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judicial decisions or in words of authority," and a collection of mer- in consecutive order. An example will give a better idea of the cantile usages. Notwithstanding the criticisms that we have made, nature of the book than any amount of description. We take, at we are of opinion that those of our readers who have to construe mer- haphazard, the definition of Injuria at p. 668 :cantile agreements will do well to peruse this book.

Injuria, in the narrower sense, is every intentional and illegal violation of honour-i.e, the whole personality of another," and this definition is illustrated by the following passages :

"Generaliter injuria dicitur omne quod non jure fit; specialiter alias PRIVATE BILL LEGISLATION.

contumelia, quæ a contemnendo dicta est,

alias culpa, A HISTORY OF PRIVATE BILL LEGISLATION. VOL. II. By sicut lege Aquilia damnum injuria accipitur, alias iniquitas vel FREDERICK CLIFFORD, Barrister-at-Law. Butterworths.

injustitia." We have now before us the second and concluding volume of this Injuria ex affectu facientis consistit. Itaque pati quis injuriam, work, and a portly volume it is, of nearly 1,000 pages. The subject etiamsi non sentiat, potest ; facere nemo, nisi qui scit se injuriam facere, with which the book deals is one of the utmost interest and import-etiamsi nesciat, cui faciat." ance, and it is not too high praise to say that the book is worthy

Now, we think that it would be far more instructive, more interestof its subject. The future historian of the " Victorian Era” will ing, and more intelligible for the average student, who wanted to find here ready to his hand a vast collection of facts and figures, and understand the meaning of injuria in Roman law, to sit down and the form in which these are presented is attractive as well as instruc- read Digest 47, 10, which would not take him very long, than a series tive.

of clippings like the foregoing. The example above, however, is The present volume falls naturally into two divisions, of which the more intelligible and readable than a good many which we have first deals with certain of the greater subjects of Private Bill Legisla- come across, but which are too long for quotation. One of the most tion which were not discussed in the first volume, and the second curious results of the clipping process which we have found is on contains an bistorical exposition of practice in connection with such page 665, where the following passage occurs under the description legislation. After a chapter relating to Highways, Roads, Bridges, of the action for Damnum Injuria Ditum, given by the Lex Aquilia :and Ferries, we come to three chapters containing the bistory of the In heredem vel ceteros haec actio non dabitur, cum sit pænalis, legislation with respect to the London Water Supply, including an nisi forte ex damno locupletior heres factus sit.After reading which, account of the abortive attempts of 1880 and 1884 to put this matter if the student is not duly impressed with the logical beauty of Roman on a new basis. Then several chapters are devoted to the subject of law we do not know what will impress him, Local Authorities, one of them being specially appropriatel to the Corporation of the City of London. Materials are supplied here for tracing out the history of the much-debated coal duties; the benefits which have accrued to the public from their existence are explained,

TRADE AND FINANCE ANNUAL. and it is pointed out that, in the event of the thirteenpenny tax not

BARKER'S TRADE being renewed in 1889, the corporation's prescriptive right to metage

FINANCE ANNUAL, 1886-7. Effingham

Wilson. will then again arise. Chapters are also given to the subjects of Insurance and of the Thames Docks.

A considerable amount of information is here collected, in a The second division of this volume is occupied, as already stated, moderate compass ard in a readable shape, on a large variety of with the consideration of the practice, the historical development topics. The first section of the book, which is devoted to the Money of which is fully worked out, and the present system is discussed. Market, deals with such matters as the Bank of England, the price of Various proposals, recent and comparatively old, for the delegation gold, financial panics, and so on. The Silver Question has a section to of the work of the Private Bill Committees to judicial, local, or other itself, in which bimetallism and the purchasing power of the rupee find bodies are investigated, and the conclusion at which the author a place. Foreign Exchanges and the Stock Exchange are also discussed, arrives may be best stated in his own language :—"Committees do a and a mass of statistics is presented bearing upon English, American, most useful and necessary work without payment. This work is and Indian railways, and the commercial staples of wool, iron, coal, part of the legislative functions of the High Court to which they tin, copper, lead, petroleum, and tea, as well as on population. But belong, performed, it may almost be said, in the presence of Parlia- the most important and, from a legal poini of view, the most ment, and subject to immediate check and revision from either interesting topic comprised in the work is the English Land Question, branch of the Legislature. Committees are no more infallible than followed by some details on the agricultural industries. Upon the Parliament itself is. But suitors trust them, recognize their com- English Land Question the elementary materials necessary for petence, and are satisfied with a right of appeal and a second hear- forming a judgment appear to be supplied, and are, on the whole, ing. The interests of suitors, however, are small in comparison with fairly stated. The weakness of the theories as to « unearned the public interests affected by this jurisdiction. For the Imperial increment” is made clear by the authority of the late Professor Parliament to discontinue its ancienť Parliamentary tribunals, now Fawcett, and the objections to Mr. Jesse Collings' Allotments reformed and cheapened, and delegate legislative functions, wholly and Small Holdings Bill are forcibly stated. With respect or partially, to any inferior authority, would surely be a lamentable to the movement for the so-called enfranchisement of leaseabandonment both of power and of duty.”

holds the judgment of the compilers appear to be in suspense ; they do not appear to see the full force of the objections to transferring one man's property to another by enabling the present lease

holder to insist on compulsorily purchasing the freehold reversion at ROMAN PRIVATE LAW.

a price arbitrarily fixed by some external authority, nor to be fully INSTITUTES AND HISTORY OF ROMAN PRIVATE LAW. By Dr. CARL alive to the very different positions which would be created if any

SALKOWSKI. Translated in full and edited by E. E. WHITFIELD, law in this direction were confined to future leases, in which case M.A., of Oriel College, Oxford, member of the Incorporated Law people would be able to act with their eyes open, and there would not Society. Stevens & Haynes.

be the same reason for complaint. The translator's preface to this book contains the following somewhat enigmatical sentence :—"In studying Roman law I had found that best progress could be made through use of German treatises.

ARCHITECTURAL DISPUTES. That now published in English represents what may be the fifth TIE CONSULTING ARCHITECT: PRACTICAL NOTES ON edition of a book which is recommended by the Oxford Board of Legal

ADMINISStudies.” If this means that the book now before us is recommended


By ROBERT KERR, by the Oxford Board of Legal Studies, we should rather dissent from

Architect. John Murray. their recommendation. It consists, in the form now before us (and we must premise that we have not compared the translation with the to exhibit, on practical and almost popular ground, the principles

“The purpose of this book,” says the author's short preface," is German original, so that we are unable to say what is due to author upon which the architect, as an expert, has to deal with the various and what to translator), of a series of excerpts from the Institutes, classes of difficulties and disputes connected with building affairs, Digests, and Codes, arranged in groups and interspersed with intro- and it can hardly fail to be of great use to those for whom it is inductory and explanatory paragraphs. Now it is true that neither tended, dealing, as it does, with all the important matters in which the the Digest nor the Institutes are arranged in a very scientific manner, assistance of the consulting architect is likely to be invoked, and another in a rather distressing manner; nevertheless the consecutive author modestly reminds his readers that he is not a lawyer, but the immediate relation is not very apparent, without producing confusion; which legal considerations are involved, and we may say that his and Dr. Salkowski, or his translator, has used the scissors so un- practical experience has enabled him to give on such points counsel sparingly that it is rare to find very many lines of the original text of which no lawyer need be ashamed. Wholesome and, as experience


shews, not altogether unnecessary, suggestions as to caution in mak- auditors re-elected were Messrs. C. E. Gresham and R. H. Winter. The ing affidavits and giving viva voce evidence are inade, and while the meeting then proceeded to discuss several motions, of which notice had advice here given on the various points discussed will not enable the been given, relating to matters of professional interest. consulting architect to dispense with the exercise of his own powers of thought and work, yet, if in the multifarious cases which may arise, he exercises those powers in the spirit here suggested for his adoption, the value of his assistance ought to be great, and his opinions ought to be capable of standing the tests of the court or the arbitration room.


Mr. John BRADLEY Dyne, barrister, has been appointed Conveyancing

Counsel to the Treasury in succession to the Hon. Robert Collier, who has

succeeded to the peerage as_second Lord Monkswell. Mr. Dyne is the THE LAW'S DELAY.

eldest son of the Rev. John Bradley Dyne, D.D., formerly head master of

Highgate School, and was born in 1839. He was educated at Eton, and [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

he was formerly fellow of King's College, Cambridge. He obtained the

Bell Scholarship in 1860, and he graduated in the first class of the Sir,–We venture to call attention through your columns to the classical tripos in 1863. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in following facts, which seem to us to point to something radically Dyne was tutor in the law of real and personal property at the Inns of wrong in the arrangements for the administration of justice :In a trust for which we are the solicitors there is a question on

Court from 1873 till 1876. the construction of a will, and the decision of the court was desired Mr. CHARLES FREDERICK Gill, barrister, has been appointed Junior upon the point. Some of the beneficiaries, therefore, took out an Prosecuting Counsel to the Post Office at the Central Criminal Court, in originating summons, returnable in the early part of Vay last, in succession to Mr. Ernest Baggallay, M.P., who becomes senior counsel. chambers. One affidavit verifying the facts was read, and the matter Mr. Gill is the eldest son of Mr. Charles Gill, of Clapham, and was born was adjourned into court. The case was at once inserted in the list, Term, 1874, and he is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit.

He was called to the bar at the Middla Temple in Easter classes II. and III., and is still awaiting hearing. It is right to mention that the judge to whose court the case was

MR. WILLIAM CHARLES Cripps, solicitor, of Tunbridge Wells, has been originally attached died, and another judge took it over, with others, appointed Clerk to the Tunbridge Wells Local Board. Mr. Cripps was but, even allowing a delay of three weeks for the transfer, we think admitted a solicitor in 1877. this instance of delay-simply, it would appear, by reason of want MR. WILLIAM ARNOLD STATHAM, barrister, has been appointed Proseof judge power-is à disgrace to our civilization. There are other cuting Counsel to the Mint for the East Riding of Yorkshire, in successcases in the same predicament, and it seems to us that to get sion to Mr. Francis Joseph Coltman, resigned. Mr. Statham is the eldest over it (and avoid similar blocks in future) there should be more

son of the Rev. William Mann Statham, and was born in 1859. He was judges.

educated at University College, London, and he graduated B.A. at the It would be infinitely better for one judge, or even two, to be idle Tniversity of London in 1877. He was called to the bar at the Inner for a short time each sittings than to impose upon suitors such and at the East Riding and Hull Sessions.

Temple in January, 1883, and he practises on the North-Eastern Circuit unconscionable delay. Our case, when it does come on, will not, we suppose, occupy more Judge of Her Majesty's Court for Japan. Mr. Hall is the second son of

Mr. John CAREY HALL, barrister, has been appointed to act as Assistant than half-an-hour, yet it has been standing in the list ready for Mr. John Hall, of Portrush, Antrim. He is a B.A. of the Queen's Univerhearing since May last. SOLICITORS TO THE TRUSTEES.

sity in Ireland, and he was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in June, 1881.

MR. BADEN Henry Powell, C.I.E., of the Bengal Civil Service, has been appointed Judge of the Chief Court of the Punjaub.

Mr. CHARLES GRANT Logan, barrister, has been appointed to act as RegisLAW SOCIETIES.

trar of the Supreme Court at Penang. Mr. Logan is the eldest son of Mr.

Abraham Logan, of Singapore. He was educated at the University of HULL INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

Edinburgh, and he was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in January,

1883. The annual meeting of this society was held on the 22nd of December in the hall of the society, Lincoln's-iun-buildings, Bowlalley-lane. The presi

MR. FREDERICK Nassau MOLESWORTH, solicitor, of Rochdale and Little dent, Mr. J. J. Thorney, occupied the chair, and there was a large worth, has been elected Coroner for the Rochdale District of Lancashire in The president moved, and Mr. T. Priestman

succession to his father, the late Mr. John Molesworth. Mr. F. N. (vice-president) seconded, the adoption of the report, which had been

Molesworth had been for several years deputy coroner for the district.

He was admitted a solicitor in 1873. printed and distributed amongst the members. The report shewed that there were now 92 members of the society, and that was the largest Mr. H. C. LAMBERT (of the firm of J. & T. W. Hearfield & Lambert) number the society ever contained. It dealt with the action of the council has been elected Honorary Secretary of the Hull Incorporated Law with respect to the several Bills which had been introduced into Parlia- Society. ment affecting the interest of the profession and the public, and reviewed MR. WILLIAM Mills, solicitor (of the firm of Messrs. Frederick Kent & the effect of some important and unexpected decisions of the courts of Co., of 105, Cheapside), of 56, Camberwell-road, S.E., has been appointed appeal in reference to mortgages, bills of sale, and the appointment of a a Commissioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicaraceiver. Regret was expressed at the difficulties placed by the authorities ture. in the way of improving the practice and the procedure, and so extending the usefulness, of the Borough Court of Record, and concluded with a

Mr. Thomas Robson, solicitor, of Pocklington, has been appointed reference to the proceedings at the annual provincial meeting of the Incor.

Clerk to the magistrates of the Holme Beacon and Wilton Beacon Divisions porated Law Society of the United Kingdom at York in October last, on

of the East Riding of Yorkshire (the petty sessions being held at the occasion of the centenary of the Yorkshire Law Society, which Mr.

Market Weighton and Pocklington), Mr. Holtby, of York, who has held Thorney, Mr. Priestman, Mr. J. T. Woodhouse, Sir Albert Rollit, and

the appointment for many years, having resigned. Mr. C. F. Shackles attended from the Hull Law Society. A vote of thanks having been passed to the retiring officers and council was acknowledged by Mr. Thorney ; the motion of Mr. J.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Travis. Cook, seconded by Mr. Birks, a special vote of thanks was recorded to the retiring secretary, Mr. J. T. Woodhouse, for his

CHARLES ANTHONY BRANSON, John NEWTON COOMBE, and George ERNEST valuable services to the society in that capacity for eight years; and in

BRANSON, solicitors (Branson, Son, & Coombe), Sheffield. Dec. 31. acknowledging the vote Mr.

GEORGE HODSON BURNHAM and WILLIAM JAMES HENRY, solicitors that the society was now in such a prosperous condition. Since he (Burnham & Henry), Wellingborough. Dec. 31. first took office the number of members had, by the

efforts of

ROBERT GLASSPORD Lawson and JOSEPH STOYLE COPPOCK, solicitors, successive presidents, and by the increasing advantages the society 3, Mount-street, Manchester. The said Robert Glassford Lawson will in offered, doubled; it had become incorporated, had a habitation and future practice at 12, Tıb-lane, Cross-street, and the said Joseph Stoyle premises of its own, and a very valuable and much improved library; it Coppock at had exercised considerable influence on the proceedings of the chief society

St. Ann-street, Manchester. Dec. 25. in London, and done very valuable work for the profession locally. The

THEED WILLIAM PEARSE, JAMES PEARSE, and CHARLES BAILEY HALLILEY, officers and council appointed for the ensuing year were as follows: --Presisolicitors (Pearse, Pearse, & Halliley), Bedford. Mr. T. W. Pearse will dent, Mr. I: Priestman; vice-president, we were Woodhouse Phen: carry on business at the shirehall, Bedford, Mr. J. Pearse at the County

Court Office, Saint Paul's-square, Bedford, and Mr. C. B. Halliley at No. who, together with the following, form the council:- Mr. J. K. Thornej 2, Saint Paul's-square, Bedford. Dec. 31. (ex-president), Mr. E. Laverack, Mr. H. Birks, Mr. A. M. Jackson, Mr. ROBERT SANKEY, HERBERT TRITTON SANKEY, Rest WILLIAM Flint, and John Travis-Cook, Mr. T. Farrell, and Sir Albert Rollit, M.P. The Percy EDWARD SANKEY, solicitors (Sankey, Flint, & Sankey), Canterbury,



Mon. ......

... 11




.... 26

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Sht. caus.,ptns. adj. sumos

2 Margate, and Ramsgate. The said business in Canterbury will in future Friday, Apr ... Motns, & adj. sumns.

and Saturday 2...Sht. caus, pets, adj. sums.

gan pa be carried on by Robert Sankey, Herbert Tritton Sankey, and Rest

Monday.... 41

General paper.


6 William Flint, and the said businesses at Margate and Ramsgate will in Tuesday...... 5) future be carried on by Percy Edward Sankey. Dec. 31.

Wednesday 6...Mtns and adj sms

Wednsday.. 6...Mins, adj sumns & gen pa [Gazette, Jan. 4.] Any cause intended to be heard as a short Any cause intended to be heard as a short

cause must be so marked in the cause cause must be so marked in the cause-book

book at least one clear day before the at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so heard, and

same can be put in the paper to be 80

heard, and the necessary papers must be the necessary papers must be left in court with the judge's officer the day before the

left in court with the judge's officer the cause is to be put in the paper.

day before the cause is to be put into the COURT PAPERS.


Lord Chancellor's Court,




Mon., Feb. 21
No. 1.
No. 2.

CHITTY. Tues....... 22 General paper

Mon., Feb. 21

.22 Mon., Jan. 10 Mr. Ward

Mr. King
Mr. Jackson Mr. Pemberton


Wednesday 23

Thursday ..24... Mtns. adj sumy, & gen. pa.


General paper.
Wednesday 12 Clowes


.... 25... Sitting in chambers

Thursday ..24
Thursday 13 Pemberton Ward


Friday .... 25
Fri., Jan.... 14 Koe


{Sitempus. pets, adj sums.
Pemberton Saturday ..26

Saturday ..26
Saturday... 15 Jackson


Monday ...28
Tues., Mar, 1
General paper

Tues., Mar. 1
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

.... 2


General paper,
STIRLING. KEKEWICH. Thursdy.... 3..Mots, adj sums, & gen. pa.

Thursday ...

3 Monday, January ... 10 Mr. Beal Mr. Leach Mr. Carrington Friday, ...... 4.. sitting in chambers



Saturday Tuesday 11 Pugh


Batardy..., 5 sht. caus., pets, adj sums,

Mond ......
12 Beal

& gen. pa.

8 Thursday



7 Friday

Wed. ...... 9
Carrington Tuesday.... 8 General paper


15 Pugh


Thursday ..10
.... 9
Thursday ..10...Mtos, adj sums. & gen. pa.

Friday ....11

Friday ....11... Sitting iä chambers

Saturday ..12 { short caus, pets, adj sans

Tuesday ...15

& gen pa. TRINITY SITTINGS, 1887.


Wednesday 16


Tuesdy ....15 General paper.

Monday...... 7.. Fur cons and non wit list


Friday, ....18
Tues. ...... 8)

Thurs, ....17.. Motns. adj sumy, & gen. pa

Sat .......19
Wednesday 9 Causes with wits
Friday ....18..Sitting in chambers

Chancery Court, I.
Thursday ...10

Sht caus, pets, adj sumns,

Friday ....ll.. Motions and non wts list Saturdy,.....19



& gen pa

Gener al paper
Pets, sh causes, adj sums,
Saturday 2


24 Monday,... 21

(Procedure) and non wit list Mond., Feb. 21)

Tues. .........22 General paper.

Friday ....25
Monday ......14...Fur cons & non wit list
Tusdy. ....22

Wed............. 23

Saturday ..26
General paper

Monday ...

28 Wednesday 23 Wednesday 16 Non wit list

Thursday ..24. . Mtns, adj sums & een pa
Thursday ..24,

Thursday ...17

Priday ....25.. Sitting in chambers
Friday ...,25.. Mots. adj sumus, & gen pa

Wednesday 30
Friday ......18...Mas and non wits list

Sht. caus., pets., adj. sums,
Sat ........ 26

General paper.

Thors. .31
Sht causes, pets., adj sums,

Pets, sht. caus, adj sumns,

gen. pa.
#gen på
Saturday ...19
Mon ......28

Friday, Apr 1
| (Procedure), & non wit list
Monday ....28

21...Far cons & non wits list

Tuesday....29 Genera! paper Tuesdy, Ma: 1


Monday.... 4
General paper.
Tuesday ......22


Thursday ...31 Mots, adj. sums. & gen. pa

General paper. 2

Wednesday 23 Non wit list Thursday

Wednesday 3

Friday, Apr 1. Sitting in chambers Friday, ...... 4...Mtns, adj smns, and gen på

Thursday ...24

Friday ...25..Motns. & non wit list Sat,........ 5 { Sht causes, pets, adj sums,

Saturday ...26 Pets, sht. caus, adj. sumng

(Procedure) & non wit list Monday 7

Monday ......28. Furcons & non wit list
Tuesday .... 8

Wednesday 9

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30 N. n wit list
Thursday ...10)
Thursday ..31

SPECIAL Notice.- Queen's Bench Final Appeals in Court I., and Chancery Friday ....11... Mots., adj. sums, & gen pa Friday, Apr. 1...Motions & non wit list

Sot causes, pets., adj sums, Saturday ..12

Appeals (General List) in Court II., will be taken on the usual days during Saturday & gen. p3

Pets, sht. caus, adj. sumns 2

Hilary Sittio gå. Mon...... 14

(Procedure) & non wit list

Queen's Bench Interlocutory Appeals in Court I., and Chancery Interlocatory Monday... 4...Fur eons & non wit list Tues....... 15

General Wednesday 16



55 Remaining mins, remaining Appeals in Court II., will be taken on the first day of the Sittinzo, and after Thursday ...17

Wednesday 6


pets, and non wits list (if wards as usual, every Wednesday, during the sittings. Bankruptcy Appeals Friday ....18... Motns adj sums, & gen. pa


also, as usual, on Fridays in Court I. Any cause intended to be heard as a short Appeals from the Lancaster Palatine Court (if any), which have been passed Saturday ..19 Sht causes, pets., aij sums, & gen. pa

cause must be so marked in the cause over in the General List, will be taken in Court II. on Thursday, January Monday ....21

book at least one clear day before the 13th, and again on the first Thursday in the following months of February and .22

same can be put in the paper to be so :23 General paper

March, namely :-Taursday, Februury 3rd, and Thursday, March 3rd.

heard, and the necessary papers must Thurs be left in court with the judge's officer

The Admiralty Appeals (with Assessors) will be takea in Court I. on days to be Friday .... 25...Mts, adj sms & gen da.

the day before the cause is to be put in specially appointed by the court. Satrdy ....36 Sht. caus., pets., adj sums, the paper.

APPEALS POR HBARING. & gen. pa. Monday, ..28

(Set down to Saturday, January 1st, inclusive.) Tuesday......29

Chancery Court, II.
Wednesday 30 )
General paper



Mon., Feb. 21

DIVISION (PROBATE AND DIVORCE), Friday, Apr 1.. Mots, adj smns, & gen pa. Tues.....

General paper.


Sht caus, pets, adj su ns, & Wednesday 23

Igen, p
Monday...... 4
Thursday ..21

For Judgment.
General paper.

Friday ....25...Motos. & adj. sums.

Edieoa & Swan United Light Cold Woodh vase & Rawson appeal of defts 5

Saturday ..26...Sht. caus., pets., adj. sums Wednesday 6... Mots, adj. sumns. & gen. pa

from judgment of Mr Justico Butt for Me Justice North, dated May 20, 1886 Monday.... 28

(o s v Dec 20–present Lords Justices Co ton, Bowen, & Fry). Any cause intended to be heard as a short Tues., Mar. 1

General paper cause must be so marked in the cause

For Hearing. book at least one clear day before the same

Thursday can be put in the paper to be so heard, and Friday, .... 4... Votions & adj. sumas

(General List.) the necessary papers must be left in court Saturday .. 5...Sht caus, pets, & adj smns.

1885 with the judge's officer the day before the Mon....... 7

Lord Camoys » Mayor, &• of Burslem appl of plot from jadg of V Bacon cause is to be put into the paper.


General paper.

(part heard Feb 2, 1886, by M18ter of Rolls, Lords Justice8 Liadley & Lypes— Wednsday..9

8 0 for engineer to report-report fi'ed—8 o till appla made to restore).
Thursday ..10
Chancery Court, III.
Friday ....11 .Mtns and adj sms

The North Central Wagon Co v The Manchester, Sheffiold, & Lincolashire Ropa
Sat., .12..Sat caus, pts, & adj sms

Co appl of pliff Co fron judgment of V C Bacon, dated 10ch March, 1886 MR. JUSTICE CHITTY.


(heard Dec 15, if action not compromised, appl to'ba in paper on 1st day of Tuesdy.....15 Mon., Feb. 21..Fur cons & non wit list


Bittings for further hearing).
Wednesday 16


Societs Generale de Paris v Dreyfus Bros & Co app of defte Drayfus Bros & Co, Tuesday ...22

Wednesday 23 Causes with wits
Friday ....18.. Mtns, & adj sumns

from order of Mr. Justice Pearson, dated 26 March 1835 April 1 (30, Tbursday ...24 Saturday ..19..Sht caus, pts, & adj sms

Feb 1) Friday ......25...Motions and non wits list Monday ....21

1886. Pets, sht, caus, adj. sumrs Tues. Saturday ...26

22 ((Procedure), & non wit list

In re Argyll Coal & Cainel Cold & Co's Acts (J Watson's casa) app of Joseph
General Paper

Watson from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 21 Dec 1885 Jan 11
Mon...........28. Fur cons and non wit list Thursday ..24.
Tusdy. Mar. 1
Friday ...25.. Mons and adj sms

Io re Stevenson, dec Stevenson v Stevenson app of plt from judgment of Me 2 Cauces with witnesses. Sat ........26.. Sht. caus, pets., adj. samns.

Jastice Pearson, dated 11 Marco, 1886 April 3 (s o till after Probate action Thursday Monday ......28

tried) Friday ...... 4... Motns. & non wit list


Badwell v Trower app of dft from jdgt of Mr Jastice North dated March 16
Saturday 6{
Pets, sht causes, adj smns. Wednes.....30

1886 April 16 (Procedure) & non wit list Thursday ...31

Edison & Swan United Light Co Id v Woodhouse & Rawson app of dfts from

Tues. Wed.



Wed, ......


... 3




General paper.

jdgt of Mr Justice Butt (sitting as an additional Judge of the Chan Div) dated The Eglinton Chemical Co Id v The Yorkshire Tannery & Boo: Manufactory 25 May, 1883 May 28

ld app of deft from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial June 23 In re f Trower, dec Kemble v Trower Young (trustee) v Trower app of dits Eastern Steamsóip Co id v A R Robertson (The Mersey Forge id 3rd party

from refusal of Mr Justice Kay to vary Chief Clerk's certificate, dated 13 May, Liverpool D RS app of the Mersey Furga ld frim juigt of Me Justice 1886 June 2

Denman at tr'al' without a jury at Liverpool June 25 In re Crawfurd's Settlement Trusts and In re E L Crawfurd's Will and 10 & 11 Hull, Barnsley & West Riding Junc Ry & Dock Co v Yorkshire and Derbyshire

Viot o 96 app of Thos Toring and ors from order of Mr Justice Chitty, Coal & Iron Co ld app of deft Co from judgt of Me Justice Wills ai trial dated 6 May, 1886 June 26 (s 0 Feb 1)

withoit jary at Leeds June 30 The Ladywell Mining Co - Huggons app of plf Co from judgt of Mr Justice Earl of Belfast v Horne app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial without Stirling, dated 7 July, 1886 July 15

a jury in Middlesex June 30 (security ordered) The Lady well Mining to v Brooker app of plt Co from judgt of Mr Justice Berridge v The Man On Insoe Cold app of plt' from judgt of Baron Pollock at Stirling, dated 7 July, 1886 July 15 (security ordered Nov 24)

til July 1 IR ro J Whitaker, decd Christian v Whitaker app of plts from ord of VC Picker v The London & County Banking Co id app of defts from judgt of Mr Bacon at Chambers, dated 18 June, 1886 July 15

Justice A L Smith at trial in Middlesex Jaly 8 In ve Contract for sale of real estate made between Henry Harvey and Arthur Stuart v Bigland & Co app of deft Co from judgt of Mr Jastice Field at trial Garrard, dated 7 Jan, 1886, and V & P Act, 1874 app of Heary Harvey from without a jury in Middlesex July 12 ord of Ý C Baco), dated 2 July, 1886 July 20

Christian v Payno app of deft from jadgt of Mr Justics Mathew at trial without In re Isaac Evans, the younger, dec Davies v Evan, app of the Garston and a jury ia Middlesex July 14 Medway Portland Cement Co from ord of Mr Justice Kay, dated 8 July, 1886 Thomas v Quartermaine (Q B Crowa Side) app of plts from Justices Wills and July 23

Granth.m reversing jadgt of Jutge of County Court July 15 In re W Sugden, dec Hirst v Sagden app of the Halifax Commercial Banking Holden v Vestry of St. Mary, Islington (Qo8 Crowa Side), app of Hariph Co from refusal of Mr Justice Chitty to vary Chief Clerk's certificate, dated 2 Holden from judgt of Justice Hawkins and Day on app from magistrates July, 1886 July 26

July 16 In re Robert Smith, deo Watts v Watts app of defts fron part of order of Mr Parsons v Dewsbury and anr (interploader) app of deft F G Clarke from jadgt Justice Kay on originating sumos, dated 3 July, 1886 Julý 27

of Baron Huddleston at trial at Lowes Jaly 17 In re T Price, the elder, dec_Price v Gregory app of deft Horatio Gregory Ibberson & ors v Nook app of plts from Justices Willa and Grantham -aotion from judgt of Mr Justice Kay on originating sumns, dated 7 July, 1886 tried by Baron Huddlestin in Middlesex Jaly 20 July 27

Mann & oro v Kirkwood & Sioger's Sewing Machio. Co id app of deft Kirk. In re Thomas Williamson, deo Gray v Williamson app of deft Rebecca wood from judgt of Mr Jastioe A L Smith at trial without a jury at Carlisle Williamson from order of VC Bacon on fur con, dated 12 April, 1886 July 20 (security ordere?) July 28

Hutt v Shaw app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Hawkins at trial in Middlesex In re T H Worwood, dec Oglo v Lord Sherborne app of deft Lord Sherborne July 20 from judgt of Mr Justice North, dated 28 June, 1886 July 29

Hockey v Evans & aar app of dfts fron julgt of the Master of the Rolls at trial In re an Apfla of Selah Roeve Van Dazer, trading as Reeve & Co, for registra without a jury in Miidlasex July 21

tion of Trade Mark No. 7509 & 47510 and Patents, Designs, &o, Act, 1883 app of Board of Trade from order of V C Bacon dated 9 July 1886 July 29

(To be continued.) In re an Applo of Messrs Leaf, Sons & Co for registration of Trade Mark No 61,141, and Patent &c Act 1883 app of Board of Trade & anr from order of V C Bacoa, dated July 30, 1886, directiog registration Aug 23 (advanced by


CHANCERY DIVISION. In re The New City Constitutional Club Cold app of Official Liquidator from

HILARY SITTINGS, 1887. order of Mr Justice Kay dated 7 & 22 July, 1886 Aug 4

Causes for Trial or Hearing. Divoroe logham, or wse Sacbs, petar, v Sachs, respt app of petar from decree of Mr Justice Butt dismissing petn for declaration of nallity of marriage, dated

(Set down to Saturday, January 1st, inclusive.) 13 July, 1886 Aug 6 (O with liberty to restore)

Motions, Petitions, and Short Causes will be takən on the usual days, as stated Vicary v stroad app of pit from judgt of Mr. Justice Chitty, dated 17 March

in the Hilary Sittiogs Paper. 1886 Aug 6 (security ordered Nov 3)

Cause with and without Witnesses will be taken by Mr. Justice Kay oa lo re N. Corsellis, dec Lawton v El mes app of defts from order of M'. Justice the usual Cause days ia the order as they stand in toe Ca 18- Book. Kay, dated 23 June, 1886_Aug 6

Mr. Justice Caitty will take Witn-8s Causes on the following days, viz. :In re Mary Harrison, dec Daubeny v Harrison app of defis CJ Harrison & ors

Feb. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24. March 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10. from order of VC Bacon, dated 15 July 1886 Aug 7

Mr. Justics North will take Witness Causes on days to be namei by Rawson v Minsbull app of plt from Mc Justice Chitty dated 7 July 1886 Aug 9

His Lördehip. In re Vincent, dec Vincent v Viocent app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice

Mr. Justice Stirling will take Witness Causes on the ordinary Cause days until S.irling, dated 14 July, 1886 Aug 10

further order; his Lördship will sic in Chambers on every Friday duriag the Rust v Victoria Graving Dock Cold and London & St Katharine Docks Co

Sittings. app of defts from orders of Mr Justice Chitty on applns to set aside referee's

Mr. Justice Keke wich will take Witness Caus88 every day, in the order as they report, dated 19 July, 1886 Aug 11

staad in the Cause B pok. Marquis of Londonderry v Rassell app of plt from jadgt of V C Bason, date

Adjourned Summonses will be taken as follows:-Mr. Justice Kay, on 24 June, 1886 Aug 13

Fridays and Saturdays; Mr. Justice Chitty, with Non-Witness Aotions, except (To be continued.)

Procedure Summonses, which (if any) are taken every Sa'urday; Mr. Justios
Stirling, on Thursdays and Saturdays.

N.B.-Mr. Jastice North will take Adjourned Saumonses as follows:-Class FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH AND PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND I., with Motions, on Fridays; Classes II. and III., in the Non-Witness List; ADMIRALTY (ADMIRALTY) DIVISIONS.

Class IV., on Fridaye and Saturdays. For dessription of e13b Class 800 notice For Judgment.

issued by his Lordship's Chief Clerks, dated May 1, 1884. Watkins v Evans app of deft from Justices Field and Wills, upholding order

Before Mr. Jus ice KAY.

Webster v Groavde aot (short) restraining, deft from proceeding under bill of sale (o a v Aug 10 - present Causes for Trial (with witnesses and Schnieder v Bond got wits Master of Rolls and Lords Justices Bowen and Fry)

without witnesses).

lo re Hullind, Diggles v Sheppard Ia re E L Cleaver («xpte F A Rawlings, trustee) aup of trustee from Mr Justice Lewis v James aot wits

mfj and sams Cave refusing to restrain exercise of right of Consolidated, &c, Corpn under bill In re Meyrick Hartmann Gillett v Lloyd y Brown act wits of sale (c a v Aug 11-present Mister of Rolls and Lords Justices Bowen and Lowndes act (Easter Sittings)

Thorpe v Shrewsbury act Fry)

Winter v lod Coope & Co act wits Symington & Co v Fottman, Pretty, & Ship Baraina (demages for loss of life) Armstrong & ord v Mills & ors app of Hotson v Furnes act wits

Co act wits plts from judgt of Mr Jastice Butt, dated 2nd March 1886 (ca v Nov 9–

Hobson v Darfield Main Coal Co act Gas Light, &o, Co v Towse act wits present Master of the Bolle and Lords Justices Lindley and Lopes)


In re Beeching Young v Rioketts act Morgan v Arnison aot

wits For Hearing.

Mulkera v Boll act wits pt hd

General Auction Estate, &o, Co 11 v Baroness Wenlock & aor v River Dee Co appl of defts from judgt of Baron

In re Fox Fearn v Morgas act

Wright act Huddlestun at trial (pt hd 9 May, 1883, by Master of Rolls and Lords Justice s lo re Tunnicliffe Wright v Wardle In re Saelling Beeching v Spelling Cotton and Bowen-S" 0 till appla to restore on report of special refere e

act wits

act wita Bird v Andrew act wits

Horsfall v Wood act wits 1886.

Cress well y Davidson act wits

Mason v Westoby, not Anstrather v Slade app of plt from jadgt of Mr Justice Manisty at trial in

Chauffourier v Ghent act wits

Lee v Reed Roed v Lee act wits Middle8+ x with a jury May 20

Buckle v Bewell act wito

Lelasseur v Woodward act wits Hind v. Russell & ors app of plt from Justices Field and A L Smith dismissing Coates & Co v Reed, Bros, & Co act la re Stuart Mension House Cambre (in his absence) app for new trial-action tried by Mr Justice Wills in Middl: wits

v Stuart act sex May 22 (set down by appellant as a figal app)

Whitaker v Barnard at

McQuade v Davison mfj Steel, Young & Co v Holder Bros & Co app of defts from jadgt of Mr Justice Atkins's Filter, &o, Co v Lipscombe & Ginsbiag v Rendell act wits Field at trial in Middlesex with a jury May 27

Co sct wits

Fletch.rv Chatfiald act wito Crowdy & ors Worcester City & County Bankg Co, id app of plt from jadgt of Io re Findar, Pindar v Pindar aot Tough v Tough mfj Mr Justice Manisty at trial in Middlesex June 3

Skinner v Lingdon act

Native Guano Co ld v Sewage Marine Crawshaw & ors v Hornstedt & anr app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Cave at Clabon v Hutcbigson act and mij Cold act wits. trial at Leeds without a jury June 5

Russeli v Davies act

Chrystal v Simpson act wits Attorney Gen v The Welsh Granite Co, id & ors (Q B Revenue Side) app of

Lowther v Curwen act wito

Robinson v Adams & 3t wits defts from decree of the Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice Mathew on hearing Gower v Gower act wits

Robinson y Halder act wits of information Jane 8

Whoiley v Heslop mij

In re Wilson Wilson y Dawson act Petre v Seal app of de't from judgt of Mr Justice Maniet, at trial in Middlesex Kirby v Freeman act wits


Venn v Hendriks act wits Slater & anr v Wilson & Son spp of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Denman at Tompsett v Heal act wits

Ruesell v Lamb act and m fj wits Besson v Fountaine act wits

Blair v Deakin sot wits Barton Barraclough (dishonoured cheque) app of deft from judgt of Mr Hayward Brog v Lely and anr act

Eden v Deakin act wits Justice Cave at trial without a jury at Leeds June 22


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In re Butler Williams v Butler act, | In re Beste Best v Guadadia

Hobbs v Wayet act

Co, ld (Fox & Braithwaite's clain) wits In re Duffield Masters v Tabrum Eccleston v Eccleston act

adj smns Carter y Cox act wits Ia re Curtis & Berts, Solicitors (taxo) Leith v Cooke act

In re Hughes, dec Hughes v Nerett Earl Beauchamp v Hammack act In re Jovensson Blackmore y Jovans Rait & Gardiner v Dry Docks Corpa adj smns Telfer v Telfer act wits

of London ld act

In re Thomas Keetley, dec Kgetley
Bird v Hume act
Howell v Price

Morgan v Harmer mfj with cross v Keetley adj smas
Bird & anr v Hume act
Republic of Peru v Dreyfus Bros & Co examination on affidavits

In re JC Peok, dec Piggott v Whyte
Hino v Bywater act wits
Austin v Davids
Smith v McJannet act

(Bradley's claim) adj sons MoMaons v Cooke Act wits

In re Skinner Cairney v Skinner In re Roser dec Roser v Featherstone In re Robert Comer, dec Comer v Ollis Jones v Levena act wits In re Messing Elmes v Dain act

adj emns (ord 55) Williams v Oxley act re Silkstone, &o, Co, & Co's Acts Holt & org v Duke & ors act

Browne v Blackburne adj smns (payLaudergan v Feast act wits

In re Hassells's Estate (No 1) Heesells Norman Oakley & Co v Beauchamp ment out) Eardley v Knight aot v Hunt

far con after Official Receiver's Cropper v Śmith & anr adj smns (bill Magnus v Queensland National Bank In re Smyth Crotch v Bishop

Report & trial of counter claim (with of costs) act, wits In re Merricks Dixon v Johnson

wits) reserved by order of Nov 28 Chamberlayne v Rix mfj Elmore v Pirrie act wits In re Foster Foster v Dixon


In re T. E. Williams, decd Williams Atkinson v Same act wits

In re Coward Coward v Larkman London & Westminster Bk ld v v Williams spo
Tibble v Liquorish act wits
In re Manning Walton v Bishop Turquand & ors act

Hainsworth v Dawson adj sumns In re Earl of_Aylesford's Estate Aots Clough v Cure

Atkinson on behalf & v De Jeanson (interest on balance)
Machell v Earl Poulett act
Austin v Davids

Hugelman on behalf &c v Atkinson In re Musgrave's Estate Rhodes v
Derman v Leach act, wits
In re Courtier Coles v Courtier

claim and counter claim with sumas Attorney-Gen. adj smns (charity Benson y Wilson act In re Bourne Rymer v Harpley

In re Honduras Inter- Oceanio Ry sobeme)
Oliver v Nash act wits
In re Stoes Mangles v Mangles

Co (peto) by order

In re Jeremiah Hallett's Estate adj Ward v Chapman act wits

In re Harvey Harvey v Roberts Hammersley v Hemmersley & ors act smns (order 55)
Ward v Chapman act wits
In re Clarke Coome y Carter

Alexander v London Founders? As8o 3 In re Henry Nerwick's Will Trusts
Cave v Niblett act wits
Native Guano Co.ld. v Sewage Manure act

Nerwick y Althaus expte extrix, & Webster, Bart v Sonthey act wits


Hargreaves v Trustee of Massey and anr adj smns
Pogh v Salmon act wits

Before Mr. Justice Chitty.
Hargreaves act

In re Llangennech Coal Co, Id adj
Sharp v Brown act
Causes for Trial (with witnesses) Hall v Palmer act

smns Sharp v McHenry act

Albery v Broadbent mfj pt hd with Williams v Neath Canal Navgn Pro- Ia re Carr's Estate Lodgurd v Lewin Jelly v Cooper m fj wits

wits by order

prietors Neath Canal Navga Pro adj amns (order 55) Rowoliffo v Longford Wire Iron &c Co L. Blond v Cartis act set down by ord prietors y Williams claim & counter Windover v Evans mfj aot wits Randall v New Cros: Public Hali Co, claim

In re Ann Marshall, deo Macleod v Anglo-American Brush &c Co lmd, New Cross Pablic Hall Co, Ind, Wearing v Parking act

Muller Ex pte Malcolm Macleod Crompton act v Randall, Morton v Randall claim Boyd v Patrick act

adj sumns (taxation) Sharp v Allen act wits

and counter-claim
Ashley v Drew act

In re Wm. Averill's Will Trasts Buckle
Harris v Newitt act wits
Baroness Wenlock v Ryder act (trans Lichfield v Simmons act

V Coombe Ex pte A E Buckle Evans Benyon act wits

ferred from Q Div)
Coote v Ingram act

&ors adj sumns (under ord 55). Armitage v Bishop of Manchester act Beddington v Atlee act

Wenham Co. Id v May & Co act In re Rev George Curry's Estate Gib. In re Bond Big wood v Bond act & Saunders v Potter Potter v Saunders Edison & Swan United Electric Light son Way originating sumns mfj act and counter claim Co ld v Shippey Bros act

(claiming as reversionary devise es Badart v Smith act wits Murray v Tuson

London Taverns Cold v Worley ect and legatees)
Wetmore v Ricketts act wits
Hart v Bettes worth act

Duke of Northumberland v B)wman In_re Blagden's Estate Prentice v Humphreys v Raffety act wits Askew v Browne act


Blagden (construction of will) adj
Parsons v Cotterill act wits
Brough v Dando act
Hards v Bragg act

sumns (under ord 55)
McDonald v Towerzey act wits
Swann v Marr act
Smith v Taverner act

In re Rev Jas Coyte's Estate Coyte Denney v Willis mfj (short) Bralaford v Patton act

Brinton v Howlett Harrison v Spitzley act wits

Glading v Brinton v Coyte adj sumns (under ord 55) Higgins v Hill act

claim & counter claim

la re Major Dawson, dec Hill v JohnBritish Equitable, &c, Co v Musgrove Hemming, orwse Hall v Fielden issue Tristam v Eld act

(construction of will) adj aot for trial

Randall v Evans act & mta for judgt Williams v Kayler adj snmps

sumns (under ord 55) wits Potter v Dadeney In re Jas Potter, In re Moone, deo Nyone v Moone In re Fandy B Lousada, deo Bacon In re Hardbottl. Hardbottle v Hard dec In re E Stapley, dec In re Jao act

V Bacon adj sumns of exors and bottle act wits

Potter Potter v Dudeney cons acts
Petty v Daniel

Coody & Mitchell, 1d, v Taylor, &c, Co trustees (under ord 55)
act wits
Collison v Hingston act

ld act

la re Neath Harbour Smelting and In re Paddison Morris v. Paddison Stuckey's Banking Co v Ponsford act

Rolling Work, ld & Co's Ac!8 Ex act wita

Scott v Milbaok 1885 S 3,028 act Non-witness Causes, Adjourned SumIa re Horwood Horwood v Paddison

parte Official Liquidator – against Scott v Milbank 1885 S 3,093 act

monses and Special Cases.

directors under sect 153 act

In re Witherden, deo Belford v Penon v Cutfield mij De Bensuade v Wood act wits

Ja re Hull, Barnsley, and West Riding Witherden act Eieman v Scholes act and mij

In re Hollingbourne Paper Cold (Har Juno Ry & Dock Ast, 1880 adj Moseley v Victoria Rubber Co act

bour's claim) adj smns (8 O Feb 1) sumns In re St John St Joha v St John act Grummant v Robbins act &mfj Bergheim v Hornsea Pier Co adj snas la re Wm A Miller, dec and sumns

Miller v wits Burnham v Irvine act

to dismiss action by contra stor Hancock v Wyatt act

Cater adj sumns
Belfrage v Lindsay act
lo re J Weedon's Estate Weedon v

Brough v Dundo adj sumns by dfis to
Hawkes v Curtice
Kelly v Kelly act

Langworthy org smns Ex pte will vary Chief Clerk's certificate Broagh In re Shuttleworth Briggs v Shuttle Wood v Harris act worth mfj (short)

trusts (balance of share)

v Dando adj sumns by plt for pay. Ehrlich v Ihlee & anr aut

In re F Sykes's Estate Sykes v Sykes ment into court Joy v Renner act wits

Whitaker v Jeakes act McBryde v Dover act wits

adj smns Es pte plt_(review taxo) Boyd v Patrick adj sumns by daft Sharp v Gooddy, Cripps & Sons, 13 In re E T St John's Estate St John Davy v Barnett mfj

Patrick to vary Chief Clerk's certifiact v St John originating sumns (con

cate Owen v Roberts act James y Pearless act (S O Mar 1) struction of settlement)

Small nan to Wells V & P Act adj Newcome v Hill act wits

Attorney-Gen y Anderson Anderson In re D Tidey's Estate Brooks v Further Considerations.

sumns of Elihu Small nan and anr v Hawkins claim and counter claim In re Docwra

Tidey adj sums Ex parte Plt (vendors) Doowra y Faith fur A G Kurtz & Co y Peter Spence & (payment into court) con and sumns

In re Abraham Hobson, des Crowther Song

mfj (treated as action for In re Drake & Piikingtoa, Solicitors, Beadnall v Ayre fur con

v Holden adj sumns trial, by order)

Huddersfield In re Oliver Jarman v Salkeld fur

Es part: Pit adj In re F Barne's Estate Barne v Barne Johnstone v Newfoundland Guano Co sumos (review taxation)

(construction) adj sumns of exors & con

ld act

la re Thos Wilson's Estate Dawson trustees In re Angus Churchman v Church Bean v Dawson aot

v Wilson adj sumas (charge as real man fur con Gardner v Titley act

Sharpe v Torkington Torkington v In re Newman Newman v Baker fur Hope-Johnstone


Sharpe mfj
Jervis sot

In ro stogdon, a solicitor Ex parte Attorney-Gen ✓ Wyggeston's Hospital con & sumns Stevene v Pares act

Baker & Wife adj smas (for de act Phillips v Andrews fur con

Gould v Gould act Reid v Laing fur con & sumns to

livery of bill).

Woods v
Green y Edwards act

In re Henry Wood's Estate
Ex parte School Board for London and Woods adj smos

Ex pte Woods vary

In re Tinkle', dec Lloyd v Allen act
In re Swift Swift v Swift fur con

Fowler's Trustees (claim of trustees
Redford v Shoppe act

(taxation) Wa)ker v Poole Poole v Walker sur

Lindus v Anderson v Patent Oxonite Co & ors

for sale) adj applo from Chmbrs by Io re H Lindus's Estate

ord of March 29 con act & m fj agaios: deft R R Vizier

Lindus adj smns (dividends) Adjourned Summonges. Tarner v Tymin act

Exors of Metzler v Chappell origina. In re Gaches' Estate Newton v Gaches In re Barnard's Will Barnard v White

ting smps (for working out accounts) Gt Western Forest of Dean Colliery Co

adj smns lo ra Bradbrook's Estate Lock v

In re Jno Lyon's Dzed Poll ld v Trafalgar Colliery Co la act

Ia re Atty's Estate Welby v Welby Willis

Gillibrand v Hope act

alj smng (0:0 55)

(construction of will) In re Duke's Estate Thomas y Duke

In re Griffiths's Satilement & S L Act
In re Hughes, dec Vibart v Vibart

(under ord 55) In re Speer & Trade Marks Act

Griffiths v Griffiths anj smas (conadj emns with wits_by order

Coates v Legard Ex pte Shafto Trust In re Brackenbury Chittenden v Wood In re J Walker's Estate Walker v


adj sons In re Browne Anderson y Browne Archer adj smns with wits by order

In re Grey's Brewery, ld adj smas


In re Mary Kenyon, deo Expte Mayor, &c, of London In rə In re Oriental Bapk adjd sumns of

(review taxation)

Knapp adj smos Met & Dist Ry Act, 1879, &c, and Wm Simpson, a creditor with wits

In re J Snelling, dec Foster v Matthew Westerman v Bary & Tottington DisLand Clauses Act

adj emns (adm legacies) by order

triot Ry Co act In re Courtier Coles y Courtier Moore v Sams & Comfj

In re Jos Davies's Settlement Trusts Badham Grant mfj In re Newman Newman y Baker In re C Dash dec Darley v King act

Stoughton v Fage adj smns (trust In re The Capital Fire ingurance Assn Goodall v Pemberton, and motn in & Sumns in King y Darley under Pemberton v Goodali

ld adj smns (Ex pte Peoria, counter Order 55 by order Sartin v Sturges spa

claim) In re Northumberland Avenue Hotel

Dixon v

adj smns

for sale)

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