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The reason he wrote the paper was this. There were two schemes placed gone on year after year and had increased in interest, and there was need for before the remuneration tribunal—the London (South of England) scheme fresh regulations. The subjects appeared to be selected in a haphazard way, and the Liverpool (North of England). The latter was accepted, and the and it might be better for the council to select a few subjects of special London scheme was rejected. If they took the scheme which had been interest. "It would be well for a committee to be appointed to consider given them, when conducting sales, it appeared to him that it was not open generally whether there could be any improvements and alterations in the to a moment's argument, but that they must take the custom. If they took mode of conducting these meetings. He moved that it be referred to a com. the scheme without the custom, it would be like a body without a soul. It mittee. would be a dead thing. It had been decided for them. The Legislature had The President suggested that Mr. Green should give notice of a resolu. given to them the Liverpool (North of England) scheme. It was not only tion on the subject. to the interest of solicitors to conduct sales, but, considering that they were Mr. Green accordingly gave notice for the April meeting. the trustees for the great profession coming after them, it was a much Mr. Coulton said he was quite willing that the whole matter should be higher platform to take to see one of the things given to them they did not brought forward in April, so that the subject might be referred to a comdeliberately throw away. They were appointed by Act of Parliament mittee, or to the council, as members might desire. conductors of sales; and it was absolutely essential under these circum Mr. HUNTER suggested that the word "provincial” should be omitted, stances, when it was probable a most radical system of registration would and that any resolution should be made to apply to all the general meetings. be introduced, that they should show that they were the men of affairs with regard to the transfer of land. If they took the Liverpool scheme without

THE CLUB AGAIN. the Liverpool custom, the thing would be reduced to absolute nonsense.

Mr. Ford asked, according to notice :-" Is the president of the society, These were his reasons for bringing it forward, and he only wished to say and are the members of the council, unanimously of opinion that the Law that he was of the same opinion still.

Club (as constituted after the commencement of my chancery action in Mr. Addison had very little objection to the motion as altered, but he regard to the old club) is beneficial to the general body of members of the would have strongly objected if it were to go forth in a hasty way that society; what is the estimated value of the premises occupied by the club; they were all of opinion that they were to destroy the auctioneers of the and what is the present number of members of the club who are members of City of London, and take their business into their own hands. Sales were

the society?" conducted in London so totally differently from the way they were conducted Mr. MELVILL GREEN rose to order. He did not think that the members in the country, that there was really no parallel between the two cases, and

were entitled to get up and ask the president his opinion upon any particular all they, as solicitors, could desire to do was to do that which was in the

question. He begged that the president would not answer Mr. Ford's interest, not altogether of their own pockets, but principally of those of their question. It seemed to him not a proper question, and he did not see why clients; and one of the things which the committee must set itself most

the president should be liable to be cross-examined by any member who seriously to consider was whether it was, not for the advantage of the

chose to do so. solicitor, but for the advantage of the client, that this division of labour in

The President: I am much obliged to you, Mr. Green, but I have no London, which had been allowed to grow up, and was now in force, should objection to answering the question. For myself, I may say I was not a be put aside for another system. There was also another serious matter. member of the club as it was constituted before Mr. Ford's action was It was not likely the auctioneers of London, as a body, would allow such brought. It was only after the club was reconstituted that I became a an inroad to be made on their remuneration without some measure of

member it, and I am now a member. I became a member of the club retaliation; and he thought that the question of the transfer of land was because I thought it was so extremely convenient to me, as I was continually one of serious moment, and those who were very anxious to cut down the in the Royal Conrts adjacent, and I found it so convenient, that not only did proper remuneration for all sorts of work would begin to say, “The Ijoin it and am still a member, but both my partners joined it and are still solicitors and auctioneers of London are quarrelling as to how they are to members. This is my personal experience. As far as the members of the divide the remuneration for the sale of land," and that there was some

council are concerned I really do not know, for I have not asked them their reason to see whether the remuneration should not be further reduced. Mr. Ford suggested that the question was now so important that the tinually' at the club, I should judge that, at all events, so far, as they are

opinion ; but, I may say, for the members of the council whom I meet conreport ought to go to the general body of members, instead of to the council. concerned, they find it, in the terms of this inquiry,“ beneficial" and " bene

Mr. Guibile, in reply, referring to Mr. Addison's remarks, said that he ficial to the general body of members of the society.” As to the estimated had never heard a more injurious doctrine started than the suggestion that value of the premises I cannot answer that, because we have no separate the society should, before appointing a committee of the society to consider estimate of the value of the premises occupied by the club. The whole à matter affecting their own interests, consider whether the auctioneers building is assessed in one sum for parochial purposes, and we have no means would retaliate. He trusted that if they did the solicitors were quite strong of detaching from the general estimate what is the particular valne of the enough to hold their own. He did not see that the auctioneers would be club. As to “ the present number of members of the club who are members affected to any very great extent; but if they were, the solicitors were certainly strong enough to take care of themselves.

of the society," I can only answer in this way, that nobody can be a member The motion was carried unanimously, and the following gentlemen were the club are necessarily members of the society..

of the club who is not a member of the society; therefore, all members of appointed a committee, with power to add to their number:~Mr. C. E. Matthews (Birmingham), Mr. Kenion (Liverpool), Mr. Grinham Keen, Mr.

Mr. Ford: That is not my question. What is the number of members of

the club? T. Bellringer (Liverpool), Mr. Pennington, Mr. Howlett (Brighton), Mr. J.

The President : That is not the question. Your question is, “What is Ernbread "Shetfield), Mr. Walker (York), Mr. PrezŠmits, "She field), Mr. í say.all the mothaer number of members are there ?

the number of members of the club who are members of the society ?" and Vassall (Bristol), Mr. Burrell (Farrer & Co.), Mr. Wilmer (Richard Smith & Wilmer), Mr. T. A. Iliffe, Mr. Moberley (Southampton), Mr. Bassett the secretary of the club will give you the information.

The PRESIDENT: That I am not able to answer ; but I have no doubt (Rochester), Mr. Melvill Green (Worthing), Mr. H. E. Gribble, and Mr. J. Addison.

Mr. WHITE asked if the committee were all in favour of the North of
England scheme, or were they taken indiscriminately?

Mr. Fond asked, according to notice: “ Referring to the statements made by Mr. Keen said he had suggested two or three names. He wished the

Mr. Roscoe, when president of the society, at general meetings held in July, committee to be geographical entirely—a representative for every county,

1885, and January, 1886, as to the Students” Fee Fund created by section 8 they pleased.

of the Solicitors Act, 1877, what is the sum now available for legal educaMr. FORD said there were no less than seven members of the council on

tion in connection with that section ?" Mr. Roscoe had said, at the meeting the committee. It was not satisfactory. It should be more general in con

in July, 1885, that the funds were more than absorbed, and at the meeting in

July, 1886, that there were ample funds available. Nr. Kees said that Mr. Ford would find one or two members of the council but were quite reconcilable. What he had meant to say was that the counter

Mr. Roscoe said the two things were spoken under different circumstances, were representative men, purposely chosen because they represented country declined to allocate the particular expenses with regard to every particuled districts. PROVINCIAL MEETINGS.

item of their audits, such as registration of solicitors, education of articled

clerks, general purposes, and so on. The following notice stood on the paper :

But he had said that if they were so :-"Mr. J. Coulton will move : apportioned, and that if they attributed to the articled clerks' fund all the * (1) That, at the annual provincial meetings of this society, a printed copy educational expenses, a due proportion of the expenses connected with the of all the papers be handed to every member on application at the place of building, and so on, that the articled clerks got their full value, and it was the whole time of the meeting devoted to their discussion. (3) That the had made. It might or might not be accurate, but that was what he had papers be grouped into sections, and the time apportioned to each section in meant. proportion to quantity and importance. (4) That no speaker be allowed were for the benefit of articled clerks, in the way of lectures, examinations, right of reply: (6) That no thanks be given to an y member or official of articled clerks got their value of their money, and all their money was spent the society.'" În moving the first resolution, he observed that it was much easier to follow a speaker with his paper before one.

upon them. Mr. FORD seconded the motion.

of articled clerks could be improved. "Mr. Phillimore was speaking of large

furds, and wanted to go minūtely into the question in order to shew that the believing that it would tend to spoil the provincial meetings if it were carried: the Council dia shot distribute the funds of the society in the way to cart He would prefer a motion passed that no one should be permitted to have Phillimore proposed ; but it he would shew that there were any objects of copies of the papers until after they had been read. It would be better if a education which required the expenditure of money, there would be me made in the method of holding the provincial meeting o wehe meetings had contributom any particular part of them articled clerks' fees, but out of thờ


general funds the council would find no difficulty in finding money for any
beneficial object of that kind.

Mr. FORD mored the adjournment of the meeting, because he considered

THE INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. the motions which stood in his name so important that they ought not to be

INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATION. discussed at this late hour. Mr. COLDICOTT seconded the motion.

The following candidates (whose names are in alphabetical order The PRESIDENT asked to what day the adjournment was for.

were successful at the intermediate examination held on the 13th day of Mr. FORD: Sine die.

January, 1887. The motion was agreed to.

Adderley, Rupert Thomas Leacroft, Frederick Richard Becher The following were the motions in question :-(1) This meeting, whilst Addison, James Flockhart Leggatt, Frederick Clement Every recognising the good intentions of the council in the small grants recently Allen, John William Bird Levett, John Arthur made to Liverpool and Newcastle-on-Tyne for educational purposes, is of Appleby, Alfred

Lewis, Edward William opinion that these and similar grants should be larger in amount, and should Arnall, William Ernest

Lundi, Frederico George That the interests of solicitors and the public require that many public legai Bell, Ralph

Macdonald, George Alexander (2) Bayliffe, Reginald Deane

Malkin, Tom William appointments, from which solicitors are at present excluded, should be thrown Berry, Thomas

Maples, Ashley Kilshaw open to them."

Bishop, Frederick William

Marshall, Francis Eden, B.A. A vote of thanks to the president, moved by Mr. FORD, and seconded by

Blackman, Arthur

Martin, Charles
Mr. MACARTHUR, terminated the proceedings.

Blanckensee, Solomon James Marzetti, Eustace
Bolton, John Edward

Maughan, George

Maylam, Percy

Bowles, Charles Robert

Millikin, Ernest, B.A. The annual meeting of this society was held at the Law Library, Breese, Charles Edward

Braithwaite, Frederick Charles Milner, Ralph Pierpoint-street, Worcester, on the 25th ult. ; Mr. F. Corbett, president, Brooke, Henry Daniel

Miller, George Ernest in the chair.

Moordaff, Charles Henry The report of the committee and treasurer's accounts for the past year Cafferatta, Wilfrid Charles

Bubb, Edward Wallis, B.A. Mosley, Herbert Thomas were received and adopted.

Neal, William Phené The following officers of the society were unanimously electel for the Carr, George Arthur

Carden, Herbert Arthur John Noble, John Campion ensuing year :-Mr. Joseph Higgin Whatley, of Malvern, president; Mr. Charlesworth, Arthur Heywood

Oates, Joseph Henry A. W. Knott, vice-president ; Mr. E. A. Davis, hon. treasurer ; and Mr. Chinn, Alan Edward

Oldfield, John Smith F. Ronald Jeffery, hon. secretary.

Onions, Hubert The following gentlemen-viz., Messrs. F. Corbett, W. P. Hughes, T. Clements, Charles Edmund

Clarke, Henry Garrard

Pattinson, Hubert Foden. G. Hyde, T. Southall, and J. Stallard, jun.-were appointed members of Clutterbuck, Walter Sweeting

Perkins, Frank, B.A. the committee for the ensuing year in addition to the officers of the Copley, Harry

Phillips, Mark Thomas society.

Platt, George Francis On the motion of Mr. T. Southall, seconded by Mr. E. A. Davis, the Crouch, Leonard Wing

Cozens-Hardy, Ferneley

Pratt, John Tidd best thanks of the society were accorded to Mr. F. Corbett for the very Danvers, Robert Augustus, B A.

Rathbone, Herbert Reynolds, B.A. efficient manner in which he discharged the duties of president during the Davies, John Arthur

Ravenscroft, Walter past year, and a cordial vote of thanks was also given to Mr. J. H. Dodd, Charles Haffenden,

Richardson, Aubry Whatley for his services as vice-president for the past year.

Roberts, Harry At this meeting Mr. Anthony Swainson Allen, registrar of the Worcester Earle, Percy William Leighton

Duffitt, John Edgar

Roberts, Rhys Counsell County Court, and Mr. Samuel Bromley Garrard, of that city, were elected Eaves, William John Stanley

Robinson, Arthur members of the society.

Robinson, Charles Phineas
Ellison, John Vincent Edward Robinson, Temple William
Evans, Arthur Acton

Rogers, Alfred Watney
The following are extracts from the report of the committee:-

Faber, Charles Edward

Russell, John Stanley Vaughan Members. - The present number of members of the society is sixty-three, Fletcher, James Herbert Sadler, William Russell as against sixty-one last year ; two new members, Messrs. Lawrence Flint, Ernest Reginald

Samuel, Thomas John Martin Curtler and Walter Thomas Curtler, of Worcester, having been Freeman, John Edward

Sarjeant, Frederick Arthur elected. The number of subscribers is nine.

Fullilove, Thomas William

Scanes, Ernest Albert Conducting Sales by Auction. The committee desire to draw the attention Gibson, James Henry

Sewart, Allan of members to the decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of Re Wilson Gilbert, Arthur

Sharman, Charles Crank

Sidebotham, John James, LL.B. where the conducting fee authorized to be charged by the order for con? Gregson, William Eugene Sinnett, John Parry ducting an auction sale is charged by the solicitor, the solicitor must do Grifiths, John Wakeman Slinger, George Nicholas the whole of the work for which such ad valorem remuneration was pro- Gwyn, Charles Jackson, B.A. Smith, Charles Arthur

Smith, Charles Lawson, B.A., LL.B. fee of £55s. had been allowed by the taxing master against the estate, Hannen, Henry Arthur

Smith, Joshua Pritchard Fellowes and a surveyor had also been employed and his charges allowed by the Harby, Travers Bidder

Smyth, William Knight taging master ; but certain matters had been done by the surveyor and Hawkins, Benjamin

Spark, John Henry charged for in his bill against the estate which the court considered should Helliwell, Walter

Steel, Frederick William have been done by the person conducting the sale ; under these circum- Havelock, George Eric

Street, Allen Peter stances the solicitor was not allowed the ad valorem tee for conducting the Hickley, Leonard William North Sturt, Bertram sale, but £2 28. for instructing auctioneer and surveyor, and £3 33. for Hobson, George Wentworth Swire, Samuel, B.A. particulars. It is believed that the work specified in the surveyor's Hodge, Wilmot

Tallack, Edwin

Tatham, George Sinclair paring plans attached to deeds with existing boundaries; preparing plan Howard, Charles

Thompson, Frank, B.A. and dividing into lots for purposes of sale ; making copies , conference Howe, Charles Edward

Thring, George Herbert, B.A. with solicitor as to re-lotting ; survey of house and grounds for particu- Humphreys, John

Tickell, Arthur Hollick Jars of sale; valuation of property; preparation of plan in detail; Hutchins, William John Mortimer Tolley, Frederick

Turner, Thomas to hold that the ad valorem conducting fee was never chargeable when the Jackson, Robert Harry

Twiss, Horace William chant pays the surveyor and auctioneer, but they did not give a concluded Jagger, Frank Herbert

Vise, Frederick Charles Damer

Wagstaff, William Claims of the Crown for Duties. In the last session of Parliament Mr. Johnson, Albert John William Walker, William Earl Gregory called attention to the position of trustees, executors, and others; Julian, Thomas William

Watkin, Alfred Hobson

Westcott, Arthur Herbert tion of certain clauses in the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill providing Knight, Hugh Coleraine, B.A. White, Archer Moresby

White, Harrold Jennings, B.A. committee regret that the introduction of these clauses was not carried, Lamb, William Richard

Williams, William Alfred a, in their opinion, the subject is one demanding early attention.

Langham, Frederick George, B.A., Winter, Robert Gilroy Agricultural Holdings (England) Act, 1883.-Referring to the report of


Wright, Arthur, B.A. the committee for the year 1885, and to the question of the right of bailiffs to the percentages for cost of distresses allowed by the Act, amounting to £3 per cent. on sums exceeding £20 and not exceeding £50,


The following candidates (whose names are in alphabetical order) were attention of members to the case of Coode and Another v. "Tohns and another successful at the final examination held on the 11th and 12th of January,

1887. decision of a county court judge, held that the bailiffs were not entitled Abbot, Ralph Abel

Andrews, Charles John Dormer to these percentages, but that the same belonged to the landlord, on the Adcock, Arthur Hugh

Ash, Frederick William ground that it could never have been intended that the landlord should Addison, Arthur

Atkin, William levy at his own cost,

Allen, Francis

Atkinson, Ernest Darley

Belshaw, Walter
Holden, Cecil

had for some time acted as deputy-coroner. He was admitted a solicitor Barker, Hebden, B.A. Hole, Michael

in 1879. Beaumont, Richard Henry Holmes, Harry

Mr. ARTHUR JOHN HANSLIP WARD, solicitor, of Harwich and Dover. Bendle, Herbert Holt, Henry Spawforth, B.A.

court, has been elected Town Clerk of the Borough of Harwich, in Binney, Harry Swallow Hovell, Robert de Berdt

succession to Mr. Edward Chapman, resigned. Mr. Ward was admitted Bird, Arthur Wilberforce Habbersty, John Paley, B.A.

& solicitor in 1882. Blackett, William

Hughes, William
Bliss, William Herbert Wray Hulton, William Arthur

Mr. PHILIP SPENCER GREGORY, barrister, has been appointed by the
Bolam, John Thomas Carr
Hunt, Ernest James

Bishop of London to be Honorary Lay Secretary to the London Diocesan Bollard, William Illingworth, Lawrence Bradley

Conference, in succession to Mr. John Walter Buchanan Riddell, resigned. Borrowman, Robert Jackson, Samuel Percy

Mr. Gregory is the third son of Mr. John Gregory, and was born in 1851. Bowser, Harry Morland Jerman, James Colin Stuart

He was educated at King's College, Cambridge, where he graduated in Boyle, Ernest Patrick Charles Johnson, Edward William

the second class of the Classical Tripos in 1873. He was called to the Bradsbaw, William Graham, B.A. Jones, Frank Wolstencroft

bar at Lincoln's-inn in November, 1875, and practises in the Chancery Bramble, Edward

Jones, Llewellyn Golyddon Albert Division.
Brewer, Harris Heal

Edwin FRANCIS SCUDAMORE STANHOPE (Lord Stanhope) has succeeded
Bristow, Harry
Kendall, Edmund Walter

to the Peerage on the death of his father, the ninth Earl of Chesterfield. Brown, Henry Knight, Edward Albert

Lord Chesterfield was born in 1854. He was educated at Eton and an Browning, Harry

Legassicke-Urespin, Claude William Brasenose College, Oxford, and he was called to the bar at the Inner Bull, Harold Thomas

Leggett, Percival Henry Aufrere Temple in November, 1886. He si a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant Bullock, Sidney Lauriston Linthorne, Richard Roope

for Herefordshire. Bygott, James

Lymn, Frederic Charles
Byron, Christopher
Macdonald, John William

Mr. JOSEPH ARNALL, solicitor, of Leicester, has been elected President
Capes, George Albert
McNab, John Humber

of the Leicester Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Arnall was

admitted a solicitor in 1854. Carr, Arthur Thomas

Malkin, George Robert Carr, Frederick Statter

Marshall, Frederic the Younger Mr. EDWARD MACNAGHTEN, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, has been sworn Cattell, Charles Maw, Frederick James

in as a member of the Privy Conncil, and has been created Baron MacCay, Robert James Melly, Augustus George

naghten of Runkerry. Chambers, Thomas Washington Morgan, Frederick Williams

Mr. CHARLES BATHURST LUIS FERNANDES, solicitor, of Wakefield, has Chance, Thomas Godwin

Morris, Walter Edward Charlesworth, John

been appointed Clerk to the Wakefield Local Board. Mr. Fernandes was Muspratt, Percy Camerom, B.A.

admitted a solicitor in 1857. Chivers, Herbert William

Naylor, Percy
Churcher, Walter
Nelson, John James

Mr. RICHARD CLARENCE HALSE, solicitor, of 61, Cheapside, has been
Clarke, William Henry
Newell, Matthew Banks

elected Chairman of the Markets Committee in the Court of Common Cleveland, William Godfrey Norton, Edmund Scott

Council. Mr. Halse was admitted a solicitor in 1860. He is a Common Clarkson, Guy Comerford Nutting, Louis Walter Bligh

Councilman for Cheap Ward. Cloudsdale, Thomas Gaskarth Parkin, Montagu Lewis, M.A. Mr. OHARLES F. MARTELLI, solicitor, of 10, Staple-inn, has been Woodburne Pawle, Alfred George

appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Cole, John, B.A. Payn, Arthur Stransom

Judicature. Cook, Edward Harvey

Philips, George Iason Cooper, Ernest Read

Mr. G. M. ROBINSON, solicitor (of the firm of Robinson & Turnbull), of Porter, Charles Hornby Craik, Joseph Hanson Price, Thomas Protheroe

4, Mitre-court-chambers, Temple, E.C., has been appointed a CommisCrickmay, Arthur Hayter Prior, Edmund Blackstone

sioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Crosse, Reginald Stawell Procter, John Robert

Mr. BASIL WICKINGS SMITH, solicitor (of the firm of F. Wicking: Smith Cruesemann, Eduard Ray, John Lindley

& Son), of 23, Lincoln's-inn-fields, has been appointed a Commissioner Curry, Harvey Castleman Roberts, Arthur

to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Dumbleton, Arthur Norris Robinson, Hugh Mansfield

Mr. Joseph HIGGINS WHATLEY, solicitor, of Great Malvern, has been Dunn, Albert Edward Robinson, John

elected President of the Worcester and Worcestestershire Incorporated Eddowes, Charles Randolph Rutherford, Henry Taylor Beaumont

Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Whatley was admitted a solicitor Sansom, Percy Burnett

in 1856. Edell, John Frederick

Sheffield, Robert William, B.A.
Elgood, Charles Alsager

Siveter, William Alfred
Essell, Ernest William
Skidmore, Arthur Charles

Evans, John Ivor

Smith, Arthur, B.A. Eve, Henry Ernest

Isaac Hall, HERBERT GARNETT JAnion, and MONTAGU HEATH HALL, Smith-Spark, Gerald Spark, M.A. Farman, Harold Augustus

solicitors, Manchester, so far as regards the said Isaac Hall. Jan. 19. Spilsbury, George Hubball Fawcett, William Epokes, William Silverthorne

[Gazette, Jan. 28.] Field, Joseph Henry

Stubbs, William Henry
Filder, Edward de Cuadra

Bayly, & Henley), 25, Bucklersbury. Jan. 28.
Swann, Francis Ernest
Forman, Wilson Charles

Taylor, Samuel Robert
Foulkes, John Charles Griffiths

(Lempriere, Hamond, & Browne), 56, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Dec. 31. Thompson, William Fowler, William Ernest

ARTHUR CRUWYS SHARLAND and EDWARD FREDERICK CHILDS Clarke, Thomson, Frederick Samuel Garnett, Theodore, B.A.

solicitors (Sharland & Clarke), Tiverton, Devon. Jan. 13. The said Edward Thurn, Colin Campbell im, M.A. Gates, Ferdinand Chasemore Thursfield, William Brunton

Frederick Childs Clarke will practise at the offices of the late firm under Gaulter, John Robert

the style of Sharland & Clarke, but on his own account exclusively., Tolhurst, Bernard Wilshire Gerrish, Edward, M.A.

Tremellen, Edgar Herbert
Gichard, William Michael

Trimmer, Edward Douglas
Gosling, Henry, B A.
Turner, Francis

Gosling, William Kingsley

Veale, William George, B.A. Gradwell, Joseph

A meeting was held on Saturday afternoon last in Lincoln’s-inn Hall, Wakeford, William Frederick to consider the advisability of establishing a society dealing with the Gregory, William Henry

Wakley, Thomas Finsbury
Hall, Harry Garforth
Watson, David Jouffroy

history of English law. Lord Justice Fry presided, and there were preHall, Robert Michael

sent: the American Minister, Lord Chief Justice Coleridge, Lord Justice White, Arthur Cecil Hardman, Herbert

Lindley, Messrs. Cookson, Q.C., Cock, Q.C., Romer, Q.C., Hyde Clarke, Willey, William Herbert, Thomas Richards Penderel Williams, Henry Alexander

about 100 members of the bar and others interested. 'Letters were read

P. E. Dove, Jeune, S. Moore, W. A. Linsay (Portcullis), E. Walford, and Herne, Edmund

Wilson, George Bailey, B.A. Hills, Robert Gordon French

from the Lord Chancellor, Lord Derby, Mr. Justice Cave, Mr. Justice Wills, Wooding, Peter Jones

and others expressing interest in the society, and regretting their inability

to attend. On the motion of the American Minister, seconded by Mr. M. CALLS TO THE BAR.

Cookson, Q.C., it was resolved to establish the society, which it was reco The undermentioned gentlemen were, on the 28th ult., called to the bar Pollock, to call the “Selden Society." Other motions were proposed by

solved, on the motion of the Lord Chief Justice, seconded by Prof. F. by th Honourable Society of the Inner Temple- viz., Mr. John

Messrs. Hyde Clarke, Stuart Moore, J. C. Wilson (Oxford), Jeune, A. B.A., LL.B. Cambridge.

Cock, and W. A. Linsay. A provisional committee was appointed, coma
Fry, Mr. Justice Wills, M. Cookson, Q.C., F. Meadows White, 20,

Professors A. V. Dicey, F. Pollock, w. w. 'Skeat, Messrs. R. Campbell,

Stuart Moore, with the hon. secretary, Mr. P. Edward Dove. A cordial

vote of thanks to the Benchers of Lincolns-inn for the loan of the Hall Mr. Bernard HARFIELD, solicitor, of Southampton and Lymington seconded toy br. eadetise white, tiho vote of thanks to the chaird has been elected Coroner for the Southampton Division of Hampshire, in succession to his father, the late Mr. Robert Harfield. Mr. B. Harfield by the Lord Chief Justice, brought the meeting to a close.

man (Lord Justice Fry), proposed by the American Minister, and seconded

[Gazette, Feb. 1.]

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At the Guildhall Police Court on Tuesday, John Silas Poole, of 113, Lilley v Rankio Rankin v Lilley & anr
Vauxhall-bridge-road, was summoned at the instance of the Incorporated Owners of the West Stockton Iron Works y Dangon & Co
Law Society for, on the 3rd of September, 1886, unlawfully, wilfully, and

Brown v Siedall
falsely pretending to be duly qualified to act as a solicitor. Mr. 0. 0. Jenner & anr v Lord Grey de Wilton (see No 47)
Humphreys appeared in support of the summons. Mr. Charles Maynard Ingham v Walker (Ellwood, clot)

Crisford v Lees stated that in September last he was clerk to Messrs. Fisher, Nichellas, Perry v Corporation of Foreign Bundholders & ors & Co., at 43, London-wall, now of Billiter-square. He received the

Johnson v Newman letter produced, demanding payment of £5, which he owed to a Mr. Bull. Barber v Brotherton & ors Ile understood that this communication came from a solicitor. Witness Parr v Oldfield made inquiries, and then went to the Law Society. He wrote to the de- Thoresen v Graham & Co fendant and informed him of what he had done. Subsequently he Hasker v Smart received a county court summons from Mr. Bull. He paid the money in re a Solicitor Expte Allen & anr into court. By the defendant.-He took no notice of the first letter; Peacock v Gamble but when he received the second he shewed it to a friend, who advised Thursby. Bradford him what to do. Mr. Lloyd Griffith Worth stated that in consequence of

Berrs v Kingsford & apr (Oakley, clmt) directions he went to 187, Stewart's-road, Clapham. Defendant had left

Lawrance v Bertie (commonly called, &c) and ant to be argued with No 10 there. Ultimately witness found the defendant at 113, Vauxhall-bridge- Same y Same

Roberts y Matthews road. He shewed him two letters, and informed him that they had been Stone McKay forwarded to the Law Society, and that he was instructed to make in Allen v Holliogs quiries as to whether he had written them. The defendant told him that Davies v Dawes he did write them at the request of Mr. Bull. It was, the defendant Thomson & anr v Strickland & ors added, Mr. Bull who took out the county court summons. The debt Cogswell & anr v Nagle had been paid, and he had received 28. 6d. for his trouble. The defendant Saunders v Pellew said that his name was not in the “Law List.” Moreover he did not act

Rawlins v Overell as a solicitor, nor did he pretend to be one. He was a debt collector, and

Wertheimer v Milbank acted in that capacity. He was a poor man. The Alderman imposed &

In re Arbitration between Holliday & C. & Lawry

Trower v Trower & ors penalty of 40s. and £1 18. costs.

In re a Solicitor Expte Incorporated Law Soo
Haynes & Co v Wilson Brothers
Great West Shepherds Imd v Sargent, sued, &
Moll v Newman

Great West Shepherds Imd v Sargent, sued, &c

Williams v Sebright & anr

Hanbury & ors v Brocca

Tuck & Sons v Priester, sued &o

Skioner v Bamber

Smith & anr v Webb & anr
No. 1.

In re an Arbitration between A Sins and F Lenders & Co
No. 2.


CHITTY. Mon., Feb. 7 Mr. Jackson Mr. Pugh Mr. King Mr. Leach

Wandsworth Common Conservators y The Official Trustees & the Patriotio Fund Tuesday...... 8 Koo


& apr Wednesday 9 Carrington Pugh


Leach Usher & Co v Matthews & Cold
Thursday.. 10 Lavie


Godfrey Squire v Ferguson & ors
Friday ...... 11


Forrester v Weight & ors
Saturday... 12 Pugh


Adams v Watney & ors
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Cooper v Gibbs & anr

Hackett v Scott
Monday, February 7 Mr. Koe

Mr. Lavie Mr. Clowes Madgin v North Brancpeth Coal Co

Carrington Pemberton

Williams v Bennett



In re an Arbit ation between A Higginson and C R Vigers

Carrington Pemberton



Reynolds v De Beer

Carrington Pemberton Boyle, Campbell, Buxton & Co v Moffat

Same v Same

British Burmah Lead Co Id v Burnup

Gardner v Mills


For Argument.
(Continued from p. 190.)

Warwiokshire Buchanan & anr v Hardy Magistrate's case
Set dowa 9th December, 1886 Middlesex Brockwell v Sullivan Mr M
Daniel Justice Day

Staffordshire, Burton-on-Trent Moorcroft v Harrison. County Court. Defend

ant's appeal H H Judge Woodforde Sit down 14th December, 1886 Middlesex Hatchard v Mege & ors Mr M Leicestershire, Loughbo arough Marson v Marriott County Court Plaintiff's Daniel LCJ of England

appeal H H Jadge Hooper Set down 14th December, 1886 Miudlegex Potter v Latts Mr Wallace Justice

Middlesex, Westminster Ramsden v Musical Exchange ld County Court

Plaintiffe appeal H H Judge Bayley Set down 16th December, 1886 Middlesex Martin v North Met Trams Co Mr Northumberland Laycock & ors v Assessment Committee of Tynemouth Union. TR Kemp Justice Mathew

Quarter Sessions, 12 & 13 Vict, o 45, 8 13 Set down 16th December. 1886 Middleses Mayor, &c, of the Staple of England London Pascall & ors v Pilley Mayor's Court Defendant's appeal The v Governor & Co of the Bank of England Mr Finlay Baron Pollock

Set down 16th December, 1886 Middlesex Dupluny v Davis Mr Pollard
LCJ of England

Same Jobnston v Moolla Mayor's Court Defendant's appeal The Recorder

Met. Pol. Dist. Penny v Hans in Magistrate's case
Set. down 17th December, 1886 Middlesex Callaghan v Frith Mr Backoill Middlesex, Bow Brown Dowson & Worth County Court Plaintiff's appeal
Justice Day

H H Judge Prentice
Set down 17th Decembar, 1886 Middlesex Cleghorn v MacDougall Justice Nottingham Burton v Acton Magistrate's case

Northumberland, Newcastle Pinkney & apr v Owners of Waldridge Colliery Set down 18th December, 1886 Middlesex Boaler v Holder Pltff in Pers in

County Court Defendants' appeal H H Judge Holl Justice Mathew

Essex The Queen v Jobnson Nisi for mandamus to elect Church wardens Eet down 18th December, 1886 Middlesex Jonas v Crawshay Mr A Cross

Expte Vesey LCJ of England

Yorkshire, Bradrord The Queen v H H the Judge of County Court of Yorkshire, Set down 20th Decembər, 1886 Middlesex Gloucestorshire Bkg Co v Edwards, holden at Bradford, and Craven Bank 1d Nisi to hear, &c appln for new execukor, &c Mr Bosanqaet LC J of England

trial of interpleader i gue Expte E. Hartley Set down 21st December, 1886 Middlesex Lovering & Co v Bluck, Black v Carmarthenshire The Queen v Jj of Carmarthen Nisi for mandamus to hear Lovering & Co Mr Lynch Justice Stephen

appeal Kapte Bishop Set down 21st December, 1886 Middlesex Bluck v Johnson & ors Mr Lynoh Nottingham, Mansfield Frost v Pogson & ors County Court Plaintif's appeal.

Justice Manisty
Sst down 22ad Deosmber, 1886 Middlesex Cambefort & Co v Chapman Mr Middlesex, Shoreditch Turney v Cox & anr County Court Defendant Harriett

Willis Justice Mathew
Pet down 23rd December, 1886 Middlesex Roberts v Bignell & ors Mr Fillan Norwich Guardians of St Pancras Gaardians of the Norwich Incorporation
Justice Mathew

Quarter Se: sions 12 & 13 Vict, c 45, s 11
Set down 23rd December, 1886 Middlesex Balding & anr v Tuppen & anr Mr Middlesex, Brompton Lang v Lovatt (suod, &o) County Court Plaintiff's

appeal H H Judge Stonor Set down 24th December, 1886 Middlesex Ditton v Stuart & apr Mr Bonsey Devonshiro Kingsbury Union v Church wardens, &c of East Stonehouse Order Justice Grove

of Sessions Appellants' pisi to quash Set down 28th December, 1886 Middlesex Berridge v Laws & ors Mr Lane Middlesex North & South London Junction Ry Co v Assessment Compittee of for deft Hough Justice Mathew

Brentford Union & ors Quarter Sessions 12 & 13 Vio, c 35, s 13 (case stated Set down 3rd January, 1887 Middlesex Couper, McCarnie & Co v Richards & by arbitrators) C) R T Reed Justice Mathew

Kent The Queen v Poole Nisi for quo warranto as member of Vestry of OPPOSED MOTIONS,

Parish of Lee Expte Rector and Church wardens of the said Parish

Middlesex Priest & anr v Archer Magistrate's case
For Argument.
Io re a Solicitor Expte Incorporated Law Society

Essex, Colchester Shaw v Girvan County Court Plaintiff's appeal HH Zuccani & apr v North London Equitable Building Society

Judge Abdy

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242 Liverpool The Queen v Raffles & Royal Liver Friendly Society Nisi to hear Middlesex, Bow Wateon v Weekes & anr County Court Defendant's appeal &o complaint Expte Dougherty

HH Judge Prentice Middlesex, Bloomsbury. Wilson TM Attenborongh & ors County Court Plain Hampshire, Portsmouth Piato & Sons v Droncquer (Southero Count'es &o Bank

clmts) County Court Claimant's appeal H H Judge Leonard tiff's appeal H H Judge Eddis

anr v King Coun y Court Ds. Hertfordshire, Royston Postle v Porter County Court Defendant's appeal H Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard Hamer H Judge Bagshawe

fendant's appeal H H Judge Whigham

Middlosex, Bow Sutton y Stead & anr Met Pol Dist Patten v Wood Magistrato's case

County Court

Plaintiff's appeal Sussex Lewis v Fermor Magistrato's case

HH Judge Prentice Merionethshire Foster v Diphwys Casson Slate Cold & anr Magistrate's London Stook & Share, &c, Co v Galmoye Mayor's Court Defendant's appeal

Suffolk The Quean Judge of the County Cour of Suff, k holdei at Ipswich Bolton Whellan v Rodgers & anr Magistrate's cise

and Mitchell Nisi to hear, &c, action " Mitchell • Blyth" (expte Blyth) Northumberland, Newcastle Turner v Hickney County Court Defendant's Parts of Holland The Queen v Rev J T Dove & ors Jj, &o, & Re.d Nisi to appeal H H Judge Holl

state Cåse (expte Read) Salop Lawley v Merrick. Magistrate's case

Lancashire Local Board for Waterloo & Seaforth v Lswis Magistra'e's care Hampshire, Southampton Miell & anr v Frampton County Court (Equity) Met Pol Dist Lege v Gibbs Same Defendant's appeal H H Judge Leonard No note taken by Judge-vidé Surrey,, Southwark Tillett v Gosbse (Sherry, clot) Coualy Court Cimt's letter

appeal HB Judge Holroyd Lancashire, Liverpool Evans & ors v Holt & Co County Court Plaintiff's Buckinghamshire, Newport-Pagnall Yorke v Stroud County Court Plaintiff's appeal HH Judge Thompson

appeal H Judge Whigham Lincolnshire The Queen y Davy & ors Nisi to set aside return and for attach- Oxfordshire The Queen Iohabitants of Osfordshire Indictment Verlict ment

subject to special case Lancashire The Queen v Haslehurst Nisi for certiorari and disallowance and Surrey, Kingston Roake v Cogswell County Court Defendant's appeal HH surcharge Expte Abercrombie

Judge Lushington
England The Queen v The Right Hon Baron Penzanou and ors Nisi for Durbam Bell v Stockton & Darlington Searn Tramways Cold Migistra'e's

prohibition to Chanoery Court in suite Hakes v Bell-Cox Expte Bell. Cox
London Engrand Freres v Raper City of London Court Defendant's appl Kent Wheeker v Webb Magistrate's case
Same Bath v Keeling Mayor's Court Defendaot's appeal

Salford Kershaw v Kershaw Magistrate's Cake
Yorkshire, Leeds Lomas & Co o Williamsoo, Dana, & Co County Court Carnarvonshire Hugbes y Owen Magistrate's care
Defendant's appeal H H Judge Greenhow

Nottinghamshire, Nottingham Bardili v Daykio (Jarvis, clot) Conaty Court Glamorganshire, Swansea Shepherd & anr v Morris County Court Plain tiff's Claimant's appeal H H Judge Bristowe appeal H H Judge Williams

Surrey, The Queen v G W G Loveson-Guwer, Esq, & ors Jj, &c, and God stage Ryde Mudro v Watson Magistrale's case

Highway Board & anr Nisi to issue eum nonser Exple Kelsey London Mendelssohn anr v Coben & ors Mayor's Court Plaintiffs' appeal London Newton & anr v Jameson & anr Mayor's Court Deft's appeal Essex The Queen v H H Judge Abdy & Clarke Nisi for prohibition from Shropshire The Queen v Judge of County Court of Shropshire holder at

proceeding on order amending judgment in action Clarke v Cotton Expte Oswestry and Thomas & ors Nisi to hear action “ Prichard Toomas & ors Clarke

(expte Prichard) Kent, Greenwich Steele v Easton County Court Defendant's appeal H A Kont, Maidstone standen v Hook & Co County Court Plaintiff's appeal H H Judge Powell

Judge Homersham Cox Hertfordshire, Barnet Rome, trading as Wilkins & Son v Page (S Page, Monmouthshire Lea v Abergavenny Improvement Commissioners Nisi to dis. alm) County Court Claimint's appeal a H Judge Whigbam

charge order as to costs against the Justices Met Asemt Dist The Queen v Jj's of General Assessment Sessions Nisi for Lincolnshire, Parts of Lindsey The Queen v Jj for Parts of Lindsey Nisi for certiorari for order at instance of West London Extension Ry

mandamus to hear appln (expte Waterhouse) RA Morton Carr Dramags Met Asømt Dist The Queen v SamNisi for mandamus to draw up order Surrey, Southwark Woodward v London. Chatham & Dover Ry County Court Espte West London Extension Ry

Defendant's appeal HH Judge Holroyd Kent, Tonbridge Spencer & adr v Bartram & anr County Court Plaintiffo: Glamorganshire, Swansea Matthews i Matihews County Court Plaintiff's appl H H Judge Cox

appeal H H Judge Williams Samo, Gravesend The Queen v W Fletcher, Esq, Jj, &c, & aor Nisi to hear, London H M Postmaster. Gen v Bishop City of London Court Plaintiff's &c appln for summons Expte Lond), Tilbury, & Suthend Ry Co

appeal Lancashire, Liverpool Nicholson & ors v Dickio 80 1 Couaty Court Plaintiffs' Surrey, Lambeth Smith v Wood & anr County Court Deft Marceau's appeal appeal H H Judge Collier

HA Judge Powell Middlefex, Westminster Real & Persɔnal Advance Co id v Clears County Warwickshire, Birmingham Copper v Middleton County Court Defendant's Court Plaintiffs' appel HH Judge Bayley

appeal H H Judge Chalmers Yorkshire, Sheffield Mosby v Waterlow & Bous ld County Court Defendants' Middlebox, Marylebone Browning v Burbridge Brothers (Barbridge & ant, clt) appeal H H Judge Ellison

County Court Plts appeal H H Judge Sionor Staffordshire, Cheadle Ainsworth v Ainsworth County Court Defendanta Same, Westminster Petite v Batley County Court Plaintiff 8 appeal HH appeal H H Judge Jordan

Judge Bayley Kant, Rochester Fortune y Penn County Court Plaintiff's appeal H H Surrey Croydon Union v Reigate Union Quarter Sessions, 12 & 13 Vict o 45, Judge Cox

8 11 Norfolk, Norwich Flint v Enston County Court Defendant's appeal H H Carmarthenshire, Llanelly Morgan Bowen County Court Defendant's Judge Price

appeal HH Judge Beresford Lincoloshire, Brigg Chatterton v Cheesman

County Court Defendant's Cheshire Stubbs v Hüditch Magistrate's caso appeal HH Judge S ephen

London The Queen v Jadge of the City of London Court & Prio, Nisi w bear Glamorganshire, Cardiff Trade Auxiliary Co v Jeham (Wiltshire, olmt) action (Ex parte Grey) County Court Claimsat's appeal H H Judge Owen

Monmouthsbire Rutherford v Straker Magistate's oase Surrey, Redhill Gibson v Wise County Court Plaintiff's appeal H H Judge Met Pol Dist Vestry of St Giles, Camber weil v Hunt Same Martineau

Cheshire Catherall v Mersey Ry Co County Court Datendants' appeal H I Middlesex, Shoreditch Masters v Morris County Court Defendant's appeal Judge Ffoulkes HH Judge Prentice

Radnorshire The Queen on pongecution of J Reynol do v W Stopbous & vbr, Leicestershire, Hinckley Wills v Perkins County Court Defendant's appeal Church wardens of Presteiga Mandamus Motion to amend return H H Judge Hooper

London The Queen v King & apr Nisi for certiorari for inquisition Ex parte Worcestersbire, Tonbury Davis v Harvay & Co County Court Defendant's HM Postmaster-General

appeal H H Judge Sir R Kettle Nottingba nshire, Mansfield Rudd & anr v The New Huoknell Culliery Co ld

Warwickshire, Birmingham Wones & Co v Sealey (Homer, clmor) County

Court Plaintiffs' appeal H H Judge Cbalmers County Court Defts' appeal H H Judxo Bristo we

London Williams v Campbell City Court Plaintiff's appeal Mr Commissioner Durbam, Gateshead Hiad v R.bertson & Sun Couaty Court Defendant's

Kerc appeal H H Judga Holl

Glamorganshire, Merthyr Tydfil Kirkhouse v Williams County Court DefendShropshire, Lidlow Gwilliam & ors v Butcher County Court Defendant's ant's appeal H H Judge Williams appeal H H Judge Rogers

Middlesex, Shoreditch Cook y North Met Trams Co Connty Court Plaintiffs Salford Walton v Hardman Hundred Court Plsintiff's appeal Newcastle upon Tyne McDonald » Lochrane Magistr ste's case

appeal H H Judge Prentice

Middlees. Bow Clark Marquis of Londonderry County Cart Plaintiff's Same Same y Same Same Kont Westbrook v Field Same

appeal H H Judge Prentice
Warwickshire Worcester Union v Parish of Birminghan Order of Sessions Met Pol Dist Back v Holmes Magistrate's case

Leicestershire Dapkley & anr v Harrison Magistrate's Case
Respondents' nisi to quath
Swansea Hughes v Glover Magistrate's case

Lincolnshire, Lonth Mower Plaskett County Court Defendant's appeal H H Kent Overseers of Parish of St Lawrence v Jj for County of Kent & ors Order London v Hughes Prohibition Appeal from Judge at Chambers

Judge Stephen
of Sessions Appellants' pisi to quash
Suffolk, Ipswich Bags & ors v Meseent County Court Plaintiffs' appeal H H Leicestershire Haddon v Haddon Magistrate's Case

Sheffield Roshaw y Saeffield Sanitary Authority Magistrate's case
Judge Roxburgh
Midolesex Bonella v Twickenbam Local Board Magistrate's Case

London Catler v North London Ry Co Mayor's Court Plaintiff's appeal Same Holmes v Same Same

Same Bater v Ward Mayor's Court Defendant's appeal

Cont Crim Court, London The Queen v Angus & anr Nisi for certiorari for in-
Simmons for mandamus to draw up order (expto L & N w Ry Coj adja from Middlesex, Westminster Aikinson & oro y Fletcher County Court Plaintif's
Chambere 12 Oct, 1886 (per Gruntham, J) to be taken with Nos 102 & 103
Same The Queen v Some Summons for oertiorari for order (ozpte L&N W Ry Yorkshire, West Riding Addy v Blake Magistrato's caso

H H Judge Bayley
Co) adjd from Chambers Same
Paris of Kesteven Asher v Calcraft Magistrats's case

Sussex Gardner v Mansbridge Magistrate's ousa

Middlesex The Queen v Hubert Nisi for certiorari for indictment a: tha instance Monmoutbobile, Newport Aiken & anr v Newport Slipway &o Co la County Mot Pol Dist The Queen v H J Bushby, Esq, Met Pol Magistrata & Green Ni.i Surge Porier v Worthing Local Board Quarter Sessions, 12 & 13 Vict o 45, Sarrey, Southwark Kellard v Rooke County Court Plaintiff's appeal

to hear applo for summons (Ex parte Green) 8 11

Hampshire, Winchester Crisfield v Brown County Court Plaintiff's appeal

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