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for joining them. He therefore dismissed their application, with costs in Torquay Race Course Co.” was accordingly incorporated, one of its any event.--COUNSEL, Whitehorne, Q.O., and J. G. Wood ; Elton, Q C., objects, as stated in the memorandum, being to acquire all the estate, and Blakesley. SOLICITORS, Harvey & Capron; White, Borrett, & Co. right, title, and interest of the six lessees in the land leased to them. An

assignment was prepared and executed by five of the lessees, but the FOX v. ROTHWELL–Chitty, J., 25th February.

defendant refused to execute, and set up the Statute of Frauds. This FORECLOSURE—MORTGAGEE In Possession —ACCOUNTS PENDING PERIOD OF Claiming an order that he should join in executing a proper assignment.

was an action by the lessees (other than Webb) and the company REDEMPTION.

KEKEWICH, J, said the question was whether the plaintiffs were entitled This was a motion by plaintiffs for foreclosure absolute. The property to specific performance against the defendant, and to have the assignment consisted of mills, and the plaintiffs, who were mortgagees in possession, of certain property executed. The most important clause in the minute had provided working power. In July, 1883, judgment was given for an was the one “to take au assignment of the same lease, and that the account of what was due on the security, for rents and profits, and for necessary steps be at once taken to carry out the above.". At that time expenses of carrying on the mills, including working power. By the there was no company in existence, and so it could not be bound. What certificate, made in August, 1886, a large sum was found due to the did the words “necessary steps to carry out the above ” mean. They plaintiffs, but since that time and before the day, in February, 1887, fixed formed and registered a company, which was of the character described for redemption, a considerable sum had accrued in respect 3f rents, but an in the minute. Everything had been done except taking an assignment. affidavit by the plaintiffs was produced shewing that at the same time a But there was nothing about the lessees assigning in the minute. His larger sum than what had accrued for rents had been expended by the lordship could not see in the minute anything more than an agreement plaintiffs for necessary repairs and outgoings. The defendants did not that the company should take an assignment. He could find no contract appear.

to assign sufficient to satisfy the statute, and judgment would therefore CHITTY, J., said that he saw no objection to making the order as be for the defendant.—COUNSEL, Warmington, Q.o., and Yate-Lee ; Barber, prayed. --Counsel, Levett. SOLICITORS, Bower, Cotton, & Bower, for Long. Q.C., and Badcock. Solicitors, Brownlow & Howe, for T. C. Lindop, Torbottom & Son, Halifax.

quay ; Crowder of Vizard, for Windeatt f Windeatt, Totnes.


LAW SOCIETIES. The question in this case was, whether the pendency of an action by originating summons to determine certain questions arising

MANCHESTER INCORPORATED LAW ASSOCIATION. under the will of a testator had the effect of enlarging the time The annual general meeting of the members of the association was held within which he had, by his will, directed that his next of on the 19th of January, when an account of the receipts and disbursements kin must establish their title to his estate. The testator

gave (previously audited by two of the members) was submitted and passed, his residuary estate unto such person or persons who should within and the officers and committee were elected for the ensuing year. The a year from his death establish his or her or their right or title thereto, following gentlemen were elected the officers of the association for the either as bis heir-at-law or next of kin according to the statute for the ensuing year :-president, Mr. F. Hampson; vice presidents, Mr. T. L. distribution of the personal estates of intestates, and in default thereof, Farrar and Mr. S. Woodcock ; treasurer, Mr. W. L. Welsh; honorary and in case of his making no subsequent disposition of his residuary secretary, Mr. John Bury; chairman of committee, Mr. W. H. Guest; estate, he gave the same equally between the plaintiff and his two deputy chairman, Mr. T. J. Gill. The report was read by the honorary executors. Within a short time after the testator's death this action was secretary and unanimously adopted. commenced, and inquiries were directed to ascertain who were the next of kin and heir. As there turned out to be no real estate, the inquiry as to the heir was dropped. Several claims were carried in by persons The following are extracts from the report :who sought to establish their title as next of kiu, but they failed to do Provincial Sittings Bill. -Early in January last your committee arranged 80... Ultimately some persons named B. proved that they were the next a conference with the members of Parliament for this district on the subject of kin, but they did not do so within the year after the testator's death. of this Bill. The conference was well attended, and the Bill having been It was, however, contended on their behalf, on the authority of Franco fully discussed, the members present promised their support, and urged 5. Alvares (3 Atk. 342) and Tollner v. Marriott (4 Sim. 19), that the the immediate introduction of the Bill. At this conference your committee pendency of the action prevented the time from running against them, had the valuable assistance of a deputation from the Liverpool Law Society. and that, the action having been commenced within the year, they could

The Bill was therefore again introduced into the House of Commons by establish their right at any time while the proceedings in it were pend- Mr. Whitley, M.P., and your committee presented a petition in support, ing In Tollner v. Marriott a testator gave £100 to each of the children and requested the members of the district, the municipal corporations, the of his sisters, provided they claimed the same within five years after his Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and other commercial bodies, to decease by writing under their hands delivered to his executors. It was again support the Bill. A deputation of your association and of the held that the filing of a bill by residuary legatees within the five years Liverpool Law Society waited, on the 11th of March, 1886, on the Lord to administer the estate was equivalent to the making of a claim, though Chancellor (Lord Herschell), who stated that he was fully' aware of the none of the children of the sisters were parties to the suit. of a bill was equivalent to the making of a claim; that was very different by new rules and orders towards carrying out their views, and promised to NORTH, J., said that in Tollner v. Marriott it was held that the filing in Lancashire, but suggested to the deputation that much might be done

It was not held that the filing of a bill was take into his consideration any proposals for such orders which the equivalent to the establishment of a right. Moreover, the proceedings presidents of the two societies might submit to him. A deputation also in the present action were not equivalent to an administration suit. The

waited on the Attorney-General (Sir Chas. Russell) in the month of April, present action was brought to determine certain questions without a to urge upon him the desirableness of the Government supporting Mr. general administration of the testator's estate by the court. He held, Whitley's Bill. The Attorney-General expressed himself favourable to the therefore, that the B. claimants had not established their right in time. - views of the deputation. In compliance with the Lord Chancellor's sugCOHESEL, Cozens- Hardy, Q.C., and Chadwyck-Healey ; Rigby, Q.c., and gestion, your association and the Liverpool Law Society prepared draft Vaid.ow; Cookson, Q.c?, and” Dyne. Solucurons, Sharpe, Parkers; os comoSrders which they considered would give to Lancashire suitors many of Dawes & Sons ; Arthur M. Smith.

the facilities which are so pressingly required, and forwarded them to his

lordship, with an explanatory letter. These were not adopted in their BALSAM v. WEBB-Kekewich, J., 24th February.

entirety, but the new rules as to chancery procedure, mentioned in the Statute of Frauds-Minutes of MEETING CONTRACT TO Assign Lease. business in the House of Commons prevented any progress being made

next paragraph, are the result of the action thus taken. The state of In this case the question to be decided was whether minutes of a with the Provincial Sittings Bill. meeting of lessees constituted a note or memorandum in writing sufficient Chancery Procedure.- In July last a new rule of the Supreme Court was to gietisfy the statute of Frauds, and so as to bind the parties to it to issued, amending rule 22A of October, 1884, and providing for special Maldon, by lease, dated the 21st of December, 1885, demised to six year, for the trial of witness causes, on condition that ten such causes were thens, including the deferdant, F. N. Webb, "certain landmatest. Mary Set down for trial. In December last new rules of the Supreme Court as

On January 28, 1886, the six lessees met and to chamber work were issued, which will materially tend to facilitate the ole ole the desses, including the defendant, webno in utem intues of Meeting Opinion of your committee, secure all the local facilities that are desirable, namestore held on 28th January, 1886:-Present: "[Thent so to Weating sain, so far as they go, they will render important benefits to Lancashire Piheese pof five lessees, including the defendant) Proposed by Mr. Webb suitors and to the profession.

Claims for Crown Duties.-Your committee resolved to support Mr. formany, to be called "The Torquay Race Course Co., Limited," 16. Gregory's resolution, that a limitation in point of time should be applicpured, with a capital of three thousand pounds in 25 shares, from the able to liabilities for duties to the Crown, and the Parliamentary Mary Church, recently leased by Lord Haldou to Mr. Balsam and others, tion. bergehof holding race meetings and other reports $2 the land at the representatives of the city and district were urged to support the resolu and to take an assignment of the same lease, and that the necessary steps be at once

Solicitors' Remuneration Act and Orders.—Your committee have requested [Then followed various subsidiary details, the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom to obtain an early until the first ordinary meeting of the company. [Here followed the a lot (as in Manchester), instead of a commission, deprives a vendor's

from the present case,

taken to carry out the above.


that the London society are prepared to obtain such a decision on an ap- should be called together oftener to discuss matters of interest to the propriate case being presented.

profession. The way in which they had sat down under the Bankruptcy Bankruptcy-Private Arrangements.-Your committee having considered Regulations, the new County Court Rules, the new Judicature Rules, and the subject of arrangements with creditors, was of opinion that legislative other injustices, was most miserable. steps ought to be taken to provide for the registration of private arrange Mr. Buller thought that the small number of student members was ments, so as to make them binding upon all creditors, if assented to by a due to the fact that there were not so many men going into the law in large majority in number and value; but that compulsory registration Birmingham as there were formerly. He hoped that the legal practitioners without the power to bind such minorities, or in cases where all the credi of the town would get some opportunity of viewing the laying of the tors are agreed, would not be expedient. A joint deputation of your foundation-stone of the Law Courts as a body. He agreed with some of association and of the Liverpool Law Society and the Manchester the remarks of Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Bayley, but thought that some of Chamber of Commerce, accompanied by the Mayor of Manchester and the criticisms on the committee were unfounded. several of the members for the district, waited on Mr. Mundella, the Mr. Johnson appreciated the injustice that had been done to solicitors President of the Board of Trade, and urged upon him the necessity of in the county court practice and bankruptcy practice. That arose from obtaining legislative sanction for such registration, but his views were un the fact that the new rules were framed by barristers in favour of favourable to the wishes of the deputation.

barristers. As to the Bankruptcy Act, the pendulum of public opinion, The Manchester and Salford. County Courts. - Your committee, in con. and, therefore, of legislation, always swung from officialism to private junction with other public bodies, presented a memorial to the Lord arrangement, and from private arrangement to officialism. Forty years Chancellor in favour of the amalgamation of these county courts. Ulti ago Lord Brougham thought he was bringing in the millennium with his mately, the districts of Hulme and Cheetham have been reunited to the official assignees, but, after fifteen years, these official assignees retired county court holden at Manchester.

amid the execration of the world, and so would the present official Bills of Sale Act.-Your committee placed themselves in communication trustees if they gave them time. with the Attorney-General and the Incorporated Law Society, urging that The President said that the matters referred to by Mr. Bayley and Mr. the effect of the decision of the Court of Appeal in Ex parte Barber on past O'Connor had not escaped the attention of the committee, but no notice bills of sale should be corrected by legielation, but they presume it was was taken of the representations of provincial societies. It was better to considered hopeless to attempt to pass a Bill 'in the last weeks of the act throngh the Incorporated Law Society, with which they were session.

affiliated. As to the conditions of sale, the committee had purposely Audience of Solicitors before the Railway Commissioners.-Your committee delayed their preparation, having been advised to wait until some decisions wrote to the members of Parliament for the district urging them to sup- had been given that might guide them. port the clause proposed by Mr. Gregory, giving the right of audience to Votes of thanks were passed to the examiners and other officers, and solicitors.

the retiring members of the committee were re-elected. Rating of Chief Rents.--The proposal to rate chief and ground rents has occupied the attention of your committee, who considered that such rating would be prejudicial to the interest of this district, and therefore The following are extracts from the report of the committee :decided if the proposal was pressed to print and circulate statements on Members. The number of members is now 241, being six more than the subject, and to present evidence before the Committee of the House of last year. Commons. Arrangements were made through one of our local members for The Horton Fund.--The fund, which was raised for perpetuating the the examination of the witnesses tendered by this committee. The memory of the services rendered to the society by Mr. Thomas Horton, dissolution of Parliament prevented the committee from continuing its amounts, after the purchase of the silver salver presented to him at our sittings.

last annual meeting, to £100, and, with his concurrence, arrangements

have been made for this amount to be invested in the name of the society BIRMINGHAM INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

in Three per Cent. Consols—the income from time to time to be expended

in procuring an additional prize to be presented to the winner of the The annual meeting of the Birmingham Incorporated Law Society was gold medal. If in any year the gold medal is not won, the income for that held on the 25th ult. The president, Mr. C. E. Mathews, was in the year to be added to the Capital Fund. chair. In moving the adoption of the report, the President remarked Reduced Subscription to Young Solicitors. It has often been felt that that they were in the happy position of having no history, there having young practitioners starting by themselves are rather heavily handicapped been no legislation affecting the interest of Birmingham or Birmingham by having to pay the three guineas subscription to the society, and to solicitors which required them to take action. They had about got used

meet this difficulty the council have resolved “that members of the to the Bankruptcy Act, and the only remark he had to make was that, as society, paying in respect of their annual practising certificates, the reduced far as solicitors were concerned, the Act gave them the maximum of stamp duty of £3 should, in respect of the year in which any such certitrouble with the minimum of remuneration. The work of the committee ficates expire, be charged a subscription of one-half the amount which was sometimes a very thankless task. For instance, when they received would have been charged if this regulation had not been made." Mem. the new County Court Rules from the Lord Chancellor, those rules had bers are requested to take notice of this regulation in the payment of the already been passed, so that it was too late to protest. Their chief work subscription just become due. lay in reading through a quantity of Bills to ascertain how the interests Provincial Sittings Bill.—The Provincial Sittings Bill was again introof the public and the profession were affected by them ; but about duced into the House of Commons, Mr. J. Powell Williams kindly 19-20ths of this incipient legislation became abortive. The president allowing his name to be put upon the back of it. A petition in support commented upon the figures given in the report, which he considered of the Bill was presented by this society, but the Bill never reached its satisfactory, with the exception of those showing a falling off in the second reading. number of student members. In 1877-8 they had sixty law students Opening of the New Law Courts.—Your committee feel, in common with members of the society, their subscriptions amounting to £30, whereas in all the members of the profession, satisfaction at the progress which is 1886 they had only fifteen of these members, bringing in an income of being made in the steps for the erection of the assize courts. Several only 73 guineas. The balance carried forward had been increased from members of the committee had the opportunity of inspecting the plans, £116 to £130.

Five of the debentures raised for the erection of and they venture to hope that the works about to be so happily inaugurthe library had been paid off during the year, and they were now within

ated on the occasion of the visit of the Queen to Birmingham may be measurable distance of having the debt cleared off by the yearly savings speedily carried to a satisfactory conclusion. on the debenture account. The 11,000 borrowings of books seemed to indicate that the members were seeing the wisdom of trusting to the library instead of buying text-books which soon got out of date. In applying the Horton Prize Fund the committee had thought it better to give a sum of money to go with the gold medal than to make an additional fund. They had not a gold medallist this year among their students,

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. but they must remember that last year two students attained the gold

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY, medal standard of excellence. The committee would submit to the meeting revised conditions of sale. These had been submitted to three

PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION. eminent counsel, and the suggestions of these gentlemen had been

The following candidates (whose names are in alphabetical order) were adopted where they seemed advisable. He congratulated the members on

successful at the preliminary examination held on the 9th and 10th days the fact that the first stone of the Birmingham Law Courts was about to of February, 1887. be laid. The committee, aided in the Town Council by Mr. Johnson, had Adamson, Reginald Callaway been agitating the subject for many years, and it was very gratifying to Alderson, Charles

Bradley, William find that the object was now about to be accomplished. Both the mem

Bretherton, William Talbot bers of the profession and the public might congratualate themselves that Baker, Philip

Attwater, Walter Jones

Brown, George the first stone was to be laid by the Queen; and he was sure that there Barber, Richard William

Burton, Wilfred James would be no reason for dissatisfaction with the reception which her Bartle, William Godfrey

Byrne, Thomas James Majesty would get from the lawyers of the town.

Cain, Francis Augustine Mr. Walford seconded the motion.

Bate, John

Carnley, Charles Douglas Mr. Bayley thought that the committee might do something more for Beaumont, Joseph William

Bayly, John

Castle, William the interests of the profession than examine Bills which never passed into Bell, Henry Herbert

Chapman, Sydney John law. He instanced the way in which solicitors were treated in bankruptcy Bond, James Edmund

Clayton, Francis Hare matters and the new County Court Rules. He thought that the condi- Booth, Charles Joseph

Cleaver, Robert Clifton tions of sale ought to have been revised at least two years ago, seeing that Bowen, Harry James Ap Owen

Compston, John Albert the Act which had rendered the revision necessary was passed in 1881.

Coombe, Percival Ernest Mr. O'Connor agreed with Mr. Bayley, and urged that the members Bradbury, John

Bracey, Frank Arthur

Cousins, Jim Henry
Crosby, Charles William

some time associated in partnership with his son, Mr. Henry Charles to assent to the proposal of the Treasury as being unjust and unfair in

Davies, Joseph Pughe

Marriot, Charles Cockburn
Davies, William James
May, James

Devonshire, Archibald
Mitchell, Percy Robert

Mr. George BROWNE COLLINS, solicitor, of St. Columb, has been Dingle, Frederick Burrington Moffat, George Melville

appointed by the High Sheriff of Cornwall (Mr. Digby Collins) to be Edwards, Richard Glyn Morris, Lewis Algernon

Under-Sheriff of that County for the ensuing year. Mr. Collins is Egginton, Denys Morris, Ronald

Registrar of the St. Columb County Court. He was admitted a solicitor Eldridge, Arthur George Mounsey, Kenneth William

in 1840, and he is in partnership with his son, Mr. George Vernon Collins, Elgar, Walter Robinson Mumford, George Lugar

who is clerk to the New Quay Local Board and to the Commissioners of Elliott, Philbrick Frank Colechin Murray, Herbert

Taxes for the Pydar Division.
Emery, Henry Alcock

Murray, Rodney Montolieu
Evans, Ernest Septimus
Nevill, Henry Christopher

Mr. John McKeever, solicitor, of Wigton and Carlisle, has been
Evers, Frank Percival
Nind, Ronald Pitt

appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of

Farnworth, John

Nixon, Edwin Barclay
Field, Henry John
Nye, Arthur William

Mr. CHARLES MACRO Wilson, solicitor (of the firm of Younge & Wilson),
Finch, Ernest Cormack
O'Halloran, John William

of Sheffield, has been elected President of the Sheffield District InForman, Arthur Palmer, William Verney

corporated Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Wilson was admitted Francis, Arthur Edward Peachy, Charles Bernard

a solicitor in 1856. Francis, George Philip Peake, Hugh

Mr. Thomas R. BURY, solicitor (of the firm of Acton, Bury, & Acton), Franks, Arthur James Petman, Richard John

of Wrexham, has been elected President of the Chester and North Wales Fraser, Henry Edwin Phillips, Henry George

Incorporated Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Bury was admitted Gadsden, Arthur Horace

Pierce, Francis Dormer Garlick, Percy Kent

a solicitor in 1865. He is town clerk of the borough of Wrexham. Reed, Harry Geipel, Sidney Rees, Griffith Caradog

Mr. JOSEPH IBBERSON, solicitor, of Dewsbury and Mirfield, has been Gibson, Kenneth Cawley Richardson, William Porter

elected President of the Dewsbury District Incorporated Law Society Green, Francis Spranger Roberts, William Herbert David

for the ensuing year.

Mr. Ibberson is clerk to the county magistrates at Griffiths, Walter Hepworth Robertson, George Douglas

Dewsbury, clerk to the Mirfield Local Board, and solicitor to the Soothill Griffith-Williams, Alfred Mortimer Robinson, Colin

School Board. He was admitted a solicitor in 1862.
Groves, Sidney
Rutherford, Charles Henry

Mr. CHARLES FREDERICK LUMB, barrister, has been appointed Junior
Ham, William Herbert
Scott, Alfred

Counsel to the Mint for the borough of Liverpool. Mr. Lumb is the Hampton, Wilfrid Herbert Shaw, James

eldest son of Mr. Richard Lumb, of Liverpool, and was born in 1846. Hart, Walter Gray Shepheard, Lewis Wallwyn

He was formerly scholar of Downing College, Cambridge, where he Heaver, Alfred Sinnot, George Hall

graduated LL.M. in 1877. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Hensley, Thomas Herbert Skelton, Peter John

Hilary Term, 1874, and he practises on the Northern Circuit, and at the Heywood, Nathaniel Arthur Skinner, Robert William

Liverpool, Kirkdale, Bolton, and Wigan Sessions.
Hibbert, Alan
Smith, Geoffrey Plumpton

Lord COLERIDGE has been elected President of the Exeter Literary Hodgson, Charles William Allan Stephenson, Arthur

Society. Hopkins, Charles Russell

Studer, Alphonse Horton, Thomas William

His Royal Highness the Duke OF CONnaught has been elected Treasurer, Talbot, Arthur Gerald Hughes, Reginald Leopold

and MASTER GEORGE FRANCIS Deputy Treasurer, of Gray’s-inn for the Taylor, Glenmore Evans Hutchinson, Elliot St. Maurice

year 1887-88.
Tickle, Wilfrid Theodore
Jackson, Stowers William
Toller, Hubert Charles

Mr. HERBERT CLIFFORD SAUNDERS, Q.O., has been elected Chairman of
Johnston, Gerald Herbert
Toller, Montague Henry

the Executive Committee of the City and Guilds of London Institute. Kelly, Stanley Hill Toulmin, George

Mr. Saunders is the third son of Mr. Charles Alexander Saunders, and was Kerr, Robert Charles Vinter, Ernest

born in 1835. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he King, Gerald Mohun Vulliamy, Frederick Arthur

graduated second class in Classics in 1856. He was called to the bar at King, Orton Walker, Louis Sidney

Lincoln's-iun in Easter Term, 1859, and he became a Queen's Counsel in Kirk, William Watson, Miles Walker

1881. He practises on the Western Circuit and at the Parliamentary bar. Latham, Ernest Lea, Joseph Samuel Weatherall, James Dale

Mr. ROBERT ARTHUR WARD, solicitor, of Maidenhead, has been apLees, Joseph Herbert Wheatcroft, William Henry

pointed Clerk to the Borough and County Magistrates at that place, and Light, Leonard William Willett, Arthur James

Clerk to the Borough Charity Trustees. Mr. Ward was admitted a solici. Long, Cecil Willett, Herbert

tor in 1848. Longmuir, James Arnott Williams, Hugh Noel

Mr. Joseph BLAND Walker, solicitor, of Belper, has been appointed Marchant, William Edward Bout. Yeoman, Oliver Worrall, Frank

Clerk to the Little Eaton School Board. Mr. Walker was admitted a solicitor in 1850.

Mr. Philip De LAUDE LONG, solicitor (of the firm of Monckton, Long, & Gardiner), of 17, Lincoln's-inn-fields, has been appointed Clerk to the Coach and Coach Harness Makers' Company, in succession to the late Mr.

Henry Nicholson. Mr. Long was admitted a solicitor in 1858.


ARTHUR BAILEY and JOHN Alexander Read, solicitors (Bailey & Read), Mr. John Stuck Barnes, solicitor, of Colchester, died on the 20th ult., Bolton. The said Arthur Bailey will henceforth practise at No. 25, from bronchitis, at the age of eighty-three. Mr. Barnes was born in Hood-street, Bolton. of Col. He served his articles with the late Mr. William Wallis Francis, practise at 62, King-street, Manchester. Dec. 31. [Gazette, March 1.) of Colchester. He was admitted a solicitor in 1834, and he had practised in the borough for more than half a century. He had been clerk of the peace for Colchester ever since the passing of the Municipal Corporations

GENERAL.. Act, On the passing of the First County Courts Act he became assistant

A Parliamentary paper contains a copy of correspondence between the clerk of the Colchester County Court (Circuit No. 38);

In 1856 he Treasury and the Irish Government as to the remuneration of the under the Judicature Acts, but about two years ago be resigned on the of failing health. Mr. Barnes was for several years the head of tary for Ireland, informing the treasury that the Irish Government desired alone. He had filled the office of 'under-sheriff of Essex, and he was a

for non-contentious business thereby effecting a saving of nearly £3,000. com pluffolk Equitable Fireh stocietyy auditowas chairman boleh berEsger General, should receive, in place of all salaries and allowances, £5,000, to be el mens widow (daughter of the landler om shames Cromami, about no charen: Solicitor-General:2,000. These salaries were to cover all business of

whatever kind done for any department, except such business as was idr.Henry Swert, solicitor, of Taunton, died on the 20th ult., in his contentious business are fixed.

specially described in the letter as contentious; and the fees for such

In May the Irish Government expressed Sweet, rector of Compton Arundel, and was born in 1817.

the Rev. Charles Barker the opinion that £4,000 a year was not sufficient for the post, and when

the Treasury still urged the matter, Mr. Morley wrote expressing the 1964 and bad practised for Sxer forty-five years was madmitte having til en for de muired to the recommendation, and his excellency felt himself unable Sweet, who was admitted a solicitor in 1875.

He was secretary and dealing with the future of the most important legal appoitment under en een feestion at Taunton.ctte was more like what the allo entan eraunton, bone General had a mights to promotion 40 the Judicial bench, and that they pregnate practice in the district. Bai. andet en bader olierige the Irish Gowearamount Tote beatusi, coblat year, and that the Attorney

reluctantly found themselves unable to assent to the salary of the office


He was buried on the 25th ult.

sixty-ninth year. Mr. Sweet' was the son

He was


being fixed in the case of future holders at a higher rate than £4,000 & year. The matter had not been settled by August 6, when Mr. Holmes had succeeded Mr. Walker as Attorney-General, and Sir Michael Hicks- Beach urges the claims of Mr. Holmes for the higher salary, while the £300 a year hitherto paid to the Attorney-General's clerk in lieu of fees was to cease. The Treasury October 4) assented to the higher salary for Mr. Holmes, but still adherred to the decision already come to in the case of any future appointment; and the paper concludes with a letter from the Irish Government refusing to accept the decision and adhering to their former views.

HENSHAW STREET SPINNING CO, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented

Feb 25, directed to be heard before the Vice Chancellor at St George's Hall, Liverpool, on March 14. Addleshaw & Warburton, Manchester, solors for petners JAMES BARKER & SONS, LIMITED.-By an order made by the Vice Obancellor, dated Feb 16, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of James Barker

& Sons. Limited, be continued. Boote & Edgar, Manchester, solors for petner JUNCTION IRON WORKS Co, LIMITED.--Petn for winding up, presented Feb 28,

directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at St George's hall, Liverpool, on March 14, at 11. Addleshaw & Warburton, Manchester, solors for petners LANCASHIRE HOUSE OWNERS' INVESTMENT CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up,

presented Feb 26, directed to be heard before Bristowe, V.O., at St George's hall, Liverpool, on Monday, March 14. Mather, Liverpool, agent for Hughes, Bolton, solor for petners

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London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb 18.

LLOYD. HENRY, Stafford, Joiner. March 22. Venables v Lloyd, Chitty, J.
No. 1.
No. 2.


Twynam, Stafford
Mon., Mar. 7 Mr. Beal Mr. Jackson Mr. Pugh

Mr. Lavie

MANTLE, THOMAS ALLEN, Hope villas, Wandsworth common, Professional Tuesday



Cricketer. March 19. E. J. Page & Co. v Mantle, North, J. Street, Lin

Wednesday 9


coln's inn fields Thursday .. 10 Godfrey




Saturday... 12 Ward


Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice London Gazette or any newspaper, should be sent to Harrison and Sons, Pub-

lishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, W.O. The Gazette is published every

Tuesday and Friday.-[ADVT.] Monday, March

7 Mr. Ward

Mr. Pemberton Mr. Godfrey Tuesday, 8 King




UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.



11 Ward
Pemberton Godfrey

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Feb. 22.



BAKER, SAMUEL, Rowley Regis, Stafford, Colliery Manager. April 4. Wright &

Co, Oldbury
BARRETT, THOMAS, Grosvenor rd, Pimlico. March 31. Tippetts & Son, Maiden

Jane, Cheapside
BICKNELL PHILIP CHARLES, Swilland, nr Ipswich, Clerk in Holy Orders. April

4. Lawrance & Uo, Old Jewry chbrs

BOURNE, ELIZABETH, Bertrand st, Lewisham. March 21. Lockyer, Gresham

bidgs, Basingball st London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb. 25.

CLARKE, LYDIA, Norton Cottage, Upper Clapton. April 20. Davies, Sherborne JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.


COOPER, THOMAS, Rawmarsh, York. May 10. Pashley & Hodgkinson, Rother

ham ABERCORRIS SLATE AND SLAB CO, LIMITED.-Chitty, J, has, by an order, dated

Cox, ROSALINDA ALICIA DE GRENIER, Moat Mount, Mill Hill. March 28. Harris Jan 13, appointed Edgar Ashworth Harvey, 18, St Dunstan's hill, to be official

& Co, Essex st, Strand liquidator

CROOME, WILLIAM FIELDER, North Cerney, Gloucester, Esq. March 24. MulABERAYRON MUTUAL SHIP INSURANCE SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up,

lings & Co, Cirencester presented Feb 22, directed to be heard before North, J, on Saturday, March 3. Lovell, Bishopsgate st Within, for koberts & Co, Aberystwith, solors petners

DANKAERTS, JOHN, Antwerp. Belgium, Esq. April 1. Upton & Co, Austin


EDGELL, Rev WILLIAM CHARLES, Uggleshall, Suffolk. March 15. Edgell, Chanare required, on or before March 25, to send their names and addresses to

cery lane Edward Cecil Moore, Crosby sq. Tuesday, April 5, at 11, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

EDWARDS, RICHARD, Aston Ingham, Hereford, Farmer. April 1. Marston &

Sons, Ludlow LONDON AND LANCASHIRE PAPER MILL CO, LIMITED.-North. J, has fixed March 9, at 1, at his chambers, for the appointment of an officiel liquidator

FELL, WILLIAM, Manchester, Iron Merchant. March 31. Taylor & Co, Man

chester PUNJAUB AND CASHMERE CARPET CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 23, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on March 5. Payne & Lattey,

FERGUS, WALTER, Ryton on Tyne, Durham, M.D. April 9. Elsdon & Dransfield,

Newcastle upon Tyne
Cornbill. s lors for petper
THOMAS WEBB AND SONS, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 24,

FERRIER. ALEXANDER JOHy, Somers pl, Hyde park, Barrister at law. March

25 Freshfields & Williams, Bank bldogs directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on March 5. Field & Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Barlow & Co, Birmingham, solors for petners.

Fox. MARGARET, Cheshunt, Hertford. April 6. Archer & Son, Ely WHOLESALE GROCERY CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 22, FRERE. ROBERT TEMPLE, Harley st, Esq. March 23. Ingram & Co, Lincoln's directed to be heard before North, J, on March 5. Groom, London wall, solor

inn fields for petner

GLOVER, ROBERT REAVELEY, Green lanes, Stoke Newington. April 16. Irvine & YSTALYFERA Gas Co. LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 22, directed Hodges, Mark lane to be heard before Stirling, J, on Saturday, March 5. Wilkins & Co, Gresham HAYMAN, ALFRED, Neath, Glamorgan, Chemist. April 8. Morgan, Neath House, Old Broad st COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER.

HOLLWAY, JAMES, Uphall, Hillington, Norfolk, Esq. April 18. Loughborough

& Co, Austin Friars LIMITED IN CHANCERY. HENSHAW STREET SPINNING CO, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented

HOPPS, WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. March 30. Leak & Co, Hull Feb 24, directed to be heard before Bristowe, V.O., at St George's Hall, Liver HUNT, JOHN HIPKIN, Brandon, Suffolk, Gent. March 19. Harmer & Ruddock, pool, on Monday, March 7. Mather, Liverpool, agent for Welsby & Co, Orms Great Yarmouth kirk, solurs for the petners

KER, AGNES, Astwoud rd, South Kensington. March 22. Arkcoll & Cocke'l, FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.


KIRKPATRICK, JOHN SEATON, Great Marlow, Bucks, Brewer. March 23. Cripps,

Great Marlow
Office. Kingston upon Hull, York. Feb 19

LOCKWOOD, CHARLES TURNER, Leeds, Gent. July 1. Turner, Leeds
School Room, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick. Feb 16

LOCKWOOD, ROBERT WOOD, Leeds, Gent. April 2. Stephenson, Leeds
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 1.

LOVEJOY, ISAAC, Green st, Chelsea, March 19. Presswell, Queen st, Cheapside

May, Sir THOMAS, Mayfield, Bart. April 1. Deane & Nash, South sq, Gray's inn BIRMINGHAM REFRIGERATION CO, LIMITED. --Creditors are required, on or before MOCARTHY, DANIEL, Tranmere, Chester, Carpenter. April 11. Madden & Co, March 31, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Robert Levitt Impey, Waterloo st, Birmingham. Tuesday, April MILLER, MARIA, East Lodge, Southsea. April 7. Bird & Eldridge, Gt James st, 19 at 11, is appointed for hearing and a ljudicating upon debts and claims

Bedford row BOYTHORPE COLLIERY CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 25, MOORE, THOMAS, Botanic Garden, Chelsea, March 31. Monckton & Co, Lindirected to be heard belore Stirling, J., on March 12. Church & Co, Bedford

coln's inn fields row, solors for petners

NELSON, ROBERT, Irlam, Lancaster, Farmer. March 4. Almond, Manchester HUDDERSFIELD LAND, BUILDING, AND INVESTMENT CO, LIMITED. - Petn for

March 31.
PARKER, JOSEPH, Manchester, Merchant.

Woodall & Marriott, winding up, presented Feb 28, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on March

Manchester 12. Jaques & Co., Ely pl, agents for Hall & White, Huddersfield, solors for

RAVENHILL. RICHARD, Fernbill, Wingfield, Berks, Gent. March 18. Murray & NORTHERN LONDON ESTATES CO, LIMITED.—By an order made by Chitty, J., ROYDS, A BATE, Meston Heath, Lancaster. April 1. Henry Todd, Manchester dated Feb 19, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Pearpoint & Lock, Pall Mall, solors for petner

SHAW, JOSEPH, Westborough, Scarborough, Hotel Keeper. March 25. Dent, PROTECTOR CARRIAGE AND HORSE INSURANCE Co., LIMITED.-By an order made

York by Chitty, J., dated Feb. 19, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Warriner & Kinch, Broad st, agents for Hodgson, Burnley, solors for petner

STEVENS, ZADOK, Trentham, Stafford, Gardener. March 31. Slaney, Newcastle READ, BHOOKS, AND CO., LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has by an order dated Nov. 12, STRICKLAND, ELEANOR, Portishead, Somerset. March 25. King, Bristol

appointed John Ball Ball, 1. Gresham bldgs, to be official liquidator WEST LONDON COMMERCIAL BANK, LIMITED.-By an crder made by Chitty, J.,

TAYLOR, JAMES, Heacham, Norfolk, Baker. March 28. Saxton & Son, Queen dated Feb. 19, it was ordered that the bank be wound up. Chapple & Co,

Victoria st ( arter lane, solors for the petner

VENABLES, MARIANNE ELIZABETH, Hastings. March 17. Baker & Co, Cannon st

Milward & Co,
VESEY, Hon EUSTACE, Semley, Wilts, Captain. March 25.

ALBION BANK AND DISCOUNT Co, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before

WARNE, WINIFRED PENN, Plymouth, Devon, Single Woman. March 12. GreenMarch 29, to send their names and addresses and particulars of their debts or claims to John Sutherland Harmood Banner, No. 24, North John st, Liverpool.

WATSON, JOSEPH JOHN, Belper, Derby, Innkeeper. March 26. Walker, Belper Monday, April 18, at 11, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

WOOLLOOMBE, WILLIAM WYATT, Kensington gate. April 18. Norton & Co,

Victoria street


SHOWELL, DAVID, Old Kent rd. April 4. Staverton Mathews, Great Russell st
Mar. 5, 1887.

307 London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb. 25.

STORR, EDWARD FRANCIS, Bartholomew villas, Kentish town, Linen Merchant.
ASHLEY, MARY, Deal, Kent. April 1. Mercer & Co, Deal

April 6. May, Golden sq

March 25.
GEORGE, Carterhouse buildings, Aldersgate, Manufacturing

STOWER, ELIZABETH HERBERT, Landsdowne rd, Notting Hill.

Johnson. Lincoln's inn fields
Chemist. April 15. Roberts & Co, Lime st
BANKS, HENRY, Bolton, Lancaster, Contractor. April 16. Watkins & Son, Bol-

TETLOW, JAMES, Summit, nr Littleborough, Rochdale, Lancaster, Innkeeper. ton

April 9. Standring and Taylor, Rochdale
BARBER, ISSAC. Brinsworth Grange nr Sheffield, Farmer. March 25. Smith &

THOMPSON. SAMUEL STANLEY, Manchester, Accountant. March 25. Barrow &

Smith, Manchester
Co, Sheffield
BELL, WILLIAM, Hertford st, Mayfair, Doctor of Medicine. March 31. Lake &

TURNER, JAMES, Buxton, Derby, Hotel Proprieior. March 19. Bennet & Co,

Ce, New sq, Lincoln's inn
BICKLEY, SARAH, Birmingham. April 23. Newey, Birmingham

TWEEDY, ROBERT, Abbey rd, St. John's Wood, Gent. March 25. White,

Raymond bldgs. Gray's inn
BRAYNE, AMELIA, Leighton rd, Kentish Town. March 26. Cooke & Jonas, Old WAILE, ANN, Ripon, York. April 1. Wise & Son, Ripon

Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane
BROOKS, THOMAS IRON, Lee, Kent. April 9. Mowll & Mowll, Dover

WALLER, ROBERT, Kingston upon Hull, Valuer. April 19. Leak & Co, Hul
COURPON, JOHN PETER, Devon, Gent. March 31. Dobell, Queen Victoria st

WHALLEY, ANN, Castle Church, Stafford. April 12. Hand & Co, Stafford COWHERD, LUCY, Little Gonerby, Lincoln. April 1. Beaumont, Grantham

WILLIAMS, ABRAHAM Barnard's green, nr Great Malvern, Gent. April 1.

Thomas, Birmingham
DICK, ALEXANDER, Waterloo, nr Blyth, Northumberland, Shipowner. April 8. WORMALD, THOMAS, Withington, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. April 9.
Sidney & Son, Blyth

Woodall & Marriott, Manchester
FORSYTH, Sir THOMAS DOUGLAS, Oranley mansion, South Kensington. April 11.

Currie & Co, Lincoln's inn fields
GENGE, THOMAS, Hardington Mandeville, Somerset, Yeoman. March 15.

Batten, Yeovil
GOLLMER, CHARLES ANDREW, Margate, Clerk. April 4. Russ, King William st

GORDON, DAVID, Stevenage, Hertford, Tea Dealer. April 6. Veasey, Baldock or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an
GORDON, MARY ANN, Stevenage, Hertford. April 6. Veasey, Baldock

expert, from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., West

mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-(ADVT.) HANCOCKS, MARY AMELIA, Wolverhampton. April 28. Riley & Kettle, Wolverhampton

FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit; 1, 2, or 3 years credit; HARDING, DANIEL, Woolwich, Kent, Gent. June 1. Lockyer, Woolwich

60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. Branches at 121, Pall

Mall, S.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.- ADVT.
HODGSON, SEPTIMUS, Southsea, Major General. April 16. Cavell, Waterloo pl,

Pall Mall
HUMFREY, ROBERT BLAKE, Wroxham House, Norfolk, Esq. March 25. Hansells

& Hales, Norwich
MANNING, JOSEPH, Olaverham, Yatton, Somerset, Yeoman. April 1. Chap-
man, Weston super Mare

PAINTER BARAH, Slough, Buckingham. April 9. Phillips & Randle Ford,

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb 25.
PLATT, SAMUEL ELI, Gresham rd, Brixton, Publisher of Steamship Guides.

March 7. Reader & Hicks, Fly place

ALDERMAN, EDWIN CHARLES, Southend, Clothier. Chelmsford. Pet Feb 19. ROLFE, JOHN BRAFIELD, Northampton, Gent. March 25. Becke & Green, Ord Feb 23

SIVEWRIGHT, JAMES, Torquay, Esq. March 31. Lawrence & Co, New sq,

ATHERTON, JAMES, Orrell, Lancashire, Auctioneer. Wigan. Pet Feb 21. Ord

Feb 21
Lincoln's inn

BARNARD, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cheltenham, Grocer. Cheltenham. Pet Feb 21. SMITH, WILLIAM GEORGE, Newcastle upon Tyne, Merchant. April 1. Mather Ord Feb 21 & Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

BECKETT, GEORGE SLATER, Liverpool, Builders' Merchant. Liverpool. Pet Feb STOWER, JACOB, Lansdowne rd, Notting hill. March 25. Johnson, Lincoln's 22. Ord Feb 23 inn fields

BEET, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Nottingham, Tailor. Nottingham. Pet Feb 21. THOMAS, LUKE, Leadenball st, Merchant. April 20. Hill & Co, Old Broad st

Ord Feb 21
TIPPINGE, FRANCIS GARTSIDE, Sansaw, St Mary, Shrewsbury. April 19. Robin- BERRY, WILLIAM, Great St Helen's, Shipper. High Court. Pet Dec 8. Ord
WAINWEIGHT, HARRIET, Wickham, Southampton. April 1. Gunner & Renny, BROWN, CHARLES. Fenton, Staffordshire, out of business. Stoke upon Trent and
Yousa, LOHN, Easton, Southampton, Farmer. March 19. Blackmore & Shield, BROWN, ROBERT, Wigton, Cumberland, Machinist. Carlisle. Pet Feb 22. Ord

Feb 22
London Gasette.-TUESDAY, March 1.

BRINDLEY, THOMAS TAIT, Southampton bldngs, Mining Agent. High Court. BARBER, JOHN ROBERT, Sedlescomb, Sussex, Farmer. April 12. Allen, Canter

Pet Jan 15. Ord Feb 22

CACKETT, EDWARD WILLIAM, Gravesend, Kent, Milkman. Rochester. Pet Feb BARNES, RICHARD, Dukinfield, Chester, Yeoman. March 29. Buckley &

23. Ord Feb 23 Miller, Stalybridge

COATES, ALLEN MARTIN, Sheffield, Station Master. Sheffield. Pet Feb 21. Ord BEGG, ELIZA MACFARLANE, Wyndam pl, Bryanst: ne sq. March 31. Still &

Feb 21
Son, New sq, Lincoln's inn

DAVIS, EDMUND FRANCIS, Burlington gdns, Solicitor. High Court. Pet Jan 17. BITHELL, ANN, Connah's Quay, Flint. March 31. Brassey, Chester

Ord Feb 22 BUTTERWORTH, ANN, Rochdale, Lancaster. April 4.

DAY, GEORGE, Ridinghouse st, Porland pl, Carpenter. High Court. Pet Jan 18. Rochdale

Holgate & Edwards, Ord Feb 22

DELVES, CHARLES FREDERIC, and WILLIAM TRESS, Uckfield, Sussex, Brewers. CUMBERLAND, CHARLES, Scarsdale villas, Kensington. March 31. Darley & Lewes and Eastbourne. Pet Feb 22. Ord Feb 22

Cumberland. John st, Bedford row
CURRIE, GEORGE WODEHOUSE, Streatham, Surrey, Esq. March 81. Murray &

DODD, WILSON BLAXTON, Carlisle, Builders' Surveyor. Carlisle. Pet Feb 22. Ord

Feb 22
Co, Birchin lane
DELLER. WILLIAM, Reigate, Surrey, Fishing Tackle Manufacturer. March 21.

DONKIN, SAMUEL, jun. Bywell, nr Felton, Northumberland, Farmer. Newcastle

on Tyne. Pet Feb 23. Ord Feb 23 FEIST, CARL JOSEPH, Frankfurt on Maine, March 30. Wilson & Son, Basing

ESCAURIZA, JUAN DE. Glebe Side, Preston, Sussex, no occupation. Brighton.

Pet Dec 23. Ord Feb 23 GALLINI, ALFRED LAMBERT, Kingston on Thames, Gent. March 31. Sherrard,

FAIRBROTHER, JAMES, Accrington, Lancashire, Confectioner. Blackburn. Pet Lincoln's inn fields

Feb 23. Ord Feb 23 GOLDSTONE, JAMES, Olewer, Berks, Military Pensioner. March 25. Long & Co,

FARMER, GEORGE, Worcester, Baker. Worcester. Pet Feb 21. Ord Feb 21

FENNER, GEORGE LANSDELL, and FREDERICK HILTON, Brighton, Accountants. GORDON, DAVID, Stevenage, Hertford, Tea Dealer. April 6. Veasey, Baldock

Brighton. Pet Feb 11. Ord Feb 22 GORDON, MARY ANN, Stevenage, Hertford. April 6. Veasey, Baldock

FLINT. ERNEST WILLIAMS, and CLAUDE FLINT. Kenilworth, Warwick, Coffee

Tavern Keepers. Warwick. Pet Feb 18. Ord Feb 22 GREATHEED. Rev SAMUEL STEPHENSON, Stanford le Hope, Essex. April 7.

GILLINGHAM, WILLIAM GEORGE, Frinton, Essex, Builder. Colchester, Pet Feb William Greatheed, 174, Euston rd


Ord Feb 22 GRIFFITHS, GEORGE, Albion rd, Sth Hampstead. April 1. Griffiths, Warwick

GRAY, CHARLES, Womersley, nr Pont fract, Yorks, Joiner. Wakefield. Pet Feb

21. Ord Feb 21 HALL, ELLEN, Stafford. April 12. Hand & Co, Stafford

GRAY, THOMAS, Nottingham, Plumbers' Merchant. Nottingham. Pet Feb 23.

Ord Feb 23 HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH, Halifax, Gent. April 16. Wavell & Co, Halifax

HAINSWORTH, ALBERT SWAINE, Bradford, Worsted Spinner. Bradford. Pet INSTON, JOHN, Bartley Green, Worcester, Blacksmith. March 31.

Feb 22. Ord Feb 22
King &

HAWKINS, THOMAS JOHN, Hillingdon Heath Nursery, nr Uxbridge, Florist. High JAMES, JOSHUA, Gresham st, Warehouseman. March 23. Emanuel & Simmonds,

Court. Pet Feb 8. Ord Feb 23

HOMAN, HEBER JOB, Rhyl, Flint, Hairdresser. Bangor. Pet Feb 22. Ord JONES, THOMAS, Llanhilleth, nr Crumlin, Monmouth. April 5. Dauncey, New

Feb 22

JARMAN, JOHN DANIEL, Kentish Town rd, Plumber. High Court. Pet Feb 21. KELL, GEORGE, Notting hill sq, Gent. April 7. Saxton & Morgan, Somerset st,

Ord Feb 21

JONES, JOHN, Aberavon, Glamorgan, Draper. Neath. Pet Feb 22. Ord Feb 22 LEATHER JOHN WIGNALL, Leeds, Civil Engineer. March 26. Ourry, Cleckheaton, LANGLEY, MALVINA ELIZABETH, Coleshill, Warwick, Builder. Birmingham.

Pet Feb 22. Ord Feb 22 LUNNON, THOMAS, Bourne End, Buckingham, Esq. March 26. Lunnon, Marlow LEWIS, JOHN, Llangurig, Montgomery, Innkeeper. Newtown. Pet Feb 11. NOOREM LA POLPHES WARBURTON, Whitehall. April 25. Surman & Quekett, Lin-Magnol, Fubiz Manchester, Machinist. Manchester. Pet Feb 22. Ord Feb 22 New more ELLEN, Utkinton, nr Tarporley, Chester. March 31. Fletcher, North- MANFIELD. WILLIAM, Taunton, Licolsed Victualler. Taunton. Pet Feb 21. PARFITT, GEORGE, Pen y lan, nr Cardiff, Engineer. April 30. Hamilton & Hume,

Ord Feb 21

Pet Feb 22. Ord MARLOW, HENRY CHARLES, Walsall, Collar Maker. Walsall.

Feb 22 PARRINTON, JOSEPH, Mettingham, Suffolk, Gent. March 28. Norton, Bungay MORRIS, JOHN GEORGE. Mansfield, Nottingham, Hotel Keeper. Nottingham. PINWILL, WILLIAM JAMES, Dawlish, Devon. March 25. Woollcombe & Prid

Pet Feb 22. Ord Feb 22

NICHOLAS, JAMES, and JOHN RICHARDS, Penzance, Painters. Truro. Pet Feb 21. ROBINSON'Estonias, Leeds, Cloth Merchant. April 25. Mary Robinson, Leighton PAGE, FRANCES DELENRY, Brighton, Refreshment Contractor. Brighton. Pet Feb RUSSELL, ELIZABETH, Silver st, Edmonton. April 30. Scott, Austin Friars

23. Ord Feb 23 SEOWELL, CHARLOTTE, New Cross rd, Deptford. April 4. Staverton Mathews,

PARKS, SOPHIA, Leeds, Publican. Leeds. Pet Feb 21. Ord Feb 21
PARKER, RICHARD, Birmingham, Horse Dealer. Birmingham. Pet Feb 5. Ord

Feb 23
Stas, the Rev WILLIAM FRANCIS, Lee, Kent. April 2. Scott, Austin Friars

PARTRIDGE, WALTER ROBINSON, Walton on the Naze, Licensed Victualler. Col

chester. Pet Feb 22. Ord Feb 22


hall st


Ludlow, Worcester

Great Russell st

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