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solicitors to the estate, and after much correspondence it was arranged them, steps were taken to obtain an interview between them and the that lessees are to be entitled, where they are taking a plot on which council, at which it was intended to point out the unfairness and impropriety more than two houses are to be built, to have but one lease. The com of the practice, and to ask for its discontinuance; but the necessity of mittee also arranged that on any assignment or sub-lease, instead of a full such an interview was obviated by the magistrates deciding that in future copy of the deed being required by the lessors (as stated in the covenant), the information as to previous convictions 'should be withheld until the their solicitors would be satisfied with the production of the draft of it. guilt of the prisoner was determined upon. Also that, instead of requiring an insurance for such a floating value as “the full value thereof, specific mention should be made in the lease of the sum in which the property is to be insured.

CHESTER AND NORTH WALES INCORPORATED LAW Land Tenure and Transfer Bill.–This Bill, in the month of April last,

SOCIETY. received the careful consideration of the Conveyancing Sub-Committee, and

The annual meeting of this society was held at the Town Hall, Chester, some correspondence on it took place between the committee and Mr. J.

on Tuesday, February 15, Mr. O. W. Duncan, president, in the chair. Theodore Dodd (who was helping the promoters of the Bill). The Con- The report of the hon. secretary (Mr. N. A. E. Way) and the hon. trea. veyancing Sub-Committee passed the following resolution on the subject, surer's (Mr. F. E. Roberts, accounts for the past year were received and ing of section 5 of the Married Women's Property Act, 1882, which has adopted. The following officers of the society were unanimously elected already resulted in several different judicial decisions, terminating so far for the ensuing year:-Mr. T. Bury, town clerk of Wrexham, president;

Mr. G. Boydell, of Chester, vice-president: Mr. F. E. Roberts, of Chester, in the case of Reid v. Reid in the Court of Appeal, it is advisable to amend

hon. treasurer; Mr. R. Farmer, of Chester, hon. secretary. The followthe section in accordance with the last decision, which appears to be the natural construction of the intention of the section ; but that instead of ing gentlemen were appointed the committee for the ensuing year-viz.,

Messrs. S. Smith, A. Carrington, H. Taylor, C. W. Duncan, H. Moss, and this being accomplished by section 38 of the Land Tenure and Transfer N. A. E. Way, all of Chester; and Messrs. J. A. Hughes, J. H. Pierce, and Bill, such last-mentioned section expresses what appears to be the exact

H. A. K. Poyser, all of Wrexham. Messrs. C. P. Douglas and F. W. converse of such decision.” Pending legislation on the subject, the Council of the Incorporated Law Society and, subsequently, the Bar com- Sharpe, both of Chester, were re-elected hon. auditors for the ensuing

year. mittee have done valuable service by issuing carefully prepared statements as to the existing law, the attempts which have already been made to establish a system of registration, and the causes of the failure of such

LAW LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. attempts. Decisions of the Courts. -- The attention of members is called to the case the Hon. Alfred E. Gathorne-Hardy, M.P. (a trustee and director),

The annual meeting of this society was held on the 16th inst., of Re Pope (34 W. R. 654 and 693), in which the Court of Appeal decided in the chair. The actuary (Mr. Griffith Davies) read his usual statethat the registration of an order appointing a receiver confers a good title ment and presented the accounts, from which it appeared that the upon a judgment creditor, as against a subsequent bond fide purchaser without notice, notwithstanding that there are no means of ascertaining the assets of the society, on December 31 last, were :-Guarantee fund, existence of such an order. The Incorporated Law Society of the United £1,040,606 16s. 3d.; assurance fund, £4,093,985 13s. 3d. ; total assets, Kingdom have taken up the matter with a view to a remedy being pro- 5,134,592 95, 6d. The revenue for the past year was :- From renewal

11s. vided. Attention is also directed to the case of Newbould v. Smith (29 Ch. £235, 221 148. 7d. less re-assurance premiums, £22,598 9. 3d.

10d. commuted premiums) D. 882; App., 33 Ch. D. 128), which Mr. Bernard Wake referred to in his able paper (“ A Warning to Mortgagees”) read at the recent meet- £212,623 5s. 4d. ; from new premiums (including £914' 58. 5d. single ing of the Incorporated Law Society in York. The subject is of practical premiums) £9,699 93. 11d. ; less re-assurance premiums, £1,482 108. 10d. importance to mortgagees.

-£8,216 19s. 1d. ; from interest on the guarantee fund, £42,09111s. 10d. ; overdue interest carried to suspense account, £857 14s. 6d. --- $42,949 6s. 4d.;

from interest on the assurance fund, £169,138 103. ; overdue interest NOTTINGHAM INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. carried to suspense account, £11,013 (19s. 1d. - £170,152 9s. 1d.; office, The following are extracts from the report of the council:

registration, and other fees, and fines on revivals, £109 9s. 1d. ; together,

£434,051 8s. 11d. Members - The present number of members is 110, the number last year being 112.

The adoption of the above report was proposed by the Chairman, who useful if the various rules and orders issued by the judges were supplied the chair in rotation. He went on to sketch the unfavourable circum

New Rules and Orders. — The council believing that it would be found mentioned that it was the first time that the duty had fallen upon him. gratis to the members of the society, has made arrangements for one year stances for trade and business, especially prudential assurance, which had publication ; only one copy will be supplied to a firm which consists of two increase of new business, which figured at £9,699, against £8,402 for the or more members.

Assize Arrangements. — The council, at its meeting on the 15th of March business that, with their great claims upon the public, they were entitled last, resolved that a memorial should be presented by the society to the to expect. This society had stood sixty-three years, and paid £15,000,000 uwing to one judge only travelling the Midland Circuit, and urging the with what perfect justice they might recommend this society to uninsured jurors, suitors, and witnesses, arising from the increased length of assizes rock. He would, therefore, impress upon his brethren of the profession warded to the Lord Chancellor, who acknowledged its receipt; copies of it policies, at the same time that they avoided habitually anything like the were also sent to the law societies of Leicester, Lincoln, and Northampton, Fash speculation of some societies. In reference to the claims which be subject is now about to receive the consideration of the judges, but the £143,000 of it was for bonuses to the assured, and that the total was council fear that if the suggestions of the Bar Committee lately published considerably under the expectations based upon the Healthy Male Table, are acted upon, a fresh evil will be created greater than the one complained and also their own expectations. assize purposes, whereby solicitors, suitors, and witnesses from Notting; others, the Chairmano referred to the restriction of the shares of the

Replying to questions by Sir Thomas Farrer, Mr. W. F. Farrer, and hamshire, in civil as well as criminal matters, will have to attend at society to members of the legal profession, the effect of which was to inconvenience than even the present arrangement. This council strongly abolishing this restriction, but it was fair to add that sone membericht advocates, as a solution of the difficulty, the combination of circuits-e.9, the libbará thought otherwise on the matter. The opinions of police. the Midland and Oxford Circuits--or the creation of larger circuits carved holdersandare invited on the point, and should a change be determined all the present assize towns (except such as Oakham or Aylesbury) and reference to theire brishe securities, the Chairman said there was an idea and yet the aggregate time taken for the combined or enlarged circuitsmistake, vithet ynde or three unimportant exceptions (Irish mortgagement ling the greater part of the circuits. It is hoped the new council will take steps to bring these views before the Lord Chancellor, and that every

terms with their Irish securities. member will do his utmost to oppose “the grouping of assize towns."

The report of the actuary was then unanimously adopted, a vote of Bankruptcy Costs.-—After considerable delay, a fresh scale of costs in thanks to the chairman for his services terminating the business. bankruptcy matters has been issued; these costs, although a considerable improvement on the former scale, do not, in the opinion of the council, give a sufficient and proper remuneration to the solicitor of a debtor. It may be that the scale is ample for work done as solicitor to the trustee, but it should be borne in mind that a great saving of time and expense in the realization of an estate may be obtained by the way in which the in

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. itiatory steps in a bankruptcy are taken-e.g., the statement of affairs

LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETIES. amply paid for the oversight which at this stage he has invariably to give Devonshire. Denne subject for debate was, making the case of Leon het

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY.–Feb. 22–Chairman, Mr. R. L; to his client.

Borough Magistrates. — The attention of the council having been called to the practice of the borough magistrates of ascertaining the previous con

different if it were under the law of England instead of that of New Brunswick ?" Mr. Wilmot E. Elmslie opened the debate in the affirm

W. M. Woodhouse, W. Law Gane, G. A. Riddell, and W.Y. Woolcombe. Mr. ERNEST JOHN WILKINSON, solicitor, of 14, Bedford-street, Covent After Mr. Elmslie had replied, the chairman put the motion to the society, Garden, and of Kingston and Hampton Wick, has been appointed when it was lost by a majority of thirteen votes. There were twenty- Deputy Town Clerk of the borough of Kingston-upon-Thames. Mr. eight members present.

Wilkinson is the son of Mr. Walter Meacock Wilkinson, town clerk of Preston LAW DEBATING SOCIETY.- Feb. 18 Chairman, Mr. John Kingston and clerk to the borough magistrates. He was admitted a Parker, solicitor.–Five legal queries relating to advancement, mort.

solicitor in 1885. gages, acknowledgment by married women, and larceny, were discussed and satisfactorily settled. A debate took place on the following case :

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. “A. writes to B. a letter containing these words : We will marry as soon as my circumstances will enable me to provide you with a comfortable

HERVEY Smith and James Edwin SMITH, solicitors (Hervey Smith & and a happy home.' No other promise by A. was ever made. At the Brother), Hyde. The said business will be henceforth carried on by the time A. wrote this letter he was in good health and earning £150 a year.

said Hervey Smith alone.

[Gazette, Feb. 18.] Three years later, when B. brings her action, A. is receiving, when regularly employed, a salary of £100 a year, but is subject to a form of chronic illness which occasionally prevents him from attending to his

GENERAL business and makes it, according to his physician's advice, 'imprudent, In the House of Commons, on the 18th inst., Mr. F. Maclean asked the and possibly dangerous, for him to marry. No attempt to rescind or Attorney-General whether it was the intention of her Majesty's Govern. release the promise can be proved. Is B. entitled to legal damages?” ment to give effect to, or take any action upon, the report (dated August, Mr. T. H. Clarke opened the case in the affirmative and was supported 7, 1885) of the committee appointed by the Lord Chancellor to inquire by Mr. T. D. Penrice, whilst Messrs. G. Cartwright, A. W. Ladyman, into the subject of the existing rules as to the distribution of business in H. Whiteside, and J. J. Rawsthorne upheld the negative contention. the courts and chambers of the Chancery Division, and the distribution of The chairman summed the arguments adduced pro and con, and put the the clerical staff. The Attorney-General said the report in question was, question to the meeting, when a verdict was found for the negative by a in fact, considered very carefully immediately after it was presented, and majority of five.

so many of the recommendations as appeared to be matters of practice requiring rules of court were adopted by the Rule Committee of Judges in the issue of the Rules of the Supreme Court of December, 1885. The working of those rules, and the observance of uniformity of practice in

the courts and chambers of the Chancery Division, as recommended by LEGAL NEWS.

the committee, rests with the judges of that division themselves, avd not OBITUARY.

with the Government. The remaining recommendations of the com

mittee, as the hon, and learned member was aware, were based upon the Mr. John Edwards Price, solicitor, died suddenly at Newent on the 30th assumption that a sixth judge should be added to the Chancery Division, ult. Mr. Price was admitted a solicitor in 1865, and he shortly afterwards a condition precedent depending upon the sanction of Parliament. settled at Newent. He was a perpetual commissioner for Gloucestershire, and had a considerable private practice. He also held several important appointments, being clerk to the Newent Highway Board and the Newent School Board, and clerk to the Newent Board of Guardians' Assessment Committee, School Attendance Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority. Mr. Price leaves a widow and several children.

COURT PAPERS. Mr. John GEORGE LAING, barrister, died at his residence, 46, Ladbroke

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE, grove, Notting Hill, on the 11th inst. Mr. Laing was the second son of

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON Mr. Malcolm Laing, and was born in 1839. He was formerly Fellew of

APPEAL COURT APPEAL COURT Mr. Justice Mr. Justice St. John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated as second wrangler

No. 1.
No. 2.


CHITTY. and second Smith's Prizeman in 1862. He was called to the bar at Mon., Feb. 28 Mr. Ward Mr. Clowes Mr. Carrington Mr. Jackson Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1866, and he practised in the Chancery Tues., Mar. 1 King

Pemberton Lavie

Koe Division. Mr. Laing had acted as examiner for the law tripos at

Wednesday 2 Pemberton Clowes

Carrington Jackson Thursday


Pemberton Lavie
Cambridge. He was married in 1868 to the daughter of Mr. Alexander



Carrington Jackson Macdonald, of Johnston, Aberdeenshire.

Saturday... 5 Jackson

Pemberton Lavie

Koe Mr. ALFRED DURLING BARTLETT, solicitor, of Abingdon, died at that

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice place on the 16th inst., in his 71st year. Mr. Bartlett was born in 1816.


STIRLING. KEKEWICH. He was admitted a solicitor in 1839, and he had practised for over forty- Monday, February 28 Mr. Leach

Mr. King

Mr. Beal five years at Abingdon. He was a perpetual commissioner for Berkshire Tuesday, March




King and Oxfordshire, and he had a large private practice, and held several



Pugh important appointments. He was for several years deputy-coroner for Friday


Beal the Abingdon District of Berkshire, and in 1864 he was elected coroner.



Ie had been clerk to the Abingdon Burial Board since 1861, clerk to the
Abingdon Highway Board since 1863, and treasurer of thé borough of
Abingdon since 1864. He was also clerk to the Commissioners of Income
Tax for the borough. Mr. Bartlett was buried at the Abingdon Cemetery
on the 19th inst.


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb. 18.


Mr. WILLIAM TREVENBN, solicitor, of Helston, has been appointed a
Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Trevenen was admitted a solicitor in

ALDERSHOT BREWERY CO., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 15, 1854.

directed to be heard before Kay, J., on Feb. 26. Chinery & Co, Brabant ct,

Gracechurch st, solors for petners Mr. CHARLES BRINDLEY BEDDOE, solicitor, of Hereford, has been

BRITISH FLAX AND PAPER Co., LIMITED.-Kay, J., has, by an order dated Dec

15, appointed Mr. Benjamin Jackson, 28, Fenchurch st, official liquidator appointed Secretary to the Hereford Infirmary. Mr. Beddoe was admitted INDESTRUCTIBLE ENAMEL Co., LIMITED.- Chitty, J., has fixed Monday, Feb 28, a solicitor in 1881.

at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of official liquidator

NOTTINGHAM MALLEABLE IRON CO., LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or Mr. GEORGE FELTHAM, solicitor (of the firm of Feltham & Palmer), of before March 23, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their Portsmouth, Landport, and Southsea, has been appointed Solicitor to the debts or claims, to Thomas Leman, 1, Greyhound st, Long row, Nottingham. Portsmouth and Gosport Licensed Victuallers' Protection and Benevolent

Friday, April 16, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon debts

and claims Association. Mr. Feltham was admitted a solicitor in 1870.

RHONDDA MERTHYR STEAM COAL COLLIERY CO., LIMITED.-Stirling, J., has, by Mr. ROBERT THOMAS WRAGG, solicitor, of 11, Great St. Helen's, and of

an order dated Feb 8, appointed James Barrow, Maesteg, Glamorgan, to be

official liquidator Layton, has been elected Master of the Woolmen's Company for the en


Mr. Wragg was admitted a solicitor in 1862. He is vestry BANK OF EGYPT.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 8. directed to be heard clerk of Leyton and of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. He was formerly clerk to before Stirling, J., on Saturday, Feb 26. Bircham & Co, Old Broad st, solors the Leyton Local board, and he has served the office of under-sheriff of

for petners. Stirling, J., has, by an order dated Feb 8, appointed Greville London and Middlesex.

Horsley Palmer, 71, Gresham House, Hon. Sidney Carr-Glyn, 6, Hyde pk st,

and Henry Cassels Kay, 11, Durham villas, Kensington, provisional official Mr. James CHARLES WADDINGTON, solicitor, of Burnley and Padiham,


COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. has been appointed Solicitor to the Padiham, Harwood, and District Starr-Bowkett Building Society.

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Mr. Waddington was admitted a solicitor in 1884.

ALBION BANK AND DISCOUNT Co., LIMITED,-Tne ice-Chancellor has, by an

order dated Feb 11, appointed John Sutherland Harmood Banner, 24, North Mr. WYNNE E. Baxter (coroner for Middlesex) has been appointed a John st, Liverpool, to be official liquidator Deputy-Lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Mr. J. F. MILNE, solicitor (Messrs. Hinde, Milne, & Bury), has been COURT OAKWOOD BRANCH OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, Jolly Farmer, appointed a Justice of the Peace for the city of Manchester.

Puttenham, Surrey. Feb 15 Mr. John Bury, solicitor (Messrs. Hinde, Milne, & Bury), has been

CRANBROOK FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Bull Inn, Sissinghurst, Kent. Feb 15

EVERTON-TERRACE FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY, Wynnstay Arms, Everton terr, appointed Hon. Sec. of the Manchester Incorporated' Law Association. Everton, Liverpool. Feb 16

3 4

1 2 8 4


London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Feb 22.

WILCOCKE, HENRY RAY, Westminster Bridge rd, Professor of Music. March 8.

Barnard, Westminster Bridge rd

WINTERINGHAM, JOHN, Croft Stud Farm, York, Farmer. March 8. Land, GLYN NEATH COLLIERIES, LIMITED.-- Stirling, J., has fixed March 5, at 12, at his Halifax chambers, for appointment of a liquidator

YOUNG, WILLIAM CARR, Wingfield, Upper Norwood, Surrey, Merchant. March
HENDRA ESTATE AND BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LIMITED.-By an order made by 4. Sandilands & Co, Fenchurch avenue
North, J., dated Jan. 15, it was ordered that the company be wound up. North,

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb. 11.
J., has fixed Friday, March 4, at 1, at his chambers, for appointment of official ASHWORTH, ANN, Halliwell, Lancaster, March 31. Ferguson, Bolton

liquidator. White, New inn, agent for Cox, Swansea, solor for petner
LAND CORPORATION OF ENGLAND, LIMITED.- Petn for winding up, presented Feb

ASHWORTH, MARY ANN, Halliwell, Lancaster. March 31. Ferguson, Bolton "FT 18, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on Saturday, March 5. Wild & Co, BURY, WILLIAM, Accrington, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer.

March 14. Ironmonger lane, Cheapside, solors for petners

Wilkinson, Blackburn LONDON AND LANCASHIRE PAPER MILLS Co., LIMITED.-By an order made by CLARE, ALFRED, Hilperton, Wilts, Grocer's Assistant. March 17. Stone & Co, North, J., dated Feb 12, it was ordered that the company be wound up

Bath Lumley & Lumley, Old Jewry chbrs, solors for petner

COATES, BOWEN, Plymstock, Devon, Mate. March 26. Wedlake & Co, Serjeant's WEST OF ENGLAND COMPRESSED PEAT Co., LIMITED.-Kay, J., has fixed April 1, inn, Temple

at 12, at his chambers, for appointment of a liquidator in place of Rev. CRABTREE, ALFRED, Bolton, nr Bradford, Innkeeper. March 11. Freeman, John Fletcher, decd.

Bradford WHOLESALE GROCERY CO., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Feb 19 DAVIS, GEORGE RICHARD, jun, Nelson sq, Blackfriars rd. March 12. Geo R

directed to be heard before North, J., on March 5. Durant, jun., Guildhall Davis, 63, Nelson sq chbrs, Basinghall st, solor for petner

ELDRIDGE, MARTHA, Osborne rd, Finsbury pk. March 25. Price & Son, WalFRIENDLY SOCIETIES.


GILBERTSON, EDWARD COLLINGS, Wimbledon, Surrey, March 21. Torr & Co,

Bedford row
room, Haslingden, Lancaster. Feb 18

GREEN, CHARLES, Reigate, Surrey, Gardener. March 16. Martin, Henfield
GRIFFITH, EDWARD, Oakley sq, St Pancras, Surgeon. March 11. Turner & Co,

Carey st, Lincoln's inn
HALLOWS, ELEANOR. Canonbury pk South, Islington. March 25. Carpenter &

Sons, Laurence Pountney lane

HARRIS, LUCY, Cheltenham. April 10. Thorpe & Thorpe, Nottingham

HAWKINS, GEORGE, City rd, Gent. March 25. Hanbury & Co, New Broad st CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY.

HENTON, JAMES, Hasker st, Chelsea, Gent. March 1. Cockram Taylor, Essex London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Feb. 15.

st, Strand FISCHER, MORITZ ABRAHAM. Carter lane, Manufacturers' Agent. April 1. HIGGINS, EDWARD JONES, Muswell hill rd, Highgate, Tea Merchant. March 31. Schutte v Fischer, North, J. Chandler, Finsbury pavement

Carr & Martin, Mincing lane TAYLOR, THOMAS RICHARD, Maida vale, Licensed Victualler. March 14. Mar JAMES, MARY, Solva, Pembroke. March 25. Propert, Haverfordwest shall v Taylor, Stirling, J. Miller & Vernor, Moorgate st

LEONINO, ARTHUR DAVID, Middle Wallop, Southampton, March 15. Bompas &

Co, Gt Winchester st NOTICES TO CREDITORS UNDER TRUSTEES RELIEF ACT, for insertion in the

LITTELL, HENRY, Norwich, Gent. March 31. Winter & Francis, Norwich London Garette or any newspaper, should be sent to Harrison and Sons, Publishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, W.0. The Gaxette is published every

MASLIM, JOSEPH, St George's rd, Brighton. March 25. Chubb, John st, Adelphi Tuesday and Friday.- (ADVT.]

MITCHELL, SARAH, Guiseley, York. March 1. Bond & Co, Leeds
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

NICHOLLS, HENRY WILLIAMS. Railway pl, Fenchurch st, Tobacconist. March

10. Webb & Burt, Argyle st, Regent st LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

NIGHTINGALE, SAMUEL, Great Yarmouth, Esq. March 25. Kennett, Norwich London Gazette.- TUESDAY, Feb. 8.

ONSLOW, FRANCIS, Cheltenham, March 1. Winterbothams & Gurney, CheltenBALFOUR, ALEXANDER, Liverpool, Merchant. April 15. Duncan & Son, Liver

ham pool

PARKHOUSE, EDWIN, Wharf, Fermoy rd, Paddington, Carman.

March 7. BARTHOLOMEW, ELIZABETH, Peckham rd, Surrey. March 21. Miller & Miller, Reader & Hicks, Ely pl, Holborn herhorne lane

PIDDUCK, JOHN, Thurlow pk rd, Lower Norwood, Gent. March 31. Pidduck, BIGLAND, FANNY SARAH ANNE, Saint Marychurch, Torquay, March 18. Crowdy Manchester & Co, Serjeant's inn, Fleet st

PRICE, JOSEPH, Furnival st, Holborn. March 31. Townsend & Jones, Swindon BISSES L, WILLIAM, Edgbaston, Warwick, Gent. March 30. Jelf & Latham, Birmingham

PRINCE, FREDERICK TICKELL, Curzon st, Mayfair, Gent. March 30. Braunstein, BRIDGEN, ROBERT, Newtown, Southampton, Gent. March 25. Stanton &

Westminster chbrs, Westminster Bassett, Southampton

PRITCHARD, HENRY JOHN, Belgrare pl, Belgrave eq, Steward. March 17. BRIGGS, HENRY, Bradford, Gent. March 19. Learoyd & Co, Huddersfield

Stollard & Swan, Oxford st

ROBERTSHAW, JOSHUA, Girlington, Manningham, Bradford, Agent. March 11. BRIGHT, ELIZABETH, Chelmsford, Essex. March 11. Phillips, Chelmsfor

Freeman, Bradfor 1 BROWN, HANNAH, Colchester, Essex. March 2. Pope & Co, Colchester

ROCHE, CATHERINE, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne.

April 25. Dickinson &

Miller, Newcastle upon Tyne
BURDGE, THOMAS, Upper st, Islington, Butcher. March 21. Godwin & Son, RYAN, ELIZA, High st, Camden Town. April Claremont, Pall Mall

Wool Exchange, Coleman st
BUSSELL, WILLIAM, Colyton, Devon, Farmer. March 10. Hine-Haycock & Co,

SARVIS, JOHN, Albert st, Regent's park, Gent. April 12. Wrentmore, Bedford College hill

row CHICK, EMILY HAMILTON, Sherborne, Dorset. Feb 15. Trevor Davies, Sher

SNAPE, RICHARD FORTH, Bolton, Lancaster, Surgeon, March 19. Broadbent & borne

Heelis, Bolton CHIPPENDALE, RICHARD, Church, Lancaster, Printer. March 8. Sharples,

SNEWING, CHARLES, Watford, Herts, Gent. March 25. Price & Son. Walbrouk Accrington COCKS, CATHERINE, Soutbampton. March 25. Stanton & Bassett, Southampton

STEWART, WILLIAM, Wakefield, Solicitor. March 23. Stewart, Wakefield

STOKES. MARY ANN HARRIET, Balsall Heath, nr Birmingham. March 23. Russell, CUTFORTH, AZUBAH, York. March 1. Walter Ibbotson, Sheffield

Birmingham DOREY, ANNE, Church Knowle, Dorset, March 31. Filliter & Son, Wareham


26. Walker & Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn EDWARDS, Rev GEORGE ROBERTSON, Shawbury Vicarage, Salop, Clerk. March 16. Wilson & Sons, Hull

WALKER, CHARLES, Dewsbury, York, Solicitor. April 2. Walker, Serjeant's inn FRANKENSTEIN, HENRIETTA, Mortimer crescent, St John's Wood. March 10.

WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL, Holywell, Flint, Solicitor. March 25. Blake & Heseltine, Bentwich, Finsbury pavement

Serjeant's inn, Fleet st GREEN, WILLIAM, Hulme, Manchester, Bookkeeper. March 25. Crofton &

London Gazette.--TUESDAY, Feb 15. Craven, Manchester

ADAM. BARTHOLOMEW SAMUEL ROWLEY, Manor House, Staines, Esq. March 1. GREENWOOD. THOMAS, Cheetham, Marchester, out of business. March 3.

Le Brasseur & Oakley, New ct, Lincoln's inn Smith, Hyde

ARCHARD, WILLIAM STRANGE, Twerton, Somerset. April 3. Simmons & Co, Bath GROOM, EDWARD CHARLES, Southwell, Nottingham. Feb 28. Travell & Wood BAILEY, ward, Nottingham

TIMOTHY, Hapham, nr Bristol, Quarry Master. March 19. Moger, Bath HAMILTON, BENJAMIN, Berkhampstead, Herts, Captain. March 5. Nightingale, BAYNES, CHRISTOPHER, Lancaster, Stonemason. March 7. Sharp & Son, LanCrown ct, Old Broad st

caster HAMILTON, THOMAS MILLIE, Cameroons, West Africa, Merchant. May 1.

BEAN, ALEXANDER, West Mersea, Essex, Farmer. March 31. Turner & Co, Roberts & Dickson, Chester

HERVE, LOUIS, Farringdon id, Engineer, March 16. Yarde & Loader, Raymond BUXTON, JOHN, Sheffield, Gent. Apr 9. Clegg & Sons, Sheffield

bldgs, Gray's inn
HODGES, HARRIET, Holland rd, Kensington. March 31. Irvine & Hodges, Mark

DYER, JOHN, Ramsgate, Kent. May 10. Whitakers & Woolbert, Lincoln's inn

fields lane HOPKINS, WILLIAM, Allison rd, Acton, Gent. March 1. Neal, Lime st

ELLIS, WILLIAM ELLIS HURDIS, Hasfield, Gloucester, Gent. March 1. Bonnor,

Gloucester HOWMAN, ANN, Heigham, Norwich. March 4. Overbury & Gilbert, Norwich

FEW, ROBERT, Esher, Surrey, Solicitor. March 31.

Few & Co, Surrey st,

HUGHES, THOMAS, Earlsfield rd, Wandsworth, Gent. March 25. Keen & Co.,
Knightrider st

FOTHERGILL, WILLIAM ROWLAND, Redland, Bristol, Gent. March 31. Colborne
JONES, ROBERT OLIVER, Fonmon Castle, nr Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Esq. May 10.
Shirley & Sons, Cardiff

HANSHEW, FREDERICK, Bexley, Kent, Carman. March 21. Beetham Batchelor, KAYE, SAMPSON, Bradford, Gent. Feb 19. Farrar, Bradford

Essex st, Strand

HARVEY, ROBERT, Colchester, Essex, Farmer. April 1. Pitts & Savage, Ludgate LEIGH, GEORGE, Arnold Notts, Surgeon. March 12. Burton & Ekiog, Nottingham MARSH, GEORGE WILLIAM, Old Kent rd, Gent. March 12. Oliver, Corbet ct,

Isaac, SAMUEL, Warrington crescent, Maida Vale, Esq. March 6. Le Brasseur Gracechurch st OWLES, SAMUEL, Plumstead, Kent, Gent. March 25. Sutherland, Woolwich

JEFFERIES, JOHN, Gt Barford, Bedford, Farmer. April 12. Leeds Smith, Sandy PEACOCK, JOHN, Sedgley, Stafford, Builder, March 19. Gould & Elcock, Stour

JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Saddington, Leicester, Gent. April 16. Berridge & Miles, bridge

Leicester ROBERTS, SUSAN ANN, St John the Evangelist rd, Kentish Town. March 17.

JOLLIFFE, MARY, Gt Cumberland pl. March 25. Currie & Co, Lincoln's inn

RUSSELL-PAVIER, WILLIAM ADEX, Newlands, Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Esq. JORDISON, HANNAH, Redcar, York. March 31. Wooler, Darlington

JORDISON, CHRISTOPHER, Redcar, York, Yeoman. March 31. Wooler
April 2. Sale & Mills, Derby
SIMPSON, JANE, Croydon, Surrey. April 1. Upton, Croydon
STURGES, ROBERT, Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. March 30. Jelf & Latham, Bir-

LANGSAMUEL, Calstock, Cornwall, Gent. March 25. Nicolls & Blight, Calmingham WAKE, MARIA, Trafalgar id, Old Kent rd. March 5. Jones, Spital sq

LAVERTON, ABRAHAM, Farleigh Castle, Somerset, Esq. March 31.

Rodway, Trowbridge WARREN, EDWIN, Ramsgate, Esq. March 10. Johnson & Co, Austin Friars

MARTIN, HENRY, Wandon Lodge, nr Rugeley, Gamekeeper. March 12. Twynam,


Mann &

MCCABE, MATHEW, Liverpool, Hog Salesman. April 23. Darby, Liverpool
PEACOCK, ROBERT WILLIAM, Stanhope st, Hyde park. April 1. Evans & Co,

Gray's inn sg

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb 18. POTTS, WILLIAM, Leeds, Clockmaker. March 22. Bowling & Hirst, Leeds

RECEIVING ORDERS. REGIS, GEORGE, Lower Hardres, Kent, Farmer. April 1. Pitts & Savage, Lud ALAIS, ALFRED CLARENCE. Beauclerc rd, Hammersmith, Engraver. High Court. gate bill

Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 SCHUCKHER, HENRY, Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Merchant. April 5. Farrar & APPLEBY, JAMES, Brough, Yorks, Timber Merchant. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Hall, Manchester

Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 STOCKEN, FREDERICK, Halkin st, Belgrave sq, Coach Builder. April 15. Plaskitt, ASKEW, WILLIAM, Keswick, Cumberland, Hotel Keeper. Cockermouth and Lincoln's inn fields

Workington. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 STOKES, REBECCA, Measham, Derby. March 14. Smith & Mummatt, Ashby de BACON, STEPHEN, Handsworth, Colliery Manager. Sheffield. Pet Feb 14. Ord la Zouch

Feb 14 STUART, MARY ANNE FRANCES CRICHTON, Albion st, Hyde pk. March 28. BEBBINGTON, HENRY, Over, Cheshire, Innkeeper. Nantwich and Crewe. Pet Farrer & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 WALKER, JOHN, Rugeley, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. March 12. Twynam, BESWICK, ROBERT, Radway Green, Cheshire, out of business. Nantwich and Stafford

Crewe. Pet Feb 3. Ord Feb 15 WEBB, GEORGE, Gravesend, Gent. March 31. Tolhurst & Co, Gravesend

BLACKBURN, THOMAS, Leyland, Lancs, Clogger. Bolton. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 WHITEFOOT, RICHARD THOMAS, Alma Tavern, Parsons green. March 14. Cross-BRAY, WILLIAM HENRY, Truro, Carpenter. Truro. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14

man & Co. Theobald's rd, Gray's inn WILSON, CHARLOTTE, Holderness, York. April 2. Leak & Co, Hull

BROWX. JAMES, Clee, Lincolnshire, Skipper. Great Grimsby. Pet Feb 15. Ord

Feb 15 WITHERS. GEORGE, Oakley Green, Berks, Licensed Victualler. March 31. BUDD, ROBERT FLEXMAN, Walthamstow, Essex, Grocer. High Court. Pet Feb Phillips & Randle Ford, Windsor

16. Ord Feb 16 YOUNG, WILLIAM CARR, Upper Norwood, Surrey, Merchant. March 4. Sandi BURROW, ALBERT, Bath, Wheel Chair Maker. Bath. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 lands & Co, Fenchurch avenue

BYRNE. JULIAN OLIPHANT, Buckingham st, Strand, Engineer. High Court. London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Feb. 18.

Pet Feb 12. Ord Feb 14 AMERY, JOHN, St Mary, Newington, Surrey, Gent. March 17. Rodgers & CHAPMAN, ALFRED JOHN, and JOSEPH CHARLES CHAPMAN, Kennington rd, Stone Clarkson, Walbrook

Carvers. High Court. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 ATKINSON, ROBERT, Brampton, Westmoreland, Yeoman, March 12. Bell the CONNOR, DUNCAN MCNAB, Maze Pond, Bermondsey, Leather Merchant. High younger, Appleby

Court. Pet Jan 25. Ord Feb 15
BARNFATHER, CHARLOTTE, Eastcote, nr Pinner. March 18. Cooke-Collis & COOKE, EDWIN, Leamington, Hatter. Warwick. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15

Sayer, Essex st, Strand
BARON, EDWARD GEORGE, Plymouth, Esq. March 18. Slater, Pilditch, Thread-

CORLESS, JOHN, Manchester, Fruit Merchant. Manchester. Pet Feb 14. Ord

Feb 14 needle st BOURKE, Lady MARGARET HARRIET, Hampton Court Palace. March 24. John

Cuss, NEVIL, Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire, out of business. Swindon.

Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 son & Co, Austinfriars

DARBYSHIRE, THOMAS, York, Butcher. York. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15
BRADLEY, ALISSIMON, Newark upon Trent. March 16. Falkner, Newark
BRIDGES, ELIZABETH, Sherlock rd, Haverstock bill. April 9. Crowther, Chan-

DENNAN, JOHN EUSTACE, Lower Phillimore pl, Kensington, Surgeon-Dentist.

High Court. Pet Aug 19. Ord Feb 14 cery lane CAWLEY, THOMAS, Nantwich, Chester, Ironmonger. March 11. Martin, Nant

DUGDALE, HENRY, Landport, Hants, Tobacconist. Portsmouth. Pet Feb 14.

Ord Feb 14 wich

ELwoon, JOHN SANSUM, Parkeston, nr Harwich, Butcher. Colchester. Pet Feb CHEESMAN, EMMA, Brighton, Glass Dealer. March 1. Nye, Brighton

14. Ord Feb 14 CONSTANTINE, DANIEL, Breightmet Bleach works, Breightmet, nr Bolton, FARRINGTON, VALENTINE, Ulverston, Corn Miller. Ulverston and Barrow in Bleacher. April 2. Greenhalgh & Cannon, Bolton

Furness. Pet Jan 22. Ord Feb 15 CORMACK, WILLIAM WADHAM, Ludgate hill, Bag Manufacturer. March 23. GILL, THOMAS JAMES, Hucknall Torkard, Notts, Grocer. Nottingham. Pet Feb Collyer-Bristow & Co. Bedford row

4. Ord Feb 15 CROSSK, ELIZABETH MARY, Heavitree, nr Exeter. March 15. Simpson & Co, GOODWIN, SIDNEY HERBERT, Mereworth, Kent, Farmer. Maidstone. Pet Feb Moorgate st

15. Ord Feb 15 EASTWOOD, WILLIAM, Liverpool, Merchant. March 15. Wright & Co, Liver GREGORY, BENJAMIN, Mugginton, Derbyshire, Innkeeper. Derby. Pet Feb 15. pool

Ord Feb 15 FORSTER, JOHN, Sunderland, Merchant. March 14. Kidson & Co, Sunderland HARVEY, GEORGE MAWSON LEGGE, Elm grove, Cricklewood, Clerk. Barnet.

Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 FREFLAND, GEORGE, Rotherbithe, Licensed Victualler. March 31. Burton,

HITCHON, JOSEPH HENRY, Bolton, Carder. Bolton. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 Blackfriars rd GASCOYNE, JOHN WALDEGRAVE, Peckham, Surrey, March 21. Crosse & Sons, | HOWDLE, THOMAS, Knottingley, Yorks, Joiner. Wakefield. Pet Feb 14. Ord Lancaster pl, Strand

Feb 14 HEADLAM, JOHN, Stewart's rd, Battersea, Blacksmith. March 12. Sparshatt, HUGHES, H. P., & Son, Walton, Lancashire, Builders. Liverpool. Pet Feb 14. Finborough rd, South Kensington

Ord Feb 14 HENTHORN, THOMAS, Manchester, Beerhouse Keeper. March 9. Chew & Sons, JONES. WILLIAM FREDERICK, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Birmingham. Pet Manchester

Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 HERING, CATHERINE, Grove end rd, St Jobn's Wood. March 28. Evelyn Gren LEWIS, JAMES, Llangan, Carmarthenshire, Licensed Victualler. Pembroke side, Chancery lane

Dock. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 HOWES, CAROLINE, Yelverton, Norfolk, Widow. March 12. Baldrey, Norwich LEWIS, JOHN, Mitcham, Surrey, Gardener. Croydon. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 HULL, JANE, Godalming, Surrey. March 25. Blake & Heseltine, Serjeant's inn, L'HUILLIER, CHARLES, and JULES DUBOIS, Hatton Garden, Watch ManuFleet st

facturers. High Court. Pet Feb 11. Ord Feb 15 JOSEPH, ISABELLA, Formosa st, Maida Vale. March 23. Hands, Old Jewry chbrs LINFO0T, BENJAMIN, and WILLIAM LYNAS, York, Builders. York. Pet Jan 29.

Ord Feb 15 KEMP, ROBERT, Carlton Colvile, Suffolk, Harness Maker. March 30. Reeve,

MARSHALL FRANK, Moorgate st, Advertising Agent. High Court. Pet Feb 16. Lowestoft

Ord Feb 16 LAVENDER, JOSEPH, John st, Gray's inn, Architect. March 15. Bird, Bedford row

MELLOR, NOAH, and THOMAS LIGHTFOOT, Over, Cheshire, Bakers. Nantwich MITCHELL, GEORGE, New Brighton, Chester, Gardener. March 15. Wright &

and Crewe. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 Co, Liverpool

MITCHELL, SAMUEL TITUS, Bradford, Merchant. Bradford. Pet Feb 12. Ord NELSON, EDWARD, Torquay, Esq. March 31. Nelson & Son, Bennet's hill, Doc

Feb 12 tor's Commons

MORTON, JOHN, Victoria grove, Kensington, Wine Merchant. High Court. Pet O'CONNOR, ANN, Great May's bldgs, Westminster. April 14. Pullen, Basinghall

Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 street

NELSON, JOHN ROBERT, Stockton on Tees, Builder. Stockton on Tees and PARKER, JOSEPH, Regent's park rd, Grocer. March 15. Bird, Bedford row

Middlesborough. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 PARKHOUSE, EDWIN, Fermoy rd, Paddington, Carman. March 7. Reader &

NOWELL, WILLIAM WINSOR, Torquay, Draper. Exeter. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 Hicks, Ely place, Holborn

NUTTALL, JOHN WILLIAM, Staveley, Derby, Butcher. Chesterfield. Pet Feb 15. PERKINS, SARAH, East Grinstead, Sussex. March 31. Darley & Cumberland,

Ord Feb 16 John st, Bedford row

PATTON, THOMAS, Stockton on Tees, Builder, Stockton on Tees and MiddlesPLATT, SAMUEL ELI, Gresham rd, Brixton, Publisher. March 7. Reader &

borough Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 Hicks, Ely place

RANI LE, HENRY, Runcorn, Cheshire, Draper. Warrington. Pet Feb 15. Ord RICHARDSON, TRYPHENA, Southport, Lancaster. March 28. Clark & Co, Lan

Feb 15 caster

REES, LEWIS, Aberdulais, nr Neath, Draper. Neath. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14 ROBERTS, EDWARD, Bedminster, Bristol, Gent. April 1. Jacques & Co, Bristol

SHARMAN, THOMAS, Eynesbury, Huntingdon, Butcher. Bedford. Pet Feb 4. RoscoE, EMILY SOPHIA, Highcliff Leigh Woods, Somerset. March 28. Jevons

Ord Feb 16 & Ryley, Liverpool

SMITH, WILLIAM, Folkestone, Furniture Dealer. Canterbury. Pet Feb 14. Ord SCHOFIELD, JOHN, Darfield, York, Innkeeper. March 31. Newman & Bond,

Feb 14 Barnsley

SOUTHALL, HORATIO WILLIAM, Birmingham, Wine Merchant. Birmingham. Pet SCOTT, LUCY HANNAH, Ravenscourt, Hammersmith. April 2. Rivington & Son,

Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 Fenchurch bldgs

STEPHENS, WILLIAM JAMES BORROW, High st, Chatham, Draper. Rochester. SINCLAIR, HARRIOT BARBARA BUNBURY GOLFIN, Queen's rå, Bayswater. March

Pet Jan 26. Ord Feb 14 25. Jordan & Son. Westminster chbrs, Victoria st

STEWART, CHARLES MALCOLM, Liverpool, Broker. Liverpool. Pet Jan 31. Or SPENCER, MARGARET, Fryerage, nr Yarm, York. March 9. Watson, Barnard Feb 15 Castle

VIENNOIS, ADOLPHUS RICHARD, Hoxton st, Hoxton, Confectioner, High Court STRATTON, RICHARD FOUNTAIN, East Sheen, Surrey, Coal Merchant. April 16.

Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 Anderson & Sons, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside

WAKEFIELD, JOHN, Sandwich, Kent, Grocer. Canterbury. Pet Feb 14. Ord THOMSON, WILLIAM, Southampton, United States Consul. April 1. Wansey &

Feb 14 Co, Moorgate st

WIGHTMAN, ALEXANDER, Cattistock, Dorset, Carpenter. Dorchester. Pet Jan TOBY, JOHN WILLIAM, Moor pk rd, Fulham, Gent. March 31. Withall & Co, Gt

29. Ord Feb 16 George st, Westminster

The following Amended Notice is substituted for that published in the WINTERBOTTOM, ROBERT DICKSON, Higher Broughton, nr Manchester. March 25.

London Gazette, Feb. 15. Dendy & Paterson, Manchester

WINDEBANK, E, Manchester, Paper Merchant. Manchester. Pet Dec 21. Ord WRAY, MARGARETT, Littlebourne, Kent. April 2. Rivington & Son, Fenchurch

Feb 11

ASKEW, WILLIAM, Keswick, Cumberland, Hotel Keeper. Feb 28 at 12. Court

House, Keswick

ASTRUP, THOMAS, Lombard st, Timber Merchant. March 4 at 11. 33, Carey st, WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.–Before purchasing

Lincoln's inn or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an BANKS, WILLIAM, Bolton, Lancs, Optician. Feb 28 at 3. 16, Wood st, Bolton expert from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115. Victoria-st., West BERNARDO, BERNARD CHARLES ERNEST, Victoria Mansions, Westminster. Feb mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-(ADVT.)

25 at 11. Bankruptcy bidgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM ; No Deposit; 1, 2, or 3 years credit;

BIRD, GEORGE, Liverpool, Pilot. Feb 28 at 3. 'Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool 60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.o. Branches at 121, Palí BLACKBURN, THOMAS, Leyland, Lancs, Clogger. Feb 26 at 11. 16, Wood Mall, s.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.- (ADVT.




292 BOYCE, JOHN Cox, Cornwell, Oxfordshire, Clerk in Holy Orders. Feb 28 at 11.30 HUGHES, ELIZABETH OAKLEY, Sedgley, Stafford, Grocer. Dudley. Pet Feb 8.

Ord Feb 12
Off Rec, St Aldates, Oxford
BUNCE, GEORGE, Bray, Berks, Baker. Feb 28 at 2. Bell Hotel, Maidenhead JONES, HENRY, Llanelly, Bootmaker. Carmarthen. Pet Feb 8. Ord Feb 8
CHADNEY, HARRIETT, Clifton, Bristol, Lodging-house Keeper. Feb 25 at 1. Off JONES. JOHN H, Rhosybol, Anglesey, Corn Merchant. Bangor. Pet Jan 25.

Ord Feb 16
Rec, Bristol
DARBYSHIRE, THOMAS, York, Butcher. March 1 at 12. Off Rec, York

JESSE, RICHARD JOHN, Fontmell Magna, Dorset, Miller. Salisbury. Pet Feb 8.

Ord Feb 15 DEW, FREDERICK, Weston super Mare, out of business. Feb 25 at 12.15. George

LAW, HENRY, Queen Anne's gate, Engineer. High Court. Pet Nov 23. Ord and Railway Hotel, Victoria st, Bristol

Feb 14 DUGDALE. HENRY, Landport, Hampshire, Tobacconist. Feb 28 at 4. 166, Queen

LEAR, SAMUEL, Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. Hanley, Burslem, and st, Portsea

Tunstall. Pet Jan 19. Ord Feb 15
EDKINS. ARTHUR JOSEPH, Welford, Gloucestershire, Gardener. Feb 28 at 12.30.
Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry

LEVIN, ISAAC, Blyth, Northumberland, Clothier. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet

Feb 1. Ord Feb 16 FISKEN, JAMES SCOULER, Wharf rd, City rd, Dyer. Feb 26 at 3. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn flelds

LEWIS, JACOB, Woodside avenue, South Norwood, Builder. Croydon. Pet Jan GOODWIN, SIDNEY HERBERT, Mereworth, Kent, Farmer. March 1 at 3. Off Rec, MARKS, THOMAS, Maidenhead, Berks, Baker. Windsor. Pet Feb 7. Ord Feb 11

Week st, Maidstone GREEN, DANIEL, Thornton Heath, Surrey, Builder. Feb 28 at 3. 109, Victoria MARSHALL, FRANK, Moorgate st, Advertising Agent. High Court. Pet Feb 16. st, S.W.

Ord Feb 16 GREGORY, BENJAMIN, Muggington, Derbyshire, Innkeeper. Feb 25 at 2.30. Of MATHIAS, WILLIAM, Brawdy, Pembroke, Farmer. Pembroke Dock. Pet Feb B. Rec, St James's chmbrs, Derby


and Crewe. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 mission Agents. March 2 at 12. Bankruptcy bldgs, Lincoln's inn HITCHON, JOSEPH HENRY, Bolton, Lancashire, Carder. Feb 25 at 11. 16, Wood MITCHELL, SAMUEL TITUS, Bradford, Provision Merchant. Bradford. Pet Feb HOWDLE, THOMAS. Knottingley, Yorks, Joiner. Feb 28 at 2. Off Rec, Southgate MITCHELL, WILLIAM, jun, Southport, Gent. Liverpool. Pet Jan 24. Ord Feb 18 chbrs, Southgate, Wakefield

NELSON, JOHN ROBERT, Stockton on Tees. Builder. Stockton on Tees and HUGGETT, ÁLBERT, Bexhill, Sussex, Gasfitter. Feb 25 at 12. Off Rec, Pavilion Middlesborough. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 bldgs, Brighton

NIGHTINGALE, RW, Aston, Warwick, Paper Hangings Dealer. Birmingham. HUGHES, H P, & SON, Walton, Lanos, Builders. Feb 28 at 3.80. Off Rec, 35, Vic

Pet Jan 22. Ord Feb 14 toria st, Liverpool

NOWELL, WILLIAM WINSOR, Torquay, Draper. Exeter. Pet Feb 16. Ord LEAR, SAMUEL. Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. March 2 at 4. North

Feb 16 Stafford Hotel, Stoke upon Trent

NUTTALL, JOHN WILLIAM, Staveley, Derby, Butcher. Chesterfield. Pet Feb 14. LESLIE, CHARLES, Elgin avenue, Maida Vale, out of business. Feb 25 at 11. 33,

Ord Feb 16 Carey st, Lincoln's inn

ORMEROD, GEORGE, Greetland, Yorks, Wheelwright. Halifax. Pet Feb 2. Ord LEWIS, JAMES, Llangan, Carmarthen, Innkeeper. Feb 25 at 11. Off Rec, 11,

Feb 16 Quay st, Carmarthen

PATTON, THOMAS, Stockton on Tees, Builder. Stockton on Tees and MiddlesLINFOOT, BENJAMIN, and WILLIAM LYNAS, York, Builders. March 1 at 1. Off borough. Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 Rec. York

PEEL, JOHN HENRY, Carrington, Nottingham, Grocer. Nottingham. Pet Jan MARKS, THOMAS, Maidenhead, Baker. Feb 28 at 12.30. Bell Hotel, Maidenhead

23. Ord Feb 12 MITCHELL, SAMUEL TITUS, Bradford, Merchant. Feb 25 at 3. Off Rec, 31,

PETTIT, WILLIAM, Haldane rd, Fulham, Cowkeeper. High Court. Pet Feb 9.

Ord Feb 14
Manor row, Bradford
NOWELL, WILLIAM WINSOR, Torquay, Draper. March 2 at 11. Off Rec, 13, Bed-

RANDLE, HENRY, Runcorn, Cheshire, Draper. Warrington. Pet Feb 15. Ord

Feb 15 ford circus, Exeter REES, LEWIS, Aberdylais, nr Neath, Draper. Feb 28 at 11.30. Castle Hotel,

SMITH, WILLIAM, Folkestone, Furniture Dealer. Canterbury. Pet Feb 12. Ord

Feb 14
SHEPPARD, ISAAC JOHN. Watford, Hertfordsbire, Baker. Feb 25 at 11. Blagg

SMITH, WILLIAM ROBERT, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Baker. Salisbury. Pet Jan 31,

Ord Feb 16 & Edwards, St Albans, Hertfordshire SKRINE, CHARLES, Bagshot, Builder. Feb 25 at 2. Cannon st Hotel

THOMAS, Tom, Newport, Mon, Contractor. Newport, Mon. Pet Feb 7. Ore

Feb 14 SMITH, WILLIAM. Folkestone, Furniture Dealer. March 2 at 1. Bankruptcy TOMLINSON, FREDERICK, and CHARLES REEVE, Bulwell, Nottingham, Joiners. bldngs, Lincoln's inn

Nottingham. Pet Jan 11. Ord Feb 12 STEPHENS. WILLIAM JAMES BORROW, High st, Chatham, Draper. Feb 28 at 3.15. TROWBRIDGE, ROBERT, Salisbury, General Dealer. Salisbury. Pet Feb 8. Ord 51, Chancery lane

Feb 15 THORNTON, EDWIN, Wakefield. Engineer. Feb 28 at 11. Off Rec, Southgate UNDERWOOD, ALBERT L., Eastcheap, Mining Agent. High Court. Pet Nov 1.

Ord Feb 16 TURNER, FRANCIS GEARE, residence unknown, Widow. Feb 25 at 3. Bankruptcy VIENNOIS, ADOLPHUS RICHARD, Hoxton st, Hoxton, Confectioner. High Court. bldgs, Lincoln's inn

Pet Feb 15. Ord Feb 15 WAKEFIELD, JOHN, High st, Sandwich, Grocer. March 4 at 10. 32, St George's WAKEFIELD, JOHN, Sandwich, Kent, Grocer. Canterbury. Pet Feb 14. Ord WHITE, HENRY ABBLITT, West Green rd, Tottenham, Grocer. Feb 25 at 11. WARD, EDVARD, CUTHBERT, and EDWARD WILLIAM WARD, Leamington, WarWHITE. HENRY A BBLITT, ROBERT THOMPSON WHITE, and JOSEPH AUGUSTUS

wickshire, Tailors. Warwick. Pet Feb 1. Ord Feb 16

WILD, JOHN, Manchester, Estate Broker. Manchester. Pet Jan 28. Ord WHITE, High rd, Tottenham, Grocers. Feb 25 at 16. Cannon Street

Feb 15
WHITE, JOSEPH AUGUSTUS (sep estate), High rd, Tottenham, Grocer. Feb 25 at

WILEMAN, WILLIAM, London Wall, Spirit Merchant. High Court. Pet Oct 8.

Ord Feb 18 11. Cannon st Hotel WHITE, ROBERT THOMPSON (sep estate), West Green rd, Tottenham, Grocer.

WILLIAMS, EDWARD, Aston, nr Birmingham, Carpenter. Birmingham. Pet Feb

9. Ord Feb 14 Feb 25 at 11. Cannon st Hotel WILLIAMS, EDWARD, Aston, nr Birmingham, Carpenter. March 2 at 11. Luke

WILLIAMS. THOMAS, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, Grocer. Bangor. Pet Jan 31.

Ord Feb 16 Jesson Sharp, Birmingham

WINDEBANK, E., Manchester, Paper Merchant. Manchester. Pet Dec 21. Ord ADJUDICATIONS.

Feb 15 ALAIS, ALFRED CLARENCE, Beauclerc rd, Hammersmith, Engraver. Pet Feb 14.

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Feb. 22

RECEIVING ORDERS. BACON, STEPHEN, Handsworth, Yorks, Colliery Manager. Sheffield. Pet Feb 12. ADAMS, JOHN, Portsea, Bootmaker. Portsmouth. Pet Feb 18. Ord Feb 18 BALES, CHRISTOPHER ELLIS, Great Yarmouth, Butcher. Great Yarmouth. Pet ALLWOOD, JOSEPH, Leamington, Coal Dealer. Warwick. Pet Feb 17, Ord Feb 2. Ord Feb 14

Feb 17 BANKS, WILLIAM, Bolton, Lancs, Optician. Bolton. Pet Feb 11. Ord Feb 14. BALDEN, HENRY, Otham, Kent, Shoemaker. Maidstone. Pet Feb 19. Ord BIRD, GEORGE, Liverpool, Pilot. Liverpool. Pet Jan 17. Ord Feb 15

Feb 19 BLACKBURN, THOMAS, Leyland, Lanes, Clogger. Bolton. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 15

BARROW, JOHN STEPHEN, Leeds, Accountant. Leeds. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 BONSHOR, CHARLES J., Derby, Plumber. Derby. Pet Jan 20. Ord Feb 14

BOVEY, JAMES THOMAS, Torquay, Corn Merchant. Exeter. Pet Feb 18. Ord

Feb 18 BRAY, WILLIAM HENRY, Truro, Carpenter. Truro. Pet Feb 14. Ord Feb 14

BOWER, GEORGE, St Neots, Huntingdon, Gas Engineer. Bedford. Pet Feb 18.

Ord Feb 18
BROWN, JAMES, Clee, Lincolnshire, Skipper. Great Grimsby. Pet Feb 14. Ord
Feb 15

BROAD, GEORGE WINSTONE, Bristol, Beer Retailer. Bristol. Pet Feb 16. Ord

Feb 18 BURROW, ALBERT, Bath, Wheel Chair Maker. Bath. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 BYRNE, JULIAN OLIPHANT, Winterwell rd, Brixton Hill, no occupation. High CAMPBELL, HENRY, Epworth, Lincoln, Potato Salesman. Sheffield. Pet Feb 6.

BYROM, THOMAS, Leeds, Beerhouse Keeper. Leeds. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 Court. Pet Feb 12. Ord Feb 14.

Ord Feb 18
CHADNEY, HARRIETT, Clifton, Bristol, Lodging House Keeper. Bristol. Pet
Feb 11. Ord Feb 14

CHERRINGTON, CHARLES HENRY, Donington, Lincoln, Draper. Peterborough. CORLESS, JOHN, Manchester, Fruit Merchant. Manchester. Pet Feb 14. Ord CLOUTING, JOHN REVETT, Thetford, Norfolk, Surgeon. Norwich. Pet Feb 19.

Feb 14
DUGDALE, HENRY Landport, Hants, Tobacconist. Portsmouth. Pet Feb 14.
Ord Feb 14

DRURY, APPLEBY, Scarborough, Grocer. Scarborough. Pet Feb 17. Ord Feb 17 GARVEY, ANN, Nottingham, General Dealer. Nottingham. Pet Feb 8. Ord

EVANS, JOHN, Haminiog, Cardigan. Shoemaker. Aberystwith. Pet Feb 16. Feb 12 GIBSON, BENJAMIN, Liverpool, Iron Merchant. High Court. Pet Jan 17. Ord FINCH, JOSEPH BURNETT, Girdler's rd, West Bensington, Esq. High Court. Feb 15

Pet Feb 17. Ord Feb 17 GREGORY, BENJAMIN, Mugginton, Derby, Innkeeper. Derby. Pet Feb 15. Ord

GEE, RICHARD, Oxford, Ironmonger. Oxford. Pet Feb 16. Ord Feb 16 Feb 15 HASKELL, WALTER, New st, Hampton, Grocer. Kingston, Surrey. Pet Feb 10.

GRAINGER, WILLIAM, Ulleskelf, Yorks, Farmer. York. Pet Feb 19. Ord Feb 19 Ord Feb 16

HOE, CHARLES WILLIAM, Oxford st, Trunk Maker. High Court. Pet Feb 17. HAYWOOD, CHARLES F. Newington causeway, Managing Director. High Court.

Ord Feb 17 Pet Dec 3. Ord Feb 16

HOMES, THOMAS, Felix st, Hackney rd, Licensed Victualler. High Cowrt. Pet HAYWOOD, DANIEL W H, Newington causeway, Managing Director. Court. Pet Dec 3. Ord Feb 16

High JARVIS, ELIZA, Bury St Edmunds, Widow. Bury St Edmunds. Pet Feb 19.

Ord Feb 19
Court. Pet Feb 10. Ord Feb 14
HITCHON, JOSEPH HENRY, Halliwell, nr Bolton, Carder. Bolton. Pet Feb 14.

Ord Feb 17
Ord Feb 14

Knox, WILLIAM, Consett, Durham, Builder. Newcastle on Tyne, Pet Feb 2.

Ord Feb 17
Ord Feb 15
HOWDLE, THOMAS, Knottingley, Yorks, Joiner. Wakefield. Pet Feb 14. Ord
Feb 14

OTTER. FREDERICK. Bainton, Northamptonshire, Farmer. Peterborough. Pe

Feb 19. Ord Feb 19

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