary Axe, Commission Agent. High Court. Pet Jan 5. Ord CORRESPONDENCE



March 10

... 891

........... 335

335 336

March 11





Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.
Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality,
with the excess of fat extracted.


The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, per-
fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or
Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children.”

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press.
Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of a 11 palates, keeps for years in all climates, and is four

the Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c. Wis brutarch, &c., and IN HEALITY SHEPA FILM Thank Buch ROBES FOR Queen's COUNSEL AND BARRISTERS. Made instantaneously with boiling water, a te spoonful to a Breakfast Cap, costing less than a halfpenny.

SOLICITORS' GOWNS. COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, theapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when

Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town Clerks,

and Clerks of the Peace. In tins at 18. ed., 3., 38. ed., precio, lite a'Chemists and CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY AND CLERGY GOWNS Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietor,

ESTABLISHED 1689. 1. SCHWEITZER & Co., 10, Adam-st., Strand, London, W.C.


1,000 Loaf Book, 5s. 6d.
500 Leaf Book, 3s. 6d.

English made,



MESSRS. BAKER & SONS beg to an


had 1,600, Cheapside, or will be forwarded. Telephone MESSRS, BAKER & SONS will SELL

businesses premises, known as Mosong in and Black PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE





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Tenders must be sealed, endorsed outside “Tender tion; moderate rent.-Apply to Attendant, 3 and 4, NORTHERN ASSURANCE COMPANY 340 SALES BY AUCTION FOR THE YEAR 1887.

London.”-Sales for the Year 1887. ESSRS. DEBENHAM, TEWSON,

AMOUNT OF CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED, £710,000 FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER beg to announce that their SALES of LANDED ESTATES, Investments, nounce that their SALES of LANDED ES

Offices of the CorporationTown, Suburban, and Country Houses, Business Premises, TATES, Investments, Town, Suburban, and Country Winchester House, Old Broad-street, E.C. Building Land, Ground-rents, Advowsons, Reversions, Houses, Business Premises, Building Land, Ground

Rt. Hon. E. PLEYDELL BOUVERIE, Chairman. Stocks, Shares, and other Properties, will be held at the Rents, Reversions, Shares, and other Properties, will

Sir SYDNEY H. WATERLOW, Bart., Deputy-Chairman, Auction Mart, Tokenhouse-yard, near the Bank of Eng. be held at the Mart, Tokenhouse-yard, E.C., as

Policies are now being issued by this Corporation land, in the City of London, as follows:follows:

insuring Mortgages of Freehold and Leasehold Tues., March 22 Tues., June 7

of Mortgage Debentures and
Friday, Mar. 25
Tues., Aug 9

Friday, June 10 Friday, Sept. 9 Property, holders
Tues., June 14
Tues., March 29

Tues., Aug 16 Friday, April 22 Friday, June 24 Friday, Sept. 23 Debenture Stock, against loss of principai and inTues., April 5 Tues., June 21 Tues., Aug 23 Friday, April 29 Friday, July 1


Friday, Oct. 14 Tues., April 19 Tues., June 28 Tues., Aug 30 Friday, May 6 Friday, July 8 Friday, Oct. 28 These Policies will be of especial advantage to Tues., April 26 | Tues., July 5 Tues., Oct 4 Friday, May 13 Friday, July 15 Friday, Nov. 11 Trustees who may be held responsible for losses Tues., May 3 Tues., July 12 Tues., Oct 16 Friday, May 20 Friday, July 22 Friday, Nov. 25 consequent upon their Investments. Tues., May 10 Tues., July 19 Tues., Nov 8 Friday, June 3 Friday, Aug. 5 Friday, Dec. 9 Mortgagors insuring with the Corporation will Tues., May 17 Tues., July 26 Tues., Nov 22

also be enabled to obtain Advances at the lowest

Auctions can be held on other days if required.- possible rate of interest.
Tues., May 24 Tues., Aug 2

Tues., Dec 13
No. 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.O.

The Corporation also grants Policies to LeaseAuctions can also be held on other days. In order to

holders insuring the return of the Amount invested insure proper publicity, due notice should be given.

at the expiration of their leases or at any fixed The period between such notice and the proposed auc


periods. tion must considerably depend upon the nature of the Excellent Investment, producing £530 per annum. For particulars and conditions of Insurance apply property to be sold. A printed scale of terms can be

to the Secretary.

By order,

JAS. C. PRINSEP, Secretary. by AUCTION, at the MART, E.O., on FRIDAY NEXT, MARCH 25th, at TWO, in one Lot, a

capital INVESTMENT, arising from five shops and Capital Freehold Ground-rents, amounting to £958 68.

(FOUNDED 1806), per annum, well secured upon 45 houses and stab

man-street, and 2, Great Dover-street, Borough. ling in Marlborough-crescent, Flanders-road, and opposite St. George's Church and the new Street, all

50, REGENT STREET, W., and 14, CORNBath-road. Bedford-park, with Reversions to the

HILL, E.C.,'LONDON. let on lease to responsible tenants at rentals amountrack-rentals. now estimated at about £1,900 per ing to £530 per annum, and held for a term of 18 years

Invested Funds

£2,4-5,955 annum, at Michaelmas, 1974. unexpired at a moderate ground-rent.

Annual Income

£319,215 DEBENHAM, TEWSON, Particulars may be had of Messrs. West, King,


Claims and Surrenders paid exceed...
Adams, & Co., Solicitors, 66, Cannon-street, E.C.;

Bonuses declared ...

£2,629,814 at the MART, on TUESDAY, MARCH 29, at TWO,

and of the Auctioneers, 11, Queen Victoria-street,


Residence and Travel.-All Policies already issued RENTS :

and to be issued after having been Five Years in


Rack Lot

Force-the Life Assured not being engaged in any rent. Property.


in Lincoln's-inn-fields; fitted with every con Military, Naval, or Seafaring Service, and of the age

venience, bath room (hot and cold water); key and of Thirty years and_upwards-shall be relieved from 1 £68 0 0 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 12a, Marl use of square; splendid situation; moderate rent. all conditions as to Foreign Residence and Travel. borough-crescent

£390 Apply to Attendant on the premises. 3 and 4, Lin HALF-CREDIT SYSTEM.-Merchants, Traders, and 2 45 0 0 11 to 19 (odd), ditto

coln's-inn-fields; or at Collector's Office in the Hall

others requiring the full use of their Capital, and 3 61 0 0 21 to 33 oda), ditto 325 of 63, Chancery-lape.

desiring a Life Policy at the cheapest present outlay: 4 52 10 02 to 16 (even), Flanders-road 264

are invited to examine the terms of the Half-Credit 5 36 0 0 18 to 28 (even), ditto...


AW STATIONERS, PRINTERS, and System of this Office. 6 61 16 0 30 to 46 (even), ditto...

Others. 34 0 0 56 to 62 (even), Bath-road ... 7

Convenient Premises to Let in 170

Prospectuses and further information to be obChancery-lane, in a fine building close to the Law tained at the Head Office, or of any of the Agents. Particulars of Messrs. Blake & Heseltine, Solicitors, Courts and the Chancery-lane Safe Deposit; lighted

CHARLES STEVENS, 4, Serjeants'-inn, Fleet-street; of Messrs. Burton & by electric light, and fitted with every convenience;

Actuary and Secretary. Dyson, Solicitors, Gainsborough; and of the Auc moderate rent. - Apply at once at the Collector's tioneers, 80, Cheapside.

Office in the Hall of 63 and 64, Chancery-lane. ESSRS. DEBENHAM, TEWSON,

GAGE COMPANY, Limited. and Others Seeking

Capital £2,000,000, fully subscribed. FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER'S LIST ol

CHAMBERS close to the Law Courts.-A ESTATES and HOUSES to be SOLD or LET, including splendid Suite of two, three, or five rooms to be Let,

£200,000 paid up. Reserve Fund, £12,000. Landed Estates, Town and Country Residences, Hunting in a fine Building quite near the Law Courts, and

The Company's loans are limited to first-class free

hold mortgages. The Debenture issue is limited to and Shooting Quarters, Farms, Ground Rents, Rent adjoining the Chancery-lane Safe Deposit. Lighted the uncalled capital. Charges, House Property and Investments generally, is by electric light and every convenience; moderate

HOME DIRECTORS. published on the first day of each month, and may be rent.-Apply at the Collector's Office, in the Hall of A. J. BRISTOW, Esq. Sir WILLIAX T. POWER, obtained, free of charge, at their offices, 80, Cheapside, 63 and 64, Chancery-lane.

W. K. GRAHAM, Esq.

K.O.B. E.C., or will be sent by post in return for three stamps.


FALCONER LARKWORTHY, THOS. Particulars for insertion should be received not later than

C.M.G. our daya previous to the end of the preceding month.

Some splendid

Rooms in a fine building close to the Law Esq.

FORD, K.C.M.G. Courts, the Patent Office, and the Chancery-lane

Chairman of Colonial Board Safe Deposit; lighted by electric light, and The Hon. Sir FREDK. WHITAKER, K.C.M.G., M.L.O., - The Commissioners of Sewers of the City of every convenience; moderate rent; well suited for a

late Premier of New Zealand. London will meet in the Guildhall of the said city on

solicitor, law stationer, or patent agent.-Apply at The Directors are issuing Terminable Debentures

the Collector's Office in the Hall of 63 and 64, ChanTuesday, the 5th of April, 1887, at balf-past 12 o'clock precisely, to receive TENDERS for the PURCHASE

bearing interest at 4 per cent. for three years, and cery lane. of a very valuable FREEHOLD BUILDING SITE,

45 per cent. for five years and upwards. Interest halfsituate at the corner of Bream's-buildings, Fetter

yearly by Coupons. LROUND FLOOR.–Fine large Premises

A. M. MITCHISON, Managing Director: of about 90 feet, as per plans and particulars to be

Leadenhall-buildings, Leadenhall-st., London, E.C.

to Let in Lincoln's-inn-fields; well suited to obtained at the office of the Engineer to the Com- Solicitors, Barristers, Law Stationers. and others missioners in the Guildhall.

desiring to be near the Law Courts ; splendid situafor Ground, Bream's-buildings," and be addressed to

Established 1836. the undereigned at this office, and must be delivered the Hall of 63 and 64, Chancery-lane.

Lincoln's-inn-fields; or at the Collector's Office, in LONDON: 1, Moorgate-street, E.C. ABIEDREN : 1, before 12 o'clock on the said day of treaty.

Union-terrace. The Commissioners do not bind themselves to

INCOME & FUNDS (1885) accept the highest or any tender.

Fire Premiums


Life Premiums Parties sending in proposals must attend personally, Law Courts, City, and West End; cheerful and or by a duly authorized agent, at half-past 12 o'clock


Interest... on the said day, and be then prepared (if their

open situation ; every modern improvement; three Accumulated Funds tender be accepted) to pay the required deposit of

rooms; rent moderate.- Apply, HOUSEKEEPER, Dart-
mouth-chambers, Theobald's-road, W.C.

AW UNION FIRE and LIFE INSUagreeably to the conditions of sale.

Others. Lofty

HENRY BLAKE, Principal Clerk.

Let at Lonsdale Chambers, No. 27, Chancery-lane
Sewers Office, Guildhall, February, 1887.
(opposite the New Law Courts). Also large, well-

The only Law Insurance Office in the United Kingdom furnished Rooms for Meetings, Arbitrations &c.

which transacts both Fire and Life Insurance Busi

ness. HAMBERS for CITY GENTLEMEN ! Apply to Messrs. LAUNDY & Co.. Chartered Account

Chie? Officeants, on the premises.


The Fúnds in hand and Capital Subscribed amount to TLEMEN!

£1,900,000 sterling. I R K B E OK BANK.

Chairman JAMES CUDDON, Esq., of the Middle
Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.

Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
CENT. INTEREST allowed on

Deputy-Chairman-OHARLES PEMBERTON, Esq. (Lee
DEPOSITS, repayable on demand.

& Pembertons), Solicitor, 44, Lincoln's-inn-fields. and

TWO per CENT. INTEREST on CURRENT The Directors invite attention to the New Form of Official).- Adjoining the Temple, close to the

ACCOUNTS calculated on the minimum monthly Life Policy, which is free from all conditions. Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln's-inn, and the balances, when not drawn below £100.

Policies of Insurance granted against the continStrand, and within five minutes' walk of the City;

The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free of

gency of Issue at moderate rates of Premium. central and quiet, with immediate rail and omnibus

Charge, the Custody of Deeds, Writings, and other The Company ADVANCES Money on Mortgage of

Securities and Valuables; the collection of Bills or conveyance to all parts of town. Hydraulic lifts,

Life Interests and Reversions, whether absolute or heating by steam - radiators,

perfect arrangements, &c. Rents of remaining rooms to let,


Exchange, Dividends, and Coupons; and the purchase contingent.

and sale of Stocks, Shares, and Annuities. Letters of from £20 to £90. Suites, £100 to £250.-Apply to the Credit and Circular Notes issued.

The Company also purchases Reversions. Secretary or the Steward, on the premises, Temple lars, post-free, on application.

Prospectuses, copies of the Direetors' Report and The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with full particu- Annual Balance sheet, and every information, sent Chambers, Temple-street, E.C.

post-free on application to FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager.

FRANK MOGEDY, Actuary and Secretary.





... £577,000

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53, 134,000

an engreement for the completion of the purchase To and Well-lighted Offices and Chambers to be






375 369

...... 948



and, in fact, to all names which do not come first in their natural

order, or which would not otherwise be indexed at all. In the Solicitors' Journal. In the Weekly Reporter. Adams v. Batley

Coates to Parsons, In re.... Broderick, Ex parte, Re Reetham 349 Crowther v. Elgood... Chelsea Waterworks Co., Re

Foreman, Ex parte, In re Hann.... 370 THE Lunacy Acts Amendment Bill passed the House of Lords Crossley, Re, Munns v. Burn 847 Gould, Ex parte, In re Richardson 381 Fletcher, Re, Smith v. Fletcher.... 349 Hcwe, In re


on the 17th inst., a new clause having been added providing in Harrison v. Harrison

“Isca," The

............. 392 effect that, when a person has been received as a lunatic in any asylum Hastings, Re, Hallett v. Hastings 347 Lewis v. Fermor .................. 378 Hurter, Re

Pedder v. Hunt .................. 371

under an order of a judge of county courts, magistrate, or justice, Mallet v. Hanley and Another 316

Penny, v. Hanson.................. 378 without having been previously seen or examined by him, the Morgan v. Hardy (Fothergill, third party) 346 Reg. v. Riley

382 person so received should have a right to be taken before any Price, In the Goods of

348 Seyton, Io re, Seyton v. SatterStanley v. Mayor, Aldermen, and


373 judge, magistrate, or justice other than " the one who made the Citizens of the City of Norwich.. 318 Thompson, &c., In the Goods of 384 order. In pursuance of the policy of hampering inquiry before a Thomas v. Quartermaine


Turner, In the Goods of... Weldhen v. Scattergood 849

man is deprived of his liberty on the ground of alleged lunacy, Lord SELBORNE proposed that the judge, magistrate, or justice who

made the order for reception should be the person before whom The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter. have been that the judge or magistrate would have had to hear

an appeal from his own_order. This curious proposal was reLONDON, MARCH 26, 1887.

jected by the House of Lords, and, although the provisions for public investigation are still far from satisfactory, we trust they

will be adopted by the House of Commons. CURRENT TOPICS. IT IS UNDERSTOOD that the committee which has been sitting for some time to consider the question of the organization of what the Home Secretary to inquire into the present accommodation

THE STRANGE REVELATIONS made by the committee appointed by may be termed the Common Law Offices of the Supreme Court for prisoners in court-houses and other places while awaiting trial have sent in their report, and that their recommendations involve at assizes and sessions” acquire increased importance in view of very sweeping changes.

the probability of the passing into law of Lord BRAMWELL’s Bill. How, it may be asked, can prisoners who have been, as the com

mittee report, “penned up day by day, sometimes for at least a WE PRINT elsewhere departmental directions which have been housing of a well-kept dog" - possibly starved in cold, damp cells,

week together, in cupboards too small for a lady's dress or for the issued to the Summons and Order Department (Queen's Bench Division) with regard to orders for the appointment of a receiver by in mind and body-be in a condition either to give any effective

or confined for days in a vitiated atmosphere, and utterly distracted way of equitable execution. It will be seen that the directions evidence for themselves or to bear the cross-examination to which relate to cases where the judgment for debt and costs is for less than £100 or less than £50. Where the judgment debt exceeds they will be subjected under the new system? It must be bad £100 the conditions of the existing order relating to appointments confinement under these circumstances, to be the centre of all

enough, after the physical exhaustion caused by the preliminary of receivers will apply.

eyes in a crowded court, but when there is added to this the practical obligation to give evidence or be considered as admitting guilt, it

is tolerably easy to see that it is only the hardened gaol-birds who WE PRINT elsewhere an order for the transfer of 100 witness will successfully pass through the ordeal. Lord BRAMWELL would causes to Mr. Justice KEKEWICH for the purpose only of hearing do well to postpone his Evidence Bill until he has procured the op of trial. Thirty of these are taken from the list of Mr. Justice passing of a Bill giving powers of inspection of court-house lockCHITTY, forty from that of Mr. Justice NORTH, and thirty from ups to the Home Office and requiring certificates for them, and that of Mr. Justice STIRLING. It is understood that none of these providing that, if the local authorities fail to remedy the existing actions will be in the paper for hearing before the 19th of April, evils, the Government should have power to do the necessary work the first day of the Easter Sittings.

and recover the cost from the local funds.

WE REMARKED last week, à propos of a case noticed in the daily HERE IS A SUGGESTION for the position of the new court which is papers, that we could find " no precise authority for the power of wanted in the Royal Courts of Justice. A new building is in a coroner to fine a drunken juryman.” Mr. Hicks, the Coroner progress near Temple Bar for the Royal Courts Branch of the Bank for Surrey, in a letter which we print elsewhere, explains the of England. When that is ready a fine room in a quiet position circumstances under which the fine was inflicted, and after stating in the Royal Courts will be vacated, and this would probably the common law power to punish contempt, adds that it seems to make a better court than many of those in the building which him to be clearly a contempt of court for a person who has been were constructed for that purpose.

duly summoned to appear before the court in such a state of drunkenness as to incapacitate him from carrying on his duties.”

There is no question as to the common law power of a coroner to THE LIST Of dormant funds in court, which we recently referred the mere passive incapacity to discharge the duties of a juryman Gazette on the 9th inst., contains, in addition to titles of accounts goes so far as to say that“no one with any idea of decency could to which Chancery funds are standing, the titles of these to doubt that the action of this man," whom he describes as “ helplessly Divorce, and Admiralty Division are standing which have not been of justice, " we question whether it does. As we said before, we bormerly in the hands of the Aueen's Remembrancer of all the ind authorities on the subject of contempt in the face of a court, such as Searching through its 140 pagestas to the amount of the fund in Ro Pater ( 12 W. R. 823), all deal with active contempts, such as beae list of names and dates it "affords but a slight" clue to anyone ke Wilson (7 Q. B. 1984), R. V. Davison (4 B. & Ald. 329), and e pared the nature of the suit or proceedings under hw bien tie by insulting words or otherwise, as it is put in an authority cited be todao will be thankful for this meagre information. It should or justice” of the court. It might" perhaps be argued, however, order, and comprises cross-reference to be hier names logicielendance, the ground that man appearance which is ineffective from the fault beteted here that the list is in alphabetical and legicographical them the fine could be supported as a fine for non-appearance, on

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