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which the prisoner might have been convicted. No one appeared for the lished the claimant's title. Lord Ellenborough (who expresses great doubt prisoner.

as to the correctness of his decision throughout his judgment) remarks The Court (Lord COLERIDGE, C.J., POLLOCK, B., SrePaBN, Mathew, upon the strange omission in the Act to give power to award execution and Wills, JJ.) held that the conviction must be quashed. A diferent on the finding of the first jury, and he afterwards says it cannot properly rule could not obtain between criminal cases and that which formerly be called a judgment, it being rather a statutable ascertainment of held in civil cases, and which it required an Act of Parliament (the damages. Le Blanc, J., says: "The rule of law is affirmative that Judicature Act) to alter - namely, that the reception of the least bit of where a sum is ascertained and judgment afterwards pronounced thereon evidence which was not admissible was ground for a new trial. It was in a court of record, if an action of debt be brought on that judgment, admitted that the words were not shewn to have been, and probably were the jury may give interest by way of damages for the detention of the not, uttered in the hearing of the prisoner, and the evidence was, there- debt. The only question is whether this may be assimilated to the case fore, inadmissible. The case stated that was left to the jury by th of an action on a judgment, and I think it fairly may." But in the case judge. The prisoner was convicted on evidence partly legal and partly of Reg. v. London and North-Western Railway Co. (3 E. & B. 443) it was not. In a civil case this would formerly have been sufficient ground for a held that the jury, under section 68 of the Lands Clauses Act, had not new trial, and although there could be no new trial in a criminal case the power to inquire into the right of the claimant, but must a sess the verdict must be set aside. The fact that coungel had not objected to the damages on the assumption that it existed. The finding of the sheriff's evidence at the time could make no difference, as it was the duty of the jury and the record of that finding, therefore, are, under the authority of judge so far to protect the prisoner as to see that no evidence which the the case I have just cited and by which I consider myself bound, in no law does not permit was given against him. The rule must be the same sense equivalent to a judgment of a competent court in the claimant's whether the prisoner is defended or not, and if the prisoner had had no favour. All the claimant can do is to bring an action for the sum found, counsel it could not have been doubted that he would not have been pre- in which action, in order to succeed, he would have to make out his title. judiced by omitting to object to the evidence till after the summing up. As interest in this case could not, in my opinion, be claimed under the --COUNSEL, C. L. Shand. SOLICITOR, Woodcock, Wigan.

ordinary rules applicable to sale and purchase of lands or as a sum found

to be due upon a judgment, it must be payable, if it be payable at all, by REG. v. RILEY-5th March.

the authority of some statute, and it was contended that it was payable CRIMINAL LAW-ADMISSIBLITY OF EVIDENCE-ATTEMPT TO COMMIT RAPB- under 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 42, s. 28 ; but I do not think that that statute is CONSENT-PREVIOUS CONNECTION-EVIDENCE REBUT DENIAL

applicable to the present case, for the sum found by the jury was not a PROSECUTRIX.

debt or sum certain payable at a certain time or otherwise, for the verdict

did not, according to the case of Reg. v. London and North-Western RailThis was a case stated by the chairman of the Quarter Sessions for the way Co., establish to whom the money was to be paid. It was contended Hundred of Salford, in the county of Lancaster, on the trial of the that the defendants having afterwards, by paying the amount awarded prisoner charged with an assault with intent to commit a rape, and also to the plaintiff without an action having been brought, admitted that he with an indecent assault and a common assault. The defence was con was the person to whom it was due, had thereby admitted that the finding sent by the prosecutrix, who was thirty years of age; and she was cross of the jury that the money was payable to him was correct, and that this examined as to previous repeated voluntary acts of connection with the brought the transaction within the words of 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 42 ; but in prisoner, which she denied. Counsel for the defence wished to call my opinion the defendants' payment of the compensation to the plaintiff witnesses to prove these acts, but the court refused to allow them to be does not affect the case. They need not wait till an action is brought, called, and the prisoner was convicted of the attempt to commit rape. but, having satisfied themselves that the plaintiff is the right person to The important question was raised as to whether the court was right in be paid, may pay him. This, however, does not confer on the verdict of rejecting the evidence. Counsel for the prosecution contended that, as the sheriff's jury any virtue which it had not before. That verdict could not the cases shewed that evidence of connection with men other than the establish the person to whom the compensation should be paid, and therefore prisoner was inadmissible, the principle of those cases covered the present could not make the compensation a debt or sum certain yable to anybody.

I therefore think, for the reasons I have stated, that the claim to interest The Court (Lord COLERIDGE, C.J., POLLOCK, B., Stephen, Mathew, in this case has not been made out as being due according to the ordinary and Wills, JJ.) held that the conviction must be quashed on the ground rules observed between the vendors and purchasers of land, or as being that the evidence was admissible. Cases had been cited shewing that due under 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 42, or as being due under the authority of evidence to prove that the prosecutrix had had connection with men other Hilhouse v. Davis. But, even if interest were recoverable by law, I doubt than the prisoner was inadmissible, and, although it was sometimes hard whether, in this case, 'I could hold, on the evidence before me, that on the prisoner, there was reason and good sense in rejecting such defendants were liable to pay it. It is true that, in their letter of the 18th evidence, as otherwise an unchaste woman would have no protection of October, the plaintiff's solicitors ask for the amount of the award and against the assault of any man, however clear the evidence might be interest, and in the reply of the defendants' solicitor of the 20th he against him. But evidence of previous connection with the prisoner went says: "As soon as the amount of costs is ascertained, I purpose arranging directly to the very point at issue--consent. Taking the case of a woman for the amount thereof, together with the sum awarded by the jury, to having lived with a man for two or three years without marriage : sup- be paid to you,” wbich undoubtedly looks as if they had made up their pose she denied the fact in a case like the present. Could it be contended minds that the plaintiff was the right person to whom the award should for a single moment that it was not material? It was not a mere question be paid, but, in their letter of the 20th of December, in which they say

matter the next day, they add: “You will, of and prosecutrix, and to exclude it would be revolting to common sense and course, have the title-deeds ready to produce.". That means, as I read common justice.-COUNSEL, Addison, Q.O. SOLICITOR, S. F. Butcher, the letter, that they will be prepared to completa if plaintiff shews his

title, and this, I think, is always an understood condition. There may be other evidence to shew that the defendant companies were satisfied, or

ought to have been satisfied, before, and the plaintiff's counsel, at the EVANS «. THE LONDON AND NORTH-WESTERN AND GREAT hearing, intimated that such evidence would be forthcoming, if required ; WESTERN RAILWAY COS.—Liverpool County Court, 25th February.

but, as I do not think interest is recoverable in the case, I do not INTEREST ON COMPENSATION AWARDS IN RESPECT OF LANDS INJURIOUSLY

think it necessary to call for evidence. On such as is before me I could

not find that any interest could be claimed. For the reasons above stated AFFECTED—3 & 4 WILL. 4, c. 42. s. 28.

I nonsuit the plaintiff. The question in this case was whether interest can be recovered in an action on an amount found to be due to the plaintiff by a jury summoned by the sheriff under section 68 of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845. (8 Vict. c. 18), in respect of lands injuriously affected within the meaning of that section.

LAW SOCIETIES. Judge COLLIER said :-In Caledonian Railway Co. v. Carmichael (2 Sc.

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. App. 56) Lord Westbury says, “Interest can be demanded only in virtue of a contract express or implied, or by virtue of the principal

ANNUAL MEETING FOR 1887 TO BE HELD IN LONDON. alume of money having been wrongfully' withheld and not paid on the day when it ought to have been paid.”.

The following circular has been issued to those London members of Railway Co. (18 Ch. D. 146) Jessel, M.R., says,

In Pigott v. Great Western the Law Society who have not sent in guarantees towards defraying the ordinary rules applicable to the sale of an estate, where the vendor has

“That, under the expenses of the entertainments to be given in June next:then his title, the purchaser pays interest from the time at which he in February Tast, the members of the society who have guaranteed ten might prudently have taken possession, supposing it to have been offered guineas each, and whose names are annexed, form a grand committee for the decisions I have quoted are not applicable to the present care, come here they are already appointed alle cative committee of their bodiject that there has been no contract of sale. The railway companies acquire purpose. nothing ; all they do is to injuriously affect” the land, for which the The subscription list is not yet closed, and we are desired to state that wwner asks for compensation. "In Hilhouse v. Davis (1 M. & 8. 169) it was

the names of those gentlemen who are willing to guarantee ten guineas pe certain local Acts to assess the compensation to be paid to certain thoughlanet becoming members of the grand committee, will also be property for an injury sustained by the men antithet occapiers of certain entitled to take part in the proceedings.- we are, dear Sir, yours faith


E. W. WILLIAMSON and S. P. B. BUCKNILL, hon. secs. 19 awarded, the jury could, by their verdict, give interest on such

sum faithfully,

[A first list of names of guarantors is appended.] bum. This case was decided in 1813, and, of course, long before the passing of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act.

SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING. case seem not to have doubted that the verdict of the first jury estab

The judges in that

The following circular has been issued :



“In pursuance of a resolation passed at an Adjourned Annual General greatly about these. The new annual premiums had increased from Meeting of the Incorporated Law Society on the 15th of July, 1881, to the £133,900 to £135,400. The claims this year had been unusually heavy. effect that meetings of the society should be held in January and April, Whereas last year they had amounted to £112,000, this year they had been a Special General Meeting of the members of the society will be held in £159,000. But if the two years were taken together it would be found the hall of the society on Friday, the 29th of April, 1887.

that whilst the expectation was £272,000 the actual claims had been but “Members who may wish to move resolutions should send copies of £271,000. Therefore in the two years the deaths had about equalled the them to the secretary not later than the 30th of March. Notices of the expectation. It must be remembered, too, that when the deaths came proposed motions will afterwards be sent to each member of the society. rather heavily from old lives dropping off that the office had had their “By order,

premiums for many years, and for a longer time than had been expected. (Signed) E. W. WILLIAMSON, Secretary. A great many of the deaths which had occurred this year had been of "March 17,"

very old lives, and the actual increase above the expectation must be taken at only eight and a half per cent., whereas in some years the society had

added £70,000 or £80,000 to the amount in hand ; this year they had The following circular has been issued by the Incorporated Law added only 7,000, simply because of the heavy claims. Another reason Society to all the solicitors in England and Wales :

was that the society no longer granted annuities, and whilst, of course, “ His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, as President of the proposed they continued to pay them, they did not get anything from this Imperial Institute of the United Kingdom, the Colonies, and India, which

source in the shape of receipts.

But an

office which had £2,070,000 is to be the national memorial of the completion of fifty years of her in hand must be doing pretty well, and it was only about thirty-five years Majesty's reign, has caused a letter to be addressed to the president of old. This was about the best evidence of substance that could possibly this society under date of the 15th of February, of which a copy is en

be given. There was no doubt that in the past the prosperity of the closed.

office had in a small degree resulted from the falling in of reversions "The council of this society have great pleasure in responding to the before the time that they were naturally expected to fall in. This suggestion contained in the letter referred to, and they invite the hearty year the increase in this respect had not been very large, but it was co-operation of all members of the solicitor branch of the legal profession substantial- viz., £11,000. The directors had had an anxious year, and he in contributing to the Imperial Institute funds as a testimony of the respect might venture to tell them that, going on he hoped in the way of pro, and affection which they entertain for her Majesty. " It will be gratifying to the council to be the medium of collecting conduce to simplifying the conduct of the business,

gress, they had appointed a committee whose report he believed would

There were ques. and conveying these contributions to the Imperial Institute, and in order tions as to claims on suicide and whole-world policies with regard to to secure that the subcriptions shall be as numerous as possible, they which the board thought they could make some improvement, and propose to limit the amount of each subscription to two guineas.

these were now being considered. They were matters which did not in I enclose a form for adoption by intending subscribers, and I invite you to return the same to me with the amount of your subscription filled any way affect the future profits of the society, except that more persons

might be attracted to come and insure with them. He had received a in.

letter from the deputy-chairman regretting that it was impossible for “As it is desired to pay over the total amount to the Institute at the him to be present to-day. His duties as Vice-Chancellor of the Duchy earliest possible moment, I shall be obliged if you will accompany your of Lancaster prevented him from being with the board as often as he could reply with a remittance for the amount which you subscribe.

wish ; but he (the chairman) was happy to feel that the society had with "The remittance by this society to the organizing secretary of the them' a man of standing and of stamp; and he could bear testiImperial Institute of the amount subscribed, will be accompanied by a detailed list of the several contributors and of the amounts severally mony to the readiness with which the deputy.chairman gave his assist

ance when any difficulty occurred. subscribed."

Mr. THOMPSON POWELL seconded the motion.

The CHAIRMAN, in reply to Mr. Bloxam, said that the new annual preEQUITY AND LAW LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. miums last year were £11,999, and the new single premiums £1,200, ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.

which would make £13,000.' This year the new annual premiums were

£12,400, and the single premiums £300, making £12,700, therefore less The annual general meeting of this society was held on Tuesday at than last year; but the new annual premiums shewed an increase over the society's house, No. 18, Lincoln's-inn-fields, under the presidency of those of last year. Mr. J. Moxon Clabon, the chairman. The report which

was laid

The report was unanimously adopted. before the meeting stated that total assurances had been granted during The CHAIRMAN said their dear old friend, Mr. Dunster, had died during the past year amounted to £392,787 under 293 policies, of which sum

the year, and it was necessary to appoint a director in his place. £376,024 had been retained at risk, and the rest reassured. The new

On the motion of Mr. RACKHAM, seconded by Mr. H. W. BROUGHTON, premiums had amounted to £13,633 12s. 5d., of which £819 58. had been Mr. EDWARD WALMISLEY was elected, and briefly returned thanks. paid away on reassurances, leaving a net receipt of £12,814 78. 5d. It The CHAIRMAN said that on former occasions they had gone out of the was satisfactory to observe that the net new renewable premiums had again usual course, and elected one more director than their ordinary number, shewn an increase over those of the previous year. The renewal though no number was fixed by the deed, and it was therefore within their premiums, amounting to £135,466 9. 4d., after deducting re

power to do so. Mr. Rooper had been their solicitor for many years, and assurances, shewed an increase-namely, £1,482 108. 3d.-over those of the board had accepted his resignation with regret, and thought they could last year.' In addition to this amount the sum of £3,322 12s. had been not do better, as some token of their appreciation of the way in which he received in commutation of future payments. The amount received for had served the society, than to ask the meeting to elect him to a seat on interest and dividends was £68,412 18s. 6d., being in excess of the cor the directorate. responding item in last years accounts by £1,413 13s. 10d. The total

Mr. R. J. P. BROUGHTON seconded the motion, which was carried nem. funds now amounted to £2,070,021 4s. 10d., being an increase in the year of £7,423 13s. 1d. The claims in the year had amounted with bonus to Mr. Rooper having returned thanks, £160,172 8s. Although this sum was beyond the expectation, yet, if the On the motion of Mr. R. J. P. BROUGHTON, seconded by Mr. C. B. claims of the preceding year were taken into consideration, the amount Dimond, the retiring directors, Mr. Justice Kay, Mr. Powell, Mr. Russell, paid in the two years corresponded closely with the sum expected. The and Mr. Maples, were re-elected. investments, excluding the reversions, produced an average rate of On the motion of Mr. A. BIRD, Mr. Boodle and Mr. Church, the interest of £4 9s. 20. per cent. per annum. Several reversions had fallen retiring auditors, were re-appointed. in or been redeemed during the year, yielding a profit to the society of £11,184 16s. The directors had to regret the loss by death of one of their actuary and secretary, and the staff, speaking in high terms of their ser

The CHAIRMAN moved a vote of thanks to Mr. G. W. Berridge, the members, Mr. Dunster. Mr. Rooper, having resigned the office of solicitor vices, and mentioning, besides Mr. Berridge, Mr. Bellamy and Dr. E. to the society, the directors, in acceptivg his resignation, had expressed Symes Thompson, the medical officer. their high opinion of the value of his services, and of the efficient manner Mr. DeverblL seconded the motion, also referring to the value of the in which he hal conducted its legal affairs. They had appointed Mr. Maximilian G. Rooper and Mr. George Levinge Whately to be his successors.

assistance given by the staff. The CHAIRMAN moved the adoption of the report. He observed that he

The motion was carried, and the SECRETARY returned thanks. had had the honour of occupying the chair at these meetings for a great the thanks of the meeting to the chairman terminated the proceedings.

Votes of thanks to the directors and to the auditors were carried, and many years, and he had been able to tell them each year that the year had been a prosperous one. He was able to say so again on the present occasion. He could not say that the year had been quite so prosperous as some of the former years; but still he was happy to know that the society stood very high indeed in the scale of insurance offices. It was not for him to compare the office with others, but if they would look at

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. the gradual progress of the office and the business done he would venture to say that there were very few offices, if any, which could compete with

LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETIES. them. The first evidence of prosperity was in the annual premiums-he would set aside single premiums

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING Society, March 14—Chairman, Mr. J. D. The prosperity of an office greatly Crawford.—The subject for discussion was, "Is it desirable to continue depended upon how these new premiums were kept up. If it had no new premiums of course it would by degrees come to be only paying claims as negative, followed by Messrs. G: A. Riddell and Woolcombe. The deaths occurred, and would go down to nothing. But the Equity and Law Life kept progressing. The new policies brought them premiums, and

affirmative was supported by Messrs. F. H. Stapley, A. C. Buckmaster, the board hoped it would be long before there would be claims in by a majority of one vote. There were twenty-six members present.

E. Todd, and W. E. Elmslie. The question was decided in the negative respect of them. Last year there had been £11,939 of new annual

The new single premiums did not show so well; but the board did not care ! The subject for discussion was «The present Divorce Laws." Mr. Williams

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.—March 14-Chairman, Mr. Lazarus


tion of perjury ; 11, rape; 12, carnal knowledge, or any attempt to have School, Southwark.
able by the laws of both the contracting parties. Extradition may also Society. Mr. Tucker was admitted a solicitor in 1879.

opened by advocating greater facilities for obtaining a decree nisi, and
was supported by Messrs. Richardson and Abrahams. In the absence of
Mr. W. J. Bull, Mr. Rawlinson opposed, and was followed by Messrs.

LEGAL NEWS. Goodall, Lowther, and Kains-Jackson. Mr. Williams replied, and his

OBITUARY. motion being put was carried, but by the narrow majority of two votes.

Mr. Joseph St. John Yates, barrister, many years a judge of county courts, who died at his residence, Wellbank, near Sandbach, on the 2nd

inst., in his seventy-ninth year, was the eldest son of Mr. Joseph Yates, NEW ORDERS, &c.

barrister, of Peel, Lancashire, and grandson of Mr. Justice Yates. He

was born in 1808, and he was educated at the Charterhouse and at Christ THE SPRING ASSIZES,

Church, Oxford. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter The usual Orders in Council, issued in pursuance of the Spring Term, 1835, and he practised for twelve years on the Northern Circuit. Assizes Act, 1879, are published in the London Gazette of the 11th

He acted as a commissioner of bankrupts, and he was also for several years inst. The first directs that the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal judge of the Glossop Small Debts Court, and deputy-steward of the Court at any session held or continued in the Central Criminal Court Manor and Forest of Macclesfield. In 1847, on the passing of the first district in the months of April and May shall extend to such parts County Courts Act, he was selected by Lord Cottenham to be judge of of the county of Surrey as are not now included in the dis

Circuit No. 9, which includes Stockport, Macclesfield, and several other trict. The other orders direct that the counties of Cumberland and towns in Cheshire. He discharged his judicial duties with great ability, Westmoreland shall be united as Spring Assize County No. 1, the and he retired on a pension after thirty-five years' service in 1882, when assizes to be held at Carlisle ; the Northern and Salford divisions of

he was succeeded by Mr. Thomas Hughes, Q.0. Mr. Yates was a magis. Lancashire as Spring Assize County No. 2, the assizes to be held at

trate for Lancashire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire. He was was married Manchester ; the North and East Riding division and the West Riding to the fourth daughter of Dir. David Scott, of Brotherton, Kindivision of Yorkshire and the county of the city of York as Spring Assize cardineshire. His eldest son, Mr. Joseph Maghúll Yates, was called to County No. 3, the assizes to be held at Leeds; the counties of Lincoln the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1869, and practises on and Nottingham and the county of the town of Nottingham as Spring

the Northern Circuit. Assize County No. 4, the assizes to be held at Lincolo; the counties of

Mr. WILLIAM CARRUTHBRS, of Liverpool, who died at his residence in Derby, Leicester, and Rutland, and the borough of Leicester as Spring that city on the 3rd inst., after a sudden hemorrhage, in his fifty-first Assize County No. 5, the assizes to be held at Derby; the counties of year, was the sixth surviving son of the late Mr. George Carruthers, of Northampton, Bedford, and Buckingham as Spring Assize County No: Lancaster, in which town he was born and served his articles of clerkship. 6, the assizes to be held at Northampton; the counties of Norfolk and Mr. Carruthers was admitted in Michaelmas Term, 1858, and shortly Suffolk and the county of the city of Norwich as Spring Assize County afterwards settled in Liverpool, entering into partnership with the late No. 7, the assizes to be held at Ipswich; the counties of Huntingdon and Mr. Thomas Toulmın, and at the time of his death was practising in Cambridge as Spring Assize County No. 8, the assizes to be held at partnership with Mr. Lewis Ward. Mr. Carruthers was twice married, Chesterton (Cambridge); the county of Herts aud that portion of Essex and has left four children surviving. The deceased gentleman had not included in the Central Criminal Court district as Spring Assize County recently returned from a sea voyage, taken for the benefit of his health, No. 9, the assizes to be held at Hertford; the county of Sussex, the county in the unfortunate vessel, The Locksley Hall, which was, owing to a of the city of Canterbury, and that portion of Kent not included in the collision, sunk in the Mersey on the 27th ult., when he narrowly escaped with Central Criminal Court district as Spring Assize County No. 10, the assizes his life. It is thought that the consequent shock in a great measure to be held at Lewes; the counties of Berks and Oxford as Spring Assize contributed to his sudden demise. His remains were interred at the County No. 11, the assizes to be held at Reading; the counties of Glou. Haybrick.hill Cemetery, Birkenhead, on the 7th inst. cester and Monmouth as Spring Assize County No. 12, the assizes to bə held at Gloucester; the counties of Salop and Stafford as Spring Assize

MR. WILLIAM Adam Hulton, barrister, many years a judge of county County No. 13, the assizes to be held at Stafford; the counties of South courts, who died on the 28th ult., at the age of eighty-four, was the ampton, Wilts, and Dorset as Spring Assize County No. 14, the assizes to

eldest son of Mr. Henry Hulton, of Preston, and was born in 1802. be held at Winchester ; the counties of Devon and Cornwall as Spring He called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, Assize County No. 15, the assizes to be held at Exeter; the county of 1827. He was formerly a member of the Northern Dircuit, and he acted Somerset and the county of the city of Bristol as Spring Assize County for several years as assessor to the sheriff of Lancashire. On the passing No. 16, the assizes to be held at Taunton; the counties of Montgomery, of the County Courts Act, 1846, he became judge of county courts for Merioneth, Carnarvon, Angelsea, Denbigh, and Flint as Spring Assize circuit No. 6 (which includes Liverpool and st. Helens), and a few years County No. 17, the assizes to be held at Carnarvon ; the counties of later he was transferred to circuit No. 4, which includes Preston, BlackGlamorgan, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, Brecknock, and Radnor, burn, and other large manufacturing towns. He was for many years the the county of the borough of Carmarthen, and the town 'and county of senior county court judge ; but about a year ago he resigned his appointSwansea ; the county of Northumberland and the city and county of magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Lancashire. He was married in the city of Newcastle-on-Tyne as Spring Arsize County No. 19, the assizes 1832 to the youngest daughter of Mr. Edward Gorst, of Preston. He was to be held at Newcastle; and the counties of Hereford and Worcester as

buried on the 5th inst. Spring Assize County No. 20, the assizes to be held at Worcester.


Mr. George LBY BODILLY, solicitor (of the firm of Trythall & Bodilly), of The text of a treaty for the mutual extradition of fugitive criminals Penzance, has been elected' Coroner for that borough in succession to Mr. entered into with Russia under the provisions of the Extradition Acts, John Roscorla, resigned. Mr. Bodilly was admitted a solicitor in 1880. 1870 and 1873, is published in the London Gazette of the 11th inst. The treaty, which may be terminated by either country at any time on giving

Mr. ALFRED TOWNSHEND COBBOLD, solicitor, of Ipswich, lias been six months' notice of its intention to do so, comes into force at the end of appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of ten days from the date of publication. The following are the crimes and Judicature. offences for which extradition is to be granted :-“1, Murder, or attempt, Mr. Walter STRACHAN, solicitor, of Bristol, has been appointed a Comor conspiracy to murder ; 2, manslaughter ; 3, counterfeiting or altering missioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. money, or uttering counterfeit or altered money; 4, forgery, counterfeiting, or altering or uttering what is forged, or counterfeited, or altered ;

Mr. Joseph Herbert Meek, solicitor, of Bangor, has been appointed a 5, embezzlement or larceny; 6, malicious injury to property if the offence Commis-ioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. be indictable ; 7, obtaining money or goods by false pretences; 8, crimes againet bankruptcy law; 9, fraud by a bailee, banker, agent,' factor, Baronet. Sir C. Lewis is the 3rd’son of the Rev. George William Lewis.

Mr. CHARLES EDWARD Lewis, solicitor, M.P., has been created a trustee, or director, or member, or public officer of any company, made criminal by any law for the time being in force; 10, perjury, or suborna

He was born in 1825, and he was educated at St. Saviour's Grammar

He was admitted a solicitor about the year 1848, assault; 14, administering drugs or using instruments with intent to pro- derry from November, 1872, till November, 1886, when he was commented

Longden, of Old Jewry. Mr. Lewis was M.P. for the borough of London. mida abe miscarriage of a woman ; 15, abduction ; 16, child stealing: 17, on petition. He was returned for the Northern 'Division of the county of kidnapping and false imprisonment; '18, burglary or housebreaking ; 19, Antrim about a month ago. arson; 20, robbery with violence; 2i, maliciously wounding or inflicting e out 23, piracy by law’of nations"; 24, einking her destroying a vessel at Blackburn, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in

the Chancery Court of Lancashire. the high seas, with intent to destroy life,'or to do grievous bodily harm; 20. Te or conspiracy to revolt, by two or more persons on board a ship Beauchamp), of Worcester, has been appointed a Commissioner to adolarthe high seas against the authority of the master; 27, dealing in minister oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. in any of the aforesaid crimes, provided such participation be punishin many to both states. Extradition is also to be granted for participation and to Epsom, has been appointed Solicitor to the United Legal Building be granted, at the discretion of the State applied to, in respect of any

Mr. ARTHUR WESTON, solicitor (of the firm of Weston & Barnes), has been parties for the time being in force, the grant can be made.”

Weston was admitted a solicitor in 1854, and he is clerk to the county



magistrates and the Commissioners of Taxes at Brackley, and coroner for the Western District of Northampton.

WINDING UP NOTICES. Mr. HENRY HAWKes, solicitor (of the firm of Hawkes & Weekes), of

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 11.

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Birmingham, has been appointed a Magistrate for that borough. Mr.

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Hawkes was admitted & solicitor in 1846. He is coroner for Birmingham,

CENTRAL SUGAR FACTORIES OF BRAZIL, LIMITED.-North, J., has, by an order and he is also a magistrate for Worcestershire.

dated March 1, appointed Mr. Alan Lambert, 9, St. Helen's pl,' to be official Mr. FRANCIS WILLIAM Lowe, solicitor, of Birmingham, has been ap liquidator pointed a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Lowe was admitted a solicitor | ELECTRIC PAINT REMOVER CO., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented March

10, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on Saturday, March 19. Harrison, in 1876.

Chancery lane, solor for petners Mr. CHARLES WESTON LANGLEY Flux, solicitor (of the firm of Flux, EQUITABLE PLATE GLASS INSURANCE CO., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, preSon, & Co.), of 3, East India-avenue, has been appointed a Commissioner sented Feb 28, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on March 19. Roberts,

Essex st, Strand, solor for petners to take Affidavits and examine witnesses in the Supreme Court of the

HERMANN LOOG. LIMITED.-North, J., has, by an order dated Feb 24, appointed Colony of the Cape of Good Hope.

Jobn Francis Clarke, 41, Coleman st, to be official liquidator. Creditors are Mr. J. W. BILLINGHURST, of 7, Bucklersbury, who has been for very required, on or before April 20, to send their names and addresses, and par

ticulars of their debts or claims, to the above. Wednesday, May 18, at 1, is many years the vestry clerk of St. Mildred, Poultry, and St. Mary, Cole

appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon debts and claims church, has been appointed Clerk and Solicitor to the Joint Vestry of the

SHEFFIELD MORTGAGE AND ESTATES Co., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, preParishes of St. Margaret, Lothbury, St. Christopher-le-Stocks, St. gented March 10, directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, March 19. Bartholomew, Exchange, St. Olave, Jewry, St. Martin, Pomeroy, St. Church & Co, Bedford row, agents for Fernell, Sheffield, solor for petner

UNION CEMENT CO., LIMITED, OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF NEWCASTLE-UPONMildred, Poultry, and St. Mary, Colechurch, such parishes having been

TYNE.-Petn for winding up, presented March 10, directed to be heard before recently united for ecclesiastical purposes under the Union of Benefices

Chitty, J., on Saturday, March 19. Nash & Co, Queen st, agents for McAnulty, Act.

Newcastle upon-Tyne, solor for petners


sented March 8, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on March 19. Grundy & Co, Southampton bldngs, Chancery lane, solors for petners


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Risley HBARN, solicitors, Buckingham. March 1.

SAMUEL BRIGHT WILLIAMS and ALFRED Kerwood, solicitors (Amphlett, VICTORIA SPINNING CO. OF. DROYLSDEN, LIMITED:-Petn for winding up, preWilliams, & Kerwood, and Amphlett & Co.), Redditch and Birmingham. Hall, Liverpool, on Friday, March 18, at 11. Addleshaw & Warburton, ManDecember 31. The said Alfred Kerwood will in future carry on the chester, solors for petner

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. business on his own account.

[Gazette, March 11.]

BOLTON EXCHANGE ROOMS. -The Vice-Chancellor has, by an order dated Feb 15, WILLIAM WIGHTWICK and Alfred HENRY GARDNER, solicitors (Wight appointed Peter Kevan, of Bolton, to be official liquidator wick & Gardner), Folkestone. March 1. The said William Wightwick

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 15. retiring, the said Alfred Henry Gardner will continue the said business

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. under the present style or firm of Wightwick & Gardner.

BOYTHORPE COLLIERY CO., LIMITED.-Stirling, J., has, by an order dated Feb 26, [Gazette, March 15.]

appointed Howard Samuel Smith, Bennett's hill, Birmingham, provisionally

official liquidator

BRITISH EMPIRE MATCH CO., LIMITED.-By an order made by Kay, J., dated GENERAL

March 5, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Morris, Walbrook,

solor for petner The Times says that a proposal has been made that if a man dies with B. HYAM & SON, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented March 12, directed to out a will and without children his widow shall have at least £500 where be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, March 26. Montagu, Bucklersbury,

solor for petners his estate exceeds that_value, and that where it does not then the whole

DEVONSHIRE COPPER CO., LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before April 2, estate shall go to her. In the Bill which has been brought into Parliament

to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to for this purpose by Mr. Ambrose, Q C., M.P. for the Harrow Division, a Benjamin Newstead, 77, Gresham st. Tuesday, April 19, at 12, is appointed for charge for the £500 is given to the widow on the real and personal estate

hearing and adjudicating upon debts and claims

LAND CORPORATION OF ENGLAND, LIMITED.-Bn an order made by Kay, J., dated until the sum is paid with 4 per cent. As between the real and personal

March 5, it was ordered that voluntary winding up of corporation be continued. representatives this charge is to be borne in proportion to the values of Wild & Co, Ironmonger lane, Cheadside, solors for petners tho real and personal estates respectively. In estimating the value of the SOUTHEND-ON-SEA AND DISTRICT AUXILIARY RAILWAYS AND CARRIAGE Co, real estate a fee simple is to be taken upon the basis of 20 years' purchase

LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated Feb 12, it was ordered that of the annual value at the time of the owner's death as determined for

the company be wound up. Broad & Co, Laurence Pountney lane, solors for

petner purposes of the property tax. Of course the gross amount of any mortgage STANDARD ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER Co., LIMITED.-By an order made by or annuity is to be deducted. And in estimating the personal estate a Chitty, J., dated Feb 12, it was ordered that voluntary winding up of company

be continued. Morley & Shirreff, Gresham House, solors for petner deduction is to be made of debts and liabilities, &c. This provision for a

THOMAS BISHTON, LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirling, J., dated March 5, it widow is intended to be entirely additional to the share in the residue that was ordered that the voluntary winding up be continued. Smiles & Co, Bedshe gets under the present law.

ford row, agents for Duignan & Elliot, Walsall, solors for petner In the House of Commons on the 10th inst., in answer to Mr. P. Stanhope,

YSTALYFERA GAS Co, LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirling, J., dated March 5,

it was ordered that the company be wound up. Wilkins & Co, Gresham House, Mr. Jackson said :-It is difficult to state precisely the sum which has solors for petner been estimated and included in the Civil Service Estimates for 1887-8 for

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. fees on contentious business to law officers of the Crown in England, EAST END SELF-HELP FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Race Horse Inn, Abingdon sq, NorthScotland, and Ireland over and above official salaries. The sums are included

ampton. March 7 under the items of law charges in various estimates and are based upon the average of preceding years modified by the most recent experience. Perhaps it will best answer the hon. member's purpose if I tell him the

CREDITORS NOTICES. average amounts paid to each officer in the three years, 1883-4 to 1885-6, as shown by the Appropriation Account. The figures are as follows :


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. The Attorney-General, £3,010; the Solicitor-General, £2,018; the Lord

London Gazette.- TUESDAY, March 1. Advocate, £349; the Solicitor-General for Scotland, £180; the Attorney. HANSON, THOMAS, Dalton, nr Hundersfield, Innkeeper. March 25. Garthwaite General for Ireland, £4,717 ; the Solicitor-General for Ireland, £2,566.

v Hanson, Chitty, J. Batley, Huddersfield

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 4.
TAYLOR, CHARLES, Devonshire st, Lisson grove, Licensed Victualler. April 8.
Taylor v Taylor, Chitty, J. Lendon, Wych st, Strand

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 8.

KEELING, ENOCH BASSETT, Tokenhouse bldge, Bank, Architect. April 2. Merton

v Keeling, Chitty, J. Digby, Coleman st


Mr. Justice Mr. Justice
No. 1.
No. 2.

London Gasette or any newspaper, should be sent to Harrison and Sons, Pub-

CHITTY. Mon., Mar. 21 Mr. Leach

lishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, W.O. The Gasette is published every Mr. Bea

Mr. Ward Mr. Godfrey Tuesday and Friday.-[ADVT.]
Tuesday 22 Godfrey


Wednesday 23 King


Thursday 24 Ward


UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.
Friday 25 Clowes


Saturday... 26 Pemberton Pugh


London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 8.
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

ALVIN, FREDERICK, Horsleydown lane, southwark, Gent. March 31. Sandi-

lands & Co, Fenchurch avenue Monday, March ...... 21 Mr. Jackson Mr. Carrington Mr. Pemberton

ATKIN, CATHARINE, Liverpool. April 11. Goffey & Co, Liverpool Tuesday, 22 Koe


Clowes ATTER, JOHN MORLAND, Hastings. April 9. Meddows & Elliott, Hastings Wednesday 23 Jackson Carrington Pemberton

Turnbull & Co

BACK. WILLIAM MERCER, Scarborough, Gent. April 19.


Friday ....




BARKER, HENRY, Leeds, Butcher. April 30. Harland, Leeds

BELOE, SUSANNAH, Gravesend. March 25. Mitchell, Gravesend

BENNS, GEORGE, Denmark hill, Camberwell, Gent. April 1. Cronin, Sourhamp WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.-Before purchasing or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an

BERNARD, HENRY MATTHEW, Portswood, Southampton, Paymaster, R.N. April expert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., Westmirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &0.-(ADVT.]

BOREMAN, FREDERICK FELIX, Walpole st, Chelsea, Gent. April 18. Brown,

Lincoln's inn fields FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit; 1, 2, or 3 years credit

CASTLE, CHARLES, Stapleton, Gloucester, Esq. April 4, Cochrane, Bristol 60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. "Branches at 121, Pall Mall, S.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.-(ADVT.

OOTTON, WILLIAM, Loughborough, Machine Builder. May 2. Deane and Hands



24 25 26

DAVENPORT, SARAH, Bury, Lancaster. April 2. Grundy, Bury

HOLLINGSWORTH, ATKINSON, Scunthorpe, Linc, Builder. Great Grimsby. Pet

March 7 Dixon, HENRY, Brompton sq, Major 1st Dragoons. April 9. Cavell, Waterloo place

HOLME, JAMES, Bolton, Cowkeeper. Bolton. Pet March 9. Ord March 9 ELLIOTT, JAMES, Hindley, Lancaster, Corn Merchant. April 11. Bryan, Hind HUEY, SAMUEL, Hassocks, Sussex, Builder. Brighton. Pet March 8. Ord ley

March 8 ELLIS, CHARLES, Rodmell, nr Lewes, Esq. April 30. Hillman, Lewes

JOEL, JUDAH, Brighton, Fine Art Dealer. Brighton. Pet Feb 23. Ord March 7 Fox, MARTHA, Bradford. April 30. Rhodes, Bradford

JOYNES, ALFRED EMMANUEL, Nottingham, Estate Agent. Nottingham. Pet

Feb 18 FRIEND, MARY, Brampton, nr Carlisle. March 29. Ryley, Bolton

KING, JOSEPH, Milford Haven, Grocer. Pembroke Dock. Pet March 8 FRODSHAM, FREDERICK, Liverpool, Solicitor. April 11. Payne & Frodsh am Liver

LINNELL, THOMAS COOKE, Brixton hill, Ironmonger. High Court. Pet March 9 ol GAMON, WILLIAM JUPP, Northiam, Sussex, Gent. April 1. Stephens & Son, LAMB, JOHN, Gt Yarmouth, Boat Owner. Gt Yarmouth. Pet Mar 9

GASKELL. JOHN ROOTH, Liverpool, Gent. April 11. Payne & Frodsham, Liver-

LEE, JOHN, Manchester, Jeweller. Manchester. Pet Mar 5 pool

LLOYD, RICHARD, Newtown, Mont, Saddler. Newtown. Pet Mar 8 MARGREAVES, MARY, Rochdale. March 19. Brierley & Hudson, Rochdale

MADDOX, WILLIAM, Walsall, Cowkeeper. Walsall. Pet Mar 7 HOLMES, ALICE, Pendleton, Lancaster. April 8. Gaunt & Lingard, Manchester

MARCHANT, HENRY THOMAS, Semley, Wilts, Innkeeper. Salisbury. Pet Mar 8 HUGHES, Sir WALTER Watson, Fan ct, Chertsey, Kaight. April 18. Torr & Co

MARLOR, MARY JANE, Ashton under Lyne, Chemist. Ashton under Lyne and Bedford row JONES. RICHARD, Hendafarn Corris, Merioneth, Innkeeper. April 4. Rowlands, MINTON, HAMPDEN A, and WILLIAM A C MINTON, Manchester, Warehousemen.

Stalybridge. Pet Mar 8. Ord Mar 8 Machynlleth

Manchester. Pet Feb 22
KING, ELIZABETH, Stroud, Gloucester. June 11. Witchell, Stroud

MORGAN, JOHN, Swansea, Agent. Swansea. Pet Feb 16
MARSHALL, GEORGE, New Basford, Nottingbam, Gent. March 23. Norman,

O'NEILL, JOHN, Aldershot, Draper. Guildford and Godalming. Pet Mar 8 MATTHEWS, HENRY, Middleton, Lancaster, Innkeeper. April 8. Mellor, Oldhana Pows, HENRY JOHN, and JOHN POWIS, Redland, Bristol, Blindmakers. Bristo

Pet Mar 8. Ord Mar 8 MOGRATH, FRANCES JANE, Down, Sussex. April 16. Fullagar & Hulton, Bolton PRESTON,

JOHN, Newport, Salop, Hay Dealer. Stafford. Pet Feb 25 le Moors MERCER, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Surrey st, Strand, Gent. April 23. Woodbridge PURDUE, JOSEPH, Hyson green, Nottingham, Elastic Web Manufacturer. Not& Bons, Clifford's inn, Fleet st

tingham. Pet Feb 22 PEEL, CHARLES, Aberdeen rd, Croydon. April 25. Rowland & Co, High st, SCHLESINGER, Max EDWARD, Finsbury sq, Builder. High Court. Pet Feb 17. Oroydon

Ord March 7 PRIDEAUX, ELIZABETH, Upper Gloucester pl. April 9. Hanbury & Co, New

SPENCE, THOMAS SAMUEL, residence unknown, Financial Agent. High Court Broad st

Pet Jan 31. Ord March 7
PRITCHARD, GEORGE PARROCK, Eccleshall, Stafford, Innkeeper. April 15. SHELDON, JOHN, Stockport, Lancs, Jeweller. Stockport. Pet March 9
Cooper & Yates, Eccleshall

SQUIRE, CHARLES, Middlesborough, Grocer. Stockton on Tees and Middles-
PULLEN, WILLIAM JOHN SAMUEL, Torquay, Vice Admiral. April 12. Chandler, borough. Pet March 3
Bishopsgate st Within

STUBBS, CHRISTOPHER, Newport, Mon, Tobaccopist. Newport, Mon. REYNOLDS, GEORGEINA JANE, Southsea. April 9.

Pet Hellard & Son, Ports

March 7 mouth

WILKIE, ROBERT Ivo, Nottingham, Builder. Nottingham. Pet March 7 RHODES, ANN, Bradford. April 30. Rhodes, Bradford RHODES, JOSEPH, Bradford, Jeweller. April 30. Rhodes, Bradford

WOOD, JOHN, Shirley, Southampton, Butcher. Southampton. Pet March 8

WRAIGHT, GEORGE FOORD, Leatherhead, Surrey, Draper. Croydon. Pet ROWLAND, WILLIAM HENRY, Tavistock rd, Croydon. April 30. Rowland & Co, March 3

High st, Croydon
RYDER, THOMAS BROMFIELD, Bransford, Worcester, Gent. April 5. Mann &

WRIGHT, JOSEPH, Darlaston, Stafford, Grocer. Walsall. Pet Feb 23
Rooke, Manchester

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the SPILSBURY, GEORGE, Stafford, Solicitor. March 31. Spilsbury, Stafford

London Gazette of March 1.

Walsall. OLDACRES, ANN, Brownsfield's Farm, nr Lichfield, Farmer.

Pet WHITE, ROBERT, Morchard Bishop, Devon, Watchmaker. April 2. Gould

Feb 20

WYNDHAM, CHARLES WADHAM, Wimborne, Dorget, Gent. April 9. Cobb &
Smith, Salisbury

ALAIS, ALFRED CLARENCE, Beauclerc rd, Hammersmith, Engraver. Mar 18 at

2.30. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn
ASHMAN, HENRY JOHN, Glastonbury, Somerset, Auctioneer. Mar 23 at 11.

Welsh & Sons, Solors, Wells
BARHAM, THOMAS, Tuflley, Glos, Farmer. Mar 19 at 3. Off Rec, 15, King st,


BASSHAM, ROBERT, Marchmont st, Bloomsbury, Grocer. Mar 18 at 11. 33, Carey

st, Lincoln's inn London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 11.

BENNETT, JAMES, Storey's gate, St James's pk, Auctioneer. Mar 18 at 12. 33,

Carey st, Lincoln's inn
ALLEN, WILLIAM, Totnes, Devon, Licensed Victualler. East Stonehouse. Pet

BONTOFT, WALTER SEYMOUR, Spalding, Lincolnshire, Veterinary Surgeon. Mar March &

29 at 12. County Court, Peterborough

BOWES, THOMAS, Bradford, Coal Merchant. Mar 18 at 3.30. Off Rec, 31, Munor ASUBURN, JOHN, Kingston upon Hull, Lighterman. Kingston upon Hull. Pet March 9

row, Bradford BONTOFT, JOSHUA SEYMOUR, Boston, Lincoln, Auctioneer. Boston. Pet March 9.

BRISSENDEN, THOMAS, Maidstone, Baker. March 22 at 3. Off Rec, Week st, Ord March 9

Maidstone BOWDEN, HEDLEY CHARLES, Cornwall rd, Brixton Hill, Grocer's Assistant. High

BROOKES, JOHN, Whittington, Worcestershire, Innkeeper. March 19 at 11. Off Court. Pet March 7

Rec, Worcester BRISSENDEN, THOMAS, Maidstone, Baker. Maidstone. Pet March 8

BULLERWELL, JOHN, Scotswood, Northumberland, Licensed Victualler. March

23 at 11. Off Rec, Pink lane, Newcastle on Tyne BROOKES, JOHN, Whittington, Worcester, Innkeeper. Worcester. Pet Feb 19 CHAMBERS, ARTHUR, Blackburn, Hosier, March 18 at 2.30. County Court,

Blackburn BULLERWELL, JOHN, Scotswood, Northumberland, Licensed Victualler. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet March 9

COATES, THOMAS, Hutton Wansley, Yorks, Farmer. March 23 at 12. Off Rec,

17, Blake st, York CLEMENTS, JOSEPH GEORGE, Camberwell rd, Zinc Worker. High Court. Pet Dec 22

DACOMBE, ALBERT, Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, Cabinet Maker. March 21

at 12.30, Off Rec, Salisbury Coates, THOMAS, Hutton Wansley, Yorks, Farmer. York. Pet March 9

Off Rec

DAVIS, JOHN STEVENS, Cotham, Bristol, Baker. March 21 at 12.30. COLLINS, JOHN, Reading, Milliner. Reading. Pet March 7

Bank chmbrs, Bristol COOPER, CHARLES THOMAS, Mayall rd, Brixton, Tobacconist. High Court. Pet

Daw, PHILIP, Stourport, Worcestershire, Builder. March 25 at 2 30. Mr. Miller

Corbet, Solicitor, Kidderminster Cox, EDMOND LEY, residence unknown, Gent. High Court. Pet Dec 9

FIELDING, THOMAS, Lombard st, Managing Director of Fielding Brothers.

March 22 at 11. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields CUTTING, WALTER, Lynn rd, Sutton, late Publican. Croydon. Pet March 5 FINCH, JOSEPH BURNETT, Girdler's rd, West Kensington, Esq. March 21 at 12. CROFTS, JAMES, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, Dealer in Timber. Notting

33, Carey st Lincoln's inn

FORSTER, JOHN Watson, Hallgate. Wigan, Provision Merchant. March 21 at DACOMBE, ALBERT, Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, Cabinet Maker.


2.45. Off Rec, Ogden's chbrs, Bridge st, Manchester

FRANKLIN, JAMES HENRY, Leicester, Hosiery Manufacturer. March 21 at 12.30. DALE, THOMAS, Stafford, Fishmonger. Stafford. Pet Mar 9

28, Friar lane, Leicester DAVEY, JAMES, South Killingholme, Lincolnshire, Farmer. Great Grimsby.

FROUD, JOHN, Owelebury, nr Winchester, Builder. March 18 at 3. Off Rec,

4, East st, Southampton Davis, JOHN STEVENS, Bristol, Baker. Bristol. Pet March 7

GANDY, MAURICE, Liverpool, Manager. March 22 at 2. Off Rec, 35, Victoria st,

Liverpool E. WARDS, GEORGE, Lucy rd, Bermonásey, Licensed Victualler. High Court.

GODBOLD, GEORGE, Lambeth Walk, Butcher. March 18 at 2.30. 33; Carey st,

Lincoln's inn ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM EDWARD, Tonbridge, Kent, Grocer. Tunbridge Wells.

HARLING, THOMAS THICKETT, Dewsbury, Yorks, Temperance Hotel Keeper.

March 18 at 4. Off Rec, Bank chors, Batley EYEYN, LLEWELLYN, Sevenoaks, Licensed Victualler. Tunbridge Wells. Pet

HAYWOOD, CHARLES F., Newington Causeway, Managing Director. March 22 at

2.30. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's Inn fields FORSTER, JOHN Watson, Orrell, Lancs, Provision Merchant. Wigan, Pet Mar 7

HAYWOOD, DANIEL W. H., Newington Causeway, Managing Director. March 22 FRANKLIN, JAMES HENRY, Leicester, Hosiery Manufacturer. Leicester. Pet

at 3. Bankruptcy bldgy, Portugal st, Lincoln's ion fields

HOLME, JAMES, Bolton, Cowkeeper. March 23 at 3. 16, Wood st, Bolton GILL, JOSHUA WILLIAM, Sandown, I.W., Grocer. Newport and Ryde. Pet

HOLMES, LIONEL GEORGE PEYTON, Shirehampton, Glos, Medical Practitioner.

March 19 at 12. Off Rec, Bank chbrs, Bristol GODLONTON, WILLIAM HEYRY, Kingsland rd, Blind Manufacturer. High Court.

JORDAN, WILLIAM HENRY, Rothwell, Yorks, Farmer. March 18 at 11. St.

Andrew's ch brs, 22, Park row, Leeds GOULDEN, ROBERT, and JOHN HODY JAMES, Manchester, Calico Printers. Man

METCALFE, WILLIAM AUSTIN, Plowden bldge, Barrister at Law. March 18 at 11.

33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn GRAY, BENJAMIN, Edgware rd, Solicitor. High Court. Pet Feb 24

MORGAN, JOHN, Swansea, Agent. March 21 at 11. Off Rec, 6, Rutland st, SwanHARKER, FRANCIS COLQUHOUN, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Carlisle. Pet March 9.

OCKENDEN, EDMUND JURY, Hove, Builder. March 21 at 12. Off Rec, 4, Pavilion HARLING, THOMAS THICKETT, Dewsbury, Yorks, Temperance Hotel Keeper.

bldngs, Brighton OLDACRES, ANN, Brownsfield's Farm, nr Lichfield, Farmer. March 19 at 12.15.

Swan Hotel, Lichfield HARRIS, THOMAS WILLIAMI, Bartholomew rd, Camden rd, Jeweller. High

OUTON, CHARLES RICHARD SMITH, Newhaven, Sussex, General Dealer. March 18 HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM, Overston rd, Hammersmith, Cheesemonger’s Assistant.

at 11.30. Star Hotel, Lewes OSBOBNE, JOSEPH, Liversedge, Yorks, Fuller. March 18 at 3. Off Roc, Bank

chbrs, Batley

March 7

Pet March 7


High Court. Pet March 7

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