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L Q88 ‘THE SOLICITORS’ JOURNAL: Feb. 26, 1887.



solicitors to the estate, and after much correspondence it was arranged that lessees are to be entitled, where they are taking a plot on Whlch more than two houses are to be built, to have but one lease. The committee also arranged that on any assignment or sub-lease, instead of a full copy of the deed being required by the lessors (as stated in the covenant), their solicitors would be satisfied with the production of thepdraft of it. Also that, instead of requiring an insurance for such a floating value as “ the full value thereof," specific mention should be made in the lease of the sum in which the property is to be insured. _

Land Tenure and Transfer Bill.—This Bill, in the month of April last, received the careful consideration of the Conveyancing Sub_- Committee, and some correspondence on it took place between the committee and Mr. J . Theodore Dodd (who was helping the promoters of the Bill). The Conveyancing Sub-Committee passed the following resolution on the subject, which was forwarded to Mr. Dodd :-“ That owing to the doubtful meaning of section 5 of the Married Women's Property Act, 1882, _which has already resulted in several different judicial decisions, terminatmg so far in the case of Reid v. Reid in the Court of Appeal, it is advisable to amend the section in accordance with the last decision, which appears to be the natural construction of the intention of the section: but that instead of this being accomplished by section 38 of the Land Tenure and Transfer Bill, such last-mentioned section expresses what appears to be the exact converse of such decision.” Pending legislation on the subject, the Council of the Incorporated Law Society and, subsequently, the Bar Committee have done valuable service by issuing carefully prepared statements as to the existing law, the attempts which have already been made to establish a system of registration, and the causes of the failure of such attempts.

Dmsiims of the C’ourts.—'I.'he attention of members is called to the case of Re Pops (34 W. R. 65-I and 693), in which the Court of Appeal decided that the registration of an order appointing a receiver confers a good title upon a judgment creditor, as against a subsequent bond fide purchaser without notice, notwithstanding that there are no means of ascertaining the existence of such an order. The Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom have taken up the matter with a view to a remedy being providod. Attention is also directed to the case of Nswbauld v. Smith (29 Ch. D. 882; App., 33 Ch. D. 128), which Mr. Bernard Wake referred to in his able paper (“ A Warning to Mortgagees") read at the recent meeting of the Incorporated Law ociety in York. The subject is of practical importance to mortgagees.


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B New Rules and Order-v.—-The council believing that it would be found useful if the various rules and orders issued by the judges were supplied gratis to the members of the society, has made arrangements for one year with Messrs. Eyre 8: Spottiswoode, of London, to do this on the day of publication ; only one copy will be supplied to aflrm which consists of two or more members. » Assize .A7‘f(llI_qI‘»l£7ll8.--Th6 council, at its meeting on the 15th of March last, resol\'ed that a memorial should be presented by the society to the I.ord Chancellor, pointing out the great. inconvenience to solicitors, jurors, suitoi-s,_ and witnesses, arising from the increased length of assizes owing to one judge only travelling the Midland Circuit, and urging the revival of the old system of two judges. This memorial was duly forwarded to the Lord Chancellor, who acknowledged its receipt; copies of it were also sent to the law societies of Leicester, Lincoln, and Northampton, and_ their support invited. The members are probably aware that the subject is now about to receive the consideration of the judges, but the council fear that if the suggestions of the Bar Committee lately published are acted _upon, a fresh evil will be created greater than the one complained of, _for it is clear that the combination of Lincoln and Nottingham for all assizo purposes, whereby solicitors, suitors, and witnesses from Nottinghamshire, in ci_vil as_ well as criminal matters, will have to attend at _Lincoln three times in every two years, and vies rm-ii, will be a greater inconvenience than even the present arrangement. This council strongly advocates, as a solution of the difiicultv, the combination of circuits—e._¢;. the Midland and Oxford Circuits-—or the creation of larger circuits carved out of the existing ones. If this were done, two judges could attend at all the present assize towns (except such as Oakham or Aylesbury) and thereby the time at each would be shortened to half the present length and yet the aggregate time taken for the combined or enlarged circuits, would be no longer than the time now occupied by the one j ud e travel: ling the eater part of the circuits_ It is hoped the new counciT will take steps to Ti]-ring these views before the Lord Chancellor, and that every member will do his utmost to oppose “the grouping of assize towns " Bankruplvy (1'osts.—After considerable delay, a fresh scale of costs in bankruptcy matters has been issued ; these costs, although a considerable improvement on the former scale, do not, in the opinion of the coimrgil give a sufllcient and proper remuneration to the solicitor of a debtor. It may_ be that the scale is ample for work done as solicitor to the trustee but it should be borne in mind that u great saving of time and ex ens ‘ ' the realization of an estate may he obtained by the way in whichlthe Bi: itiatory steps in a bankruptcy are taken-e.g. the stat t '

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I I them, steps were taken to obtain an interview between them and the council, at which it was intended to point out the unfairness and impropriety of the practice, and to ask for its discontinuance; but the necessity of such an interview was obviated by the magistrates deciding that in future the information as to previous convictions [should be withheld until the guilt of the prisoner was determined upon.


The annual meeting of this society was held at the Town Hall, Chester, on Tuesday, February 15, Mr. C. W. Duncan, president, in the clzaii. The report of the hon. secretary (Mr. N. A. E. Way) and the hon. treasurer's (Mr. F. E. Roberts) accounts for the past year were received and adopted. The following officers of the society were unanimously elected for the ensuing year :—llIr. T. Bury, town clerk of Wrexham, president; Mr. G. Boydell, of Chester, vice-president; Mr. F. E. Roberts, of Chester, hon. treasurer; Mr. R. Farmer, of Chester, hon. secretary. The following gentlemen were appointed the committee for the ensuing year—viz , Messrs. S. Smith, A. Carrington, H. Taylor, C. W. Duncan, H. Moss, and N. A. E. Way, all of Chester; and Messrs. J. A. Hughes, J. H. Pierce, and H. A. K. Poyser, all of Wrexham. Messrs. C. P. Douglas and F. W. Sharpe, both of Chester, were re-elected hon. auditors for the ensuing year.


The annual meeting of this society was held on the 16th iiist.. the Hon. Alfred E. Gathorne-Hardy, l\I.P. (a trustee and director), in the chair. The actuary (Mr. Griflith Davies) read his usual statement and presented the accounts, from which it appeared that the assets of the society, on December 31 last, were:-—Gus.rantee fund, £1,040,606 16s. 3d.: assurance fund, £4,093,985 135- 3d-; 9019111 M59". £5,l34,592 9s. 6d. The revenue for the past year was:—From renewal premiums (including £3,769 11s. 10d. commuted premiums) £235,221 14s. 7d. ; less re-assurance premiums, £22,598 9s. 3d. — £212,623 5s. 4d.; from new premiums (including £914 5s. 5d. single premiums) £9,699 9:. lld. ; less re-assurance premiums, £1,482 10s. 10d. —£8.216 19s. 1d. ; from interest on the guarantee fund, £42,091lls.l0d.i overdue interest carried to suspense account, £857 14s. 6d.—£42,9-i9_6s. ~id.; from interest on the assurance fund, £169,138 10s.; overdue Intel?-Bi carried to suspense account, £11,013 19s. ld.-—£1T0,l52 9s. 1d.; otlice, registration, and other fees, and fines on revivals, £109 9s. 1d. ; together, £434,051 8s. 11d. _

The adoption of the above report was proposed by the Chairman, who mentioned that it was the first time that the duty had fallen upon blinThe board, however, deemed it advisable that each director should take the chair in rotation. He went on to sketch the unfavourable circumstances for trade and business, especially prudential assurance, whwll llfld characterized the past year. In spite of this they were able to repflflfl-11 increase of new business, which figured at £9,699, against £3,492 _f°Y I'M preceding twelve months. Still, he could not say that they were d01ng_ the business that, with their great claims upon the public, they were entitle! to expect. This society had stood sixty-three years, and paid £l5,00°.m0 in claims and bonus in that period. Their security was founded utpoii 11 rock. He would, therefore, impress upon his brethren of the prq @851” with what perfect justice they might recommend this society to uniniflled legal practitioners. The directors never made petty 0b_]8¢$19115 ti: policies, at the same time that they avoided habitually any_tl1111E 111til" rash speculation of some societies. In reference to the claims whiclli hi said, were undoubtedly large, the chairman pointed out that upwards 0 £143,000 of it was for bonuses to the assured, and that the total W" considerably under the expectations based upon the Healthy Male Table, and also their own expectations. d

Replying to questions by Sir Thomas Farrer, Mr. W. F. Farfffi ‘"111 others, the chairman referred to the restriction of the shares Of If society to members of the legal profession, the effect of which W1}! 1° lower their marketable value. Personally, he was in favour of entltefi abolishin this restriction, but it was fair to add that some mcinbersv the board thought otherwise on the matter. The opinions of]‘°g& holders were invited on the oint, and should a change be det8_l'lJ1i11I upcn, it could, he believed, gs effected without a Parliamentary Blll._d 11 reference to their Irish securities, the Chairman said there wilt} 1111 1 ea that the society held a large amount of Irish properfy- T1115 Wa mistake, with two or three unimportant exceptions (Irish m0\'iHP'5"; which were well secured) the society had long ago parted °11 emeuen terms with their Irish securities. of

The report of the actuary was then unanimously adopted. 5 WW thanks to the chairman for his services terminating the business.

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W. M. Woodhouse, VV. Law Gane, G. A. Riddell, and W. Y. Woolcombe. After Mr. Elmslie had replied, the chairman put the motion to the society, when it was lost by a majority of thirteen votes. There were twentyeight members present.

PRESTON Lsw DEBATXNO BociiiTY.—Feb. 18—Chaimian, Mr. John Parker, solicitor.—Five legal queries relating to advancement, mortgages, acknowledgment by married women, and larceny, were discussed and satisfactorily settled. A debate took place on the following case :“ A. writes to B. a letter containing these words: ‘ \Ve will marry as soon as my circumstances will enable me to rovide you with a comfortable and a happy home.’ No other promise by A. was ever made. At the time A. wrote this letter he was in good health and earning £150 a ycar. Three years later, when B. brings her action, A. is receiving, when regularly employed, a salary of £400 a year, but is subject to a form of chronic illness which occasionally prevents him from attending to his business and makes it, according to his physician's advice, ‘imprudent, and possibly dangerous,’ for him to marry. No attempt to rescind or release the promise can be provcd. Is B. entitled to legal damages?" Mr. T. H. Clarke “opened the case in the aifirmativs and was supported by Mr._T._D. Pe ce, whilst Messrs. G. Cartwright, A. W. Ladyman, H. Whitcside, and J. J. Rawsthorne upheld the negative contention. The chairman summed the arguments adduced pro and con, and put the question to the meeting, when a verdict was found for the negative by a majority of five.




Mr. Jens Enwsuns Paics, solicitor, died suddenly at Newent on the 30th ult. Mr. Price was admitted a solicitor in 1865, and he shortly afterwards settled at Newent. He was a perpetual commissioner for Gloucestershire, and had a considerable private practice. He also held several important appointments, being clerk to the Newent Highway Board and the Newent School Board, and clerk to the Newent Board of Guardians’ Assessment Committee, School Attendance Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority. Mr. Price leaves a widow and several children.

Mr. Jon»: Giaoaon Lame, barrister, died at his residence, 46, Ladbrokegrove, Netting Hill, on the 11th inst. Mr. Laing was the second son of Mr. Malcolm Laing, and was born in 1839. He was formerly Fellew of St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he graduated as second wrangler and second Smith's Prizeman in 1862. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1866, and he practised in the Chancery Division. Mr. Laing had acted as examiner for the law tripos at Cambridge. Ha was married in 1868 to the daughter of Mr. Alexander Macdona d, of J ohnston, Aberdeenshire.

Mr. Anriinn DURLING BARTLETT, solicitor, of Abingdon, died at that pllaoe on the 16th inst., in his 71st year. Mr. Bartlett was born in 1816.

e was admitted a solicitor in 1839, and he had practised for over fortyfive years at Abingdon. He was a perpetual commissioner for Berkshire and Oxfordshire, and he had a large private practice, and held several important appointments. He was for several years deputy-coroner for the Abingdon District of Berkshire, and in 1864 he was elected coroner. He_had been clerk to the Abingdon Burial Board sincc 1861, clerk to the Abjngdon Highway Board since 1863, and treasurer of the borough of Abingdon since 1864. He was also clerk to the Commissioners of Income Tax for the borough. Mr. Bartlett was buried at the Abingdon Cemetery on the 19th inst. _


Mr. WILLIAM TREVBNBN, solicitor, of Helston, has been appointed a

ggiffiistrate for that borough. Mr. Trevenen was admitted a solicitor in a .

Mr. Ciiiniizs BRINDLBY BBDDOE, solicitor, of Hereford, has been

fippoiufed Secretary to the Hereford Infirmary. Mr. Beddoe was admitted a solicitor in 1881.

Mr. Gaoaos FRLTHAM, solicitor (of the flrm of Feltham & Palmer), of Portsmouth, Landport, and Southsea, has been appointed Solicitor to the Portsmouth and Gosport Licensed Victuallers' Protection and Benevolent Association. Mr. Feltham was admitted a solicitor in 1870.

Mr. ROBERT Tiiowis Wnsoo, solicitor, of ll, Great St. Helen's, and of Layton, has been elected Master of the Woolmen’s Company for the ensuing year. Mr. Wragg was admitted a solicitor in 1862. He is vestry Clerk of Leyton and of St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate. He was formerly clerk to the Leyton Local board, and he has served the oifice of under-sherifl’ oi London and Middlesex.

Mr. Jaiiss Cnsanas WADDINGTON, solicitor, oi Burnley and Padiham, has been appointed Solicitor to the Padiham, Harwood, and District

Btatr-Bowkett Building Society. Mr. Waddington was admitted a solicitor in 1884.

M1 Wrgma E. Bursa (coroner for Middlcsex) has been appointed a Deputy-Lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets.

M11-J.F. MILNB, solicitor (Messrs. Hinde, Milne, & Bury), has been appointed aJustice of the Peace for the city of Manchester.

M1-_. JOHN‘ Bvnr, solicitor (Messrs. Hinds, Milne, & Bury), has been flPP°1nted Hon. See. of the Manchester Incorporated Law Association.

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Mr. Eaxasr Join: WILKINSON, solicitor, of 14, Bediord-street, Covent
Garden, and of Kingston and Hampton Wick, has been appointed
Deputy Town Clerk of the borough of Kingston-upon-Thames. Mr.
Wilkinson is the son of Mr. Walter Meacock Wilkinson, town clerk of
Kingston and clerk to the borough magistrates. He was admitted a
solicitor in i885.

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In the House of Commons, on the 18th inst., Mr. F. Maclean asked the
Attorney-Generalwhether it was the intention of her Majesty’s Govern-
ment to give effect to, or take any action upon, the report (dated August,
7, 1885) of the committee appointed by the Lord Chancellor to inquire
into the subject of the existing rules as to the distribution of business in
the courts and chambers of the Chancery Division, and the distribution of
the clerical staff. The Attorney-General said the report in question was,
in fact, considered very carefully immediately after it was presented, and
so many of the recommendations as appeared to be matters of practice
requiring rules of court were adopted by the Rule Committee of Judges in
the issue of the Rules of the Supreme Court of December, 1885. _ The
working of those rules, and the observance of uniformity of practice in
the courts and chambers of the Chancery Division, as recommended by
the committee, rests with the judges of that division themselves, and not
with the Government. The remaining recommendations of the com-
mittee, as the hon. and learned member was aware, were based upon the
assumption that a sixth judge should be added to the Chancery Division,
a condition precedent depending upon the sanction of Parliament.




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London Gautte.—T‘UES‘DAY, Feb 22.

GLYN NEATII COLLII-:RIEs. LIMrrE1_).-- Stirling, J ., has fixed March 5, at 12, at h1S chambers. for appointment of a liqiiidator

HFNDRA ESTATE AND BUILDING MA'rERiAL 00.. LIMITED.-—By an order made by Nor th, J., dated Jan. 15, it was ordered that the company be wound up. North. J ., has fixed Friday, March 4, at 1. at his chambers. for 8{lI)flllll1lll('llt of ofiicial liqiiidator. White, New inn. agent for Cox, Swansea, so or for pctncr

LAND PORPORATION OF ENGLAND. LIMiTED.— Petn for winding up. presented Fob 18, directed to be heard before Kay, J .. on Saturday, March 5. Wild 62 Co, Ironinonger lane, Cheapside, solors for petners

LONDON AND LANcAsIIiRE PAPER MILLs Co., LIMI’I'ED.—By an order made by North, J.. dated Feb 12. it was ordered that the company be wound up Lumley 8: Lumley, Old Jewry chbrs, solors for petner _

WEST or ENGLAND COMPRESSED PEAT Co., LIMI'I‘ED.—KBg, J ., has fixed April 1, at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of a liqui ator in place of Rev. John Fletcher, dccd.

WIIoI.EsALE GRooERY Co.. LIMITED.—Pctn for winding up, presented Feb in directed to be heard before North, J ., on March 5. Durant, jun., Guildhall chbrs, Basiiighall st. solor for petner



room, Haslingden, Lancaster. Feb 18

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VVILOOCKE, HENRY RAY. Westminster Bridge rd, Professor of Music. March 8. Barnard. Westminster Bridge rd

YVINTERIi\'fGIIAM, J OIIN, Croft Stud Farm, York, Farmer. March 8. Land, H li a

YOU.\'G,a\VIIfLIAM CARR. Wingfield. Upper Norwood, Surrey, Merchant. March 4. Sandilands & Co, Fenchurch avenue

London ()a::et-te.—FRIDAY, Feb. 11. ASIIWORTII, ANN. Iialliwell, Lancaster. March 31. Fcrsriison, Bolton ASIIWORTII, MARY ANN, Halliwcll, Lancaster. March 81. Ferguson, Bolton ‘F1

BURY. \VILI.IAM. Accrinszton, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer. March 14.
Wilkinson. Blackburn
CLARI-1..-\I.FRED, Hilperton, Wilts, Grocers Assistant. March 17. Stone 8: Co.

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DAvIs. GEORGE RIciIARD, jun, Nelson sq. Blackfriars rd. March 12. Geo R Davis, 63, Nelson sq

EI.DRI)DGI-:kMARTnA, Osborne rd, Finsbury plr. March 25. Price & Son, Wal


GILRI-:RrsoN. EDWARD COLLINGS, Wimbledon, Surrey. March 21. Torr & Co, Bedti-rd row

GREEN, CHARLES. Reigate, Surrey, Gardener. March 16. Martin, Henfleld

GRIFFITH, EDWARD, Oakley sq. St Pancras, Surgeon. March 11. Turner & Co, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

HALLO\vs, ELEANOR. Canonbury pk South, Islington. March 25. Carpenter 8: Sons. Laurence Pountncy lane

HARRIS, LUCY. Cheltenham. April 10. Thorpe & Thorpe, Nottingham

HAWKINS, GEORGE, City rd, Gent. March 25. Hanbury & Co, New Broad st

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MASLDI. J OSEPH, St George's rd, Brighton. March 25. Chubb, John st, Adelplii MITCIIELL, SARAH, Guiseley, York. March 1. Bond & Co, Leeds

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PRINOE. FREDERicR TicKEI.I.. Curzon st, Mayfair, Gent. March 30. Braunstem, \Vcstininster chbrs. Westminster

PRITOIIARD, HENRY JOIIN, Belgrave pl, Bclgrave sq. Steward. March 17. Stollard & Swan, Oxford st

Rom-:RTsIIAw. JOsIiUA, Girlington, Manninghani, Bradford, Agent. March 11' Freeman, Bi-adior-i _ _

Rocmc. CATHERINE, Bykcr, Newcastle upon Tyne. April 25. Dickinson 81 Miller. Newcastle upon Tyne

RYAN. ELIZA, High st. Camden Town. April 1. Clarcmont, Pall Mall

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BEAN, ALERANDER, West Mcrsca, Essex, Farmer. March 81. Turner Iv C0Colehcster

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J oRDIs0N, CHRISTOPIIER, Rcdcar, York, Yeoman. March 31. Wooler J oRDIsoN, HANNAII, Redcar, York. March 31. Wooler, Darliiigton

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WIrEERs. GEORGE, Oakley Green, Berks, Licensed Victualler. March 81. Phillips & Randle Ford, \Vindsor

YOUNG, WII.I.I.ur CARR, Ugper Norwood, Surrey. Merchant. March 4. Sandilands & C0, Fenchurc avenue

London Gnzetfe.—FIiID.\Y, Feb. 18.

AMERY. JOHN. St Mari, Newington, Surrey, Gent. March 17. Rodgers & Clarkson. \Valbroo

Arxnlsox, ROBERT. Brampton, Westmoreland, Yeoman. March 12. Bell the younger. Appleby _

BABN‘F.\'1‘HER. CHARLOTTE, Eastcote, nr Pmner. March 18. Cooke-Collis & Sa%er, Essex st. Strand

BARON, dIl)WABD GEORGE, Plymouth, Esq. March 18. Slater, Pilditch, Threadnee est

Bounxa. Lady hianoaawr HARRIET, Hampton Court Palace. March 21. J ohnson & Co, Austinfriars

BRADLEY, ALISSIMON, Newark upon Trent. March 16. Falkner, Newark

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London Gazette.—FRIDAY. Feb 18.

Anus. ALFRED CLARENCE. Beauclerc rd, Hammersmith. Engraver. High Court.
Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb I4

APPLEBY. J 1111111:-I, Brough. Yorks, Timber Merchant. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15

Asm-1w, WILLIAM, Keswick. Cumberland. Hotel Keeper. Cockermouth and Workiiigton. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14

Bacozi, %1‘EI’HEN, Handsworth, Colliery Manager. Shefiield. Pet Feb 14. Ord

e 14

BEBBING-TON, HENRY. Over, Cheshire. Innkeeper. Nantwich and Crewe. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14

BESWICK, ROBERT, Radway Green, Cheshire, out 01 business. Nantwich and Crewe. Pet Feb 3. Ord Feb 15

Bnacaavnx, THOMAS, Lcyland, Lance. Clogger. Bolton. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15

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Hvomcs. ELIZABETH QAKLEY, Scdgley, Stafford, Grocer. Dudley. Pet Feb 3.
Ord Feb 12
JONES, HENRY, Llanelly, Bootmaker. Cermarthen. Pet Feb 8. Ord Feb 8

J ONES. JOHN H, Rhosybol, Anglesey, Corn Merchant. Bangor. Pet Jan 25.
Ord Feb 16 _ _

J ESSE, RICHARD J ORN, Fontmell Magma, Dorset, Miller. Salisbury. Pet Feb 8.
Ord Feb 15

Law, IIENRY, Queen Anne's gate, Engineer. High Coiu-t. Pct Nov 23. Ord
F b 14

LEAR eSAMUEL, Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. Henley, Burslem, and
’1‘unstall. Pet Jan 19. Ord Feb 15

LEVIN. Isaac. Bl th, Northuniberland, Clothier. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet
Feb i. Ord Feb 16 _

LEWIS, J acon. Woodside avenue, South Norwood, Builder. Croydon. Pet Jan
7. O d F b 15

MARKS, TIFOMAS, Maidenhead, Berks, Baker. \Vindsor. Pet Feb 7. Ord Feb 11

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