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Then as to “the stipulated time for payment.” It was the common decision can stand with Liverpool Commercial Investment Co. v. Richard. practice before the Act to make moneys lent on bills of sale repayable on son (30 SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, 433) decided after Ex parte Stanford, Re Barber demand, and in Davis v. Usher the Divisional Court held a covenant to (34 W. R. 507). In Consolidated, fo., Credit Co. v. Gosney a curious pay on demand did not invalidate the bill, although that case was a interpretation was given to the word "defeasance" by Day and Smith, flagrant evasion of section 12 of the Act, which avoids bills of sale to JJ. "Defeasance means getting rid of the deed--that is, doing somesecure a less sum than £30. But in Hotherington v. Groom (33 W. R. 103) thing which will make it cease to be an operative investment. The & covenant to pay on demand was held by the Court of Appeal realization of the security by seizure and sale has this effect, and there(reversing the Divisional Court) to invalidate the bill of sale as not being fore clauses to carry this out may be properly inserted." da stipulated time of payment.” Fry, L.J., in delivering the written Next, a common-form covenant before the Act was a covenant or projudgment of himself and Brett, M.R., said “the words of the statute and viso entitling the grantee to goods brought on the premises, either in of the schedule are perhaps not clear, they may well include a time fixed addition to or substitution for the goods assigned. In the Consolidated by reference to any known event; they may perhaps include a time to be Credit Co. v. Gosney (34 W. R. 106), the Divisional Court held good a ascertained by the happening of some contingency ; but they do not, in covenant to replace worn-out chattels by others of equal value; but it is our opinion, include a time to be ascertained by nothing but the mere questionable whether this case is now law, for in Levy v. Polac (52 L. T. choice and volition of the holder of the bill of sale.” This decision has N. S. 551), Bianchi v. Offord (L. R. 17 Q. B. D. 484), and Furber v. Cobb been followed in subsequent cases (see Mackay v. Merritt, V.C.B., 34 W. (2 Times L. R. 873) somewhat similar clauses have been held to in. R. 433); and it may be now taken to be settled law that a covenant to validate the deeds. The point is not of sufficient importance to merit an pay on demand invalidates à bill of sale. It would not perhaps be wise exhaustive comparison of the authorities. to act on the opinions of the judges as to making the moneys payable at a Next, the draftsman, following the forms common before the Act, time fixed by any known event or on the happening of a contingency. would think it necessary for the maintenance of the security to insert

We have now arrived at the question of the greatest difficulty-viz., covenants to pay rent, taxes, and insurance premiums, and to produce What “terms as to insurance, payment of rent, or otherwise, which the receipts on demand, and to take power for the grantee to make such pay. parties may agree to for the maintenance or defeasance of the security," ments, and to add them to his security, making them carry interest at the may be inserted in bills of sale? Apart from judicial decision, this same rate as the principal. According to Re Barber (34 W. R. 287) and Hamquestion would seem to be sufficiently difficult. What is meant by “main. mond v. Hocking (L. R. 12 Q. B. D. 201) there is no objection to making the tenance"? What is meant by “defeasance"? A reasonable interpreta- grantor covenant to pay rent, taxes, and insurance premiums, and to protion would seem to be that terms as to maintenance would cover any terms duce receipts on demand, and that in default the grantee may pay them agreed on by the parties for the purpose of securing to the lender the and add them to the amount secured by the deed; and a covenant to repay benefit of his mortgage over the assigned chattels during the continuance to the grantee the sums so paid “on demand” does not invalidate the of the security. These terms, of course, must, by virtue of section 7 of bill. But Bowen, L.J., in a considered judgment in Bianchi v. Offord, the Act, and of the proviso given in the form, be subject to the provision (L. R. 17 Q. B. D. 484), where the covenant went on to say that the sums that the chattels shall not be liable to seizure for any cause other than paid by the grantee, together with interest thereon at the rate aforesaid those specified in section 7. A reasonable interpretation of the section computed from the day of payment up to the actual day of repayment, and the proviso would seem to be that whatever terms were inconsistent should be charged on the goods assigned, and should be recoverable in with the section and the proviso would be inoperative-e.g., a power of the same manner as the principal moneys and interest thereby secured, seizure and immediate removal would be controlled by the section and held that these words invalidated the bill of sale because the mortgagees proviso just as in our common form of conveyancing (à form which has might, in events which may or may not happen, at their option advance received legislative sanction by the Conveyancing Act) an absolute power from time to time indefinite sums and add the same to the principal of sale in a mortgage is controlled by provisoes limiting its exercise. This i moneys charged on the goods assigned.". On this head the case seems would have secured to borrowers all the protection the Act gives them, in direct conflict with the decision in Re Barber. Moreover, in the absence and would not have added to the legal effect of the statutory form. The of express stipulation, a clause to this effect is implied by the ConveyCourt of Appeal, however, has not taken either of these views. In fact ancing Act, 1881, s. 19, sub-section 1, which was not referred to. The they have said that the last of them is “absurd” (Ex parte Stanford, decision may, however, be supported on another ground--viz., that the bill 34 W. R. 507). They have stringently confined the terms to of sale in question contained, in effect, a power to seize in default of remaintenance of the security, and the net result of their decisions has been payment of these sums. Bowen, L.J., said, “I do not think these sums the upsetting of many perfectly bona fide bilis of sale, and the encourage could be sums secured within the meaning of section 7, sub-section 1." ment of borrowers in the repudiation of their obligations under them. But this seems at least questionable. Until Bianchi v. Offord has been to

The first thing which strikes a conveyancer about the statutory form the Court of Appeal, the question whether the covenant as to insurance is the absence of an express power of seizure or sale. There is no doubt can go to the full extent of the common form is doubtful. he would think a power of seizure and sale necessary for the maintenance Then as to covenants for title. Before the Act, the usual absolute of the security. As to seizure, it is obviously no use inserting provisions mortgagee's covenants were commonly inserted. Practically they are of which conflict with section 7; but, at any rate, the insertion in the deed little value-I might say of no value. Since the Act, numerous bills of sale of an express power of seizure in the events specified in that section will have implied covenants for title, by making the grantor convey as “ benehelp to shew on the face of the deed the rights of the parties. Seeing ficial owner”; but in the case of Ex parte Stanford, Re Barber (34 W. R. that the construction of any power of seizure would be limited by the 287), which was twice heard before the Court of Appeal, and on the second proviso at the end of the statutory form, it seems hard to hold that a occasion by the full Court, the insertion of these words was held to invalidate power which purports to be exercisable in other than the statutory events the deed. The decision of the majority of the court-Lord Esher, M.R., should be held void, but so it has been in Davis v. Burton (32 W. R. 423), Cotton, Lindley, Bowen, and Lopes, L.JJ.—was given in a considered Ex parte Pearce (16. 187), Myers v. Elliott (34 W. R. 339), and Bianchi v. judgment. The basis of the judgment is found in the following words : Offord (L. R. 17 Q. B. D. 484), and many other cases. A power to enter Whatever form the bill of sale takes, the form adopted by it must produce, the premises where the goods are, and to break open windows and doors not merely the like effect, but the same effect-that is to say, the legal to obtain admission, was held by Stirling, J., in Lumley v, Simmons (34 effect, and nothing but the legal effect, which it would produce if cast in W. R. 759), not to avoid the deed.

the exact mould of the schedule.” (See passim, Ex parte Allam, Re Munday, Then, as to the power of sale, a prudent lender could hardly rely on the 33 W. R. 231.) "Such a test as this contains no element of uncertainty, is implied power given by the Conveyancing Act, 1891, which is limited by one which every lawyer throughout the kingdom is competent to apply, and section 20 of that Act, and cannot be exercised unless (1) three months' is based upon a method of interpretation familiar to our courts.

The notice to pay off the principal has been given ; or (2) unless interest is two covenants implied by section 7 of the Conveyancing Act were then dealt months in arrear; or (3) unless there has been a breach of some provision with by the court seriatim. The question whether the first covenant implied— other than the covenant for payment of the mortgage money or interest. viz., that the grantor has power to convey–had any legal effect other than Nor, as is clear from section 7 of the 1882 Act, was it intended that the that of the statutory form was left open. The second implied covenant, lender should so rely. It may be presumed, therefore, that a bill of sale the effect of which is that if default is made in payment of the money inwas not invalid which contains an express power of sale exercisable in the tended to be secured, &c., it shall be lawful for the mortgagee to enter into events specified in that section (see Consolidated Credit Corporation v. Gosney, and upon or receive and thenceforth quietly hold, &c., was the turning 34 W. R. 106). Moreover, it has been held by Cave, J., in Ex parte point in the case. It was held that this covenant gave the deed an effect Bentley (Ib. 579), that a clause excluding the operation of section 20 of the beyond that of the scheduled form as read by the light of section 13 of the Conveyancing Act does not invalidate the bill of sale. The cases above Act of 1882—viz., the covenant would give the grantee power to remove the cited as to the power of seizure apply also to powers of sale. That is goods without waiting for the expiration of the five days mentioned in the to say, that the power of sale must not conflict with section 7 of the Act. section. The remaining portions of implied covenants--viz., those for quiet The common-form power of sale usually provides that any purchaser shall enjoyment, free from incumbrances, and for further assurance-were not not be bound to inquire whether any default authorizing its exercise has specifically dealt with. Fry, L.J., agreed in the result, but differed from arisen. Nevertheless, a clause to this effect was held by Lord Coleridge, the rule of construction arrived at by the majority. He declined to adopt the C.J., and Cave, J., 'in Blaiberg v. Parsons, to invalidate the deed, maxim superflua non nocent, and was of opinion that “ A bill of sale may conCave, J., saying, "I am not sure that I quite know what 'in accordance tain everything which the statutory form contains, and may have no further with the form imports.” This seems an extraordinary decision, having or other operation in law than a bill of sale in that form would have, and regard to the fact that, by sub-section 2 of section 21 of the Conveyancing may yet be not in accordance with that form.” The rule of construction Act, 1881, an equivalent provision is implied by statute. It was followed, in E.: parte Stanford is said, by Bowen, L.J., in Bianchi v. Offord (L. R. 17 Nisi Prius, but he gave leave to appeal. The Conveyancing Act was applicable to these cases", but that rule which the judgment says can be

The common-form clause, applied by any lawyer in the country is open to two vital objections : then, usually provides that out of the sale moneys the lender shall retain First, it does not state the legal effect of the statutory form; secondly, it invalidate the deed in Consolidated Credit, fc., Co. v. Gosney (34 W. R. 106). of rent, or otherwise, as may be agreed on by the parties for the mainThe clause there as to expenses was very wide, and I am not sure that the tenance or defeasance of the security." As to the first objection, it may

MR. ROBERT FEW. Mr. Robert Few, solicitor, of 19, Surrey-street, died on the 24th inst. in his eightieth year. Mr. Few was born in 1806. He was admitted a solicitor in 1828. He practised for many years in Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, but a few years ago he removed to Surrey-street. He was, at the time of his death, associated in partnership with Mr. Charles Few and Mr. Robert Hamilton Few. He had a large private practice, his firm being solicitors to the Metropolitan Asylums District Board. Mr. Few had been for many years Deputy-High Bailiff of the City of Westminster, and he was deputy-chairman of the Clergy Mutual Assurance Society.


LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. The subject for discussion upon the paper at the meeting of this socie on Tuesday, the 26th inst., was“ Thatît is desirable to rate pure personalt, and ground-rents in addition to other classes of property now rateable. The debate was opened by Mr. Ernest Todd, who took the negative view and was continued by Messrs. Mossop, Phillips, Biden, and Pat-inson: At the conclusion of the debate a vote was taken, when there voted for the resolution two, and against it eleven, whereupon the chairman declared it lost.

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. On Monday last, Mr. E. E. Keep, moved a vote of want of confidence in the present Government. Mr. Shirley, M.P., supported the opener, and was followed, amongst others, by Mr. Moyle and Mr. Kains-Jackson in opposition. The motion was lost by two votes.

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. Sir WILLIAM FOSTER STAWELL, late Chief Justice of Victoria, who has been appointed Lieutenant-Governor of that colony, and has also been created a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, is the son of Mr. Jonas Stawell, of Cork. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and he was called to the bar in Ireland in 1839. He was for many years Chief Justice of Victoria, which office he has just resigned. He received the honour of knighthood in 1857.

Mr. FREDERICK BAYFORD PARROTT, solicitor, of Aylesbury, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Buckinghamshire for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

Mr. CHARLES GREENWOOD, solicitor (of the firm of Nye, Greenwood, & Moreton), of 12, Serjeant's-inn and 82, Blackfriars-road, has been appointed Steward of the Manor of Old Parr's Garden, Southwark. Mr. Greenwood was admitted a solicitor in 1878. He is vestry clerk of the parishes of St. Saviour and Christ Church, and solicitor to the St. Saviour's District Board of Works.

Mr. John JAMES STUART EDWARDS, solicitor, of Bishop Auckland, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for the county of Durham for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

Mr. WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIDSON, barrister, has been appointed Legal Assistant to the Board of Trade. Mr. Davidson is the only son of Mr. William Davidson, of Braintree, Essex, and was born in 1853. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated first class in Natural Science in 1875. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in May, 1879, and he has practised on the South Wales and Chester Circuit. Mr. Davidson was private secretary to Lord Herschell when Lord Chancellor.

Mr. GEORGE Morley DOWDESWELL, Q.O., official referee and recorder of Newbury, has been appointed a Magistrate for the county of Sussex.

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, &c. HENRY Watson and CHARLES HENRY Watson, solicitors (Watson & Son), Aylesbury. October 1.

[Gazette, Oct. 22.

LEGAL NEWS. Mr. James Anderson, Q.O., the senior Official Referee, has, it is stated, sent in his resignation of that office to the Lord Chancellor.

Mr. Baron Pollock, Mr. Justice Stephen, and Mr. Justice A. L. Smith have been appointed to try election petitions during the ensuing year.

Sir James Hannen intimated on Wednesday that in actions for trial in the Admiralty Division the parties may, in suitable cases, apply to have their causes tried by jury.

In a case of Fass v. Gunter, before the Court of Appeal No. 2, on Tuesday, the registrar informed the court that this case stood over by consent. Lord Justice Cotton said it ought to be known that there was a third party necessary to such a consent-namely, the court-and that counsel,

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solicitors, and litigants could not, by agreement between themselves, put

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice parties in other cases to inconvenience. The appeal must be struck out.


Monday, November 1 Mr. Lavie

Mr. Ward Mr. Godfrey At a meeting of the Institute of Shorthand Writers on Monday even Tuesday


Pemberton King ing last, a paper was read by Mr. E. Howard on the “Type-writer, and Wednesday


Godfrey its Utilization by the Shorthand Writer." The author described the



Pemberton King

Friday various machines and their mechanism, and discussed the questions of Saturday

Godfrey Pugh

Pemberton King speed and legibility. He pointed out that there was considerably less fatigue to the operator than to the ordinary longhand writer; the body was more free and the hand less tired. In America & very high rate of

COURT OF APPEAL. speed had been obtained, and the use of the type-writer was very general. Barristers and solicitors preferred it to the ordinary writing, and no

MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1886. doubt in a short time England would adopt it to as great an extent as in SPECIAL NOTICB. -Queen's Bench Final Appeals in Court I., and Chancery the United States. It must be clearly understood that the type-writer Appeals (General List) in Court 11., will be taken on the usual days during did not compete with printing, but what was claimed for it was thac it Michaelmas Sittioge. was infinitely superior to ordinary writing. In the discussion that fol. Queen's Bench Interlocutory Appeals in Court I., and Chancery Interlocutory lowed many difficulties were pointed out which, it was thought, would Appeals in Court II., will be taken on the firet and second days of the Sittings, militate against its use in the shorthand writer's office. In replying, the

Ootober 25th and October 26th, and afterwards as usual, every Wednesday, author said the so-called difficulties had been overcome in America, 'and, during the Sittings. Bankruptcy Appeals also, as usual, on Fridays in Court I. when further improvements which were impending were carried out, he

Appeals from the Lancaster Palatine Court, which have been passed over in

tbe General List, will be taken in Court II. on Thursday, October 28th, and was certain the type-writer would be generally used in this country.

again on the first Thursday in the following months of November and December, At the Liverpool County Magistrates' Court, on the 23rd inst., before namely :-Thursday, November 4th, and Thursday, December 2nd. Messrs. 8. S. Parker and J. Bingham, Thomas Constable and Valentine The Admiralty Appeals (with Assessors) will be taken in Court I. on days to be Constable were summoned to shew cause why they should not sup. specially appointed by the court. port Mary Constable, their mother, who is at present chargeable

APPEALS FOR HBARING. to the West Derby Guardians. Mr. A. J. Cleaver appeared for

(Set down to Friday, October 16th, inclusive.) the guardians, and Mr. Hull for the defendants. Mr Cleaver explained that Mary Constable was divorced from her husband, who FROM THE CHANCERY DIVISION, THE PROBATE, DIVORCE was still living, but he was not liable to support her. The non. AND ADMIRALTY DIVISION (PROBATE AND DIVORCE), liability to sapport the woman only applied to the husband, and had AND THE COUNTY PALATINE AND STANNARIES COURTS. nothing to do with the sons. Under an Act of Elizabeth [43 Eliz. c. 2, s. 7],

For Hearing. they were just as much liable as if there had been no divorce. Blood relations were liable to maintain their relations. There had been no case

(General List.) decided on the point in dispute, but he held that the sons were liable.

1886. Supposing the mother were entitled to property the sons would be entitled

(Continued from p. 824.) to administer, and, on the other hand, the mother would be entitled to In_re Brazilian Rys Constraction Corpo ldapp of E D Oppert from ord of Mr administer to the effects of the sons. Mr. Hull only wished to raise the Justice Chitty, dated 3 June, 1886 July 7 point of argument because it was a case never yet decided. Under a deed Nowbigging v Adam Adam v Newbigging app of defts Alexander Adam & of separation the husband had to allow the woman 14s. a week. In 1870 anr from judgt of V C Bacon, dated 5 May, 1886 July 8 a decree of judicial separation was made, and the court ordered 12s. a week In re Contract for sale of Copyhold Estate made between Eliza Naylor (cenaat for maintenance. In 1877, in consequence of an act of adultery by the

for life) and Ricbard Spondia and S L Act, 1882, and V & P Act, 1874 app of woman, a divorce was granted, but the court made no order of mainten

Richard Spendla & ors from order of Mr Justice Chitty in Chambere, dated 24 ance. Since 1866 this woman had been living apart from her husband. Robertson v Richardson app of W W Robertson (havia; liberty, &c) from part

June, 1886_July 10 The sons were twenty-four and twenty-six years of age, and had had no

of ord of Mr Justice Pearson on fur con, dated 16 July, 1885 July 13 consideration for that which they were called upon to pay, the woman not P J Jackson & Co v Northampton Screet 'Í'ram ways Co app of defts from judgt having taken the place of a mother to them. The Bench, after considera of Mr Justioe Stirling, dated 8 June, 1886 Joly 14 tion, said they were of opinion that it was a hard case on the sons, but if The Ladywell Mining Co v Huggons app of plf Co from judgt of Mr Justice the woman destroyed her right to maintenance from her husband the Stirling, dated 7 July, 1886 July 15 deficiency must be supplied by the sons. They would make an order, The Ladywell Mining Co v Brookes app of plt Co from judgt of Mr Justice leaving it to the sons to take it to a higher court if they liked. It was Stirling, dated 7 July, 1886 July 15 then agreed to accept 39. a week, the unmarried son (Valentine) contri. In re J Whitaker, deca Christian Whitaker app of plts from ord of VC buting 2s. and the married son (Thomas) 1s.

Bacon at Chambers, dated 18 June, 1886 July 15
In to Contract for sale of real estate made between Henry Harvey and Arthar
Garrard, dated 7 Jan, 1886, and T & P Act, 1874 app of Aeory Harvoy from

ord of Ý C Bacoa, dated 2 July, 1886 July 20

In re Isaac Evans, the younger, dec Davies v Evans app of the Garston and

Medway Portland Cement Co from ord of Mr Justice Kay, dated 8 July, 1885 Nov. 4.- Messrs. MARSH, MILNER, & LANGTON, at the Mart, at 2 p.m, Reversions, &c. (see advertisement. this week, p. 4).

Greenwood v Hornsey app of deft from judgt of V C Bacon, dated 24 July,

1886 July 26 Mr. G. A. Wilkinson, of 7, Poultry, sold, at the Auction Mart, on the In re W Sugden, deo Hirst v Sagden app of the Halifax Commercial Banking 15th inst., £52,565 Five per Cent. Perpetual Debenture Stock of the South

Co from refusal of Mr Justice Chicty to vary Chiet Clerk's certificato, dated 2 Metropolitan Gas Co. The total amount realized was £69,652, or an

2 July, 1886 July 26 average of a trifle over £132 10s. per £100 Stock.

In re Robert Smith, deo Watts y Watts app of defts fron part of order of Me

Justice Kay on originating sum 08, dated 3 July, 1886 July 27 Last week Messrs. Fox & Bousfield offered for sale at the Auction in re T Price, the elder, dec Prico v Gregory app of doft Horatio Gregory Mart a large number of shares and stock in several public companies. The from judgt of Mr Justica Kay on originating pumas, dated 8 July, 1883 Bale included 55 £20 shares, fully 'paid, and 170 £6 13s. 4d. new thirds

July 27 shares in the Epsom Grand Stand Association. The dividend paid on the In re Thomas Williamson, deo Gray v Williamson

app of dett Rebecca shares for the year ending July last was at the rate of 20 per cent. per

Williamson from order of VC Bacon on fur con, dated 12 April, 1886 annum. The £20 shares were sold for £54 each, and the thirds shares realized £18 each, representing a premium of nearly 200 per cent. Two

In re T H Worwood, dec Ogle v Lord Sherborne app of deft Lord Sherborne hundred £10 shares, fully paid, in the Orient Steam Navigation Co., upon

from judgt of Mr Justice North, dated 28 June, 1886 July 29 which the dividends are at the rate of 5 per cent., were sold at the reduced in re an Aprla of Selat Reeve Van Dazer, trading Reevo & Co, for roxistra

tion of Trade Mark No. 7509 & 47510 and Patents, Designs, &o, Act, 1883 app price of £7 per share. Three hundred and fifty 618 shares (£3 paid) in the of Board of Trade from order of V C Bacon dated 9 July 1886 July 29 March, 1884, but that there had been no dividend since that time. Eighty Info The Now City Constitutional Club Cold app of Oficial Liquidator from stated that a dividend at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum was paid in In re LowiLewin, des Jenking v, Lowis app of ple from ordor of VC Bacon £10 shares (£6 paid) in the Langham Hotel Co., upon which last year's order of Mr Justice Kay dated 7 & 22 Jaly, 1886 Aug 4 dividend was at the rate of 124 per cent., were sold at £12 10s. per share, Divorce logham, or we Sachs, petor, v Sachs, respt app of petor from deoro; and £514 ordinary stock in the City of London Brewery Co. realized £230 of Mr Justice Butt dismissing petn for declaration of nallity of marriage, daced per £100 stock. The last dividend was 13 per cent.

13 July, 1886 Aug 6 Vicary vetroud app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice Chitty, dated 17 March

1886 Aug 6

lo re N. Corsellis, dec Lawton v Elwes app of defts from order of Mr. Justice COURT PAPERS.

Kay, dated 23 June, 1886 Aug 6

In Mary Harrison, dec Daubeny v Harrison app of defus C J Harrison & ors SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

from order of VC Bacon, dated 16 July 1886 Aug 7 ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

Rawson v Minshull app of plt from Mr Justice Chiccy dated 7 July 1886 Aug 9

Mr. Justice In re Vincent, dec Visornt v Viocent app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice
No. 1.
No. 2.


Sirling, dated 14 July, 1886 Aug 10 Mon., Nov. 1 Mr. Pugh Mr. Jackson Mr. Leach Mr. Koe

Rust v Victoria Graving Dock Cold and London & St Katharine Docks Co Carrington


app of dofts from orders of Mr Justice Chitty on applns to set aside referee's Wednesdy. 3 Beal


report, datod 19 July, 1886 Aug 11
Carrington Beal


Marquis of Londonderry v Russell app of plt from jadgt of V C Bacon, dates

Godfrey Carrington Beal


24 June, 1886 Aug 13

July 23

July 28






Tuesday Thursday Friday, Saturday



Aug 20

Henderson v Rothschild & Sons app of plt from jdgt of V C Bacon, dated 20 Reiobel v Bishop of Oxford app of plt from Mr Jastica Grantham (sitting as June, 1886 Aug 13

Vacatior. Judge) refusing injunction, dated 22 Sept, 1886 Sept 24 In re The Queensland Steam Shipping Cold & Co's Acts Expto C Parbury &

ors app of petors from order of Mr Justice North dismissiog petn for winding up order Aug 14

QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION, In re Bolanachi's Chocolate Cold & Co's Acts (petn of AIM Bolanachi, deben

MASTERS IN CHAMBERS. ture holders and creditors) app of C H Kirby & ors from order of Mr Justice North continuing voluntary winding up Aug 16

During the Michaelmas Sittings the Masters will attend Chambers as In re The Trade Mark "Normal" No. 54259 & Patents, &c, Act, 1883 app. of follows : -A to F.—Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master the the Normal Co from Mr Justice Chitty allowing preliminary objection to regis- Hon. R. Butler ; Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Gordon. tration Aug 16

G to N.-Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master Kaye, Tuesdays, In re Courtier, dec Coles v Courtier Courtier v Coles app of R. Smith & apr (parties having liberty, &c) from order of V C Bacon, dated Aug 4, 1886 Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master G. Pollock. O to Z.-Mondays, Wed

nesdays, and Fridays, Master Manley-Smith ; Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Woodward v Sansum & Co app of defts from order of V C Bacoa, dated 30 Saturdays, Master Francis. In the A to F Division all applications by Aug, 1886 Aug 20

summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Sir Frederick Pollock (late In re an appln by Messrs Leaf, Sons & Co for registration of Trade Mark, No senior Master) are to be made returnable before the Masters in Chambers, 51,141, and Patent, &c, Act, 1883 app of Board of Trade & anr from order of A to F Division. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions VC Bacon directing registration, dated 30 July, 1886 Aug 23

assigned by Master Johnson are to be made returnable before him in In re Randell, dec Hood v Randeil app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Kay, his own room (No. 175) at 11.30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and

dated 28 July, 1886 Aug 26 Lumley v Simmons app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stirling, dated 24 July, to the late Master Romilly are to be made returnable before the Masters

Fridays. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned 1886 Aug 26 In re an applo of Abraham Webley to rectify registration of Trade Mark, No

in Chambers, A to F Division. In the G to N Division all applications 5,105, Class B, registered by George Ogden Talbot, on 25 March, 1876 app of by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Hodgson are to Abraham Weblev from order of V C Bacon refusing to rectily registration, be made returnable before him in his own room (No. 112) at 11.30 a.m, on dated 30 July, 1886 Aug 27

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All applications by summons or Jones v Powell (construction) app of H J Jones from part of order of Mr otherwise in actions assigned to Master the Bon. R. Butler under these Justice Chitty, dated 10 Aug, 1886 Aug 27

letters are to be made returnable before him in Chambers, A to F Division. In re Midne, dec Minas v Andrews (construction) app of plt from order of Mr In the O to Z Division all applications by summons or otherwise in actions

Justice Kay, dated 11 Aug, 1886 Aug 28
In re Prosser, de Rickwood y Prosser (construction) app of plts from order assigned to Master Walton are to be made returnable before him in his

own room (No. 174) at 11.30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. of VC Bacon, dated 9 Aug, 1886 Aug 28 Biscos y Jackson app of Attorney-Gen. from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 9 The parties are to meet in the ante-room of Masters' Chambers and the Aug, 1886 refusing to vary Chief Clerk's certificate Sept 2

summonses will be inserted in the list for the day after the summonses Buckmaster v Buckmaster (construction of settlement) app of L C Seaton from

to be heard before the Master Sitting in Chambers, and will be called order of V C Bacon, dated 14 Aug, 1886 Sept 3

over by the attendant on the respective rooms for a first and second time In re Boyse, dec Crofton v Crofton app of Philippe Canonge from order of Mr at 11.30, and will be dealt with by the Master in the same manner as if Justice North, dated 3 Aug, 1886 Sept 2

they were returnable at Chambers. Probate Joseph Crane & org v Edward Crane & anr app of plts from judgt of

the President dismissing aotion for revocation of Probate Sept 3
In re London & Leeds Bank Id & Co's Acts app of T Noton from Mr Justice
Grantham dismissing petition to wind up Co Oct 13

Appeals from the County Palatine Court of Lancaster.

London Gazette. - FRIDAY, Oct. 22, 1886.

From Interlocutory Orders.


CARDIFF IRON AND TIN PLATE CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Grantham,

J., dated Oct 13, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company Ebrard & Co v Gaegier and anr app of afts from order of the Vice-Chancellor be continued. Currey & Co. Great George st, Westminster, solors for petners disallowing objections to taxn Aug 11

BURNITT, THOMAS, & CO, LIMITED.-The Vacation Judge has, by an order dated In re Thomas Etty, Gent, one, &o, and In re Toxteth Brewery Co & Co's Acts

Sept 17, appointed Mr Oscar Berry, 6, Arthur st East, to be official liquidator a d Chancery Lanc ister Acts app of liquidator from refusal of Vice-Cban

NATIONAL TRUST CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up. presented Oct 18, directed cellor to direct acoount and payment of assets in hands of solicitor Oct 4

to be heard before North, J., on Oct 30. Beall & Co, Bucklersbury, solors for


UNITED MAY LUNDY GOLD CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding un, presented Oct 1, From Fipal Orders and Judgments.

directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Saturday, Oct 30. Poole & Co, Chan

cery lane. solors for petner 1886.

UNITED PATENTS CORPORATION, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 19, In re W Jordan, dec In re T A Jordan's Estate (petn of Frances Mary Wake

directed to be heard before Kay, J, on Oct 30. Darley & Cumberland, John st,

Bedford row, solors for petner mad), app of petor from order of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 25 March, 1886 | WRIGHT, E.J., LIMITED.-By an order made by Grantham, J, dated Oct 13, it was May 1

ordered that E. J. Wright, Limited, be wound up. Piesse & Son, old 'Jewry lo re Estate of Edwin Hughes, dec app of FC Hengler and anr (trustees and

chbrs, solors for creditors exors) from jdgt of the Vice-Chancellor, dated 29 March, 1886 May 10


NESTON AND DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.-By an order N.B.-The County Palatine Appeals as the dates of setting down are reached in made by Grantham, J, dated Oct 13, it was ordered that the society be wound

the General and Separate Lists are set aside and taken on the first Thursday up. Field & Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Sharman & Co, Liverpool, solors in every Sitting, and afterwards on the first Thursday in the following months for petner during the Sittings.


LIMITED IN OHANCERY. N.B.-During Michaelmas Sittings Palatine Appeals (if any reached) will be laken on the following days, viz :-

JOHORE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented

Oct 20, directed to be heard at Assize Courts, Manchester, on Monday, Nov 1.
Thursday, October 28.

Brabner & Court, Liverpool, solors for petner
Thursday, November 4,

Thursday, December 2.

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Chancery Division.

DUCHY PERU, LIMITED.--By an order made by the Vice-Warden, dated Oct 19,

it was ordered that the Duchy Peru, Limited, be wound up. Hodge & Co, Separate List.

Truro, agents for Wild & Co, Ironmonger lane, solors for petner 1886.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. In re J. G. Alford, dec Hunt v Parry app of plt from Mr Justice Pearson re

DINGLE SICK AND BURIAL TONTINE SOCIETY, Church Institute, Miles st, Liverfusing allowance of payment out of estate for maintenance and education, dated

pool. Oct 16 5 April, 1886 April 22

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Oct. 26, 1886. Tbe London & Leicester Hosiery Co, ld v Greswold app of plts from order of Mr

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Justice North restraining sale of stockings contrary to covenant June 3

AUTOMATIC BOILER FEEDER, LIMITED. ---Petn for winding up, presented Oct 22,

directed to be beard before Bacon, V.C., on Nov 6. Clinton, Serle st, Lincoln's

(order not perfected) inn, solor for petner The Germ Milling Co Id v Robinson app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stirling KESWICK OLD BREWERY CO, LIMITED.--Petn for winding up, presented Oct 22. and appla to C A for new trial under art 3 of rule 1. ord 39 July 14

directed to be heard before Chitty. J, on Nov 6. Speechly & Co, New inn, Mellor v Thompson app of dft from refusal of Mr Justice Chitty of appln for

agents for Atkinson & Bennett, Whitehaven, solors for petners tral by jury July 15

LIVERPOOL AND ISLE OF MAN STEAMSHIP Co, LIMITED. - Petn for winding up; In re Hilleary & Taylor, solrs In re Hillearv & Hilleary, solrs app of Messre

presented Oct 23, directed to be heard before Bacon, V.C., on Nov 6. Pritchard Hilltary & Taylor from Mr Justice Kay dieallowing objections to taxation

& Co, Painters' Hall, Little Trinity st, solors for petner July 17

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Mallet, on bebalf, &o, v Hanby appln of plt from Mr. Justice North in chambers

MORNING STAR SICK AND BURIAL SOCIETY, High Sheriff Inn, Rochdale. Oct 22 vefusing liberty to serve fresh notice of motion and proceed with action Aug 13

REVIVING STAG LODGE LOYAL AND INDEPENDENT MODERN ORDER OF FORESTERS, In re The Myeore Reefs Gold Mining Co ld app of the Co from order of Mr

White Horse Inn, Milford, Hants. Oct 21
Justice Chitty as to remuneration of official liquidator Aug 16
In re Sug%, dec Sugg v sugg app of defts N Sugg &'ors from order of Mr

Justice Stirling, dated 31 July, 1886, varying minutes of judgt dated 1 July
Aug 28

FEE, TWO GUINEAS, for a sanitary inspection and report on a London dwellingPaddock y Edwards app of Ann Edwards from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated

house. Country surveys by arrangement. The Sanitary Engineering and VentiAugust, 1886

lation Company, 115, Victoria-street, Westmirster. Prospectus free.-[ADVT. Aug 31 Fass v Gunter app of plt from Mr Justice Stirliog (sitting as Vacation Judge) 1, 2, or 3 years ; 60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-street, E.o.

FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM; No Deposit; refusing to restrain erection of buildinge, dated 1 Sept, 1886 Sept 24

Branches at 121, Pall Mall, S.W., and 9. Liverpool-street, E.C.-ADVT,

BUTT, THORNTON, Bristol, Grocer. Bristol. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam

Nov 19 at 12'at Guildhall, Bristol
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP 35.

CLARIDGE, GEORGE, Earl's Barton, Northampton, Boot Manufacturer. North

ampton. Pet Oct 16. Ord Oct 16. Exam Nov 2 LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

Dixon, MARY, Church Coniston, Lancashire, Licensed Victualler. Kendal. Pet BULLEN, BLANCHE MARY TOWNÉND, Preston Lea, Faversham, Kent. Nov 30. Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 20 at 2 at Court house, Townhall, Kendal Cunliffes & Davenport, Chancery lane

DONALD, DAVID, Victoria rd, Surbiton, Baker. Kingston, Surrey. Pet Oct 18. CRUTCHER, WILLIAM, Lower Norwood, Surrey, Corn Merchant. Nov 7. Tarn, Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 12 Philpot lane

ELLIS. JOHN WILLIAM, Comberton, Cambs, Builder. Cambridge. Pet Oct 19. DALTON, LOUISA BRIDGET ANNE ST CLARE, Abingdon villas, Kensington. Nov Ord Oct 19. Exam Oct 27 at 2 22. Frere & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

FIELD, WILLIAM, Tipton, Stafford, Brick Manufacturer. Oldbury. Pet Oct 9. DETTMAR, JOHN, Wanstead, Essex, Esq. Nov 29. Dawes & Sons, Angel ot, Ord Oct 9, Exam Nov 8 Throgmorton st

Fox, MARKS, Bethnal green rd, Furrier. High Court. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. DYKE, CHARLES JAMES, Sittingbourne, Major. Dec 15. Plaskitt, Lincoln's inn Exam Nov 26 at 11.30 at 34, Lincoln's inn fields fields

GODFREY, FREDERICK CHARLES, Hampstead Norris, Berks, Grocer. Newbury. FARRER, REBECCA, Plashet, Upton pk, Essex. Nov 30. Quilter, Fore st

Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 17 at 2 FOWLER, ROBERT, Old Burlington st, Esq, M.D. Dec 10. Smith & Wilmer,

GRIEVES, ROBERT, Faversham, Ironmonger. Canterbury. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct Lincoln's inn fields

18. Exam Nov 5 HANDEL, HENRY, Stanley rd, Teddington, Managing Director. Dec 1. Har

HASTIE, JAMES, Russell rd, Kensington, Gent. High Court. Pet Sept 23. Ord

Oct 20. Exam Nov 26 at 11.30 at 34, Lincoln's ion fields court Lee, New inn, Strand HEARSON, MARY, High st, Barnstaple. Nov 8. Harding & Son, Barnstaple

HAWES, GEORGE, Wescott Barton, Oxford, Farmer. Oxford. Pet Oct 2. Ord

Oct 20. Exam Nov 25 at 11.80 HOLT, THOMAS, Cononley, York, Farmer. Nov 27. Hartley, Nelson

HEAD, GEORGE, and GEORGE HEAD, jun, Worthing, Builders. Brighton. Pet JAMES, WILLIAM VAUGHAN, Haverfordwest, Solicitor. Nov 1. Eliz Marion

Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 11 at 11 James, Cliff cottage, Harroldstone West

HILL, HENRY EDWARD, Clee, Lincoln, Auctioneer. Gt Grimsby. Pet Oct 19. JONES, EDWARD, Henley upon Thames, Seedsman. Dec 1. Cooper & Son, Henley HOGAN, JAMES, Birmingham, Clothier. Birmingham. Pet Sept 2. Ord Oct 19.

Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 10 at 11 at Townhall, Grimsby on Thames LAMBERT, ROBERT, Wallington, Surrey, Snuff Manufacturer. Nov 15. Streeter, HOPPER, CHARLES RICHARD, Kingston upon Hull, out of business. Kingston

Exam Nov 16 at 2
LEA, WILLIAM, Brunswick rd, Gloucester, Gent. Nov 6. Bretherton & Son,

upon Hull. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 15 at 2 at Court house, Gloucester

Townhall, Hull LYNE, HUGH, Penzance, Cornwall, Omnibus Proprietor. Dec 16. Plomer, HULME, WILLIAM, Worcester, Hatter. Worcester. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. MIDDLETON, HENRY, Grange st, Old Kent rd, Engineer. Nov 30. Peddell, HURN, JAMES, Bristol, Clerk of Works. Bristol. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam Guildhall chmbrs, Basinghall st

Nov 19 at 12 at Guildhall, Bristol Moody, FRANCIS WOLLASTON, Grosvenor rd, Pimlico, Gent. Jan 31. Glyn, HUTCHBY, WILLIAM, Thornton Heath, Surrey, Tea Dealer. Croydon. Pet Sept OGLE, ELIZA SOPHIA FRANCES, Patcham, Sussex. Dec 25. Stuckey & Co,

JAMES, JOHN WILLIAM, Morecambe, Lancashire, Dealer in Fancy Goods. PresBrighton

ton. Pet Oct 7. Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 12 PEARSE, WILLIAM LADELL, Bawdeswell, Norfolk, Farmer. Nov 10. Collyer,

JERRAM, WILLIAM, Bulwell, Nottingham, Baker. Nottingham. Pet Oct 20. Ord

Oct 20. Exam Nov 16
Reepham, Norfolk
PICKNELL, CATHERINE, Hastings. Nov 26. Meadows & Elliott, Hastings


Liverpool. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 1 at 11 at Court house, ROPER, SARAH ANN, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derby. Nov 20. Bennett & Co, Chapel Government bdgs, Victoria st. Liverpool

Leeds. Pet Oct 18.

KAY, JOHN, Hunslet, Yorks, Model Maker. BLACK. ELIZA, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derby. Nov 20. Bennett & Co, Chapel-en-le- KITSOE, GEORGE, Dewsbury, Yorks, Mason. Dewsbury. Pet Oct 16. Ord Oct

Ord Oct 18. Frith SMITH, JOAN, Howard st, Reading. Dec 15. Dryland, Reading

16. Exam Oct 26 SUTCLIFFE, ALLEN, Bradford, York, Cotton Spinner. Nov 30. Newton Rhodes, LAVENDER, WILLIAM, and EDWARD LAVENDER, Manor st, Clapham, Builders.

High Court. Pet Sept 16. Ord Oct 18. Exam Nov 25 at 11.30 at 34, LinTALBOT, John, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, Solicitor. Nov 20. Talbot & Rheam, MILLS, JOHN SAMUEL, Oldham, out of business. Oldham. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct

coln's inn fields Milnthorpe WALFORD, CAROLINE, Lyall st, Belgrave sq. Dec 1.

18. Exam Nov 9 at 12.30 Piccadilly

Walfords, Bolton st, MORTER, FREDERICK, Norwich, Ticket Writer. Norwich. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct

20. Exam Nov 17 at 12 at Shirehall, Norwich Castle WALKER, CHARLOTTE, Knockholt, Kent. Nov 18. Latter & Willett, Bromley

MORTON, THOMAS, Sheffield, Horn Cutter. Sheffield. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. WALKER, GEORGE, Nottingham, Licensed Victualler. Dec 23. Watson & Co, Exam Nov 18 at 11.30 Nottingham

NEWCOME, FREDERICK NATHANIEL, Brunswick sq. High Court. Pet July 24. WHITEHEAD, FRANCIS FREDERICK, Greenfield, Saddleworth, York. Dec 1. Ord Oct 18. Exam Nov 25 at 11.30 at 34, Lincoln's inn fields Rowntree, Oldham

NISBECK, GEORGE, Pontymister, Mon, Grocer. Newport, Mon. Pet Oct 18. Ord WILLIAMS, ROBERT SAMUEL, Lee, Kent, Gent. Nov 30. Hanbury & Co, New Oct 18. Exam Oct 28 at 11 Broad st

O'CONNELL, WINIFRED, Carlisle, Milliner. Carlisle. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. WOOD, WILLIAM, Lydney, Gloucester, Timber Merchant. Nov 20. Fyrer, Exam Nov 2 at 11 at Court house. Carlisle Coletord

OSBORNE, GEORGE, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, Greengrocer. Oldbury. Pet WOODWARD, DAVID, Upton, or Macclesfield, Gent. Nov 23. Procter, Macclesfield Oct 19. Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 15 WORSDELL, NATHANIEL, Oxton, or Birkenhead, Gent. Dec 8. Watson & Dendy, PARK, ROBERT, address unknown, Licensed Victualler. High Court. Pet Sept Newcastle upon Tyne

PAYNE, JOHN, Dartford, Bootmaker. Rochester. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. Exam (London Gasette-Oct. 22.)

Nov 15 at 2
PICKUP, THOMAS BARNES, Scunthorpe. Lincolnshire. Grocer. Great Grimsby.

Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct 18, Exam Nov 10 at 11 at Townhall, Grimsby

PLOWRIGHT, WILLIAM, Upton, Nottinghamshire, Farmer. Nottingham. Pet

Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. Exam Nov 16

PRECIOUS, JOHN, Wetherby, Innkeeper. York. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam FULTON.-Oct. 21, at 52, Clarendon-road, Notting-hill, the wife of Forrest Fulton,

Nov 12 at 11.30 at Guildhall, York M.P., barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

PRINCE, GEORGE, Leeds, Whitesmith. Leeds. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. Exam GLEN-Oct. 24, at 2, Wynnstay-gardens, Kensington, W.,

the wife of
Nov 16 at 11

Pet R. Cunningham Glen, M.A., LL.B., barrister-at-law, of a son.

RANDALL, CHARLES, Newark upon Trent, Glass Dealer. Nottingham. MCCALL.-Oct. 19, at 28, Lexham-gardens, the wife of R. A. McCall, barrister-at

Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. Exam Nov 16 law, of a son.

REED, RICHARD THEODORE, Swansea, no occupation. Swansea. Pet Oct 19. Ord McNAUGHTON. – Oct. 22, at Guilsfield, Clapham-park, 8.W., the wife of D.

Oct 20. Exam Nov 10 Norman MoNaughton, barrister-at-law, of a son.

REED, WILLIAM, New rd, Croydon, Baker. Croydon. Pet Sept 30. Ord Oct 15.

Exam Nov 12 JELLICOE-FINLAYSON:-Oct. 20, at St. Mark's, Tollington-park, James Anthony REDMAN, MARK, Brockley, Kent, Contractor. Greenwich. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct Jellicoe, of 28, New Bridge-street, E.O., solicitor, to Bea trice Robina, daughter

19. Exam Nov 19 of Thomas Finlayson, of Tollington-park.

Robson, GEORGE, Liverpool, Contractor. Liverpool. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. WARBURTON-WHITTINGHAM. - Oct. 20, at Sandbach, William Warburton, of Exam Nov 1 at 11 at Court house, Government bldgs, Victoria st, Liverpool Manchester, solicitor, to Mary Amy, daughter of the late Thomas Whitting

SHEPHERD, GEORGE, Church st, Croydon, House Decorator. Croydon. Pet Oct ham, of Sandbach.

15. Ord Oct 15. Exam Nov 12 DEATHS.

SINGLETON, BONSER, Nottingham, Boot Maker. Nottingham. Pet Oct 20. Ord BOND. - Oct. 17, at Singapore, Straits Settlements, Isaac Swinburne Bond,

Oct 20. Exam Nov 16 barrister-at-law, and Member of the Legislative Council.

SNOWBALL, JOHx, Pudsey, Yorks, Tailor. Bradford. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. Few.-Oct 24, Robert Few, of 19, Surrey-street, Strand, aged 79.

Exam Nov 16
SPICER, HENRY, Enfield rd, Brentford, Beerhouse Keeper. Brentford. Pet Oct

19. Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 23 at 2.30
SULLIVAN, ALFRED, Puddington, Dr Morchard Bishop, Devon, Baker. Exeter.

Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. Exam Nov 18 at 11

TAYLOR, ROBERT, Mildenhall, Coach Builder. Bury St Edmunds. Pet Oct 19.
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Oct. 22, 1886.

Ord Oct 19.' Exam Nov 4 at 1.30 at Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds

THISTLETHWAITE, WILLIAM, New Brighton, Chesbire, Cigar Merchant. BirkenADCOCK, JONATHAN, Woodhall Spa, Lincoln, Cottager. Lincoln. Pet Oct 20.

head, Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. Exam Noy 3 at 11 Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 10 at 2.30 at Sessions House, Lincoln

WILLETTS, JOSEPH, Causeway Green, nr Oldbury, Carpenter. Oldbury. Pet ATKINSON, JOIN EDWARD, Sheffield, Joiner. Sheffield. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19,

Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 15 Exam Nov 18 at 11.30

WOOD, MARY ANNA MARIA ELIZABETH, and MARY ALICE WOOD, Shrewsbury, BANCROFT, JOSEPH, Manchester, Schoolmaster. Salford. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct

Schoolmistresses. Shrewsbury. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct 19, Exam Nov 16 18. Exam Nov 3 at 11

WORTHINGTON, WALTER, Tyldesley, Lancs, Beerseller, Bolton. Pet Oct 20. BEBB, NATHANIEL, Trelystan, Montgomery, Farmer. Newtown. Pet Oct 18.

Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 15 at in Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 3

YOUNG, EDWARD, Dewsbury, Yorks, Dyer. Dewsbury. Pet Oct 19. Ord Oct BELLERBY, HENRY, South Stockton, Innkeeper. Stockton on Tees'and Middles.

19. Exam Oct 26 borough. Pet Oct 18. Ord Oct 18. Exam Oct 27 BEESON, HENRY, Sheffield, Refreshment House Keeper. Sheffield. Pet Oct 18.

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the Ord Oct 18. Exam Nov 11 at 11.30

London Gazette of Oct 15. BEETON, ELIZABETH, Rattlesden, Suffolk, Shopkeeper. Bury St Edmunds. Pet

ANTHONY, FRANCIS, Birmingham, Draper. Birmingham, Pet Oct 13. Ord Oct Oct 19. Ord Oct 19. Exam Nov 4 at 1.30 at Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds

13. Exam Nov 16 at 2 BOOKER, JOHN GEORGE, Nottingham, Draper. Nottingham. Pet Oct 19. Ord

FIRST MEETINGS. BOWDEN, ALFRED TEDBALL, Newport, Mon, Saddler. Nowport, Mon. Pet Oct BADCOCK, PETER HENRY, West Bromwich, Tailor. Nov s at 10.30. Court House,

Oldhury BROOKS, JOSEPH, Radcliffe. Lancashire, Painter. Bolton. Pet Oct 20. Ord Oct 20. Exam Nov 15 at 11.30

BEBB, NATHANIEL, Trelystan, Montgomeryshire, Farmer. Nov 2 at 1. Of Rec,


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