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having sold L. House, she wished to make the following alterations in payment of costs. It was enough to say that the Committee seemed to her legacies. She then made a fresh list of legacies, the total of which have proceeded in accordance with good sense to fix persons who were amounted to £1,969, and she added, “Should there be any residue it is to substantial petitioners with these costs. At any rate, the order had been be divided as my executors think best." The testatrix had no real estate made within their jurisdiction, and this application must be refused. besides L. It was admitted that the gift of residue in the codicil was void Mathew, J., concurred.-COUNSEL, Bigham, QC, and T. W. Chitty ; for uncertainty ; but the question was whether it had the effect of H. D. Greene, Q.C., and H. Kisch. SOLICITORS, Torr & Co.; W. Whitfield. revoking the gift of residue in the will. And there was the further question whether the gift of residue contained in the will operated to pass the

SHAW v. GERVAN-Q. B. Div., 1st and 3rd March. real estate. N. appeared and disclaimed any interest under the agree- CONTRACT-Nor PerfoRMABLE WITHIN A Year-STATUTE OF Frauds— ment.

QUANTUM MERUIT. North, J., held that the residuary gift in the will was not revoked by the codicil, and that it did not include the real estate.-Counsel, Willis. The question in this case was whether the plaintiff was entitled to Bund; B. B. Rogers ; Ingle Joyce ; W. G. Fellou es. Solicitors, Rye, Eyre, recover for services rendered by him to the defendant upon the terms of Willoughby; Hare & Co.

an alleged contract, which had not been reduced to writing, and by which

the plaintiff had agreed to act as the defendant's traveller for a term of Re GARDINER, JONES 1. GARDINER-North, J., 3rd March. three years, in return for certain remuneration to be paid at the end of

the term. The plaintiff, in fact, did serve the defendant as his traveller R. S. C., 1883, XVI., 32; LV., 5, B.-CLASSIFICATION ORDER-AscerTAINED MEMBERS OF Class-ORIGINATING SUMMONS-DIRECTIONS FOR

for the three years. The judgment of the Court (Day and Wills, JJ.)

was delivered by SERVICE.

Wills, J., who said that, although the contract was not in writing, This was an originating summons raising the question whether, on the and, therefore, could not bé sued upon by reason of the 4th section of true construction of a will, a class of persons beneficially interested took the Statute of Frauds, it had been held in Britain v. Rossiter (27 W. R. per stirpes or per capita. The members of the class were ascertained. The 482) that a contract within that section was not rendered absolutely void, plaintiff was of the class whose interest it was to support the but still existed so as, in certain cases, to prevent any implication of stirpital construction. The defendants were the executors of the will, one another contract. But there had always existed a distinction between of them being also a member of the class interested in supporting the cases in which the action was for damages and those in which the action uther construction. The summons had not been served on anyone else, was for work done, money expended, or services rendered. In the latter and the question arose whether all the parties interested were sufficiently class of cases, though the work had been done or the money expended represented.

under circumstances which shewed that the parties had acted with North, J., said that, all the persons interested being ascertained, he reference to a definite agreement, the fact that such an agreement could not, under rule 32 of order 16, appoint the persons who were existed which could not be sued upon had not been allowed to prevent before the court to represent the two divisions of the class. In such a the ordinary implication that the work had been done or the services case the proper course was to serve the summons on the executors only rendered by the plaintiff on the terms of receiving reasonable remunera in the first instance, and then to apply in chambers to ascertain who the tion. The present was a case of this latter class, and the plaintiff was persons interested were, and for directions who should be served.

here entitled to succeed --Counsel, Willis, Q.C., and Tindal Atkinson ; In the present case the difficulty was removed by the counsel who Bigham, Q.C., and C. E. Jones. SOLICITORS, Maccolla; Brandon & Bucknell, appeared for the plaintiff, and the defendants being instructed on behalf for Jones & Son, Colchester. of the other persons interested.-COUNSEL, Everitt, Q.O., and Arckoll ; Cookson, Q.C., and H. B. Howard. SOLICITORS, Arckoll & Cockell ; Rivington

PENNY v. HANSON-Q. B. Div., 25th February. & Sons.

MALLET v. HANLY-Q. B. Div., 4th March.

In this case the appellant had been convicted before one of the MetroPARLIAMENT — VEXATIOUS OPPOSITION TO BILL - - SUMMARY PROCEDURE TO politan police magistrates for unlawfully “professing and pretending to ENFORCE PAYMENT OP Costs—LEAVE TO PUT IN DEFENCE.

tell fortunes to deceive and impose on one T. K. and others of her Majesty's The plaintiff was the promoter of a Bill in Parliament to authorize the subjects,” under the provisions of section 4 of 5 Geo. 4, c. 83. The abandonment of certain tramways. A petition against the Bill was pre

evidence before the magistrate was that the appellant had inserted sented by the Skegness and St. Leonards' Tramway Co. The defendants

advertisements in various newspapers to the following effect :-“Wanted, were two directors of that company. The Committee of the House of everyone to have their nativities cast. Yearly advice given and astrological

A detective applied Commons, before whom the Bill came, reported, under section 2 of the questions answered. For terms send stamps, &c.” Private Bill Costs Act (28 Vict. c. 27), that the promoter bad been

for terms and received a circular from the appellant, which stated

his views vexatiously subjected to expense in the promotion of the Bill by the

on astrology as a scierce and continued :-"By the opposition of the defendants, petitioners against the Bill, and that he position of the planets in the nativity and their aspects to each other we was entitled to recover costs from them. The taxing officer of the House

are able to give the general description of the person, the diseases liable having taxed the costs and given his certificate under section 3, the to, health, mental abilities and disposition, the occupation most suitable, plaintiff issued the writ in this action under section 5, which allows such marriage, &c. Interviews are unnecessary: All that is required is the

It a plaintiff to sign judgment summarily. The defendants appeared to the

time of birth as near as possible.” Then followed a scale of charges writ and delivered a defence, in which they denied that the Committee

was contended on the part of the appellant that there was no evidence of had jurisdiction to order them to pay the costs. . Application was made told to him as being his fortune ; that there was no evidence that the

a profession or pretence to tell the fortunes of T. K., as nothing was on behalf of the plaintiff to the proper officer of the court to sign judg: appellant did not believe the science he professed to apply and ment for the amount claimed. He refused, but ultimately the Court of Appeal allowed the plaintiff to sign judgment, stating, however, that it

therefore no intention to deceive; that he did not pretend to any would still be open to the defendants to move to set aside the judgment mysterious power, but only to apply certain rules known to persons who

had studied astrology. ingly applied at chambers to set aside the judgment and for leave to put deciding whether the mere telling of fortunes is an offence, hela thotellene

The Court (consisting of DenMAN AND Mathew, JJ.), without in a defence. Huddleston, B., referred the matter to the court. The Court refused the application. Lord COLERIDGE, C.J., said it was

conviction was right, and that there was ample evidence that the appellant admitted and it had been found by the Court of Appeal that up to the

had professed to tell fortunes within the meaning of the Act.-COUNSEL, original application to sign judgment everything had been done by the Murphy, Q.C., and Wormald ; Poland. SOLICITORS, W. Webb f Templeton ; plaintiff with regularity. The defendants, on the other hand, had not

Solicitor to the Treasury. acted in the way in which it had been suggested by the Court of Appeal that they might have acted in opposition to the action. The Court of REG. v. MAYOR OF LIVERPOOL—Q. B. Div., 2ud and 3rd March. Appeal, while allowing the plaintiff to sign judgment, further said that Passage Court-Rules-FRIVOLOUS AND Vexatious Action-PowER TO if the defendants adopted the course of making an application to the

STAY PROCEEDINGS ON TERMS. High Court and succeeded in disclosing some case which shewed that there had been an excess of jurisdiction on the part of the Committee, Passage Court of Liverpool to make the following rule:- Whereasited

In this case a question arose as to the power of the assessor of the then they might be allowed to set aside the judgment and raise that desirable that in the following cases security for costs should be required defence by plea. If the Court of Appeal had meant that the defendants to be given namely, (1) In the case of frivolous and vexatious actions might be, he should have deferred to their judgment and allowed the case, upon the application of the defendant upon cause duly sworn to his defendants to raise this plea. But he did not so understand thew judg. satisfaction, to make an order that security for the costs of the defendant the defendant to take that course, and that, before this court gave such trar, shall be given by the persons bringing or prosecuting such actione clusion that the Committee had acted without jurisdiction. Now the com- proceedings or otherwise as by the said registrar shall be deemed fishat mittee had found that the persons who really opposed the promoters of this Bill were these two gentlemen. That matter was fully within the

The Court (Day and Wills, JJ.) held that the rule was bad ; that the jurisdiction of the Committee to determine. Counsel who appeared to

term “frivolous and vexatious actions” being an expression well known

to mean actions which ought never to have been brought at all, it was an the substantial petitioners were the persons against whom the Committee by people then tagh to find security for costs was a rule of practice we acha tempowered Parliamentary Committees to cartucht persoas as they syante Allen, Fur Ericourich Sonson, Liverpool; Venn y Co., for Atkinson, regularly signed under the provisions of a stringent Act of Parliament, Synnbit househors, "Nichometo Granam, For Donnison, Liverpoolik inson, found to be petitioners vexatiously opposing any private Bill with the Liverpool.




OSBORNE 1. MILMAN-C. A. No. 1, 5th March.

A SOLICITOR-COMMITTAL TO PRISON-SOLICITORS Act, 1843 (6 & 7 Vict. At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the hill of the
c. 73), ss. 2, 32-Prisons Act, 1865 (28 & 29 Vict. c. 126), s. 4.

Incorporated Law Society, Chancery-lane, on Thursday, the 3rd inst. This was an action against the Governor of Holloway Gaol for trespass Hine-Haycock, Desborough, jun., Hedger, Sidney Smith, Spencer

the following being present:-Mr. Boodle, chairman, and Messrs. Düyle, and false imprisonment. The plaintiff had been committed to Holloway Gaol for six months under a warrant issued in pursuance of an order of Whitehead, and A. B. Carpenter, secretary—a grant of £50 was made the Queen's Bench Division, made under section 32 of 6 & 7 Vict. c. 73, to a member, one new member was elected, and the ordinary general

business was transacted. for having acted or practised as a solicitor without being duly qualified. The plaintiff was placed on the criminal side of the prison and treated as a criminal prisoner not sentenced to hard labour. He contended that he

SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. ought to have been treated as a first-class misdemeanant. The sum of £50 was agreed upon as the amount of damages in case the defendant was

The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of this Association liable. Section 2 of 6 & 7 Vict. c 73 enacts that no person shall act as

was held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, London, on Wednesday, a solicitor without being duly qualified ; and section 32 provides that, if any other directors present were Messrs. W. Beriah Brook, H. Holland Burne

the 9th inst., Mr. W. Edwood Shirley (Doncaster) in the chair. The solicitor shall knowingly act as agent for any person not duly qualified, (Bath), G. B. Gregory, Edwin Hedger, R. Pennington, J. Anderson Rose, or permit his name to be used by such person, any of the superior courts Sidney Smith, W. Melmoth Walters, F. T. Woolbert, and J. T. Scott may, upon complaint made in a summary way, strike the solicitor off the (secretary). Á sum of £290 was distributed in grants of relief, four new roll, and may commit such unqualified person to prison for any term not

members were admitted to the Association, and other general business exceeding one year. By section 4 of the Prisons Act, 1865, criminal

was transacted. prisoner" means any prisoner charged with, or convicted of, a crime, and section 67 enacts that a first-class misdemeanant shall not be deemed to be a criminal prisoner. Denman, J., held that the plaintiff was not“

THE SHEFFIELD DISTRICT INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. person convicted of a crime" within section 4 of the Prisons Act, 1865, The twelfth annual general meeting of the society was held on the 24th and gave judgment for him.

ult., Mr. Wm. Smith in the chair. THE COURT OF APPEAL reversed this judgment. Lord Esher, M. R., said

The notice convening the meeting, and the report, as printed, having that the defendant had only to obey the warrant of commitment, and that been taken as read, it was resolved : was a sufficient authority to him. The warrant recited an order of committal

1. That the report presented by the committee be received, confirmed, under section 32 of 6 & 7 Vict. c. 73, for having acted or practised as a

and adopted. solicitor without being duly qualified. Was that offence a crime? Section

2. That the accounts of Mr. Broomhead (the treasurer) for the past year 2 expressly prohibited it, and therefore made it a misdemeanour : Reg. v.

be approved and passed, and that the thanks of the society be given to Buchanan (8 Q. B. 883). The offence therefore was a crime. His lordship hini for his services. also thought that section 32 of itself made it a crime. That being so, the

3. That the cordial thanke of the society be given to Mr. John William person dealt with under the last part of section 32 was " convicted of a Pye-Smith (the President) for the ability with which he has filled the crime." The plaintiff was not committed simply for a contempt of court

office, and the consideration he has given to his duties during the past within section 26 of the Solicitors Act, 1860, when, by section 41 of the year. Prisons Act, 1877, he would be treated as a first-class misdemeanant.

4. That the cordial thanks of the society be given to Mr. Herbert Further, the plaintiff did not come within the words in section 41, “im. Bramley for the able manner in which he has discharged the office of prisoned under any rule, order, or attachment for contempt of court," as honorary secretary from the commencement of the society. those words were all qualified by and referred to the words "contempt of

5. That Mr. Charles Macro Wilson be elected the President; Mr. any court." The defendant was accordingly entitled to judgment. –

Barnard Platts Broomhead be elected the vice-president; Mr. Broomhead COUNSEL, Crump, Q.C., Wildey Wright, and H. C. Richards ; Sir R. E. Webster, be re-elected the treasurer ; and Mr. Bramley be re-elected the secretary A.G., R. S. Wright, and Danckwerts. SOLICITORS, J. Perry Godfrey; Hare

of the society. & Co., for Solicitor to the Treasury.

6. That the following gentlemen be hereby appointed to act with the

officers mentioned in the last resolution as the committee for the ensuing SOLICITORS STRUCK OFF THE ROLES.

year, viz:-Messrs. A. J. Binney, R. M. Brown, G. Denton, H. Horsfield 1st March—THOMAS REDFERN.

(Barnsley), H. O. Maxfield, J. W. Pye-Smith, W. E. Shirley (Doncaster), 8th March-Henry RICHARD Cobden Danson (Liverpool).

G. J. Simpson, F. P. Smith, Wm. Smith, E. Swift, Wm. Wake, A. 9th March — GEORGE C. Wade (Burnham, Somersetshire).

Wightman, D. Wightman, and G. B. Willis (Rotherham).

7. That Messrs. T. W. Hall and J. B. Wheat, M.A., be appointed the auditors of the society for the ensuing year, and that the best thanks of the society be given to them for their kindness in auditing the accounts

for the last year. ELECTION LAW.

8. That the thanks of the society be given to C. B. S. Wortley, Esq.,

M.P., for his attention to the matters laid before him by the committee, ARCH v. BENTINCK-Q. B. Div., 8th March.

and for prints of the public Bills brought into the House of Commons ELECTION LAW-CORRUPT Practices - Change of Vexve. during the last two sessions, which he has forwarded to the committee. In this case the question arose as to what are “special circumstances"

9. That the attention of the Council of the Incorporated Law Society of which will induce the court to order the trial of an election petition to

the United Kingdom be called to the recent decisions of the courts, take place elsewhere than in the borough or county in which the election making trustees liable for deficiency of invested trust moneys caused by has been held. Both parties agreed in desiring that the trial of a petition depreciation in mortgaged property where the original loan exceeded one. in respect to an illegal practice alleged to have been committed by the

half of the value of the property, and asking the council to promote a Bill sitting member for the North-Western Division of Norfolk should take

to remedy this, such Bill to be framed on similar lines to that brought in place in London. The only charge was that Lord u. Bentinck, the sitting by Mr. Ince, M.P., in the session of 1885.

That the thanks of the meeting be given to the chairman for prefor services rendered during the election. It was stated that there would siding. be no witnesses on the part of the petitioner, for Lord H. Bentinck did not dispute the letter, and probably Lord H. Bentinck would be the only witness on the other side, and he was in London. It would therefore be much more convenient and economical that the case should be heard in

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. The Court (Day and Wills, JJ.) held that there were special circum.

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY, elhances which rendered it desirable, under section 11, sub-section 111, foi The Final, INTERMEDIATE, AND Honours EXAMINATIONS IN June, 1887. London: COUNSEL, Jeune ; ' R. S. Wright. Solicitors, Baileys, Shaw, f been conec que the celebration of the fiftieth year of her Majesty's reign, Gilbert; Wilkins, Blythe, & Co., for Emery, Fakenham.

and Tuesday, the 21st of June, having been appointed to be observed as a public holiday, the above examinations will be held on the following days, instead of those already announced -viz. :

Final Examination, Tuesday, June 14, and Wednesday, June 15. The Law of Evidence Amendment Bill and the Solicitors (Ireland) Bill

Intermediate Examination, Thursday, June 16. were read a third time in the House of Lords on the 4th inst.

Honours Examination, Friday, June 17.

The days already fixed for giving notice for the examinations will not The Pall Mall Gazette says that some amusement was recently caused by be affected by this change of date. a retort made by Mr. Justice Chitty to a learned counsel. The barrister in question was arguing a case about the possession of agricultural implements

LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETIES. during which the judge frequently rebuked him for irrelevancy, he re; ice And now, my lord, I will address - myself to the furniture. Bilbrough. --The subject for debate was " That the present law prohibit

"You have been doing that for a long time, sir!" \ing a trustee from deriving any pecuniary benefit from his trust is contrary


Mr. Justice Chitty :

to public policy, and should be altered by statute.” Mr. T. Bateman Napier opened the debate in the affirmative, being supported by Messrs.

LEGAL NEWS. Ernest Todd and John D. Crawford, and opposed by Messrs. W. Y. Wool

OBITUARY. combe and G. A. Riddell. After the reply the chairman put the motion to the society, when it was carried by a majority of 2 votes. There were Mr. WILLIAM SHAEN, solicitor (the head of the firm of Shaen, Roscoe, 38 members present, and the debate terminated at 9.16.

Massey, & Henderson), of 8, Bedford-row, died suddenly at his residence, A very successful smoking concert in connection with the society was 15, Upper Phillimore-gardens, Kensington, on the 2nd inst., immediately held at the Holborn Restaurant on the 23rd ult., under the presidency of after returning home from his office. Mr. Shaen was the youngest son of Mr. Frank Lockwood, Q.C., M.P., at which nearly 300 members and their Mr. Samuel Shaen, of Hatfield Peveril, Essex, and was born in 1821. He friends attended.

was educated at University College, London, and he graduated at the UNITED LAW. Students' Society.—A very successful dinner and smoking University of London, B.4. in 1840 and M.A. in 1842, and he was admitted

a solicitor in 1848. He had been for many years associated in partconcert was given on February 23rd. The concert was attended by over 200 gentlemen. In the absence of Mr. Wynne E. Baxter, Mr. E. Cutler, nership with Mr. Richard Roscoe, Mr. William Thomas Massey, and Mr. QC., presided.

Henry Ashton Henderson. He was a Perpetual Commissioner for the Feb. 28-Chairman, Mr. W. J. Bull. --Mr. Walter Dawson opened the county of Middlesex and the Cities of London and Westminster, and also debate by moving “That, in the interests of law and order, it is the

a commissioner for taking affidavits and examining witnesses in the duty of all Conservatives and Moderate Liberals at the present time to Supreme Courts of the Colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, and unite and work together.” Mr. Richardson opposed. The opener was

Queensland, and his private practice was very extensive. Mr. Sbaen took supported by Messrs. Moyle, Strickland, and common. while Messrs.

a very warm interest in the prosperity of the University of London, and Marcus and White followed' Mr. Richardson. After Mr. Dawson had he was clerk of convocation from 1858 till 1868. He afterwards became a replied, the motion was put, when the numbers were, in favour 8 and member of the Senate, and he took an active part in the movements for against 6.

obtaining a Parliamentary representative for the University and for

He was a

opening the University examinations to female students. March 7-Chairman, Mr. Yates. The business on the paper occupied strenuous supporter of female education and of female suffrage. He was the whole of the evening.

The annual dinner of the society will take place at the Holborn chairman of the Council of Bedford College, and was for many years solicitor Restaurant on Wednesday, the 25th of May next, when the Right Hon.

to the Society for the Protection of Women and Children, and in 1866 he

was solicitor to the Jamaica Committee. Mr. Shaen was a Fellow of Sir Henry James, Q.C., M.P., will preside. Accommodation will be provided for 150, and it is hoped that all present and past members of the University College, London, a director of the Solicitors' Benevolent society will attend the dinner if they possibly can. Tickets may be

Association, and solicitor to the Temperance Building Society. He was a obtained upon application to the secretary, Mr. Frank B. Moyle, 29, British and Foreign Unitarian Association and the Aborigines Protection

trustee of Dr. Williams's Library, a member of the Committees of the Bedford-row, W.O.

Society, and of the Managing Committee of the Royal Normal College PRESTON LAW Debating SOCIETY.-Feb. 25-Chairman, Mr. Michael for the Blind. The Daily News says :-“It was one of Mr. Sbaen's Willan, solicitor. After a few preliminaries had been dealt with a characteristics all through life that he gained the confidence and affection discussion took place on the following motion :-"That the opening of of all with whom he had to do. He united to great zeal for whatever he museums and picture galleries on Sunday is desirable." Messrs. w. took in hand a singular clearness of intellectual vision. He was conseBreakell, J. J. Rawsthorn, A. W. Ladyman, and T. B. Ladyman sup: quently at the furthest remove from all suspicion of fanaticism, though ported the motion, and Messrs. J. Barrowclough and G. Cartwright everybody felt his earnestness and persistency. Of his professional work opposed. The chairman then exhaustively summed up the arguments the great reputation of the firm of which he was the head is the best adduced pro and con, and put the question to the meeting, who decided in testimony." "Among the more important legal proceedings in which Mr. favour of the affirmative by a majority of four.

Shaen was engaged may be mentioned the Colenso and Voysey eccle

siastical suits. LIVERPOOL LAW STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION.- Feb. 21- Chairman, Mr. A. Aspinall Tobin. The following was the subject for discussion :-“Is a person who, with intent to mislead the court, wilfully swears falsely on a

APPOINTMENTS. matter which is not material to the question in issue, guilty of perjury?" Mr. Rigby opened in the affirmative, and Mr. McCrossan in the negative. well Professor of International Law in the University of Cambridge, on the

Sir HENRY JAMES SUMNER MAINE, K.C.S.I., LL.D., has been elected WheMessrs. Watts, Davies, Bradley, Brotherton, Todd, Bagshaw, and Priest resignation of the Right Hon. Sir William Vernon Harcourt, Q.C., M.P. Sir supported the affirmative, and Messrs. Chevalier, Bromfield, Lewis, H. Maine is the eldest son of Dr. James Maine, and was born in 1823. He Ashworth, Crooks, and Sedgwick the negative. The openers having was educated at Christ's Hospital and at Pembroke College, Cambridge, replied, the chairman summed up, and, on the question being put to the where he graduated as senior classic and 1st Chancellor's Medallist and also meeting, it was carried in the negative by a majority of three.

as a senior optime in 1844. He obtained the Chancellor's English Medal in 1842, the Craven Scholarship in 1843, and the Chancellor's Classical Medal in 1844, and he was afterwards elected a Fellow of Trinity Hall and

proceeded to the degree of LL.D. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's. PENDING LEGISLATION.

inn in Trinity Term. 1850, but he afterwards migrated to the Middle

Temple. He formerly practised in the Court of Chancery, and he was for LAW OF EVIDENCE AMENDMENT.

several years a revising barrister for the County of Middlesex. He was The following is Lord Bramwell's Bill:

Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University of Cambridge from 1847

till 1854, legal member of the Council of the Governor-General of Whereas it is expedient further to amend the Law of Evidence : India from 1862 till 1870, and Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence in the

Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by University of Oxford from 1870 till 1877, when he was elected master of and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He was created a Knight Commander of the and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority Order of the Star of India in 1871. Sir H. Maine is a bencher of the of the same, as follows:

Middle Temple, and he has been a member of the Council of the Secretary 1. Every person charged with an offence, and the wife and husband, as

of State for India since 1871. the case may be, of the person so charged. shall be a competent witness Mr. ALFRED KINGDON, barrister, has been appointed Solicitor-General on every hearing at every stage of such charge, and whether the person for the Colony of British Guiana. Mr. Kingdon is the third son of the late so charged is charged or arraigned solely or jointly with another or Mr. Thomas Kingdon Kingdon, Q.C., Recorder of Bristol, and was born others.

in 1854. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in July, 1878. He 2. Provided that no person so charged shall be compellable to be a formerly practised on the Western Circuit. He has been for some time witness on any such hearing, nor shall such wife or husband be an ad acting as Attorney-General of the Island of St. Vincent. missible witness on any such hearing, without the consent of the person Mr. FRANCIS HAMPSON, solicitor (of the firm of Hampson & Crosse), of so charged, unless so compellable heretofore.

Manchester, has been elected President of the Manchester Incorporated 3. Provided also, that nothing in this Act shall qualify or affect the law

Law Association for the ensuing year. Mr. Hampson was admitted a as to the competency of witnesses, nor the rules of evidence, except as

solicitor in 1853. herein expressly enacted.

Mr. John Thomas Last, solicitor (of the firm of Last & Betts), of 4. Provided also, that no person so charged, being a witness on any talking Tamidavits in the courts of the Province of Manitoba, in the hearing of such charge, shall have the right to refuse to answer any question on the ground that it would tend to criminate him or her as to

Dominion of Canada. the offence charged.

Mr. Louis Rouillard, barrister, has been appointed Substitute Pro; asked, and ifmasked shall not be required to answer, any questions tending is as born in 1838. Of He was educated at King's College, London, and be 5. A person called as a witness in pursuance of this Act shall not be in the second son of Mr. John Rouillard, of Port Louis, Mauritius, and

cureur and Advocate-General for the Colony of Mauritius. Mr. Rouillard to shew that any defendant has committed or been convicted of any offence other than that wherewith he is then charged, unless the proof was called to the bar at Lincoln’s-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1858. to shew that such defendant is guilty of the offence wherewith he is then Alderman for that borough. Mr. Hill was admitted a solicitor in 1878.

Mr. Arthur GrIFFITHS Hill, solicitor, of Crewe, has been elected an charged, or unless such defendant has given evidence of good character. He is also one of the borough magistrates.

6. This Act may be cited as the Law of Evidence Amendment Act, 1887.

Mr. EDWARD NEWTON FULLER, solicitor, of Bath, has been appointed Clerk to the Magistrates for that city, in 'succession to his partner, the

late Mr. Edward Turner Payne. Mr. Fuller is an LL.B. of the, University of London. He was admitted a solicitor in 1878.

WINDING UP NOTICES. Mr. BROMLEY CHALLONER, solicitor, of Abingdon, has been elected

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 4. Coroner for the Abingdon District of Berkshire, in succession to the late


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Mr. Alfred Durling Bartlett. Mr. Challoner has acted for some time as BRITISH EMERY CO., LIMITED.-By an order made by Kay, J., dated Feb 21, it deputy-coroner for the district. He was admitted a solicitor in 1874. was ordered that voluntary winding up of company be continued. Moore,

Mr. GEORGE STRINGER Wilks, solicitor, of Hythe, has been appointed PROTECTOR CARRIAGE AND HORSE INSURANCE CO., LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has fixed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Saturday, March 12, at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of official liquidator

WHEELER HORSE SHOE NAIL CO., LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Mr. GEORGE ARTHUR PARKER, of the Madras Civil Service, has been March 25, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or appointed a Puisne Judge of the High Court of Judicature at Madras on claims, to Alfred Augustus James, 66, Coleman st. Monday, March 28, at 12, is the resignation of Mr. Justice Hutchins.

appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon debts and claims

YORKSHIRE TANNERY AND BOOT MANUFACTORY, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, Mr. HENRY CHARLES GELDART, barrister, has been appointed High

presented March 3, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, March Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire for the ensuing year.

12. Lyne & Holman, Gt Winchester st, solors for petner

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. Mr. Geldart is the second son of the Rev. James William Geldart, rector COMPANY OR FRATERNITY OF FREE FISHERMEN AND DREDGEMEN OF THE MANJE of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, and was born in 1840. He was educated AND HUNDRED OF FAVERSHAM.-Petn for winding up, presented March 2, at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he graduated a junior optime in 1862.

directed to be heard before Kay, J., on March 12. Warren & Co, Bloomsbury

sq, a zents for Giraud, Faversham, solor for petner He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1865, and CROYDON AND NORWOOD TRAMWAYS Co.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 26, he formerly practised on the Midland Circuit. Mr. Geldart is a magis directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, March 12. Walter Webb & trate for Huntingdonshire.

Co, Queen Victoria st, solors for petner

MEERSBROOK BANK ESTATE SOCIETY.-Petn for winding up, presented March 1, Mr. JAMES CUTLIFFE MARSHALL, solicitor, of Stoke-upon-Trent, has

directed to be heard before North, J., on March 12. Indermaur & Brown, been appointed Registrar of the Stoke-upon-Trent and Longton County

Chancery lane, agents for Stacey, Sheffield, solor for petner

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. Courts (Circuit No. 26) in succession to his partner, the late Mr. William

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. Keary. Mr. Marshall was admitted a solicitor in 1867.

No. 1 RAILWAY HOTEL BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. --Creditors are required, on

or before March 18, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their Mr. JUSTICE STIRLING has received the Honorary Degree of LL.D. from debts or claims, to James Henry Heap and John Thomas Frankland, Accringthe University of Aberdeen.

ton. Thursday, March 31, at 11.30, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

upon debts and claims The Right Hon. Spencer HORATIO WALPOLE, LL.D., Q.C., has been

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. appointed Deputy High Steward of the University of Cambridge in suc

PRIDE OF COQUET LODGE, INDEPENDENT UNITED ORDER OF MECHANICS, Red Lion cession to the late Mr. Francis Barlow. Mr. Walpole was Secretary of

Inn, Felton, Northumberland. Feb 28

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 8. State for the Home Department from March till December, 1852, from

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. March, 1858, till February, 1859, and from July, 1866, till May, 1867. ELECTRICAL NAVIGATION Co., LIMITED.-By an order made by Stirling, J., dated He was sworn in as a Privy Councillor on his first appointment as

Feb 21, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Mann, New Oxford st, Home Secretary. He is a bencher of Lincoln's-inn, of which society he

solor for petner

ITALIAN RAILWAYS SYNDICATE, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented March was treasurer in 1870, and chairman of the Council of Legal Education. 7, directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, March 19. Gush & Co,

Finsbury circus, solors for petner

LLYNVI AND TONDU CO., LIMITED.-North, J., has, by an order dated Feb 26, PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.

appointed John Joseph Smith, 90, Cannon st, to be official liquidator

LONDON MODEL DWELLINGS Co., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Mar HIRAM COSEDGE and James FREDERICK Griffith, solicitors (H. Cosedge

7, directed to be heard before Stirliog, J., on Saturday, March 19. Watson,

Leadenhall st, solor for petner & Griffith), 4, Old Serjeants’-inn, Chancery-lane, London. The said PHENIX SHIPPING CO., LIMITED.-By an order made by Kay, J., dated Feb 26, James Frederick Griffith will carry on business at the same address. Jan. it was ordered that voluntary winding up of company be continued. Flux & 20.

Leadbitter, Leadenhall st, solors for petner

RHONDDA MERTHYR STEAM COAL COLLIERY CO., LIMITED. --Creditors are GEORGE THOMAS WOODROOFFB, HENRY EDWARD BURGESS, and JAMES required, on or before April 14, to send their names and addresses, and parStuart Loch, solicitors (Woolrooffe, Burgess, & Loch), 1, New-square, ticulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. James Barrow, Maesteg. Monday, Lincoln’s-inn, so far as regards the said James Stuart Loch, who retires April 25, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and

claims from the firm. The said George Thomas Woodrooffe and Henry Edward Burgess will continue the said business under the style or firm of Wood

WEST LONDON COMMERCIAL BANK, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has fixed Thursday,

March 17, at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of official liquidator rooffe & Burgess. March 5.

[Gazette, March 8.]

BRIGHTON DISTRICT TRAMWAYS Co.-By an order made by Stirling, J., dated Feb

26, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Hare & Co, Surrey st, GENERAL

Strand, solors for petner The report of the committee appointed in December, 1885, by the Board of Trade to inquire into the manner in which the Patent Ofice was carrying out the Patent Act of 1883 was published on Saturday, together with the evidence taken by the committee. The committee recommend that

CREDITORS' NOTICES. the practice introduced by the Act of 1883 of warning applicants of the

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. existence of unpublished applications likely to confict with their own


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb. 25. should be dropped. In the unanimous opinion of the witnesses this prac- D'ORIDANT, CHARLER, Aldershot, Hants. April 11. Back v D'Oridant, Chitty, tice had entirely failed, and it was calculated that the repeal of the pro J. Robinson, Union ct, Old Broad st vision would result in a saving of £300 to £400 a year. In the case of a

KING, JAMES, Wilson's yd, Islington. March 25. Ladd v King, Chitty, J. patent being abandoned in consequence of a filed but unpublished de- NUGENT, EDMUND LYNCH, Chancery lane. Barrister-at-Law. March 31. Winn fcription, the committee thought that the fees should be returned. The poco sent system of examining applications appeared to the committee to be WINSHIP, ROBERT, Barton on Humber. April 6. Ford v Winship, Chitty, J. too elaborate, and they considered that it might be simplified by diminish

Browne, Cannon st ing the excessive amount of supervision exercised.

NOTICES TO CREDITORS UNDER TRUSTEES RELIEF ACT, for insertion in the London Gazette or any newspaper, should be sent to Harrison and Sons, Publishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, W.0. The Gazette is published every

Tuesday and Friday.-[ÁDVT.)

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 4.

CARR, ROBERT, Liverpool, Mariner. April 7. Bremner & Co, Liverpool
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice
No. 1.
No. 2.


CHITTY. CATLING, THOMAS, Chesham, Buckingham, retired from business. May 5. Mon., Mar. 14 Mr. Pemberton Mr. Lavie

Mr. Leach Mr. Beal

Francis & How, Chesham
... 15 Clowes
Carrington Godfrey Pugh

CHILD, ELLEN SARAH, Bath. March 25. Payne & Fuller, Bath


CHURCH, CHARLES, Faringdon, Berks, Coal Merchant. April 5. Crowdy & Son,
Carrington Godfrey Pugh

Carrington Lavie



DANIELL, HERBERT JAMES, Newport, Mon, Iron Merchant. March 23. Davies,
Carrington Godfrey Pugh

Newport, Mon
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

DAVIS, ELEANOR, Maidstone. April 1. Criddle, Newcastle upon Tyne

STIRLING. KEKEWICH. DEVITT, MARY, Liverpool. April 9. Layton & Steel, Liverpool
14 Mr. Clowes Mr. Koe

Mr. King

DICKINSON. THOMAS SAMUEL, Ewell rd, Surbiton hill, Fruiterer. April 1. HanPemberton Jackson


nay, Coleman st


FARRAR, JAMES, Southport, Boot Dealer. April 1. Fielding, Bolton
Pemberton Jackson



FERARD, CHARLES COTTON, Winkfield, Berks, Esq. April 15. Francis & JohnPemberton Jackson


son, Austin Friers FREUER, ALFRED, Debenham, Suffolk, Farmer. April 6. Lawton & Co, Eye,


GODDEN, WILLIAM, Hollington, South Norwood Park, Esq. April 3). Fox & Co, WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.—Before purchasing

New ct, Carey st or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an

GODWIN, GEORGE, Macclesfield, Gent. May 18. Hand, Macclesfield port from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st. Westminister (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of omices, &c.-LADYT.]

GORDON, DAVID, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Tea Dealer. April 6. Veasey,

Baldock, Herts


Tuesday Wednesday 16 Thursday .. 17 Friday ...... 18 Saturday... 19

Monday, March

Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday Friday ... Saturday

15 16 17

18 ............ 19



GORDON, MARY ANN, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. April 6. Veasey, Baldock, | HENDY, THOMAS GODWIN, Reading, out of business. Reading. Pet Feb 28. Ord Herts

Feb 28 GRAY, GEORGE, York, Gent. June 1. Crumbie, Stonegate, York

HOLMES, LIONEL GEORGE PEYTON, Shirehampton, Gloucester, Medical Prac

titioner. Bristol. Pet March 2. Ord March 2 LESSERT, CHARLES GRIERSON DE, Wolverhampton, Surgeon Dentist. April 12.

HUGHES. OWEN, Aberffraw, Anglesey, General Dealer. Bangor. Pet Feb 28. Thorne & Co, Wolverhampton

Ord Feb 28 HAUDLEY, WILLIAM, Newton Heath, Lancaster, Retired Schoolmaster. April HYSLOP, DAVID. Formosa st, Warwick rd, Maida Hill, Upholsterer. High Court. 14. Minor, Manchester

Pet March 2. Ord March 2 HAWKINS, ELIZABETH, Dinthill, Salop. April 15. Minor, Manchester

KNOS, ANDERS GABRIEL, Fenchurch avenue, Merchant. High Court. Pet Feb

28. Ori Feb 28 HOLT, RICHARD, Horbury, York. April 4. Hill, Halifax

LINEKER, WILLIAM, Stanton on the Wolds, Nottingham, Farmer. Not‘ingham. HOOPER. GEORGE, Bridgwater, Timber Merchant. March 25. Reed & Cook,

Pet March 1. Ord March 1 Bridgwater

LUND. GEORGE, and FREDERICK MORALT BLOCKLEY, Pall Mall, Watch Makers. HUME, REUBEN, Kidderminster, Victualler. April 5. Talbot, Kidderminster

High Court. Pet Feb 28. Ord Feb 28 LAST, WILLIAM NELSON, North Bury St Edmunds, Watchmaker. March 14.

MARSHALL, JOHN, Liverpool Grocer. Liverpool. Pet Feb 28 Pet Feb 28 Woolnough & Co, Bury St Edmunds

MCGOWAN, JAMES, Whitehaven, Boot Maker. Whitehaven. Pet March 1. Ord LLOYDS, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER, Hornsey rise, Printing Ink Manufacturer. March 1 April 10. Maynard & Son, Clifford's inn

NOBLE, JOAN WALTER, Carlisle, Roper. Carlisle. Pet Feb 28. Ord Feb 28 LOWE, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Tin Plate Worker. April 1. Saunders & Bradbury, Birmingham

OCKENDEN, EDMUND JURY, Hove, Builder. Brighton. Pet Feb 26. Ord Feb 26 MOSLEY, SOPHIA ANNE, Rolleston, Stafford. April 15. Small, Burton on Trent OWEN, RICHARD EDWARD, Waleall, Grocer. Walsall. Pet Feb 28. Ord Feb 28 MOWAT, GEORGE, Seaton's Sluice, Northumberland, Mariner. March 31. Keep- PEGLER, FREDERICK URIAH, Swansea, Ironmonger. Swansea. Pet March 2. ing & Gloag, Strand

Ord March 2
NEILL, CHARLOTTE, Talbot rd, Bayswater. March 31. East, Basinghall st PHILLIPS, CHARLES JOYCE, Swindon, Builder. Swindon. Pet March 1, Ord
PEMBER, JAMES, Berrow, Worcester, Innkeeper. April 12. Powell, Upton upon PLAYER, OCTAVIUS R, Bath, Hay Dealer. Bath. Pet Feb 23. Ord Feb 26

PEROWNE, ISABELLA, Norwich. April 30. Clabburn, Norwich

POTTAGE, JOHN WILLIAM, Newport, Mon, Tailor. Newport, Mon. Pet Feb 28.

Ord Feb 28 PETERS, THOMAS, Mold, Flint, Gent. April 18. Kelly & Keene, Mold, Flint

QUILLIAM, ALFRED, Fairfield, Lancs, Accountant. Liverpool. Pet Feb 15. Ord POOLE, JANE, Liverpool, April 22. Priest & Son, Liverpool

March 1

Ord PRIDDLE, HENRY CRESWELL, Niton, Isle of Wight, Esq. April 1. Vincent, Ryde, REES, DANIEL, New Swindon, Tea Dealer. Swindon. Pet March 2. Isle of Wight

March 2 RIDDELL, FRANCES, Redland, Bristol. April 9. Hamlin & Whitty, Bristol REGAN, ELIZABETH, Church Enstone, Oxford, Publican. Oxford. Pet March 2.

Ord March 2
RIVINGTON, WILLIAM, Killamarsh, Derby, Miner. March 25. Wilgon, Sheffield RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Currier. Kingston upon Hull.
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH, Alfred st, Colebrooke row, Islington. April 5. Rumsey, SEVERS, HENRY: Middlesborough, Builder. Stockton on Tees and Middles-

Finsbury pk rd
ROWLANDS, MARY, Sunderland, Beer Retailer. March 19. Green, Sunderland

borough. Pet March 1. Ord March 1

SHELLARD, ALFRED TOM, Coventry, Bicycle Maker. Coventry. Pet March 2. SAMUEL, FANNY YATES, Liverpool. March 16. Parkinson & Hess, Liverpool

Ord March 2

Carlisle. Pet March 2. Ord

SIMPSON, JOSEPH, Carlisle, Corn Merchant.
SMITH, GEORGE, Wednesbury, Stafford, Confectioner. March 28. Brookes,

March 2
SNAPE, JANE, Norwich. April 30. Clabburn, Norwich

SMITH, JAMES, Stoke upon Trent, Estate Agent. Stoke upon Trent. Pet Feb

28. Pet Feb 28 STONE, FRANCES MARY, Tatenhill, Stafford. April 15. Small, Burton on Trent STEWART, JOHN, Newark upon Trent, Grocer. Nottingham. Pet March 2. STUART, Sir ALEXANDER, K.C.M.G.. Sydney, New South Wales. April 12. Want

Ord March 2 & Harston. Clement's lane, Lombard st

STONE, RICHARD, jun, Childrey, nr Wantage, Berks, Farmer. Oxford. Pet TAMPION, DANIEL, Marks Tey, Essex, Gent. May 10. Beaumont & Son, Cogges

March 1. Ord March 1 hall, Essex

THOMAS, JAMES, Newport, Mon, Baker. Newport, Mon. Pet March 1. Ord VAUGHAN-ARBUCKLE, MARGARET HELEN GEORGIANA, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

March 1

TRERISE, RICHARD, Over Whitacre, Warwick, Farmer. Birmingham. Pet WATKINS, HEZEKIAH, Croeshol y Beddau, nr Llantrissant, Glamorganshire. Warsen, WALTER, JAMES WALLACE WATSỌN, and ALLAN GROOME DOUGLAS, WRIGHT, ELIZABETH, Hastings. April 1. Foss & Ledsam, Abchurch lane

Birmingham, Lithographers. Birmingham. Pet March 2. Ord March 2 WRIGHT, EUPHEMIA, Anerley, Surrey. July 31. Carrill & Son, Rood lane

YOUNG, EDWARD, Camden rd, Cabinet Maker. April 6. Withall & Co, Great
George st

ALLSOP, CHARLES TITTENSER, Walsall, Sadler. March 14 at 10. Off Rec, Walsall
BALE, JOHN, Morledge, Licensed Victualler. March 14 at 2.30. Off Rec, St

James's chbrs, Derby

BEST, GEORGE HOLLINGS, Bath, Hotel Proprietor. March 14 at 12.15, White FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit; 1.2, or 3 years credit;

Lion Hotel, Bath 60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. Branches at 121, Pali BESWICK, ROBERT, Radway Green, Cheshire, out of business. March 12 at 11.45. Mall, S.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.-[ADVT.

Off Rec, Newcastle under Lyme

Boot Dealers. March 14 at 11.30. North Stafford Hotel, Stoke upon


BRICKELL, JOHN, Manor pk, Essex, Builder. March 11 at 2.30. 33, Carey st, BANKRUPTCY NOTICES.

Lincoln's inn

BULLETT, HENRY SAMUEL, Springfield, Essex, Baker. March 12 at 12.30. ShireLondon Gazette.-FRIDAY, Mar. 4.

hall, Chelmsford RECEIVING ORDERS.

BYERS, ALEXANDER, Shrewsbury, Draper. March 11 at 1. Off Rec, 15, King st,

Gloucester ARMITSTEAD, WILLIAM, Leeds, Provision Dealer's Cartman. Bradford. Pet CAMPBELL, HENRY, Epworth, Lincolnshire, Potato Salesman. March 14 at 3. Mar 1. Ord Mar 1

Off Rec, Figtree lane, Sheffield BALE, JOHN, Derby, Licensed Victualler. Derby. Pet Feb 24. Ord Mar 1 CARR, JOHN, Pickering, Yorks, Engineman. March 11 at 11. Off Rec, 74, NewBENHAM, FREDERICK JOHN, York grove, Queen's rd, Peckham. High Court.

borough st, Scarborough Pet Feb 16. Ord Mar i

CHATTERTON, JOHN, Northwich, out of employment. March 12 at 4. Royal BEST, GEORGE HOLLINGS, Bath, Hotel Proprietor. Bath. Pet Feb 28. Ord Feb 28

Hotel, Orewe BLANKLEY, CHARLES, Philip lane, Wood st, Beltmaker High Court. Pet Feb

CROOK, GEORGE, St Paul's churchyard, Warehouseman. March 11 at 11. 33, 28. Ord Feb 28

Carey st. Lincoln's inn BLEASDALE, WILLIAM, Blackburn, Farmer. Preston. Pet Mar 1. Ord Mar 1

DAVIS, WALTER, Bristol, China Dealer. March 15 at 12. Off Rec, Bank chbrs,

Bristol BODENHAM, WILLIAM, West Bromwich, Grocer. Oldbury. Pet Mar 1. Ord Mar 1

DELVES, CHARLES FREDERIC, and WILLIAM TRESS, Uckfield, Sussex, Brewers. BUTCHER, WILLIAM, Basingstoke, Grocer. Winchester. Pet Mar 1. Ord Mar 1

March 11 at 1. Maidenhead Hotel, Uckfield

FARRINGTON, VALENTINE, Ulverston, Lancs, Corn Miler. March 11 at 2.30. 2, CLINCH, ALBERT, and PHILIP HENRY PATTEN, Rotherfield st, Islington, Builders.

Paxton ter, Barrow in Furness
High Court. Pet Feb 28. Ord Feb 28

GIBSON, ROBERT, Purston, Yorks, Joiner. March 11 at 11. Off Rec, Southgate COGGIN, THOMAS, Viceroy rd, South Lambeth, Clerk of Rates. High Court.

chbrs, Southgate, Wakefield Pet Mar 2. Ord Mar 2

GOODING, WILLIAM, Deopham, Norfolk, Miller, March 12 at 12. Off Rec, 8, COLLIER, RICHARD GEORGE, Worthing, Stonemason. Brighton. Pet Mar 2.

King st, Norwich
Ord Mar 2

GRAY, EDWARD, Gt George st, Stock Dealer. March 11 at 12. 33, Carey st, LinCOMPLIN, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Saduler. Birmingham. Pet Feb 11. Ord Mar 2

coln's inn COOK, ALFRED, Stratford, Essex, Baker. High Court. Pet Feb 7. Ord Mar 1

GRAY, THOMAS, Nottingbam, Plumbers' Merchant. March 11 at 3. Off Rec, 1,

High payement, Nottingham DAVIS, WALTER, Bristol, China Dealer. Bristol. Pet Mar 1. Ord Mar 1

GROSUTT, THOMAS, Sheffield, Bookbinder. March 14 at 1. Off Rec, Figtree lane, DAW, PHILIP, Stourport, Worcester, Builder. Kidderminster. Pet Feb 11. Ord HANBERG, WILLIAM, Bristol, Clothier. March 11 at 12. Off Rec, Bank chbrs, Feb 22

Bristol DYSON. ELI, and THOMAS DYSON, Oldham, Joiners. Oldham. Pet March 2. Ord HARRIS, ESTHER, and SARAH HARRIS, Swansea, Pawnbrokers. March 11 at 11. EPHGRAVE, ELI, Redbourn, Hertford, Baker. St Albans. Pet March 1. Ord HARRI-9, GEORGE, Weston super Mare, Grocer. March 11 at 2. Railway Hotel, Evans, MORGAN, Llanfihangel y Croyddyn, Cardigan, Labourer. Aberystwith. HONEYBELL, DANIEL, Boxted, Essex, Farmer. March 16 at 11. Townhall, ColFLOCKTON, ALICE JANE, Dewsbury, Confectioner. Dewsbury. Pet March 2. Ord JAY, CLAUDE, Old Town, Clapham, Upholsterer. March 11 at 11. Bankıuptoy GANDY, MAURICE, Liverpool, Manager to a Company. Liverpool. Pet Feb 11.

bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

JOHNSON, GEORGE, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Saddler. March 14 at 2. Off GARDNER, WILLIAM, and CHARLES ROWLAND DAVIES, Chadlington, Oxford, LEGGEIT, FREDERICK, At Yarmouth, Fish Merchant. March 12 at 12.30. Off GOODING, WILLIAM, Deopham, Norfolk, Miller. Norwich. Pet March 1. Ord LOVICK, HARRY EDWARD, Leeds, Joiner. March 14 at 11. Of Rec, 22, Park row, HARRISS, GEORGE, Weston super Mare, Grocer. Bridgwater. Pet Feb 28. Ord | MARLOW, HENRY CHARLES, Walsall, Collar Maker. March 12 at 11.15. Off Réc,

Feb 28
HARRIS, ESTHER, and SARAH HARRIS, Swansea, Pawnbrokers. Swansea

Pet MCGOWAN, JAMES, Whitehaven, Boot Maker. March 15 at 12.

Duke st, HARRISON, JOHN, Springhead, Yorks, Builder. Oldham. Pet March 1. Ord MORRIS, JOHN GEORGE, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Hotel Keeper. March 11 March 2

at 11. Off Rec, 1, High pavement, Nottingham

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